• Published 15th Jul 2017
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Kamen Rider: Equestrian Shade - The Dark Brony

An 18 year old boy killed and is reborn in Equestria with the abilities of Kamen Rider Ghost but under the new persona of Kamen Rider Shade.

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Chapter 15

Author's Note:

this is the second part of the crossover with NWRAlicorn and his story Kamen Rider Day Break and Super Sentai Knightmare Force

As you can see from what's going on, Shade/Alex is going to lead this town, and I would like to offer people the chance for their OC's to be featured in upcoming chapters as a citizen in the town itself or as members of his guard. Other roles can be offered if you wish as long as it is possible to work in the timeset he has.

If anyone is interested either drop a message in the comments below or in a personal message to me. Make sure that you have an idea of who would fit and have a description in mind for me work from to describe them.

I hope to hear from some of you in the comments

The group returned to the castle and Daybreaker looked over the cards with Shade, who was puzzled as he asked himself. “Kamen Riders Hibiki, Drake, Kuuga and Ixa? I’ve never heard of any of these riders? Who even are they?”

“I know who they are,” she said.

“I swear you know every rider that has existed by now,” Shade responded with a chuckle, “I just don’t see how I can even use them?”

“Here’s the thing, Ixa has the ability to be a healer, as well as a power boost. Hibiki, Drake and Kuuga are close quarters, ranged and weaponized combatants and even able to give power boosts,” she said.

“Okay, still need to figure out how to use them though, I’m pretty sure my belt doesn’t have a card reader in it.”

“Simple, ask around,” Daybreaker said. “The card will react to a pony and thus give them a belt and whatever else is required.”

“You think that's the case?” Shade asked putting the cards in his pocket.

“I know it’s the case,” Daybreaker said.

“Well we’ll see if they react to anyone,” Shade responded as they saw the castle come back into view.

“That’s the idea. Besides, after it happens, we can train them,” Daybreaker said.

“Okay, so quick question.”

“Go ahead,” Daybreaker said.

“Out of every rider you’ve met from this world which has the most potential so far?”

“Kamen Rider Ixa,” Daybreaker said.

“I meant from those who you have physically met that have their Rider equipment,” Shade clarified.

“Flash,” Daybreaker said.

“Didn’t all his transformations blow up in his face?” Shade asked.

“He wanted us to believe that,” Daybreaker pointed out.
“Well when he transforms without his form falling apart I’ll take your word on it,” Shade responded.

“He did, when you were gone to rescue the kids,” Daybreaker said.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Shade responded.

She chuckled.

“What's so funny?” Shade asked.

“Your “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude,” Daybreaker said.

“No offence, but all I saw was him trying to use a belt and it blows up on him, doesn’t inspire confidence,” Shade admitted, “besides I’ve got other things on my mind, something that bothered me about the Changeling that become that Undead.”

“What about it?” Daybreaker asked.

“The fact it even happened, also… who it was before.”

“Who do you think it was?” Daybreaker asked.

“We both have our suspicions I assume,” Shade replied, “I don’t want to consider it was my worlds Lunar.”

“It probably was,” Daybreaker said.

“You really don’t seem phased by that,” Shade responded.

“Many Worlds Interpretation,” she replied.

“Very true,” Shade responded, “So… how do you think Lunars going to react when she finds out the truth about every Changeling we saved and the fates of their queens?”

“She’ll take it in stride,” Daybreaker said.

“Let's hope so,” Shade responded before adding, “there's one last thing that worries me. Just who was Build, we saw a unicorn after she was put in that cocoon.”

“That would be someone I don’t know yet. I can have one of the Riders I brought overrun a cross reference check on her identity,” Daybreaker said.

“If I’m being honest, once we release the culprit from the cocoon we’ll know the truth anyway,” Shade admitted.

“That’s something that while it’s a good idea, I’m not sure you’d like the results,” Daybreaker conceded.

“No offence but the only ponies in this world I hold any feelings for are my Celestia and Luna and Shining Armour all the others aren’t on my radar… well maybe Blueblood at a push.”

“And Midnight, your daughter,” Daybreaker added with a wry chuckle, getting Shade to go bright red.

“Yes and her, but like me, we’re both not physical beings, so she gets a pass on living ponies statement.”

“Fair point, but now, I have a theory on who’s in the cocoon,” Daybreaker said.

“Please tell,” Shade responded as they got closer to the Everfree Castle.

“Celestia’s student,” Daybreaker said, bluntly.

“Why would that be?” Shade asked.

“Simple, the Theocracy got to her at an early age,” Daybreaker said. “I’ve been studying them and they’d stoop that low. Remember, we’re dealing with spineless cowards and fools.”

“I just can’t see it, even Celestia can’t be that stupid as to not know her personal student is working for a group who are torturing her people.”

“Here’s the thing, she wouldn’t know,” Daybreaker said. “There’s a fake in her place.”

“With the number of Changelings they had, I don’t doubt that being a possibility,” Shade responded with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Indeed,” said Daybreaker.

“So, I assume you’ll want to train everyone?” Shade stated, “any idea how we can do that.”

“Simple,” Daybreaker said.

“So no clues?” Shade asked.

“Not just yet,” Daybreaker said. “But trust me, I have a plan.”

“I’ll take your word on that,” Shade responded as they reached the entrance to the new Everfree town, which had some of the Ganma helping to make some new homes in case anyone decided to stay in town instead of moving back to their old homes.

“You’ve got a good idea going,” Daybreaker said with the houses being built. “Now, go up to the meeting room, lay out the cards and go about the town and find those who want to help.”

“Sure I guess,” Shade responded as they walked inside the castle to find, almost everyone they had freed waiting in the main hall before the majority of them even the young children began to bow to Shade as he passed them.

Shade began to feel a bit heated. While he was a prince, he hated being bowed to, as it put him on a pedestal over them and he wanted to be on their level.

It was then the heavily mutated dragon from before ran up to him as both Shade and Daybreaker walked through a large door as it closed behind the three of them as Shade saw the Hatchling wrapping himself around Shade’s back legs just smiling as he climbed onto Shades back and stayed silent and waited for someone to say something.

“That’s cute,” Daybreaker said.

