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Kamen Rider: Equestrian Shade - The Dark Brony

An 18 year old boy killed and is reborn in Equestria with the abilities of Kamen Rider Ghost but under the new persona of Kamen Rider Shade.

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Chapter 4

Once again another week had passed with seemingly no attacks have taken place since the prior week, also during this time he had learned from Robin, (who had retained the ability to speak) that what he had been calling coats or jackets were called Parka Ghosts. However, even with the lack of monster attacks Alex somehow felt on edge almost at an almost constant rate while Luna and Celestia had seemed almost hostile towards each other.

This overall left Alex going between the two constantly only to be told there was nothing going on between them, but it had been obvious that something was in fact amiss.

It was during one of these trips this one to Luna that he felt that something was wrong, this was however confirmed as he reached the corridor that attached to Luna chambers to find three guards on the floor, two of them in pools of their own blood with the door to Luna’s room falling from its hinges.

As soon as Alex realised one of the guards was still alive he instantly ran over to them quickly checking their pulse to find it was weak but present before the guard reached up and grabbed ahold of Alex’s collar before he said weekly “Something’s wrong with the Princess… she left her room flanked by some creatures… please… help her.” before he lost grip on Alex’s body as his hand fell open and limp at his side as he body fell sideways and onto the floor… lifeless.

Alex simply looked down to the three deceased guards as he slowly brought his hand down the first guards face closing his lifeless eyes slowly before he said “you will not be forgotten,” before going to the other two bodies and doing the same as he stood back up to see some footsteps leading away from him that looked to have been created from the blood from the two bodies.

“Whoever’s done this will pay,” Alex said angrily as he ran forwards following the bloody footprints on the ground hoping they would lead him to whoever or whatever had murdered the guards posted outside Luna’s room.

A few minutes later Alex had followed the blood trail that led to the throne room but seemingly stopped suddenly with nobody in the room or any trace of the trail picking back up around him.

“Now why did the path stop here?” Alex asked curiously as he looked around reaching for his Eyecon preemptively only for nothing to happen before he saw what looked to be something dripping from the ceiling which caused him to look up as he saw a body of another guard hanging from one of the beams.

The guard seemed to be alive if not bearly as he opened his eyes pointing his hand to the side towards a corridor on the other side of the room which prompted Alex to look towards it as he saw a few figures standing in the darkness, the only features he could see from them though was faint sporadic golden lines that pierced through the darkness.

“These things again,” Alex said before he noticed two blue eyes that almost looked like that of a reptile’s situated behind the hoard of monsters, “But who or what is that?”

“Ah Alex, glad you could make it,” a voice said that was distorted but still clearly resembling Luna’s as the creatures separated and a pony that looked almost like Luna but instead of Luna’s blue hairs this ponies was black, along with wearing a set of bright blue armour that covered her body completely.

“Who are you?” Alex asked hoping he was wrong about his opponent’s identity.

“Don’t you recognise me?” the figure said the figure said with a sadistic smirk before her voice changed back to Luna’s her eyes reverting to normal if only momentarily as she pleaded weakly as tears filled her eyes, “H...help.”

As Alex saw this his fists clenched in anger but unbeknown to him he wasn’t the only figure who had seen Luna’s change as a second figure that was in near the main doors to the throne room turned and ran the other direction.

Everyone in the room failed to see the figure however each focused on those ahead of them, “What’s wrong… not going to do anything, you heard her wanting your help… what not going to fight?” The figure taunted, as the monsters around her approached Alex.

However before they could attack a strange voice said “Wait this is hardly fair, your foe isn’t even armed.”

Everyone then turned to where the voice had come from to see a creature ahead of them, it was covered in a full set of red, black and silver armour that seemed to have gold embedded into the centre of the chestplate with a green gem near the top, along with that the creature’s helmet that looked most comprised of silver but like the chestplate had a golden crest emblazoning the top, the creature was also holding a large spear which Alex assumed to be its weapon.

“Who are you?” Alex asked as the monsters surrounding him seemed to move away from him due to the orders of the new figure.

“I guess I should introduce myself shouldn’t I… My names is Valkyrie, and I am the commander of this detachment of Ghouls. We were sent to drive the gate to despair, just like my friend you eliminated last week did to me all those years ago.”

“Who were you… and why did Luna let you do this to her?!” Alex shouted in a mix of anger and curiosity.

