Kamen Rider: Equestrian Shade

by The Dark Brony

First published

An 18 year old boy killed and is reborn in Equestria with the abilities of Kamen Rider Ghost but under the new persona of Kamen Rider Shade.

My names Alex, Alex Shade. On the day of my eighteenth birthday, I was killed in what most believe to be a hit and run accident and offered a chance to live once again, at the cost of my current life.

Now I live a new, if not annoying life as a for most of the time unseen protector of the ponies of Equestria as a being almost nobody can see, with even less having knowledge of my deeds.

I alone face a strange, unseen race of creatures called Ganma using the souls of heroes which are contained in a strange object called Eyecons which they too wish to attain at any cost... be that the lives of those around them.

I am the unseen hero, I am Kamen Rider Shade.

Kamen Rider Ghost / MLP Crossover
Displaced story

The cover art was designed by RamenDriver on Deviant Art, give his artwork a look because he is an amazing artist.

Chapter 1

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It was a seemingly normal day in the city of London the streets were busy with many vehicles and people travelling both above the ground and underground in the subways.

On the streets above a young man, no older than eighteen years old was just emerging from one of the many underground stations that made up the London Underground.

The man had black hair and blue eyes and was currently wearing black tracksuit bottoms, an red t-shirt below an open black and red hooded jacket which currently was open showing the shirt underneath.

He was making his way to the main train station after a long period of time he had been studying at a nearby University, he had decided to do a bit of sightseeing before he caught the train back home to see his family for the first time in around three months.

He then looked up before he saw a car by a set of nearby traffic lights that were on red suddenly turn around as the driver began to drive directly down the sidewalk he was on running down multiple pedestrians in the process as he made his way down the path.

The man then quickly pushed a pedestrian that was next to him sideways into a nearby wall before the car hit her however in doing so he failed to take his own life and wellbeing into account as the oncoming car hit him knocking him over the roof of the car before he hit the ground behind him as the vehicle moved back onto the road and drove off.

Seconds later the pedestrian that the man had pushed to the side ran up to him as she quickly checked his body before quickly grabbing her phone as she seemed to be frantically trying to call someone.

This, however, was not the man’s primary concern as his vision suddenly began to blur as his eyes closed, the last thing he heard was the person from before shouting something he couldn’t make out before his world went blank. “I don’t want to die,” the man thought as he realised that was exactly what was happening.

However seconds later a voice that the man had never heard before said “you’ve met with an unfortunate fate haven’t you?”

At first, the man didn’t answer before he said weakly “w… who are you?” As he somehow opened his eyes to see a pale skinned man with grey hair standing in front of him. The figure was wearing a red cloak that looked to have brown leopard print highlights at the sides of it while he wore a simple golden silk robe below.

“Nobody important,” the man said with a shake of his hand before he added, “just the man who’s your only chance of surviving this.”

“What do you want?” The boy asked attentively.

“To give you a second chance at life.” The strange man offered before he gestured beside him as a small window appeared beside them.

The young man then looked out as he saw a small hospital room along with a body lying unconscious on a bed. He then looked towards a small clipboard that read, ‘Alex Shade. Has sustained multiple fractures to his ribs, spinal column, and neck, right lung has been punctured along with multiple accounts of both internal and external injuries.’ Seconds, later a loud sustained beep was heard before the boy noticed a heart monitor that was attached to the body appeared to have one straight line running across the screen.

Seconds later a man dressed in a white jacket ran into the room before he was followed by a few others only for the first man to shake his head sadly before the body was disconnected from everything before the image disappeared.

The boy then muttered under his breath “I just died… but how am I here?”

“Right now all that’s left is, in essence, your soul, your old life is by all rights over.”

“What will it take for you to save me?” The boy now known as Alex asked.

“I am simply offering to bring you back to life… well not this life, your old life is gone. But I can give you a new clean slate to work from.”

“Do it,” Alex said calmly.

“You sure once it’s done there no going back?”

“Just do it, what do I need to do?”

“Okay then kid,” the man said as he opened a small case as Alex saw nine strange objects inside that he instantly recognised to be objects called Eyecon’s from a one of the Kamen Rider Series, these being from Kamen Rider Ghost.

“Are those?” Alex asked in surprise.

“Yes they are a few of the Eyecon’s from Kamen Rider Ghost, along with one empty one, you can guess who's that for.” The man said calmly.

“I assume myself,” Alex replied. “What do I need to do?”

The man just smiled before he said “you’ve done enough. Now you rest.”

“What?” Alex asked in confusion before he suddenly felt like he was being lifted into the air before he noticed the man was holding the blank Eyecon in his right hand as Alex’s body was dragged towards the object as his body began to compact and shrink as he was dragged into the Eyecon the man held as he saw a smirk on the man’s face.

Alex then realised that he could look out of the object he was now trapped inside before he was placed in the same case the man had produced the Eyecon’s from previously as he watched helplessly as the case began to close a sadistic grin on the man’s face the man said “enjoy your last few seconds of freedom… slave.”

Alex then began to panic at this before he suddenly felt the case crash to the ground before each Eyecon fell out of the case in a large pile as he saw the man from before fighting with another before he suddenly seemed to fall through a portal along with the other Eyecons that were surrounding him seemed to move towards his own before disappearing as the portal closed above him.

After what seemed to be a few hours Alex slowly opened his eyes and attempted to stand up only to find what looked to be seven figures covered in jackets of both similar but somehow different styles but each looking human in stature nearby him, however, none of them had any facial figures whatsoever as he realised each only had two single coloured eyes piercing against a black void.

“Ugh, what happened?” Alex asked as he groaned causing one of the figures who was covered in a green and yellow jacket and had glowing green eyes to move towards him as it helped Alex stand.

Seconds later a new voice said, “good you’re finally awake it seems they were all worried about you.”

“They? Who do you mean? Wait…” Alex asked before he tried to stand up and defend himself before shouting “you must work for the guy who called me a slave!”

The figure in front of Alex chuckling before as he stepped towards him as he said “you couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Tell me who was it that saved you before?”

Alex then stopped and thought for a second before he remembered the events that had transpired before as he shouted out in surprise “you were fighting that man from before!”

“I was. That man is sick and twisted, he has enslaved thousands of people like yourself. In fact, I believe everyone here suffered the same fate as you.”

“You mean that madman on the street was used by him to get people for him to use!” Alex shouted in a mix of anger and fear.

Alex then looked to all the figures around him to see them all nodding before the one helping him stand said “I fell into the same trap as you, that thing sealed me in my Eyecon before you… the others have lost their ability to hold their original forms along with the ability to speak freely, and I fear I’m following the same fate.”

“Is there nothing we can do to help you?” Alex asked hopefully.

“Sally I do not know, as far as I am aware we are all too far gone to be saved… but you still have a chance.”

“I do?” Alex said curiously.

“You do,” the man from before admitted as he walked towards Alex as he saw the man was wearing a simple white shirt with black trousers. He had a head of neatly combed black hair along with some blue and silver sunglasses.

“I need to know who are you and who was the man that captured everyone?”

“My name… I suppose you can call me Andrew. The man that tricked you was someone I tried to help a long time ago. He turned on me and began his mad grab for more power, that same power has corrupted the poor boy’s mind to the point that he no longer cares for anyone but himself.”

“Someone needs to stop him,” Alex admitted his fists clenched tightly.

“Don’t worry, someone is dealing with him. But for now, you need to focus on your own predicament,” Andrew suggested.

“Well, what would you do about my problem because I’m open to any suggestions right now?” Alex asked curiously.

“Well the option of going to a new world is always an option, of course I refuse to do what happened to you before,” Andrew admitted as he held out a familiar almost transparent belt it had a bright orange and black handle on the left-hand side along with a large open black eye in the centre of it.

“Wait… you’re handing me a Ghost Driver. Why should I trust you.”

“Because I have no intention of betraying you, when you place the driver on you can help the others, if they want it that is.”

Alex then reached for the driver in front of him before the cape that had been helping him stand simply nodded to him before Alex said “you have a deal… just no controlling me.”

“I would never dream of it, besides I do all I can to assist anyone that I do this too, I’m not a monster,” Andrew admitted.

Alex then grabbed hold of the Ghost driver before placing it on his waist as what almost seemed to be orange flames emerged around it as what could be called a strap appeared from the driver attaching it to his waist. He then looked to Andrew before asking “where did the Eyecon I was in go?”

“Oh I freed you from it before it was accidentally destroyed maliciously,” Andrew said with a smile.

“Well, how will I be able to use the driver without it?”

“Simple… catch” Andrew said as he threw him a blank white Eyecon “just click the side and it will activate without harming you.”

Alex then did as the man suggested before the Eyecon in his hand began to shine before seconds later the front of the Eyecon now had a black background with an outline of a mask of some kind that had two large red circles that seemed to have a myriad of red lines dripping below from them.

“How do you feel now?” Andrew asked Alex curiously.

Alex then looked towards Andrew before he simply asked “No different? Why?”

“Is it wrong for me to care for your own wellbeing?” Andrew pointed out before adding “anyway maybe you should help the others?”

Alex then looked at everyone around him as he saw that each figure was standing in front of each other before they each, in turn, flew into Alex’s Ghost Driver before each of them turned into their own Eyecon each sporting a different colour to their own Eyecon’s.

After a minute had passed the only figure left were Alex, Andrew, and the green coated figure.

The last figure then walked up to Alex before he said as Alex heard him chuckle “and then there was one, I guess this makes us partners in crime as it is.”

“I have have intention of us becoming criminals… how about we go more as… brothers in arms?” Alex suggested.

The figure could only laugh before it said “were going to get along just fine… hopefully, I’ll retain my voice after my change.”

“Hopefully you do, I would be a shame having nobody to talk too when I know you can,” Alex admitted as he placed his hand out to the figure, “being that we are working together from here on out, I’m Alex.”

“Well, now I guess mines, Robin… Robin Hood.” The figure now known as Robin said as he took Alex hand as they shook each other’s hands before Robin took a step back before he too floated into the Ghost Driver before a green Eyecon appeared from it in Alex’s hand.

Andrew then turned to Alex before he said “anything else you wish to ask about before I send you off?”

“Not really just… thank you for saving me from that other guy.”

“Think nothing of it, I was happy to help.” Andrew admitted as he opened his hand as a portal appeared behind Alex before he added “that will take you to a new world and don’t worry if you ever need anything I’ll be around to help.”

“Well thank you for everything you’ve done for us, I’m sure that the others would say the same thing if they were able to,” Alex admitted calmly as he walked through the portal as it closed behind him leaving Andrew alone.

“I’m sure they would… but I fear what Demigra will do next… good luck kid… you’ll need it.” Andrew said to himself as he disappeared through another portal.

Meanwhile, in another dimension, two figures obscured by shadows looked towards each other before the first larger one said “that man’s becoming more of a problem each passing day, and his sons becoming a real thorn in my side.”

“Well, what can we even do about it?” The second figure asked back.

“Right now we need to make a new plan to deal with that wretched Displacer but for now I need to work on tracking down and dealing with those slaves that escaped… you have full authority to kill them.”

“Thank you, Lord Demigra,” the second figure replied before bowing to the first.

“Oh and Genm… watch out for that Displacers lapdog… we don’t want him rewriting your powers again.”

“I understand Lord Demigra, if he makes an appearance I will endear to pull back,” Genm agreed before he added “also with your permission I would like to take some of our new… ‘friends’ on a ‘test drive,” Genm requested with a sadistic grin.

“Of course take whoever you require… just make sure to enjoy yourself you could use the experience to learn how to control our ‘toys’ better.”

“Thank you, I will not disappoint you,” Genm said as he faded away.

The other figure just laughed as he said “Have fun my little playthings because if you fail to impress me, I’ll dispose of you like the rest.”

Seconds later begging and some screams were heard before the figure disappeared as he said “maybe she’ll finally tell me how to give Genm more power?”

Chapter 2

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As Alex was dropped from the portal he suddenly felt himself begin to collapse again almost as if his entire body had suddenly changed.

As this happened he heard a faint voice in the distance but was unable to make out what was said clearly as his back hit the ground below him as his vision blurred. It was at this point that he began to try to stand but somehow was unable to as he just lay where he landed as he looked up to see snow above him.

Snow? How am I not cold? Alex thought in confusion his vision still slightly blurry.

A few seconds later he saw a blurred dark figure standing above him before he heard it say “Sister we found somepony!”

“Luna, are you sure you're okay, there's nopony there.”

“But there's somepony right here!” the figure not assumed to be Luna argued back as he saw a hand point to him.

“Sister, are you sure this isn’t just one of your imaginary friends once again?” the second voice asked.

Luna just muttered something before Alex felt a strange sensation surround him as his vision gained clarity before he saw the figure in front of him. The figure looked humanoid in some ways however it looked to be covered almost completely covered in fine blue hairs along with having hair that seemed to shimmer in the light almost like stars from her head that reached down her back, it was at this point he realised that the creature had a strange horn on her head and wings on her back both sporting the same colour scheme as the hairs on its body.

Seconds later Alex found that he was placed onto Luna’s back as he turned towards the other creature to see that its features were similar to Luna’s but instead of blue hairs covering her body she had white along with normal hair that seemed to be in five separate shades that like Luna reached down her back along with both a horn and wings both white like the hairs on her body.

The second figure just seemed to look at Luna in confusion at her actions before she said “If you have found somepony alive that is still invisible from whatever Sombra did to the empire I’ll just need to trust your judgement,” with that she turned around before adding “We better get out of this cold, it seems nobody else escaped but us.”

“We guess you're right,” Luna replied before I saw both her and the other figure’s horns ignite in different colours before the three of us were surrounded by a bright light that blinded him for a few seconds.

When the light faded Alex found himself looking around a large room that looked to have wooden planks for the floors and ornate stone engraving on the walls and along some columns around the room, whilst at the very back were two thrones that each had a banner above them one depicting the Sun the other the Moon.

Luna then looked towards the other creature before she said “I’m going to make sure the pony we found is okay he feeling he’s frozen through, there's no warmth coming from his body.”

“Okay, Luna… have fun with your new friend,” the other creature replied before Luna walked away with Alex on her back.

A few minutes later Luna reached a small room as the door handle was surrounded in a bright blue glow before it turned and the door opened before Alex was levitated of Luna’s back as she placed him on a nearby bed before Luna placed a hand against his neck as she said “you're still cold to the touch, how is it your still alive, and how long were you out there?”

“A few seconds before you,” Alex muttered weakly.

Luna then jumped back in shock before she stuttered out “Y... You're alive… but you must be frozen solid from how you are.”

“In your defense you might have had a point there, but just today I was murdered, almost enslaved by the man that orchestrated the attack and sent to a new reality, on my birthday of all days, so honestly being frozen solid over what has actually happened would be more of a blessing than what I’ve had today,” Alex admitted as he sat up.

Luna just stared at Alex in confusion before she asked him “I’m sorry we don’t understand?”

“Miss… I’m not sure how to say this to you… you're talking to a ghost. I was killed just this morning,” Alex admitted as he reached his hand out to her as Luna did the same only for her hand to pass through his as she recoiled in shock.

“But how did we carry you if your body moves through our own?”

“You're more worried about that and not freaking out about the fact you're talking to the dead?”

“If you wanted to harm us you could have instead of talking to us,” Luna pointed out.

“And you trust me not to when I get up,” Alex asked as he tried to stand up only for his legs to give under his own weight.

“We’ll hold that one till you are actually able to stand by yourself,” Luna suggested with a smile.

Alex then muttered something under his breath before he said “For the record, I had no intention of harming you.”

“We know,” Luna said as she placed something into my hand before she removed her own as I saw my own Eyecon in my hand. “I have a feeling that holds more significance to you than most things you own.”

“...it does… miss… umm”

“Luna… Princess Luna,” Luna replied.

Alex’s eyes went wide before he said “Umm… I’ve been an idiot haven’t I.”

“Yes, you have… but as you said earlier. You're not from this world… and I doubt you want the rest of the worst birthday in existence to be stuck in a bed.” Luna admitted as she suddenly picked me up again this time resting one of my arms over her shoulders as it somehow didn’t move through her shoulder. “It seems magic allows me to move you freely without you falling through me.”

“I guess so,” Alex replied before he added “Princess… the only thing I want to see above all else is a clear view of the night sky.”

Luna suddenly stopped dead at Alex’s statement before she said “I’m sorry… did you just say all you wish to see is the night's sky?”

“I did… I know it may sound silly, or strange to most people but I feel safe when I look to the stars in the sky.”

Luna just looked at Alex in surprise at the revelation of what he told her before saying “I know a place,” as she looked away from Alex as he swore he saw a smile appear momentarily on her face before she looked back to Alex “We’ll take you there.”

At this Alex just smiled before he said “If your sure, I’ll try to not be a burden to you,” to this Luna only nodded back as we began to walk through the halls of the palace.

As both Luna and Alex walked through the halls they passed many figures none of them looking like Luna or the other creature he saw before they all either bowed or said hello to Luna however as I soon realised none of that even noticed my presence I realised I was invisible to everyone around me, however by some miracle Luna was able to see me.

Luna then looked at me before she whispered “Don’t worry we’ll sort this out,” before she turned a corner as they walked out a large set of doors. As soon as they were opened Alex saw a large open garden that seemed to be in bloom with many different types of plants, along with many types of animals walking freely around the gardens.

“What do you think?” Luna asked.

Alex then slowly took his arm off her shoulder as his legs shook but he managed to retain his balance if not weakly as his legs shook. Alex then looked to Luna before he said calmly, “Amazing, I can’t believe this place is here, it’s so calm.”

“I’m glad you see it that way too,” Luna replied as she knelt down next to Alex before a small wolf like creature that seemed to be made of wood walked up to them before she said “This one’s one of the tamer Timberwolves.”

Alex then knelt down before placing his hand out not expecting any acknowledgement from the Timberwolf in front of him. However, as soon as his hand went out the Timberwolf moved next to it and slowly rubbed itself against Alex’s arm before he said “Wait… this little one can see me?”

“It seems so… we didn't expect that ” Luna admitted as she knelt down next to Alex and the Timberwolf as she rubbed her hand down its back.

“I get the feeling you spend a lot of time here,” Alex replied.

“We do… not a lot of our ponies visit us like they do our sister.”

“Why not?” Alex asked curiously.

“I’d rather not talk about it,” Luna admitted sadly.

“Okay, but if you ever need to talk to anyone about it, I'll be there to listen to you anytime,” Alex offered.

“Thank you… we’ll remember that,” Luna responded calmly as she stood up with Alex standing shakily seconds later, “You okay,” Luna asked as she looked to Alex placing an arm near to him if he needed.

“I think I’ll be fine princess… but thanks for the offer,” Alex replied as he stood straight before stumbling back slightly as Luna suddenly placed a wing behind him steadying him as he regained his footing, “Uh… Thanks.”

“No problem… We have to admit you're already mostly standing like a normal pony,” Luna admitted as she led Alex towards a small hill near the centre of the garden’s the Timberwolf following closely behind them.

As soon as they reached the top Alex just look up as he saw a sight that was extraordinarily rare in his old home. The shimmering lights of all the stars in the sky, clearly visible in the night's sky even again the light being reflected off the moon.

“This is incredible, I've never seen a night sky like this before!” Alex admitted in amazement.

“I’m glad someone appreciates the work we put into the night sky, not many ponies do,” Luna replied sound extremely happy at the prospect of someone enjoying the night.

“How can people not,” Alex pointed out before he realised what Luna had said first, “Wait… what do you mean by the work we put into the night sky.”

“Well we do raise and lower the moon, and organise the night sky,” Luna admitted with a proud smile.

“What? How? I have so many questions!?” Alex shouted with a smirk.

“What you didn’t have someone do that where you were from?” Luna asked.

“No… in my world the sun’s gravitational pull kept us circling it while the moon was trapped on the planet's gravitational pull keeping it from hitting the planet or floating away,” Alex admitted.

“Really... Your world was so different to our own,” Luna replied before she said, “I just realised I never asked what your name was.”

“My name... it’s,” however before Alex could answer there was a loud bang before they both saw smoke rising from just outside the castle walls, “What in gods name was that!” Alex shouted.

“We don’t know!” replied in shock before she quickly ran off before Alex followed swiftly behind her.

As the duo reached the castle gates they saw many of the palace guards sprawled out along the ground almost all of them sporting injuries of some kind, while there were smouldering craters in some places as well.

Alex and Luna then looked up to see a large group of humanoid figures that looked to completely black apart from some silver marking on their hoods and silver rib cage like markings on their chests, they also had what looked to be a golden belt on their hips that had a large open eye at the centre, the creature had no face whatsoever as it was covered by what seemed to be a black mask with no features whatsoever. Along with that, each creature seemed to be holding a large silver sword in their right hands and some of the blades even looked to be dripping crimson blood from the ends.

“What are those things!” Luna shouted out in both shock and fear at seeing so many of the castle guards both injured and from the blood that was on the creatures swords left them to assume that most were dead.

“Gamma Commandos… but what are they doing here?” Alex both admitted and asked himself, he then looked to Luna before he said “Luna, get everyone inside.”

“But what about you!”

“I’ll be fine… trust me,” Alex said almost sounding calm.

“Okay… just be careful,” Luna replied as she ran over to one of the guards that were still alive.

Alex then turned to the Gamma Commandos in front of him before he said “It’s a good day to die,” before his looked down as black and red flames appeared on his waist before the Ghost Driver he had been handed by Andrew before appeared as they faded. Alex then looked towards the Gamma Commandos with a smile before he added, “no better time than the present to try.”

Alex then reached into his Jacket before he pulled out his personal Eyecon before he quickly clicked the side inwards with it raised above the left side of his head as the large capital letters ‘SH’ appeared on the Eyecon momentarily before opening the Ghost Driver on his waist.

He then inserted the Eyecon he was holding into the Diver before he closed it before the word “eye” was heard as an almost completely black hooded jacket with long crimson red lines running down the length of it flew out of the Ghost driver before it engaged the Gamma Commandos ahead of him.

Alex then stood to the side slightly as he clenched both his fists, one brought close to his chest protecting his right side while the right was slightly farther in front of his left as his shoulder protected his left side.

During this time the word “Bacchirimina” which was repeated three times in the background as on the second he shouted “Henshin!” before he pushed the handle on the side back in as a red symbol that looked to resemble a mask the majority of the symbol looked to be blacked out apart from too large red circles where someone's eyes would that almost looked to have streaks of red running through the black background from the eyes.

Almost instantly after he’d done this red lines began to run down his body almost like they were trickling down from his head before the jacket attached to his back before he lowered the hood to reveal that the image that had appeared on the Eyecon was now on a visor outside his suit. As soon as this happened the sound and crackling flames were heard before a strange voice shouted out “Kaigan: Shade! Let's Go! Kakugo! Akuma-tekina Shade!"

Luna just stood and stared at Alex before she asked in surprise “What are you?”

Alex then stood up straight before he said “Luna, this may sound cheesy, but I am the one person that will stand and protect everyone and everything here… and while I'm like this… call me Shade.”

“Shade?” Luna asked in confusion.

“I’ll explain the rest later,” Shade replied as he looked to see the group of Gamma charging towards him as he quickly sidestepped one before punching it in the chest as it was knocked back dropping its weapon in the process.

Shade then quickly rolled out the way of a second commandos attack as it swung its sword at him only to seconds later feel a burst of pain run through his side, but strangely the pain quickly subsided as the red along his jacket began to glow brightly before he quickly swept the leg of a nearby Gamma out from under it swiftly knocking it to the floor before rolling away from the downed Gamma.

Once Shade looked back up he groaned in annoyance as he looked on the Gamma surrounding him, it was at this point he looked to the ground as he saw one of the weapons the Gamma was using on the ground before he reached for it one of the weapons the Gamma were wielding next to him on the ground.

Shade then quickly knelt down and grabbed the blade before a almost demonic voice said “Weapon identified, Accessing Shade link,” as the voice said this black flames licked Shades arms before travelling through the sword as the silver shine on the sword began to burn away to be replaced by a black bladed sword with what looked to be glowing red lines running through it.

“Shade enhancements accepted, new fighting style uploaded for analysis,” the voice said before the flames completely dissipated from the blade the weapon still white hot along the tip of it.

Shade then turned to the Gamma that were ahead of him before taking a step forwards into the oncoming horde of enemies as he quickly swung the arm that held the blade upwards as the blade cut through the Gamma’s head before the blade exited the Gamma with its blade covered in what was assumed to be black blood before the Gamma turned into an Eyecon which then shattered into pieces on the ground.

Shade then quickly span around the blade cutting the throats of some of the Gamma that surrounded him as black blood oozed from where the blade had cut them as they had each met a similar fate to that of the first.

The remaining Gamma that seemed to only be about five then swung their blades towards Shade one after the other each failing to even touch him as their blades got stuck in the ground as Shade changed towards then as he cut through the head of four of the Gamma before the lasts head was impaled the Shades sword that had been thrown forwards towards it.

Shade then walked over to the last Gamma he had killed and pulled his blade out of its head as the five dead Gamma’s body dissipated and their Eyecon broke apart on the ground as Shade turned back away from them walking back towards Luna who was staring at him in surprise as the demonic voice said “time for shuteye,” as his suit disappeared and he reverted back to his original form by removing his Eyecon from his Ghost Driver.

He then quickly ran back to Luna as he asked her “are you okay?”

“Umm…. yes we are,” Luna replied as she seemed to regain her composure but still seemed to be on edge.

“Luna… Let's get you inside, I think you could use some rest, I’ll be around to deal with anything else that may show up,” Alex admitted calmly as he placed his hand out to her as she hesitantly took it as Alex helped her up.

“Okay… but we need to know? Who and what are you?”

Alex just smiled as he replied by saying “Well my names Alex… Alex Shade and I’m what's called a Kamen Rider.”

“Whats a Kamen Rider?” Luna asked in confusion.

“Basically your stereotypical masked hero or heroine,” Alex admitted. “And by those lengths, I’ll ensure this never happens again… okay?”

Luna only nodded back to Alex as she said “Okay we’ll believe you.”

“Thank you, Princess… you just get some rest, you’ve been through a lot today,” Alex admitted before Luna nodded back.

They then both reached a room with a normal sized door before Luna turned back to Alex as she said “Alex…. Thank you for protecting those you could before, We’ll make sure to repay you for your actions.”

“No need Princess, as long as everyone's safe that's all that matters,” Alex replied before he added with a bow “I hope you have a good rest of your night,” before he turned and walked away.

Luna just looked at Alex as he walked away before she muttered “I just hope to find some way to help you.”

Chapter 3

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After the events of the first day marking Alex’s arrival in Equestria and his new life, the days past with very little trouble. A week had passed with Gamma’s attacking the palace since that day and the majority of ponies that had been injured from their attack had either healed enough to return to active duty, admittingly against the wishes of their superiors, while others were slowly waking up from comas that had been induced from the injuries that had been inflicted on them.

Alex had found that over the course of the week he had slowly managed to get a hang of his ability to be invisible to most ponies even if he only remained visible for short periods of time before fading again, which he had found out scared the guards to no end each time.

Luna had seemingly become more at ease with Alex’s presence but he could tell something was wrong with her, she seemed downtrodden almost looking disheartened as she sat in the empty throne room aware of my presence.

“Alex… you know we don’t require your assistance, you have your own life… well in a way,” Luna said calmly.

“That may be the case princess… but you seem down is something the matter?”

“It’s nothing you can help us with we’re afraid,” Luna replied.

“Luna, what’s eating you up?”

“It’s… nothing that concerns you, don’t worry,” Luna replied with an obviously faked smile causing Alex to look at her with one of his eyebrows raised before Luna replied, “is it that obvious?”

“Yes it is, I’ve noticed the change in your attitude in just the single week that I have been here… So tell me what’s getting to you?” Luna just sighed before she muttered something under her breath which Alex couldn’t hear before he added “Luna, nobody’s here but us, and you know I won’t betray your trust… besides you’re the only pony that is aware of what I am.”

Luna just looked towards Alex before smiling as she said, “That’s true we know more about you than anyone else, and you’re right that you wouldn’t ruin that trust we have between eachother.” She then sighed before she said clearly “I’m jealous of my sister.”

“...Seriously why be jealous of her? Luna she can’t do half the things you can, if anything this should be the other way around, don’t forget you can see me at all times and you’re able to see the real threat to everyone while she doesn’t even realise they are in danger. Honestly if you look at it you are doing so much more for the people here than her.”

Luna’s eye widened at this revelation before she replied by admitting to Alex, “We never thought about it that way.”

“Also need I point out that without you everything would be in disarray, your the level headed one between you and your sister, she’d wipe a continent off the map for a single person’s mistake, you’re the one that keeps her in line most of the time.”

“We guess your right with that one,” Luna admitted as she began to chuckle before she suddenly went solemn again.

“These’s something else aswell isn’t there?”

“It’s just… Why does nopony but you and us look at our beautiful night?”

“My honest opinion on that is that for most your sisters daylight is too harsh for people to sleep, while your night isn’t, in theory they are to scared to sleep during the day but feel safe to do so at night.” He then went on to add, “If you think about it, the theory matches your personalities, your sister is brash, hazardous, dangerous and in many circumstances scary; while you on the other hand you are forward thinking, calm, caring, kind and most of all to most who are scared and alone… motherly.”

Luna just looked at Alex considering just what he had told her before he said “You really think all of those things about us?”

“I do… did you know when I was just managing to hold my physical form for only seconds at a time, I appeared in front of your sister… she tried to set me on fire when I appeared… I think she called me a Phantom? Or something along those lines… which to be fair is true in some ways.”

Luna just chuckled at Alex’s statement before she said “we swear she’s a hypocrite sometimes, first she says we’re crazy for seeing nobody when you were on the ground a week ago, then screaming out that you're a Phantom when you appear in front of her.”

“Do I need to point out the fact that back then only you could see me?”

“We know that,” Luna admitted with a now genuine smile. “Still our sister did think us crazy for a while though.”

“I can imagine,” Alex agreed before adding “Luna, remember if you start having any problems, just ask… I'm always free to help… oh and if you need me later I’ll most likely be on the hill like normal.”

“We seriously should name the top of the hill something that relates to you, I swear you never go anywhere else,” Luna admitted.

“Can you blame me? It’s the best place around here to see the stars and the amazing night sky you make,” Alex said with a smile.

Luna then looked to Alex as he turned to leave before she said “Alex,” causing him to turn around as she added, “I’m glad we met you last week.”

“As am I Luna, as am I,” Alex agreed with a smile as he walked outside.

A few minutes later Alex reached the hill that he had been too on the first night in Equestria and coincidently each following night after as he just lay down looking up to the sky as he said “Funny it’s almost like Luna’s the only one who cares how the sky looks?”

Alex then looked up at the clouds above him as he muttered “It’s almost like Celestia is only thinking for herself and not for what others see… is she really that blind?”

“We know you’re here Phantom!” Celestia’s voice shouted out over the gardens.

“Not this again,” Alex groaned in annoyance as Celestia flew over him as he remained invisible as she landed nearby walking towards him.

“I know you’re hiding here, I’ll tear this place apart to find you if I have to,” Celestia said as she walked closer sounding serious in her intentions.

Alex then made the decision to reveal himself to her even though he knew the risk in doing so as he said “I'm right here… and I have no idea why you keep calling me a Phantom.”

Celestia, however, seemed to ignore him as she fired a blast from her horn at him which he sidestepped before hearing her shout “We will not listen to any of your lies! You are just trying to get close to one of my ponies to harm them like all the others!”

“What the hell are you on about!” Alex shouted back. “I have no intention of harming anyone, I'm just satisfied living the rest of my…” another shot went past his head before he added “What the hell is your problem? Incase you haven’t noticed I haven’t hurt anyone!”

“Stop lying you murdered multiple ponies last week!” Celestia shouted in anger.

“Wait… you think I was the one who attacked last week?” Alex asked in annoyance, “before you make an assumption like that you need to get your facts straight maybe ask Luna about what transpired.”

“What would she know about it?” Celestia asked.

“She was right behind me trying to save people while I was protecting her after she brought me back with her a week ago.”

“Wait… brought you back? You mean you were that thing she said she could see?” Celestia said in a mix of shock and realisation as she realised her mistake.

“Yes, I am the creature she found in the snow a week ago… I’m also the one you keep calling one of these Phantom things… whatever they are.”

Celestia seemed to calm down if not only slightly before she said “It seems we have made a grievous mistake, in our intentions towards you… but we must ask, what transpired outside the walls last week?”

“There was an attack by a faction of creatures called the Gamma, of which most creatures are unable to see… but somehow your sister could see them.”

“And by some miraculous stroke of luck you aswell,” Celestia added back her voice harsh and almost angry in tone.

“Yes… but I'm not one of them.”

“Then what are you?”

Alex went silent for a second before said calmly “A ghost… I was killed on the day your sister found me.”

“A ghost? You expect us to believe that?”

“Princess... How do you think I seemed to appear out of nowhere last time you saw me?” Alex asked.

“Using magic obviously.”

“Nope… I have no magic whatsoever.”

“No magic? Then how were you invisible?”

“Princess… I’m dead… I’m literally a ghost.” Alex admitted as he disappeared and reappeared almost instantly in the same spot which in turn shocked her.

“We… What… how!” She replied nervously as she reached her hand out as it passed through my arm as she yanked her arm back as her eyes were open wide in shock “You’re serious! You are actually dead!”

“I hate to tell you I told you so… but I told you so.”

“We wish that we had known of your circumstances sooner… maybe we could have helped you.”

“You wouldn’t have been able to, this happened to me before you’re sister found me, it was prior to anyone here knowing of my existence.”

“Still… we wish there was something we could do to apologise to your for our actions towards you.”

“There’s very little you could do,” Alex admitted.

“Still…” Celestia said before suddenly stopping as she quickly pushed Alex aside catching him by surprise at her sudden actions before he looked behind him to see what looked like a mythological creature to be more accurate a minotaur it’s skin was predominantly blue which was below a set of white and gold armour that had what could be assumed to be blood splattered over the chestplate, he was also holding a large axe which he was holding in his hands which Alex saw was stuck in the ground next to him and just in front of Celestia.

“Neither of you are what we desire,” the creature said in an angry deep voice before turning around as Alex stood back up Celestia shaking her head at him as if warning him to not proceed with his current cause of action.

“Then what do you desire?” Alex said reaching for his Eyecon in his jacket.

“Her,” the creature said as it stepped sideways to reveal Luna being held up by another creature that looked like it was made completely of stone, it was grey in colour but had golden lines running haphazardly through its body.

Celestia just stood there looking scared and for good reason while Alex’s hands were clenched in anger as he ordered through gritted teeth, “release her now.”

The Minotaur then just looked at him before he began laughing as he said “Why should we release her, she’ll bring forth the birth of a new Phantom for our master.”

As soon as the Minotaur in front of him told him there intentions for Luna Alex’s fist closed around his Eyecon as he pulled it out from below his jacket as she said forcefully, “Not if I can help it,” as his Ghost Driver appeared around his waist from red and black flames that danced around it.

The minotaur stopped at this as he asked Alex “What is that your holding?”

“Oh trust me… you’re going to get well acquainted with it soon enough.” Alex then inserted the Eyecon he was holding into the Diver before he closed it before the word “eye” was heard as Eyecons hooded jacket flew towards the Minotaur catching it off guard as the jacket struck it a few times causing the minotaur to lose its grip on its axe as the word ‘Bacchirimina’ was repeated multiple times.

Seconds later he shouted “Henshin!” just like he had a week ago as the same image appeared on his Driver as the jacket flew behind Alex and attaching to his back his hands out to his sides palms facing the creature in front of him.

He then moved his right hand towards his hood pulling it down as black flames erupted from the ground next to his left as the same sword he used previously appeared from the flames. As soon as this happened the sound and crackling flames were heard before a strange voice shouted out “Kaigan: Shade! Let’s Go! Kakugo! Akuma-tekina Shade!”

As soon as Alex had finished his transformation into Kamen Rider Shade Celestia looked at him in shock as she stuttered losing her composure “Y...You're a Kamen Rider!”

“Oh, you already know about those?” Shade replied in a calm tone as he gripped his sword tightly.

“Go!” The minotaur shouted in anger as all the grunts except the one holding Luna charged Shade at once causing him to smirk under his mask as he ran into the oncoming force of enemies swinging his sword at the removing many of his enemies arms in the process.

Celestia was just standing in place frozen in a mix of shock and fear at the site of Shade as she muttered “another Kamen Rider there hasn’t been one of those since….”

However, she was snapped out of her thoughts as Shade shouted “Celestia, go held your sister!”

“Right…” Celestia said recovering from her shocked state as she looked back to Shade being surrounded by enemies as he was being barraged by a multitude of firsts as in some cases being stabbed by spears which caused him to stumble back into the fists of his other opponents.

“He won’t last out,” Celestia muttered looking at her hand as she thought I wish he was still here, maybe he could help.

“Dammit!” Shade shouted before adding “Just help Luna for god’s sake I can hold them off!”

Celestia just clenched her fists before running towards Luna, the creature holding her and the minotaur in front of her.

“You really are a fool,” the Minotaur said with a smirk, “Just like your father was,” at this statement, Celestia froze stopping dead in her tracks before the monster said, “along with that mage that tried to save him.”

“No… it can’t be,” Celestia said stepping back falling to her knees as she suddenly began shaking, “you were the one who…”

“Don’t you dare!” Shade shouted as something hit the minotaur head odd causing him to stumble back as Shade appeared next to Celestia holding the Minotaurs weapon in his hands as the voice she had heard before said calmly “Weapon identified, Accessing Shade link,” as the voice said this black flames licked Shades arms before travelling through the Axe he had acquired as the old colour began to burn away as the colour scheme of the axe changed as the shaft of the axe became a dark black almost looking burnt while the head was replaced with by a blood red metal.

“Shade enhancements accepted, new fighting style uploaded for analysis,” the voice then said before the flames completely dissipated from the axe as Shade said, “You will not harm either of them.”

“And you think you can…” the Minotaur attempted to say only to be cut off as he suddenly felt something strike one of the two horns on his head as he heard it something hit the ground.

“Sorry… did you say something?” Shade asked smirking under his helmet as the Minotaur reached for the tip of his now missing horn.

“That just healed from the last guy!” the Minotaur shouted in anger.

“Well I’m about to make it worse,” Shade said with a smirk.

A second later he felt someone grip the side of his leg as he looked down to see Celestia still trying to stand if shaking holding something out in her hand before she said “Take it… Please.”

Shade just nodded as he held his hand out as Celestia placed something into his hand before she pulled her hand away from his own as he saw a small ring in his hand. The ring looked to be hand crafted with a red gem in the centre that seemed to have a silver metal over it giving the gem an appearance of a mask.

Shade had no idea why Celestia had decided to give it him, but he placed it on his hand regardless as he nodded to her before turning his attention back to the enemies that he was facing who were beginning to retreat still holding Luna using her as a shield to prevent them from acting against them.

“Dammit… I need to do something,” Shade muttered as he looked down to see the ring glowing in a white light before he looked at the hand he had placed it on before he suddenly had a moment of clarity before taking the ring off and placing it in the palm of his hand before tracing a symbol in the shape of an eye in front of the ring before what looked to be a ghost spirit appeared from it.

The spirit had taken a similar look to that off his other jackets, however, this one looked a lot longer almost to the point it would touch the ground if he wore it, it was almost completely black apart from what looked to be a red gem like accents on his chest and silver shoulder pads on his shoulders.

As this appeared in front of them the Minotaur backed away slowly the monster holding Luna releasing her from its grasp as they saw the ghost in front of them, before it flew into Shade’s Ghost Driver before a new Eyecon appeared from it in his hand. The eyecon had a black back while the front was silver and had an image that resembled the image on the ring from before.

Shade then placed the new Eyecon into his Driver as the the word “eye” was heard before the same ghost spirit from before flew out towards the Minotaur as it grabbed it and somehow was able to lift it into the air as it flailed around as the word “Kaigan!” was heard as the spirit dropped the target and attached to Shades back as he heard the voice shout “Wizard!”

After that, a new tune was heard “Yubiwa no mahō! Saigo no kibō!” during which a myriad of strange sounds was heard which Shade didn’t recognise.

As soon as he looked up he said in confusion, “Wait? Wizard? Who the hell is that?” but quickly dismissed it before he looked up towards his enemies as he brought his left hand up to the side of his head before he said “It’s... Showtime,” before he began walking towards them both.

The Minotaur just continued staring at Shade in shock as he shouted “How are you back! We killed you!”

“Well then… I guess that makes me a ghost,” Shade said as Luna quickly ran past him towards Celestia quickly grabbing ahold of her before Shade looked back to his remaining enemies who now had lost their only bargaining chip along with the only thing preventing Shade from acting.

The Minotaur then charged towards Shade his head lowered as he charged directly towards him with his one remaining horn. Shade just stood on the spot as he waited till his charging enemy got closer before he quickly sidestepped the Minotaur before he swung his leg into the Minotaur’s legs as his own burst into flames.

“Okay… that was unexpected.” Shade admitted in surprise as the Minotaur hit the ground his face striking the ground along with his remaining horn keeping him stuck in the ground helplessly as he tried to free himself.

“Well, this has been fun… but I feel like I need to finish this one sided battle off… When you get to Hell; tell them Shade sent you.”

Shade then pulled the handle on his Driver once as the image that had emblazoned the front of the Eyecon appeared on the front of the driver as the demonic voice shouted out “Dai Kaigan!” as Shade jumped high into the air as a red circle that looked to be full of runes expanded as he rose reaching its largest as he reached the peak of his jump.

As soon as this height was reached the voice shouted out once again as it said “Wizard! Omega Drive!” and just before he began to fall back to the ground the runic symbol shrunk rapidly below him surrounding his feet as he fell before he collided with the Minotaur his feet piercing the creatures armours and chest as he landed behind the Minotaur's body as it exploded behind him. As soon as this happened Shade stood back up as he flicked the back of the coat into the oncoming wind only to see that the remaining monster had fled during his final attack.

Shade then looked to both Luna and Celestia before he removed the Eyecon that was in his driver as the voice simply said, “time for shuteye,” as the coat disappeared into a mixture of red and black particles as he reverted back to normal.

Alex then looked to both Princesses as he walked over to them only to be caught off guard as Luna gripped him in a vice like hug which if he was still alive would have likely fractured multiple bones in his body, but he somehow still felt the pain as if he was alive before a said, “L...Luna… Please let … go.”

Luna then realised just how hard she had grabbed Alex before she retraced her hands from the hug with a smile as she looked to Celestia before she said “We told you we saw somepony.”

“We see that now Luna,” Celestia replied with a smile before looking to Alex as she said, “we had no idea that a Kamen Rider had returned… we hope you can safely inherit our old friend's power,” before she walked away as Alex saw a smile appear on her face.

“Wait! Don’t you want the ring back?!”

“We believe it’s in the hands of someone who can truly respect its power and the history behind it,” Celestia admitted back as she disappeared from view.

“Don’t worry about our sister… she’ll be fine,” Luna admitted as she hugged Alex once again, “And thank you for saving me.”

“Think nothing of it, I promised to protect you and I'm not retracting that offer.”

“Thank you, hearing you say that means more than you know, … but do we call you Kamen Rider Shade… or is it Wizard now?”

“Who even was this Wizard person?”

Luna only smiled back before she said, “we’re sure you’ll learn of your predecessor in due time,” before she turned around and ran off after her sister.

Alex then looked at the new Eyecon in his hand as he asked himself just who were you… and who am I supposed to be? before he made his way back up the hill once again lying on the top as the sun began to set in the distance.

Chapter 4

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Once again another week had passed with seemingly no attacks have taken place since the prior week, also during this time he had learned from Robin, (who had retained the ability to speak) that what he had been calling coats or jackets were called Parka Ghosts. However, even with the lack of monster attacks Alex somehow felt on edge almost at an almost constant rate while Luna and Celestia had seemed almost hostile towards each other.

This overall left Alex going between the two constantly only to be told there was nothing going on between them, but it had been obvious that something was in fact amiss.

It was during one of these trips this one to Luna that he felt that something was wrong, this was however confirmed as he reached the corridor that attached to Luna chambers to find three guards on the floor, two of them in pools of their own blood with the door to Luna’s room falling from its hinges.

As soon as Alex realised one of the guards was still alive he instantly ran over to them quickly checking their pulse to find it was weak but present before the guard reached up and grabbed ahold of Alex’s collar before he said weekly “Something’s wrong with the Princess… she left her room flanked by some creatures… please… help her.” before he lost grip on Alex’s body as his hand fell open and limp at his side as he body fell sideways and onto the floor… lifeless.

Alex simply looked down to the three deceased guards as he slowly brought his hand down the first guards face closing his lifeless eyes slowly before he said “you will not be forgotten,” before going to the other two bodies and doing the same as he stood back up to see some footsteps leading away from him that looked to have been created from the blood from the two bodies.

“Whoever’s done this will pay,” Alex said angrily as he ran forwards following the bloody footprints on the ground hoping they would lead him to whoever or whatever had murdered the guards posted outside Luna’s room.

A few minutes later Alex had followed the blood trail that led to the throne room but seemingly stopped suddenly with nobody in the room or any trace of the trail picking back up around him.

“Now why did the path stop here?” Alex asked curiously as he looked around reaching for his Eyecon preemptively only for nothing to happen before he saw what looked to be something dripping from the ceiling which caused him to look up as he saw a body of another guard hanging from one of the beams.

The guard seemed to be alive if not bearly as he opened his eyes pointing his hand to the side towards a corridor on the other side of the room which prompted Alex to look towards it as he saw a few figures standing in the darkness, the only features he could see from them though was faint sporadic golden lines that pierced through the darkness.

“These things again,” Alex said before he noticed two blue eyes that almost looked like that of a reptile’s situated behind the hoard of monsters, “But who or what is that?”

“Ah Alex, glad you could make it,” a voice said that was distorted but still clearly resembling Luna’s as the creatures separated and a pony that looked almost like Luna but instead of Luna’s blue hairs this ponies was black, along with wearing a set of bright blue armour that covered her body completely.

“Who are you?” Alex asked hoping he was wrong about his opponent’s identity.

“Don’t you recognise me?” the figure said the figure said with a sadistic smirk before her voice changed back to Luna’s her eyes reverting to normal if only momentarily as she pleaded weakly as tears filled her eyes, “H...help.”

As Alex saw this his fists clenched in anger but unbeknown to him he wasn’t the only figure who had seen Luna’s change as a second figure that was in near the main doors to the throne room turned and ran the other direction.

Everyone in the room failed to see the figure however each focused on those ahead of them, “What’s wrong… not going to do anything, you heard her wanting your help… what not going to fight?” The figure taunted, as the monsters around her approached Alex.

However before they could attack a strange voice said “Wait this is hardly fair, your foe isn’t even armed.”

Everyone then turned to where the voice had come from to see a creature ahead of them, it was covered in a full set of red, black and silver armour that seemed to have gold embedded into the centre of the chestplate with a green gem near the top, along with that the creature’s helmet that looked most comprised of silver but like the chestplate had a golden crest emblazoning the top, the creature was also holding a large spear which Alex assumed to be its weapon.

“Who are you?” Alex asked as the monsters surrounding him seemed to move away from him due to the orders of the new figure.