Shade just sighed as he grabbed the Hatchling from his shoulder before he said, “okay, what's the matter?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to stay with you dad,” the Hatchling responded with a gleeful smile.

Daybreaker smiled softly.

“Such a loyal young Draco,” Daybreaker said.

The Hatchling simply looked to Daybreaker in confusion before shrugging and saying, “why would you say that?”

“You are one loyal Draco. Draco being another word for Dragon,” Daybreaker said.

“Ohhh!” The hatchling responded, “That actually should have been obvious.”

“Not everything is and it’s okay,” Daybreaker said softly.

“Okay,” the Hatchling responded before nuzzling its head into Shades shoulder again before he said quietly thinking nobody heard him, “I wish I actually had a name of my own.”

“Why don’t you take the name Draco?” Daybreaker said.

“It sounds way too simple, and too fair, after what happened I’m not just a dragon am I?” the Hatchling responded.

“A simple dragon, no, but a more advanced and highly intellectual dragon,” Daybreaker said.

Shade then stopped for a second before he said, “Daybreaker, have you heard of the name Hiryur before?”

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

“I haven’t, what does it mean?” the Hatchling asked curiously.

“If my memory serves me correctly, it meant ‘A dragon who flies; A versatile and spontaneous individual’ but I can’t be sure if that's correct,” Shade admitted.

“It is,” Daybreaker said.

“Really?” the Hatchling responded before his arms morphed into two curved blades again as he began to shake before Shade rubbed his hand down the back of his neck as he calmed down and the blade returned to normal, “Umm… would you mind calling me that dad?”

“If that's what you want kid, I’m not gonna refuse,” Shade responded with a smile.

“It’s settled then,” Daybreaker said.

“Thanks, dad,” Hiryur responded as he fell asleep in Shades arms.

“Can’t blame the kid for falling asleep after all he’s been through,” Shade responded.

Daybreaker smiled softly and the two walked off to the nursery.

Once the two of them reached the nursery they found almost all the younger kids all lying on beds in various stages of malnutrition and in different states of injuries, in some cases mutations appearing and going while injuring the Ganma who were trying to help them.

Shade then placed Hiryur on one of the free beds before he said, “Is everyone okay here?”

“I wish we could lie and say yes,” a Ganma responded as he had to tie one of the dragon's arms down as they morphed into blades that began to cut the Ganma as they trashed around in fear at their own forms.

“I’ll sort the mess out,” Daybreaker said.

“Please do, I’ll help the best I can,” Shade added as they began to help the terrified children as most calmed down almost instantly at the sight of Shade many of them suddenly hugging him after they saw him with tears in their eyes.

“Seems they took a liking to you,” Daybreaker said.

“Seems so,” Shade responded as one of the children he had calmed down fell asleep before Shade placed them onto the bed under some covers and moved to the next, a lot calming down simply from his presence and falling asleep just as quickly.

“Now we have to figure out this mess,” Daybreaker said.

“What mess is that?” Shade asked as he walked over to her calmly.

“This whole ganma fiasco we have here on our hooves,” She said.

“Oh they're all friendly, they are part of my guard after all,” Shade responded.

“I know,” Daybreaker said.

“Then what fiasco do you mean?” Shade asked as he sat next to a child on the bed next to Daybreaker as the child rested its head against Shade’s leg as he fell to sleep slowly.

“This whole changing them over,” Daybreaker said.

“What do you mean?”

“What’s the ultimate motive?” Daybreaker asked.

“The ultimate motive? The only motive I have in doing that is to stop them from being forced into harming innocents,” Shade responded.

“Their motives,” Daybreaker said. “We have pieces of a motive, but not the full thing.”

“...They have no motive for doing this, they are compelled to do so after I released them from what they were forced to do, and they requested for them to be bound to my will.”

“I know that, but what I’m saying is this-what is their reasoning for doing this? They have to have some kind of plan,” Daybreaker said.

“If we may, we committed crimes and made the royal guard weak so monsters could run riot, Shade came and freed us all and gave us a choice, we all chose to serve him to correct our mistakes and protect innocents being we single-handedly ruined Equestria national defence, we all only wish to serve Shade’s will and fix this world,” the Gamma admitted as they looked to Daybreaker.

“I get that, but I’m saying that we need to get into the Theocracy’s mind to figure out their motives,” Daybreaker said.

“Well they have hundreds of hideouts all around Equestria, they want to control the populous under one mind. They believed it would create a paradise where nobody would ever need to think for themselves, all living under the Shade… well the fake Shade, as a mindless army. Also said something about a group called Shade that existed before the Theocracy but we know nothing of them,” the same Ganma responded.

“True,” Daybreaker said.

“If you don’t mind, could you take this conversation elsewhere, the children are sleeping and after what they’ve been through I think they need this.”

“Of course,” Daybreaker said. “Now, do you have any ideas yet as to who the new riders will be?”

“Sadly not,” Shade responded as they left the nursery, “There are very few people who would be capable of, or willing to become a Rider.”

“Who’d be the candidates?” Daybreaker asked.

“That's the thing, the only creatures living here are the Ganma and those we freed today and nobody else.”

“Why not try towns like Ponyville and Canterlot?” Daybreaker suggested.

“It's a possibility, but I barely know of anyone there, only those in the castle when I returned from the moon with Luna and Midnight.”

“Go and look around then, I’ll handle the castle,” Daybreaker said.

“I can’t just leave you here, besides I don’t even know if the other princesses went back yet, and there's still the matter of who build is and allowing her to be free of her blood cocoon.”

“Try going for the average citizens,” Daybreaker said.

“I’ll make sure to do next time I visit Ponyville or Canterlot,” Shade responded.

“Considering your to head down to Ponyville for some shopping,” Daybreaker said.

“Is there a specific reason why you want me out of the way for now, beyond the search?” Shade asked

“It’s not out of the way, it’s searching for aide, and the only other reason I want you out of the way is to prepare lunch,” Daybreaker scolded in a soft and motherly fashion.

“Fine, Fine, I get the picture,” Shade responded as he teleported away from the castle towards Ponyville.

-1 hour later-

As Shade made his way through the town he had many ponies bowing to him almost seeming instinctual, which he still couldn’t stand but bared nonetheless. Also during this time none of the cards had reacted to anyone around him as he decided to put the cards away for the time being as he simply walked around.