“Would you turn away your own father, who you thought was killed a long time ago?” Valkyrie said with a smirk, “of course she saw through my plan when I got close but not before a new friend of mine gave me a few new… friends to assist me,” he added as he clicked his fingers together before multiple Gamma Eyecons and Commandos walked or floated next to him.

“You’re working for the Gamma!” Alex shouted out in surprise.

“No, not for… with, we agreed to assist each other, they decided that being we were able to deal with the last rider that opposed us, we could handle you and assist in obtaining something they want that you possess,” Valkyrie admitted, “now… if you would kindly transform so we can deal with you and drive the gate to despair.”

“Fine,” Alex replied before his Ghost Driver appeared on his waist and he held his Eyecon up activating it and placing into the Driver as the image of his mask appeared from the eye on his driver before his Parka Ghost appeared from it as the demonic voice shouted out “Eye!” as the Parka Ghost that had appeared flew behind him as the words “Kaigan! Shade!” was heard followed by the tune “Let’s Go! Kakugo! Akuma-tekina Shade!”

“So this is the face of the new Kamen Rider?” Valkyrie said sounding unamused by Shades new form before he jumped forwards lunging his spear towards Shade as he quickly sidestepped it as his sword formed from black flames that traveled down his left arm as he rapidly swing it back only to be stopped by one of the Gamma who had used its sword to block his own before it struck the Ghoul he had aimed for only to be struck by both of them simultaneously which caused him to stumble backwards as the lines on his body began to glow brighter.

“What is this strange light of yours… is it some method of healing your injuries?” Valkyrie asked as he stabbed his spear towards Shade once again who this time managed to step to the side of the spear before he lunged towards Valkyrie only for his blade to be blocked by the armour on Valkyrie’s arm.

Shade then quickly jumped back before pulling out another Eyecon before quickly pressing it down before the Demonic Voice shouted out “Eye! Kaigan! Wizard!” as the Parka Ghost struck Valkyrie knocking him back before the Wizard Parka Ghost attacked to Shade’s back before the phrase “Yubiwa no mahō! Saigo no kibō!” was heard as Alex swung his legs around as they were engulfed in flames as he spun backwards, in turn, kicking multiple Ghoul’s and Gamma Commando’s that approached him incinerating them.

“So… this is the power you inherited from Wizard?” Valkyrie said, “You are nothing like him, he knew what he was… where he stood in this, and when to fall down and die!” he shouted as he stabbed his spear at Shade once again as he ducked out of the way of the spear before swiftly striking Valkyrie’s hand with his fist which forced his hand open along with sending his spear falling from his grasp.

“If you think I’m even going to compare myself to whoever this Wizard was… you are grievously mistaken… I may have attained a power similar to his, but I am not him.” Shade said as he held his arm out before red and black flames ignited along his hands as a silver sword appeared in his hand, but unlike his normal blade, this one had a large hand just above the handle.

Shade then glared at Valkyrie before he added “but you… you have the audacity to call yourself Luna and Celestia’s father… you who are willing to make them suffer for your own selfish desires… what kind of father does that!”

“Shut up… what do you know!” Valkyrie shouted in anger as he swung his fist towards Shade who just grabbed it before pinning Valkyrie’s arm behind him twisting it and in turn causing him pain.

“Clearly more than you! You are a coward who used a fake facade to get close to someone who was terrified, scared and alone, and twisted her to your desires… you don’t care for you own daughters lives, all you care about is harming anyone in your way to get whatever your twisted desires want… and I for one will not let you taint my predecessor’s memory nor the lives of Celestia and Luna!” Shade shouted as he suddenly twisted and pulled Valkyrie’s arm as a sudden snapping and tearing sound was heard along with Valkyrie screaming in agony as Shade threw him to the ground onto his broken arm causing him more pain.

“W...What are you?” Valkyrie asked as he, the Ghouls and the Gamma backed away from Shade in shock.

“Me… my name is Kamen Rider Shade… and I am going to send you directly to the pits of hell!” Shade shouted as he punched his fist towards the ground as black flames ignited around him catching some of the Gamma and Ghouls that had remained too close to him, however, the combined army didn’t seem to falter as their ranks seemed to instantly replenish.

This continued for almost a minute with Shade making no leeway in his efforts to fight the horde of enemies.