“I guess I should introduce myself shouldn’t I… My names is Valkyrie, and I am the commander of this detachment of Ghouls. We were sent to drive the gate to despair, just like my friend you eliminated last week did to me all those years ago.”

“Who were you… and why did Luna let you do this to her?!” Alex shouted in a mix of anger and curiosity.

“Would you turn away your own father, who you thought was killed a long time ago?” Valkyrie said with a smirk, “of course she saw through my plan when I got close but not before a new friend of mine gave me a few new… friends to assist me,” he added as he clicked his fingers together before multiple Gamma Eyecons and Commandos walked or floated next to him.

“You’re working for the Gamma!” Alex shouted out in surprise.

“No, not for… with, we agreed to assist each other, they decided that being we were able to deal with the last rider that opposed us, we could handle you and assist in obtaining something they want that you possess,” Valkyrie admitted, “now… if you would kindly transform so we can deal with you and drive the gate to despair.”

“Fine,” Alex replied before his Ghost Driver appeared on his waist and he held his Eyecon up activating it and placing into the Driver as the image of his mask appeared from the eye on his driver before his Parka Ghost appeared from it as the demonic voice shouted out “Eye!” as the Parka Ghost that had appeared flew behind him as the words “Kaigan! Shade!” was heard followed by the tune “Let’s Go! Kakugo! Akuma-tekina Shade!”

“So this is the face of the new Kamen Rider?” Valkyrie said sounding unamused by Shades new form before he jumped forwards lunging his spear towards Shade as he quickly sidestepped it as his sword formed from black flames that traveled down his left arm as he rapidly swing it back only to be stopped by one of the Gamma who had used its sword to block his own before it struck the Ghoul he had aimed for only to be struck by both of them simultaneously which caused him to stumble backwards as the lines on his body began to glow brighter.

“What is this strange light of yours… is it some method of healing your injuries?” Valkyrie asked as he stabbed his spear towards Shade once again who this time managed to step to the side of the spear before he lunged towards Valkyrie only for his blade to be blocked by the armour on Valkyrie’s arm.

Shade then quickly jumped back before pulling out another Eyecon before quickly pressing it down before the Demonic Voice shouted out “Eye! Kaigan! Wizard!” as the Parka Ghost struck Valkyrie knocking him back before the Wizard Parka Ghost attacked to Shade’s back before the phrase “Yubiwa no mahō! Saigo no kibō!” was heard as Alex swung his legs around as they were engulfed in flames as he spun backwards, in turn, kicking multiple Ghoul’s and Gamma Commando’s that approached him incinerating them.

“So… this is the power you inherited from Wizard?” Valkyrie said, “You are nothing like him, he knew what he was… where he stood in this, and when to fall down and die!” he shouted as he stabbed his spear at Shade once again as he ducked out of the way of the spear before swiftly striking Valkyrie’s hand with his fist which forced his hand open along with sending his spear falling from his grasp.

“If you think I’m even going to compare myself to whoever this Wizard was… you are grievously mistaken… I may have attained a power similar to his, but I am not him.” Shade said as he held his arm out before red and black flames ignited along his hands as a silver sword appeared in his hand, but unlike his normal blade, this one had a large hand just above the handle.

Shade then glared at Valkyrie before he added “but you… you have the audacity to call yourself Luna and Celestia’s father… you who are willing to make them suffer for your own selfish desires… what kind of father does that!”

“Shut up… what do you know!” Valkyrie shouted in anger as he swung his fist towards Shade who just grabbed it before pinning Valkyrie’s arm behind him twisting it and in turn causing him pain.

“Clearly more than you! You are a coward who used a fake facade to get close to someone who was terrified, scared and alone, and twisted her to your desires… you don’t care for you own daughters lives, all you care about is harming anyone in your way to get whatever your twisted desires want… and I for one will not let you taint my predecessor’s memory nor the lives of Celestia and Luna!” Shade shouted as he suddenly twisted and pulled Valkyrie’s arm as a sudden snapping and tearing sound was heard along with Valkyrie screaming in agony as Shade threw him to the ground onto his broken arm causing him more pain.

“W...What are you?” Valkyrie asked as he, the Ghouls and the Gamma backed away from Shade in shock.

“Me… my name is Kamen Rider Shade… and I am going to send you directly to the pits of hell!” Shade shouted as he punched his fist towards the ground as black flames ignited around him catching some of the Gamma and Ghouls that had remained too close to him, however, the combined army didn’t seem to falter as their ranks seemed to instantly replenish.

This continued for almost a minute with Shade making no leeway in his efforts to fight the horde of enemies.

It was then a bright white beam of energy struck some of the surrounding enemies as Celestia’s voice shouted “Shade! Take this!” as she tossed something to him what looked to be a bow, it seemed strong yet versatile and as soon as his hand touched the weapon it disappeared in a burst of flames before disappearing into a portal that surrounded it.

Shade then looked to Celestia who smiled as he shouted “I’ll handle Luna… you deal with… him,” Celestia said angrily looking at Valkyrie which left Shade wondering if she had heard what he had said.

It was then a different voice was heard that shouted “Seiza Change!” before being swiftly followed by a separate voice shouting “Star Change!” before everyone turned to see a figure running into an orange star shaped symbol in front of it before it was covered in a strange suit.

The suit the mysterious figure was covered in was almost completely orange colour apart from a black outline that formed an orange star on his chest and another one on his helmet that looked like Scorpion.

“Who are you? I swear you weren’t invited?” Valkyrie shouted to the mysterious figure.

The figure didn’t say anything as Shade realised the figure’s suit had said a lot more about him than he had recognised previously as he suddenly appeared to be holding a spear of which the actual blade seemed to resemble the tip of a Scorpion’s tail which he quickly thrust towards some of the nearby Ghouls before Shade noticed the figure had a scorpion’s tail that was being used to strike some of the other enemies.

“It was at this point the Luna lookalike sent a burst of energy through a window behind the two thrones as both her and Luna as Valkyrie seemed to suddenly form a pair of wings on his back as he flew off after them.

“You go after them, We’ll handle these things,” the mysterious figure said calmly as his spear pierced the chest of two Ghouls in one thrust.

“Okay,” Shade replied as he quickly grabbed a new Eyecon and removed the Wizard Eyecon before activating the new one as the number 13 appeared before the demonic voice shouted out “Eye! Kaigan! Houdini!” during which time a Parka Ghost that had four large spinning blades like those you would see in a remote control drone. The ghost was dark blue in colour and as it attached to Shades back the mask that covered his face looked to have a set of crossed chains on it.

The four blades then began to rotate quickly before Shade began to fly off after Valkyrie leaving the mysterious figure to handle the Gamma and Ghouls seemingly alone.

A few seconds later he caught sight of Valkyrie trying to keep up with Celestia and the Gamma controlled Luna who was fighting furiously as a burst of magic collided between then each pushing against each other’s spell each trying to overpower each other as it seemed that Valkyrie was about to attempt to turn the tides.

It was at this point Shade managed to get above him before black and red chains flew from the Parka Ghost towards Valkyrie wrapping around his arms and legs pulling them hard to the point from the snapping of bones were heard causing him to scream out in pain though his body still remained held tightly as he was forced to look up at Shade who stared down at him.

“Why won’t you just leave me alone!” Valkyrie said angrily through gritted teeth.

“Monsters like you don’t deserve a chance to attack anyone again,” Shade replied as he stared down at Valkyrie.

It was at this moment Valkyrie’s widened in terror as he realised his position as he said shakily “Come on… you’re a Kamen Rider, you lot fight for truth and justice? You wouldn’t kill me?”

“There’s one thing you failed to realise… my name is Kamen Rider Shade… and Shade’s are demonic ghosts. I may be a hero… but I refuse to play by conventional rules,” Shade said before his eyes focused onto Valkyries body, “When you get to hell… tell them Kamen Rider Shade sent you.”

“Wait! I’ll do anything! Just please don’t kill me!” Valkyrie pleaded in terror as he looked at Shade furiously trying to break free of his binds, even with his broken limbs.

“Anything eh?” Shade said curiously.

“Yes anything, I swear on my honour!” Valkyrie screamed out as Shade swore he saw tears in Valkyries eyes.

Shade looked at Valkyrie before he said “swear your undying loyalty to me… you do that, and maybe I’ll let you live.”

“I… I can’t do that!” Valkyrie cried out in fear.

“Well then looks like you’re done then,” Shade said before Valkyries eyes widened.

“No… Please don’t! I’ll do it, I’m yours to do with as you please! Just don’t kill me!” Valkyrie now screamed out in absolute terror.

“Really?” Shade asked with a smirk.

“Yes! I swear on my immortal soul! Just please stop!” Valkyrie shouted as he seemed to glow before the chains wrapped around his neck and tightened around his body holding his body in what almost looked like a cocoon. “What are you doing! I said I surrender! I said I belong to you!”

“You think I’d trust you with freedom after what you’ve done… no, you gave up your free will… you said it yourself, you belong to me.”

“I didn’t mean literally!” Valkyrie cried out weakly in defeat as the chain started pulling him closer to Shades body until they were face to face with each other.

As soon as Valkyrie was in arm’s reach, Shade brought his hand up and removed Valkyries helmet, tossing it away unceremoniously as he saw Valkyries were completely bloodshot and filled with tears that were running down his face, his face lowered in defeat no longer showing any sign of defiance as his skin began to change from blue to red, his armour changed from silver to black and lastly his eyes that had been bright blue seconds before had changed to become hazed over in a white mist but seemed to be reflecting that of Alex’s under his suit.

It was at this point Valkyrie looked up weakly as he asked “Lord Shade… what do you require of me?” his voice almost lifeless with no emotion as the chains loosened enough to no longer harm it’s captive but strong enough to support his weight.

Alex then summoned what was Valkyrie’s old spear as it seemed to resonate with its previous owner as they both faintly glowed in a dim white light, “Valkyrie, you sacrificed your freedom in turn for me sparing your life, as you agreed to you will serve me from now till the end of time.”

“Yes Lord Shade, I agree to your terms and thank you for the mercy you have shown me.”

As soon as he agreed multiple red lines connected the spear and Valkyrie as both glowed in unison in a crimson light which quickly subsided as a black metal band appeared on Shades right wrist that had the spear outlined in red engraved into it.

Valkyrie then looked to shade before he said “I will reside in that band to recover or till a time I am needed to serve you again,” with this his body dispersed in a red mist which flowed into the band on Shade’s arm as the outline of the spear filled out in what would be assumed to be a red metal as the spear faded from existence once again.

Shade then looked towards the fight to see Celestia suddenly falling from the sky with Luna charging down at her firing burst after burst of magic at her which all seemed to miss like she was a Stormtrooper from Star Wars.

Shade then flew forwards at full speed towards the falling Celestia as he caught her just before she hit the ground as Luna failed to stop and hit the ground full force creating a small crater where she had crash landed.

Celestia then looked up to see Shade holding her as he turned back to the crater as she asked almost crying “Alex… what’s happened to her?”

The Phantom that attacked us, used a Gamma to control her, I’m guessing it forced some of the darker emotions to the front and then somehow changed her physical look as a manifestation of these changes.” Shade admitted.

“But, what emotions could force this change?”

“Take your pick, it could be any number emotions like sadness, loneliness, anger, jealousy, despair. Take your pick.” Shade admitted.

Celestia’s eyes went wide at the examples Shade had given her, but the last one struck her the hardest. “Despair… but that should have… please no.”

“She’s not a Phantom, she’s being controlled by the Gamma inside of her, besides we know who’s the gate they were after.”

“Me… they hurt her to get to me,” Celestia muttered as Luna began to groan in the crater.

“Celestia, do we have anything to keep her down for a bit?”

“No… not that… wait… we do but,” Celestia admitted hesitantly.

“Celestia, no matter what the cost is, we might have no choice but to take it,” Shade admitted as he saw Luna crawl from the crater she was in.

Celestia didn’t say anything else as she ran off hopefully to collect whatever she had that could stop Luna, as Shade knew all he had to do was stall for time.

“You… get out of my way, I will kill my sister and bring forth eternal night!”

“Is that what you want Luna? Is that what you really want?” Shade asked.

“This is no longer a matter of what that weakling desires, she never had the willpower to carry out her ambitions!” The fake Luna admitted. “The coward you knew is dead! Princess Luna is dead! I am Princess Nightmare Moon… No… Queen Nightmare Moon sounds better!”

“You’re just a little girl with delusions of grandeur and with no authority figure to show you how to behave… I guess I’ll have to be the one to teach you some respect myself!” Shade shouted.

“Who do you think you are! Talking to a god like I’m some pathetic mortal!” Nightmare Moon shouted in anger.

Shade just looked at her before he said with a shrug of his shoulders, “as I said delusions of grandeur.”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Nightmare Moon shouted in anger as she charged towards Shade and attempted to punch him repeatedly only for each strike to phase through his body harmlessly. “Why… why can’t I hurt you!?” Nightmare Moon asked angrily.

“Why do you think?”

It was then she realised as she tried to recoil backwards away from Shade only to find that chains had surrounded her body and forcefully held her against Shade’s body as he shouted “Let me go! You can’t stop me! I will carry out Valkyrie’s instructions as I was ordered!”

“Oh, he’s gone… you don’t need to listen to him anymore.

“What! When! How!”

“A few minutes ago, you don’t need to do what he says,” Shade admitted as he felt Nightmare Moon go limp momentarily.

It didn’t last long however before she suddenly started smashing her hands against Shades chest as she shouted “Let me go! Let me go! If I don’t turn the Gate into a Phantom like I was ordered to they’ll kill me!”

Shade didn’t let go and instead wrapped his arms around her as she suddenly stopped struggling against him and froze up as he said “you think I’m heartless enough to turn my back on someone when they need help?”

“W...Why are you doing this?” Nightmare Moon asked as she suddenly began to tear up, “I’m just a monster who’s been ordered to force someone to suffer.”

Shade simply lowered his head to her as he calmly told her “I will never turn my back on someone who is suffering, I promise I will do my best to help you.”

“But… there’s nothing you can do to help me… they have my body in their world, the second I fail to uphold our part of the bargain with the Phantoms they’ll dispose of my body and kill me,” Nightmare Moon said as she began to opening cry into Shades chest before she added as she sobbed through tears, “I don’t want to die... Please... I’ve got no choice in the matter.”

“You’ve always got a choice,” Shade replied as he just held Nightmare Moon close as he saw Celestia appear from the direction she had flown from before as he just nodded to her.

However, it was at this moment Nightmare Moon shouted out loud “Let us go we will force the gate to despair even if I have to kill myself!”

As soon as she said this Shade saw Celestia fall onto her knees as her light from her horn faded and six gemstones feel to the ground around her.

“Celestia! What’s wrong!” Shade shouted to her.

“Why… Why does she want to kill herself? What did I do to deserve having my only remaining family to hate me,” Celestia said seemingly to herself as what looked to be purple cracks appeared over her body that seemed to slowly cover her as they moved further up her body.

As soon as Alex saw this he shouted out “Celestia! I will make this promise to you! I will help your sister to find herself again but you need to help me!”

“How can I help you… he’s not around anymore to bring me back from despair,” Celestia said solemnly.

“You don’t need him to!” Shade shouted, “Celestia you are a person who everyone looks to for support and guidance! You are one of the two most important and amazing people I have ever seen! You and Luna do things that I could never have seen as possible, and you know she’s being manipulated to force this on you!”

“But… what can I even do?” Celestia asked as she looked up to Shade as whatever was happening to her seemed to slow slightly.

“For one, you can stop giving up and stand back up and help save your sister!” Shade shouted.

Celestia then weekly rose to her feet as the purple cracks in her skin seemed to recede slightly as she said “You really are just like him, in more than your name as a Kamen Rider.”

“You’ll need to tell me more sooner or later,” Shade chuckled.

“What are you doing!” Nightmare Moon shouted out in fear “If she does that she’ll kill us or something even worse!”

“Celestia! Here’s my promise to you! Whatever happens to me and Luna, I promise you I’ll get her back to normal and get her back to you!”

Celestia’s horn then ignited once again as the six gems from before began to rotate around her form as the rest of the purple cracks running along her body disappeared as a bright beam of light began to form between each of the gemstones.

“What are you doing! Stop her she’ll destroy us all!” Nightmare Moon shouted in a mix of anger and fear, however instead of reacting to what Nightmare Moon had said Shade just ignored her as a bright prismatic beam formed from the gems that travelled in an arc towards both Nightmare Moon and Shade before striking them both.

“No!” Nightmare Moon screamed as the beam hit them head on before she shouted “Shade you’ve doomed all three of us!”

Shade still stayed quiet even through gritted teeth as he felt like his body was on fire as he suddenly noticed the ground below him being forced away from him at than phenomenal speeds.

It was at this point Celestia looked up towards him and Nightmare Moon as she saw a black mark appeared on the moon, in the image of a pony’s head, however, it also looked to have a small almost invisible mark in its eye.

This mark being nothing more than a small circle that looked to have rising smoke above it hidden where the iris would have been normally, as symbol that let Celestia know one important fact that gave her hope, and that was all she needed to see as she smiled, stood up straight and said “I believe in you, and I will remember you. Kamen Rider Shade.”

Chapter 5

View Online

A few seconds after Shade had stopped his rapid ascent from the planet he reached down to see that he had been forced back to his normal state as he slowly tried to stand as he looked to see gray soil below him before slowly turning his head as he saw that he couldn’t see anything but the same endless expanse of wasteland around him.

“Ugh… what the hell happened?” Alex groaned as he slowly stood up to find himself alone as he remembered what had occurred a few seconds before as he looked above him before he froze as he saw the scene above him did not seem right, the stars above him seemed dimmer, but the one thing that made everything makes sense was set out in front of him.

The planet below him, a planet that looked in many ways similar to Earth even if some of the landmasses seemed off in places as from what he could see the landmass of the planet it seemed to resemble a horse’s head.

“So that’s the Earth… or Equestria… or whatever they call it,” Alex thought to himself before adding “so, am I on the moon?” He then looked to his own body before he said “thank god I’m already dead, otherwise this would be a bad way to go.”

It was then he heard a faint groan nearby, how he could hear anything in the vacuum of space was beyond him but he chose not to question it as he tried to find where the voice had originated from.

It only took him a minute to find where the noise had come from as he saw Luna in the centre of a crater curled up into a ball.

As soon as Alex saw this he quickly ran down towards Luna before grabbing and turning her towards him as he eyes slowly flickered open as he saw that they had reverted back to normal and as she saw Alex she quickly grabbed hold of him pulling herself into his chest as she began to cry.

Alex then slowly wrapped his arms around her before he said calmly “Don’t worry Luna, everything’s fine now.”

“I knew you’d save me, I just knew it,” Luna replied as she cried.

“Like I’d ever abandon you, Luna,” Alex replied.

It was at this point they heard another voice crying as it repeated over and over again, “They’re going to kill me.”

Luna then looked to Alex before she said “Who said that?”

“I have a pretty good idea who,” Alex replied as he turned his head towards the side of the crater as he saw a small black foal that had both a horn and wings that were curled up in a ball near the edge of the crater.

“I couldn’t do it… there’s going to kill me for failing them,” the foal replied as she cried.

Alex then slowly walked toward the foal before slowly picking her up holding her next to his chest as he said quietly to her “It’s okay, let it all out.”

The foal just remained quiet as she continued to cry into Alex’s chest before a few a few seconds she suddenly began to scream out in pain as she gripped onto to Alex’s chest tightly before suddenly going limp in his arms.

Luna then slowly walked over to Alex as she asked him, “Who is that?”

Alex then felt the figure in his arms shaking, it’s breathing slower than before as her crying renewed as Alex replied by saying to Luna, “I believe the little one is the Gamma they put inside of you… those stones your sister had must have done something to her.”

“It is possible that the Elements of Harmony changed her in some way when they hit us?” Luna replied.

“What are they?” Alex asked.

“The Elements of Harmony are six powerful artefacts that are in Equestria’s possession, there’s what we see are the final defence, a last resort so to speak. We normally only use when all else fails to prevent catastrophe,” Luna explained.

“So how does that equate to this happening?” Alex asked.

“The Elements enforce peace and Harmony on their target, it’s possible it’s affected her when it separated us.”

“If we knew how ” Alex replied sadly.

It was at this point the foal below them stopped crying as she muttered “Why can’t I feel my real body? How am I still alive?”

Even though she had attempted to keep her thoughts hidden, Alex had heard her before he said to Luna, “Is it possible that these elements cut a connection to something, so that it couldn’t affect the person anymore?”

“It could be possible,” Luna replied, “why do you ask?”

“I believe that they may have cut her connection to her body… as in her real body. If I’m correct about it, she’s stuck as she is right now,” as Alex said this the foal in his arms began to cling to his chest more forcefully.

It was at this point the foal looked up towards Alex as he saw that her eyes were bloodshot but he could still make out the green pupils in her eyes as she looked to Luna before she said “I’m sorry.”

This caught Luna off guard as she asked the filly “What do you have to be sorry for?”

“I’m sorry for the pain I was forced to cause you,” the filly replied with her head lowered.

Luna just walked up to the filly as she moved her head to look at her before she said, “you have nothing not apologize for little one, we can not blame you for that which was forced onto you unwillingly.”

“T...Thank you, Princess,” the filly replied nervously

“Just Luna is fine, I have a feeling for what happened I’ve been stripped of my title for the time being… anyway, what is your name exactly?”

“I… I don’t remember, they didn’t give me one and I don’t remember anything but being the Nightmare,” the filly replied.

Luna then looked at Alex before she asked him, “What do we do? We can’t leave her like this?”

Alex just rubbed his chin with his free hand in thought before he suggested, “well we are the only ones here… maybe we should look after her?” He then turned to the filly before he asked her, “do you like the sound of that?”

The filly just nodded her head before she said “yes… but, I’d still like to have my own name.”

Alex looked to Luna before looking back to the filly as he asked her “How does the name Midnight sound?”

“Midnight? I like that, it almost feels like that name was made for me… I have no idea why though?” The filly now known as Midnight replied calmly.

Luna could only smile at Alex and Midnight before she said calmly, “I’m glad, but here is something I think we need to check, but it’s over months walk away from us.”

“Sure you can make it there without anything to eat or drink?” Alex asked with a hint of worry in his voice.

“We’ll be fine, I can and have survived for years at a time without anything like that,” Luna admitted.

Alex seemed sceptical of this but nonetheless chose not to argue the point with Luna any longer as the trio made their way towards whatever it was Luna believed she had found.

A month had passed since Alex and Luna had arrived on the moon and he was finally feeling glad for the fact he no longer required to eat to sustain himself, it had seemed to be one of the few upsides to the situation he and Luna had found themselves in.

It was at this point then he felt the unfamiliar figure of Midnight pulling on the tracksuit bottoms a she held out a small bronze object, that looked to have a small movable handle on the top of it that she held in her hand which she quickly passed over to Alex as she asked him “What is this thing?”

“You think I know… this place is Luna’s domain.”

“Oh, you just love asking if I know what things are here… but in our defence, we have no idea what that is,” Luna admitted as she looked over Alex’s shoulder.

As Alex turned the object around in his hand he found it didn’t seem to have any visible purpose, however, seconds later he heard an unknown voice say “If you need aid, call on the stars and Switch On!” this caused Alex to look around him quickly in confusion as she asked both Luna and Midnight, “Did you hear that?”

They both just shook their heads as Midnight asked “Did we hear what?”

“I swear I heard a voice… I must be going crazy being up here for as long as I have,” Alex chuckled.

“We doubt that’s the case,” Luna replied with a kind smile.

“I guess so,” Alex replied as he flicked the Switch in his hand downwards before a multi coloured portal opened in mid air, which dropped a white figure onto the ground beside them.

Midnight just walked over to the figure before she poked it before she asked “Is it dead?”

“I don’t know… let me check,” Alex replied with a smirk as he took two step back as he ran towards the figure… even if it was slower and would be clearly less effective than if he was on Equestria as he kicked the side of the figure even it did nothing in terms of damage to it.

“We are pretty sure that trying to hit it won’t work,” Luna replied.

“Maybe not… but I feel so much better,” Alex replied with a smile as he knelt down to the figure as he said “hey… are you okay down there?”

His only response was a light snoring as the figure moved slightly to scratch its neck.

“Or maybe he’s sleeping?” Midnight suggested.

“I guess it’s possible,” Alex agreed as he poked the figure in front of him multiple times.

“Alright alright, Shutter, I’m up,” the figure said as he got into a sitting position with a yawn before turning towards Alex, “you’re not Shutter.”

“No… I’m obviously your fairy godmother,” Alex replied sarcastically.

“Oooh, then do I get three wishes?” he said before standing up, “for my first, I wish to know how you can survive on the moon.”

“Oh that one’s simple, I’m already dead,” Alex replied nonchalantly.

“The worst part is you’re not the weirdest thing I’ve seen,” the figure chuckled, “name’s Jack, aka Kamen Rider Fourze.”.

“Wait… did you just say that you’re a Kamen Rider?” Luna asked in surprise from behind Alex.

“Let me guess, you’re one too?” Jack replied, “judging by the fact you’re dead, I’m thinking Ghost.”

“Well yes… but also no,” Alex replied before adding “my name is Alex, but also go by the persona of Kamen Rider Shade.”

“An OC, seen that too,” said Jack, “what are you doing on the moon anyway? As far as I know, I’m the only Rider that comes here regularly.”

“I’ll give you one guess,” Alex replied pointing to both Luna and Midnight, who both waved to him

“Romantic picnic?” Jack shrugged, “you have to admit the starscape is magnificent outside the atmosphere.”

“Please say you’re not being serious?” Alex groaned, “but I will agree on the second one.”

“Oh, another person who likes to look at the stars… I guess it’s not just us anymore Alex,” Luna admitted with a smile.

“I guess you’re right Luna,” Alex replied “Take another guess.”

Jack looked over Luna and Midnight, “Alternate Nightmare Moon scenario?”

“Yeah… I blame a mix of the Gamma and these Phantom things if I’m being honest,” Alex admitted.

“Phantoms? Those sound like Wizard’s baddies,” Jack replied.

“Could someone please tell me who this Wizard is? I got a damn Eyecon of that guy and I have no idea who it is!” Alex shouted in annoyance as he showed Jack his the ring on his hand.

“You’ve never heard of Kamen Rider Wizard? The Last Hope?” said Jack.

“Umm, no… all I know is Celestia called him my predecessor after I dealt with this Minotaur that claimed to have killed him.”

“Well technically it’s Wizard, then Gaim, followed by Drive, and then Ghost, but yeah,” Jack said.

“Great… I’m starting to wish that I had seen more than just a few episodes of Ghost before being murdered,” Alex muttered under his breath.

“Sounds like more of a single series isn’t what you need, more like cliff notes on all of them.”

“Well if that existed for me right now I would love that assistance but as you can see I have no way to do that right now.”

Jack simply shrugged, “On the other hand, there is something that I may be able to do to help.”

“And what exactly is it that you can do to help?” Alex asked.

“Just give me a minute,” Jack said as he brought his hands together, “and bring out your Ghost Driver.”

“Okay, I guess,” Alex replied as his Driver appeared from a burst of black and red flames as it formed around his waist.

As Jack concentrated, a small swirling galaxy slowly took shape between his hands. However, after about a minute a Parka Ghost erupted from it that resembled Jack before it threw its sleeve-arms up into the air in a pose that made Jack chuckle.

“Celestial magic, still not good enough to use it in combat, but you can’t argue with the results,” Jack said, “go on, try it on for size.”

Alex just looked to the Parka Ghost before it simply nodded back to him and flew into his Driver before an almost completely black Eyecon formed in his hands that had an image of Fourze’s mask on, the image had a white outline around that surrounded a black cone shape that was under to large orange circles positioned to look like eyes.

Within seconds of the new Eyecon being created Alex opened the new Eyecon and placed it inside before pressing it in as the number (R13) appeared before a demonic voice shouted out “Eye! Kaigan! Fourze!” as the Parka Ghost attached to his back, before the sound of something being inserted was heard followed by the words “Switch oshita! Uchū kitā!” during which time Alex felt compelled to throw his hands above his head as the sound of multiple switches was heard switching on, which he did begrudgingly.

“You know you want to,” Jack said, a grin somehow visible despite his full-face mask.

“You look silly,” Midnight chuckled as she looked at Alex.

“The fact you’re a child makes it so I’m unable to deny the fact,” Alex sighed.

“Oh come on,” Jack said, smacking Alex in the back of the head only for his hand it to phase through his head, “you can’t do it halfway. I’ll do it with you if it makes you feel better.”

“It’s not that,” Alex sighed before asking Jack, “Do you know what a Shade is?”

“Something to take a nap in during the summer,” Jack chuckled.

“Yes and no… in Japanese mythology there seen as demonic spirits, in other words, I’m supposed to be scary when I transform… yet that makes me look like a joke.”

“Oh, Yokai,” Jack said nodding, “anyway Kamen Rider Fourze is the man who will befriend the whole world, kinda hard to do that if you’re scary wouldn’t you say?”

“True… my whole thing is the complete opposite of my personality isn’t it?” Alex chuckled as he looked to see Midnight trying to imitate what he had just done moments before.

“You need to do the phrase when you’re doing it,” Jack half scolded/half chuckled as he stood beside her.

“Phrase… what phrase?” Midnight asked.

Jack clutched his fists to his chest before shouting, “Uchu, Kita!!!” shooting them above his head. “It’s not complete without it,” he said as he dropped them to his side, “now you try.”

“What have we gotten into to?” Alex asked Luna as both Jack and Midnight kept posing and shouting.

“Well, we can’t say it isn’t satisfying to watch her having fun… she is just a child now,” Luna admitted.

“I guess…” Alex agreed with a smirk before he muttered “It was funny to do though.”

“I knew it!” Luna shouted.

“Oh we’re not quite done yet,” said Jack as he turned back to them, “ever heard of equivalent exchange?”

“What you a short angry boy now?” Alex asked.

“Please, I’m Huges if anyone,” Jack said as he held up a hand, as something shot out of the Ghost Driver and into it. “You get a Legend Eyecon, I get a Legend Switch,” he said as he held it up showing it to be a Switch with Shade’s face on it.

“Sounds like a fair trade to me,” Alex agreed before adding “but anyway… what was that thing Midnight picked up before you appeared?” Alex asked.

“Just a sec, I want to give this a test drive,” said Jack as he swapped out one of his Switches.


As soon as the Switch was fully inserted, a small Parka Ghost flew out of it, looking more like a cape than a coat.

Shade On

The Cape Ghost attached itself to Jack’s left shoulder as it unfolded a mask that attached itself to his forearm.

“Well… that’s... Different,” Alex admitted as he looked at what the switch had created.

“Please, you want different you want the Mask Switch,” Jack said before turning to Midnight, “no I am not using the Mask Switch.”

Midnight just shrugged before saying “If you don’t want to I can’t make you do it.”

“Good, last time I used it I puked my guts out after,” Jack said before he noticed something. “Know what that is?” he asked Alex, pointing at it.

Alex just turned his head to where Jack had pointed out as he said “Luna, Midnight… get yourselves out of here.”

“What… why?” Midnight asked curiously.

Luna then noticed what Jack had seen as she said “Midnight… we need to get clear,” as she quickly grabbed Midnight and started to run away from the duo.

Once they were a fair distance away Alex turned to Jack before he said “How do you feel about fighting a Gamma? I have no idea what they’ll use to evolve through.”

“Can’t be too much harder than Zodiarts,” said Jack, “although a Ghostbuster Switch would come in handy right about now.”

“Does that exist?”

“If there’s a Ghostbuster Displaced, I can make one,” Jack replied.

“Well… here’s to hoping,” Alex replied as he lowered himself into a fighting stance as they saw a small object that Alex knew to be a Gamma Eyecon merged with a small rock fragment that was on the ground, which confused Alex as he wondered why would he merge with that?

“Oh crap,” said Jack, noticing the multi coloured residue on the rock, “it’s got some leftover Cosmic Energy from when I made my Eyecon.”

“And that means?”

“It means we’ve probably got a Zodiarts incoming,” Jack said as the rock grew into a massive figure. It was covered in thick spiky armour, and each forearm had a spiked half circle shaped shield on it.

“I am Scutum,” the figure said as it brought its shields together into one massive shield, “and you cannot defeat me”

“We’ll see about that,” said Jack.

Drill On!

Jack shot forward, drill covered leg first, straight at Scutum. Colliding with the shield, it sparked for a few seconds before he jumped back, revealing a completely unmarked shield.

“Great job… your attack was completely ineffective,” Alex said calmly.

“Well excuse me for assuming the same drill that let me tunnel through Mount Canter in 20 seconds would do bupkis,” said Jack, “guy’s lucky I don’t have Magnet States yet.”

“Well, he’s also very unlucky for whom his opponents are,” Alex admitted as he pulled out another Eyecon before removing the Fourze Eyecon and replacing it as the demonic voice shouted out “Eye! Kaigan! Shade!” as the selected Parka Ghost attached to Alex’s back as the voice shouted out “Let’s Go! Kakugo! Akuma-tekina Shade!”

“Might as well bring out some heavy artillery myself,” said Jack as he swapped out another Switch.

Elec On!

Jack stood firm as he felt the usual rush of energy as he shifted to his gold and black Elec States, his Shade Module still on his left arm.

“How do you expect that to affect him?”

“Metal conducts electricity, right? Simple physics.” Jack said as he held up Billy the Rod, shifting it to melee mode.

“Yeah, simple physics… he’s formed from a stone, but yeah let’s see if it works.”

“My shield cannot be penetrated by your feeble attacks,” Scutum said from behind it.

“Follow my lead,” said Jack, charging forward.

“Okay then,” Alex replied as he charged forwards behind Jack watching Scutum’s movements for him to counter from.

Scutum grinned as he braced behind his shield, only for Jack to go intangible and pass right through it, stabbing him in the back, causing him to scream in pain.

“I was right, your shield is the only part of you that’s intangible, thanks for falling for my faint, idiot,” Jack said before turning to Alex, “intangibility is awesome don’t you agree?”

“Oh undoubtedly,” Alex replied as as he slid below the shield as his axe formed from flames forming from his hands as it cut directly through the lower half of his chest before rapidly spinning around as he brought the axe downwards cutting into the monster’s head before rapidly yanking it out before black blood ran down its head from the gaping wound.

“You will suffer for this,” said Scutum as he split his arms apart, going on the clumsy, attack.

“Looks like this guy’s ready to finish off,” said Jack, “shall we?”

“Guests first,” Alex said with a smile.

“With pleasure,” said Jack, pumping the lever on his Driver.

Elec, Shade, Limit Break!

“Rider 10,000,000,000 Volt Shroud!” Jack swung his sword several times as a curtain of electricity flowed from it, which he then wrapped Scutum in. The only reason he wasn’t completely electrified was because he used his shields to keep as much of it away from as he could.

Shade then pulled the handle on his driver once before the Demonic voice shouted out “Omega capture!” before what looked to be black and red flames ignited around Alex’s arms and legs before the flames surrounded Scutum before engulfing him along with obscuring everyone’s view of him.

It was then screams were heard from inside the burning barrier before few seconds later stopping as the flames disappeared as Jack and Alex saw Scutum was still alive but his shield shattered and broken on the ground with him kneeling on the floor surrounded by black and red flicking chains, his face looking at Alex showing he was terrified but alive.

“Now,” Jack said as he knelt in front of Scutum, “are you going to apologize? Or are we going to have to punch you again?”

Jack seemed to get no response as Scutum just stared at Shade, who in turn was looking at his hand that was shaking as he said to himself, “W… What just happened?”

“Looks like you have a method of non-lethal capture, pretty handy if you ask me,” Jack said as he rapped his knuckles on one of the chains, “might be able to rehabilitate him, a shield based Gam
ma/Zodiart hybrid might make a good bodyguard for the little one.”

Scutum’s head rose slightly as he said with a shaky voice “W...What… are you… doing to me?” as what looked to be part of his body’s colours changed as the broken shield started to repair itself as it suddenly flew towards Shade as a burning portal opened in front of him which the Shield fell into before the chains around Scutum’s body seemed to begin burning into his body, as they slowly shifted into his body as he suddenly stood up, but didn’t move.

Jack waved his hand in front of Scutum’s face, “Hello?”

“Standing by, please input new directive,” Scutum just replied in a monotone.

Jack turned to Shade, “I said rehabilitate, not brainwash.”

“Don’t ask me what the hell happened I have no idea myself,” Shade said.

“It looks like you’ve overwritten his primary user designation and deleted his primary mission, to use computer terminology,” JAck replied, “at least I think that’s what happened.”

“Standing by, please input new directive.”

Shade then took a breath before he said “Scutum… what is your purpose?”

“Current purpose: none. Please input new directive.”

“What was your previous purpose?”

“Previous purpose not found, please input new directive.”

“Who is designated to decide your new purpose?” Shade asked.

“Kamen Rider Shade, please input new directive.”

“If you had a chance to decide what your new directive would be, what would you want from it?”

“No preferences present, please input new directive.”

“I think we get the picture,” said Jack, “could you give the guy a new directive please?”

Shade suddenly felt something shifts under his suit as a small mark in the shape of a shield appeared on his hand he then looked to Scutum before he said “Scutum, your new directive is to assist in the protection and defence of innocent and to serve alongside me to the best of your capabilities. You are both mine and innocents of Equestria’s shield, do you accept your new directive?”

“New directive accepted,” Scutum replied.

Shade then held his hand out before Scutum rose to his feet his body colour changing to match Shade’s own before Scutum bowed to him before adding “I thank you for your kindness in giving me a second chance, I will assist you faithfully from now on, you have my word.”

“Scutum… I am glad to have you by my side,” Shade said as he placed his hand out before helping Scutum to stand and adding “First thing, stop with the bowing.”

“Of course my lord.”

“Second, enough with the titles, when I’m like this call me Shade when I’m not… call me Alex.”

“I agree with your terms Lord Shade.”

Shade just groaned at this before he said “Fine, just go with that.”

“At least it’s only the one guy calling you that,” Jack said as he pulled out a new Switch

Beat On!

Jack plugged a microphone into it before using it to call out to Luna and Midnight, “We beat it, you can come out now.”

Luan then walked back towards the group with Midnight on her back as she said “What happened at the end we saw the flames… then the Gamma changed and bowed to you?”

“It’s… complicated,” Shade admitted calmly.

“My lord is correct, I am a monster sworn to assist in the defence of those Lord Shade deems worthy,” Scutum admitted bowing to both Luna and Midnight in the process.

“Shade has the ability to take control of a Gamma when he beats it,” Jack said, “pretty damn handy if you ask me.”

“Also pretty damn evil sounding,” Shade added as his suit said “Time for shut-eye,” before he reverted back to normal.

“It’s a good thing I’m the first Displaced you met then,” Jack said, “you need some serious PR lessons.”

Luna then looked to Jack before she asked him “What even is a Displaced?”

“Actually I’m curious about that as well,” Alex added in agreement.

“Well then, lesson time,” Jack said. “Now, what’s the last thing that happened to you before you came to Equestria?”

“...I was murdered, almost enslaved by someone who only wants to kill another man, and saved by the same man that the first wants dead,” Alex admitted.

“...okay, that’s a new one. Normally the last thing a Displaced does before going to Equestria is to go to a convention and buy something from a shady merchant,” Jack said.

“Well, the first guy was pretty shady, considering he controlled the man who killed me and a ton of others who were forced to become some of my Eyecons.”

“Yeah… but I’m guessing you didn’t give him a fiver for the privilege,” Jack chuckled.

“No, thank god for that, it would have been embarrassing if I had.”

“Unless it’s for one of Futurama’s suicide booths am I right?”

“Oh yeah… I wonder if there’s a place where that is a thing?”

“Well, Displaced are pretty much confirmation that the Multiverse is a thing so… probably.”

“You still haven’t told me what a Displaced is?” Alex pointed out.

“The basic definition is ‘a person who’s been sent to Equestria with the abilities of a fictional character’,” Jack replied, “of course since you’re the third OC Displaced I’ve met, the term ‘fictional character’ can be a bit liberal.”

“Really? Who else have you met?” Alex asked curiously.

“A ninja Spider-Man with a sword named Dark Spider and his sister who’s Amy from Sonic although she gets mad if you call her that.”

“Please say she doesn’t know that she’s almost as fast as Sonic himself… I feel sorry for everyone if she has,” Alex admitted with a smirk.

“She kept up with the Machine Massigler, so yeah,” Jack said, “next I met a guy who became the Mask, you seen that movie? Jim Carrey?”

Alex just rose an eye to this as he said “Who hasn’t seen that?”

Jack just chuckled as he pointed to Luna and Midnight.

“We haven’t!” Luna and Midnight shouted out.

“Who on Earth hadn’t then,” Alex replied as he rolled his eyes.

Jack just chuckled as he continued, “Next was a Bionicle OC named Caldoric, and you’re the fourth.”

“I get the feeling it’s a crazy world out there,” Alex admitted with a smile as he looked at the switch in his hand before asking “also… why did you appear when we found this?”

“That’s my Token, all Displaced can make one,” Jack explained, “think of them as a combination business card and summoning item, care to learn how to make one?”

“Maybe an idea for me to do that,” Alex agreed, “Besides if you need someone to bail you out of trouble could be a good idea to have a second rider his your back pocket so to speak.”

“Even if they are a Red and Black OC,” Jack chuckled, “okay first step, pick an item to choose for your Token.”

“An OC who can turn your most hated enemy into a strong ally, with almost a click of his fingers” Shade added as he pulled out his Eyecon and asked “I won’t lose it will I?”

“Don’t think you will,” Jack shrugged, “okay, now infuse it with some of your energy and say something, something that represents you.”

Alex then nodded as he shut his eyes before the Eyecon in his hand began to glow in a soft pulsating white glow before he said To those who hold this Eyecon, I am Alex Shade, If you require the assistance of Kamen Rider Shade, click the side of my Eyecon and call out my name, be it for a conversation or to protect your world from your enemies and I will heed your call.

Alex then looked to Jack as the glow faded around the Eyecon before he asked “So… what now?”

Jack rubbed his chin, “Well, now we have to cast it into the void between dimensions, but I’m not entirely sure how to do that. My Cosmic Switch could potentially do the job, but I’m nowhere near unlocking it.”

“Well I guess we’re stuck then,” Alex replied before his Eyecon glowed once again before it began to multiply into three identical copies the each floated into a strange but familiar black portal that closed after they passed through it. “Or that could happen.”

“Huh, and I was going to see if my Kanohi Switch had the chops for it,” Jack said.

“What sort of switch is that?” Midnight asked.

“Oh, a Displaced Switch I made from Caldoric’s Token, let’s me mimic his ability to use any Kanohi. Was thinking of using the Olmac, mask of Dimensional Gates,” Jack explained.

“Kind of a shame I ruined that isn’t it,” Alex admitted, “Unless you use it to try and get my token.”

“Odds are I’ll get it either before I leave or when I get back,” Jack said.

“I guess that’s true.”

“Alright, Token made, obligatory team-up fight won, that’s about everything I think,” JAck said.

“Unless there’s anything we forgot,” Alex added, “What was that thing about that Kamen Rider… what was he called Wizard?”

“Ah yes,” Jack said before turning to Luna, “I believe he was a part of your history was he not?”

“I already know about that, he was her mother and father’s personal bodyguard, but was killed by a Phantom who came after her father who was a gate… and the Phantom that took part in creating Nightmare Moon, by using a Gam
ma Eyecon to force her darker desires to the front… I believe the Elements did something to the actual Eyecon which we think created Midnight when I removed the Eyecon’s influence from her.

“Seems straightforward enough,” said Jack, “ the only question left is does Luna or Midnight get the Wizard Driver?”

“...Why would either of us get that?” Luna asked.

“The original Wizard’s powers come from taming his personal Phantom, see no reason said Phantom being tamed after the fact could cause a problem, the Cross of Fire isn’t picky,” Jack said.

“I don’t believe it’s possible for me… I already fell a long time ago, he already dealt with it a long time ago as well,” Luna admitted.

“Oh,” Jack said before turning to Midnight, “sorry for assuming you were a Phantom.”

“Why did you think I was a Phantom?” Midnight asked.

“You’re basically Nightmare Moon turned good, Nightmare Moon was born from Luna’s despair, Phantoms are born from despair, again, sorry.”

“I can see your point… but,” Midnight said before her body disappeared into an Eyecon as he just floated in the air before reverting back to normal, “See… I’m a Gamma, not a Phantom.”

“We just took down a Gamma/Zodiart Hybrid,” Jack said as he gestured to Scutum, “all this means is that I was half right, you’re a Gamma/Phantom Hybrid.”

“I feel like I’m wasting my time trying to explain this,” Midnight sighed as she walked over to Alex before climbing onto his shoulders.

“Either way you’re a reformed baddie, I suppose your exact species doesn’t matter,” Jack shrugged.

Midnight just rolled her eyes at this before she rested her head against Alex’s shoulder as she muttered, “In the end, it doesn’t even matter what path we take.”

“Well sure it does, the path is the most important part,” said Jack, “make no mistake, it is the choices we make that defines who we are and how people see us. And as Alex can tell you, choices can impact the lives, or lack thereof, of other people too.”

Midnight, however, hadn’t heard what Jack had said as he heard her begin snoring which caused Alex to smirk before he said “I don’t think she heard you.”

“Well, she is young, the little ones need their naps,” Jack chuckled.

“I’m not going to explain the issue with that,” Alex replied.

“Alright, I’d better teach you how to send a Displaced back so I can get back to my nap,” said Jack.

“Yeah… sorry about that one,” Alex admitted as he rubbed the back of his head.

“No problem, anyway it’s easy, either wait for the arbitrary time limit to end, or tell them that ‘our contract is complete’,” Jack said.

“Ah okay, anything else you wish to do before I send you back home?” Alex asked.

“Let me think, Tokens traded, monster stopped, locals met… oh yeah,” Jack extended his hand, “gotta do the Fourze Friendship Handshake.”

“What Handshake is that?” Alex asked.

“This one,” Jack said as he grabbed his hand, shook it firmly, then reversed the grip, before shifting to a fist bump followed by one from the top then the bottom. “Now we’re officially buds.”

“I guess so,” Alex replied with a smile before adding “If you ever require my help you know who…” he was then cut off as two objects flew towards him, the first was a small metallic band that had the mark of a shield engraved into it, whilst the second flew past his head towards Jack which was found to be a copy of his Eyecon which was assumed to be his token.

Jack tilted his head, “Did Cestus just get his own Token?”

“I think… that’s mine?” Alex admitted in surprise.

“Okay… I’m just gonna ask ya to send me back before this turns into meeting the Mask 2.0.”

“Probably for the best,” Alex agreed before adding “Jack, our contract is now complete.”

“Call me if you need pointers on my Damashii,” Jack said as he walked through a portal that opened in front of him, “or if you need a sitter for Midnight, I love kids.”

“Careful on how you say that… someone might take that badly,” Alex added with a smile.

“I remind you that a Fire/Shade Limit Break would probably hurt even you,” Jack said before the portal closed.

“Maybe… but we’ll never find out,” Alex admitted.

Luna the walked to the side of Alex before she said “So… it seems you are not the only one of your kind that you can contact anymore?”

“Looks like that Luna… we better continue on to whatever you wanted to show me,” Alex added as he, Luna, Midnight and Scutum continued to walk towards whatever Luna had found a month ago.