After a while, he reached a large tree seemingly near the centre of town. He saw “Golden Oakes Library” carved on a golden plaque bolted on the door.

Shade stopped for a second before he knocked on the door not expecting anyone to be there.

“Come in,” A voice called before Shade walked into the room to find a small purple dragon.

“Hello there,” the dragon said.

“Hey, um is anyone else here or is it just you? You almost sounded like you were waiting on someone when you told me to come in,” Shade admitted.

“There was someone supposed to join me,” the dragon said.

“Who? And where is this person you're waiting for?” Shade asked curiously.

“Twilight Sparkle. I’m her assistant, Spike,” the dragon said.

“You can just call me Shade, and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Spike.”

“Will do,” Spike said.

“So… do you know where this Twilight has gone?”

“Nope,” Spike said.

“Wait, she didn’t tell you anything at all?”

“Nope,” Spike said again.

“Oh well, if she appears could you please tell her I want to speak to her, have her meet me in the castle in the Everfree,” Shade responded.

“Sure,” Spike said.

“Thanks, kid, maybe I’ll see you around,” Shade responded as began to leave.

Spike turned and gave a startled yelp. Shade turned to see him pale.

“Is something wrong?” Shade asked as he looked back.

Spike showed him a note which he slowly read before kneeling down in front of Spike as he said, “I’m sure we’ll find her okay?” as he wrapped his arms around Spike.

“Thank you,” Spike said.

“You think you’ll be okay here, or do you want to stick with me for a bit?” Shade asked, his arm still wrapped around Spike.

“Please,” Spike said.

“Okay, do you want a lift?” Shade asked gesturing for Spike to get onto his back.

“Sounds good,” Spike said.

“Okay then,” Shade responded as he knelt down for Spike to climb onto his back, “You do have some keys to lock up right?”

“Yes,” Spike said.

“Okay. Let's get locked up and I’ll take you somewhere safe,” Shade responded as they both walked outside.

“Thanks,” Spike said as he locked up Golden Oaks Library before climbing onto Shade’s back.

It was then Shade said calmly to Spike, “Hold on tight, I wouldn’t want you falling off.”

“Alright then,” Spike replied as he did what Shade asked before they both flew back to the Everfree town.

As they arrived, Shade saw that the town was empty. He raised a brow until he spotted something in the castle’s courtyard.

“Why do I feel like this isn’t good,” Shade responded as he landed.

He and Spike walked to the courtyard to see tables and games set up.

“Or maybe not?” Shade responded, “where is Daybreaker hiding?”

To get his answer, she appeared in one of the trees, chuckling softly.

“Okay, so what's the game here?” Shade asked turning to Daybreaker.

“I’ve set up a sort of carnival for the citizens to have fun,” Daybreaker said.

“So, that's why you sent me away I assume,” Shade responded calmly.

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

“So where is everyone then?” Shade asked.

“At a community dining table in the center of the courtyard,” Daybreaker said.

“Seriously, how do you get everything, planned and sorted out so quickly?”

“Magic,” Daybreaker said simply.

“Of course,” Shade responded with a roll of his eyes.

“Of course not just magic,” she said. “I talked with some ponies who helped me to set this up. My team’s done the organization,” she said.

“I should have guessed,” Shade responded with a chuckle.

“You honestly think I wouldn’t have some kind of plan?” she asked.

“Well it is you, so honestly I should have thought you did have one,” Shade responded.

Daybreaker chuckled softly and she showed him to the feast.

As the group arrived at the feast they found tables set up with food from everywhere.

“You did a good job with this,” Shade admitted to Daybreaker.

“Thank you. I strive for the best,” Daybreaker admitted.

“I know you do,” Shade replied as he grabbed a gemstone from a nearby table and passed it to Spike.

Spike caught it and munched it down, before leaving to intermingle with the others.

“I take it that’s Spike, Twilight’s assistant,” Daybreaker said.

“It is. Have you not met him before back in your world?”

“I have. I also know Twilight from my world. The Twilight of this world….well….how do I put it to you? She was taken by the Theocracy and brainwashed,” Daybreaker said.

The silence was deafening, to say the least. Shade stared at Daybreaker, trying to organize his thoughts before speaking at last.

“Well, we didn’t see her before, so let's hope she wasn’t turned into an undead and hope she wasn’t in the base and instead was elsewhere?”

“She’s not an undead. She’s still very much alive,” Daybreaker said.

“Well at least that's good news for Spike,” Shade said looking over to him, “I hope I can bring her back to him safely.”

“We can,” Daybreaker said.

“I guess we are lucky that we have a member of the Theocracy we can find out her location from,” Shade responded calmly, “but I’ll deal with Build later on.”

“Right you are,” Daybreaker said. “Come, let us join the festivities.”
“What sort of things have you even got planned?” Shade asked curiously.

“Think of the usual carnival faire,” Daybreaker said.

“I see, What are you intending to do during this, also how is Lunar doing?”

“Let the villagers get to know their new leader. Lunar’s been busy working on other things for the festivities,” Daybreaker said.

“I see, I wonder where she is right now.”

“Try behind you,” Lunar said.

Shade then turned around to see Lunar behind him as he asked, “Lunar, how are you feeling, and how did everyone you brought back do?”

“Their fine and I’m fine,” she replied.

“You sure, you didn’t seem okay before we left,” Shade admitted.

“I was hiding something from you,” she said. “Guilty Conscious and all.”

“Well, at least I can tell you we captured this worlds Build, so that's a bonus a guess.”

“Yes,” Lunar smiled softly.

“Bad news, you have no queen to blame for what we saw happening.”

“That’s fine,” Lunar said.

“Lunar… is their anything that's bothering you still?”

“Well, I need to tell you the truth,” she said. “Promise you won’t freak out.”

“Why would I freak out?” Shade asked as he sat on a nearby seat, “whatever it is it can’t be that bad right?”

“Well, I’m my world’s Build,” Lunar said.

“Yeah, I saw, and why wouldn't that have been a problem?”

“Well, you see, I would have been sure, due to the issues with this world’s Build, you’d hate all Builds,” she said.

“The thing you need to remember is, I know the Build under your suit is the kindest person I have ever met, knowing that I could never hate you.”