It was then a bright white beam of energy struck some of the surrounding enemies as Celestia’s voice shouted “Shade! Take this!” as she tossed something to him what looked to be a bow, it seemed strong yet versatile and as soon as his hand touched the weapon it disappeared in a burst of flames before disappearing into a portal that surrounded it.

Shade then looked to Celestia who smiled as he shouted “I’ll handle Luna… you deal with… him,” Celestia said angrily looking at Valkyrie which left Shade wondering if she had heard what he had said.

It was then a different voice was heard that shouted “Seiza Change!” before being swiftly followed by a separate voice shouting “Star Change!” before everyone turned to see a figure running into an orange star shaped symbol in front of it before it was covered in a strange suit.

The suit the mysterious figure was covered in was almost completely orange colour apart from a black outline that formed an orange star on his chest and another one on his helmet that looked like Scorpion.

“Who are you? I swear you weren’t invited?” Valkyrie shouted to the mysterious figure.

The figure didn’t say anything as Shade realised the figure’s suit had said a lot more about him than he had recognised previously as he suddenly appeared to be holding a spear of which the actual blade seemed to resemble the tip of a Scorpion’s tail which he quickly thrust towards some of the nearby Ghouls before Shade noticed the figure had a scorpion’s tail that was being used to strike some of the other enemies.

“It was at this point the Luna lookalike sent a burst of energy through a window behind the two thrones as both her and Luna as Valkyrie seemed to suddenly form a pair of wings on his back as he flew off after them.

“You go after them, We’ll handle these things,” the mysterious figure said calmly as his spear pierced the chest of two Ghouls in one thrust.

“Okay,” Shade replied as he quickly grabbed a new Eyecon and removed the Wizard Eyecon before activating the new one as the number 13 appeared before the demonic voice shouted out “Eye! Kaigan! Houdini!” during which time a Parka Ghost that had four large spinning blades like those you would see in a remote control drone. The ghost was dark blue in colour and as it attached to Shades back the mask that covered his face looked to have a set of crossed chains on it.

The four blades then began to rotate quickly before Shade began to fly off after Valkyrie leaving the mysterious figure to handle the Gamma and Ghouls seemingly alone.

A few seconds later he caught sight of Valkyrie trying to keep up with Celestia and the Gamma controlled Luna who was fighting furiously as a burst of magic collided between then each pushing against each other’s spell each trying to overpower each other as it seemed that Valkyrie was about to attempt to turn the tides.

It was at this point Shade managed to get above him before black and red chains flew from the Parka Ghost towards Valkyrie wrapping around his arms and legs pulling them hard to the point from the snapping of bones were heard causing him to scream out in pain though his body still remained held tightly as he was forced to look up at Shade who stared down at him.

“Why won’t you just leave me alone!” Valkyrie said angrily through gritted teeth.

“Monsters like you don’t deserve a chance to attack anyone again,” Shade replied as he stared down at Valkyrie.

It was at this moment Valkyrie’s widened in terror as he realised his position as he said shakily “Come on… you’re a Kamen Rider, you lot fight for truth and justice? You wouldn’t kill me?”

“There’s one thing you failed to realise… my name is Kamen Rider Shade… and Shade’s are demonic ghosts. I may be a hero… but I refuse to play by conventional rules,” Shade said before his eyes focused onto Valkyries body, “When you get to hell… tell them Kamen Rider Shade sent you.”

“Wait! I’ll do anything! Just please don’t kill me!” Valkyrie pleaded in terror as he looked at Shade furiously trying to break free of his binds, even with his broken limbs.

“Anything eh?” Shade said curiously.

“Yes anything, I swear on my honour!” Valkyrie screamed out as Shade swore he saw tears in Valkyries eyes.

Shade looked at Valkyrie before he said “swear your undying loyalty to me… you do that, and maybe I’ll let you live.”

“I… I can’t do that!” Valkyrie cried out in fear.

“Well then looks like you’re done then,” Shade said before Valkyries eyes widened.

“No… Please don’t! I’ll do it, I’m yours to do with as you please! Just don’t kill me!” Valkyrie now screamed out in absolute terror.

“Really?” Shade asked with a smirk.

“Yes! I swear on my immortal soul! Just please stop!” Valkyrie shouted as he seemed to glow before the chains wrapped around his neck and tightened around his body holding his body in what almost looked like a cocoon. “What are you doing! I said I surrender! I said I belong to you!”