Chapter 6

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A few weeks past slowly since the group had met Jack and Luna had assured them that they were on the right track to whatever she believed she’d sensed a month ago, also during this time Scutum managed to learn how to place his form inside the band with the engraved shield on Alex’s wrist.

It was at this time Midnight groaned from a mix of boredom and childish curiosity from month long journey as he asked “Luna are you sure you felt something all the way out here?”

“Yes I’m sure,” Luna replied as she kept walking onwards calmly seemingly unaffected by the distance she’d travel since they arrived on the moon with nothing to eat or drink. “Besides whatever it was, it should be over the next ridge.”

“Okay then,” Alex replied as the group climbed the ridge to the top as they saw what seemed to be a metal building that looked to be covered in burns but how these were caused on the moon was beyond Alex’s understanding.

“What is that?” Midnight asked curiously.

“I don’t know,” Luna replied as the group made their way towards the building, “but I want to find out.”

As they got closer they noticed that even though the building looked to have sustained damage the exterior seemed completely intact which still left the group contemplating why this was actually here.

“What even is this place?” Alex asked as he rubbed his hand against the surface of the structure as he saw a faint damaged image that seemed to looked like two cone shaped images one inside the other. The image almost looked familiar in ways, but he was unable to place where he had seen it before.

The group then found a small airlock in the side of building had a small red button beside it that read open.

“Red buttons are never a good sign,” Midnight said in fear.

“What are you talking about, it’s just a big friendly button,” Alex said as he pressed it.

“NO!” Both Luna and Midnight said in fear and shock expecting the worst, however instead of the button killing them it caused a door next to the button to open.

“See, it was a big friendly button, what were you worried about?” Alex replied as he walked inside with both Luna and Midnight behind him as the door closed behind them.

Once the group got inside they saw the room was fully decorated with many faded images around the room, there was also a large white table that looked to have three benches around it, around the room their was benches each covered in a thick layer of dust. It was clear that whoever had been here before them had not been so for for a long time, in fact it was a miracle that the place still had power… wait how did this place still have power?

It was at this point he realised a second fact about where they, the light’s were using Electricity, something he was sure did not exist on the planet below, so how did whoever previously resided here manage to get it running?

Luna then looked to Alex before she said “What is all these strange candles?”

“These aren’t candles, they’re light bulbs, they use electricity to heat up a filament inside them that creates light. Well that how I understand it anyway.”

“Amazing,” Luna replied in awe, “What's electricity?”

“Electricity is a form of energy, but I have no idea how it works or is formed, so don’t ask me how,” Alex admitted.

“I see,” Luna replied calmly as she looked around the room while Midnight had already disappeared from it scouring the place for anything important.

“But the fact somethings generating power in here is unbelieveable, I mean, who knows how long this has been abandoned,” Alex admitted before he stopped as he caught a strange yet familiar sight in the corner of his eye.

As he walked towards this he noticed it was a Switch like the one’s Jack had used as Fourze, though the ones that were present seemed limited, and in many cases damaged, only one looked like it would still work.

The Switch in question was orange in colour, and had a large number 10 on top of what looked to be a set of lightning bolts, which looked to be linked into some sort of machinery. As soon as Alex reached towards it and placed his hand on it the lights in the room fluctuate and once removed turned off entirely, which caused him to reinsert the switch as the lights turned back on.

“Looks like this is what creating the Electricity and it’s likely whoever was here before was someone who was aware of the Switches, possibly the same Rider as Jack.”

“Do you think, whoever was here still is?” Luna asked.

“I doubt it, the amount of dust here, makes it seem probable that he left a long time ago, or doesn’t clean up.”

It was at this point they both heard a loud scream before Midnight teleported back to Luna and Alex grabbing hold of Alex’s jacket tightly as she said shakily, “D...ad, help.”

“Midnight, whats wrong?”

“There's dead bodies in the rooms back there,” she replied as she began shaking in his arms.

“Okay, I’ll take a look, you stay with Luna… okay.”

“Yes Dad,” Midnight replied still scared stiff, as Alex walked towards the area she had gestured to.

Once he reached the back rooms, he saw one open door, which he assumed was the one these dead bodies was in.

As he approached the room, he smelt something off, something rotten, which if what Midnight had told him was correct was likely the bodies she had mentioned, with this information in hand he opened the open door more as he looked down to see one human shaped and two pony shaped skeletons on the ground, while each of them held a switch each in their hands, however one had something laying on the ground in front of him. Something he recognised as the Driver Jack had used, which led him to believe this person had been a Rider like him, and most likely someone who had been sent to this world just like him.

Alex then reached down the the driver on the dead bodies waist as he removed it from the corpse before taking the three switches as well, before he walked out the room back towards Luna and Midnight.

Once he reached them, he saw Midnight had calmed down slightly and was resting in Luna’s lap both being sat down on the benches. As soon as Luna saw Alex reappear she said nervously, “Was she right, were they dead bodies?” Alex didn’t answer at first as he walked towards the two of them. “Alex is something wrong?”

“Yes on both accounts,” Alex replied as he placed the driver and Switches on the table as Luna instantly recognised them.

“Those are!”

“Yes, a driver, the same sort Jack had… and those bodies, were human skeletons… the people here before us are long gone, and they most likely were like me.”

“You mean, they were from another reality?”

“It seems likely, but they were mortal, and died of either malnutrition, starvation or old age.” Alex admitted sadly.

“I hope it was the last,” Luna replied sadly, “But want can we do, we can’t leave the bodies as they are?”

“I know… I suggest bury them, create some graves outside, but beyond that I have no idea.”

“I’ll sort that,” Luna replied sadly. “If they were Riders, they deserve no less than that, if anything more.”

“I know… for now we need to make sure we can survive up here ourselves,” Alex replied, however Luna did not listen as she had already ran outside again.

“Dad… are you okay?” Midnight asked sadly looking at the driver on the table.

“I’m fine, don’t worry,” Alex replied, “Just thinking about how we can get of this mess.”

“We’ll find a way, I believe we can do it,” Midnight replied.

“I know,” Alex replied with a smile as he rubbed the top of Midnight head as she began to giggle.

“But… if they were like you… doesn’t that mean there could be others scattered around everywhere, other riders that are lost?”

Alex paused at that thought before he said calmly, “if that is the case they are out of my reach till we find a way back to Equestria.”

“Well when you do… maybe i’ll be your sidekick,” Midnight chuckled as he held the driver on the table in her magic.

“Maybe, but that won’t be for a while,” he replied smirking, “Anyway… we should help Luna.”

“I guess we should help mommy,” Midnight replied.

Why does she keep calling me and Luna that, we ain’t her parents… well I’m not? Alex thought to himself as they went outside.

As they both got outside they saw Luna standing in front of three open shallow graves, which caught Alex by surprise from how fast she had dug them.

She then turned to Alex and Midnight before she said “There that's the graves done, now we just need to set the bodies inside of them.”

Alex just nodded to her as he said “I think it may be best for you to move the bodies. We have no idea on how long they’ve been up here, and they would need to be moved carefully.”

Luna just nodded her head as he walked back into the building behind them as Midnight looked to Alex as he moved beside him resting her head against his side, as Alex just looked down and rubbed the top of it with a smile.

After a few minutes Luna walked back out with the last of the free bodies inserting it into the last remaining grave before covering it over, it was a shame they were unable to find anything to act as a headstone… or even identify them by name.

After a few minutes the trio began to walk back inside but not before Alex spotted something sticking upwards in the ground just behind the building as he walked over to it to see what to most people's eyes would be a blue guitar of some kind, but Alex noticed something strange and subtle that looked off, the fact it was resting straight with the bottom of it stuck in the ground.

Alex then walked over to the object before pulling it out before the red flames that seemed to always appear as he touched a weapon flared up around the instrument as the blue colouring was replied with red before it disappeared like every other time the phenomenon had taken place.

It was at this point Luna shouted back to Alex, “What's up, you found something.”

Alex simply smiled still not questioning the fact he could hear her in the vacuum of space as he shouted back to her “Nothing important!” before he ran back inside the building, only looking back at the unmarked graves once more as the doors closed behind him.

As soon as the doors closed behind him Alex looked towards both Luna and Midnight, lost in thought as he began to think about the circumstances that brought those other people into this world.

“Alex is something wrong?” Luna asked inquisitively.

“Just thinking about who those people where… if they was like me, then are their more like me still alive, or even at all.”

Luna simply nodded in agreement to what Alex had been thinking about before adding “Anyway, we found this on the table next to that screen,” as she held up a small CD as she asked him, “Do you know what it’s for.”

“It’s a CD, back where I came from they were used to store information for people to use or view later.”

“That sounds interesting,” Luna replied, “is there any way for us to see what's on it?”

“If we had a CD Player then maybe, but I have no idea if it will even play… or has anything on it,” Alex admitted as he looked at the nearby screen and saw a open disk drive on the side covered In dust.

He then smiled before adding, “or maybe there's a way,” as he walked towards the screen cleaning the disc on his shirt, which didn't amount to much from his much of a mess his shirt was in due to his month long moonwalk. He then proceeded to try and clean the disc drive which he eventually managed to do before inserting the disc and closing the drive.

“Is it working?” Midnight asked curiously.

“I don’t know,” Alex admitted before the screen blinked into life the screen covered in static.

“Is it broken?” Luna asked sadly.

Alex then hit the top of the screen before the screen cleared causing Alex to chuckle as he said “I never thought that would work.”

The trio then looked to the screen as they saw a figure in a tattered white shirt, his face marred with open cuts that were bleeding staining his shirt. The figure had black hair, with blue bloodshot eyes.

The figure then looked towards them, to what Alex assumed was a camera before he said shakily “If you are listening to this, then it likely means that are already dead, and this this warning will have arrived to late, but if the planet below has not fallen into the grasp of our enemies, our mission is now passed on to you.”

“What the heck is he on about?” Alex muttered to himself.

The figure then proceeded to add, “The mission we undertook was to protect the land below from the enemies of the Kamen Riders, a force we inadvertently brought to this world, when we were tricked by a strange, cloaked man. He made a group of us into Riders ourselves, but at the cost of our homes and families.”

Luna’s eyes went wide at this as she looked at Alex in surprise at this revelation.

“Those of us who arrived were scattered around the planet below, where we each learned to use our new abilities, me and my five friends became different Riders those being Fourze, Drive, Wizard, Den-O, X-Aid and Genm, while one of us was tricked into becoming a driver, left unable to defend himself. After a long period six of us met back up, the only one we were unable to find being Genm, and around this time found sanctuary on a continent of the land below called Equestria, where we separated once again, each taking our roles in protecting the creatures that called it home.”

“So their was more than just Wizard hiding in Equestria,” Luna muttered to herself.

“And all of them were like me,” Alex added.

“However after this things suddenly began to fall apart, as Wizard was killed trying to protect the royal family, with none of us able to reach him to back him up, and before long we were each hunted down, next went Drive but as he was killed we heard reports of someone calling themselves Kamen Rider Wizard assisting our enemies in hunting us down. It was then Den-O was targeted, but we believe he escaped from his pursuers and the last we heard from him he told us he was attacked by both Wizard and Drive and that he had seen a figure in a black suit leading the monsters.”

“Wizard… He…” Luna said he eyes wide in shock at what she was being told.

“Our friends had somehow turned against us and began to hunt us down, it was then we met a strange man who warned us not too…..” the video then cut off into static, before cutting back in the whole video skipping a large portion of information.

“It was then our turn, which brings us to what happened an hour ago, the combined forces of Drive, Wizard and all of our enemies attacked at once, I was no match for them as they destroyed everything in their path, killing my two friends I escaped here with. I am afraid that I too have only hours left to live, and my Driver is no longer functioning, and is beyond my abilities to repair. Jacob, if you hear this message, do not trust… he is not our ally… I repeat do not trust…” the video then went black as a loud explosion was heard before the same voice as before said in fear “dammit, they're back again, please if the land below still alive, defend it! You may be Equestria’s last hope!”

The video then stopped completely and froze as a blurry image appeared of a figure in black and silver appeared but beyond that it was impossible to tell who it was.

“Who is that!” Luna shouted out in confusion.

“I don’t know, but whoever it was, they clearly are the reason why there was three dead bodies here.”

“Well… what are we going to do about it? It’s not like we know anything about who that figure was!” Luna argued.

“Oh that's simple,” a disembodied that sound a lot like the voice that was heard from Alex’s Driver said as a black and red portal appeared on the ground, which was followed by a demonic figure’s head appeared from inside it. The figure’s skin was completely red and he had two long curved horns on his head long with completely red eyes, they were also able to make out the top of what looked to be wings.

“Do you know this thing?” Luna asked.

“Well… not personally,” Alex replied, “from what I know this figure was Lucifer the fallen angel… but most people just call him the devil, or Satan.”

“You know, it’s not fun when everyone knows who you are,” The figure now known as Lucifer replied, “Anyway, I wanted to tell you, that the souls in those bodies never left this plane of existence, and also, if you need us, you have our support Kamen Rider Shade.”

Alex’s eyes widened at this as he said “How did you…”

“Know that,” Lucifer replied with a smile as he added, “You’re a Rider who’s suit makes him look like a demon to the outside world, but beyond that, you use the fear caused from your finisher to break the resolve of your enemies to make them yours.” He then smiled before continuing to say “I’d be lying if I wasn’t impressed by your methods, you’d sound like a evil rider to anyone not in the know.”

“And you're seen as the definition of all the bad things in the world by anyone from the christian faith, and that’s what anyone not in the know would think.”

Lucifer just smirked at Alex before he said “I think we’ll get along just fine… tell you what. I’ll get working on something for you, something to help you… but for now, don’t trust anyone who’s not in this room.”

“And why should I trust you?” Alex asked.

“Who else can you trust?” Lucifer asked, only to get no reply from Alex, “Exactly.” He then nodded to the group before adding “Well anyway if you need me just call,” as the portal closed above him as he disappeared.

“What just happened?” Luna asked in confusion.

“Who knows… but I’m sure things are only going to get crazier from here on out.” Alex replied nervously.

-Meanwhile in another reality-

“So the boy managed to not only escape you, somehow managed to free the Princesses and prevent the birth of a new phantom for my armies and along with that somehow taking one of our own slaves as his own?” Demigra asked angrily.

“I have no excuses for their failure Lord Demigra,” A figure covered in darkness replied, “However I am preparing our forces to deal with him in due course.”

“No… he has already took up enough of our time trying to reclaim what he took from us… for new we will let him believe we have given up… give him one-thousand years respite, if he’s still around by then, we will deal with him.”

“Very well Lord Demigra… but what about that new troublesome slave you took?”

“She along with those other two are yours to deal with, along with the three others I had you take after you defeated them.”

“Of course Lord Demigra” the figure replied a grin on his face as six figure walked into the room, three of them dragging the others in before forcing them to the ground. The three who were standing fell onto one knee and bowed to the two figures, while the other three were all shouting angrily at them, each getting kicked in the side of their heads for their actions.

The first of the standing figures was covered in a red and black suit that had a large car tyre diagonally across his body, along with a black driver on his waist. The second wore a large back jacket that covered was covered in red crystals along with a similar design on his helmet, and had a silver Driver with a large had on it. The third figure was covered in a white suit that had two orange line running down its side along with four coloured shapes on his body, two on his arms and two on his legs, his helmet was comprised of a black cone inside a larger white one and had two red eye socket.

The three figure on the ground each just continued to glare at the two in front of them. The first of the three was a Orange earth pony mare with a two tone black and orange mane and tail, who had a cutie mark of a katana. The second was was a dark blue unicorn stallion that had a black mane and tail, and his cutie mark resembled a potion flask.

The last figure was a young girl, she had long blond hair and blue eyes, however her clothes were ripped and covered in blood and her eyes were bloodshot with long streaks running down her face, as he arms showed multiple scars and burns.

“Seem’s those three still refuse to listen to their masters,” Demigra groaned in annoyance.

“They do, the girls keeps screaming for her older brother to save her… she is a fool by the time she see’s him again, she will not even remember who she was,”

“No… I will handle her personally,” Demigra said as he walked towards the girl with a grin as he reached down lifting her up off the ground as he said “I’m going to enjoy this… your brother may have escaped my grasp after I found him… you will not be so lucky.”

“I don’t know who you think you are,” The girl replied angrily as she spat blood into Demigra’s face. “But when my brother finds me, and he will… he will make sure you pay for what you’ve done.”

“Your brother, doesn’t even know you're here… and by the time he learns that you are here, it will be as you capture him and force him to swear loyalty to his new masters.”

“Go fuck yourselves, being that's all you two seem to do,” the women replied.

The second figure then walked up to her, he was cover in almost entirely black and silver armour and his face almost looked cartoonish in nature, he also had strange purple Bugvisor on his waist that had a red and white button on it.

He then glared at the girl before he slapped her with the back of his hand before he said “You will learn to show us the respect we deserve from our slaves, being you are nothing more than that anymore, and after Lord Demigra is finished with you, you’ll be begging to serve our every whim… you got that slave!”

“Jump up your own ass and die!” the girl shouted before she was thrown onto the ground as she fell into unconsciousness.

“Insufferable bitch,” the second figure spat.

“Don’t worry, she’ll behave sooner or later,” Demigra replied as he looked away from Genm almost looking disgusted at his actions.

“Of course, Lord Demigra,” the figure replied, “Take them back to their cells, make sure they are secure.”

“Yes Master Genm,” the three standing figures replied in unison as they grabbed the three others taking them away.

Once they had left Genm looked to Demigra before he said “Do you really think we can leave the one that escaped to his own devices?”

“What can he do to threaten us, he is but one rider, and we have armies at our disposal.”

“I guess so,” Genm replied hesitantly.

“Don’t worry, thing will be fine,” Demigra replied before they both left the room, “It’s not like he’s even able to handle any more than my weaker monsters.”

Chapter 7

View Online

Three months had past since Luna, Alex and Midnight had arrived at the moonbase they were calling home, during this time Alex had learnt that to use each eyecon’s ability he needed to attain the weapon that was used with them and from that had learned that the Billy the Kid Eyecon was currently unusable.

He had also on many occasion been inside the other Eyecons and learned about their individual abilities, and had learned that even though outside the Eyecon’s they had no voice of their own inside they possessed one, which had led to may conversations between them, and during one of them had learn’t that to use the Billy the Kid Eyecon he needed to obtain a pair of pistols.

This had left him contemplating just how he could accomplish this when the world below currently had no firearms to be used for the purpose of making the Eyecon usable.

It was at this moment he looked now and he saw Midnight resting on his chest obviously trying to sneak up on him, which frankly trying to climb up his chest to do so wasn’t the easy way to do so.

“Hello Midnight,” Alex replied as he looked up to the filly.

“Aww… I wanted to surprise you,” Midnight moaned in annoyance as she stood up and crossed her arms.

“Don’t worry, you most likely have a long time to try and surprise me,” Alex replied with a smile before he suddenly feel strange, as a small portal opened in front of him, as his body went into his Eyecon as it floated into the portal.

-Meanwhile in another universe-

“Alright, quit screwing around!” Leon barked, glancing at the ghostly changeling. “Just what do you want?””

The others thought Celestia’s cousin had cracked his head, but what they didn’t see was Alex, sitting there, with his eyecon in hand. However, someone else was watching from the shadows. Luna, who was not exactly happy, pulled out an eyecon with a mask on it and the word “Shade” written on the top. She proceeded to activate it, while glaring at the seat across from Leon. She had a feeling that her friend in the eyecon she activated would help. Strangely though the Eyecon seemed to nothing. No sound was heard, not change was present on the image.

Luna growled at the lack of response from the eyecon.

“Damn thing,” she snarled at it. It was at this moment that a burning red black doorway appeared in front of her that was radiating heat towards her.

“This better be working or else….” she hissed.

“Or else what?” A voice replied from behind her.

Luna wheeled to see a familiar figure standing there. He had black hair and blue eyes, and was wearing some black tracksuit bottoms, along with a red t-shirt below and an open black jacket that had a bright red collar running next to the zip.

“Ah, Alex,” Luna said. “Care to help us with a little problem?”

“Umm… have we met before?” The figure that had appeared asked in confusion.

“Many times, in your dreams,” Luna replied simply

“Pretty sure you’re not my Luna… so I doubt it,” The figure replied.

“I remember you once said that you and I would make a beautiful couple,” she chuckled.

The figure could only raise an eyebrow to her before he asked her “Who was it we met on the moon?”

“Midnight, the filly version of Nightmare Moon, speaking of whom, is out on an errand,” Luna replied.

“Ugh… fine… why did you call me… I’m pretty sure it’s not for a catch up?”

“We have a bit of a problem,” Luna said. “Apparently, there’s another ghost rider.”

“And if that’s an Alex, I’m Queen Chrysalis in drag!” a voice shouted in a snarky, sarcastic tone.

“Then I guess your Queen Chrysalis then,” Alex replied with a smirk.

“Wanna have a go?!” the mystery figure snarled.

Alex just looked to Luna as he asked “Should I bother?”

“According to Leon,” she said, gesturing to the Alicorn version of Blueblood. “That character’s been, to quote him, “Right Cocky out the gate”. Apparently, it’s because he’s Newton Abbot born and bred. He believes your inferior to him.”

Alex just rolled his eyes before he said to the mysterious figure, “Well then hit me if you think you’re strong enough!”

That statement was greeted by a punch, which caused did nothing as it just phased through Alex’s head.

“And I thought I was the only ghost here! Time to up the fight!”

There was a flash of light and the mysterious figure showed up. The costume had a black, leather underjacket and coated in a Brunswick green and brass trimmed armor. On the chest plate was a Circular Logo with the letters “GWR” in the circle.

Alex just looked at Luna before he asked her “Should I even bother, or do you have something more important I should be doing?”

Luna chuckled.

“I was hoping to have you help us with a minor bug problem,” she said. “Chrysalis is working with the Kamen Rider Enemies to take over here. And considering Little Mr. Cocky over there’s engaged to Chrysalis, you’re the only one we can trust at the moment.”

“Well then where is it there hiding… and please say I have at least someone useful help me.”

“Well, Daybreaker has a small army of Kamen Riders at her disposal if that helps,” Luna said. “And one can seek out both enemy and ally specters. Is that any help at all?”

Alex could have kissed Luna right then and there.

“Anything is better than nothing,” Alex replied. “Where can I find this Daybreaker.”

“Leon will take you to her. I’ll tag along, as she said she has something for me,” Luna said.

“Well then, lead the way,” Alex replied ignoring the mysterious figure.

Leon obliged and after getting them to a hidden hallway, he teleported them to a recreation room, where they were greeted by a Changeling Queen and a sky blue pegasus playing pool.

“Right, Moorland, who’s got the most points?” the pegasus asked.

“You do, Cerulean,” Moorland replied. “I’ll buy lunch after the game if….oh, hello there. Looking for Daybreaker?”

Luna nodded.

“She’s out right now, taking on a giant bee monster,” Moorland said. “Who’s the human with you?”

“Alex,” Luna said. “A friend, who’s gonna help us.”

Moorland smiled over at him.

“Pleasure to meet you, Alex. I’m Queen Moorland Mist of the Baltimare Moors hive,” she said.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Alex replied as he held his hand out to her.

She shook his hand with her hoof. They were about to relax when a figure arrived back. Alex saw it was a Kamen Rider, themed after a Brown Recluse Spider. Listening, Alex heard something and saw Luna jolt.

“What?! My sister…” Luna began.

“Yup, kidnapped,” the Rider said. “And the monster was no help at all.”

Alex walked over to the figure, wanting to make sure he heard right. “Sorry, who was kidnapped again maybe I can assist you?”

“Princess Celestia,” the figure said. “She was last seen walking towards the shower room, but vanished. Thick strands of silk were found at the scene. A quick scan revealed them to be spider silk from some kind of Orb Weaver Spider.”

“Have you got any way to track her down?”

“I did,” the figure said. “But the Spider’s webs have cancelled it out.”

“Do you have any methods of tracking down whatever took her?”

“That I do,” the figure said. “It was messy and left a trail of webs. Why? Are you thinking that if we find whatever took her, we’ll find her, right?”

“I belive that may be the case, if i’m right in saying this a spider normally either resides out of sight of the web but attached so it can read its prey’s movements when it’s caught, or hides at the centre, it’s possible if you find where the threads end you can trace a line to find the centre of the web and in theory our monster.”

“You may be right,” the figure said.

They watched the figure use a large machine to trace the webs. On the screen was Celestia in the center of a giant spiderweb, with a human looking Spider figure sitting in one corner of the web. Alex smirked.

“Bingo,” he said.

He walked over to the figure and proposed a planned rescue of Celestia.

“What’s your plan for the rescue?” the figure asked

“Well I’ll sneak in and get her out without causing any implication and get Celestia out without anyone knowing… and if that fails deal with the monster.” Alex admitted.

“Sounds like a plan. However, if this monster drops a Gashat, then what?” the figure quizzed.

“Umm… what’s a Gashat… and why would it drop one?” Alex asked in confusion..

“A Gashat is a sort of morphing device, like your Eyecon,” the figure said. “And as for why it might drop one, the answer is that the monster is created from the Gashat.”

“Hmm… Well then I don’t know then.”

“Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” the figure said. “And thank you for the help, Alex, or should I say, Kamen Rider Shade.”

That got Alex’s attention as he asked the figure “How did you know about that?”

“I know, as I saw you in the dream realm.”

The figure removed the helmet to reveal Daybreaker’s face, smiling softly at him.

“Great… are their any other people who are stalking my dreams I should be aware of?” Alex asked in annoyance

“Just me and Luna,” Daybreaker said. “However, it seems you were feeling slightly cheated when there were no Spider Themed Kamen Riders, am I correct?” That had been a dream, and nothing more. He stared at her, trying to understand this Alicorn Mare.

Alex Simply looked at Daybreaker with a raised eyebrow as he replied to her by saying “No… I hadn’t really are you sure you have the right guy on that thought?.”

She smiled. “I’m sure. I wouldn’t make that mistake, having now seen you in the flesh, as it were.”

“Okay, you can all debate this later,” Luna interjected. “We have a situation before us that needs tending to.”

“Right, of course, shall we get going?” Alex asked.

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

Alex and Daybreaker disappeared off, after she gave them orders that should things get out of control, they were to jump in. It seemed to be odd, in both Alex and Daybreaker’s thought processes. Why outsource a kidnapping when you could do it faster and easier?

“Alex? Something troubling you?” Daybreaker called over.

Before he could say anything, the two found themselves stopped by a giant tiger monster.

“Think it’ll let us past?” Alex asked with a sigh.

The monster said nothing at first, then spoke.

“Where are you off to?” it asked.

“Why you asking?” Alex replied as he brought his hand to one of him metal bands on his arms.

“Because if it’s to rescue Celestia, then don’t worry. She’s in another hideout.”

“The frickin mario reference… what’s your name Toad?”

“No, Shadow Hunter,” came the reply. “Now come on, I’ll take you to her. As for the spider monster, it dropped an Eyecon.”

“Really? Who’s Eyecon did it drop?” Alex asked.

“Well, it’s a bit complicated,” Shadow Hunter said.

“In what way is it complicated?”

“Well, the monster dropped an eyecon of itself,” Shadow Hunter said.

“Is it any use to any of your riders?” Alex asked Daybreaker curiously.

“Hmm, maybe,” She replied.

“You better forget that,” Shadow Hunter said. “It’s bonded to Celestia, which adds to the confusion.”

Daybreaker and Alex exchanged a look of confused bewilderment. Shadow Hunter lead the two to the hideout, where Celestia was napping, with the Eyecon propped against her. Alex took to examining the Eyecon before he said “just because this was next to her doesn’t by any means mean it’s tied to her, these things can be used by anyone with the ability to do so.”

“Where it confuses me is that…” Shadow Hunter started.

However, they were interrupted when Celestia came to.

“What happened?” She asked.

“You were captured by some Orb Weaver Spider creature and rescued by Shadow Hunter. Now, we have an Eyecon that’s supposedly tied to you,” Daybreaker said.

“I see…..” Celestia said.

Alex then looked to Celestia curiously thinking on what Shadow Hunter had said before he asked her “Princess, do you think you know how to use this Eyecon that was found in your possession?”

“I do. Why? Is there something on your mind?” Celestia asked.

“No, not on mine… but it’s possible this belongs to you,” Alex said as the tossed her the Eyecon in his hand.

She caught it and they watched as she activated her eyecon and disappeared in a light and appeared in a Kamen Rider Costume, taking everyone there by surprise. The costume had a black leather underjacket with the armor resembling that of a Golden Orb Weaver Spider. Draped over her was a dark forest green cape.

“Surprised?” she asked.

“Not really,” Alex replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

She chuckled. However, Alex was interested in the design and even curious. What was hiding under that cape of hers. The way she stood there seemed a little to inviting for him to investigate.

“I won’t jump out at you or attack, so investigate away,” she said.

“I wasn’t going to do that!” Alex groaned.

She moved slightly and something caught their eye. A gleam of metal. Shadow Hunter, in one swift movement, whipped the cape back to reveal a hidden collapsible bow and quiver of arrows.

“So… I guess that’s your weapon,” Alex said calmly

“It is,” she said.

“For some reason, all Arachnid themed riders are archers,” Daybreaker said. “Any suggestions as to why?”

“No I don’t… I barely know about them myself,” Alex admitted.

“Hmmm, Alex, what do you know about arachnids in general, besides being the typical gross bug that are used in horror films?” Shadow Hunter asked the human. “Could it be that they’re hunters?”

“Understatement of the century,” Alex replied.

They all chuckled and were heading out when a blacklight arrow whizzed passed them, imbedding itself in one of the wooden support beams. They turned to see a shadow version of Kamen Rider Shade standing there.

“Hand over the newest rider and no one dies….a slow death that is,” the Shadow Rider said.

“I’m afraid I have to decline that offer,” Alex replied as he turned to the Shadow rider before adding with a smirk, “Of course you’re welcome to try and kill me.”

The Shadow Rider fired arrows at Alex, which phased through his body.

“I should have guessed that would be your answer,” Alex replied before his Ghost Driver appeared on his waist and he held his Eyecon up activating it and placing into the Driver as the image of his mask appeared from the eye on his driver before his Parka Ghost appeared from it as the demonic voice shouted out “Eye!” as the Parka Ghost that had appeared flew behind him as the words “Kaigan! Shade!” was heard followed by the tune “Let’s Go! Kakugo! Akuma-tekina Shade!”

Daybreaker stood next to Shade.

“Shall we dispose of this annoyance?” she asked him.

“Sure you want to waste your time with him?” Shade asked calmly as black flames began to flicker on the ground below him before a large black and red axe rose from it into Shade’s hand.

Daybreaker nodded and followed suit, becoming Kamen Rider Recluse Archer. The two faced the Shadow Rider, who chuckled and summoned up several Shadow Warriors.

“If you think your getting out easy, think again,” The Shadow Rider chuckled darkly.

“...You know what, screw this!” Shade shouted as he pulled out a new eyecon removing the old one in the process before replacing it before a large black and red coat appeared as the the phrase “Eye! Kaigan Wizard! Yubiwa no mahō! Saigo no kibō!” was heard as Shade looked towards the Shadow Rangers covered in a long red, black and silver flowing robe that looked to be covered in large red gems around parts of the helmet and chest.

It was at this moment Shade looked up before bringing his hand out to the side as he said calmly “It’s Showtime!” before suddenly charging forwards as a strange pistol appeared in his hand, that had a large symbol in the shape of a open hand on it as he fired at the Shadow Riders knocking them down as he approached before switching the gun into a sword as he began cutting the Shadow Riders down.

Kamen Rider Recluse Archer nodded. She charged directly at the lead Shadow Rider, engaging him on her own. The others watched as the two traded blows, both evenly matched.

The new Rider jumped in, helping the other Archer take down the leader. Together, they finished off the Shadow Rider, before turning to the others.

“Shall we return to base?” she asked.

Shade just stood their for a second before looking down to the ground as he reached down and picked up a strange rectangular object before canceling his transformation as the words “It’s time for shuteye!” was heard, and he placed the object into his jacket.

Alex followed them back to the Castle Daybreaker called base. As they walked back, Daybreaker turned to Alex.

“Alex, how’d you become a Kamen Rider?” she asked him.

“It’s kind of a sore subject for me,” Alex replied as he rubbed the back of his head, “You sure you need to hear it?”

“If it is a sore topic, we can skip it,” Daybreaker said. “I meant no offence or upset by the question.”

“It’s not that… it’s more the fact of how it happened that frustrates me,” Alex admitted.

“We can skip that, then,” she said.

“...No it’s fine, I was murdered by a person in a similar situation to myself, but he found a way back from the world he was sent to. That man controlled a random driver to drive down a sidewalk running down pedestrians… including myself, then made us believe he wanted to save us… but instead that man tried enslaving everyone he had killed, he turned a ton of us into Eyecons and planned to pass us onto someone else to use as weapons to kill another like himself. If it wasn’t for the man he was hunting down, I would have been nothing more than a slave to that man,” Alex admitted.

“I understand,” Daybreaker said. “I wish I could say “I could give you a body to call your own” but that’d just upset you and mak…..” She stopped, realizing she may have just crossed into volcanic emotions territory.

However instead of getting the reaction she expected Alex began to laugh before he said “in all honesty, I’m happier without a live body, the fact I am dead has helped me protect everyone back home… I have no illusions on the fact I can’t go back, but at the same time why would I want to? I have something I never could have dreamed of, and even found a true friend in my worlds Luna.”

“Ah,” Daybreaker said, smiling. “Very well. However, I should warn you. Do not cross blades with your world’s Sombra.”

“Who?” Alex replied nonchalantly.

“Sombra is the King of the Crystal Empire. In your world, he’s a calculating army stronghold and should anyone cross him, they will pay the price. He’s also the one who masterminds a lot of side activities. I would hazard a guess that he was the one who organized the event that took your life, but that is mere speculation,” she said.

“Not a chance on that one… the man who saved me from the one who orchestrated my death, explained that Demigra, has already taken, enslaved and destroyed many worlds, most likely multiple of these Sombra’s are under his control, most likely unwillingly,” Alex admitted, “to you Sombra may be powerful, but in the grand scheme of things he’s just a drop of water in an ocean of nightmares.”

“I see,” Daybreaker said, then chuckled softly.

“What’s so funny?” Alex asked.

“You have yet to meet my husband,” she said. “You and he’d get along famously.”

“Why do you say that?” Alex asked.

“You and he seem to have a deep sense of justice and duty to those you care about,” Daybreaker said.

“Maybe,” Alex replied before asking Daybreaker, “may I ask you something?”

“Go right ahead,” she said.

“Do you have more riders than just yourself and Celestia, the Rider we faced mentioned that she was the newest rider, i’m just curious about the fact.”

“Yes, there are other Riders in base, but they’re out, tending to battles. Cerluean Skies and Moorland Mist, in the castle, are also Riders.”

“I see, as far as I know, I’m the only remaining rider in my reality, i’m aware there was others before me, but from I know they were all slain by their enemies a long before I arrived, I was curious what it’s like being part of a team… I guess I wanted to see what it’s like not being the only rider in a world.”

Daybreaker chuckled. “There’s no need to feel alone. In fact, this world’s Sombra doesn’t even know his daughter, the Princess of Love, and her husband, are Kamen Riders.”

“Really, that will be an awkward conversation if it ever comes to light,” Alex replied with a smile before he added “Does any of your teams need any help right now?”

“Well, yes, we’re going to need all the help we can get,” Daybreaker said. “Chrysalis is creating Masked Rider Drone Soldiers.”

“I more meant right now, I still have my own world to defend from whatever gets thrown at me.”

“Not this minute, Alex,” Daybreaker said.

“I see… if you wish I can stay for a while longer, if I go back all i’m doing is staying on the moon with Luna and Midnight.”

“Depends on what you want to do,” Daybreaker said.

“It’s not my world to decide where I’m needed.”

“It’s your mind,” Daybreaker replied, in a motherly tone. “I cannot make your mind up.”

“I know that… and you know what I meant.”

She nodded. As they returned to the castle, Daybreaker turned to Alex, who had already plopped down onto the couch in the rec room.

“Do you have a training room I can use for a bit?” Alex asked, “Zero Gravity is all well and good but it doesn’t exactly make it easy to learn to fight under normal conditions.”

“We have several training rooms,” Daybreaker said.

“What’s the most challenging thing you can set me up to work on?” Alex asked curiously, feeling up for a challenge.

“One of the training rooms has enough spaces for an “all against one” battle format,” Daybreaker said. “If that’s Challenging enough for you. If not, I can set up a scenario, where you have to take on 30 monsters and save hundreds of civilians.”

“All against one eh… wouldn’t that just be one on one right now though?”

“In a way, ye….” Daybreaker began.

However, the sounds of hoofsteps filled the air. She chuckled.

“Seems like they’re all back,” She said.

To Alex’s surprise, a ton of ponies suddenly filled the Rec Room and spread out.

“Speak of the devil and he shall appear,” Alex chuckled.

As if to make a point a small portal opened beside him as a horned figure popped his head out from it and said “You called?”

“Figure of speech Lucifer,” Alex sighed in annoyance.

“Oh my mistake,” the figure asked as the hole close almost like nothing had happened.

The ponies there just ignored that, until Daybreaker brought the proposal forward. A White, with two tone blue mane and hooves gave Alex a quick look.

“Sure he can hold his own?” He asked.

“You want to find out?” Alex asked back with a smirk.

“You take me on?” the Stallion asked. “I’m sure you’re capable, but….

Daybreaker interrupted with, “A better idea, all of us, against Alex. I’m positive he’ll...show us what he’s made of.”

“You sure it won’t embarrass your riders to much?” Alex asked with a smirk, “wouldn’t want to wound their pride.”

A light pink Alicorn spoke up next. “Our pride is what we make it out to be. And right now, our pride is telling us we need to see what you’re made of. And I can tell it isn’t rainbows and chocolate pudding, sweet stuff.”

“I guess so… can I ask your name miss?”

“Cadence, and the stallion who was talking to you is my husband, Shining Armor,” she said.

“Ah… I see, well sorry for being so rude a second ago then.”

“It’s okay,” Cadence said. “There’s no need to panic. We put up with smug little colts all the time. Anyway, up for the fight?”

“I guess so, If you all are that is.”

“We are all here,” Cadence said.

“Okay then,” Alex replied calmly, “lead the way.”

Cadence lead them all down to the training room. As the doors opened, Alex’s eyes widened as the shear size of the room. It could have easily fit a small city inside.

“Impressive,” Alex admitted with a smile.

“Thank you,” Daybreaker said. “We often train, all against one, for the eventuality that it comes to the whole team, minus one, is corrupt and the one has to save them.”

“If only you could make a physical guise of a city for us to fight in this would be very interesting and accurate.”

She smiled and pressed a button. The room began to shake and blur. In five minutes time, a mock up of Manehatten appeared before them, to scale no less. Alex’s eyes widened in awe. “This make it even more interesting, So how do we plan on doing this?”

“It’s simple, it’s going to be a mock-up of you being called out to face a large team of evil riders,” Daybreaker said. “Bring plenty of cocky, as it’s going to be flying around the room.”

“So act like that other guy called Alex I met when I arrived.”

“Yup,” Daybreaker said. “You’re better looking than him anyway.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere, anyway, why don’t we start on opposite sides of the city, make this a bit harder.”

“That was my plan, and I wasn’t flattering you,” Daybreaker said.

Alex caught the teasing look in her eye.

“Okay then, just try and beat me,” Alex replied with a smirk as he ran off.

They morphed and gathered for a plan.

“He’s going to be in the Southwestern corner of the map. If we split and do a double swing, one from each direction, we can corner him and beat him when he’s least expecting it,” Kamen Rider Tiger said.

“A recommendation,” Kamen Rider Crystal Shield said. “Keep several back in case he breaks through. If worse comes to worse, I can trap him in a shield. Kamen Rider Crystal Blade can then use that to beat him into submission. From there, we can come up with other plans on the fly.”

They nodded. Alex, meanwhile, was waiting. This seemed too easy, which put him on his guard. As he looked around, an Arrow whizzed passed him, hitting metal air conditioning unit behind him, He watched as the arrow exploded into spider webs, which wrapped around the unit, “and looks like they’ve started, I guess I better stop making them wait.”

He looked around, trying to see where the arrow came from. He couldn’t, but he suddenly felt something press against his neck.

“So which rider are you,” Alex asked calmly.

“Call me Kamen Rider Killer,” the voice said.

“Killer eh… doesn’t sound like a hero that would fit as a protector of the innocent,” Alex mocked as he quickly thrust his elbow into Killers chest before spinning around as kicking her in the side of the head.

As she took the kick, he glimpsed another rider, which caught his follow through and used it to send him flying backward and into a wall. She stood over him, her sword drawn.

“Hmmm, diced enemy salad, not too appealing,” she said. “Not even enough for a museum to display.”

“Only that that will be displayed is your Driver, being that’s all they’ll find,” Shade replied as he phased through the floor.

“Not a chance, sweetstuff,” the Rider said.

She looked around, before jumping to the side to avoid Alex’s surprise attack, but her dodge had the adverse effect as the rider flew into Alex foot as it phased through the ground connecting with her face, “You should be better than that, I haven’t even transformed yet.”

She rolled off and came back with a sucker punch, which connected with Alex’s stomach, but however just phased through as he punched the rider back sending her flying backwards into a wall.

His victory was short lived, as a giant crystal shield formed around Alex. He attempted to phase through it, only to find that didn’t work. He wheeled to see a Kamen Rider standing there, sword drawn and a light blue magic mana aura around his front left hoof.

“That should contain our little problem,” he said, however there was one flaw in her plan as a black and red flaming portal appeared in front of Alex along with one behind the same rider as he quickly grabbed her pulling her through as he jumped out knocking her unconscious inside the shield before similar hole opened below the other riders placing them inside the shield aswell, leaving the each trapped inside.

“Went as well as you hoped I see,” Alex mocked as he transformed into Kamen Rider Shade. However, he had reckoned without the rest of the team, who were now showing up out of thin air,

“Took you long enough,” Shade mocked as the shield with the riders inside fell into a portal that closed behind it trapping the riders inside out of the others reach. “Oh… where did they go?”

Shade could only smile before he said “Can she travel through Dimensions?”

“Yes, they can,” Kamen Rider Ghost said. “The Shield Themed Rider’s done it for years.”

“Well… she’ll struggle without this,” Shade replied holding up the aforementioned riders Driver to the group.

That only got a roar of laughter.

“Shield Magic,” Kamen Rider Ghost said. “It’ll work. Oh and the Shield Rider’s a male. A female dummy was rigged and that device, a simple prop.”

The next reaction was priceless. Kamen Rider Shade turned the device over in his hand, before squeezing it. It burst into a mess of glue, wood and foam. “Oh well, I guess it’s time to stop messing around.”

The rest of the team arrived. They went all out. Punches, kicks and dodges were to be had. By the one hour mark, Kamen Rider Shade started to get irritated with the Magic using Kamen Riders. By the two hour mark, the physical fighting Riders were successfully landing blows on him. When they came to the end of the large training session, Kamen Rider Shade was just staring at the team, wonder crossing his mind.

“You seem to be having fun… shall I step it up a notch for you all?” Shade asked mockingly as he held up a eyecon and inserted it before a tune shouted out “Kaigan: Houdini! Maji ījan! Sugē Magician!” as a large blue parka Ghost attached to his back as he flew up into the air.

The team of Riders softly chuckled, and moved to dodge his new incoming attack, but it never came as he just hovered in the air silently before suddenly a myriad of chains poured from his body grabbing and lifting every rider into the air along with restraining any pegasi’s wings as it brought them all into a line below him.

“Impressive,” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer said. “However, it’s severely underwhelming for such a talented Rider.”

It was then Shade pulled the handle on his Driver before the words “Houdini! Omega Drive!” was heard as he suddenly fell at terminal velocity into the trapped riders tearing through them all as explosions happened one after the other knocking the riders out of their transformations in the process a large majority unconscious on the ground, others with fractures and other injuries.

“Impressive, yet you forgot one little thing,” a voice said.

He turned to see a red moon and sixteen mysterious figures standing there.

“And that is?” Shade asked as the Houdini Parka Ghost reattached to his back as he hovered back into the air.

“Your fears,” the lead figure said.

“Friends of your Daybreaker,” Shade replied calmly.

“Maybe,” Daybreaker replied. “If the red moon is anything to go by, you might be screwed.”

“And you’re not?” Shade asked as she suddenly flew towards the riders at full speed knocking a few flying sideways as he passed.

They instead used their momentum to return the favor, knocking Shade through three walls. The other Riders appeared. To Shade’s surprise, they were all themed around horror elements. Regaining his footing, he eyed up the horror team.

“And what’s your thing? Jumpscares?” Shade joked.

“Classic horror, the kind that screws with the mind,” one said. “Jumpscares are cheap and fast ways to get a scare.”

Shade chuckled. Her statement on jumpscares was a universal feeling. He attempted to size the new team up, but the speeds at which they moved made them appear to be blurs to him. He took beating after beating. When they stopped, he stood there, wobbling slightly, impressed with their coordination.

“Well… pretty sure Houdini’s not gonna work on you,” Shade admitted.

They chuckled.

“Not a chance,” another said. “And considering…..”

“Considering what?” Shade asked.

“One of us has the ability to make ghosts tangible and real…..”

That got Shade, “You wouldn’t be willing to say who?”

“Not yet, unless you really want to know,” another said in a teasing tone.

“Sure… of course I want to know,” Shade replied smirking under his mask.

“Look for the Gypsy Orb,” the leader said, in a teasing manner.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Shade replied as a faint glow was scene inside his jacket as he reached inside pulling out the strange object that the Shadow Rider had left behind, it was at this point he saw that it had a strange image with the words ‘Kamen Rider Chronicle’ written above it. “What the hell is this thing?”

“Ah, Kamen Rider Chronicle,” said the leader.

“What the hell is a Kamen Rider Chronicle?” Alex asked as he traced a circular shape over the object, as a new Parka Ghost appeared this one almost completely green with black designs inside, it was the Parka Ghost help one of it’s arms up in the air above him before it flew into Shade’s Driver forming a new Eyecon.

“It’s a Kamen Rider, who has the powers of every single Rider,” The leader said.

“Well then, looks like it’s time to test that out,” Shade replied as he clicked in the side of the new Eyecon he received as the words “Eye! Kaigan! Chronos!” It was at this point twelve clock chimes was heard as on the last one the words “Time in the palm of your hands!” was heard as the Chrona’s Parka Ghost attached to Shade’s back as a cartoonish face appeared as the mask covering his face whilst on his right arm was two large buttons with the letters A in Red and B in blue on a bright blue band.

“Interesting, very interesting,” one of the mystery Riders said.

Shade then held his arm out as his sword appeared in his hand before he simply gestured for them to attack him, remaining mute.

They stood and watched his action, not even bothering to fall for the obvious bait.

“Nice move, Captain Obvious,” one teased. “Where’d you learn that? Kamen Rider Kindergarten?”

Shade remained quiet, unmoving as he just continued his simple gesture to attack him, but as nothing had happened he then said calmly “must be the same place you got out of recently then.”

They just chuckled softly. He just stared at them before he felt something crash down on the back of his head and sent him tumbling to the ground, but not before he struck both buttons on the band on his arm as each figure went still.