“That makes things easier,” Lunar smiled.

“So, are we having another session where you admit everything that's gone wrong and you end up crying into my chest again?” Shade asked with a smile.

“No,” she said. “Considering I’m dating Rumble.”

“Well, I’m happy for you,” Shade responded with a smile.

“Yep, now, would you like to try your hoof at a game of bottle knock?” she asked.

“You really think that's fair for everyone else with riders trying their hands at it?” Shade asked.

“Yes, because it’s based on skill,” she said.

“I guess we can give it shot then,” Shade responded calmly.

They headed over to play.

After a few rounds Shade looked to Lunar as he asked her, “so what is your plan now?”

“What do you want to do?” she asked.

“You're asking the guy who spent the last one-thousand years in the moon and been back only a few days. What he wants to do?”

“You are the prince after all,” she teased.

“Still not been coronated just yet,” Shade replied with a smile, “and to be fair have to love Celestia making my title the Alicorn of War.”

“That’s fine. Your still a prince in my eyes,” Lunar said.

“I really don’t know how to take that fact,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“Take it as a compliment,” she said. “Either that or take it as an insult.”

“Well just remember this, if this Rumble ever mistreats you, tell me and I’ll teach him a lesson in how he should show respect to someone,” Shade responded, “Besides if you ever need me, you know I’ll be there for you.”

“I know,” she said.

“Just don’t expect this Rumble to be able to stand if he mistreats you after I’m done with him,” Shade replied with a smile.

“I know,” she said.

“So, what else is there for us to talk about? I mean very little has changed with me after all, I’ve just been on the moon till a few days ago.”

“Let me see, well, we have the thing on your mind,” Lunar said.

“Well yeah, but whatever the outcome of that is, it’ll likely put me in a foul mood for a while, kinda don’t want to do that till after everything else is out of the way, and I’ve had some time enjoying myself, besides I doubt I’ll the chance again for a while soon.”

“Yeah,” agreed Lunar.

“And to be fair, I was never one for going out and enjoying myself back at University, I kinda focused on my exams, so I never had much fun anyway, just kept my head in the books and hoped for a better future.”

“Ah,” Lunar said.

“So, I’ll follow your lead on how to enjoy myself, you manage to somewhat enjoy yourself and being a Rider, maybe you can rub that off on me somehow.”

“I’ll teach you no problem,” Lunar said.

“In that case where do you want to continue with this?” Shade inquired curiously.

“Dunk tank,” she said.

“Okay then, Lead the way,” Shade responded calmly with a smile.

It was then Lunar lead him over to the dunk tank. It was a giant cartoony green tank with water and a board with a target to one side.

“So, I just throw this ball at the target correct?” Shade asked.

“Yes,” Lunar said.

They looked to the plank and saw Cerulean Skies sitting on the plank.

“And we’re sure that he’s okay with this?” Shade asked as he threw the ball up into the air a few times.

“He’s fine,” Lunar said.

“If you are sure,” Shade responded as he threw the ball over his shoulder as it hit the target dunking Cerulean Skies, “umm… I didn't mean for that to work.”

“It’s fine. I just like you two having fun,” Cerulean Skies smiled.

“Still, how many times have you been dunked up to yet?”

“Twice. Once by you and once by Lunar,” he said.

“I see and how many have tried so far?”

“Hundred tried,” he said.

“Well keep track so we can know how many manage it.” Shade requested with a smirk

Cerulean smiled back.

“That way we can see who smokes you, dear prince?” he asked in a cocksure tone.

“We’ll see.”

Cerulean smirked softly before Shade quickly spun around kicking a ball into the target as Cerulean was dunked again before Shade said, “Let's make that three dunkings.”

“Bet you a dinner and drink you couldn’t outdo the kids,” Cerulean teased.

“By which kids do you mean?” Shade asked, “I’m not that old yet.”

“The kids of the civilians that now reside here,” Cerulean said. “Unless you think I mean your daughter.”

“I’m pretty sure even Midnight could do this,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“Doubt it. She seems to be too timid,” Cerulean teased.

“Then you don’t know her very well,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“The childlike form of Nightmare Moon? Come on, she’s scared of her own shadow,” Cerulean teased again.

“You're just trying to get me to break you aren’t you?”

“Not at all, just getting under your fur,” Cerulean said.

“Lunar, maybe we should go elsewhere before one of us does something we’ll regret.”

She chuckled.

“You should know that when one goes to get under the other’s fur, it leads to comedy,” she said.

“Yes, but I’d rather now leave someone in the hospital,” Shade responded as he began to walk away.

“Talk about a killjoy,” Lunar said.

Shade heard and took offence. He hated being called a killjoy and would prove, by any means necessary, he was fun. “Okay then Lunar, I’ll play your little game, where do you plan on taking this?”

“Simple,” she said. “You and your daughter come down here and a two on one competition. Loser buys the winner dinner.”

“Exactly what kind of competition?” Shade asked.

“First to 50 dunks of Cerulean Skies,” she said.

“How about this me and you have to kick them into the target as well,” Shade suggested.

“Deal,” she said.

Shade turned. A crowd had formed and was cheering for him to win.

“You know I feel sorrier for him.”

“The spirit is to have fun and show your talent,” Lunar said. “Sure he’s gonna get wet, but that’s nothing a simple drying spell can’t sort out.”

“I suppose” Shade responded as he threw three balls into the air before spinning backwards kicking all three at the same time one hitting the target and the other two hitting two other Dunk tanks nearby.

“Three to Shade,” a voice said.

Shade looked up to see his daughter resting on his head.

“Of course you are hiding up there,” Shade responded as he rubbed Midnight’s head.

Midnight smiled and gently nuzzled her dad.

“Midnight, can you please relax. Is something the matter?”

“It’s that I haven’t seen you lately and missed you,” she said.

“I would have thought you would have wanted to see kids that look your own age,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“Not just yet, dad,” she said. “Besides, anyone would think you wanted me to find a beloved and make you a grandfather.”

“You really think I’d push you into that?”

She chuckled and said “Not just yet, he’d strangle anyone she’d call a date.”

“Trust me, my dad was like that,” Lunar said. “Mom eventually had to lock him in the broom closet.”

“I can imagine that,” Shade responded.