“You think I’d trust you with freedom after what you’ve done… no, you gave up your free will… you said it yourself, you belong to me.”

“I didn’t mean literally!” Valkyrie cried out weakly in defeat as the chain started pulling him closer to Shades body until they were face to face with each other.

As soon as Valkyrie was in arm’s reach, Shade brought his hand up and removed Valkyries helmet, tossing it away unceremoniously as he saw Valkyries were completely bloodshot and filled with tears that were running down his face, his face lowered in defeat no longer showing any sign of defiance as his skin began to change from blue to red, his armour changed from silver to black and lastly his eyes that had been bright blue seconds before had changed to become hazed over in a white mist but seemed to be reflecting that of Alex’s under his suit.

It was at this point Valkyrie looked up weakly as he asked “Lord Shade… what do you require of me?” his voice almost lifeless with no emotion as the chains loosened enough to no longer harm it’s captive but strong enough to support his weight.

Alex then summoned what was Valkyrie’s old spear as it seemed to resonate with its previous owner as they both faintly glowed in a dim white light, “Valkyrie, you sacrificed your freedom in turn for me sparing your life, as you agreed to you will serve me from now till the end of time.”

“Yes Lord Shade, I agree to your terms and thank you for the mercy you have shown me.”

As soon as he agreed multiple red lines connected the spear and Valkyrie as both glowed in unison in a crimson light which quickly subsided as a black metal band appeared on Shades right wrist that had the spear outlined in red engraved into it.

Valkyrie then looked to shade before he said “I will reside in that band to recover or till a time I am needed to serve you again,” with this his body dispersed in a red mist which flowed into the band on Shade’s arm as the outline of the spear filled out in what would be assumed to be a red metal as the spear faded from existence once again.

Shade then looked towards the fight to see Celestia suddenly falling from the sky with Luna charging down at her firing burst after burst of magic at her which all seemed to miss like she was a Stormtrooper from Star Wars.

Shade then flew forwards at full speed towards the falling Celestia as he caught her just before she hit the ground as Luna failed to stop and hit the ground full force creating a small crater where she had crash landed.

Celestia then looked up to see Shade holding her as he turned back to the crater as she asked almost crying “Alex… what’s happened to her?”

The Phantom that attacked us, used a Gamma to control her, I’m guessing it forced some of the darker emotions to the front and then somehow changed her physical look as a manifestation of these changes.” Shade admitted.

“But, what emotions could force this change?”

“Take your pick, it could be any number emotions like sadness, loneliness, anger, jealousy, despair. Take your pick.” Shade admitted.

Celestia’s eyes went wide at the examples Shade had given her, but the last one struck her the hardest. “Despair… but that should have… please no.”

“She’s not a Phantom, she’s being controlled by the Gamma inside of her, besides we know who’s the gate they were after.”

“Me… they hurt her to get to me,” Celestia muttered as Luna began to groan in the crater.

“Celestia, do we have anything to keep her down for a bit?”

“No… not that… wait… we do but,” Celestia admitted hesitantly.

“Celestia, no matter what the cost is, we might have no choice but to take it,” Shade admitted as he saw Luna crawl from the crater she was in.

Celestia didn’t say anything else as she ran off hopefully to collect whatever she had that could stop Luna, as Shade knew all he had to do was stall for time.

“You… get out of my way, I will kill my sister and bring forth eternal night!”

“Is that what you want Luna? Is that what you really want?” Shade asked.

“This is no longer a matter of what that weakling desires, she never had the willpower to carry out her ambitions!” The fake Luna admitted. “The coward you knew is dead! Princess Luna is dead! I am Princess Nightmare Moon… No… Queen Nightmare Moon sounds better!”

“You’re just a little girl with delusions of grandeur and with no authority figure to show you how to behave… I guess I’ll have to be the one to teach you some respect myself!” Shade shouted.

“Who do you think you are! Talking to a god like I’m some pathetic mortal!” Nightmare Moon shouted in anger.

Shade just looked at her before he said with a shrug of his shoulders, “as I said delusions of grandeur.”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Nightmare Moon shouted in anger as she charged towards Shade and attempted to punch him repeatedly only for each strike to phase through his body harmlessly. “Why… why can’t I hurt you!?” Nightmare Moon asked angrily.

“Why do you think?”