Shade then looked up to see that their was some falling debris above him that he stepped out the way of as he walked up to each of the riders ahead of him slicing them each twenty times with his sword as he walked behind them as time resumed as they were all sent flying knocked out of their transformations with all but one unconscious.

The one left was Kamen Rider Crystal Orb, who just chuckled.

“You finally found the one who makes all ghosts tangible,” she said.

“Well it did you so much good that ability,” Shade replied as he suddenly lifted her up off the ground before he asked her “So… who’s left of your little team for me to defeat?”

“Depends on what you mean by “little team” Glass Shades,” she replied. “But I think you’re more curious as to what I am under this armor.”

“Well let’s find out,” Shade replied before he threw Crystal Orb into the air before time froze again as he let out a flurry of attacks that struck her before he punched her downwards into the ground before time resumed and the plummeted into the ground as he transformation shattered as he saw a black bug looking pony with holes in her legs.

“Ah, I see you now see our resident ghost hunting Changeling,” Daybreaker said with a giggle.

“Is she an ally?” Shade asked.

“Ally? That’s my daughter,” Daybreaker replied.

“...welp… I’m screwed for the last attack ain’t I,” Shade said with annoyance.

Daybreaker stood up and instead, chuckled.

“You’re not. In fact, when we’ve all gone against her, she’s handed us our own cutie marks on a platter,” Daybreaker replied. “She’s trained in the Royal Guard, Royal Air Artillery and just about any and every naval military force you can imagine. Your lucky. She didn’t know you, so she doesn’t have a memory file on you at all.”

“To be fair, even if she did, she wouldn’t have been able to pre-empt me forming a Chronos Eyecon when I did,” Shade admitted before adding “Anyone else still remaining?”

“Only one, Kamen Rider Red Moon,” the Changeling said. “Though, you’ll have a hell of a time getting him.”

“And why is that?”

“He’s not one to show himself unless one of us is in grave peril,” the Changeling said.

“Well I am supposed to play the part of the villain here so,” Shade replied before suddenly grabbing ahold of the changeling in front of him as he said “Sorry for this in advance,” before suddenly breaking each of her legs one by one.

Just then, something smashed into Shade, sending him flying. Daybreaker hurried over to heal her daughter’s legs while the Rider glared at Shade, drawing a lance out.

“Want to dance, little pest?” he asked Shade.

“It’s a shame I had to do that to draw you out,” Shade replied as he held his sword tightly awaiting the riders next move.

“Cheap tactic,” Kamen Rider Red Moon grunted. “Only a coward uses that tactic.”

“As cheap as this,” Shade replied before time froze yet again as he began to repeat the process of attacked the rider miraculously multiple times, this time for fifty strikes in all spread along his body before punching forwards twenty time and restarting time as the last punch connected sending the rider flying backwards.

As the dust settled, Shade saw a large male Changeling, with a more streamlined physique. Two blood red eyes pierced through the Helmet and into Alex’s gaze. The room then returned to normal and Shade demorphed back into Alex. He turned to Daybreaker’s daughter, who seemed to be trying to avert her gaze, a blush dusting her face.

“I think she maybe in love,” Daybreaker said. “With….you.”

“...Who me?” Alex asked

“Yes, Alex, you,” Daybreaker’s daughter said.

“I need to ask why? Why fall in love with me of all people?”

“I can’t explain it,” she said.

“It’s one of the many forms of true love,” Cadence said. “And before you say “How do I know”, I am the princess of Love. And no, I did not interfere.”

Alex could only sigh at this before he knelt down to Daybreaker daughter before he asked her, “May I have you name, miss?”

“Lunar Rainbow,” she said.

There was an awkward silence before Lunar Rainbow looked up at Alex. “Alex...would you mind coming with me, to a private room?” she asked.

“Only if your mother allows it,” Alex replied.

“It’s fine,” Daybreaker said. “She’s old enough to do what she wants.”

“Thank you mom,” Lunar said. “Come on Alex.”

“I have a feeling I’m going to regret this,” Alex said as he followed Lunar.

She chuckled and the two arrived at the private room. It was a small theatre like room. It had two rows of theatre seats, a bunk bed, a small concession stand in one corner and a couple arcade cabinets. Alex looked around as Lunar Rainbow smiled up at him.

“Take your time, Alex. We have all night to talk,” she said. “And to be honest….you’re the first person I met who hasn’t wanted to screw me over for being a changeling.”

Alex blinked, then turned to notice her smile fading into a depressed, almost hopeless half smile. He walked over to her and knelt down before he asked “Do you want to talk about it?”

She nodded.

“It may help or it may piss you off,” she warned. “Back when I was in high school, I had a coltfriend. A jock by the name Meter Dash, who was super popular. He began dating me and making me feel special, like I was someone he cared about. However, he started treating me out to dinner, but forcing me to pay for it, borrowing money without repaying it, talking about me behind my back, cheating on me, borrowing my school supplies then forcing me to buy them back off him….Eventually, he dumped me because “I wasn’t his favorite anymore, I was just a stepping stone to build his career”. College was worse. I had tons of colts after me, but all for my money or my ties to the princesses, or even my step aunt relationship with Rainbow Dash just so they could get into the Wonderbolts.”

“Why does that not surprise me,” Alex groaned in annoyance at her admittance, “keep going let everything out, I’ll just sit and listen.”

She continued on. “During the times I dated the colts, they started abusing me. Things like beating me up or even outright mugging me on campus. The Campus staff and security did nothing to them. They even arrested me for defending myself for crying out loud!”

That was a new low. She then said something that made Alex boil over in pure anger.

“These colts even went as far as to attempt to drive me to suicide eight times,” she said.

As soon as she finished Alex grabbed hold of her and just held her close to his chest, not saying anything, just holding her there, letting her continue if she needed to.

She said nothing, but cried softly as Alex just let her stay where she was.

After she cried herself to sleep, Alex moved her to the bed after she admitted she didn’t tell her mother and he went and found Daybreaker in the rec room, sitting by the coffee machine.

“Alex, how are….are you alright? Did something crawl under your skin?” she asked.

“No… no it didn’t,” Alex lied.

Daybreaker shut the door and moved a chair.

“Alex, please, tell me the truth. You don’t come in here to see me with a look that says “I’m going to find and end several scumbags” and tell me everything’s fine,” Daybreaker said.

“That obvious is it,” Alex sighed.

“So, what has happened to put you in that frame of mind?’ she asked, her motherly side showing.

“Don’t take this the wrong way… but how well do you know your daughter?”

“I know her as well as I can, but she’s keeps secrets. Everyone has secrets that they’re keeping, some more harmful than others....” Daybreaker said.

“...Well let me put it this way, if I was going after scumbags… I’d be here for a hell of a long time trying to trace back your daughter’s past.”

“Can you tell me what she told you?” Daybreaker asked. “I want to….I need to care for her.”

Alex just sighed as he placed his hands together before he said “What do you remember about her school life?”

“She was bullied,” Daybreaker said. “Anytime she was severely flustered, she just said “The day went from bad to worse” and that was it. Any time I tried to pry, she just shut and locked the door to her room.”

“You really should have tried to persist all that time ago… if she hadn’t been….” Alex then stopped talking suddenly.

“Something wrong?” Daybreaker asked.

“What I am about to say, can never leave this room, got it,” Alex said his calm demeanor now replaced with a serious tone.

“I understand that,” Daybreaker said.

“She told me she tried to commit suicide multiple times because of how bad the bullying got, chances are those times she locked her doors… she may have been preparing to do it.”

Daybreaker nodded, softly.

“Alex, Thank you for bringing that to my attention,” she said. “I’m starting to believe that you are the best choice my daughter has made for a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, a boyfriend from another reality, really will make for an amazing relationship,” Alex sighed.

“Don’t you worry,” Daybreaker said. “There’s a Lunar Rainbow in your reality going through the same things as my daughter. With the care and love you showed here, I have every faith you’ll be as good a boyfriend to that Lunar Rainbow as you were to my daughter.”

“...Daybreaker… I will only repeat this one more time, she can never find out I told you that.”

“She won’t,” Daybreaker promised. “You can take my word of honor on that.”

“Okay… with your permission, I would like to stay here till tomorrow night, I have a feeling something’s off here, something you and your teams are currently underprepared to handle.”

“Permission granted,” Daybreaker said.

“Thank you,” Alex replied before a copy of his token fell into his hand as he added as he passed it to Daybreaker, “this is something linked to me, it’s what people like me call a Token, it’s how Luna brought me here to begin with, I think it would be best if you have a copy, as well as your daughter.”

“Sounds good,” Daybreaker said. “Question, do you have a preference on where you want to sleep tonight?”

“...I don’t sleep… ever.”

“It’s a formal question, but I should rephrase it-do you have a room that you want to be your office?” she asked.

“Why would I need an office?”

“Once again, a formal question. I should ask, would you like a room to stay in?” she asked.

“Right sorry… with your permission I will stay close to your daughter for today, make sure she feels better tomorrow.”

“Permission granted,” Daybreaker said. “And thank you for helping her. I owe you so much for that.”

“It was my pleasure, I was just glad to help,” Alex admitted as he left the room as he said, “I will see you in the morning.”

She bid him farewell and he returned to the theatre, where he found Lunar Rainbow sleeping soundly. He gently placed himself on the edge of the bed. Getting a more calmed look at her, he noticed a magenta midsection, mane and tail. Her soft snores put a soft smile on his face. She cracked an eye. It was the same magenta color as her midsection, but in a softer shade.

“Ever seen a Changeling up close?” she asked him.

“Never seen a Changeling period before today,” Alex admitted as he lay down next to her.

“Ah,” she said. “What would you like to know?”

“All I need to know is that the Changling next to me is safe and happy.”

“I am, thanks to you,” she said before a rumbling took their attention away. “Sorry, haven’t eaten yet.”

“What would you like?” Alex asked calmly, “I’ll try and get it for you.”

“Love,” she said.

Alex could only smile at this as he leaned in and kissed Lunar on the Lips holding it for a few seconds before releasing her as he said “does that suffice for your needs?”

“Yes. Changelings feed on love. Some, like Chrysalis’s hive, by force. Others do it through loving relationships, but those kinds of Changelings are looked down upon,” Lunar said.

“Well I know one who will never be looked down on by me,” Alex admitted as he wrapped his hands around Lunar holding her close.

She wrapped her hooves around him and nestled in close, cooing softly. The mane gently wrapped around Alex’s neck. It felt so nice and soft, like a warm, freshly dried blanket.

“Is there anything else you need tonight?”

“Not tonight,” she said, yawning.

“Well then get some rest, I’ll be by your side all night incase you need me,” Alex admitted as he kissed her one last time.”

She nodded and fell asleep. As Alex sat there, he heard a voice. “Who are you?” The voice was a cold, calculating male voice.

“Why does it matter to you?”

Just then, a figure stepped from the shadows. A dark stone gray unicorn with a ruby tipped horn, jet black mane and tail. On his flank was a ruby Cutie mark. He wore royal armor and looked at Alex with a cold, unwavering glare that would have froze the blood of a crocodile.

“I want to know who you are,” the pony said. “As you are with my daughter.”

“My name is Alex Shade, and I am simply a close friend to her.”

“I see,” the pony said.

“Why? Is there a problem?”

“I have never seen any one in here with her, or even seen her with a close friend,” the pony said.

“She said I was the first person she invited inside.”

The pony nodded. “I see.”

“Look, I’ll be blunt, do you have a problem with me?”

“I’m protective of my daughter,” the pony said. “I have not seen you, so I wasn’t sure if you were going to hurt her.”

“Not surprising you haven’t seen me, I’m relatively new to these parts.”

“I see. I should introduce myself. I am King Sombra of the Crystal Empire,” he said. “I rule with my wife Daybreaker, daughters Cadence and Lunar Rainbow as well as Cadence’s husband Shining Armor.”

“I see, if you wish to talk more it may be best we go outside as to not wake her,” Alex admitted.

They adjourned to Sombra’s office, and once the King shut the door, he sat in the chair beside the one Alex took up.

“May I ask, do you love my daughter?” he asked.

“Honestly, it’s too early to tell you that, but I can promise you one thing. I have no intention of harming her if I can do so.”

“I see. I thank you for being forthwith. So many choose to wind around the road of truth, making sure they can weasel out of punishment,” Sombra said.

“I fail to see the point in deceiving you of my intentions,” Alex replied calmly, “by doing so I would gain nothing… not that I have much to gain anyway.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Sombra said. “You do stand to gain a stake much bigger than you think.”

“And what would that be,” Alex asked curiously.

“Hypothetically, If you married Mine and Daybreaker’s daughter, you stand to rule an entire Empire,” Sombra said. “And that’s on the small side of what you could gain. Then again….I’m sure the Rainbow Line would like to have a specialized manager.”

“The Rainbow Line? Why does that sound familiar?” Alex muttered to himself, as he swore he remembered that from something before his Displacement but couldn’t place it.

Yami no 0-gō! #0 of Darkness!” Sombra called out before he was enveloped in light.

When the light died down, in Sombra’s place was a black suited figure, with a Rail band joining, a circle with a #0 in the center.

“Wait… you’re some strange type of Power Ranger,” Alex replied in confusion.

“Yami No 0gou, Member of the Ressha Sentai ToQger,” came the reply.

“Ressha Sentai ToQger? What the heck are they?” Alex asked in confusion.

“Sentai are what Power Rangers are based on,” Yami No 0gou replied. “Ressha Sentai ToQger are a Railway themed Power Ranger Team that use Imagination to defeat the enemies.”

“Wait… how the hell do you even know know of those variations!” Alex shouted out.

“Simple, Nightmare told me about when she was researching these Power Rangers, she traced them back to Japan and their original counterparts. From there, she found all the variations,” Yami No 0gou said.

“I’m assuming you are aware of what I am aswell then,” Alex replied as he pinched the bridge of his nose, “I swear this secret is near impossible to hide here.”

“Yes, Kamen Rider Shade,” Yami No 0gou said. “And the citizens don’t know that we’re all normal ponies under these powers and costumes. You can yell at Nightmare and Daybreaker later, or join should you need more excitement,” Yami No 0gou said

“You must be aware of my full circumstances as to why I couldn’t join either of the team’s,” Alex replied as he looked at the Chronos Eyecon he had created along with the Gashat.

“I am aware,” Yami No 0gou said.

“If you are aware why even suggest it?”

“I suggest it as a form of Alliance, or even, as a form of respect, as one Superhero to another,” Yami No 0gou said.

“I’m pretty sure your wife beat you to the punch on that front,” Alex chuckled.

“That’s to be expected,” Yami No 0gou said.

“Sombra… What are you hiding, you obviously had a larger reason for contacting me that you’re letting on. What do you really after?”

Yami No 0gou chuckled.

“It’s simple,” he told Alex. “Your talent can be useful in two dimensions. You’re far too talented to be stuck in one dimension or universe.”

“What makes you so sure I am?” Alex asked a hand resting against Scutum’s band on his arm.

“It is something I can see in others when they don’t see it in themselves,” Yami No 0gou replied. “In fact, Nightmare made use of that when creating the Ressha Sentai ToQger team to aide her younger sister in battle. To use basic terms, you are another recruit I am working on molding into a great hero.”

“Well I’m afraid I have to currently decine you offer, I’ll forge my own path, be that through the pits of hell or the skies of heaven.” Alex replied calmly.

“I am only here to teach you,” Yami No 0gou said. “I also stand as someone to act as a guide when you need it the most. Anyway, to change the topic, Have you ever seen or met a Wonderbolt?”

“Nope, I’ve was sent to the moon with Luna only a few months ago, I have no idea who these ‘Wonderbolts’ even are.”

“Ah,” Sombra said, demorphing. “The Wonderbolts are a Air Force and Stunt Flying Team. One of their members is Rainbow Dash, a Pegasus Mare, who is ToQ1gou of the Rainbow.”

“Not gonna point out what people would assume from that name,” Alex sighed.

Sombra chuckled. “Sometimes, the obvious can be the most subtle.”

Alex just sat quietly for a second before he asked “Sombra, what is it exactly you’re all fighting?”

“Not a what, a who….Chrysalis, Changeling Queen,” he said. “She’s trying to take over the world.”

Alex’s thought then went back to Lunar before he asked “That’s something else I thought about, Lunar can’t possibly biologically be your’s and your wife’s daughter, you’re both ponies, she’s a Changeling.”

Sombra chuckled softly, “She biologically is our daughter. We asked the doctors what had happened. At first, they thought they may have used some Changeling supplies to have it end up that way, but….alas that wasn’t the case, she was a natural birth to ponies. All other Changelings look down on her because of it. Even Chrysalis has tried to kill her….and that lead to me nearly killing Chrysalis.”

“Bet you’re wishing you had nowadays,” Alex sighed.

“In some regards, yes,” Sombra said.

“I see,” Alex replied, “When the time comes to take her out, make sure to bring me along for the ride.”

“Trust me, you’re welcome to co…..” Sombra began, but the sounds of an explosion rocking the castle.

“What the hell is going on!” Alex shouted in surprise as he bolted onto his feet, instantly on guard.

The two ran out, and to the main foyer, where they saw a figure standing there.

“Ultimate Rider Omega,” Sombra growled.

“Who?” Alex asked in confusion.

“That’s Chrysalis’s Rider Form,” Sombra said. “She’ll easily wipe the floor with you alone.”

“Good job i’m not alone then,” Alex replied with a smile, “but the rest of your teammates wouldn’t happen to be around?”

Sombra sent out a call over the comlink he had. In no time, the Riders and Sombra’s Sentai Team appeared.

“How cute,” Ultimate Rider Omega sneered. “Think you can beat me?”

“Let find out,” Alex replied before he nodded to Sombra holding out the Chronos Eyecon as the group morphed and stood ready to fight Ultimate Rider Omega.

“You’re all worthless,” she snarled.

“You’d be a prime candidate for that statement,” Shade replied as formed his sword in his right hand.

She chuckled and charged Shade, ready to pummel him into the floor, Shade however just froze time before pulling the handle on his Driver before a demonic voice shouted out “Omega Crews-aid!” as a clock like image appeared below him and his feet was surround in a green glow as he span his leg backwards as the clock handle below him moved below his feet, only stopping as his foot struck Ultimate Rider Omega.

He then stepped behind her before time began to move again as she spun, trying to take him down only for him to pause again as he struck her multiple times along every inch of her body. Or he would have, had she not been wise to his stunt from the first time and had prepared a counter move, which allowed her to stay outside the Time Freeze, which caught Kamen Rider Shade by surprise as he was sent flying into a wall behind the others as time restarted.

“I’m well versed in every dirty tactic in the book,” she said, walking up to him.

“Go fuck yourself,” Shade groaned as he attempted to stand.

She chuckled sweetly, yet darkly, as she prepared to end him. A blade forced itself through her body and heart, stopping her cold. Shade looked up to see Yami No 0gou standing there.

“You don’t cross him and live,” he said as she collapsed and demorphed. Kamen Rider Shade saw that it was a Changeling with long green mane and tail, A taller, more slender body build and green midsection. Her malicious green eyes flickered up at Shade before closing.

“You alright?” Yami No 0gou asked Shade as he helped his ally up.

“I think so?” Shade replied shakily before his transformation suddenly fell apart as he suddenly fell to the ground.

The others demorphed and Lunar Rainbow carried him to the medical ward, where Doctors checked him over and after allowing him a few hours to sleep and heal, he came up from the lower level in time for dinner. Alex looked over at a cobalt blue Alicorn with a cream orange mane color and a unique set of eye colors-a faded orange left iris and a faded black right iris.

“Welcome back from the medical ward,” he said.

“Why would you care?” Alex replied almost darkly almost like something had changed with him.

“It’s simple, you helped us, we help you,” the Cobalt Alicorn replied. “You almost seem like your ungrateful. What’s up with you anyway?”

“Oh it’s nothing,” Alex replied through gritted teeth.

“Alex, it’s not nothing,” Daybreaker said.

“Just leave it be, it’s nothing,” Alex replied as a flash of green went through his eyes.

“It seems……you’ve been infected by something,” Nightmare said.

“Oh have I now,” Alex replied, “And pray tell what is it, I’d just love to know, if you don’t, get off my case!”

“You’re carrying the soul of a recently killed enemy,” Daybreaker pointed out.

Alex ran and looked in a mirror. He saw a figure he hoped he’d never see staring back at him. Chrysalis smiled at him.

“Thank you, my little host,” she said.

“Oh fuck this shit,” Alex replied as his body ignited into flames as the figure in the mirror was suddenly surrounded by chains.

She merely smirked. “Right where I want you.”

Alex blinked before things went black. A good 45 minutes later, he came to, to see his body changed and he heard Chrysalis’s voice.

“Hmm, not a perfect fit, but it’ll do,” she said. “Thank you Alex, and take care in the mirror.”

She walked out, cackling under her breath.

“You son of a bitch, get back here!” Alex shouted as he fought against the chains.

“Sorry, no can do,” she said. “I have a world to conquer.”

“Not in my body you’re not,” Alex shouted as the chains around him shattered

She was gone. Alex looked around, before he saw Shining Armor coming in.

“Alex?” he asked. “What the hell are you doing there?”

“Oh I don’t know, just being trapped in this mirror while Chrysalis is controlling my body, and running away with it.”

Shining thought for a minute, before looking at Alex.

“I have a stupid question, but it’s the only way to get you out right now….What pony body would you like?” he asked.

“Please say you’re kidding me,”

“Alex, trust me on this, I’m serious. Sombra can transfer you into your main body when we get it back from Chrysalis. I need to know so you can out of that prison,” Shining Armor said. “Plus, she won’t see this coming.”

“Okay… just, make sure I’m a guy,” Alex sighed in annoyance.

“It’ll be male when you enter. It’ll be just a dummy brought in,” Shining explained. “The question is-which design of pony-Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony or Alicorn, do you prefer?”

“I guess a Alicorn, maybe that way i’ll be able to beat some sense into that bitch,” Alex replied still angry.

Shining disappeared off and returned with a ponyquin in the shape of an Alicorn. Alex transferred over. The process lasted all of 10 minutes. When Alex looked in the mirror, he had a midnight black coat, red and black mane, and a red eye for his cutie mark. To make things better, his “manliness” was still there, in spades. The mane was pulled back into a ponytail. His wings and Horn matched, length for length, Nightmare Moon. His Eyecon was resting on his front hooves.

“I trust this will satisfy for the time being,” Shining Armor said.

“It will do,” Alex replied, still feeling strange in his new body as he fell on his face.

Shining Armor helped Alex get used to the body. The two found the walking portion easy enough to master. As for the magic portion, Shining brought out a military grade weight.

“Can you try to lift that?” Shining asked?

“Let’s see,” Alex replied as his horn ignited in a faint silver glow but was unable to manage to lift the weight.

“This is brilliant,” Shining said. “Now, for the flying portion, you’ll need to be taught by a fellow Alicorn or a pegasus. Any preference in teacher?”

“Why are we bothering trying to teach me this, one I get my body back this whole training session will be null and void right?”

“Yes, but for the time being, it’s going to be a necessity,” Shining replied.

“Okay… who would you recommend?”

“I’d recommend my wife,” Shining smiled. “Best flyer, considering she was a pegasus before becoming an Alicorn.”

“Okay, but I need to ask do we know what Chrysalis is doing with my body?”

“We do,” Shining Armor said. “She’s making it more and more like her old body. We have three months to defeat her properly before you’re stuck as an Alicorn forever.”

“I’m not even giving her a day,” Alex replied as he looked to Shining Armor.

“Ah. There must be something here I don’t know,” the Love Prince replied.

“Oh there is, but i’ll need some help to deal with this permanently.”

“Name it,” Shining Armor said. “Anything to end her permanently.”

Correct me if i’m wrong on this, but if she no longer had a body, she’d just be a ghost right?”

“That’d be correct,” Shining said. “Sombra taught me that one.”

“Well then with Lunar help we could take her down,” Alex said with a smirk.

“Ah, I see,” Shining Armor said.

Alex then trotted off to Lunar Rainbow’s room, where he found her reading a Power Ponies comic.

“Hello, Sergeant Air Fragment,” Lunar said. “Here to tell me you caught me breaking a window and threaten to tell mom and dad if I don’t repair it?”

“...Okay, what the hell Shining, why the hell give me temporary body like this,” Alex groaned.

“Oh, Alex, I didn’t recognize you for a minute. Sorry,” she said.

“Don’t worry about it… I wouldn’t expect you do have anyway with my current situation.”

“I see….wait, what situation?” She asked.

“Lets just say, a certain Changling stole my body, as in currently masquerading around in it, try to make it look like her old one.”

“Oh. Chrysalis at it again?” Lunar asked. “I swear, that’s the fifteenth body she’s stolen.”

“Really fifteen,” Alex admitted before adding, “but this time she’s had a oversight on what she’s in.”

“Yeah,” Lunar Rainbow said. “And we’ll get your body back. If...and it’s a longshot if….if that fails….you do look quite a bit more regal and powerful in your new body. But….that bridge will be crossed when situations push us that far.”

“Oh I plan to get it back today, with your help if you’re willing,” Alex admitted.

“I’m up for anything, just tell me what you want done,” Lunar Rainbow said.

“After I get her out my body I need you to make her ghost tangible so we can take her down.”

“Sounds like a plan,” she said. “I’ve been meaning to take a crack at her myself, after she caused harm to innocent souls.”

Alex nodded. At that minute, Shining Armor came in.

“I’ve got her location!” he blurted, catching them unaware.

“Okay, Shining, how many riders are willing to help?”

“I’ve got the team together,” Shining said. “And they’re raring to go.”

“Who we got?”

Shining Armor rattled off the list of Riders. Lunar Rainbow pulled out a list and gave it to Alex, who scanned the list. He saw “Kamen Rider Ghost” on the list and looked up.

“Got an idea?” Lunar asked him.

“Oh I have, if Ghost is willing that is,” Alex replied with a smile.

Shining Armor left and brought down Silver Script (Kamen Rider Ghost). He eyed up the Alicorn.

“You wanted me?’ he asked the Alicorn.

“Yes, we need you to help us take down Chrysalis hopefully for good this time,” Alex replied

“Count me in, in triplicate,” Silver Script said.

“Good, then you’ll need these,” Alex said as he held out to him three of his Eyecons these Musashi, Billy the Kid and Houdini Eyecons as he said “I’m loaning these to you to help take her down.”

Silver Script nodded.

“Thanks for these,” he said. “They’ll come in handy.”

“It’s only temporary understand,” Alex repeated.

“I understand,” Silver Script said.

Lunar looked up. “Shall we kick ass and take back a body?”

“Doesn’t matter if you get his ‘body’ back if she just takes it again,” A strange voice said from seemingly nowhere.

“Who’s there?!” Lunar Rainbow demanded

No voice returned as a small clear Eyecon appeared in Alex’s hand, he remembered these ones, and despised them. “Use this to deal with her.”

“A new Eyecon? And what is this one?” Shining Armor asked, as he picked it up.

“This thing is not safe Eyecon.”

“Ah,” Shining Armor said. “We won’t use that then.”

“It’s pretty much a prison cell, made to break a ghost’s mind down completely to whatever the person who used it wants… this thing is physically wrong to even have had in my hand. It makes me feel sick.”

Shining Armor gave it a disapproving look. “Shall I dispose of it?”

“...No… as much as I hate to admit it, we’re going to use it to trap and defeat Chrysalis, she has no right to do what she has to anyone else.” Alex replied.

“Okay,” replied Shining Armor softly. “We’ll make it a one time deal. Once this is complete, we shall never speak of this again.”

“Agreed, if it works, i’ll take this away with me, and ensure she never gets free again.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” Shining Armor admitted.

“If that is what I think it is,” Lunar said, examining it. “Alex, you might end up cloning yourself as a byproduct.”

“It won’t, I know what this accursed this does to it’s target.”

Lunar nodded, but the thought was in the back of her mind. The team suited up and moved out. Following Kamen Rider Crystal Shield, they found Chrysalis in a rundown warehouse, trying to summon a monster.

“Shall we?” Kamen Rider Crystal Orb asked.

Alex just nodded as he went invisible, sneaking inside ahead of the others. He looked around at the decrepit building before spotting Chrysalis in his body, opening a portal. A giant moth monster came out of the portal.

“Distract them,” she said. “I’m going to open a sealing pool, so I can seal myself in this body.”

The monster nodded. Alex watched as she opened the pool as he slowly got closer, praying his plan would come off.

“Now, to finally have a new body, so I can rule the world!” she cackled loudly before she suddenly felt her legs weaken as she fell onto her knees.

“What’s going on?!” she shrieked in anger. “This shouldn’t be failing me!”

It was at this moment Alex’s body was sucked back into his Eyecon as he smirked.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Chrysalis’s Ghost shrieked in pure rage.

Alex didn’t reply until he reached the door morphed as Shade before he became visible and said, “You will learn why you don’t fuck with me,” before he ran outside to both assist the others in eliminating the monster, and bringing Chrysalis outside to the group.

“Our turn,” Kamen Rider Ghost said.

He watched them thoroughly thrash her. When they finished, Kamen Rider Shade looked at her as he placed a foot against her neck, “So, is this how you thought today would go?”.

She nodded. “I had it all laid out,” she gasped.

“Why don’t you tell them what it was,” Shade requested with a smirk finding enjoyment in watching her suffering as he put a bit more force on her neck.

Chrysalis managed to tell them her entire plan, eventually before Shade said “Anything you’d like to say to them?”

“Rot in Tartarus!” she gasped out.

Shade then looked at her before he said with a smirk, “You know maybe I’ll have you do just that.”

She growled. The others were ready.

“Your orders?” Kamen Rider Crystal Blade asked.

“Stand her up, I have a change of plans for her,” Shade admitted as he kicked her in the side towards the group.

Using Yami No 0gou and Kamen Rider Ghost as props, they stood Chrysalis up.

“Taking mercy?” she asked.

“Trust me, you’ll question the fact if this is merciful in a second,” Shade replied before adding “Once the attack starts get away from her, you don’t want to get caught in this.”

The two bracing her, as well as the others nodded.

“Ready when you are,” Kamen Rider Ghost said.

Shade then pulled the handle on his Driver as a demonic voice shouted out “ Omega Capture!” before black and red flames ignited around Alex’s arms and legs as the others got clear of the attack before the flames surrounded Chrysalis engulfing her along with obscuring everyone’s view of her, the only sound being heard was her screaming in pure terror.

“Sure knows how to put on a show,” ToQ1gou whispered to Kamen Rider Recluse Archer.

She nodded, then turned back to the firework show before them. They then heard her do something she had refused to do many times before, plea for mercy.

“STOP THIS! I’LL CHANGE! I SWEAR!” she yelled out, hoping it would stop the attack.

“Oh you’ll change alright… just not how you think,” Alex replied as she began to scream even louder.

After a while of it going on, the flames around her suddenly dissipated revealing Chrysalis’s body covered in pulsating red and black chains that were wrapped around her entire body which lay almost limply even though they could see her chest moving slightly, tears running down her face.

“Alright,” Kamen Rider Crystal Shield said. “Even you have to admit, that was a bit too far.”

“Trust me on this was more merciful than her going in that Eyecon.”

As he said that, something drew their attention. Chrysalis was changing. Kamen Rider Crystal Shield knelt down as a familiar, and welcome face became visible.

“Well, I do believe we found our missing Hayseed Swamps Hive Queen,” he said, looking up at Alex, who was now confused.

“What do you mean?” Alex asked as he demorphed.

“15 years ago, a teenage Changeling Queen by the name Sink Pit disappeared and her mother, Marsh Grass ended up taking her life,” Kamen Rider Crystal Shield said. “The circumstances for her disappearance were not known, but now…we know.”

Alex knelt down. All the burn marks and chains were gone, but he noticed tons of bruises and cuts that had to have been made when she was kidnapped. Rolling her onto her back, he had to hold down the urge to look away. Beating marks were everywhere.

“Sick, isn’t it?” Kamen Rider Crystal Shield asked, softly.

“What the hell happened to her,” Alex asked.

“Beaten and tortured by Chrysalis into being a vessel, so if Chrysalis failed, she could come back and exact revenge,” Kamen Rider Crystal Shield said.

“So what you think Chrysalis is coming back sooner rather than later, and what about this one?”

“First point’s first; your fire attack had the inadvertent effect of permanently ridding us of Chrysalis, so she won’t return. On point #2, as much as you’re probably not going to like this, we’re going to bring her back with us. I’d rather not leave her here, alone and in this weakened state,” Shining Armor said, as he demorphed.

“I wasn’t going to suggest that… but we may have a problem with her, she’s going to wake thinking by name she is Chrysalis… and, with no memories of before.”

“Ever heard of Astral Prison?” Shining Armor asked.


“An Astral Prison is a sort of plane, where a ghost goes when it inhabits a body. When the ghost takes over, the host is moved to the Astral Prison, memories and all, and will have no recollection of what happened when the invading ghost took his or her body to do deeds,” Shining Armor explained, as simply as he could. “In short, she’ll have her memories, but will not be aware of what happened while Chrysalis was in her body.”

“That’s not the problem,” Alex replied, “The attack I used it….”

Shining Armor gave him a pat on the shoulder. “Don’t worry,” he said. “We can fix it, together.”

Sink Pit looked up at them through bleary eyes before Alex saw her and asked “are you okay?”

At first he got no reply until Alex heard her say the words he was dreading “Standing by, please input new directive.”

“Crap,” Alex said in annoyance.

“What’s happened to her?” Sombra asked, demorphing. “Why does she sound like a computer?”

“Because the attack I used is literally like restoring one to factory settings, she has nothing in there. The attack is like a scar on the mind, body and soul, it removed everything from the target.”

“Can it be reversed?” Sombra asked.

“In a way… but I can’t set her back to what she was, it’s basically rewired her entire brain, and I have no way to tell what parts of her mind were like before, nevermind recreate the memories from before she was turned into a vessel.”

Sombra closed his eyes and thought before looking at Alex.

“Ever dream walked?” he asked.

“No… I haven’t why?”

“It’s the best way to fix this,” he said. “Because I believe that you didn’t erase her memories or any of her personality, just locked it away behind strong chains and doors.”

Alex then looked to Sink Pit before he said “Reinstate prior memories.”

“Prior memories not found, please input new directive,” she replied in a monotonous voice.

“Reinstate previous personality.”

“Previous Personality not found, please input new directive.”

“See, it’s a complete mind wipe… I have no idea how to undo it any of it.”

Daybreaker chuckled, having seen this before.

“Alex, I would like you to join me on a dreamwalk,” she said. “You might see what Sombra’s saying here.”

“Okay then, let’s go,” Alex replied hopefully.

The two closed their eyes and before Alex knew it, he found himself in Sink Pit’s mind. Looking around, he saw chains and giant locked doors.

“What’s behind those doors?”

“Sink Pit’s personality and memory behind the soft green chains,” Daybreaker said. “But behind the molten orange chains, I’m getting the feeling of unease….”

“What’s the difference?” Alex asked.

From beyond the Molten Orange Chained door, they heard an unwelcome voice.


“Chrysalis,” Daybreaker said. “When you performed your “Memory Wipe” attack, it didn’t memory wipe her as you thought, it simply locked the personalities away. Any suggestions?”

“I have one, the wipe may not have worked as intended but it may have left an imprint on her mind, it’s possible I could trigger it.”

“That sounds like a plan. Also, I have a question-when you trigger the imprint, do you want us to move “Chrysalis” over to some kind of new body?” Daybreaker asked.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I was thinking, if we moved “Chrysalis” over to a new body, you can reperform your Factory Reset attack and turn Chrysalis into your servant while leaving Sink Pit unharmed,” Daybreaker said.

“You sure you don’t want to handle Chrysalis after, make her face you’re kinds judgement for her sins?”

“Trust me on this,” Daybreaker said. “We tried that years ago, and it failed....We need something drastic now. I wouldn’t ask this if I didn’t have faith in you.”

“And thanks for putting the work servant for her in my head, makes me feel bad for the others.”

Daybreaker thought for a minute. “Alex, can a servant you create be given over to another and put under the other’s control?”

“No idea, the only other time I used that finisher was on a monster, and I didn’t have anyone else to take him.”

“We can try that,” Daybreaker said. “Because I think you haven’t fully tapped into your power.”

“We’ll see then, first we need to deal with her here though.”

Alex and Daybreaker walked up to one of the doors with Molten Orange Chains. “Now what?” Daybreaker asked.

“Why you asking me? I have idea how things work in here.”

“I ask you as I may have a plan, but I want to see what idea you have,” Daybreaker replied.

“What’s your plan first of all, I may be able to add onto it.”

“The plan, as I had it was to have a Ponyquin made up to look like Chrysalis and move her into it, before letting you turn her into a factory reset computer,” Daybreaker said.

“You’re enjoying thinking of her like that ain’t you, and what about when he get to her in here, you have a plan for that?”

“She’s in a weakened state right now,” Daybreaker said. “Generally, when in this manner, the invading ghost is in a weakened state and is, while not 100% true, easier to handle.”

“Then we sort this before she is all that powerful,” Alex replied calmly

“That’s my thought exactly. It’s like we’re one in the same,” Daybreaker chuckled softly. .

“Okay, you ready?”

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

“Well then let’s finish this.”

The two turned to the door and Daybreaker smashed the chain. The door creaked open slightly and the two slid in and found Chrysalis sitting, a map on a table.

“Chrysalis, Surrender it’s over,” Alex said calmly.

She growled, then turned.

“You’re right, it is over,” She said. “I surrender.”

“Good, now hand behind your head on get on the ground,” Alex ordered before adding “We can create some handcuffs or something right?”

“Yes,” Daybreaker said, lighting her horn.

A set of hoofcuffs appeared and cuffed Chrysalis.

“Now Chrysalis, you will follow me until i give you an order as to do anything, fail to do so, and I will make you suffer even more than when I defeated you earlier, understand.”

She nodded.

“Good,” Alex replied as he grabbed ahold of he restrained hands before saying “let’s get out of here and get everything sorted.”

They moved out as Daybreaker turned to Alex.

“Her ponyquin is ready,” she said.

“Okay, let’s get this done,” Alex replied.

Daybreaker nodded. He and Daybreaker left and watched as a blackish green mist surrounded the ponyquin. After several hours waiting, they heard Chrysalis groan.

“Welcome back to the land of the Living,” Alex mocked already transformed into Shade. She stood up, only to collapse in a heap. “How are you feeling?”

“Does “Cold, Hungry, Miserable and in pain?” sound good?” she snarked back at him.

“Don’t worry, you won’t need to worry about that in a few minutes,” Shade replied calmly.

She just looked up at him. “What’re you gonna do? Shove cakes down my throat?”

Shade didn’t answer as he pulled the handle on his Driver again before it said “Shade! Omega Capture!” As he moved his body into position to use the finisher.

She noticed his stance, but said nothing. Right now, anything would have felt better than her current condition.

It was at this point the same chains and flames from before struck her but in her state the attack only lasted a few seconds, with her only letting out a weak whimper before she hung loosely in the chains before Alex asked her “Chrysalis, you okay?”

“Standing by, please input new directive,” she replied in the same state as Sink Pit had before.

Alex then turned to Daybreaker before he said “Want do you want from her?”

Daybreaker smiled. “A loyal ally and trusted associate,” she said.

Alex nodded before saying “Chrysalis, your new designation is to be a loyal ally and trusted associate to Daybreaker and her allies.”

“New directive, rejected,” she replied. “I refuse to hand my life over to anyone but Kamen Rider Shade.”

Daybreaker tried to think of a solution.

“Just split Alex into two,” Scootaloo said. “Problem solved.”

“And how would you do that? And where did you come from?”

“I just came back from facing off against a giant Moth/Pony monster and have Luna perform a split spell,” Scootaloo replied.

“Frankly I don’t want that,” Alex replied.

“How about this, Alex, do you have an empty Eyecon?” Daybreaker asked.

“Just the one that that voice gave me,” Alex admitted.

“A suggestion,” Daybreaker said. “Create a new version of Kamen Rider Shade. Not a clone, but something like Kamen Rider Shade-Z3 or along that line.”

“How would that work?”

“From my basic understanding,” Daybreaker said. “If we were to clone Kamen Rider Shade, it would be upgraded to be different from the original. However, it would have some of the same abilities, including your finisher and would thus allow Chrysalis to stay even when you return. I could be wrong, but where’s the fun in not trying?”

“...You realise what made the Shade Eyecon was my own soul right?” Alex admitted.

“I know that,” Daybreaker said.

Sombra stepped in.

“Alex, are you familiar with “Replacement Connection”?” Sombra asked.

“No i’m not,” Alex replied

“I came across this in studying Soul Created Morphers and Eyecons,” Sombra said. “What it does is, say we clone or make a copy of “Yami No 0gou” even though my soul made it when I died, the “Clone” would find a suitable replacement to allow it and it’s powers to stay in this universe even when I’m not here to use the powers.”

It was at this point Chrysalis spoke up and said “I refuse to follow anything but the original Shade.”

“Man, she really is picky… in fact i’m surprised she can even make a decision herself this second.”

At that moment, they heard laughing.

“What’s so funny,” Both Chrysalis and Alex replied in unison.

It was Sink Pit, who had finally come to and looked at them.

“Chrysalis is only picky because she finds you to be...a superior leader to Daybreaker,” she said.

“Me… A better leader to Daybreaker? I hate to say it but I bearly lead anyone.”

“I know that, you know that, Daybreaker knows that, but Chrysalis doesn’t know that,” Sink Pit said. “If you want, to release her from you, I can use a bit of contract magic.”

“Daybreaker, Sombra, are you both okay with me taking her as my own, that way she’ll never bother you again.”

“That’s fine by us,” they said. “Just don’t be surprised if she starts developing feelings for you.”

“Frankly if your daughter is any indication of that fact, I should be worried already.”

Lunar Rainbow fell about laughing.

“Alex, I like you, as a friend. As a boyfriend…..you’re not exactly grade A material,” she giggled.

“Fair enough,” Alex admitted with a shrug of his shoulders.

She walked over and thrust a small, wrapped box at him.

“Huh, whats this for?” Alex asked.

“Open it sometime,” she said.

“Okay, I will once we finish this,” Alex replied before he looked to Chrysalis as he said, “Chrysalis, I order you to entrust your life to me and for you to serve me till a time as which you are released from our pact, you will serve as a protector to those that assist me or those we serve. Do you agree to your new directive?”

“I do Master Shade, I swear my undying loyalty to you,” Chrysalis replied as he knelt down with her head lowered to him before a red and black chain appeared around her neck before moving under her chitin as a red light stuck Alex’s chest between them as a black band appeared on his arm with a symbol of two green crossed pistols.engraved into it.

“Impressive,” Daybreaker said.

Alex then looked to Sink Pit before he said “How are you feeling?”

“Honestly,” she said. “I’m doing fine. Swamplings or Swamp Dwelling Changelings have a fast healing factor. Just with my body being mistreated, it took some time for it all to take effect.”

“I see, my apologies for my part in your injuries.”

“That’s fine,” she said. “Don’t worry.”

“Okay, Thank you for that,” Alex replied before Chrysalis disappeared in a flash of green light that drifted into the new band on his arm, as the pistol shaped engravings filled out in what looked like an emerald glow.

“So what happened to her?” Daybreaker asked.

“From my limited understanding, she’s resting in this band until she’s needed, it seems that being in this heals all their injuries and physical problems, one of my allies had taken an axe to the head and came out of this a few hours later completely healed up.”

“Ah,” Daybreaker said. “That’s interesting.”

“It is, I currently have two allies in the same position as Chrysalis is now.”

“Ah,” Celestia said. “I assume you have to return to your own dimension.”

“I will have to soon yes, Midnight is probably worried sick,” Alex admitted.

“Wish her well from us, if you please,” Daybreaker said. “I’d like to meet her sometime.”

“Knowing her she’ll want me to find a way to bring her with me when we meet again,” Alex admitted as his body suddenly fluctuated as he randomly turned back into the Alicorn body he had been inhabiting before, “What the heck happened there?”

“I think it’s that you and the Alicorn body have a deeper connection than you think,” Daybreaker said. “Also, it might be trying to tell you that Midnight will be more welcoming to you as a pony.”

“Possibly,” Alex replied as his body switched back again, “I guess I’ll need to learn how to control that now.”

“Yes, or, if you want, I can create a “Regulator” device,” Cold Front suggested. “Something that will allow you to change between the two forms.”

“Hmm… how long would it take?” Alex asked.

“I could have it made in two hours,” he said.

“I guess I could hold off for that long, if you’re all fine with that?”

“That’s fine,” Daybreaker said. “Besides, dinner will be ready in five. Hope you like salad.”

Alex didn’t reply on account of not wanting to be rude, but before he could say anything a small portal opened up above him as a small Eyecon appeared before a bright light appeared from it and a small black alicorn filly was gripping the back of his neck with a massive grin on her face.

“Hello dad!” she squeaked as she hung her body off Alex’s back.

“Midnight, how did you get here?”

“Oh I was practicing a spell using that token thing of yours and a portal opened up, and here I am,” Midnight replied happily, “So… where are we?”

“You’re in another reality, I was going to be coming home in a few hours, I just had to handle something first.”

“Ohh… what was it?” Midnight asked curiously as Alex’s body shifted again.

“This, this is what I needed to get fixed.”

“Cool, you’re an Alicorn now!” Midnight shouted giddily. “Mom’s gonna love this!”

Alex saw Daybreaker chuckle softly.

“It seems we may have inadvertently answered a wish,” she said.

“Who’s?” Alex asked.

“Your young daughter’s wish,” Daybreaker said.

“Oh you think I dreamed of this?” Midnight replied, “No, all I meant was that it was cool to see my dad as an Alicorn.”

Daybreaker chuckled softly.

“Alex, should I break your daughter’s mind real quick?” she asked him.

“What are you wanting to do to me?” Midnight asked.

“We have a Luna here,” Daybreaker said. “As well as a Nightmare Moon.”

Midnight began to giggle before she said “Who do you think I am?”

“A surprisable young filly,” Daybreaker said.

Just then, Luna walked up with Nightmare. Midnight turned and the surprised gasp filled Alex’s ears. “That’s what I looked like when I was part of Luna!”

“Yes Midnight, it was.”

Nightmare smiled over at them. “Hello there, young prince,” she said.

“I don’t believe I’m a stallion?” Midnight replied with a smirk.

“She was referring to the stallion you’re resting on, young Midnight,” Daybreaker chuckled.

“...I’m not royalty,” Alex replied.

Daybreaker chuckled softly, “We know that, but everyone else sees you as a prince.”

“...They do?” Alex replied

“The Citizens see you as a royal, due to you being an Alicorn,” Daybreaker said.

“...Oh god, I’m so screwed,” Alex groaned.

“Don’t you worry about it. With your daughter and your marefriend by your side, you’ll be a great prince,” Daybreaker said. “Just have a little faith in your abilities.”

“It’ll be a long time before that’s a thing,” Alex replied, “Us being on the moon and all that.”

“Well, Don’t worry about that. Just keep yourself as a great dad and a great husband,” Daybreaker smiled. “When you and Luna do return, you two can take it in turns to run the court.”

“When we do get home I have a feeling I’ll need to find a place to call home, can’t imagine the Everfree palace will be the same when we get back.”

“Celestia will have founded Canterlot by the time of your return,” Daybreaker pointed out.