Lunar smiled and then looked up at Midnight, who gave a squeak of fear at the sight of the changeling and tucked herself in her dad’s mane.

“Why are you scared Midnight?” Shade asked rubbing the back of her neck.

“Monster!” she squeaked.

“Midnight, nobody here is a monster… and even those who are won’t harm you.”

“She’s never seen me before,” Lunar said. “And in this world, all Changelings are evil creatures, hellbent on the harvesting of love and destruction of ponykind.”
“Is that what you think of them Midnight?”

“It’s the gospel truth!” she whimpered.

“And do you see her doing anything like that now?” Shade asked Midnight calmly.

“No,” Midnight said.

“Okay, and do you think I’d be walking calmly with her if she could harm people?”

“No,” Midnight admitted.

“So, does it seem right for you to be scared of her?”

“No,” she said.

“Okay, now can you get out from under my hair?”

She did and smoothed his mane out.

“Thank you,” Shade replied before adding, “Now I believe it's your turn to take a throw Lunar.”

“Indeed,” she said as she picked up three balls in her magic and threw them at three targets, with only two of them making contact.

It was then Shade looked down to Midnight as she looked at a large group of the balls before she smiled and launched fifteen of the balls towards a target using her magic of which, all fifteen connected with a target on some sort of activity.

Shade then stared at his daughter before looking to Lunar as he said with a smirk, “Yeah, she wouldn’t be able to hit the target would she?”

“I was proven wrong,” Lunar said.

“That you was,” Shade responded as he took a breath before using his magic to throw almost 30 balls into the air before spinning kicking 15 of them as they fell as he gained height and 10 more of them as he was facing the ground kicking them in midair, while the last 5 he stuck with the back of his right hand.

“Ah, seems you win,” Lunar said.

“Oh look the killjoy won,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“Remind me to never tease you again,” Lunar said.

“Already done,” Shade responded

Lunar gave him a dirty look.

“Don’t be like that, I won’t bring it up again,” Shade responded.

“I will!” Midnight responded cheerfully.

Shade gave his daughter a dirty look. Lunar turned her dirty look into a “got you” look.

“Okay then, guess we won’t be dropping it any time soon then,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“I was teasing,” she said.

“Oh I know,” Shade responded.

“Now, I believe some fun is in order,” she said.

“What are you thinking?” Midnight asked as she looked at Lunar perched on Shades head.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe a cotton candy eating challenge,” Lunar said.

“I guess… just one question. What is Cotton candy?” Midnight asked curiously.

Lunar smiled and took them over to see a machine that heated up the sugar and turned it into long strands of pink candy.

Midnight just looked at the cotton candy curiously before looking at Lunar as she asked her, “What is it like?”

“It’s a sweet and addicting treat,” Lunar said.

“So it's a bad idea for her to get addicted to it then,” Shade admitted.

“In a way, yes,” Lunar said.

“I won’t get addicted, I promise,” Midnight said looking down to Shade.

“Okay, I’ll get you one… just remember, cotton candy and that pink ponies hair are not the same thing, even if they look similar,” Shade responded.

“Are we sure about that?” Midnight asked.

“She has a point,” Lunar said.

“Maybe, but I don’t want to try it out,” Shade admitted.

“True,” Lunar said. “I’m guilty of mistaking Twilight’s book smarts for her being a bit of a shut-in.”

“I still do not know about that, barely know this Twilight person,” Shade admitted.

“Twilight is Celestia’s student,” Lunar said.

“That still doesn’t mean I know who she is,” Shade argued.

“Look for a purple unicorn,” Lunar said.

“That really doesn’t narrow that down,” Midnight pointed out gesturing to the fifty purple unicorns around them.

Lunar smiled and transformed into a purple unicorn with a star cutie mark and with a purple with pink and blue highlight mane. Shade took a look at Lunar as the pony she was talking about.

“Oh her,” Shade responded, “I remember she was able to see me when I was invisible and tried to shoot me with magic.”

“Yeah. Be careful, she can be dangerous when pissed. And I know what she’s to become and it scares me,” Lunar said.

“I assume you mean what became of her in your world so who knows it may never happen here.”

“Yes. Trust me, you’ll want to hide when that happens,” Lunar said.

“I’ll just have to take your word on that.”

“If you want, I can spoil what she is to become,” Lunar said.

“No need, I’d rather wait and find out, besides our worlds are not the same so it’s unlikely the same things will happen.”

“True,” Lunar said. “Then again, you might have to face many of the same trials.”

“Maybe I will, but I doubt that I ever could never have the exact same experiences as you,” Shade admitted.

“We’ll see,” she said. “Speaking of which, how goes it with trying out being a father?”

“Well better than being a prince, I’ve had one-thousand years more experience as a father than the other one.”

“True,” Lunar smiled. “Most of us want that place where we can be ourselves. I’m more comfortable as a chef and an inventor. I honestly hate being a royal guard. Armour’s not polished just right, your late by 32 seconds, your weapon’s not tended to…..gah! It’s frustrating.”

“More frustrating than getting attacked by random monsters, and trust me, I’ll learn that later when I have my own guard moaning about that or nobles trying to make me do what they want,” Shade admitted with a chuckle.

“Yes,” Lunar said. “Our commanding officer is a right pain. She’ll write you up just for smiling.”

“I bet she would love me then.”

“Oh trust me, she’d have you on charges of being “falsely married to a princess” and even “Being a ghost”,” Lunar said.

“We both know I can overrule them and the first hasn’t actually occurred yet, and besides, like she could do anything to hold me if she did.”

“True, but she’s petty,” Lunar said. “Had to pull night watch because she couldn’t let go of the fact I was actually working towards being Cadence’s aide, similar to Raven Inkwell.”

“Need I say it?” Shade asked with a sigh.

“No, I know what your thinking,” Lunar said, “Besides, Cadence has taken a liking to me.”

“It’s not surprised being with how often you two already work with each other.” Shade pointed out with a smile.

“Yeah,” Lunar said.

Midnight peeked over at Lunar, who was now standing relaxed. Shade looked up at his daughter. “So, I assume you're feeling better being around her now?”

Midnight just looked down to Lunar as she simply smiled at her and nodded her head with large strands of cotton candy around her mouth.