It was then she realised as she tried to recoil backwards away from Shade only to find that chains had surrounded her body and forcefully held her against Shade’s body as he shouted “Let me go! You can’t stop me! I will carry out Valkyrie’s instructions as I was ordered!”

“Oh, he’s gone… you don’t need to listen to him anymore.

“What! When! How!”

“A few minutes ago, you don’t need to do what he says,” Shade admitted as he felt Nightmare Moon go limp momentarily.

It didn’t last long however before she suddenly started smashing her hands against Shades chest as she shouted “Let me go! Let me go! If I don’t turn the Gate into a Phantom like I was ordered to they’ll kill me!”

Shade didn’t let go and instead wrapped his arms around her as she suddenly stopped struggling against him and froze up as he said “you think I’m heartless enough to turn my back on someone when they need help?”

“W...Why are you doing this?” Nightmare Moon asked as she suddenly began to tear up, “I’m just a monster who’s been ordered to force someone to suffer.”

Shade simply lowered his head to her as he calmly told her “I will never turn my back on someone who is suffering, I promise I will do my best to help you.”

“But… there’s nothing you can do to help me… they have my body in their world, the second I fail to uphold our part of the bargain with the Phantoms they’ll dispose of my body and kill me,” Nightmare Moon said as she began to opening cry into Shades chest before she added as she sobbed through tears, “I don’t want to die... Please... I’ve got no choice in the matter.”

“You’ve always got a choice,” Shade replied as he just held Nightmare Moon close as he saw Celestia appear from the direction she had flown from before as he just nodded to her.

However, it was at this moment Nightmare Moon shouted out loud “Let us go we will force the gate to despair even if I have to kill myself!”

As soon as she said this Shade saw Celestia fall onto her knees as her light from her horn faded and six gemstones feel to the ground around her.

“Celestia! What’s wrong!” Shade shouted to her.

“Why… Why does she want to kill herself? What did I do to deserve having my only remaining family to hate me,” Celestia said seemingly to herself as what looked to be purple cracks appeared over her body that seemed to slowly cover her as they moved further up her body.

As soon as Alex saw this he shouted out “Celestia! I will make this promise to you! I will help your sister to find herself again but you need to help me!”

“How can I help you… he’s not around anymore to bring me back from despair,” Celestia said solemnly.

“You don’t need him to!” Shade shouted, “Celestia you are a person who everyone looks to for support and guidance! You are one of the two most important and amazing people I have ever seen! You and Luna do things that I could never have seen as possible, and you know she’s being manipulated to force this on you!”

“But… what can I even do?” Celestia asked as she looked up to Shade as whatever was happening to her seemed to slow slightly.

“For one, you can stop giving up and stand back up and help save your sister!” Shade shouted.

Celestia then weekly rose to her feet as the purple cracks in her skin seemed to recede slightly as she said “You really are just like him, in more than your name as a Kamen Rider.”

“You’ll need to tell me more sooner or later,” Shade chuckled.

“What are you doing!” Nightmare Moon shouted out in fear “If she does that she’ll kill us or something even worse!”

“Celestia! Here’s my promise to you! Whatever happens to me and Luna, I promise you I’ll get her back to normal and get her back to you!”

Celestia’s horn then ignited once again as the six gems from before began to rotate around her form as the rest of the purple cracks running along her body disappeared as a bright beam of light began to form between each of the gemstones.

“What are you doing! Stop her she’ll destroy us all!” Nightmare Moon shouted in a mix of anger and fear, however instead of reacting to what Nightmare Moon had said Shade just ignored her as a bright prismatic beam formed from the gems that travelled in an arc towards both Nightmare Moon and Shade before striking them both.

“No!” Nightmare Moon screamed as the beam hit them head on before she shouted “Shade you’ve doomed all three of us!”

Shade still stayed quiet even through gritted teeth as he felt like his body was on fire as he suddenly noticed the ground below him being forced away from him at than phenomenal speeds.

It was at this point Celestia looked up towards him and Nightmare Moon as she saw a black mark appeared on the moon, in the image of a pony’s head, however, it also looked to have a small almost invisible mark in its eye.

This mark being nothing more than a small circle that looked to have rising smoke above it hidden where the iris would have been normally, as symbol that let Celestia know one important fact that gave her hope, and that was all she needed to see as she smiled, stood up straight and said “I believe in you, and I will remember you. Kamen Rider Shade.”

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