“And how long will that be?” Alex asked curiously.

“About 1000 years later,” Daybreaker said.

“...You’re kidding me,” Alex replied in disbelief.

“No,” Daybreaker replied.

“Great… that’s just great,” Alex groaned.

“Don’t worry,” Daybreaker said. “You can salvage anything given to you.”

“Well if we need a vacation I can always bring her here,” Alex suggested with a smirk.

“Your welcome to,” Daybreaker said. “You might be in for a surprise here.”

“I don’t know how to feel about that.”

“Let me put it this way, it’s an entire undersea city, as well as a Changeling Hive,” Daybreaker said. “And they have tons of bookstores and clothing stores.”

“That would be interesting to see.”

“It is, considering they have Victorian era architecture with a large medieval castle, where the Queen resides. Tell you what, If you’re up for a holiday, I’ll bring your Luna here, so you three can relax,” Daybreaker suggested.

Alex turned to Midnight before he said “Maybe we’ll save that for our next trip here, don’t want to exhaust all our options right away, besides we have around nine hundred and ninety-nine years to live through first.”

“That’s true,” Daybreaker said. “Anyway, let’s head back and Cold Front will make you a regulator….unless you like being an Alicorn.”

“I’d like to have both to be honest.”

Daybreaker nodded and they returned to the castle. Cadence decided to take the opportunity to teach Alex how to fly as an Alicorn, while Midnight rode on her back. He found it hard to balance at first, but soon got the hang of it. The glow of the moon behind them was relaxing.

As they did this Alex looked to Cadance before he said to her, “Looks like your theory about about Lunar being in love with me was wrong.”

“That’s fine,” Cadence said. “I don’t mind being wrong.”

“Still what made you think that was the case in the first place?”

“The way she behaved in front of you,” Cadence said. “Normally, she’s quiet, shy and hidden away.”

“I would have been in her position to be honest,” Alex muttered to himself.

“Why is that?” Cadence asked as the two glided along.

“It’s probably best I don’t answer that.”

Cadence softly chuckled before asking, “How are you finding your new gliding ability?”

“It’s different to using Houdini to fly,” Alex admitted.

“I see,” Cadence said. “Glad you like it. And you’re going to surprise your universe’s Luna when you return?”

“Most likely… though i doubt much could surprise her being she’s dating a dead, technically immortal nineteen year old boy from another reality, who just so happens to hold similar abilities to those of a close friend who was murdered with her father in front of her.”

“Ah,” Cadence said. “Well, you never know…..”

“Never know what?”

“You’ll never know if she’s going to be surprised or not,” Cadence said. “I’ve only been a princess for 500 years, and yet I still get surprised.”

“You’ve still got more experience than me.”

Cadence giggled sweetly and the two flew onward. As they reached the White Tail Woods, the two lowered their altitude and glided through the shadows of the trees. When they reached the castle, they landed. Once on the ground, the two walked into the castle and Alex followed Cadence down the hall. The smell of salads and roasted potatoes filled the air as they neared the end of the main corridor. Alex noticed Cadence turn left and he followed her into a large dining room. He looked around at the others in the room before taking a seat as Midnight sat in his lap.

“That’s a cute little filly,” Leon said, taking notice of Midnight.

Midnight just smiled at Leon before Alex said “Thank you she’s my adopted daughter, she somehow created a portal here.”

“I see,” replied Leon, before turning to Midnight. “Do you sometimes wish you had siblings?”

“What’s a sibling?” Midnight asked curiously.

“A brother or a sister, either older than you, the same age as you or younger than you,” Leon explained. “Someone else to share in the love of the family and give you a hard time.”

Midnight just rubbed her chin before she said “Maybe… but i’m happy with what I have, all things considered.”

“It’s a suggestion,” Leon said. “Also, it seems my cousin is impressed with you.”

That statement caught Alex and Midnight off guard, “Impressed with me? Why?”

The others chuckled as Midnight tried to puzzle it out. She finally threw her hooves up in defeat. At last, Luna spoke up.

“It’s okay,” Luna said. “Not every detail in every universe can be known.”

“I know that,” Alex replied.

“It’s alright,” Luna said.

Soon, dinner appeared before them. Midnight looked at the giant salad bowl before looking to Alex as she said “Umm… should we tell them?”

“Tell us what?” Luna asked.

“Umm… I didn’t want to be rude before, but neither of us are required to eat to survive, I don’t even know if Midnight needs to, or I have any way to.”

He got his answer when he heard Midnight’s stomach rumble. She went red with embarrassment.

“Sorry….” she began to apologize, but Nightmare smiled.

“It’s fine. We can get you served up,” she told the young filly.

“Thank you,” Midnight replied as she rubbed the back of her head.

The others laughed. Daybreaker served up the dinner. One thing that confused Midnight was a sandwich with Prench Fries in it.

“Umm… what are these things?” Midnight asked

“Prench Fries,” Celestia said. “In a Toasted Chip Butty.”

“Maybe I should explain, she’s never eaten any sort of food, we never had a chance her only coming into existence when we arrived on the moon.”

“Ah,” Daybreaker said. “Maybe when you come, we can show her loads more things to do. Anyway, shall we continue with what we are doing here?”

“That may be for the best,” Alex replied as Midnight began eating.

The others waded in and soon, they had disposed of the entire dinner (Midnight eating her fair share and then some, which caused Alex to chuckle).

“Thank you for your hospitality,” Alex replied.

“No problem,” Daybreaker said.

After the dishes were cleared away, the group went back to the main recreation room. Midnight looked around at all the games and strange equipment.

Alex just smiled to Midnight before he said “Have some fun while we’re here go ahead.”

“Are you sure? Thank you,”she replied before running around trying to play with everything she could.

The others chuckled. Lunar Rainbow gently picked her up and the two played “Go Fish” for several hours. As they finished their seventh round, Cold Front entered with a small device and gave it to Alex.

“Your regulator. The button on the left allows you to go back to being a human. The button on the right allows you to be an Alicorn,” Cold Front said. “Mind testing it out?”

“Where does it need to go?” Alex asked.

“Pick either your front left or front right hoof,” Cold Front said.

“Okay then.” Alex replied as he placed the regulator on his right arm.

“Right, now give the right button a push,” Cold Front said.

Alex did as he was asked as his form shifted into his Alicorn for and stayed as that without fluctuating.

“I’d say that was a success,” Cold Front replied.

“Seems to be, no malfunctions so far,” Alex agreed.

After a few more tests, and some minor modifications, it was finished. He turned to see that Midnight was sleeping, tucked under Cadence’s left wing.

“Heh cute,” Alex replied with a smile.

“It is,” Daybreaker smiled softly. “Oh and it’s just about time for you and Midnight to go home.”

“I guess it is,” Alex replied as he remembered the gift Lunar had given him as he quickly picked it up and opened it to find a small locket. Opening it, Alex saw a photo across both sides and it was all of them.

Alex simply smiled at he looked at the amulet as he remembered something as he asked Daybreaker, “This world has nobody like me does it.”

“Not really,” Daybreaker said.

“Well apart from that other Alex that is.”

“He’s a former lackey of Chrysalis who just disappeared after she swore her life to you,” Daybreaker pointed out. “In fact, her whole hive did that.”

“Of course they did bet he’ll be out for blood for this,” Alex replied.

“Wouldn’t surprise me,” Cadence said.”Her hive’s known for that.”

“I see… anyway, I was going to say that I was only able to get here because Luna used my token to summon me, is it possible for you to use your magic to link this to your reality so I can return at a later date safely, or on the flip side, allow you access to my world.”

“That can be done,” Daybreaker said.

Just as she prepared to cast the spell, a bolt of magic appeared out of nowhere and missed Midnight and Shining Armor by an inch.

“Who in god’s name did that?” Alex asked in shock.

Just then, a Changeling with large, fierce green eyes and a green midsection appeared and faced Alex.

“YOU!” he snarled and charged at Alex.

“Me!” Alex shouted back as he sidestepped the oncoming Changeling striking it in the back knocking the wind out of in and forcing it to the ground and Alex put weight on it’s back pinning it down. “What do you want.”

“A Duel!” the Changeling snarled.

“No offense, but I think from this, it’s obvious the outcome of a duel between us.”

“After what you did to our queen, it’s a call for revenge,” the Changeling growled.

“I refuse to duel you, you’d be signing your own death warrant.”

The Changeling continued to snarl and make threats.

Alex just sighed and said “If it’s a duel you want we take it outside face to face, one on one, but I will not face you in here.”

The Changeling agreed and the two made their way out to the Courtyard. Once facing each other, the Changeling (Alex) stood ready.

“You sure you want this?” Alex asked one last time as he reached for his Eyecon in his pocket as his Driver appeared on his waist.

“Yes, to show you what happens to those who dishonor the Hive,” he growled.

“I did no such thing, your queen died and took my body, I only retrieved it, and dealt with her for the crimes she committed,” Alex replied.

“The Queen cannot commit any crimes!” the Changeling barked.

“Your delusional,” Alex replied sadly as he realised their was no getting through to the changling, “Who leads your hive now your queen has passed.”

“A queen named Blitz,” he snarled at Alex.

“For the duel to be official she need to agree on the life of her subjects and the costs of this duel, you currently are too lost in anger to make such a call on either decision.”

The Changeling growled and sent a message back. In an hour, the queen arrived. Alex saw she was the same size as Chrysalis, but he noticed the faded yellow irises.

“Queen Blitz I assume,” Alex replied with a bow.

“Yes,” she said. “May I ask why you had me summoned from a negotiation of Military Cross Training with the Crystal Empire?”

“One of your people has challenged me to a duel over the death of the former leader of your hive but is lost in his own emotions, to make a call I can accept on good conscious, as the new leader of the hive he belongs to I feel like the choice on this should fall to you, but I do apologize for having you called to sort this mess out.”

“I see. And not wishing any ill to fall on either of you, but seeing that honor runs deep in him, I shall oversee the duel. I have one simple condition,” she said, glancing over at Alex.

“Name it, I have no intention to deny anything your request that is reasonable.”

“That should this Changeling fall to you, you do not strike him down, and I shall take him and punish him accordingly,” she said.

“And if he refuses to accept mercy at that point and attempts to strike me once he has lost, what then?”

“He shall be killed, memories wiped and reborn,” she said. “A fate worse than being exiled. I could almost go for giving him to you after the whole rebirth and he has to stay with you and Luna as your son and Midnight’s younger brother. Your thoughts?”

“Well three things, one how did you know of my life back home, and two, are you sure you’re willing to sacrifice him that way, and last of all, what are you wanting me to wager on this if I lose?”

“You do not need to wager. If you lose, that will be that. And I am sure. I’ve seen this 5,847 times and know it well,” she said. “As for me knowing of your life back home, in your universe….That was something i merely guessed at.”

“I see,” Alex replied as he said “I agree to those terms, and thank you for taking your own time out of your day to oversee this.”

“It’s no problem,” she said. “I want to rectify the mess caused by Chrysalis.”

“That is very honorable of you, Queen Blitz,” Alex admitted as he stood and turned to the Changeling he was about to duel as he transformed and bowed to him in respect.

The Changeling transformed as well and bowed. The two turned.

“Count of ten and turn,” Blitz said. “The first to fall in the fewest hits loses.”

She gave the countdown. As soon as the tail end of the N in “Ten” was heard, Kamen Rider Shade turned and rapidly brought his sword up to defend himself.

Kamen Rider Western aimed to grab his weapon and fumbled. Kamen Rider Shade took the opportunity as he quickly charged forwards the end of his sword colliding with Western’s wrist sending his weapon flying from his grasp before a swift kick was delivered to his chest.

Kamen Rider Western attempted to get up and grab his secondary weapon, but collapsed in pain from the kick and demorphed. He hadn’t been ready for that.

Alex then once again bowed to the Changeling before turning to Blitz and doing the same.

“The agreement stands,” she said.

“Thank you Queen Blitz,” Alex replied calmly.

They were about to part ways when something shot passed Alex as he looked back to the Changeling to see that the Changeling was up and attacking. He then made his most dangerous error, when he tried to go after Midnight, who was protected by five Alicorns.

It was at this point a familiar sound was heard as a multiple bell chimes was heard and a voice shouted out “Time in the palm of your hand!” before Alex appeared from seemingly nowhere in front of him. The Changeling wasn’t going to change course. Just then, something hit the Changeling and sent him flying into one of the castle walls.

“Sorry for the damage,” Queen Blitz said.

“Queen Blitz, I need to make a request on the second part of the deal in this eventuality, please keep him in your domain until I am in a position to properly care for him, I know I am asking a lot, but if I am take take him in as my son, I want him to start somewhere where he can grow up in a stable home.”

“Understood,” Queen Blitz smiled. “He shall be waiting for you.”

“Thank you Queen Blitz,” Shade replied as he walked over to the dazed Changeling quickly grabbing ahold of him forcing his arm behind his back into a position that forced him to follow Shade’s directions as he led him to face his queen.

“No need to be so damn .rough!” the Changeling snarled.

“You should have thought about that before going after my daughter,” Shade replied as he put a bit more force on forcing him to his knees in front of Queen Blitz.

She lit her horn. Shade moved as a faded black magic orb rose around the Changeling. They watched the process. After a few minutes waiting, the Queen turned to Shade.

“He will be waiting for you,” Queen Blitz said.

“Once again I thank you,” Alex replied as he placed his hand out to her not expecting much from his gesture.

She raised her hoof and they shook.

“It was a pleasure to meet you,” she said.

“Hopefully next time will be under better circumstances.”

“It should be,” she said. “I wish you both well.”

Alex simply nodded back before saying “You too.”

Queen Blitz stayed and each of them fed a line into a portal back to the moon, where Alex’s Luna was waiting. Once everything was ready, Daybreaker bid him and Midnight farewell.

Alex and Midnight then looked to the group before bowing to them all as Alex said “Thank you for having us, hopefully we’ll meet again in better circumstances.”

They nodded and and the two were soon back on the moon in their universe. Alex jammed his hand into a coat pocket and felt something as he pulled it out to see the amulet he had been been gifted, which glowed in a faint golden glow before he placed it over his neck before he and Midnight walked back into the abandoned moonbase they had been residing in.

Just before they reached base, Midnight whispered into Alex’s ear, “Give her a surprise. She’s been feeling down lately.”

“You’re a pest, you know that,” Alex replied with a knowing chuckle as he pressed the button on the regulator before he switched forms into an Alicorn as they walked into there home to see Luna sitting on one of the seats looking away from the door.

Alex then slowly walked behind her and placed his hooves over her eyes as he said “Guess who.”

“Alex, it’s good to see you back,” she then removed his hands only to freeze as she realised his hands weren’t covered in skin but fine black hairs as she suddenly spun around to see him as she said “Alex! What happened to you! Why are you an Alicorn?!”

“Thats a long story… which we have a long time to talk about.”

“Yeah, a very long time!” Midnight chimed in.

“You two are unbearable sometimes,” Luna groaned.

“You love it really,” Alex replied with a smirk.

“You’re right… I do,” She replied before kissing Alex. “And I look forward to hearing all about what you got up to, like where you got this necklace.”

“As I said it’s a long story.”

Midnight then perked up before she said, “Just wait…” only to stop herself suddenly.

“What were you about to say?” Luna asked.

“Nothing, it’s a secret,” Midnight replied with a chuckled as she walked away and said “I’m going to head to my room for a bit, I’ll talk to you both later.”

Once she had gone Luna asked Alex, “So what happened?”

“Take a seat because we’re in this one for the long haul,” Alex admitted as he retold her the events that had occurred.

Chapter 8

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The remaining nine hundred and Ninety Nine years on the moon almost seemed to pass quickly. Alex mastered his skills with each Eyecon he had obtained in the intervening time.

Luna, Midnight and Alex had chose to collect everything they could use from the base, this included the Fourze Driver and Switch’s from inside the moonbase, which had caused the power to be cut when the Elek Switch was removed.

After they were sure they had collected everything that was important, they had decided to sit outside under the stars once again, deciding that it would be the best place to wait for the time that they would return to planet below.

“What do you think it will be like down there after all this time?” Luna asked as she rest her head against Alex’s shoulder.

“Who knows? A lot can change in one-thousand years,” Alex admitted.

“I guess that’s true,” Luna chuckled.

“But I do wonder how exactly we do get back down to the planet?” Alex admitted.

“Did you not ask?” Luna replied.


“Maybe the stars will help when they aline?” Midnight suggested.

“...What made you think of that?” Alex asked.

“The fact they just lined up and everyone’s glowing,” Midnight pointed out as she chuckled.

“That would do it,” Alex replied with a smile as each of them were surrounded in a bright white light before they each were blinded by the sudden flash from whatever was happening.

As the light faded Alex found himself no longer on the moon, but also no longer with Luna and Midnight.

It was at this point he looked at himself as he realised he had somehow changed back to looking like an Alicorn as he looked at his wrist to see that it didn’t seem to be damaged as he quickly pressed it again as her reverted back to his human form before going invisible to any civilians nearby.

He then looked around as he saw that he was in what looked like a small town as he found himself outside of a large building, it had white exterior walls with large pink stain glass windows, along with this surrounding the building was wooden beams along with wooden fencing between the posts.

“Well… this is different,” Alex replied walking towards one of the windows as he looked inside the room to see a myriad of ponies of all colours, ages and sizes, each of them looking up to what looked to be a second floor.

All but one pony, a Unicorn who had purple skin, purple eyes and a three tone purple, pink and blue mane and tail who he swore was looking his way, a look of confusion plastered over her face.

However before Alex could ponder this further many of the ponies walked backwards in shock, some of them fainting, from a scene Alex currently was unable to see.

He then walked towards the window phasing through it before looking where the ponies had been to see that Nightmare Moon was standing above everyone on the second floor looking down to them.

Nightmare Moon only smiled, to everyone else it would have seemed creepy off putting, but to Alex he knew what they were up to, they had been asked to do something and with a gesture of her arm was gesturing for him to make his way towards something outside.

Alex simply nodded back to her before walking back through the wall back towards where Nightmare Moon had told him to go. A place he soon knew was the Everfree Forest.

As Alex traveled through the Everfree, he found certain things that had remained unchanged from when he left it one thousand years ago, certain features on the land which were early notable, the clearest being a small river that used be only a mile out from the castle he used to call home.

It was at this point he heard something in the distance moving deeper into the forest which he quickly decided to check on even though it was taking him away from where he was supposed to be heading.

As he got closer he found a small clearing as he looked around him before he saw a humanoid figure that had black hair and was wearing a black denim jacket that had ripped at the sleeves along with some blue jeans both covered in mud.

Alex was almost going to approach the figure before he saw a large Timberwolf appear from the nearby bushes as Alex heard the humanoid figure ask shakily, “w-who’s there?” before he seemed to collapse as the figures head hit the ground.

The Timberwolf then looked to Alex seemingly smiling at him as she placed the figure onto her back before beginning carry him away.

Alex both surprised by the fact he was no longer the only remaining member of his kind in the world, decided it would be best to follow them and ensure that he safely regained consciousness before he finished what he had came here to do.

-2 hours later-

As Alex followed the Omega back, to find that she had took the other human into cave as he thought to himself, I better make sure that he’s fine, I should have enough time to do that before I need to get back to the castle.

With that also remained invisible as he stood by the entrance of the cave as he saw the Omega place the other human on the ground as the pup that had been with her lay next to the human it’s head resting on his leg.

This left Alex wondering Just what is going on here? as he just stood in one place keeping an eye on the human as he waited for him to wake back up.

-1 hour later-

-Unknown POV-

As Dillon slowly began to regain consciousness he started to feel something wet touch his cheek as he tried to get it away from my face however, it kept on persisting despite his efforts. He then opened my eyes to see the same wolf pup from before looking him in the face as he rapidly backed away from it in surprise only to bump into something furry again.

He could only sigh as he looked at the pup before he asked it “your mother’s behind me isn’t she” as the puppy gave me some sort nodded to say yes.

Dillon then frowned before he started to scoot away from her before she bit into the hem of his shirt holding him in place. He tried to set himself free but right when he reached for neck of his shirt, the Omega growled at him as he put his hands back to his sides.

It was then he felt something small pierce the side of neck before his arms started to somehow slowly turn into wood as Dillon stared at it in shock as he shouted out “what the!” However before he could finish what he was going to say his skin turned back to normal as he felt something strange near the bottom of his back as he realised that he now had a tail before I shouted, “what did you do to me!”.

“I made you apart of the pack and gave you the ability to become one of us,” she said in Dillon’s head which freaked him out even more.

“What?!” Dillon shouted again as he tried to get her to release him from her grasp before he felt her moving, turning him around to face something else.

Dillon then managed to see a giant shadow looming over them as his eyes began to get used to the dark. The thing he saw made his eyes go wide as he realised that what was casting the shadow was a castle, which from what he could see was in ruins as the Omega let him go before saying calmly, “go in there you will know what to do.”

As she said this Dillon looked at her in confusion as he asked her “why are you doing this Omega?”

The Omega then looked to him before she replied calmly, “no not Omega I’m mom”.

As she said this Dillon reeled back in surprise as he said “wait what!”.

“I’m your mom now because I made you apart of the pack you’re the same age as him” she said as she gestured to the pup from before as Dillon replied in confusion, “uhhhhh okay”.

Dillon then composed himself as he looked to the castle but as he turned back around to ask her a question. However once he did this he found that both her and the pup we’re gone as Dillon deadpanned as he muttered to himself, “of course.”

Dillon then started walk towards the castle before he heard someone or something behind him once again before he groaned to himself, “oh c’mon why are people always behind me!” He then rapidly turned around only to see that nothing was there as he muttered “yeah I might be going crazy.”

Dillon then felt like something was touching his shoulder behind him before he turned still to find nothing, however he was sure he felt something at that moment.

“What the fuck!!!” Dillon said as he looked frantically around him still seeing nothing to begin before he noticed a footprint in the dirt near the nearway leading away from him and towards the ruins in the distance.

“God dang it” Dillon said as he walked towards the direction the footprints are leading as he went towards the ruins that he had seen previously.

As he got closer he heard three words that he couldn’t make out before he saw a figure in the distance that had red lines running down it’s back as he heard the figure shout “Henshin!” before a black and red hooded jacket floated behind it attaching to the figures back as the words “Kaigan: Shade! Let’s Go! Kakugo! Akuma-tekina Shade!” before the figure lowered its hood as Dillon noticed that the figures head was bare with no hair and what looked to be a completely black helmet.

“What the,” Dillon said as the figure heard him as the figure turned around to see no one as Dillon was hiding behind one of the broken pillars next to the door.

Dillon then heard the figure sigh before he heard the word “Eye! Kaigan! Robin Hood!” before a green jacket with yellow highlights flew next to him before Dillon noticed the figure had no face, but just two glowing green eyes. As Dillon looked at the figure he started to back away in fear as his eyes turned to pin pricks. The jacket then suddenly moved towards the figures back before the orange jacket he wore before dissipated as the one that was beside him previously attached to its back as the sound of flying arrows was heard along with the words “Hello! Arrow! Mori de Aou!”

The figure then turned to Dillon as a large red and black bow appeared in his hands from what appeared to be flickering red and black flames. The figure then turned towards Dillon before the figure said with an almost creepy distorted voice, “I know you’re there kid,” before the pillar Dillon had been behind before broke apart as an arrow made of light struck it.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” Dillon screamed in fear as he fell on his butt as the figure walked towards him as he tried to back away before realizing he was against a wall.

“Take my advise kid, if you’re not willing to pick up your own powers and defend yourself go back to that cave, I don’t need to be watching over more of the living.”

“What are you..even talking about!” Dillon shouted ”I don’t even know where I am!”.

The figure just groaned again before pulling his bow back as an arrow was shot past Dillon’s head before he saw the arrow strike the strange figure that had almost a completely black suit apart from a large belt that had a large eye on it and two large blue circles were it eyes would be, however seconds after the creature broke apart as what Dillon assumed to be blood that was coloured black burst from its body.

As Dillon saw this he was terrified as he then said “I don’t get it what do you people want me to know!”

“Kid… you’re standing on a battlefield,” the figure said calmly before he continued to say “for now call me Shade, I’ll explain what I can after I deal with these Gamma,” before firing off a volley of shots that struck three more creature that appeared around them sending them sprawling to the ground.

As this happened a bit of black blood landed on Dillon’s face as he just shook in fear as he whispered “I’m so confused”.

“Dammit… Kid can you fight, if not get out of here!” Shade ordered as he kicked one of the creatures away from him before an arrow impaled the Gam
ma along with two other behind it.

“I don’t why i’m here i don’t know why I got sent in this world so it’s not my fault I’m here and people kept on telling me to come here because I would get my answers here! But you know what fine if my destiny here is to die then I’ll gladly take it!” Dillon shouted as a light came from his bag as it covered the area he was in.

As the light disappeared it showed Dillon in black ranger suit “what the?”

While he wasn’t paying attention a Gamma jumped from above from one of the pillars preparing to attack before it got a kick to the face from Dillon launching it through a wall.

Shade then grabbed a new object from seemingly nowhere before pressing the side as the number five appeared in front of it as his previous jacket dissipated as he removed the previous object from the device on his midsection. The device then shouted out “Eye! Kaigan! Billy The Kid!” was heard as a jacket that looked like your stereotypical cowboy outfit appeared in front of him, it was almost completely brown apart from on the shoulders that were covered in a pattern that resembled that of a cow’s hide. As a few seconds later that attached to his back just like the previous one, before a different tune played “Hyakupatsu! Hyakuchū! Zukyūn! Bakyūn!” during which time the bow disappeared and was replaced with two green and black pistols that appeared from a silver band on his right arm. Shade immediately began to fire at the oncoming Gamma around them as each bullet struck a target flawlessly.

As Dillon was fighting the Gamma around him he jumped up into the air before taking out his blaster and shooting them before he landed on his feet as kicked one to the ground shooting it in the head before shoving his blaster below a Gamma’s chin and shooting it in the head as well before he threw it against one behind shade knocking it down.

Both of them then turned towards the last remaining Gamma before Shade attached both of the pistols together forming a rifle before pulling the handle on the device on his midsection once before raising his rifle before the words “Omega Impact” were heard before the barrel of the rifle glowed in a black and red light before he fired as the shot destroyed the remaining Gamma.

“Hmm” Dillon just grunted as he said in his head “why don’t I feel any emotion is it because I became Dillon?” As he glanced to Shade through the visor of his helmet as he sat down against a wall. Shade then looked towards Dillon before he suddenly began to walk away from him not saying anything.

Dillon then stood up as he walked towards his bag picking it up as then looked to Shade again before saying ”Shade….....thanks for showing me what I truly am.”

“And that would be?” Shade asked as he looked back over his shoulder towards Dillon.

“A Displaced and being who gets sent across the multiverse into a universe where they hold the ability of a character they became where there either the guardian of that world or it’s destroyer, you made me realise this when we were fighting.”

“Where did you hear about that?” Shade asked.

Dillon just chuckled he started jumping to the top of the castle ruins as he saw a strange light from one of the intact buildings in the distance as he stayed silent.

-Shade’s Pov-

As Dillon jumped off Shade could only smile under his helmet as he thought, that kid may just be able to make it… with some guidance.”

He then looked to one of the upper buildings on the what he remembered to be the Everfree Castle, which was now falling apart with many vines embedded into the castle as it was unclear whether the vines were damaging the building or supporting it.

It was at this moment Shade changed into to his Alicorn from under his suit as his horn and wings appeared visible under his suit as he flew up to a window from which a bright light had flashed.

As Shade reached the top building he untransformed as he stood on one of the rafters as he looked down to see Dillon fighting Nightmare Moon and along with that harming her, which Alex decided he couldn’t allow as he jumped off the rafters making himself visible as he did.

-Dillon’s POV-

As Dillon landed on the floor he walked towards the mare as climbed through the broken wall as he saw her on the floor as he kicked her over seeing her face as she said “ how dare you-how dare you do this to nightmare moon!!” .

Dillon just scoffed as he said “never heard of ya” as he raised his sword about to shove it through her stomach, however before he was able to do so something struck his hand knocking his sword backward and out of his grip into the darkness behind him.

“Who else is in here” Dillon asked with an emotionless tone.

Seconds later a humanoid figure appeared from seemingly nowhere directly in front of Dillon, the figure had black hair along with bright blue eyes, and was wearing some black tracksuit bottoms, along with a red t-shirt that was visible below and open black and red hooded jacket which that was open as he saw a familiar object around the figure’s waist.

“Who are you”.

“Maybe this will remind you,” the voice replied as he pulled out a small red object as he hit the side as an familiar sound was heard from the figure… the same sound he’d heard from Shade earlier as a jacket flew from the device on his waist towards him knocking him back away from both the figure and Nightmare Moon before the jacket attached to the figures back as the hood was pulled away revealing the crimson eyes of Shades suit that Dillon not realised seemed to have red running down the eyes, “ring any bells yet?”

“What are you doing here Shade,” Dillon Said still holding the emotionless tone.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Shade replied as he rested his sword against his shoulder as Nightmare Moon looked at the figure that had just saved her.

“A...Alex… what are you,” two shaky voices that seemed to be coming from Nightmare Moon said at the same time.

“Don’t worry Luna, Midnight… I’ll get this straightened out,” Shade replied calmly.

“...........” Dillon said nothing as he picked up his sword sheathing it before Dillon asked Shade “who are you really?” .

“I am the same as I told you before, my name is Shade to those I don’t know…. Can I ask yours?”

“You can call me Dillon….but I’ll tell you my original name when I trust you enough but for now just call me Dillon okay ” .

“Okay then Dillon, but why hide your old name?” Shade replied.

“I choose to hide it because I don’t want anyone I meet with malicious intent to……”Dillon paused as he sighed.

“It’s complicated”.

“But with the guy that sent me here in this world he said I can keep my old name and keep my current one”.

“And you’re sure you can believe him?”

“I still remember my old name so yeah I sure ”.

“Well at least you still have that,” Shade replied as he turned to Nightmare Moon as he knelt down next to her as she began to shake before Shade wrapped his arms around her before a tear fell from her eyes before separating into two figure one a large women that looked to have dull blue hair while the other was very small and was shaking as she almost instantly grabbed hold of Shade and began crying into his chest.

Dillon just stayed silent as his pupils turned back to normal before he took off his helmet as his suit disappeared his street clothes returning, before he just turned around and climbed out of a nearby window.

-Alex/Shade’s POV-

As soon as Dillon left Alex ran over to Luna and Midnight as he asked them, “You both okay?”

It was at this moment Midnight ran over and grabbed hold of Alex tightly crying into his chest as he just rubbed the back of her neck slowly allowing her to calm down.

Luna then smiled at him pulling him into a hug before she said “You took your time finding us, but from what I saw just then, you had good reasons to be so.”

“Yeah… that kid seems to have been in the same position that Jack said the other Displaced were,” Alex admitted.

“So he was torn away from his family, with no way to send a message back to them?”

“That’s what I believe,” Alex admitted before he added “But I was wondering… why did you change back to Nightmare Moon?”

“We’re not sure ourselves,” Midnight admitted, “we landed in a room above where you saw us.”

“And then my sister asked us to bring this ‘Twilight Sparkle’ mare here and act evil, but we don’t know why,” Luna admitted.

“I see Celestia had little faith in me getting you back to normal on the moon,” Alex sighed.

“Looks that way,” Midnight admitted as they heard a group of voices outside.

“I wonder if this group contains this ‘Twilight’ person?” Alex muttered to himself as he saw Midnight turn into her Eyecon form and fly into Luna’s chest as they reverted back into Nightmare Moon as she said “whatever happens only intervene, if something happens.”

“Got it,” Alex replied as he transformed back into Kamen Rider Shade along with taking on his Alicorn form below his transformation and his Chronos Parka Ghost as his form. However all sound from the transformation was muffled as Nightmare Moon placed a shield around him that made it so nobody around them could hear the transformation taking place.

As soon as it finished Shade followed the path Dillon had as he climbed onto the rotting rafters in the main hall, the same ones he remembered the guards hanging from one-thousand years ago.

He then looked down as he remained invisible to everyone as he saw five ponies walk out the room as one familiar pony remained, the purple unicorn who he had seen in earlier, who was sat crossed leg in front of five spherical stones as the horn on her head ignited in a pale pink glow as she lowered it towards the five objects.

As she sat their Nightmare Moon slowly moved towards the front of her, her body looking like a faint mist of blue magic, which surround the five objects hiding them inside it as the mist began to spin around making it look similar to that of a tornado.

It was then the pony opened her eyes as she noticed what was happening in front of her as she gasped which somehow alerted the five ponies that had gone outside shout in unison, “Twilight!”

However before they could get to her the pony now known to be Twilight shouted out “the Elements!” As she jumped into the magically formed tornado as both her and the storm disappeared and Alex phased through a nearby wall floating on the other side of the wall.

He then saw a flash in the highest standing tower as he quickly flew towards it and as soon as he had phased through the wall that was both Twilight and Nightmare Moon were charging towards each other. However as soon as Twilight got close to Nightmare Moon she teleported towards the five stones before lowering her head igniting her horn once again.

During this time Nightmare Moon reverted back into her mist like state as she stood back in front of Twilight before a few seconds later a spark ignited from Twilight’s horn between the five spherical objects which in turn sent her flying backwards as the spark flickered between the five stones.

Nightmare Moon then looked towards the objects on the ground as she looked to say something but Alex found that he was unable to her her for some reason, however a few seconds later the sparks ceased seeming to have done nothing as Nightmare Moon stamped her feet down before the five objects shattered into shards.

Twilight just looked on in shock at this, which confused Shade as he wondered just what made those stones so important. It was at this point her heard a group of voices approaching below him. Voices that seemed to be getting closer to them.

Shade then looked down to Twilight as he saw her look back towards where the voices were coming from and turn back to Nightmare Moon once again as the five ponies from before stood beside her.

As soon as Shade saw this he decided that something must be happening soon as he moved over the remaining rafters to stand just above Nightmare Moon, his hand ready to pause time if the need should arise.

It was at this moment a familiar light shone from the six mares, a bright rainbow coloured beam of light as Shade realised that those stones that Twilight had been trying to use were in fact the Elements of Harmony as he paused time before jumping off the rafters landing on the ground silently.

He then waited out of sight of the mares, still unsure if Twilight was able to see him earlier as he resumed time as he waited only a few seconds before pausing it again. It was during this time he walked over to Nightmare Moon pushing her out of the way of the Elements blast, unpausing and pausing time as he went as the beam from the elements struck the ground beside Nightmare Moon, knocking up a cloud of dirt that obscured her.

As the dust cloud dispersed, Shade saw from his perch on the shadow covered rafters that Nightmare Moon had reverted back into both Luna and Midnight, who both were pretending to be unconscious.

It was then that he smiled and prepared to leave as light flooded the room and Celestia appeared between Luna, Midnight and the other mares. She began talking to Twilight, then walked up to both Midnight and Luna.

“But this makes no sense,” Twilight said.

“It will in due time. A friend helped with this. However, I do not know his name or even what he looks like,” Celestia replied.

With that, Shade simply smiled one last time. He walked towards a nearby broken window, only to stop as he heard Twilight say, “What is that creature above us doing and why was he both here and back in the town before?”

Shade froze in shock at hearing this before he turned back to see Twilight’s horn ignite. She shot the beam he was standing on and as he fell to the ground he locked eyes. He landed hard and looked up as Twilight stood over him, readying her horn for another blast.

Chapter 9

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As Twilight looked over him he heard one of the other ponies say, “Twilight why did you do that?”

“Can’t you see it! It’s right there!” Twilight shouted.

“Twilight are you sure there’s something their Darling?” a pure white pony with a purple mane and tail replied as she walked over towards Twilight.

“What do you mean, it’s right…” Twilight said in confusion before he looked back to see that Shade had disappeared. “I don’t understand it was just there.”

By a nearby broken window above her, Shade just smiled under his mask as he looked to Luna, Midnight and Celestia as he made himself visible for only a second, as Celestia managed to see him as well, as the three of them nodded their head to him.

Unluckily for Shade though, as he left one other pony saw him in that second. This pony being a Pegasus who had a Rainbow coloured mane and tail, a bright blue coat and magenta eyes.

This left the pegasus looking where Shade was in confusion as he jumped out the window before she looked to the group as she said calmly “I’ll meet you back in town in a bit, there’s something I need to look at,” before she flew out the window after Shade before any of them could reply.

As soon as Shade hit the ground, he looked up before he canceled his transformation and began to walk away into the forest only to hear a voice shout, “Hey! Don’t you dare run! You’re kind have done enough damage as it is!”

Alex then stopped at this before he looked back to the the Rainbow coloured mare hovering behind him, “Seriously, how many of you can see me?”

“I know you’re here! So show yourself!” the mare shouted.

“Or maybe not,” Alex sighed as he continued to walk away.

“Don’t you dare!” the mare shouted as Alex saw her phase through his body and land in front of him, “I can see your footprints you’re leaving on the ground.”

At this, Alex sighed before he turned walking a distance away from the mare before making himself visible before he said to the mare, “Okay what’s your problem?”

“My problem! Your kind think you can say that! Your all monsters,murderers! Killing innocent ponies and walking around looking like them!”

Alex just looked at the mare as he said, “I think you have the wrong idea, I have never killed anyone.”

“Don’t lie to me! You Roidmudes are all the same!”

“What the hells a Roidmude?”

“Wait… are you being serious?” the mare asked.

“Yes… I seriously have no idea what you mean,” Alex admitted.

The mare the placed one of her hooves over her face before she said, “I jumped the gun again didn’t I?”

“Most likely, but what the hell is a Roidmude?”

The mare then froze before she said “those things,” as the gestured behind Alex.

Alex then looked behind him to see three monsters behind him, they each looked to be comprised of a metal, but each had a subtle difference. The first had large ears that almost lay flat to his head and the number 029 on his chest, the second had 8 red lines on his chest that looked similar to a spiders legs and the number 042 on his chest. The third had ears similar to that of the first but curved upwards, and on his chest had the number 088.

“Friends of yours I assume?” Alex asked the mare.

“Not friends, definitely not friends.”

“Great,” Alex groaned before grabbing an eyecon from his side and activating it as his driver appeared, however before he could transform two of the Roidmudes (numbers 042 and 088) brought there hands to their chests then forwards as an pink light shone on both Alex and the mare, rendering them unable to move.

“Slowdown! Not now!” the mare shouted.

Alex ignored this as his hand moved down to his driver nonetheless as he inserted his eyecon, hoping it would break whatever the Roidmudes had done as he shut the driver as the word “Eye!” was shouted out but slower than normal.

“Dammit!” Alex shouted as he tried to pull the handle on his driver as the three Roidmudes approached him only to stop as a strange, almost forgotten yet familiar sound was heard approaching them. A car’s horn.

“What the!?” Alex shouted in confusion as he saw one strange extending platform moving towards them which suddenly separated into three paths approaching each of the Roidmudes.

The mare then muttered to herself, “you three are always on time,” as one of the three paths moved towards her side before a small orange toy car appeared at her side before the mare began to move normally unlike Alex who was still slowed.

“You know… I’m pretty sure that’s not fun for you,” the mare admitted.

“No… shit,” Alex said his voice still slowed.

The mare then sighed before she said, “considering these Roidmudes attacked you as well, it’s pretty clear you’re not allied with them,” as she quickly placed a small red toy car with two white stripes down the centre in his hands as he could once again move normally as his transformation completed and his Shade Parka Ghost attached to his back along with it’s normal tune.

“Shade? What are you? Kamen Rider Shade or something like that?” the mare asked.

“Pretty much,” Shade replied with a smirk as the toy car began to glow.

“What’s happening with that Shift Car?” the mare asked.

“Shift what now?” Shade replied as he drew a eye shaped symbol behind the Shift Car before a new Parka Ghost formed in front of them. This Parka Ghost was predominantly Red, but had a black outline around it and two white stripes, one running down each side and another set on the hood of the Parka Ghost.

As soon as it finished forming it brought its right arm up as the left rested on what would be Shade’s arms as it flew into his Driver before forming a red and Black eyecon Eyecon which h quickly inserted into his driver before activating it as the phrase “Kaigan Drive! Keikan! Seigi-kan! Tire Koukan!” was heard as the new Parka Ghost attached to his back and his Shade Parka Ghost dispersed.

It was at this moment two weapons appeared in his hands, the first being a large sword that looked to have a cars steering wheel attached to the front and the second was a gun that looked to resemble a car’s door, both weapons looked to be in a similar colour scheme to that of the Parka Ghost Shade now wore.

The mare’s eyes went wide as the Shift Car she had handed Shade returned to her as she said “How! How do you look like Drive!”

Shade just looked to the mare as he said, “as much as I’d like to answer that question I have a feeling we have more pressing matters.”

However a few seconds later two more car horns were heard along with one wider moving platform before a strange object was placed in the mares hands, which she quickly placed around her waist.

It was then a new almost familiar sounding voice was heard that said, “Is all you do get in trouble?”

“Oh shut it belt.”

“Still as rude as ever,” the voice said as Shade saw what looked to be a face on a red screen in the centre of the belt.

“Let’s just deal with these Roidmudes,” the mare argued.

“Finally something we can agree on Rainbow Dash,” the belt said cockily before the voice shouted out “start your engine!” As the mare now known as Rainbow Dash turned a small red lever on the belt before turning the back of the Shift Car she had given Shade as inserting it into a bracer she had on her right arm.

She then smirked at the Roidmudes as she shouted out “Henshin!” and pulled the Shift car forwards and threw both her arms downwards as three red lights surrounded her, one on each her legs, chest and head before they each condensed into on then expanded into two red and yellow tyre tracks that obscured her body, before within seconds what looked like white shaped lights that combined of some kind of suit attached to her body as they light changed from white to red.

It was then Shade saw that Rainbow Dash’s body was covered in a suit similar to that of hte Parka Ghost he was currently wearing, but unlike his her helmet had two large eyes on it and a silver R stylized enough that it resembled a K and enclosing a D.

It was then a large tyre seemed to appear from amid the trees which attached to Rainbow’s suit before the voice from the belt shout out “Drive! Type Speed!” before she looked up towards the Roidmudes as the sound of a car’s engine being revved before followed by that of a Formula 1 car racing as they two eyes on the suit glowed in a white light.

“...Something you need to confess?” Shade asked as he remembered that one of the lost Displaced riders was named Drive in the video he had seen on the moon.

“We’ll explain everything after we sort this problem out,” Drive admitted as she looked towards the three Roidmudes who each recoiled back at the sight of two versions of Drive standing in front of them.

“You better,” Shade replied as he looked at the unarmed rider before he said, “catch.” and threw her the gun he had received when he switched forms as Chrysalis formed into a single pistol to replace the one he gave to Drive.

“Been a long time since I saw this thing,” the belt said calmly.

“What’s it even called? The Door Gun?” Drive replied.

“Believe it or not… yes.”

“You have to be kidding me,” Drive replied as she shook her head.

Both Shade and Drive then looked towards the three Roidmudes before nodding to each other as they shouted in unison, “you’re all coming along for the ride!” As the two of them charged towards the Roidmudes firing on them with their guns which sent Roidmudes 042 and 088 stumbling backwards as the 029 looked on the approaching riders.

“Shall we?” Shade asked with a smirk as Drive nodded back before Shade pulled the handle on his driver before it shouted out “Drive! Omega Drive!” As soon as this was heard Shade ran towards 042 and 088 who had somehow ended up next to each other as Shade jumped towards them as what looked to be a faint red light in in the shape of a car spinning around the Roidmudes.

It was the Shade’s foot stuck 042 which launched him backwards into the light which he seemed to hit and bounce back towards 088 only for the process to repeat itself multiple times which seemed to strike the Roidmudes each time he passed knocking them back against each other.

This went on for about a minute before a familiar red and black flame surrounded Shade as he struck 042 as he pierce through it’s body along with 088 both being engulfed in red and black flames as both screamed out in fear and pain as Shade landed behind them looking towards 029 who just turned and ran away as Shade looked up and the silver marks on his mask pulsating, as an alternating black and red glow surround his body.

Drive then looked to Shade as she asked “What was that! What in Celestia’s name was that!”

Shade didn’t answer as he slowly stood back up and turned towards the two fallen Roidmudes as the flames continued to engulf them there screams dieing down but still present.

“Seriously! What was that!” Drive shouted again.

“It’s not killing them,” Shade replied.

“Wait… what?” Drive asked in confusion.

“How can you prevent them from harming others but not kill them?” The belt asked.

“Simple… I don’t kill my enemies unless I have no option but to,” Shade admitted as he flames around the Roidmudes dispersed as the ground saw the two of them surrounded in pulsating red and black chains as both looked up to Shade before they each placed a fist on the ground and lowered their heads as the chains disappeared into their bodies.

Both Roidmudes then said in unison, “What do you require of us master?” which surprised Shade as almost all of the others monsters he had captured had required him to give them new orders, a new mindset to live by.

Shade then took a breath before he said “You will from this day on obey my every command, you both serve me now.”

Both Roidmudes then nodded to Shade before adding, “Yes master,” before a new band appeared on Shade’s wrist under his suit as both Roidmudes turned into their cores which displayed their numbers of which were covered in black chains before they both disappeared into the same band on Shade’s arm.

“Okay… What the hell was that!” Drive shouted as she powered down.

“Indeed, I have never heard of anybody who’s able to force obedience on a defeated enemy?” the belt asked.

Shade then untransformed before she said, “It is one of my abilities, I am able to shatter the will of defeated monsters and force them to serve me.”

“And you’re sure you’re not evil?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“...Wait… who are you really?” the belt asked.

“Why does it matter?” Rainbow Dash asked the belt.

“Shade… that’s all you’re getting.” Alex replied as he began to walk away.

“Alex… is that you?” the belt said as Alex froze.

“What… how did you...” Alex replied in shock .

“This is crazy, who in Tartarus is Alex!” Rainbow Dash shouted.

Alex just ignored the mare before he said “Who… I assume the word is were you?”

“Nowadays I just get called Belt by her… but my name as people used know me not was Christopher Burr. Admittingly I changed my name when I got here to Kristopher Stienbelt.”

“...Chris? How… wait… you were one of Displaced one thousand years ago!”

“Yes… with Simon being the original Drive.”

“Wait, wait, wait… hold up!” Rainbow Dash shouted in confusion. “How do you and belt know each other?! Who is Simon?! Where did those Roidmudes go?! What happened to them?!”

“Is she always like this?” Alex asked.

“No… it’s normally that pink one… what was her name?” Kris asked Rainbow Dash.

“You mean Pinkie?”

“Yeah that’s the one, she’s more likely to never stop asking random questions.”

“Sounds like a laugh,” Alex replied with a chuckle.

“Hello? I’m still here, am I the only one who’s not going to get their questions answered?”

Alex just sighed before he asked Kris, “How much does she know?”

“Very little, she knows nothing of what we were, and those before her.”

Alex just pinched the bridge of his nose before he said, “That’s just great… So what do you want to know?”

“What are you and how do you know the belt?”

“Seriously I told you my names Kris!” Kris replied in frustration.

“I know Kris from over one-thousand years ago, we were part of a group friends.”

“...Wait… did you say over one-thousand years ago? How is that possible?”

“Well for one, I am nothing but in essence a computer program now… but for Alex… I don’t know. How are you alive?” Kris asked.

“...I’m not, I’m dead, I have been since the day I was Displaced here.”