“That’s good,” Lunar said. “Better yet, shall I surprise her? A treat just for her?”

“Why am I thinking this is a bad idea?”

“Because it’s your dad sense kicking in. It’s not a bad idea,” Lunar said. “I promise.”

Shade and Midnight went with Lunar to a secluded part of the carnival, where she held up Build’s device. Midnight almost squeaked in delight. Having heard stories of a Build who fought alongside her dad, she was now going to see the real deal.

“This is….” Midnight began but stopped, excitement welling up in her.

Lunar nodded.

“Shade, are you okay with me showing her this?” Lunar said. “I know you’ve had dealings with the evil Build.”

“And she’s safely out of trouble for now so its fine,” Shade responded.

Lunar nodded and transformed. Shade looked up at his daughter, who was trying to hide her excitement at seeing Kamen Rider Build.

“So that's how that transformation looks,” Midnight responded looking over Builds suit curiously.

“Yes,” Kamen Rider Build said. “Now, I have a question for you Midnight, would you like to spend some time with my crew? We’re off to lunch.”

Midnight then looked up to Shade before she asked “Can I?”

“Go ahead, she won’t bite,” Shade responded as Midnight jumped off his shoulders and landed next to Lunar.

She knelt down and lifted the filly onto her back. She walked over to where Lunar’s team was having lunch. Daybreaker looked up at Lunar before smiling.

“Nice to see you break from your father,” Daybreaker said. “He seems to be confused as to what to do as a prince.”

Midnight nodded and joined in with the lunch. As she did, she saw Shade and Luna enter and head to a table across the diner, sitting next to Celestia before the three of them walked out of the room.

“That was confusing,” Daybreaker observed.

“I wonder what they are doing?” Midnight asked curiously as she took a bite of an apple.

Back with the trio, Shade turned to Celestia, who was wearing a look of suspicion on her face. “Where exactly are the three of us going?”

“Celestia, I think I know who Build is, and if my assumptions are correct, you will not like it,” Shade admitted.

“What do you mean by that?” Luna asked curiously as they walked into what was the throne room, still being remade by Harmony for Shade’s use.

“It’s better I show you,” Shade responded before adding, “Harmony, could you open the path?”

It was then a large spiral staircase appeared in the wall behind the throne as Shade led the three of them down it.

Once they reached the bottom they found themselves in a small room that held the cocoon Build had been confined in against a wall the image of a Unicorn still visible inside it, but the identity of the figure still unable to be worked out.

“So, this was Kamen Rider Build? I have a feeling I don’t want to ask what formed this seal around the pony inside,” Celestia admitted.

“Possibly for the best,” Shade agreed as he summoned his sword to his side as Harmony closed the path down to them behind them before he said to Celestia and Luna, “Just be ready to act if this Build tries anything. Not that there's a way out.”

Both Celestia and Luna nodded in agreement before Shade walked towards the cocoon holding Build before cutting it open as the figure fell out its body still covered in the blood it had been sealed with.

As the ponies body hit the ground they could see its chest rising and falling slowly the figure still alive as the thick layer of coagulated blood began to fall away from their body slowly revealing their features to the group.

As Shade had guessed from the outline the pony was indeed a Unicorn, but as the blood finished flaking away Celestia looked away from the pony visibly upset by what she had just learned.

Shade then looked back to the figure to find that he could not see that the Unicorn had a purple coat, a purple mane that had pink and blue highlights in it along with a familiar cutie mark in the shape of a large purple star surrounded by 5 smaller white stars. The same pony Lunar had changed into before. Twilight Sparkle.

“Celestia are you okay?” Shade asked.

“How can I be okay with this! My student was the pony that had not only been kidnapping innocents but had also been the one torturing and experimenting on them!” Celestia shouted in anger.

Luna simply looked at Shade hoping for an answer, which he was unsure as to what to say before taking a breath, “Celestia, how long had these rumours about Build been around?”

“Maybe three months… why?” Celestia asked, still clearly angry.

“Well if Build only appeared that long ago, chances are this mare may not have been with the Shade Theocracy for long, did she disappear at any point before Build first appeared?”

“Well there was that family holiday four months ago… which was strange because her brother had no idea there was one, and her father said the whole family was going on it,” Celestia responded before stopping and sighed, “and she was gone for two weeks and one of the guards saw her parents a week into it in Canterlot.”

“Kinda strange for a two week family holiday to have both parents back in a week in and their daughter to not be,” Luna responded.

“I’m getting that,” Celestia responded as she punched a wall in frustration, “how could I have not noticed?”

“Well you had no idea of the Theocracy’s existance, you couldn’t have acted against something you didn’t know existed,” Shade admitted.

“But I should have known. I’m supposed to lead this country, and keep everyone safe, and yet I couldn’t even protect those near me. My own guards, Twilight, who knows who else in Canterlot alone are in danger?”

“Only as many as you let be in that position, you know people like the Theocracy exist now, so you know to stop them, and how they work. Besides you have two more bodies to help you now.”

“I suppose,” Celestia responded still sounding downtrodden.

“Besides,” Luna said. “That Build isn’t like the other one. According to the residents, this Build you saw easily defeated the other Build.”

Celestia then looked to Luna in confusion before asking “What do you mean?”

“This Kamen Rider Build works with a team of other Kamen Riders and is the leader’s daughter and her second in command. She’s something different to what your expecting,” Luna said.

Celestia raised a brow as Shade nodded.

It was then the group heard Twilight groan seemingly regaining consciousness as Celestia seemed to glare at her.

“Celestia, behave. We don’t actually know everything to make a direct call about her involvement,” Shade responded, trying to get Celestia to calm down.

“I know enough from what you said you saw and…”

“If you say rumours I’ll have Harmony force you upstairs. A rumour doesn’t always hold the true basis on the actions that take place,” Shade stated, “So calm down and think straight for once!”

Celestia seemed to stop suddenly calming down slightly even if both Shade and Luna could tell she was nowhere near a good state of mind to handle the situation reasonably.

It was then Luna stood in front of Celestia as Harmony formed some vine around Twilights limbs holding her against the wall placing a bucket of water on the ground nearby the group. “For if Celestia doesn’t calm down or if Twilight doesn’t wake up soon.”