“Wait! You mean after you were actually killed in that terrorist attack!” Kris shouted.

“Oh so that’s what people thought it was,” Alex sighed.

“What do you mean you’re dead! What do you mean by Terrorist attack! What are Displaced?”

“I was murdered by a man one-thousand years ago and for a better term resurrected by another, and sent from my own reality to this one, same goes for Kris and Simon.”

“And who is Simon?”

“Simon was my older brother, and the original Drive I was sent here along with some of my other friends over one-thousand years ago,” Kris admitted.

“And had all disappeared by the time I appeared one thousand years ago,” Alex added.

“Okay… but next question… why were you at the castle when I dealt with Nightmare Moon?”

“You dealt with her? I think you mean when you and your friends dealt with her,” Alex rectified. “And I was there to make sure both Luna and my daughter was okay.”

“Wait daughter?”

“Yes, the little foal that was with her when she returned to normal, the three of us were all on the moon for one-thousand years together.”

“Wait… you were on the moon all that time… then that makes you the one who helped the Princess in the Legend!”

“Oh there’s a legend? I suppose she didn’t completely erase me and Luna from history then,” Alex replied with a smirk. He then looked towards Rainbow Dash before he added, “If that’s all you need to know then i’ll be off.”

“You know… you’re pretty impatient for someone who’s lived as long as you say to have.”

“I have a feeling our definitions of lived are very different,” Alex admitted as he slowly began to walk away.

However before he got too far away Kris shouted “Wait! If we need you… how can we find you?”

“Oh if you need me, I‘ll be around,” Alex replied as he walked away into the dense forest and out of sight.

“I can’t believe that this is possible,” Kris muttered to himself.

“Why, he doesn’t seem that impressive?” Rainbow replied, “were you two close before this?”

“I wasn’t the closest to him from the old riders, there was one other who was much closer.”

“Really who?”

“I’m pretty sure when the time comes you’ll find out,” Kris replied with a smirk as they both disappeared into the forest back onto the path that would lead them back towards Ponyville. A path which Alex had not taken.

As Alex continued to traverse the forest as he changed back into this Alicorn form both from the fact as an Alicorn he could use magic to a small extent, along with the fact if he was seen again by a pony, it may end up shocking them, but it would be better than scaring them.

This thought caused him to think to what had just happened and the realisation that not only was he no longer the last human in this reality but also that at least two of his friends were here, with now only one surviving.

It was then he felt a small body try to crawl up his back as he turned his head to see Midnight resting on his back, her hands wrapped around his neck so her chin was resting on his shoulder.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t you stay with Luna?” Shade asked curiously.

“I was going to but when those other ponies left they all went to go back to the town… but then they shouted about something they called ‘slowdown’ then it suddenly stopped and they ran outside… well all but mom and Celestia.”

“Must have been that fight between me, Rainbow and the Roidmudes that’s caused that,” Shade thought to himself before he added calmly, “well in whatever case, you might aswell stay with me for the time being.”

Midnight then smiled as she wrapped he arms tighter around Shade’s neck as they continued heading towards wherever Shade had been heading.

A few minutes passed with nobody seeming around them until they reached a familiar cave as Alex said to Midnight, “just wait here a minute, if anything happens just shout me.”

“Okay dad,” Midnight replied calmly as Shade walked into the cave as he saw Dillon sitting on the ground with a group of timberwolves near him.

It was then Dillon groaned in pain the omega walked over to him and looked at his newly formed ears before she then licked him on the face before her ears started twitching and she looked into another direction as she saw a silhouette at the entrance of the cave.

The figure looked to be an Alicorn in form, it had a black coat that was obscured by the darkness around him as the only visible trait was its red and black mane and tail the red highlights almost seeming to shimmer in the darkness, along with a set of bright blue eyes that were clearly visible even through the darkness.

“What and who in world are you?” Dillon said as he tried to get up but struggled to move his left leg which was still hurt as he tried to get up”.

“Don’t strain yourself Dillon,” the figure replied the voice sounding strangely familiar, “you shouldn’t being putting too much weight on your leg if you’ve injured it.”

“Who are you….wait you sound familiar.”

“Do I now… where do you think you’ve heard it?”

“Did I meet you at the ruins by chance?”

“Thats one place we met,” the figure replied with a chuckle as it smiled at the Omega.

“Ohh hey Shade” Dillon said as he relaxed himself.

“Oh right, I guess I did say to call me that before didn’t I,” the figure admitted calmly as he walked into the cave.

“Yeah you did” Dillon replied calmly.

“Well… I guess from this look most of the ponies will start calling me Prince Shade now.”

Dillon just sighed as he opened a part of his bag taking out a picture as he held it in front of him looking at it intenetly.

“Hey, what that?” Shade asked as he walked beside Dillon and sat beside him.

“A picture me and my friends and family took on my 14th birthday”.

“I guess you got lucky for the fact you still have all that stuff,” Shade admitted calmly.

“yeah I guess” Dillon replied calmly with no emotion.

“Cheer up kid, at least you’re alive,” Shade admitted.

“Hey do you have anything that can help with my leg.”

“I believe I can help with that,” Shade replied as his horn glowed in a crimson light that enveloped Dillons leg as the pain he was feeling began to subside as he asked “that any better?”

“Yeah thank you Shade,” Dillon said with a small smile on his face.

Shade just smiled to Dillon before he pressed a small button on his arm as his body changed into that of a human who had black hair and blue eyes. He was wearing some black tracksuit bottoms, along with a red t-shirt below a open black and red trimmed hooded jacket. He then looked to Dillon before saying calmly, “and enough with calling me Shade when I not in my Alicorn or Rider forms… when I’m like this call me Alex.”

“Okay then thanks Alex”.

Suddenly a voice asked from outside the cave, “Dad… am I okay to come in?”

“Sure Midnight, I see not reason why not,” Alex replied as the filly before ran upto him and sat in his lap her head resting against Alex’s chest.

“Who’s is that?”.

“My adopted daughter, Midnight… but you knew her as Nightmare Moon,” Alex replied calmly as he rubbed the back of Midnights neck.

“Say what,” Dillon said as his eyes wide.

“You heard me,” Alex replied, still retaining his smile.

“Okey dokey,” Dillon said uncomfortably.

“Is something wrong?” Midnight asked nervously as she turned her head to look at Dillon.

“Nope,” Dillon said calmly whist he was thinking in his head “I’m surprised he’s let her in here I almost kill her in the building”.

“And if you’re worried about what happened before don’t worry about it,” Alex added.

Dillon just flinched as he said, ”what?”

“Don’t worry about what happened between you both back in the castle, she didn’t take it seriously.”

“Okay then,” Dillon said before the pup he met before pounced on his head as Dillon asked it, “why do you like me so much?”

“I like you because you’re funny and you look like someone that would fit in into our family.”

“Okay then.”

“What did he say?” Alex asked in confusion.

“He’s says I’m funny and that I look like someone that would fit into their family.”

“And you understand them?” Alex replied.

“Yeah the omega made me a part of the pack which probably connected me and them mentally and plus I got these new parts like this tail and these ears.”

“I see, I’m surprised the Timberwolf I was close to one-thousand years ago didn’t try that with me,” Alex admitted with a chuckled.

“Wait how old are you Alex?”.

“All in all, or the age i’m recognised as being?”

“All in all”.

“Let’s see… I was trapped on the moon for about one-thousand years… was on equestria a month before then and was sent here on my 18th birthday… so about one-thousand and 18 years old I think,” Alex admitted.

“Okay then how old is she?” Dillon asked pointing to Midnight.

Midnight then looked to Dillon before she said to him “I’m one-thousand years old today.”

“Okay one more question is a lot of stuff in world gonna get me annoyed in some sort of way”.

“No idea… what sort of stuff annoys you?” Alex asked.

“You know what nevermind”.

“Okay then,” Alex replied calmly.

“So what happens now Alex”.

“What do you mean?”

“Where are you two gonna go because you look like you need to see someone”.

“Well I need to head into town soon to make sure Luna’s okay… and to deal with the backlash of their being and Alicorn Prince now.”


“Why was you asking?”

“Honestly I don’t know what to do and I highly doubt she will let me leave”Dillon said pointing to the Omega.

“Oh I think the old girl, will be fine if it’s with me,” Alex replied with a smile.

“Okay then by the way who were those six mares I saw them when I left the building in the ruins”.

“I don’t really know, they didn’t introduce themselves to me.”

“Hmm okay then.”

“Do you want to join me in town?” Alex asked.


Alex the looked to the Omega before he said calmly “I’ll make sure he doesn’t get in any trouble, you have my word.”

The omega just nodded her head before she looked towards Dillon saying “Stay out of trouble when you’re with him”.

“I’m not gonna cause him trouble” Dillon said with a frown.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Alex chuckled as he stood up before he switched back into his Alicorn form as Midnight jumped onto his back.

“Well let’s get to it then.”

“Sure,” Shade replied as the three of them walked out the cave and towards the nearby town.

Chapter 10

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A few minutes later the group reached the exit to the forest, as they looked out to see swarms of ponies crowding the streets, none of them noticing their presence.

“What's got them so distracted?” Dillon asked with a brow raised.

“Who knows?” Shade replied before he added with a smirk, “want to find out?”


“Think you can see over them all?” Shade asked as they approached the hoard of ponies.

“I see something but those ponies are blocking my view “.

“Well that's to be expected when royalty come to town, including a princess most forgot existed,” Shade pointed out as Dillon just shrugged his shoulders before Shade added, “do you want to get a better look?”

“Sure I doubt we'll see anything from here”.

“Climb on,” Shade suggested.


“Climb onto my back, you may be able to see above the crowd then.”

“Ok,” Dillon replied as he climbed onto Shades back as he saw over the crowd, who had left a open area where the equivalent to a road was which had a small open top carriage that had both Luna and Celestia looking out and smiling at the ponies surrounding them.

“What can you see?” Midnight asked as tried to see over the crowd.

“Uhhhhh I see two ponies with wings and a horn and the one left is taller than the one on the right”.

“So… Celestia and Luna,” Shade added.

“If that's their name then yes.”

“I see,” Shade replied calmly.

“By the way what's so special about those two?”.

“Well they do each move the Sun and Moon on a daily basis,” Shade admitted

“So you're telling me that those two ponies right have the power to change the day and night cycle” Dillon asked with a brow raised.

“Yes, trust me I was surprised as well.”

“That's sounds very implausible but I believe you.”

“You're in a world where magic is real and there are wolves made of wood and you think that's implausible?”

“I have never heard of being able to control the sun and the dang moon but your right from all the weird stuff I've seen in this world this seems normal.”

“I suppose so,” Alex admitted as he chuckled.

“Yeah,” as he chuckled as well.

It was at this point a mare turned their head towards them before gasping as she saw Shade behind her getting each pony to turn to see what had happened only to get a similar reaction from each of them.

“...Welp this uncomfortable,” Dillon responded with uncomfortable look on his face.

“Moreso for me,” Shade admitted before all of the ponies suddenly bowed their heads to him as Celestia and Luna walked towards the group as ponies separated making space for them to walk towards the group.

Luna only smiled to the group before she said calmly “Shade, it’s a pleasure to see you again.”

“You too, how is everything going now you’re back home?” Shade asked with a smile.

“Amazingly,” Luna replied before pulling him close as she added “but better for knowing you're still here.”

The ponies surrounding then just gasped in shock at the sight unfolding in front of them as they heard Celestia chuckle before she said “I see being with my sister on the moon for the last one-thousand years has really brought you two closer,” she then saw Midnight and Dillon on Shades back before she asked gesturing to Dillon, “and who is this one?”

“My name is Dillon. I'll tell you my true name when If I trust you enough,” He responded nervously.

Shade then leaned in as he whispered to Celestia, “He’s like me.”

Celestia just nodded back with a smile before she said “well… considering how you’ve changed I have a feeling, we’ll need to sort a few things out.”

“We will,” Shade replied smiling back before he added, “maybe after this parade will be better. I think some of your ponies are having a breakdown at the fact there are three new Alicorns in front of them.”

Celestia just laughed at this before she said, “you may be right… I can assume you’ll be back in the Everfree again?”

“Most likely. It’s the only place I ever saw as home back then,” Shade admitted.

“Thats sounds about right,” Celestia agreed as she nodded as her and Luna walked back towards the carriage they had been traveling on.

“Hey Alex if I'm Dillon and I look like doesn’t that mean I have the guys whoa!!!”Dillon said as he jumped off Shades back dodging a blast.

“What was that!” multiple ponies shouted before they started running in random directions.

Shade then went next to Dillon quickly grabbing him and placing him against a nearby wall as he said “You may want to finish that sentence.”

“If I'm Dillon then don’t I have the guys enemies,” Dillon replied.

“...Most likely,” Shade replied nervously, “What are you enemies?”

Mainly in the universe of power rangers Rpm they are mainly the Venjix virus and his generals and the minion robots known as the Grinders”.

“And they are?” a voice asked from beside them as Dillon looked beside them to see Luna next to them.

“They’re the enemies of the Power Rangers their objective is to wipe out humanity and make the world only inhabitable by machines”.

“That's just great,” Luna replied sarcastically, “but just one question… what's a machine?” Luna asked.

“I don’t how to tell what a machine is but humans are able create them to help with a task such as building or being an assistant, Cellphones of which are machines which can help you contact others, and the Venjix Virus was created by Dr.K but became self aware and decided to create robot empire.

“That's just great,” Shade groaned in annoyance before passing Midnight to Luna, “keep an eye on her and get to a safe distance.”

“Alex what do want to do about those guys because I'm up for any suggestions”.

“...Well we have two choice… run away and let them destroy everything… or stand up and fight.”

“I'm gonna go with the fight option”.

“Glad you're not a coward,” Shade replied as he saw Luna and Midnight get to a safe distance.

“Let's see if this will work,” Dillon said as he took out his charger and shouted “RPM get in gear!” as a white light flashed and he was back in the black suit.

“You think you’re ready to fight?” Shade asked as he quickly checked that nobody could see him before he transformed himself.

“Yeah I do, let's do this.”

“Okay then,” Shade replied as they both walked into the street to see a large group of enemies. A group that consisted of Grinders and a Drill bot.

Along with this they looked to be working alongside a large humanoid creature that was covered in what almost looked to be flames along his arms and legs, his chest was covered in silver armour with a set of red indents, eight on his chest and seven on each shoulderpad, also along with its head looked to be on fire the only exception being a bright blue gem in its forehead.

“What in the holy hell is that thing!?” Dillon remarked.

“Don’t ask me? Is that not one of your guys enemies?”

“Doesn’t look familiar and he doesn’t look like a robot the Venjix Virus creates his minions and that guy does not look like one of them.”

“That's just great,” Alex muttered before he saw the creature ahead of them climb onto a motorbike, that was pure black apart from on the front of it that looked similar to that of the monster's head with flames running down the back, “and that's just unfair.”

Suddenly a voice said “heads up Shade, sending you some assistance!” before a red motorbike with black pulsating chains adorning the sides that led to the back that had a pulsating black and red eye shaped symbol along the sides.

Shade then climbed onto it as he said “think you can handle these things if I deal with the big guy?”

“Yeah go for it”.

“Good luck then, I’ll take him down and get back to you as soon as possible,” Shade replied as he saw the monster begin to ride off down an alley before Shade followed suit.

“Let's do this,” Dillon said with smirk as he took out his sword.

As soon as Shade had taken chase after the monster that had been leading the monsters that had attacked them the creature looked over it’s shoulder before it said “Who are you, stop interfering in our attempted to drive the gate to despair.”

“Oh you're one of those bullshit phantoms again,” Shade groaned in annoyance.

“How did you know that?” the monster asked in confusion.

“Let me show you,” Shade replied with a smirk as he removed his old eyecon replacing it with the Wizard Eyecon before the words “Eye! Kaigan! Wizard! Yubiwa no mahō! Saigo no kibō!”

“How! Wizard works for Lord Demigra… why are you trying to stop us!”

“Simple… I’m not him,” Shade replied as tried to slash the monster with his sword as the creature brought it’s own to block which he managed at the two of them pulled away from each other to avoid a wall that had blocked their path between them.

Shade the swerved out of the way still able to see his enemy over the wall before they collided again as their swords connected sending sparks flying between the two as they went.

“You're not bad for a fake, it’s amazing you managed to keep out of Lord Demigra’s reach for this long.”

“Oh I escaped from him a long time ago,” Shade replied as he swung his sword as it cut into the bikes tyre as the monster lost control as his bike crashed and he rolled into the centre of the road.

“What are you!” the monster shouted in anger.

Shade then climbed off of his bike before walking towards the monster who had managed to stand and regain his footing as he switched back to using his Shade Eyecon as he said calmly, “my name is Kamen Rider Shade and I’m going to show you directly to the pits of hell.”

“Pits of hell… really? My name is literally Hellhound, that's not much of threat,” the monster now identified as Hellhound replied.

“Well let's try that theory out,” Shade replied with a smirk as he drew his sword and charged towards Hellhound as the two blades once again collided sparks flying between the two of them.

“You're not as bad as I would have predicted,” Hellhound admitted “not good, but not as bad as I anticipated.”

“Well then, I’ll make you rethink those expectations,” Shade replied as he managed to bring his sword across Hellhounds chest sending him sprawling back. “Valkyrie! Scutum!” Shade shouted as two of his bands illuminated as his shield and spear appeared in his hands.

It was at this point Hellhound attempted to strike him with his sword which was blocked by Shade’s shield before his spear was thrust into Hellhounds chest sending him backwards as he grasped his chest in pain as blood was seen trickling from the newly inflicted wound.

“You're done,” Shade replied staring down at Hellhound.

“No… this can’t be happening,” Hellhound muttered in fear as he attempted to stand and escape only for two bodies to grab ahold of his arms and drag him to his feet, forcing him to look at Shade.

Shade didn’t say anything, it didn’t need to be said. The two figures had seen this done before and knew what to do next for Shade.

“What are you doing!” Hellhound shouted out in a mix of fear and pain.

Once again Shade didn’t answer as he pulled the handle on his Driver before a voice shouted out “Shade! Omega Capture!” This caused Hellhounds eyes to go wide as he began to try and escape from the two figures holding him in place as four flames approached him before he was thrown into the oncoming attack as flames surround his arms and legs before igniting and covering his body.

Seconds later there was howls of pain as Hellhound screamed out in agony, “Stop! Please I surrender! Just please stop! I’ll do anything, I’ll be yours to control! Just please stop!”

The attack continued for a few more seconds before the flames faded around Hellhounds body before he fell forwards as multiple chains supported his weight as he looked towards Shade, his voice weak as he said in a monotonous voice “Standing by, Please input new directive.”

“Hellhound your soul will now forever to tired my will, you shall no longer have any desire to serve anyone but me. You will work to better the people of this land and those I desire to look after, any deviation from this path will lead to you facing your worst fears, you will also be no longer able to hide of lie to me. Do you accept these new directives?”

Hellhound look towards Shade mindlessly before he said “Yes Lord Shade, your slave accept my new life under your control, please you me as you see fit,” it was at this point a blank silver band appeared on Shade’s arm as, Scutum, Valkyrie and Hellhound returned to their individual bands.

Shade then climbed back onto his bike before he thought I hope Dillon managed to deal with his enemies? as he made his way back towards where the fight had begun.

-Meanwhile with Dillon-

“Bring it on!” Dillon shouted to the Grinders and the Drill bot as they rushed to his direction as he smirked.

The first Grinder that attacked him jumped up and slammed its foot to the ground as Dillon grabbed it by its other leg slamming it on the floor multiple times before launching the Grinder in the air and cutting it in half with his sword when it landed.

Dillon then rushed towards the rest as he kicked one straight in the face kicking off its head as it launched into a tree gears and bolts Fall out as if felt to the ground.

The Grinders then went at him in all directions as he jumped into the air as the area slowed down for him as he said in his head, “maybe if charge energy into my sword and shoot it the Grinders and that Drill Bot will shut down” as time sped up again Electricity crackled around Dillon's sword as he then shot it to the ground.

He then took out his gun shooting as he shouted “Emp Wave!!” As the blast spread to them as their bodies started going crazy before they stopped moving and shut down their circuits fried.”

“Whoa that was fun.”

As he grabbed his sword from the ground a large shadow appeared behind him as he looked behind him as he saw a machine that looked like a golem looked at him before slamming it's arm in his stomach making Dillon spit up some blood as it launched him into one of the buildings.

As Dillon got out of the hole that he made as he took off his mask which was cracked as he lunged towards the mechanical golem as he jumped in the air attempting to stab it in it's arm before he got slammed down to ground as it stepped on his arm breaking it as it made a sickening crack as he screamed in pain, “ahhhhhhh!!”.

The golem then picked Dillon up by his sides as he began to crush his body making Dillon scream in more pain.

As Dillon he felt his bones crack as blood started coming out of his mouth.

As he was being crushed his pupils turned red again as he stopped screaming as he freed his unbroken arm and slammed it into the golem's hand breaking it off as he was freed from it's grip.

The golem then went to hit Dillon again before Dillon grabbed its arm and ripped it off before hitting the golem with its own arm knocking it on it's back as he continued to slam it to pieces as gears and oil went everywhere as it then stopped moving.

Dillon then held his head in pain as his eyes went to normal before collapsing to ground his vision going blurry as he went unconscious.

-A few Minutes later-

Shade returned to where the fight had originally began he looked around to find Dillon beaten and unconscious with a small puddle of blood on the ground near him.

As there were multiple buildings destroyed as. Shade noticed that most of them were collapsed and or had a giant hole in them.

He then saw all that were destroyed by Dillon as he saw huge a mechanical golem that was broken beyond repair.

“What the hell happened!” Shade shouted as he ran up to Dillons body quickly untransforming as he cast a healing spell using his magic as his wounds started to heal over, however some of the deeper injuries had left barely visible scars on his chest.

Shade then carefully picked him up in his wings and onto his back using them to keep him held safely before he began to run back to his bike as it suddenly disappeared in flames.

“That's just great, guess i’m running,” Shade sighed before he began to run back to the only place he knew would willingly look after him. The Wolves Den.

As Shade ran through the forest Dillon began to regain his consciousness as he cracked open his left eye seeing Shade as he asked weakly, “A-alex what h-happened?”

Shade only just caught his voice but was unable to make out what he said as he wrapped his wings closer around Dillon as he said “just rest for now, you’ll be home with your mother soon.”

Dillon eyes fluttered close as his vision started going blurry again as he started to shiver said, “cold... so cold.”

Shade heard this as he wrapped his wing around him tightly like a blanket leaving only his head sticking out wrapping the warmth from Shade’s body around him, before he asked Dillon, “is that better little one?”

Dillon stopped shivering as he began to breathe normally as his vision started to go dark his consciousness slipping.

“You remind me of my dad a bit,” Dillon muttered to himself as he lost consciousness.

Shade could only chuckle at this before he used the top of his wing to rub the back of Dillon’s neck wrapping it around the back to provide a bit more protection from the weather around them.

Once they reached the Wolve’s den, Shade slowly entered expecting the worst reactions from the Omega when she saw Dillon.

When the Omega saw Dillon she nudged him as he didn’t wake up as she whimpered a bit.

“He’ll be okay,” Shade assured her, “he’s just sleeping there was an attack in the town, we interfered and prevented any loss of life, but I have no idea what happened to him, one of the creatures that attacked went after others and we separated to keep people safe.”

As Shade said this Dillon had a pained look on his face as he clutched his chest still asleep his breathing becoming wavered.

Shade just placed Dillon in front of him as he sat down his horn igniting once again as Dillon was covered in a crimson glow healing more of his injuries once again as he placed his wings over Dillon’s body in the same fashion as before.

Dillon rolled to his side as his breathing went back to normal as Shade heard Dillon slowly while still asleep, “The…..mechanical…...golem”.

“That golem, must be what he was fighting,” Shade admitted.

Shade then heard quiet snores from Dillon as he smiled as he slowly allows Dillon to pull his wings around him.

As the Omega looked at this she tilted her head in confusion.

“Is something wrong?” Shade asked as he looked at the Omega.

She then started to move her paws on the stone as she made letters spelled”you seem to be more fatherly to him than the last time you were here”.

“Well, it is partly my fault this happened to him, if I hadn’t took him to the town he wouldn’t have got hurt.”

She then wrote “but you saved him that's all that matters.”

“I have honestly expecting you to try and kill me for getting him hurt.”

She then went next to Dillon and rubbed her head against his in a loving manner as she then wrote, “he’s safe that's all that matters to me.”

Alex just sighed before he said, “I wish I could understand you.”

She then wrote “for you to understand me I would have to make you part of the pack”.

“Yeah… that won’t be physically possible sadly,” Shade admitted.

She nodded as she sat next to Dillon as the pup from before layed next to him.

Shade just smiled at them before his head suddenly began to throb as he reached towards his head and winced in pain.

As this happened the Omega had a worried look on her face as she wrote “are you alright?!”.

“I don’t know,” Shade groaned in pain.

“What's wrong?” the Omega asked worried as Shade’s eyes widening as he asked “did you just talk?”

“Yes I thought you couldn't hear me”.

“...I couldn’t, but my head then began to hurt… then, I heard you talking.”

“Maybe you inherited it from Dillon.”

“How would that have worked?”

“Maybe through the amount of contact you had with him when you brought him back here.”

“I don’t think so,” Shade replied.

The group was then caught off guard as a strange voice said “Alex Shade, for your deeds in protecting both the ponies and creatures of this land, I wish to speak with you personally, as an act of goodwill I have shared with you a fraction of my powers to allow you to speak with all creatures that surround you. Once you are free you can find me under the ruins in the crevasse. I look forwards to seeing you soon.”

As soon as the voice finished talking the sound faded as quickly as it had began.

Alex then shook his head before he said “Okay… that was weird.”

“What happened?”.

“I heard a weird voice, it said it gave me a fraction of its powers it allow me to talk to any creature I encounter. It also said it wanted to meet me face to face.”

“Are you going to?” She asked curiously.

“Well firstly, I’m staying here till he wakes up, then I’ll find out what that voice wanted.”

The Omega just nodded as she laid down placing her head on Dillon's leg.

After 3 hours Dillon wakes up as he said, “uhhhhh how long was I out” as he sat up flinching pain as he clutched his chest as he accidentally nudged Shade as he attempted to stand up only for Shade to use his wings to force him to sit still as he calmly requested “Don’t push yourself your body is still recovering from your fight.”

“I barely remember anything. The only thing I remember is the fight with that golem in small pieces.”

“What else do you remember from that fight?” Shade asked.

“I remember being slammed into a building and my arm being stepped on by that thing as well as being crushed by it's hands I felt my ribs breaking the pain it was too much… after that everything was just a blur.”

“Do you remember anything else?”

“No I don’t.”

Shade could only smile at this before he said “So you don’t remember how you got back here?”

“I guess not I think heard your voice a bit when I was out but it sounded muffled so no.”

“I see,” Shade replied with a smirk before he added “I think your mother wants to talk to you.”

Dillon then looked to his leg as he saw the Omega a happy look on her face as she went towards him and started licking him while saying “I was so worried about you Dillon!” as he chuckled a bit he held his chest again as he said, “it hurts to love”.

“I’m glad you two are happy,” Shade replied with a genuine smile.

“She does kinda remind of my mom from my old home a bit her personality does match up.”

“I see,” Alex replied as he added “but she really was worried for you like a mother would be.”

“I guess I'm starting to grow on her.”

“I suppose so,” Shade chuckled as he said to the Omega, “You look after him you hear.”

She then nodded at him as she said “I will.”

“Good,” Shade replied with a smile before opening his wings to allow Dillon to move before he added, “make sure not to push yourself too hard, I have things I need to sort out.”

“Alright I’ll make sure not to,” Dillon replied before he stopped as he replied in a flabbergasted tone, “Wait a minute. Did… did you… did you just talk to her?”

“Yeah, we've been talking for the last few hours. Is it that surprising?”

“How long was I out?”

“About 2 or 3 hours,” the Omega replied.

“Uhhhhh that thing really must have gave me a beating.”

“Hell if I knew,” Shade replied with a shrug of his shoulders as he stood up.

“Alex....thanks for helping out here.”

“No need to thank me,” Shade replied with a wave as he began to walk out the cave before he added, “Oh… and remember not just who you were, but who you are now.”

At this Shade left the cave before Dillon could answer as he made his way back towards the ruins.

As soon as Alex reached the crevice that was beside the ruins he looked into them as he ralised the mist that had been surrounding it before had cleared which made it so he was able see what looked to be a staircase running down the side of it.

“How did I not see that before… in fact why was the mist here before?” Alex muttered to himself as he began to make his way down the steps into the crevice.

As he reached the bottom he looked around as he saw what seemed to be a single tunnel leading below the ruins of the Everfree Castle, it was then Alex just sighed before he said, “I really hope this isn’t a trap,” before he made his way into the tunnel.

A few minutes passed as he walked through the seemingly never ending darkness before Hellhounds voice said “Master, you are aware of the fact I could get us to the end of this darkness right now?”

“Really?” Alex replied curiously, “I guess I better let you give it a try.”

It was then Alex pressed the black band on his arm before what looked to be a black Gauntlet with red marking along the top of it that led over each of his knuckles that each seeming to be flickering between black and red appeared on his right hand.

Hellhound’s voice then whispered back to him, “place you hand against the shadows to move through them, it’s easier if you have a solid surface to make contact with.”

It was then Alex followed his instructions and as soon as his hand made contact with the wall his body seemed to merge together into the shadows as he soon began moving through the shadows that almost three times the speed he had been before, which led to Alex reaching the end of tunnel a minute later.

As soon as he exited the tunnel he returned to normal the moment the light around him made contact with his body before he stood up and the gauntlet disappeared.

He then looked around him to see that he was in a room that almost seemed to be of crystals that almost seemed to be giving off the light that had illuminated the room, the room itself was almost completely empty bare apart from a large tree that looked to be crafted from crystals much like the rest of the room, but while the wall were creating the light the tree seemed to be reflecting it.

It was then Alex walked towards the tree before he said to himself, “is this where that voice wanted me to meet it?” Only for him to seemingly get no response from anyone around him.

“I’m sure that voice told me to go under the ruins? So where is whoever directed me here?” Alex muttered to himself as he reached his hand towards the tree. It was then he felt his head pulse once again just like it had back in the cave before it faded as quickly as the first had.

“Okay… what is going on?” Alex asked in annoyance.

“You know, most of the former heroes that arrived before you did not take my offer and come, many just took the first of my gifts and left… and almost all the rest failed to accept that they could simply not resist the tide that would soon engulf them as they were swept aside. But you. You are different, for you have already stood against the impending waves and remained standing throughout.”

“Who are you?” Alex asked as he looked around him for answers only to get none.

“All will be explained if you continue to listen,” the voice replied before continuing, “you have already witnessed that this world we live in is more than what the others perceived, each choosing to cut down their enemies which only led to them facing their own demise alone. Even those that came with friends were slain by one whom they all believe they could trust.”

“You mean the riders before me?”

“The riders you believe that I refer to are not all gone, two yet survive freely each choosing to flee from the fights in this world and finding sanctum in others, but since they lost, many other heroes have come and fell to the same force which only grew stronger. You have faced only a few of their numbers and instead of choosing to cut them down, you showed most of them mercy and made their strengths your own.”

“To be fair, in each case I have no idea how I do it?” Alex admitted still unable to locate where the voice was coming from.

“Even with that being the case, you have never used your abilities for your own personal gain, only ever to defend others or yourself from harm. As such I offer you a choice, you can return to the world like the others who took my first blessing and decide to take on your enemies by yourself, you will no longer get any assistance from me though.”

“And if I take the other offer?” Alex asked.

“If you take my other offer, I will assist you in defending and protecting you and your allies, I will ensure your survival for you and those you wish to protect when they enter the confines of the Everfree, in turn I request that you protect this place and myself from harm.”

“Can I ask who I’d be protecting? Kind of hard to protect someone when you have no idea who they are.”

The voice just chuckled back as it said, “I believe you are right.”

It was then the three in front of him began to glow in a prismic light before a familiar rainbow like beam of light shot out from the top of the tree landing behind him as Alex turned to see what looked to be an Alicorn behind him.

She had a white white coat that had both black and turquoise marking around her neck, and sides while her legs were mostly back with a large white band running down the sides, the mare also had long flowing turquoise hair in the same shade as the marking on her body and was holding a long black and green Dual Bladed Naginana which she had resting against her back.

“And you are?” Alex asked.

“I’ve been known as many names throughout time by different races, most know me as Harmony, others a long time ago called me Eternity and many others were lost to time.”

“So, which name do you even use now?”

“Considering those mares though my gems were called the Elements of Harmony, I don’t feel like i have a need to change my name just yet. I’ve not been completely lost to history at the moment,” Harmony admitted with a shrug of her shoulders.

“I can see why so many people before me rejected your offer,” Alex sighed before adding, “but it’s pretty obvious where their choices got them, and you seem to be one of the few creatures who are aware of who or what we’re facing.”

“Well being that the only other creature that's been around long enough to know of all the heroes who have fallen is Celestia and she fails to see the urgency in forming a strong force to protect her own people, someone else needs to do it. And besides, you already know of a few potential allies that could help defend this world in time,” Harmony admitted.

“Wait… She seriously did nothing in one thousand years to prepare to defend everyone?”

“Well, she did try to train the guard, but they just seemed to lose any hope soon after starting their training, some thought it was a curse to join up, and others who tried to work hard just disappeared.”

“You leaving something out,” Alex pointed out.

“Well, what happened is obvious, they were all killed or disposed of my a monster, although it always seemed the captains never were harmed, or quit they only ever left when they died of old age,” Harmony admitted in thought.

“So you think a Gamma has been switching between hosts as they die to continue keeping the guard weak to at a later date try and get rid of anyone who could prevent them and their allies from succeeding in their missions?”

Harmony just looked at Alex curiously before she said, “that is yet to be seen, but if Equestria is to ever be free, those guards will need to sorted out before something happens to the royal family once again.”

“You think I’ll just roll over and die?” Alex said with a smirk.

“You are not part of the royal family, at least not yet. You may be able to look like an alicorn, but the strengths that come from them are barely noticeable for you. Your barely have any control over magic, you can barely fly and even though you possess strength slightly stronger than that of the average Unicorn or Pegasus, it is nowhere near the level of an Earth Pony nevermind an Alicorn.”

“Well i’m sorry that my Alicorn body is false.”

“That's not what I meant. I mean that your power as an Alicorn is nowhere as formidable as others would think and it is something I can assist you in. I can heighten your natural abilities to a level that is equal to each singular race.”

“It seems more like i’m getting everything from this deal and yet you get nothing.” Alex pointed out.

“That is not so, a seemingly formidable adversary can give the appearance of a formidable defense. Why do you think Celestia keeps her guards even though it’s obvious they are useless, the large number makes the military seem formidable to an impending force.”

“I see the logic in that, but not the point, it would make more sense for two guard who is capable to be the last line of defence for her than multiple guards who are almost useless.”

“Well then you need to ensure that any of those you take on as your guard are formidable, especially your guard.”

At this Alex just smile as he said, “I already know a suitable candidate for that.”

Harmony could only smile at this as she walked over to Alex placing a hand on his arm before she said, “I know you’ll be able to find those who are trustworthy and suitable, and as long as you stand by me, know I will always be here to watch you back.”

As Harmony finished what she was saying the bracer on Alex’s arm seemed to glow momentarily before fading as Harmony added, “just don’t misuse the powers I have bestowed upon you and you may yet learn more in the future.”

Alex could only sigh before he said, “You really are a strange mare Harmony.”

“Oh I know, but where is the fun in being normal, besides when you live as long as we have you always need to way to let loose and have fun. Now get moving I need to focus to start on making our home more… suitable for our needs,” Harmony said as a large staircase appeared in the wall that looked to lead upwards.

“Don’t worry Harmony, I have no plans on turning away from you,” Alex replied as he walked towards the stairway that had appeared as he failed to notice a silver light float towards him resting against his back before seamlessly fading into his body.

Chapter 11

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As Alex reached the top of the staircase, he looked at the ruins around him and he saw what looked to be vines that had been supporting the ruined walls were no longer doing so.

The vines seemed to now be both removing and replacing blocks of ruined stone with what almost looked to be freshly cut stone.

At this Alex looked on in confusion, to anyone who hadn’t been alive as long as he had, the events would seem crazy, even ridiculous to most, but for Alex he’d found it had became easier to see everything he would have seen as bizarre one-thousand years ago as normal.

He then walked up to where the broken doors had been previously rotting and laying on the floor to find they had disappeared leaving an open hole where they had once been. It was then Alex walked outside as he saw that the crevice he had originally gone down to reach Harmony had somehow began to fill itself in.

Alex just sighed at this as he thought to himself, “I assume this is Harmony’s doing.”

Before he began to walk towards the edge of the crevasse as he looked into it as he saw that it seemed to be filling in with a ton of soil and rocks, he was unsure where it was coming from.

It was then he looked over from where the crevice had been to see, Luna, Midnight and Celestia walking towards him because where the bridge had been previously filled to create a path over the crevice which Alex walked over towards the oncoming group.

“I feel like we need to ask what’s going on with the Castle,” Luna admitted.

“No… you don’t, it’s Harmony isn’t it?” Celestia added as Alex just nodded to her. “I should have known, she did that to me when I took the Elements of Harmony when I… well you know.”

“You mean when you sent us to the moon?” Alex replied calmly as Celestia just looked to the ground sadly as he added, “which was the only option we believed that we had left at the time.”

“But, I still did it,” Celestia said.

“You did what was best for everyone, not just for you,” Luna interjected as she placed her hand on Celestia’s shoulder. “You had no idea how to help me back then and then you took responsibility for your actions since that point.”

“But I still…” Celestia said before Alex tapped her on the forehead before she looked at him in surprise.

“Celestia, you had one thousand years to let this simmer, to think this over… I remember what I saw when we were sent away, you overcame something… something those phantoms were after from you, because you managed that I assume they never came for you again.”

At Alex’s statement Celestia stopped for a second before she replied by asking them, “Your right, I personally haven’t seen them again since you all was sent to the moon.”

“I see,” Alex replied lost in thought.

“Well I do have a little knowledge of what was going on back then,” Midnight admitted as she looked over Luna’s shoulder.

“What do you know little one?” Celestia asked curiously.

“From what I was told a long time ago, the aim of the Phantoms was to create more of their kind, they did this by causing what they called ‘gates’ to give in to despair. I believe that beyond that it had something to do with something inside these ‘gates’ that make this possible.”

“And what exactly are these gates?”

“I don’t know, they had selected their target prior to getting the Ganma to work with them.”

“So you don’t know how they dictate their targets?”

“No… I’m afraid not,” Midnight replied sadly.

“You are aware I know how to?” A strange yet familiar voice responded from seemingly nowhere. A voice then made Celestia freeze in shock.

“That voice… Where is it coming from?”

“I might know,” Alex replied as he reached towards the band that held Valkyrie, “Just don’t be scared when you see this.”

“Why would I be scared?” Celestia asked.

Alex did not answer as he rotated Valkyrie’s band before he appeared beside Alex as Luna, Celestia and Midnight recoiled in shock.

“I thought you killed him!” Celestia shouted in shock.

“Celestia… You should know I have a thing against killing my enemies when it’s not needed or can be helped.”

“Then why is he still alive!” Celestia replied angrily.

“Lets just say… he sold his soul to the devil,” Alex replied with a smirk.

“What does that mean?”

“I feel like I should explain for my lord,” Valkyrie said as he knelt down on one knee bowing to the group, “On the day we fought one-thousand years ago I fled the castle to assist in completing the goal I had been tasked with, however before I could do anything, I was stopped by my lord and offered a choice. Either be killed in that moment or to serve my lord indefinitely, as you can see it should be clear what I chose.”

Celestia then looked to Alex before she said, “So you spared the one who was part of the attack and forced me to send you all to the moon.”

Alex then sighed before he said, “Valkyrie, could you explain the rest to us please.”

“Of course my lord,” Valkyrie replied before he said, “What my mission was in more detail to what lady Midnight said was to give birth to a new phantom from one of you, the method of doing this was by forcing the gate, which is a being with a high magical potential, which makes unicorns targets more often that other races.”

“That still doesn’t explain what driving them to despair means and just how exactly it’s done,” Alex added.

“I was about to explain that my lord,” Valkyrie admitted before he said, “We drive a gate to despair to help their inner Phantoms to grow and in turn become Phantoms like myself, for this to happen the targeted creature had to lose all hope, most of the time by ensuring their dreams or memories are tainted or made impossible to attain.”

“So for me you made me believe my sister hates me and nobody cared about me anymore, in an attempt to make me lose hope about ever being happy again.”

“That is correct, we normally use a physical manifestation of this to enforce the idea, it could be something as simple as someone wanting to be a famous magician and embarrassing that person in front of everyone then destroying something they link with that dream in front of them.”

“Is that all there is to it?” Celestia asked.

“Yes, after they give in it is rare, for the target to recover from it without something helping to either stop the Phantom from escaping or the gate clinging onto what hope they still hold to prevent them from falling to despair, and resealing their phantom inside them again,” Valkyrie admitted.

“So your saying i was lucky,” Celestia muttered to herself.

“Not lucky; strong enough to not give in… I have to congratulate you on that by the way.” Valkyrie admitted before he once again bowed to the group before adding, “and with that I will bid you adieu until a time when my assistance is required by my lord again.”

It was then Valkyrie’s body began to shift into a red mist which drifted back into the band on Alex’s wrist as everyone just looked at him before Alex sighed and said, “Yeah, that’s sort of why I told you not to be scared.”

Celesia then sighed before she said, “So that’s why many of my ponies seemingly disappeared without a trace for a long period of time.”

“Celestia… we also learnt more than just this, but I think it may be best to go somewhere safer to talk about it.”

Celestia looked at Alex in confusion before she relented as she ignited her horn before the group teleported away.

As the group reappeared Alex looked around him to see that they were in a large room that held one large throne in the centre of the room that was led towards the door by a long red carpet that led towards a large set of doors at the front of the room. The walls were adorned with bright banners that held the image of the sun that rested between multiple stained glass windows between them.

Celetia then turned towards Alex before she said, “So, what was it you needed to tell me?”

“Sister… it appears Wizard was not the only Kamen Rider that existed back when we knew him,” Luna said calmly.

“Sister we do not understand, what do you mean by him not being the only Rider back then?”

“She means that other Riders beyond Wizard existed before my arrival, from what we learned there was at least five other Riders in total that we know of but only four we are certain defended Equestria.”

“So there was four others back then in hiding for some reason.”

“They were all humans like me,” Alex added.

At this statement Celestia stopped before she looked back to Alex as said, “What? Does that mean all of them were dead?”

“No… none of them were from this world, they were all tricked into being sent here, and from what I learned, it is possible all of them knew each other… and me them.”

“What are you implying?” Celestia asked.

“During the events that unfolded at the castle with the Elements of Harmony, one of them followed me after I left, once I got clear the mare they called Rainbow Dash followed me and started calling me a Roidmude.”

At this Celestia just chuckled before she said, “And I thought calling you a Phantom was bad.”

“You think that’s bad? I had no idea what she called me till a few seconds later when we were attacked by three of them each having some weird ability to create something the mare called Slowdown.”

“So, when we were all unable to move in the castle that was down to this ‘Slowdown’ that these Roidmudes created?” Celestia asked.

“It also appears that one of those Riders I mentioned did in fact manage to pass on his powers in some way, the second who fell.”

“Wasn’t that Drive? I thought the... What did you call it when the video said the second Rider that was attacked died as well?” Luna responded in confusion.

“Well he likely did… but his driver, now that’s a different story.”

“Alex, your not making sense,” Luna responded.

“The second Rider to fall’s Driver wasn’t like the others. It held the life of the Riders younger brother, and it is that brother who has managed to survive all this time to land in the hands… well I guess hooves of one of your ponies.”

“Are you saying one of my ponies has been fighting these Roidmudes?” Celestia asked.

“Yes I am, the pony in question took over the mantle of Kamen Rider Drive, which makes her someone I need to keep an eye on.”

“Was it the mare who followed you who became Drive?” Luna asked.

“Luna, I feel like for the time being it be best I keep the identities of any living Riders a secret between Riders.” Alex replied.

Luna looked as if she was going to press for answers but was stopped as Celestia placed a hand out infront of her, “For now we agree that it is the best course of action, we have no idea just who could be an ally or another enemy, it is imperative that there identities are kept secret, even from us.”

“Thank you for your understanding on this matter,” Alex replied before adding, “also it appears that mare they were calling Twilight was able to see me when I was supposed to be invisible, she may possess a similar ability to you Luna.”

“So there be something that links the both me and this Twilight?” Luna asked.

“It appears so, but as to what that link may be I could not say,” Alex admitted with a shrug of his shoulders.

“I see, but beyond what you have learned we have also had reports of a strange figure that appeared in Canterlot over the last year, but no one has been able to get a good look at what it is. The only information we’ve got is that the figure looked to be made of three different colours, from what we know one was black but the other colours remained unknown, it’s prevented us from finding just who or what this figure is,” Celestia admitted.

“Nothing else?” Alex asked.

“Well… one witness did say they heard a voice shout something along the lines of ‘Rabbit, Tank, Best match!... But they also said they saw a second figure that looked like a bat that turned into smoke, so I don’t know how legitimate those claims are.”

“You realise that both those claims may not be completely unfound,” Alex pointed out.

“That may be true but…” Celestia began to say before suddenly she suddenly stopped as the group saw a unicorn stallion with a bright gray coat, blue eyes and amber mane looking at the group.

It was then the pony ahead of them looked towards Alex before looking back to Celestia before he said sounding almost angry, “Auntie what are you doing with that weird monster?”

“Well at least it wasn’t a Phantom or Roidmude this time,” Alex muttered to himself.

“It must be some strange kind of Dopant!” The stallion shouted back.

“And there it is,” Alex groaned in annoyance.

“He must be responsible for the crime spree that’s been taking place recently!”

“Oh for god’s sake, I am sick of people referring to me as different monsters or a criminal!” Alex shouted back in anger.

This outburst caused the stallion to recoil slightly before Celestia placed a hand on Alex’s shoulder before she said, “Alex, he didn’t mean what he said, he just doesn’t know when to hold his tongue.”

“Auntie! Why are you speaking to that thing like that?” The stallion asked in confusion.

“Blueblood, he’s not a thing, his name is Alex and he’s a very old friend,” Celestia admitted.

“Old friend?” Blueblood replied with a smirk, “I can’t see how he can be an ‘old’ friend he looks no older than eighteen at most.”

“I suppose I have aged well for an one thousand and eighteen year old man,” Alex responded with a smirk.

This statement caused Blueblood to recoil in shock as he stuttered out, “One thousand and eighteen years old. That must be some kind of joke.”

“He wouldn’t joke about being on the moon with me for the last thousand years,” Luna argued back.

“But how is he still alive?” Blueblood asked.

“The word alive is loose for him, has been dead for some time,” Celestia admitted.

“I don’t understand. What do you mean?” Blueblood replied in confusion.

“Well what I mean is that…” Celestia said but was then cut off as the sound of an explosion could be heard outside as everyone quickly turned towards the windows.

“What the hell was that!” Alex shouted.

“That sounded like it came from the town,” Celesta said sounding worried.