“You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” Shade asked with a smirked.

“No comment,” Harmony replied with a chuckle.

It was then that Twilight began to cough up blood before her eyes slowly opened before instantly going wide in terror.

“Okay, being you're awake I’ll skip straight to the point, You’ve committed many atrocities that I myself have witnessed, I can easily have plenty of witnesses to reveal what you did.”

Twilight chuckled darkly, “You think those witnesses are worth anything? They’re as worthless as you.”

“Honestly, a lot more than you are now. I feel like you can already see but your own teacher is having to be stopped by her sister to prevent her from killing you herself, I very much doubt she will even want to take you back after what you’ve done,” Shade admitted as Luna had to physically hold Celestia back to stop her from acting.

“Like she could. Celestia is weak. A pathetic fool. Her sister, no better,” Twilight jeered again.
“You are just looking to get some sense knocked into you aren’t you,” Shade responded. “Okay, here the simple fact for you. As of right now you have a death sentence on your head and almost nobody who will want to show you mercy, your parents, brother and Spike don’t know what you’ve done but I can assure you the second they find out I wouldn’t expect that to want you back in their lives. Afterall Shining saw what you were doing to children and newborns, and I don’t even want to guess what sick things you did to Spike.”

Twilight merely chuckled.

“You think that will stop me?” She asked as Shade got a idea on how to subtly manipulate her.

“No I very much know you're irredeemable by this point, your too indoctrinated into that cults ideals and their fake god, but maybe you should know, I am over 1000 years old, although I admit for an Alicorn that's young. However all things aside I am very disappointed in someone who from what I have seen should be a loyal follower of mine, after all.” Shade responded moving up to Twilight before whispering, “I am the very being that the cult worships.”

That got her attention. Shade could see it and Luna smirked, then whispered into Shade’s ear, “She’s taken it. String her along. I have a plan.”

“I have to be honest, it's a really foolish thing to do, threaten, anger and make your own god hate their own followers, and you managed to do it all tenfold,” Shade responded glaring at Twilight.

She began to wriggle and try to break free. Shade walked up to her.

“So tell me. How do you think you're god will do to someone who pretty much betrays everything he stands for, threatened him, and murdered potentially millions.”

“He’d be upset,” Twilight said.

“Let me put it this way,” Shade responded punching into to her chest making her cough up more blood this time her own, “I would be furious, understand?”

She nodded, trying to keep herself together. Shade stepped back, still glaring at her.

“Now, I will ask again, what would I do to someone like you, who has angered their god?”

“Reward them?” She asked, timidly.

“Do you need another clue?” Shade asked clenching his fist again walking towards her.

She flinched and tried to back away.

“I want you to answer mortal!” Shade shouted in anger, “or do you want another clue?”.

She was too scared to even look him in the eye.

“Answer me!” Shade ordered standing in front of her staring dagger at her forcing her to look at him.

“He’d punish me….” she whispered.

“Yes, and how would he do so?” Shade asked still glaring at her.

“He’d take my life,” she whispered.

“I didn’t hear that, please speak up.”

“He’d take my life,” she said again.

“Now wouldn’t that be a waste of a life, a life that could be useful.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“So what could I do instead?” Shade asked transforming into his Rider form.

“Why not try something like a memory spell?” Luna asked sweetly. “It would allow for Twilight to be free while having no memory of dealing with them?”

“If we did that, it would have to be on so many people, and I don’t think we can get away with keeping her captive here.”

“What’s to stop us trying it during a cherry blossom festival?” Luna asked. “And we can put her in the dungeons. After all, our dungeons have security measures on them.”

“Even then we can’t exactly risk someone finding her.”

“You do know we can hide her somewhere that has no connections to our worlds,” Luna said.

“And also, what have you done to Spike?” Shade asked standing over Twilight.

“I haven’t seen or touched the dragon,” Twilight said.

“Are you lying to me,” Shade said glaring down at her.

“No,” Twilight said.

“Spike will be safe,” Luna assured him. “I’ll simply take him as my aide.”

“Hmm, I have a better idea that simply discarding her… skills and erasing everything,” Shade responded as the chains around neck began to surround him as the red marking on his helmet began to glow in a crimson light.

“Shade, are you seriously considering turning her into your servant?” Luna asked.

“No… I’m not that horrible, but she has experience creating the equipment for all rider systems, something I think any Rider’s we have could benefit from.”

“Ah,” Luna said.

“Of course, I doubt she would agree to work for me from now on and I assume you have no intention of taking her back Celestia,” Shade admitted.

“We shall see what happens,” Celestia said.

“Although we should ask the mortal if she will serve all of the Riders willingly first,” Shade admitted.

“I’ll do anything to earn the god’s respect,” Twilight said.

“Really,” Shade responded as Harmony released Twilight as she was dropped onto the ground falling on her knees, Shade still towering over her as his chains hovered just in front of her face. “What makes you think you can even get that back from us? You have reduced my respect for almost all of you to cinders.”

“I will do anything,” she said. “I want to make up for my screw up.”

Shade then looked to Celestia and Luna for approval on his next and first action in the protection on Equestria.

“Do it,” Celestia said.

Shade then looked back to Twilight before his chains surrounded her so he was standing directly over before the chain looped around her body lifting her to his eye level as Shade pulled the handle on his Driver. As a voice shouted out “Shade! Omega Capture!” before the chains tightened around Twilight digging under her skin.

She gave a slight whimper of pain as the chains dug in before they burrowed under her skin those around her neck leaving a faint almost tattoo like imprint of a circular chain around her entire neck that was still pulsating in a crimson glow in time with that of Shade’s suit.

It was then Shade placed his hand against Twilights forehead before she stopped struggling and her eyes began to lose their colour turning grey almost being covered in a mist, as Harmony’s astral projection appeared beside Celestia and Luna.

As soon as the Shade was sure Twilights mind had been altered enough he said calmly, “Twilight Sparkle, from this day forth you shall be bound to the will of the 4 beings in front of you, with the primary control under me. You shall directly serve all riders and devote the rest of your life to defending all citizens of Equestria from those who would threaten it’s security. You shall retain all your knowledge and memories from the past, and follow the orders of all four of us without question unless it poses a direct risk to the safety of those you are sworn to protect,” he then looked back to the others to check if he had missed anything or if they wished to add anything else to Twilight’s core commands.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“Shade, I wanted to ask….is there a chance we can revert her back to before the Theocracy got their hooves on her?” Celestia asked.

“I’m sorry, they meddled too far with my old memories, any attempt to fix them would cause the end of my life,” Twilight responded monotonously.

“Dammit,” Luna hissed.

“I’m sorry, I truly am,” Shade responded, “is there anything else you wish for me to do in regards to her psyche and life goals.”

“No,” Celestia said.

“Nothing either of you wants to say to her while she is inclined to take it to heart?”

“What can we say?” Celestia asked.

“Anything you want, and she will listen and take it as a life lesson to heart, after all, in this step if I will the change it can happen.”

“Other than the fact that I love, respect and want the best for her, nothing else,” Celestia said.

“Well, we do want the best for Twilight, despite what has happened to her,” Luna said. “It’s not much, but it’s what we can do to help her overcome this.”

“I’m sure we all can,” Shade responded as the chains around Twilight began to loosen placing her on the ground as a black band appeared on his wrist with a purple copy of Twilights cutie mark engraved into it.

“Interesting,” Celestia said.

Shade then held his arm out before calmly saying, “Twilight, stand and prepare for your new start, we have a lot for you to tell us about the Shade Theocracy’s plans and locations.”

She nodded.

“You are free to speak Twilight,” Shade responded placing his hand down before cancelling his transformation.

“Alright,” she said.

“Is there anything you wish to say to us?”

“Not at the moment,” she said.

“Seriously, just a few minutes ago you were scared out of you're mind having your own god standing in front of you, and now you don’t want to know anything. That seems to bit off for her don’t you think Celestia?” Shade admitted.

“It is,” Celestia said. “Then again, she could be hiding something.”

“Twilight, are you hiding something from us, and we want the truth,” Shade ordered.

“Yes, I am,” she said.

“I want you to tell us the truth Twilight, and we don’t want a single lie,” Shade responded in annoyance.

“I’m hiding the fact that I know the name of the leader,” she said.

“Yeah, it was that Junichi Shade guy, although I feel the last name was faked to make everyone think he was me,” Shade admitted.

“Not just him. There is another leader,” Twilight admitted.

“To be fair, that was obvious. It wouldn’t take a genius to find that out,” Shade admitted, “Now we will be heading back upstairs, you will be coming with us, and will say here to after the festivities end, then return to Ponyville, however, you will be commuting here to work on new equipment for the riders at least 4 times a week. I want you to sort Drive out with some actual weapons first, and being I know that you were watching me using the Drive Eyecon you know what the rider needs making first.”

“Yes, Shade,” she said.

“Now, shall we get moving?” Shade asked everyone as the staircase reappeared behind them as Shade gestured for Celestia and Luna the leave first.

“Good idea,” Luna said, as both her and Celestia walked up the staircase.

Shade then turned back to Twilight before he left and said, “Twilight, from here on out, you are one of the two people from the cult who follow the real Shade. As such, you will be the first Rider that will serve me,” he then placed his hand against the side of her neck as a Shade’s brand appeared on her neck before fading into her skin as he said, “as long as my soul persists, you will unable to die and will serve me and Harmony eternally without question, with this you shall eventually serve as my personal bodyguard and Rider.”

Twilight then fell to one knee and bowed her head to Shade before saying, “as you command my lord,” keeping her head bowed.

Celestia and Luna chuckled softly at this and headed away. Once far enough away, Luna turned to Celestia.

“I think Shade might be biting off a bit more than he can chew. The Theocracy will be coming for Twilight and will stop at nothing to get her back,” Luna said.

“Luna, I know the feeling, but Shade’s got it down to a science. He knows more than he’s letting on,” Celestia said.

After a few more moments Shade began to walk up the stairs with Twilight in tow before they reached the top and the pathway closed behind them, “Twilight go find Spike, tell him you're okay, just don’t tell him what happened to you.”

“Yes, Shade,” Twilight said.

“And go back to normal,” Shade added as she left him, Celestia and Luna alone.

Twilight chuckled as she headed off. Luna and Celestia turned to Shade.

“Let me guess, you’re unhappy with my choice.”

“More concerned with what could happen,” Celestia said and detailed her thinking to Shade.

“I understand you're concerned, but don’t worry I have a plan, and Twilight may be the only one that can fix something very important to the old riders.”

“That’s something comforting at least,” said Celestia.

“But we will still need to find someone who could even use it if she can repair it” Shade admitted.

“Why not scout around? Surely there’ll be ponies willing to help,” Celestia said.

“Celestia, maybe think for a second. Is it really the best idea to give a random person who just because they are willing to use it a Rider system that may be best to keep under wraps.”

“I did think of that, but also, think of it like this-the device can choose who the right pony is, so holding some kind of interview might yield more to our cause,” Celestia pointed out.

“It’s a possibility, we would need to look into, but I won’t just hand it to someone without proper checks. After all, you did not notice Twilight being with the Theocracy and she was you're student Celestia.”

“I know, but we need a start somewhere,” Luna said. “Plus me and Celestia could provide some closely trusted ponies.”

“Didn’t most of your trusted soldiers quit on you, Celestia?” Shade asked.

“Some did, yes, but not all,” she said.

“Don’t you need to keep what competent soldiers you have with you to fix the mess that is the solar guard? And yes, by competent I mean Shining Armour and him alone.”

“He has given me a list of those able to help out,” Celestia said.

“Good, its a start to fixing it, just don’t let it slip again, or I’ll have to sort it myself,” Shade admitted.

“It won’t happen again,” Celestia said.

“I hope it doesn’t Celestia, you're making it my job to manage Equestria national defence, so it’s my job to ensure they don’t” Shade responded.

“True,” she said.

“Okay,” Shade responded before smiling as rubbing his hands together, “So shall we get back to the festivities before they end?”

“Yes,” they said.

“Okay then, you both head back, I’ll join you soon,” Shade responded with a smile as both Celestia and Luna agreed and headed out.

It was then Shade calmly pulled out the Gashat he had taken from the Changeling during the attack as he thought, “some more recruiting couldn’t hurt,” before he walked away in the opposite direction.