It was then Alex’s eyes widened as he quickly ran towards the door as his hand struck the bracer on his arm before his form switched into that of an Alicorn before he phased through the wall as he heard Blueblood shout, “What in your name Auntie is he?!”

As Shade flew over Canterlot scouring the town for where the source of the explosion had came from he managed to see what looked like smoke from near the edge of the town, which he continued to fly towards more urgently than before.

Once he got above the area of the town that he could now see was burning he saw two ponies backing away from three monsters but beyond that he couldn’t tell just what kind of monsters they were.

It was then he quicklyrapidly dived downwards towards the ponies and monsters as Chrysalis formed as a both pistols in his hands before he landed between the monsters and the ponies before he instantly opened fire on them causing all three monsters to back away from him.

It was then Shade looked up too see the three monsters more clearly. The first was was a large canine like monster that was covered in blue and bronze armour that covered a large portion of its body but leaving it’s arm, shoulders and the heel of it’s right leg open to the air revealing black fur below it.

The second monster was humanoid in shaped but his chest looked like that of hardening lava with a large portion of its body covered by flickering flames red flames that almost surrounded it’s entire body, which explained why a large portion of the city was burning.

The last monster looked almost entirely comprised of white, silver and black metal along its body, apart from one large red glass like eye on its head and unlike the others this one was armed with what looked to be a large metal staff that almost held some resemblance to a croquet stick.

It was then the two ponies he had landed in front of looked forwards towards Shade as the dust settled before gasping as they saw the Alicorn standing in front of them.

“Get out of here!” Shade shouted to the two of them only for both ponies to remain frozen in place causing Shade to shout again, “You two need to get clear now!”

The two ponies then snapped out of there stupper before nodding their heads as they slowly stood up and began to run away only taking a look back for a second time to see Shade open fire on the monsters again before they disappeared around the corner of some burning buildings.

It was then Shade turned back to the three monsters as his weapons disappeared before he said, “So do I need to take names, or do I get to know what your gimmicks are?”

To this two of the monsters just grunted or growled seeming to be unable to form words before the third monster said, “You must think your oh so funny.”

“Oh so you can speak? So maybe you can answer this, which one of you is which? Who’s the ugly one, the stupid one and which of you have the weird powers?”

The last monster just stuttered as it asked Shade, “Are you being serious right now?”

“Not this second no,” Shade replies with a smirk as he reaches for the Shade Eyecon in his pocket.

“You cannot be serious, you came here just to mock us?”

“Mock you, no… you didn’t need my help for that, you handle that one just fine,” Shade admitted, “I’m here to simply put and end to this madness.”

It was then the last monster stopped before breaking into a fit of laughter before he said, “You stop us… you can’t be serious!”

“Oh I’m ‘dead’ serious,” Shade replied as he brought both hands to his side before he summoned his driver, which didn’t go unnoticed by the monsters.

“Wait… what is that!” the monster shouted before adding, “What are you.”

At this Shade smirked before he said, “My name is Kamen Rider Shade, and I’m going to show you the path to the pits of hell,” before he pressed the side of his eyecon before placing it in the driver as the two mute monsters charged towards him before Shade clenched both of his hands into fists as he struck both of the monsters at once sending them flying backward before the Shade Parka Ghost appeared from the Driver sending the monster backwards further towards the third monster before resting behind Shade’s body before he shouted “Henshin!” as he pulled the handle on his driver as the Parka Ghost attached to his back.

As soon as this happened the words “Kaigan: Shade! Let’s Go! Kakugo! Akuma-tekina Shade!” were heard as he pulled the hood of back down before looking towards the monsters who had recoiled back.

“What are you cowards doing there are three of us and only one of him!” The third monster shouted.

With this the monsters turned back towards Shade only to hear a voice shout out, “Kaigan: Wizard! Yubiwa no mahō! Saigo no kibō!” As his form that of the Wizard Damashii as he raised his left hand above his head as the flames burning the town and that of the flames on the second seemed to be absorbed towards him as they died down.

It was then Shade looked towards the shocked monster who was trying to reignite it’s flames as Shade summoned his weapon before firing on the shocked monster before a quickly flourished the end of the Parka ghost before he said, “It’s showtime,” before charging towards the three monsters before spinning his leg around backwards as his foot was engulfed in flames as he struck each monster in the head sending them each backwards as he once again opened fire on the second monster that was still trying to reignite it’s flames.

Shade then smiled as he pulled out the Billy The Kid Eyecon replacing it with the Wizard Eyecon before the phase “Kaigan: Billy the Kid! Hyakupatsu! Hyakuchū! Zukyūn! Bakyūn!” before two pistols appeared in a flash of light before he opened fire on the first and third monster knocking them away from the second.

Shade then smirked under his helmet before he combined both pistols into a rifle as he lowered it towards his Driver before the words “Dai Kaigan! Omega Impact!” were heard as what looked to be bats surrounded the rifle before he pulled the trigger before a yellow beam of light struck the monster ahead on him before what looked to be a red Unicorn stallion was send flying backwards across the street as a small USB stick fell in front of Shade as he picked it up only for it to shatter in his hands.

“What the heck was that thing?” Shade muttered to himself as he looked at the shards in his hands just making out the remains of a letter M that had adorned the stick only moments before.

“That was a Gaia Memory that you so callously destroyed,” A voice responded from before Shade turned around to see a large figure that was adorned in a white suit that hand blue flames going up it’s arms along with a white mask that hand two large yellow eyes that obscured the creatures face and a trident shaped accent with a red gemstone below the centre of the trident. It also wore a large flowing black cape that was held on by a black military vest that supported multiple slots that seemed to be made to hold the USB sticks similar to the one thats remains resided in Shades hand.

“And you are?” Shade asked as he dropped the shards in his hand to the ground before returning his rifle back into two pistols

“Kamen Rider… Eternal,” the now confirmed rider responded.

“I see,” Shade replied as he fired on the two remaining monsters as they stumbled back once again. “And you are here for what exactly?”

“I am trying to locate a certain set of those Gaia Memories, luckily it appears the one you just destroyed was not part of the set I require,” Eternal replied.

“And you assume one of those monsters hold this ‘Memory’ you want?”

“You mean the Dopants I assume, and yes I believe that the Metal Dopant hold the Gaia Memory I require.”

“Okay then, if you intend of stopping them from harming anyone I’ll help you, how can we stop them?”

“You can do what you did before again, the memories I need should be more resilient than the one you destroyed and should not end up like the other memory,” Eternal responded as the Rider stood next to Shade.

“So simply land a finisher on the target likenormal,” Shade replied.

“Correct, that should eject the Memory from the Dopant for me to collect,” Eternal replied before he charged towards the monster he had referred to as the Metal Dopened seeming to try and strike it with what looked to be a small combat knife.

“Is this guy serious?” Shade muttered to himself as he removed the Billy the Kid Eyecon from his driver and replaced it with the Musashi Eyecon before the words “Kaigan: Musashi! Kettō! Zubatto! Chō Kengō!” was heard from the driver before a red Parka Ghost appeared and attached itself to Shade’s back.

It was then black flames began to flicker down Shade’s arms before two of his swords began to emerge from the flames, before he quickly grabbed the two swords as he charged towards the Dopant ahead of him striking it with both blades as the flames dispersed causing the Dopant to stumble backwards.

Shade then quickly brought both the blades out to the side of his body before the Dopant began to charge towards him, its teeth bared as it prepared to attempt to slash it’s right claw on its arms into Shade’s shoulder blades.

However just before it could get a change to strike him, Shade brought his swords up to the claw that was about to strike him as the sound of something shattering was heard as the Dopant once again recoiled back before looking at his claw to see that they had all but disappeared being left with only stubs where they had once been.

“You know, you made plenty of mistakes today, but facing me was your worst,” Shade said his voice sounding almost angry as he placed his swords in front of his driver before he said with his voice distorting further, “When you get to hell, tell them Kamen Rider Shade sent you.”

The Dopants eyes then widened as flames erupted from the ground around Shade as he charged towards the Dopant which slowly began to rise it’s remaining claw to block the oncoming strike. However upon Shade’s blade and the Dopants claws colliding another shattering sound was heard as the shattered remains of the Dopants claws fell to the ground.

The Dopant then slowly began to turn backwards as it looked like it was about to try and retreat however before he could do so one of Shades blades was placed against the Dopants throat with the other against its back as it froze.

“I’ll give you one chance and one only, surrender what turned you into this and I’ll let you go,” Shade ordered as the sword against the Dopants back dug in slightly just barely piercing the skin, but just enough to draw blood.

As soon as the Dopant felt the blade draw blood a small black USB Port appeared on the Dopants shoulder before a red USB similar to that which had shattered before appeared attached to the port before the Dopant reached for it before removing it from his body before it changed into a normal blue earth pony as Shade removed his blades from the ponies body before it dropped the Gaia Memory it was hold and curled up into a ball shaking in fear.

Upon this happening Shade reached down picking up the Gaia Memory that the pony had surrendered before looking over it as he saw that it had a stylized letter ‘B’ on it that made it look that the jaws of a animal along with the word ‘Beast’ repeated in white lettering along the background, while the casing’s design that surrounded it almost looked like it resembled a ribcage.

It was then Shade looked over to where Eternal was to find the Rider was faring… badly. He was up against a wall getting kicked in the side, or being stuck with it’s weapon repeatedly before it picked Eternal up before throwing the rider across the street before the rider rolled to a stop on the ground in front of Shade and groaned in pain.

“That didn’t look like it went well,” Shade mocked.

“Shut it, I was just giving it a chance,” Eternal responded in pain.

“It looks that way,” Shade retorted before walking in front of Eternal before adding, “You just relax and let someone with a bit of experience show you how it’s done.”

“You really are annoying,” Eternal groaned as he tried to stand back up only to fall onto his face still groaning in pain.

Shade just smirked under his mask as he ignored the injured Rider as he somehow placed the Gaia Memory he took into a strange pocket inside the Musashi Parka Ghost before he pulled out the Chronos Eyecon from the same pocket.

He then quickly switched the the two Eyecons before the phase “Kaigan! Chronos!” was heard before being followed by 12 clock chimes along with the words “Time in the palm of your hands!” were heard after the last chime.

Shade then turned towards the Metal Dopant before he simply started to walk towards it not saying a word which seemed to anger the Dopant as it charged towards Shade preparing to swing it’s staff towards him, however just before it got close enough Shade quickly pressed the button on his wrist as time froze.

He then slowly walked towards the Metal Dopant before taking it’s weapon from it’s grasp as the words, “Weapon identified, Accessing Shade link,” was heard before almost seconds later black and red flames began to move over the staff changing it from the colour silver to black with both ends having red tips on them. It was then the voice returned as the phrase “Shade enhancements accepted, new fighting style uploaded for analysis,” was heard as the weapon disappeared into a flaming portal.

Shade then slowly walked behind the Metal Dopant before resummoning his pistols as he combined them into the form of a rifle. He then placed it in front of his driver before the words “Chronos! Omega Impact!” was heard as restarted time and looked to his hand and slowly turned around to see Shade as what looked to be green flames were forming around the rifle.

The Metal Dopant then quickly tried to charge Shade but suddenly found itself moving extremely slowly as a large clock appeared on the ground below it with a set of flames running from the clock to Shade’s feet.

The Dopant then looked to Shade fear clear on its face as it shouted “No! Don’t you dare fire that!”

Shade just smirked as he said, “When you get to hell… Tell them Shade sent you!” then he pulled the rifle’s trigger as the hand on the clock faced Shade before the flames that made up the outline of the clock rose into walls surrounding the two of them and a green and black light struck the Dopant in the chest as the flames blocked Shade’s view to the Dopant as it began screaming in agony.

It was then Shade began to walk down the corridor of flames the walls almost seeming to merge into Shade’s hands surrounding then in a green pulsating glow before he reached where the flames had sealed the Dopant off from him as they fell to see the Dopant on its knees it’s one eye flickering between the colours red, black and green rapidly the red appearing less and less as Shade got closer.

As soon as Shade stood over the Dopant a weak cry was heard before it said almost quietly, “Please stop, I surrender… just stop.” At this Shade reached his hands down towards the Metal Dopant as it weakly looked up to him as it asked weakly, “W...What are you?” It was then it saw the flames on my hands before it muttered out weekly, “Please… no more,” but couldn’t finish it’s sentence before Shade’s hands touched the side of its head as it once again screamed out in pain.

This lasted for a few seconds before the Dopants voice went hoarse as it stopped screaming as it’s eye no longer went red, now only flickering between white and green. It was then the green lights on Shade’s arms began to shift as what looked to be chains formed from his hands and began to wrap around the Dopant’s body.

Once the chains had encapsulated the entirety of the Dopants body the light coming from Shade’s hands faded before he looked down to the now subdued Dopant before he stated, “Here’s how this will work, you answer my questions, and if you lie or fail to answer them the chains will begin to dig into your body deeper and deeper, each time you fail to answer my questions. If you fail to answer my questions enough times the chains will merge with your body and you will lose any freedom you have. Permanently. If you understand what I have told you say so.”

The Dopant then weakly looked up to Shade as he replied by saying, “I understand.”

“Good, First question. Who are you without the Gaia Memory?”

“Why would you need to know that, I have a right not to answer tha… Gah!” The Dopant began to say before the chains began to dig into his body.

“I told you, if you fail to answer my questions that that would happen,” Shade responded.

“My real names is Silver Hardstaff!” The Dopant screamed in pain, before the chain loosened slightly as he began to whimper. Upon hearing his name Shade chuckled under his mask, “It’s not that funny!”

Once Shade regained his composure he then continued by saying, “Good, next question. Why did you attack everyone here.”

“...I don’t want to answer that,” Silver responded before he grimaced in pain, “Okay, I was given no choice in the matter!”

“Who ordered you to attack everyone.”

“I don’t know, all contact I had was at dead drop locations, I was always delivered a message in the mail with the locations of them only hours before the drops occurred.”

“...Your lying,” Shade stated before the chains began to dig in more to Silvers body.

“I’m not! Only the latest request wasn’t done like this! The letter they sent had the information it was from a new client!” Silver shouted out in pain as the chains loosened slightly having dug in deeper than the previous time.

“What was you ordered to do?”

“I was ordered…” Silver began to say before hesitating before he felt the chains shift again, “ I was ordered to assassinate a few targets, buy I was ordered to use those things we used, I was delivered one and it seems the other two were as well, however I refused to use the one I was given.”

It was then asif on que a blue Gaia Memory fell onto the ground beside Silver which Shade quickly noticed and picked up to find that the Memory had the word ‘Lighting’ written into the background and a stylized letter ‘L’ made to look in the shape of a lightning bolt, along with this the casing that looked the same as the other memory he had obtained.

Shade then looked back to Silver before he asked him, “So this was the Memory you received, if so where did you acquire the one you’re using?”

“Well… I found it a years ago when it fell from the sky,” Silver replied as the chains began to tighten up again. “Okay I stole it!” he added after casing the chains to loosen again.

“Who did you steal the Gaia Memory your using from?”

“A year ago I was sent to assassinate a group of business ponies that were said to supply strange items to the black market that operates around Canterlot, I found them easily enough but when I did… I saw them all turn into different monsters that began to fight each other some using highly advanced weapons. I knew I couldn’t defeat them and tried to run, but found a case with a strange belt buckle of some kind in along with some of those Gaia Memories you mentioned.”

“A buckle?”

“Yes… like the thing that other Rider wore.”

“Wait… you mean a driver? They were trying to create their own Riders?”

“I don’t know what they were after, or how they made it, but upon escaping I took one of those Memories from the case, but before I could do much else, somebody attacked me and took the case and driver. When I regained my senses they were gone along with the case.”

“So what was the driver you stole like?”

“Exactly like that other Rider’s,” Silver admitted.

“I’ll have to inquire into that later,” Shade muttered to himself in thought. He then looked back to Silver before he said, “okay just three questions left. First, what is your current occupation?”

“I’m sorry… why would you want to know that?” Silver asked as he winced expecting the chains to shift, but to his surprise nothing happened.

“Oh and unless you do something extremely stupid or lie, the chains won’t move on the last few questions. As to why I’m asking this one your answers will depend on the next question I ask you.”

“Okay, I don’t have one, I lost my previous job recently.”

“May I ask why?”

“It’s… a bit of a sore subject for me,” Silver admitted.

“Then I won’t ask anymore about it.” Shade responded calmly. He then sighed before he said, “This next question does not need to be answered, but if you do it will pay into your favour on the next.”

Silver looked to Shade curiously before he said, “What are you going to ask?”

“What family do you have left?”

“Why would you need to know that! If you intend to harm them Celestia help me!” Silver shouted in anger.

“And just like that you told me all I need on that, and no I have no intention of harming them, I’m not the pony who tried to murder someone.” Shade pointed out as Silver went quiet.

“You make a valid point,” Silver muttered to himself, “Okay what is the next question?”

“Less a question, and more a proposition for you,” Shade admitted before adding, “you aware of what I am under the suit.”

“A strange new Alicorn, that nopony will believe exists,” Silver admitted.

“Yes, you are correct on that. As for my proposition, I need to eventually assemble my own guard, so here’s my offer, I hire you are part of the guard upon its formation, you hand over the memory that you are using, and you can leave without being charged for the damages you have caused.”

“And if I don’t?”

“You’ll likely be charged with attempted ponyslaughter and sent to prison for as long as we can give for it,” Shade responded as Silver froze at the mere thought. “But for now I just need to know that you are considering the offer and you can go, but if you try to avoid paying for your crime, I will hunt you down and ensure I carry out a fitting punishment for what you’ve done. I hope you understand that and take my warning seriously.”

Silver then looked up to Shade before he nervously said, “I understand, when I have made my decision how will I be able to contact you with my answer?”

“You can go to the castle and have the guards, tell Princess Celestia that you wish to speak with Shade. She’ll know what it means,” Shade responded as the chains surrounding Silver began to fade.

Once the chains had disappeared Silver weakly stood up before slowly removing the Gaia Memory from inside his body as he passed it over to Shade revealing that he was Earth Pony with a Silver Coat and a light blue mane and tail, along with this his Cutie Mark which looked like a Red and Black shield that rested behind a silver and black tipped Bo Staff that was resting diagonally against the front of the shield.

It was then a gap opened up in the flames that had been acting as a wall before Silver slowly staggered towards the gap before passing through the gap. Failing to realise the small circular chain marking that had burrowed itself just below the skin on the back of his neck.

Once Silver had disappeared from view Shade looks at the Gaia Memory Silver had handed him as he saw that the Memory in his hand was silver in colour and had a stylized letter M that looked like it was made if multiple steel plates with rivets in the corners.

It was then he placed the Metal Memory in his pocket like he had the others before the burning walls began to disperse and Shade restarted time as he saw Eternal slowly begin to stand up as he looked at Shade, before slowly walking towards him on shaky legs.

Once he reached Shade he looked at Shades hand then looking to the ground before he asked Shade, “What happened to the Gaia Memory the Dopant was using?”

“There wasn’t one, and if there was I failed to see it break or where it went,” Shade lied.

“And where is the criminal who became that Dopant?”

“Once again, when I defeated it, nothing remained, no Gaia Memory, no body left behind. No trace of this Dopant,” Shade lied once again.

“I see,” Eternal responded, looking away from Shade into the sky before looking back as he said, “Thank you for saving me bef…” but he then stopped as he found Shade had already disappeared from his view, as he muttered to himself, “Unbelievable.”

However in reality he was still standing in front of him but had turned intangible as he canceled his transformation reverting back into his Alicorn form and slowly flying back towards the castle as Eternal began to walk in the same direction below him.

However unknown to the two Riders a figure whose form was obscured by a red and blue cloak was standing and watching from between a smoldering alleyway as the figure muttered to itself, “The others will not like this.”


In a large, dark, open room a group of ponies sat around a large table looking towards a multiple screens set in front of them, as they watched the fight take place.

Once it finished the group looked back towards each other before one figure obscured by shadows hiding his features completely said, “these other Kamen Riders are becoming a problem.”

“That is obvious, it’s obvious the one who calls himself Eternal is the once who stole our equipment a year ago, it’s a problem we can not excuse or let progress any further,” a second feminine voice added.

“Then there is those other three riders who are causing us problems, and that new one seemed to be a even bigger threat to our plans than the others, he seem to possess powers that are beyond anything we have witnessed to date,” a third calmer voice respond

“Well what would you have us do about them, it is clear that we can not allow them to grow in power,” the first voice responded.

“Well, I am in the process of creating a few new systems that could assist you in taking these riders out of the picture, sadly only one of them is functioning in any capacity and even then the system is currently limited in its capabilities,” a fourth voice responded as the figure pushed some glasses up slightly a light somehow glinted off them.

“We don’t need more problems we need solutions to deal with them,” the second voice responded.

“Luckily even with those three failing I got plenty of useful data to help me enhance the effectivity of the system, even if it appears one of our little guinea pigs didn’t use what they were supplied with, the others have ensured that I can create at least one stable upgrade for our own purposes.”

“Well why haven’t you brought this up before now? We could have handled those pests before they became such a nuisance.”

“Well as I said the system is complete, but I have been unable to find some suitable… applicants, that can handle it, many of those who have used it are for better terms failed experiments now.”

“So this system is still useless to us,” the first voice responded.

“Currently, but if I can get a bit more data I am sure I can prefect this system while not turning our test subjects into vegetables.”

“We will make sure to find some more suitable subjects for you to collect data from,” the first voice responded.

At this the fourth figure just nodded his head in agreement before the first voice said, “Just focus on getting this new system completed as soon as possible, we cannot allow these Riders to gain ground on us.”

“Of course,” the three other figures said as the three of them suddenly fades from existence before another figure walked into the room.

“How much of a threat is this new Rider?” The first Rider asked the new figure

“A minor nuisance at best, nothing I can’t handle,” the new figure admitted.

“You said that that about the other one in Canterlot and if my memory serves me right, you almost lost to that Rider.”

“That pony could barely be called a Rider, they caught me off guard that’s all.”

“You keep telling yourself that, might make you feel better,” the first figure mocked.

“One off these days your actions will lead you to ruin,” the new figure responded.

“Maybe, but while I lead us, I will never see that happen,” the first figure responded before fading from reality like the other three before him.

At this the last figure look forwards before he said, “Your days are numbered you old fool, and they shall end sooner rather than later,” with that the figure began to laugh before two colours began to shine over his face as all that was seen was two sets of diagonal coloured bars that were visible as to lights shone where his eyes should be, those colours being a red and blue lights, the red looking like a rabbit’s ear and the blue like some sort of aerial.

Chapter 12

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As Shade returned to Canterlot Castle’s throne room he phased back through the wall he had left through as he looked down to see Celestia and Luna talking to two ponies as he realised that they were the two ponies from the town he had saved earlier.

He then landed slightly behind the two ponies before making himself visible again as both ponies quickly turned around instantly noticing him before both suddenly bowed to him.

Now he could see the two ponies more clearly he saw that the first was a Unicorn Stallion that had a white coat, a bright blue mane and tail aking with blue eyes, he was wearing a slightly torn suit which Shade assumed had been damaged when he had been attacked by the monsters which made it possible for Shade to see his Cutie Mark that looked to be three golden crowns that had purple Jewel inside of them.

The other pony was a Unicorn Mare who had a white coat, pale pink mane and tail and light purple eyes, unlike the stallion beside her she was not wearing any clothes which Shade hoped had just been destroyed during the attack which meant he could see that she had a cutie mark that looked like three fleurs-de-lis.

As Celestia looked to the two of them she smirked before she said, “Shade it appears that whatever had occurred in town had been resolved, I assume it was your doing from the stories I have heard about from Mr Fancy Pants and Mrs Fleur De Lis.”

“I didn’t do anything really, I should showed up and allowed them to escape mostly unharmed,” Shade admitted as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Well, I can assure you, that you did much more than just show up,” Fancy Pants replied.

“I have to agree if you didn’t show up when you did I dread to think just what would have happened to us,” Fleur added.

“It really wasn’t a problem,” Shade admitted calmly.

“You’re selling yourself short, we simply must do something to thank you for saving us,” Fancy Pants offered.

At this Shade looked to Celestia as if he was saying, “help me.”

It was then she chuckled before saying, “I can assure you if he ever needs to take you up on that offer he will contact you with a request.”

At this Fancy Pants and Fleur, both looked to Celestia then to Shade before Fancy Pants said, “We understand, just remember if you need anything of us, just ask.”

“Don’t worry; if I ever need anything I’ll be sure to take you up on that offer,” Shade replied to him a smile.

At this, both ponies nodded to Shade before Fancypants said, “Well Prince Shade I will await a time of when I can pay you back for the deed you have done.”

“Wait, I think you made a mistake, I’m not...” Shade responded only to stopped as he saw both ponies bow to him, Celestia and Luna before leaving the room. “...a prince,” he finished as Luna chuckled at his reaction.

Celestia then looked to Shade sheepishly before she told him, “I may be at blame for this, they were asking about you after you saved them, and asked just who you were.”

“And I sort of tried to assist her in fixing the problem by stating that you had ties to our family, and they took it as if you were royalty.”

“So I have you to blame for this mess,” Shade groaned.

“I am afraid we did not have time to correct them before you returned,” Celestia admitted.

“You realise you have just made things very difficult in the future right?” Shade asked.

“Then we’ll just have to ensure we get our stories straight, you never know you could take the role of a prince,” Luna suggested with a smirk.

“You know, that isn’t such a bad idea if we did that you could have a bit more freedom in handling any of our monster problems,” Celestia admitted.

“Celestia, with all due respect, I don’t see how I’ve done anything worthy of being called that.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Have you forgotten that you’re almost single-handedly handling our war against the monsters.” Celestia pointed out before adding “What about we call you Prince Shade The Alicorn of War?”

“Why would you even suggest that?”

“Well it would ensure that you would not have to deal with as many trivial matters as we have to, and it would give you free reign to handle them as you see fit,” Celestia pointed out.

“Celestia, are you telling me to take the task of handling Equestria National defence?” Shade asked with a smirk.

Celestia did not answer to begin with and just smiled back, “I’ll leave that choice to you. But I will say, being known as the Alicorn of War would hold a lot of weight on the minds of those who challenge you.”

“You are terrible Celestia,” Shade chuckled to himself before remembering what Harmony had told him before adding, “If I accept the task, I wish to take a look at your guards when they’re training, ensure they are up to the task of protecting everyone.”

At Alex’s request Celestia grimaced slightly before she said, “Are you sure you want to see that.”

“Yes am I sure and if my job would be to take care of the countries defence I need to see what we are like currently,” Shade stated before adding “It’s not like there that bad is it?”

“No, it’s not,” Celestia replied before hesitantly adding, “They will have another training session tomorrow morning, you will be able to cast your judgement on them then.”

“Relax, what's the worst that could happen,” Shade added as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

This caused Celestia to calm down slightly as she added, “Just don’t let what you end up seeing decide your opinion of my rule for the last thousand years.”

“Don’t worry it won’t,” Shade added with a smile before he heard a voice shout out his name seemingly in distress as a red portal that held the image that was on the front of his Eyecon appeared in front of him.

“It looks like I’m needed,” Shade admitted to Celestia and Luna.

Both then smiled at him before Celestia added, “Good luck, make sure to come back alive.”

“She means as alive as you are,” Luna added with a chuckle.

“It’s a deal,” Shade agreed with a chuckle as he ran towards the portal as it opening as a crimson glow filled the room before he passed through.


It was a tense standoff between Kamen Riders Cyber and Glaive vs Night Rogue with the Rabbit Smash. They had been clashing for a while as Cyber was fighting Night Rogue while Glave faced the Rabbit Smash… needless to say, things were not going that well. The Rabbit Smash had a speed advantage on glave forcing the echo of the rider on the defensive. And Cyber had been not doing that well either as Night Rogue was unlike Glaive not hindered by shoddy medical practices throwing off his skills. And Cyber had to admit the dark rider was very more skilled then Glaive with both the steam gun and steam blade and it took a few quick evasions or deflecting which was wearing out an already tired Yume. Cyber had lost his glaive rouser deflecting a bullet shattering the data construct.

He had to admit but he needed help and prayed for a miracle if only so someone can hold off Night Rogue so he can recover his breath. It was after he made a dodge roll from another shot that Cyber noticed what had to be an Eyecon but not one he recognized. Picking it up as he dodged a slash this time Cyber looked it over. Similar to Ghosts but the black on the casing was crimson red instead and the image in the centre had a black background with an outline of a mask of some kind that had two large red circles that seemed to have a myriad of red lines that almost seemed to be dripping below from them, running down the face of the mask.

Cyber could hear a voice in his head shortly after. “To those who hold this Eyecon, I am Alex Shade, If you require the assistance of Kamen Rider Shade, click the side of my Eyecon and call out my name, be it for a conversation or to protect your world from your enemies and I will heed your call.”

“Well talk about just what I needed” Cyber muttered as he jumped back from Night Rogue.

He clicked the Eyecon.

“Alex!” he called deciding to pull a sora from kingdom hearts, only for nothing to seem to happen.

“Oh come on!” Cyber muttered barely blocking the steam blade with his default weapon and winced at the strength behind it and found himself skidding on his feet for a bit.

Then he saw what looked like a spectral seal like he saw from watching ghost only a bit more demonic with the face of the Eyecon’s persona in the centre.

“What?” asked Night Rogue confused as a lull in the battle happened as the combatants looked at the ghost-like seal that appeared.

It was then a chuckle was heard before a deep demonic voice chuckled out, “Like the light show,” before multiple gunshots were heard as bullets struck the back of Night Rogue, “because there's a lot more where those came from.”

Cyber looked behind Night Rogue to see a Ghost Rider with the transient armour looking red instead of either orange or blue on the lines outlining the skeleton with a demonic eye for the emblem on the chest with what looked like multiple bands on the arms. The Parka Ghost was a deep crimson with what looked like black chains hooked to the shoulders. His mask had the same look as the face of the persona.

“What’s with that face, never seen another Rider before?” The Rider asked with a slight chuckle that even then sounded twisted and distorted giving off an unnerving feel to his tone.

“Nah it’s not that just didn’t expect you to mean it with the Shade thing that is really authentic for your Rider Armor,” Cyber said pointing to glaive who was resuming the fight with the smash.

The Rider then took another volley of shots into the Night Rouge’s body and he quickly moved around him while opening fire on him until he reached the side of Cyber.

“Anyway thanks, even after knowing what Night Rogue does meeting the real thing is something else,” Cyber said.

“What the hell’s a Night Rouge?” the Rider asked in confusion.

“Dark Rider much like the Dark Necrom's, not a full Rider but this guy is really strong. He’s from Kamen Rider Build the latest Rider last I checked. I haven’t been a Rider for long, just got the power today,” Cyber explained with a shrug.

“Don’t worry then, I’ll help you deal with him. Oh and till we deal with this, call me Shade,” the Rider requested as his pistols he was holding disappeared into a set of green particles being replaced with a sword and shield seconds later.

“I know I heard the message from the Eyecon. Yume Hideki, Kamen Rider Cyber” Cyber introduced resummoning the Glaive Rouzer.

“I see, just make me one promise… try not to die,” Shade remarked calmly before he took a single step forward, “he won’t take much to burn away.”

“Well then best to show him why Riders always help each other out” Cyber nodded switching his Ganbasaber to gun mode and taking aim.

“Don't underestimate me!” Night Rogue shouted combining his steam gun with his steam blade as a mechanical voice called out RIFLE MODE.

“Okay, I won’t,” Shade’s voice responded from behind Night Rouge’s back as Shade’s sword was stabbed clean through his chest, “but you may not live to regret that statement.”

“Gah! This isn’t the last you will hear of me!” Night Rouge snarled before the pipes on his armour released black smoke and when it cleared he was gone.

“Well now to deal with the Smash then looks like it just took out Glaive,” Cyber said looking to see his summoned rider turn to data.

“I get a feeling, that Rider of yours wasn’t real,” Shade admitted slowly bring his sword to his side as a black viscous liquid dripped from the end of the blade.

“Nah had to fight the real one earlier today to save a dragoness from becoming a Shocker experiment and as a result gained the ability to call up an echo of sorts and his weapon” Cyber admitted.

“What the hell's a Shocker, some Marvel Villain or something?”

“Okay, how much do you know about Kamen Rider?” Cyber asked raising an unseen eyebrow.

“Frankly… almost nothing I saw only five episodes of Ghost before I was murdered, and that's about it, apart from what I learnt from meeting others.”

“I’ll give you the cliff notes later. I mean I'm a Rider from an arcade game back home,” Cyber chuckled before pulling off the screen on his helmet and putting it back on after turning it around making a pair of wings appear on his back as his weapon became an energy broadsword.

Shade then smiled as he removed the Shade Eyecon from his Driver before pulling out a new one and inserting it as his old Parka Ghost dissipated into red particles before a voice shouted out, “Kaigan: Fourze! Switch oshita! Uchū kitā!” as Shade raised both his hands over his head.

It was then Cyber saw that Shade now held the visage of Kamen Rider Fourze, which currently had a large Rocket attached to its right arm.

“Huh, you already got Kamen Rider Fourze’s Legend Eyecon? Neet” Cyber said with a chuckle as he took flight.

“Trust me, this is just scratching the surface,” Shade admitted as he used the rocket to propel himself forwards towards the Smash ahead of them.

“We really should compare notes on what we have done after this” Cyber said right behind him as he pulled out his final card and slotted it into his belt.


His weapon glowed brighter as he got ready to slash. With an underarm swing, he batted the Rabbit Smash into the sky letting Shade take his shot.

At this Shade smirked as the Rocket on his arm impacted the Smash forcing it upwards into the sky on the end of it, once they were high enough Shade quickly threw it below it before removing the Fourze Eyecon quickly replacing it with another as the words, “Kaigan: Wizard! Yubiwa no mahō! Saigo no kibō!” was heard as he took the visage of Kamen Rider Wizard.

Cyber was below the Smash getting ready for a Cross Attack, as he saw multiple runic magic circles forming in the sky above him the third encompassing the Smash as the words “Wizard! Omega Drive!” before Shade began to fall towards the Smash skewering it on the end of his leg as both of them fell towards the ground at terminal velocity.

Cyber followed flipping into the air once to build momentum in his blade slashing the Smash further accelerating it before it impacted the ground before it exploded and both Riders landed.

“Phew," Cyber said as his burst mode deactivated and his weapons dismissed.

Looking for the result he found the Smash laying there and his belt beeped making him look down to see it project what looked like a small capsule-sized empty bottle. Smirking he shook it before twisting the cap and pointed it at the Smash which gathered some golden dust from it reverting it to what looked like a pegasus in white ragged clothes.

“Well looks like Pandora's Box is somewhere in Equestria” Cyber said frowning.

He flipped the cap on the bottle closed now bulging with a web pattern on the front before it glowed with the small harmonic energy his driver had scanned earlier turning it sleek and red with a rabbit instead of a web.

He turned to shade and tossed him the Rabbit full bottle.

“Here this should make another legend Eyecon specifically Build’s and I better make sure Princess Twilight is alright with Rarity,” Cyber said removing his cards from his driver removing his armour.

Shade then looked at the Full Bottle in his hand before smiling under his helmet before he asked, “How are the ponies in this world with Human’s?”

“I'm the first one to stay human here. The dimensional barrier in this world is really weak from what I know. There is also apparently a portal to a human world somewhere and going through it makes you the local species.” Yume said confused.

“I see,” Shade replied as he untransformed, but what caught Yume by surprise was the fact that the person under the suit was not human, but an Alicorn Stallion with a completely black coat and crimson red mane and tail.

“For some reason, you’re reminding me of the inverted shadow’s pony persona on youtube just as an Alicorn and with a different cutie mark, all your missing is the top hat” Yume deadpanned.

“I don’t know how to take that, I would have arrived in my human form, but I was in the process of dealing with some pests back home and most ponies don’t know of the existence of humans there.”

“Ah got you. Still, I think you might be in a different time frame then I am from what twilight explained with rarity this world is about seventy or so years ahead of the world your in. what was the last event you went through before I summoned you,” Yume asked?

“Well, I did just get back from the moon with Luna and Midnight,” Shade admitted as he looked lost in thought.

“Ah then your world is exactly over seventy-five years in the past compared to ours,” said a familiar voice as Yume turned to see Princess Twilight with Rarity looking over the Pegasus though Yume noted that Alex looked surprised by Rarity’s current looks.

“I think there’s a very long explanation coming from all of us isn’t there,” Yume asked and Twilight nodded adjusting her wings as she leads the group into her castle.

Sitting down in the library Yume looked to Twilight.

“Shall I go first Twilight I think Alex here is going to answer a few questions on my own once I start my side of things,” Yume asked.

“Of course just as well as I want to know just what you did or how you know that Night Rogue figure” Twilight nodded.

I turned to Alex, who had changed his form into that of a human with black hair and blue eyes. He was wearing black tracksuit bottoms, and a red t-shirt below and an open black and red trimmed hooded jacket as they had made their way to the castle as he took a deep breath.

“So I ended up here when someone stole a prop I made for a convention and replaced it with a working Ganbadriver from the game Kamen Rider Ganbarizing and it came with three cards. I missed an event I was at the convention for as a result so when I went home I just checked why the belt was so different when next thing I knew I'm waking up in this castle. And ever since it’s been a hectic day from fighting Kamen Rider Glaive, adopting a dragoness youngling, and then meeting an android pony, to Night Rogue appearing trying to convince me to join a terrorist group called Shocker the very group that made the original Kamen Rider. Naturally, I refused and you know the rest Alex. Night Rogue is the latest rider to appear Kamen Rider Build. A scientist who has to fight Smash People experimented on with Nebula Gas contained in the Pandora’s Box. And if you know your myths you know that's bad news,” I said as like I said hectic day and it looked like shocker got their hands on this world’s Pandora’s Box.

“But what are Kamen Riders” asked Rarity giving us a confused look.

“You want to handle that one, Alex?” Yume asked.

“Trust me on this, I barely know myself,” Alex admitted as he rubbed the back of his head.

“All right then. Kamen riders are a kind of hero and story back where me and Alex are from that started around eighty years back. The first Kamen Rider was a cyborg who was being turned into a super soldier weapon by Shocker. The remnants of the Nazis, Alex. They even revived Hitler as a starfish monster. They're that batshit insane. Ichigo the first rider escaped and started fighting the very organization that made him. After him came various riders and their enemies. Two separate eras of riders formed. Me and Alex are technically in the Heisei era. Besides Ichigo and us, there’s Nigo, v3, Amazon, Stronger, Super-1, Riderman, ZX, Black and his evolution RX, J, Shin and a few for the Showa era. All of the Showa Era were cyborgs. More important for Alex is the Heisei Riders. Kuuga, Agito, blade, Faiz, Ryuki, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, Decade, Double, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, Drive, Ghost which Alex counts for that type of Rider, Ex-Aid and finally Build. My Rider system is from a game where all these Riders collide. Unfortunately, my collection of cards from that game got scattered and now they are coming to life which might have brought Shocker here as a result. Glaive is from Blade’s story the Missing Ace. Alex as you already hold two Legend Eyecon's of past Riders you should know the Eyecon's from Kuuga to Drive can create a Heisei Eyecon where you can use either Ichigo's abilities or the combined power of the riders that form the Eyecon. That reminds me how much did you remember of Ghost specifically?” Yume asked turning to Alex curious.

“Honestly, I’m ashamed to admit that I know almost nothing about Ghost either, I was never really into Kamen Rider at all when I got turned into what I am now.”

“So what Eyecon's do you have and I will try and fill in the blanks,” Yume suggested.

“Well, I have my standard Shade Eyecon, then I have Musashi, Edison, Robin Hood, Billy the Kid, Beethoven, Benkei, Houdini, Fourze, Wizard, Drive and well one that I assume isn’t normal.”

“Really huh. Anyway all but your standard and the Legend Rider Eyecon's are part of a specific set of fifteen Eyecons able to grant a reality-altering wish. You're just missing Tutankhamun, Grimm, Sanzou, Himeko, Ryouma, Newton, Nobunaga and a certain ninja that I know he kabuki but it’s been years since I refreshed my native history I know the name starts with G…Goemon I think” Yume said sheepishly at the end. But then he went serious, “but can you show me this odd Eyecon?” he added.

“I don’t need to show you it, this would make it clearer,” Alex admitted as he pulled out the Kamen Rider Chronicles Gashat from his pocket and passed it to Yume, “need I say more?”

“Oh boy if you picked this up then your really either lucky or really don’t know just how dangerous this is. This thing is a Rider system of itself. It can be used in a Driver compatible with it but just pressing the button twice will create a Rider Armor. If you have an Ex-Aid in your world then don’t trust Kamen Rider Genm he’s insane to make this,” Yume warned.

“Genm? Wait, please tell me his suit isn’t mostly black,” Alex asked hesitantly.

“Purple as well with red eyes on his helmet. Something tells me you have one heck of a story there,” Yume sighed pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Umm… kind of, I found a DVD a long time ago that had a recorded message from a Rider, a lot of it was corrupted but we found out there were Riders in my world before me, and all but two of them were murdered by another one, I only saw a blurry image of the Rider who killed them but if your description is correct it’s likely this Genm is the Rider in question.

“Then I better tell you this. Genm is a recolour of ex-aid. Both look generally identical. Kamen Rider Chronicle was made from data of the Bugsters a virus created from the y2k event back home and trust me the original Genm was insane to make the virus. Ever heard of the Cross of Fire? Basically, we Riders gain our powers as a counter to the specific foes we face in your case Ganma. Fight fire with fire basically, and let me tell you Genm is not easy to face. Watch out if he pulls out a dangerous zombie Gashat if you drop his life bar to zero he can make that Gashat from his death data through his Bugvizer and a blank Gashat. The suits if the hp bar on the chest gets empty the Bugster virus consumes them normally and erases them into a cyber world in the Gashats. Not pretty. And don’t let him be able to make more of Chronicle. Otherwise, you will have to fight Bugsters that pop up alongside mass-produced lesser versions of Kamen Rider Chronos. Ride players are the general term for the goomba based suits that form from just the Gashat.” Yume explained. His driver made a beeping noise as a set of six cards ejected showing Kamen Rider Chronos, a Ride Player and their weapons plus a final move which Yume caught.

“And this is how I got Glaive and his Rouzer after that Rider was defeated. What remained of his Rider System became cards but for ones I didn’t originally own seems the driver provides from coming into contact with another Rider’s items. Just surprised I didn’t get one of you Alex when I picked up that Eyecon” Yume said blinking.

Another beep sounded as a black card shot out of the driver with not circuitry but the demonic eye of shade and red lines connected to it spun in the air once and landed on the table. with it was a card of shade himself surrounded by his various weapons.

“Ah, there we go huh guess I got a fourth form now outside the default three of the game. Yeah, so far I think the Riders in this world are the collective combination of specific card sets thus giving them their full abilities. Anyway here you can have this back,” Yume said handing Chronicle back to Alex.

As Alex was handed the Gashat back he placed it in his pocket before he said, “There were a few other things I’ve acquired over time, but I’m assuming your friends there want to ask just why they saw me as an Alicorn before.”

“Considering I’ve been human a few times going through an enchanted mirror not really for me,” Twilight said.

“Our dimensional barrier was weakened to the point anything that falls through becomes the local equivalent,” Rarity said.

“Yume here is the exception as his case is a bit unusual,” Twilight said.

“Heck one of the ponies I met is literally half human apparently her mother ended up in a human realm in a different universe. She’s like a Meister from Soul Eater as a result. Able to convert other ponies to weapons when needed. She fought off a squad of Shocker Troops before I arrived to fight Glaive,” Yume said. “So are there others like us Alex” he added raising an eyebrow.

“Convert people to weapons,” Alex admitted with a chuckle, not hearing Yume's question as he placed his hand on one of the bands on his right arm, “That almost sounds too familiar.”

“It’s temporary my son had studied the effect a long while,” Twilight said amused though a bit confused at Alex.

“I think it’s better I show you then try to explain it,” Alex admitted as he rotated the band on his arm before red particles seemed to shift on the band before forming into a figure beside him, a figure very familiar to Twilight, that of Queen Chrysalis, but she seemed to be wearing crimson armour that covered her chiten with the symbol used in Ghost, but red in colour.

“Lord Shade, what need do you have for me right now it seems more like your just having a conversation with…” She then stopped as she saw Twilight and said, “Okay, how far in the future are we?”

“Over seventy- five years from what I know,” Yume said watching twilight have an expression between shock and disbelief.

“That's just great,” Chrysalis muttered in annoyance.

“So you have a non-lethal finisher I'm guessing? She was the gun you used against Night Rogue right?” Yume asked blinking.

“Your correct,” Alex admitted as he nodded to Chrysalis as she dispersed into green light before reforming into the two of the pistols Yume had seen him using before.

“So guess you have an aspect of Kiva then you have Arms Monsters like he did” Yume compared.

“Once again, I have no idea what that is, but I’m assuming so.”

“Kiva had three beings similar to a werewolf, a merman, and Frankenstein's monster able to turn into a sword, gun and hammer respectively. And altered into them by chains by another Rider years beforehand” Yume explained. “Kiva’s theme was Halloween based specifically vampire so if you start seeing monsters with stained glass on them and reports of glass husks that easily shatter those are Fangire the enemies of Kiva.”

“I see,” Alex responded bringing both pistols to his sides as they seemed to stick to them almost like there were two holsters there.

“Still you didn’t answer my question am I not the only one besides you in this situation?” Yume asked with a look.

“Right sorry, not by a longshot. I’m assuming you're aware of multiverse theory, if not you then Twilight most likely is.”

“You kidding that’s Decade’s thing the guy dimension hops for his story. He can access the abilities of his nine predecessors. Why do you think he’s called Decade?” Yume deadpanned as frankly for a Rider fan like him that was obvious and also a very good explanation and answer.

“I asked that as the Rider multiverse I knew about and if I become the Rider of this world then I figured I'm not the only one in a similar situation. And your proof of that by being here now. So anything I should know about us is what we are I don’t know yet like say how a copy of your personal Eyecon got here for example,” Yume said pulling out said Eyecon.

“Yes, that is what people like me collectively known as Displaced used as a method of reaching each other, we normally call them Tokens and each is in most cases specific to the Displaced they belong to. For example, you can see from mine I used my Eyecon, while for someone else I met they used this,” Alex replied as he held out a Gate switch.

“Huh so someone is Fourze out there or Kamen Rider Meteor so Fourze is more likely as you got his Eyecon,” Yume said snapping his fingers as he pulled out a green circuitry covered card.

“Also, on an unrelated note I know two other Riders but they aren’t Displaced, I met my worlds Rainbow Dash who is Drive and a pony who was Eternal… no idea who he is under his mask though.”

“Huh and I'm guessing you’ve met others who were not Riders as well like Super Sentai?” Yume asked.

“To that regard I guess, there is a younger boy in my world who said he was called Dylan but I think he’s from Power Rangers RPM.”

“So how do I make my own token?” Yume asked curiously.

“Well that's simple, first you need something that you want to be your token, it can be anything, and don’t worry if it’s something you can’t afford to lose you still keep the original version of your token.”

Yume held up his default change card he had pulled out earlier.

“Okay, Next you need to think of something the other person who finds your token will hear, I’m assuming you heard mine.”

“Okay then. *ahem* My name is Yume Hideki, Kamen Rider Cyber if you need help protecting your world or just need a friend just give me a call,” Yume said making Twilight smile as she was the Princess of Friendship so this made her happy that was his message.

“Okay then, the final thing that you need to do is send it into the Void, normally this happens automatically as multiples before the copies disappear.”
“Hmm, I think I know,” Yume said waving his free hand over his buckle making it project a green rectangular portal and held up his token watching as it multiplied and entered the portal and it closed.

“Good thing I remembered the trailer about my system showed a teleport system and if this was built slightly differently and adding in the weak barrier between worlds… yeah, I think that worked” Yume said thoughtfully.

“It looks like it did,” Alex replied with a nod of his head as a small red burning portal opened beside his hand as a copy of the Token Yume had just created appeared from it. “Well, that was unexpected.”

“Oh yeah almost forgot there’s a Ganbarizing Eyecon as well! And Alex here’s a tidbit for you the Ghost Driver can summon Ghost’s signature weapon separately from the Eyecons in Rider form. Which might help you with weapons you can't use yet. If you get Tutankhamun you need to find a way to get a scythe, maybe ask your twilight to help you make your own Ghost gadgets. It pays to have a backup plan if you can’t use your Arms Monsters for any reason. You're responsible for their health after all” Yume said looking sheepish. It had been a few years since he had seen Ghost.

“My health is of no consequence,” Alex admitted sadly.

“I meant Chrysalis and the others you got and don’t say that. Ghost or not they depend on you just as you depend on them, you work together as a team. If you don’t care for yourself sometimes then let them be your reason to keep going. Shade or not you're not alone so don’t act like you are. Spectre did that and nearly lost his sister as a result… you do know Houdini can become a motorcycle right? The addition to the back of him is a bike split in half down the middle.” Yume said.

“I don’t need to worry about that one… just maybe not summon it inside,” Alex admitted sheepishly.

“Still have to be sure. Chrysalis you and the others make sure he doesn’t doubt himself for long he’s going to need you lot to keep what he’s protecting in sight. If he starts having doubts get him back to his senses if you need to” Yume said.

“No I mean I can’t summon my bike inside, did that once and damaged the room a fair bit.”

“Dude you do know normally the bikes gain ghost abilities as well right the Machine Hoodie is Houdini so he can phase through things. He wasn’t known as an escape artist for nothing,” Yume said remembering the fact Ghost’s motorbike had the soul of a horse. And that was a realm of possibility on that front.

“What I'm saying is don’t sell yourself short and trust me you do have a weakness. Ghost found out the hard way if his Eyecon breaks he’s gone as well so you need to be sure to keep that intact,” Yume said giving him a look. He then yawned.

“It’s getting late so how do I send you back?” he said noting rarity and twilight had fallen asleep.

“You simply have to say, that our contract is complete, and it should send me back,” Alex admitted calmly.

“Right just keep what I said in mind. I already feel guilty about getting mad at a friend before I ended up here so I want to try and not go through that again. So hopefully we can become friends. Alex our contract is complete” Yume said.

“Okay,” Alex replied as he held his hand out to Yume before he said, “If you ever need my help again you know where to find me.”

“You know it just as long as I get to visit you sometime,” Yume said with a grin.

“No worries there,” Alex agreed with a smile.

“Also please keep Twilight’s future from your own I don’t know what yours is like but if your friend reacted like that then I don’t think Twilight was born an Alicorn. I met her son and he’s a unicorn” Yume said.

“She has a son?”

“A lot can happen in seventy-five years remember this is this world’s version of her she might not be a mother in your world. I thought Twilight already mentioned it earlier. Either way later,” Yume told him amused.

“Okay, okay,” Alex replied as a portal opened behind him as turned around and walked through it as it closed behind him.

As Alex returned to his reality he looked outside to see it was already night time as he quickly walked towards the wall changing back into an Alicorn before passing through the wall as they flew towards the roof and looked up at the night sky.

This lasted for a few minutes before he reached into his pocket producing Yume’s token before it began to shine as Shade smile as he stood up his Driver forming around his waist before he drew a symbol in the shape of an eye into the air behind the Token as it hovered in the air.

It was then a Parka Ghost that looked like a sleek cybernetic jacket that consisted of a dark blue colouration with the white circuit lines running down its side and arms, flew forwards before turning back and facing Shade with its right arm over the front of its chest and the other at its side.

The Parka Ghost then nodded to Shade before flying into his Driver producing an Eyecon with a blue casing and a yellow front along with that the image on the front was a mostly blue mask apart from the silver lines running down the centre with what looked to be white lines running over the remainder of it the only parts not matching the theme being two large red eyes.

Shade then finished looking over the Eyecon before he said to himself, “I wonder what exactly this Eyecon can do?” before placing it into his pocket before taking out the Shade Eyecon before saying to himself, “the guard can’t be in that bad of a state. Right?”

He then smiled before looking back upwards as he looked at the Rabbit Fullbottle he had been given as he muttered, “Just what can this thing do? I’m sure I’ll find out in due course,” he then placed the Fullbottle back in his pocket as he had with the Eyecon before he rested his head back against the roof and just stared at the starry sky.

Chapter 13

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-The Next Morning-

As the Sun began to rise Shade smiled as he sat up looking over the city below him as he many ponies heading into the castle below him. This caused him to smile as he wondered to himself, “Just where are the guards training? I was expecting to hear something to at last indicate where they are training.”

“You’ll struggle in that regard I regret to say,” A voice said from behind him as Shade looked over his shoulder to see a familiar Alicorn mare with a pink coat and a three-tone violet, rose red and golden mane and tail.

“In what regards do you mean miss?” Shade asked as he stood up and turned to look at her.

“I see, you’re the one of the new Alicorn’s my Auntie told me about, Shade was it, or do you prefer the name, Alex?” The mare asked which put Shade on his guard.

“I’m sorry miss, but I have no idea who this Alex pony is.”

“You can stop attempting to hide who you are, my auntie told me about you.”

“Dammit Celestia,” Shade muttered to himself.

“So what’s the full story, who are you really, I’m assuming one of those Riders I’ve heard about, and I’m also assuming you’re the one Celestia was talking about with Luna before Blueblood ran in to talk to her yesterday just before the attack in the lower city.”

“Wait… are you saying you saw nobody else with them yesterday before the attack.”

“Well not till just after the attack began when you appeared and passed directly through the wall, then not long after Blueblood ran off as well.”

“I see, So for some reason, Celestia can see me when I shouldn’t be visible, that leaves must mean there is something that allows people to see me when I’m like that.”

“So. What are exactly are you really, I’m pretty sure with a name Alex your not truly an Alicorn, and with the fact the phased through a wall and I saw no magic being used, I’m pretty sure you’re not adept with magic yet.”

“You’re too smart for your own good miss,” Shade replied as he added, “I need to not reveal to anyone else what you are about to see, this is a secret between me, Celestia and Luna.”

The mare then looked to Shade before she simply smiled as she stated, “If I was going to risk ruining any arrangement you have with my auntie’s I would have done so already. For her to both create a cover and say you are a Prince to help keep the nobles at bay speaks volumes for you, as such you have my word that anything revealed will be kept strictly between us.”

Shade simply nodded as he placed his hand on his the bracer on his arm before his form shifted into that of a human before he stated, “my true name is Alex Shade, I died over one-thousand year ago and awoke in this world face down and paralyzed in the snow and at the time invisible to everyone but Luna.”

The Mare simply looked at Alex before she said, “that’s all the secret is, I thought it was something that was dangerous. Although from the fact your a new Alicorn and this form you state is what you truly are along with the fact you didn’t appear until Auntie Luna returned explains the secret goes deeper than just what you told me.”

“I have no idea what you’re insinuating,” Alex admitted looking away from the mare.

“You don’t need to hide it, I am the Alicorn of Love, tell me. Did your time alone with Auntie Luna grow into more than friendship between the two of you?”

“N… No nothing of the sort, we’re just friends… very, very good friends.”

“Oh is that all it is,” the mare responded as she seemed to chuckle, “from what I felt from her I think it’s much more.”

“Can you just drop that subject,” Alex requested.

“Fine, I guess I could do that,” the mare replied before adding, “anyway being you told me your name, it’s only fair I tell you mine as well. I’m Princess Cadence.”

“Oh is that your whole name or is there more?” Alex asked with a smirk.

“No, but even I can’t stand being called my whole name, after all the name Princess Mi Amore Cadenza really doesn’t run off the tongue.”

“Doesn’t that translate to my love Cadence?” Alex asked.

Cadence simply smiled back “that would be the case in Itailian.”

“Not gonna question that name of the language,” Alex muttered to himself before adding, “Anyway, I assume you came up here for a bigger reason than to just find out who I really was.”

Cadence smiled back before she said, “I heard that you were going to check on the royal guard. I assumed you had a strange feeling that something is wrong. I have the same feelings and it's not recent that I’ve felt them. The guard seems almost like they’re not themselves, like somethings controlling all there actions.”

“I see. Well, I can ensure you if something is indeed amiss I will resolve it.”

“You already know whats wrong, I can tell,” Cadence responded, “Please I need to know! I can help!”

“Being you couldn’t see me before you won’t be able to,” Alex responded turning back into an Alicorn.

“What does that have to do with anything!” Cadence argued.

“Can you see the dead!”

Cadence stopped at Shade’s comment before she asked him, “what does that have to do with anything?”

“Answer the question, can you see the dead?”

“No, why would I be able to?”

Shade didn’t respond as he walked towards her before swing his arm in an arc towards her face to which she didn’t flinch as his passed through her face and her eyes widened. “Wait how!”

“Think about the question I asked you,” Shade responded.

“Can I see the dead… wait. Are you?” Cadence asked recoiling in realisation.

“I did tell you. I died on the day I met your auntie’s, and the reason I believe I know what’s happening is linked to that fact.”

Cadence didn’t answer as she continued looking at Shade before she said, “You’re really dead.”

“Now you understand what the secret that your aunties have kept is, and we ask that you keep it as well,” Shade admitted as he jumped off the roof floating down to the ground below.

Cadence then landed next to Shade before she said, “What are you going to do to help them?”

“Handle the problem and keep everyone safe, what else would I do?”

“You're a bit vague on just how you plan to help them, what do you even plan on doing, walk up to them and beat them all senseless?”

“That’s not actually a bad idea,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“I wasn’t being serious that’s a crazy idea… but I don’t even know what’s causing this.”

“Trust me, I won’t seriously injure any guards. You have my word on that,” Shade responded with a smile.

“Are you sure there’s no other way to help them.”

“This would be the easiest way to help them, I currently have no other effective way to handle the problem.”

“Well, if you’re going to do something put this on,” Cadence requested as he placed a long black cloak that obscured the entirety of Shade’s features apart from his hands. “I have to say that looks pretty good on you.”

“I guess,” Shade responded looked over himself as his sword and pistol appeared hidden under his cloak.

“Do you even know where they train?” Cadence asked curiously.

“Well… They train… No idea I was expecting something sort of sound to tell me.”

“You’ll be waiting a while then,” Cadence admitted before adding, “you might as well follow me, it would save you a lot of time.”

“Yeah, as you can guess, I don’t know my way around here yet,” Shade admitted as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Not surprised, come one it’s this way,” Cadence responded turning around to face the other way as she began to laugh.

“Of course it is,” Shade sighed as he followed her as they made their way towards wherever the guards were training.

As Shade and Cadence arrived at the barracks Shade looked down to a large open area which he assumed to be the guard training field, the space was wide open big enough to support a good size army comfortably and had a large open gate that was barely defendable. To make matters worse what he saw of the guard were sat against a wall barely looking interested.

“This is an embarrassment, how can this even be called a guard anymore,” Shade muttered to himself.

“What you thought it was better than this?” Cadence asked.

“I had hoped it wasn’t this bad,” Shade responded.

“I tried to warn you,” A voice replied from behind them as Shade turned around to see Celestia behind him.

“I know you said they were bad, this is beyond that. You know if we were serious about the title you gave me this will be my top priority to fix.”

“I am well aware of that fact, but how are we going to start to fix this problem?” Celestia asked.

“Let me handle that in a moment, also I might as well tell you Cadence knows my secret.”

Celestia’s eyes went wide as she responded by asking Shade, “when did she find out?”

“Yesterday it appears that when I was with you before the attack I was invisible, and yet you and Blueblood could see me. So that leads me to my next question what happens since I was gone to allow you to gain the ability to see me when I’m hidden?”

Celestia’s eyes went wide at this before she stated, “Wait, are you saying that whatever made it possible for my sister to see you one-thousand years ago must have occurred to me as well?”

“It seems likely,” Shade admitted before adding, “Well time to sort this mess out,” while he quickly jumped off a nearby railing as he disappeared suddenly appearing at the gate before the guards all looked to him before ignoring him.

“Seriously?” Shade asked looking up at Celestia who had her head in her hands unable to look at what her guard had just done.

Shade then quickly reached under his clock as a small knife appeared from red flames as he threw it into a nearby archery target as it embedded itself into the central point which got the attention of a few of the guards.

“So this is the mess that everyone I meet calls the Royal Guard? Frankly, all I can see is a right royal mess that your princess has let fester for too long. You are In all honesty an embarrassment to both her and Equestria itself.”

It was then a few of the guards seemed to get riled up by Alex’s statement some of them approaching him many of them grabbing swords as they approached him.

“Guess talking this out is not an option?” Shade respond smirking as his staff formed in his hands before he quickly spun around the end striking two of the oncoming guards sending them flying backwards there swords falling to the ground.

Shade then quickly brought the staff to his side the back end behind him as he brought his right hand forwards gesturing for the group to attack him, which the group did as he moved his hands down the staff slightly before swinging it in a horizontal arc striking multiple guards knocking then back from him.

He then felt someone grab him from behind knocking his staff from his grasp as he looked behind to see one of the guards using his shoulder to strike Shade’s wrist as he quickly swung round using his free shoulder to strike the guard in his face somehow knocking him unconscious.

Shade then looked back to see multiple guards approaching him as Shade’s hand gripped the Rabbit Full-bottle in his pocket before gripping it in his hand shaking it once as he suddenly gained a burst of speed appearing behind two of the guards as he quickly knocked their heads together knocking them out.

He then quickly followed by spinning around kicked four of the guards who attempted to strike him with their swords who seemingly had never worked together as they all clashed against each other's blades as Shade punched Two of them in the groin before sweeping a thirds leg out from under him and throwing him into the fourth.

He then looked around to see the remaining guards who had prepared to fight him separating into two rows as Shade saw a pony in purple and gold armour, a colour scheme not matching the other guards wore, however like the of the other guards his armour gave him the look of a Roman centurion, this led Shade to imagine the extended colour scheme of his armour possibly alluded to a higher rank in the guard, possibly the reason for their downfall.

The new guard looked to Shade seemingly annoyance as he said, “are you the one who’s hurting my men?”

“Honestly if this was harming them they are poorly trained by any standard,” Shade responded smirking under his hood.

“I would ask that you don’t speak down to my men,” the guard argued back seeming annoyed by Shade’s appearance, a point Shade decided to probe a little deeper.

“Honestly these ‘men’ of yours are a joke, and I take it you are their captain. The captain of a guard of disgraces to Equestria.”

It was then guard glared at Shade before walking up to him as he grabbed a sword from a scabbard on his back removing it.

“Maybe you should watch where you point that thing someone could get hurt,” Shade replied as the guard's captain swung his sword at Shade. “You seriously want to do this?”

The guard captain then swings his sword at Shade again before shouting, “My name is Shining Armour Captain of the Royal guard and we are not useless!”

“Okay then Captain, prove it to me,” Shade started with a smirk as Shining Armour swung his sword downwards at him only for Shade to sidestep him and punch him in the gut, causing Shining Armour to drop to his knees in pain.

“Pathetic,” Shade simply stated.

“I am not pathetic,” Shining Armour stated in anger as he rose back to his feet.

“Really, one punch and your down does not really inspire confidence in that fact,” Shade stated.

“You caught me off-guard,” Shining Armour argued.

“Off Guard my ass, you attacked me, If anyone I should have been easy pickings, I can see why you failed to protect your princess yesterday.”

“And you could do a much better job,” Shining Armour argued back angrily.

“I would say so, after all, I beat you.”

“I’m not done!” Shining shouted back.

“You just can’t stand is that the case?” Shade asked as Shining Armour jumped forwards slashing his sword downwards as Shade quickly grabbed his blocking the blow.

“So you do use more than your mouth,” Shining Armour responded, “Glad to know your not all talk.”

“Really, Shall we test you then, Captain,” Shade retorted with a smirk.

“You have no right to test us,” Shining armour replied as his horn ignited forming a bright purple shield on his arm as he swung his sword at Shade once again as Shade brought his own to block it before parrying as Shining Armours shield struck him in the chest as Shade jumped backwards slightly.

“So, you're not so invulnerable, maybe you’re also wrong about us,” Shining started with a smirk.

“I see… Maybe your not as unworthy of a captain as I thought, maybe you are worth seeing a fraction of what I can do.”

Shining Armour then backed away slightly as he asked, “what do you mean by a fraction?”

“I’m not here to do my normal job, and I find you lacking in regards for what I do,” Shade admitted as he saw the other guards stand up, however, he noticed their movements looked sloppy almost like they weren’t in control of their own muscles.

“Tell me, are your men always this dead looking?”

“I don’t know if that is an insult or simply making an observation of everything you’ve seen, and that fact worries me,” Shining Armour replied.

“Captain, right now the test is over I have a job to do,” Shade replied calmly.

“What job could be more important than dealing with my men going crazy!”

Shade then smiled as he said, “who said in this case both aren’t intertwined?

“Why would they be?”

“Just wait and see, but this cloak won’t help,” Shade added as he undid the ties holding it over his form before opening his wings as he gripped the cloak in his hands of it flowed backwards revealing his form to Shining.

Shining Armour then froze in shock as he saw Shade’s form, “You’re an Alicorn!”

“Amongst other things,” Shade added as he released his Cloak and it flew backwards stopping against a nearby wall.

“What is even wrong with them?”

“Believe it or not, your men are being possessed by ghosts,” Shade responded as his belt appeared around his waist, along with his Eyecon in his hand.

“What are those?” Shining Armour replied.

“A family secret,” Shade responded, “you may want to stand back.”

Shining did as he was told as Shade activated his Shade Eyecon and transformed before looking at the possessed guards before quickly jumping into the air as Shining looked up at him before Shade drew a symbol in the shape of an eye in front of his chest.

The symbol then seemed to enlarge as a large eye formed on the ground filling the entire courtyard before the eye began to glow in a white light followed by all of the possessed guards falling to their knees as multiple floating Eyecons formed in the air before reforming into hundreds of Ganma commandos.

“What in Tartarus is going on!” Shining shouted, “what did you do to my men!”

“Get back, this fight is beyond you,” Shade responded the chains on his arms beginning to glow and untangle itself before Shade placed his hand on the ground before the chains shot forwards striking each Ganma Commando piercing there forms as they rapidly deformed into there Ganma Eyecons to find they were surrounded in pulsating Black and red chains. A sign Shade recognised but did not understand what it would do to the Ganma themselves.

“I’ll take them back to the Everfree, we can work out what to do with them later,” Harmony shouted to Shade in his mind as the ground shifted below each Eyecon as they fell into the ground before she added, “also keep your guard up, this seemed to easy.”

Shade’s chains then retracted to his side as Shining said, “you… your that Kamen Rider from the legends… aren’t you.”

“There a thing about legends, the person there wrote about often never hears them, normally they are dead by the point they become one,” Shade responded.

“But you, your him. Kamen Rider Shade. The hero who protected Equestria alone from unseen threats one-thousand years ago.”

“Highly exaggerated, I was only active a week before I left the planet and beyond that, I have a lot of help.”

It was then the group heard something from behind them as Shade turned around to see what looked to be math equations moving past his head.

“Umm… is this normal for you?” Shining asked in confusion.

“No… this is not normal… but I can guess what this is.”

It was then they both heard a voice shout out “Rabbit! Tank! Best Match!”

It was then heard by Celestia saying, “but those words… wasn’t that what the report said was heard from that rider?” as she landed beside them.

“Get everyone clear now!” Shade ordered.

“But-” Shining started to say.

“I said now!” Shade ordered again as Celestia moved all the unconscious guards out of the field.

It was then the voice from before shouted out “Are you ready?!” before a second voice shouted out, “Henshin!” before Shade looked to where the voice had come from to steam being forced from whatever suit the figure wore as the first voice shouted out, “Hagane no Moonsault! RabbitTank! Yeahhh!”

The figure in question then walked forwards as Shade saw that he wore a suit that was seemingly separated into two halves, possibly signifying this was made from two different things in the transformation along with a possibility of his opponents from and powers changing rapidly.

“Who is that?” Celestia asked looking at Shade from above him.

“I have no idea… but,” he then saw the belt around the figure's waist that had two familiarly shaped bottle in them as he remembered what Yume had told him before saying, “Kamen Rider Build I assume.”

The figure then backed up slightly as it said, “how did you.”

“Let’s just say, I had insider information,” Shade replied as he saw the Rabbit Fullbottle begin to glow before he grabbed it drawing an eye-shaped symbol behind it as before a Parka Ghost similar to that of the Rider in front of him flew forwards knocking them back slightly as the Parka Ghost placed it arm out beside it before flying into Shades Driver producing a new Eyecon.

Shade then held the new Eyecon out before activating it and placing it in the Driver before the phrase “Kaigan! Build! Perfect Match! Building up victory!” was heard as the Parka ghost from before attached to his back.

Shade then looked at the figure who had backed away further a seeing Shade’s new form, “How… How do you have that!”

“If I told you it would ruin the experiment,” Shade mocked as a sword that almost looked like a drill appeared in his hand.

It was then both riders pushed off on their back legs almost like they were compressed springs as they both used the same weapon striking each other both mirroring each other’s movements to the point fighting was pointless as Build jumped back away from Shade.

“I have no idea how you got that Eyecon, but this is form is now pointless,” Build replied annoyed as the rider pulled out two new Full Bottles removing the old ones and replacing them as the words “Taka! Gatling! Best Match” was heard before Build started rotating the crank on it’s Driver before a similar frame appeared around the Rider as both orange and grey liquid flowed through the pipes.

It was then the liquids turned into two halves of the suit Build was wearing one in front of the rider the other behind. It was then Build calmly said, “Build up,” before bringing their arms to the riders side as the two parts pulled towards Build replacing the old ones are the voice from before shouted “Tenkuu no Abarenbou! HawkGatling! Yeahhh!” as large orange wings formed on the suits back.

“Oh come on!” Shade shouted in annoyance.

“Wait, there’s more,” Build added as similar pipes as those that appeared during the transformation appeared forming what looked to be a pistol crossed with a Gatling gun, which was not a good sign for Shade.

“I seriously cannot be bothered to mess around with this,” Shade replied in annoyance as he replaced the Build Eyecon with the Houdini Eyecon before stating, “but if you want to a dogfight, I’ll give you one,” as his bike rode through the gateway smashing into Build in the process sending the rider to the ground before attaching to Shade’s back.

“You really are a pest,” Build responded standing up, “one that needs removing from the equation.”

“I knew the math symbols meant something, but even I can stand math jokes,” Shade replied as both he and Build flew upwards as he formed both pistols, both riders opening fire on the other.

Back on the ground Shining Armour just looked up at the two fighting as he said, “I’d heard the Riders were a force to be reckoned with, but this is beyond even what I expected.”

“I knew he was strong, but he only seems to have become stronger since I last saw him defend everyone,” Celestia stated.

“That’s what training on the moon does for you,” Luna stated as they watched the two figures dart around the sky.

“I don’t even think the guard could fight that other rider,” Shining replied, “I really am a poor leader for my men, I failed to even notice something was wrong.”

“The fault does not lie with you, I didn’t notice it myself, and yet he noticed and solved it instantly. Maybe he is worthy of the title he will receive.”

“And that is?” Shining asked.

“The Alicorn of War,” Celestia stated.

“I swear there’s a reference there,” Luna chuckled.

“Why do we need one of those?” Shining asked.

“Well he is fighting a one-man war against the monsters that attacked us, and now that Rider.” Cadence pointed out.

“Still we don’t need somepony who’s title literally says war in it!” Shining Armour argued.

“The titles more so he won’t get stuck with the small stupid questions as often, would you go to someone with his proposed title asking what type of cake to have?”

“And someone did ask her that today,” Luna added.

“I swear the nobles are idiots sometimes,” Cadence added shaking her head.

It was then there was a loud thud as the group looked back to see Build on the ground the Riders suit still in one piece and formed as Shade floated above her.

“Okay, one last trick,” Build groaned as the Rider placed two new bottles in as a voice shouted out “Ninjya! Comic! Best Match! Are you Ready?” before the same sequence as before occurred before the voice shouted out, “Shinobi no Entertainer! NinninComic! Yeahhh!” as Shade saw that Build was now in a purple and yellow suit.

“You really think you can hit me from down there?” Shade asked.

It was then something struck the Houdini Parka Ghost on his back as he fell to the ground before he looked up to see a new figure walking up to Build silently.

“Who the Tartarus are you?” Build asked the new figure.

“Your replacement being you seem unable to handle a simple job,” the figure responded.

“You must be one of the new experiments they were working on, seems one of you was a success after all,” Build responded.

Shade then stood back up switching back to his Standard Shade form as he looked to both Build and the new figure as he said, “what the hell do you mean by experiments, what did you do to the pony under that mask.”

“That no longer matters, you won’t live long enough to find out,” the figure responded before suddenly rushing Shade pulling out two swords striking him sending him flying backwards into a wall before he could react.

“This isn’t good,” Cadence responded.

“We need to do something!” Shining Armour shouted.

“What can we even do!” Cadence argued back.

“Let me,” a voice responded from behind the group as they turned around to see Blueblood walking towards them with a black and red belt around his waist.

“Blueblood, there is no need for a stuck up brat like you to be here, go and argue with the nobles like the coward you are,” Shining argued.

“Like I’m leaving him to die,” Blueblood argued, “and it’s not like you can help.”

“And you can?” Shining argued back, “those ponies are beyond me and you.”

“You perhaps,” Blueblood responded by holding a small white USB Stick in his hand. “Me now that’s another matter.”

“What what is that,” Cadence asked.

Blueblood didn’t answer as he looked down to see Shades form getting sliced at repeatedly by both the new figure and Build.

He then held up a white USB Stick as he stated, “besides I owe him for saving my flank, and one good turn deserves another.”

Blueblood then looked forwards towards the fight as he then held up the white USB stick before he pressed the bottom of the USB before the word “Eternal!” was heard before he placed the USB into the Driver as a yellow pulsating light was emitted around it.

It was then that Blueblood said almost calmly, “Henshin,” before bringing his hand back over the handle of the driver before knocking it backwards before the word, “Eternal!” was heard before he was surrounded in a bright white light that began to surround him as bright white, black and blue lights attached themselves to his body revealing the armour of the Kamen Rider Shade had met the day before.

The three riders below then suddenly looked up Shade falling to his knees as the other two stopped their onslaught, “so… your the one who stole our equipment,” Build responded looking at Eternal.

Eternal, however, didn’t answer them as he removed the Eternal memory from his Driver and placing it into his weapon before pressing a button on the side of it as a voice shouted out “Eternal! Maximum Drive!” as both riders armour suddenly looked to become covered in binary as their suits started sparking.

“Quickly, strike them while they’re off guard, this might not hold them long,” Eternal stated.

“Got ya,” Shade responded as he quickly pulled the handle on his driver before it shouted out, “Shade! Omega Drive!” before he jumped into the air before falling towards the stunned Riders as he struck Build sending the rider back as multiple full bottles were scattered to the ground even though the riders transformation somehow still held.

It was then the sparking from the other rider subsided as he quickly grabbed Build jumped away to a higher building as he stated, “we will remember this, and remember this name, I am Kamen Rider Fuma, and the Shade Theocracy will not let a pretender like you stand, to defile his name,” before both Riders disappeared.

“Wait… are they saying there’s a religious cult devoted to me?” Shade responded, “Celestia... did you allow a Cult to form that are clearly insane?”

The rest of the group then landed next to Shade as he held his arm cancelling his transformation before he held his arm.

“In my defence, this is the first I’ve heard of them,” Celestia responded.

“They kidnap multiple ponies and force them to obedience, many are kept and used as test subjects to make weapons like those you saw,” a voice said as the group looked behind Shade to see a Changeling missing both their wings and there horn shattered.

“What is that creature?” Cadence asked nervously.

“A Changeling,” Shade responded as he quickly caught the injured Changeling as it fell into Shades arms, “are you okay little one?”

The changeling just shakes its head before saying, “I been poisoned, injected which who knows how many different strands of a virus, tortured and used for… horrible things, so no I’m not.” it was then the Changeling began coughing up blood.

“Cadence, I need your help here!” Shade shouted.

It was then she ran next to Shade as she said, “what do you need me to do?”

“I need you to send a burst of love to this Changeling, it’s what they feed on and allows them to live, this one is heavily malnourished along with other things,” Shade stated as she nodded back doing as Shade asked, “just send small bits at a time.”

“Got it,” Cadence responded calmly doing as she was told as the Changeling in his arms began to calm it breath steadying.

“Are you okay little one?” Shade asked.

“Yes… thank you,” the Changeling replied slowly.

“Just take your time little one,” Shade responded.

“They kept us all in an underground temple, the location can’t be seen from the sky and approaching from the land is difficult, I can get you there, just please free my family,” the Changeling begged before falling unconscious again.

“You do what you need to, I’ll look after this one,” Cadence responded by placing the Changeling on her back.

Shade smiled back before beginning to say something only to be cut off by Shining Armour, “you think we would abandon you when you need help.”

“And I refuse to let anyone else suffer at the hands of those people,” Shade added.

“Well… I guess I’ll join this rescue party as well,” Blueblood added.

“Why would you ever get your own hands dirty?” Shining Armour asked.

“Unlike you, I have the power to do something useful for once and not hide behind a title, and besides, if what the new Alicorn said is indeed true, I’ve been using a name of something that from what I can see means something and I have been using it without deserving it. Maybe it’s time I earned something for once in my life on my own merit.” Blueblood argued back.

“Like you could ever-” Shining argued back before being cut off by Shade as he said.

“Any help from any rider, experienced or not is welcome,” Shade added, “just don’t get mad when I order you around.”

“I’ll try,” Blueblood replied calmly.

“I’ve got the location of there hideout as well,” Harmony said to Shade.

“Get in contact with Rainbow and Kris, I think we’ll need all of us for this,” Shade stated.

“Who are you talking to?” Shining Armour asked.

“A friends, and we should have a bit more assistance if we’re lucky, I’d say that we meet up at the old palace tomorrow, Luna and Celestia know where I mean.”

“Yes, our old home… It will be nice to be there under better circumstances,” Luna agreed.

“And I hope to see you there too,” Shade replied as he walked up to her hugging her before adding, “stay safe.”

“I should say that to you,” Luna added with a smile before leaning in and kissing Shade as she added, “Till tomorrow.”

Shade simply smiled back before adding, “Till tomorrow,” before he teleported away.

“Something you want to confess sister?” Celestia asked.


“There’s no need, I already knew,” Celestia added with a smile.

Luna didn’t answer as she blushed looking away.

“Get any of the guards who are capable of actually doing their jobs, we can’t afford to have anyone who unprepared for this,” Celestia admitted.

“I understand, I’ll make sure they're ready,” Shining armour added as he ran off.

“You too Blueblood, if you really intend on doing this you better have all your affairs in check.”
“What do you take me for Auntie, I said I’d help and I will,” Blueblood added before walking away as he muttered to himself, “I should probably find my old armour out.”

“Is he always like that?” Luna asked.

“No, he’s normally worse,” Celestia added.

“Then we need to be ready too, I for one a not letting them do this alone,” Luna admitted.

“Then we better prepare for the coming battle. Time for something neither of us have had to do for a long time,” Celestia added as both she and Luna walked together both with the same purpose.

As Shade returned to the front of what once was a ruined castle he found that the once ruined building had been he found the ruined stones had been replaced with new ones and what had once been a crevice had been completely filled in and covered by fresh grass.

There were also few small houses around the castle creating a small town that was admittedly empty but filled out the area in front of the castle.

“So, what do you think?” Harmony asked. “Not bad for a days work.”

“Still can’t believe this took only a day to complete,” Shade admitted.

“Well when you can control everything around you, everything can be done easily.” Harmony admitted, “anyway those monsters you took down are stored in the dungeons I made under the castle, they reverted to normal but over that have not done anything else.”

“I see. Thank you for the report I’ll go down to them now… once I find a way down that is.”

“There are two sets of dungeons, one for normal people who commit standard crimes, and a second for the monsters you stop, the cells they are in are warded to prevent them from using any of their abilities, the entrance for that is behind your throne, place your hand against the back of it and and a stairway will appear for you to use to reach them.”

“Thanks, Harmony, I’ll get this sorted sooner rather than later with what we’re dealing with tomorrow I can’t have this stuff be on my mind when I handle it,” Shade admitted as he made his way to the dungeons Harmony had mentioned.

Once he had opened the door hidden behind his throne he made his way down a long spiralling stone staircase flickering white lights forming around him as he made his way down the staircase.

Once he reached the bottom bright red flames appeared all the way down the hallway in front of him as he walked a few steps to see what looked to be prison cells which had no walls separating them as the Ganma from before saw Shade.

It was then each of them suddenly lowered to one knee bowing their heads to Shade as one’s form changed from the others, this Ganma the ganma in question wore a long flowing jacket and a red mask along with a top hat. He also green leggings and bracers that looked to have a silver flame like marking on the ends of them. The Ganma also had two longs blades that almost looked like enlarged knives that were connected to something on its back.

The Ganma then too dropped to one knee as it said, “on behalf of all of us I would like to be the first to thank you for your visit, we are all fortunate for your kindness in releasing us from our forced mission.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Rider called Genm forced us to become hosts to those guards, never being allowed to be free, or the others to evolve to something greater than they are. Thanks to your intervention we are all free to make our own choices, we all wish to serve and live under your rule my king,” the Ganma admitted.

Shade then looked to the Ganma before he said, “you do know what you're requesting me to do?”

“You gave us back our freedom, we all want to repay you the only way we know how. We all know how others view those like us they can see, we are known as monsters to them, at least this way we can try to at least improve their perspective of us.”

“Okay, if you’re all sure this is what you want,” Shade responded as he transformed into his normal Shade form as he stated, “this is your last chance to change your mind if you have any doubts about this.”

None of the Ganma moved back Instead placing a part of there forms in clear view of Shade as they waited for whatever he would do.

Shade then took a calm breath before pulling on his Drivers handle before a voice shouted “Shade! Omega Branding!” Before his chains formed from flames moving towards each Ganma making contact with each of them on the parts of there forms, they had revealed to him.

After the chains had stuck them all each Ganma had a mark in the shape of a crimson coloured eye.

It was the Ganma that had seemed to lead the group of Ganma shifted into his Eyecon form moving from behind the bars and reforming in front of Shade before saying to him, “I also would like to offer my direct services to you, my king. I would like to be one of your personal guards, and serve as your ambassador for the Ganma race.”

“I would ask how you think you are up to the task, but you are part of the race you wish to represent. I’ll allow both your requests also all of you shall get your own homes above ground in the town. You can decide what you want to do with yourselves in your own time.”

“On behalf of us all. I thank you for your kindness, those of us who are capable soldiers will prepare to join your guard.” The leading Ganma admitted.

“Just one last question I need to ask before you all can leave, do you have a name for me to call you?”

“Of course, you may call me Ripper my king,” the Ganma now know as Ripper replied calmly.

“That name really doesn’t make you sound like a good guy,” Shade stated.

“I wasn’t till you appeared,” Ripper responded as the other Ganma in the cells began to disperse as the cell walls dropped, “but it feels almost natural to use that name.”

“I see. Well then Captain Ripper, I wish you good luck and get settled in, you’ll be needed tomorrow for a rescue mission.”

“Of course my king, we’ll be ready,” Ripper replied as he disappeared.

“I have collected up everything that we took from this Build, whatever that Riders plan is, it’s likely you’ll face both of those Riders tomorrow,” Harmony admitted, “I recommend you take the night to relax in preparation for it.”

“I think I will. Thank you Harmony,” Shade replied as he disappeared and went to the old hill to rest the night away and look at the stars for the first time in one-thousand years.

Chapter 14

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-The next morning-

As morning broke Alex slowly stood up after having decided to simply attempt to sleep for once even though he didn’t need to so.

It was then he smile thinking to what he was going to be doing soon before saying to himself, “this won’t be a easy day for me.”

It was then he jumped off the room as he seemed to float down to the ground even though he was not in his Alicorn body before he turned to see multiple Ganma standing near him each saluting him. Most of them were simple Ganma Commanoes but some had seemed to evolve there forms into stronger ones.

“I see you’ve found your new recruits,” Alex heard behind him as he turned to see Ripper behind him as Alex saw that he now had a familiar eye shaped symbol near the top of his chest, “we decided to use that mark for our crest till one is decided for the guards brand.”

“I was going to use something similar anyway,” Alex admitted.

“I’m glad you approve of our choice then.” Ripper replied, “those of us who are present wish to help with your task today, there are also a hundred of the others who wish to join us aswell.”

“I’ll gladly accept it,” Alex agreed with a smile, “and even with you, we may need some more assistance. I and know where to get some.” he added as he looked at the amulet he had gotten years ago from Daybreaker.

He then walked back inside the castle and down towards the Tree of Harmony, activating the amulet as he walked saying, “Can anyone here me on the other end?”

Meanwhile with Daybreaker, she was in her office, tending to some paperwork in regards to building damage when she heard Alex’s voice.

“Alex,” she said. “Is that you?”

“Who else has a method of talking to you without being there, and has my voice?” Alex asked calmly. “No seriously I want to know who does that needs nipping in the bud before it goes to far.”

“Oh?” Daybreaker asked. “Something up?

“I think I need some of your peoples help with something over here, it’s something me and the riders here are not prepared to handle alone yet, also I did say I’d invite some off you here at some point did I not.”

“True,” she said. “I’ll send over a few as soon as I can. Sit tight and look pretty.”

“Any advanced warning on who’s coming my way? Oh and give them a heads up, do not kill the Ganma near me.”

“I won’t. I know Kamen Rider Tiger, Kamen Rider Knight, Kamen Rider Silkmoth and Kamen Rider Arachnus are free. Do you want more or will four be enough?”

“Hopefully they will suffice, and thank you for this.”

“Not a problem,” Daybreaker said.

“Okay, and after this you and your daughter need to visit one time,” Alex added.

“We may come with the Riders. My daughter seems excited to meet your friends,” Daybreaker said.

“And I look forwards to seeing you both soon aswell,” Alex added.

“Same. She missed you,” Daybreaker said.

“I see. Tell her I’ll be glad to see her again, I look forward to seeing how she’s grown, it’s been a long time for me.”

“Oh trust me, she’s about my size,” Daybreaker said. “Well, I’ll get on this. Tell whoever is running this show to wait about 25 minutes.”

“...you just did,” Alex added with a chuckle, “and message recieved.”

“Good. Set up and prepare for an arrival,” Daybreaker said. “Oh and don’t worry, I have the tickets paid.”

“I’ll make sure to reimburse you then.”

She chuckled, seeing the joke flew over Alex’s head.

“What's so funny?”

“I said I had the tickets paid to come over and we’re coming over via portal, with no need for tickets,” Daybreaker chuckled.

“I see,” Alex replied rolling his eyes.

She chuckled again and told him to wait. Alex closed the comlink and waited. Some 25 minutes later, a portal opened and out stepped a tall and grand Changeling queen, followed by Daybreaker and the four ponies that were asked for.

“Hello all of you, it’s been a while, how's it been for you,” Alex asked with a smile.

“Busy,” Coco Crusoe said. “We’ve been putting on galas and whatnot.”

“I see, I guess I’ll be needing to sort one of those myself sooner or later,” Alex replied with a sigh.

“Ours are more like superhero galas,” Daybreaker said. “One where the kids can meet the heroes that save them.”

“At least yours all sound enjoyable.”

“They somewhat are, but it’s mostly standing around, looking pretty,” Night Knight said.

“At least you have a chance for downtime normally,” Alex responded, “I’ve been back three days and not stopped even once.”

“True.” Daybreaker said. “It might be a good idea to have a larger team, to allow for members to have down time between fights.”

“You kinda need multiple riders for that to work, kinda hard when you were attacked and almost killed… again by two at the same time,” Alex pointed out

“Hmmm…..do you have any information on them? Maybe we can make something work,” Daybreaker said.

“I had two rider names from them, Kamen Riders Fuma and Build, along with that we learned that they are using captured…” Alex then stops for a second before adding, “I wish I could sugarcoat this, captured Changelings as test subjects to make weapons, rider equipment and test almost lethal drugs on.”

“Sugarcoating would make it worse. Thanks for telling us,” Daybreaker. “I think we can sort this out.”

“Also, we have a name for who is orchestrating this, they seem to call themselves ‘The Shade Theocracy.”

“Interesting,” Daybreaker said. “Any information on them?”

“All I know is that they are a religious cult who were formed during the time I was on the moon and think I’m a god… but also think I’m and impostor, apart from that we know nothing”

“Hmmm…..Do you know the leader?”

“I only heard of this yesterday as the Rider called Fume fled with Build, he said they wouldn’t stand my existence and nothing else.”

“I see. I have a plan,” Daybreaker said.

“Maybe you should wait till the other arrive to go through it with all of them,” Alex suggested as he shifted into his Alicorn form as the group heard a voice say, “your guests will be arriving in around 10 minutes Alex.”

“I guess we better, be ready to meet them then.”

“Right you are,” Crystal Beau said.

“Also all monster in the town are my people, so don’t try and kill them.” Alex warned incase Daybreaker had not done so.”

“We got the briefing,” Comet Tail said.

“I wasn’t sure how much you all knew, as we make our way above ground ask me anything you wish to know.”

They had nothing to ask.

“Seriously, nothing atall?”

“Well, we do have a couple questions that are best left for later,” Daybreaker said.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you have your meeting and asking them while we’re on the way up would give your guests the impression we’re trying something,” Daybreaker said.

“If you're sure thats the case, I won’t argue with you all,” Alex replied as they made it above ground before Daybreaker and her team waited as Alex’s guests arrived at the castle.

Daybreaker and her team waited in the stairwell and when Alex was out of sight, they began to talk about the case they were needed on.

“Seems like something big,” Coco said.

“I wonder what it could be,” Comet Tail asked.

Meanwhile, Shade made it up to the top and turned to greet the guests.

“I’m glad you could all make it,” Alex responded as Blueblood, Rainbow Dash, Celestia, Luna, Shining Armour and Cadence along with the royal guard and a small group of thestrals Shade assumed to be those who would become Luna’s Royal guards.

“Same,” Replied Shining Armour.

“So, were all clear on why we’re here?” Luna asked.

“We have no idea,” Kris respond to the group speaking for Rainbow Dash as he was attached to her waist.

“For those who don’t know of what has happened, yesterday we were attacked by two riders who said they worked for the Slade Theorcracy and we received information they have abducted multiple creatures and used them in tests many of these lethal. We’re going to assault this place and free everyone we can and cripple there operation so they won’t be able to continue,” Shade stated.

“No offense, but who knows how many monsters they’ll have and there are only three riders to help and I am sure at least two of us will be inside looking for everyone,” Rainbow Dash argued.

Shade then looked to the others waiting for confirmation to say that he could call them over from Daybreaker.

“Seems like he’s waiting for us,” Coco said to the others.

“Agreed,” Daybreaker said.

The group walked out, surprising Rainbow and the others there.

“These are a group of Riders I met a long time ago, well a part of their group.” Shade admitted.

“So are you the famous Daybreaker Shade told me about on the moon?” Luna asked curiously.

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

“Well it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” Luna responded placing her hand out to Daybreaker.

Daybreaker extended her hand and the two shook.

“Well, can we ask who the whole group are? How do we know there not in allegiance with the Shade Theorcracy?” Blueblood asked.

Daybreaker shot him a dirty look as Shade jumped in to diffuse the situation

“Look, I can assure you they are not with them,” Shade responded.

Rainbow eyed them up, suspiciously.

“I trust them,” Kris replied, “I can already tell they would never have been able to meet up with the Shade Theorcracy.”

“Besides, I have a plan to capture this Kamen Rider Build that’s been hasstling you,” Daybreaker said.

“And what is this plan?” Celestia asked looking curiously at Daybreaker.

“One of the Riders, Kamen Rider Arachnus, is a magic user and specializes in spider magic…” Daybreaker began, but it clicked in the others heads.

“So you think we could use his powers to capture them?” Shade responded.

“Yes,” Daybreaker said. “His powers are themed around silk spinning spiders.”

“By chance was her powers from the equipment we looked for when we first met?” Shade asked.

“No, this was long before that,” Daybreaker said. “He’s a magic based Rider that not even I know everything about.”

“Okay then, how would he be able to trap them?”

“Think like a Spider,” Daybreaker said. “What is the most common way a spider catches a bug? A web.”

“And if that doesn’t work then what?” Kris asked.

“Then we go to plan B,” Daybreaker said.

“And that is?” Rainbow Dash asked curiously.

“Me,” Daybreaker said.

“And what can you even do?” Rainbow asked with a smirk.

“Oh, you know, some Maretial Arts,” Daybreaker teased.”After all, you’re too pretty to fight.”

“And that’s also more than you,” Kris added.

“Shut up belt,” Rainbow argued.

It was then Shade whispered to Daybreaker, “see what I meant by barely able to make my own team?”

“I do,” Daybreaker replied. “Let me and my team whip them into shape. Plus, you might find a surprise waiting.”

“Should I be worried about this ‘surprise’?”

“It’s nothing to be worried about,” Daybreaker said. “It should help you make a more competent team.”

“You realise we are not a team?” Blueblood pointed out.

“I know you’re not a team….yet,” Daybreaker smirked.

“There won’t be a yet, I have no intention of working with him after today,” Blueblood responded.

“Ah, well, I must have underestimated your common sense,” Daybreaker said. “That’s alright, we can replace you.”

“That doesn’t take much to do,” Shining Armour responded.

“I know, but his loss could be your friend’s gain,” Daybreaker said. “You can’t have deadwood kill the tree.”

“Kinda can’t take my pick when these are the only good riders I know in this world,” Shade admitted

“Leave it to me,” Daybreaker said. “As I once told one who wasn’t keen on being a team player, ‘We need a full team, and you can be replaced as there are more out there to pick from’.”

That got Blueblood. The very idea he was expendable and able to be replaced seemed to horrify him.Shade watched as Daybreaker worked her charm.

“I know about eight in this universe who can take your place,” she continued. “I can give the list to Shade, who would be more than happy to replace your sorry excuse of an ass.”

“Hey, no need to be hasty, I’m sure I could consider working with him.”

“That’s good,” Daybreaker said. “We need all hands on deck.”

“Okay, so what's the plan? You want to train the idiots first or dive straight in with why I called you to help?”

“Let’s train and then over dinner, you can fill us in,” Daybreaker said.

“And how do you plan to train them?” Shade asked.

“Simple, let’s go to find a space to train,” Daybreaker said.

“How big you thinking we’ll need?”

“Maybe we should find a forest to train in,” Daybreaker said.

“Harmony, you know what to do,” Shade said to seemingly nobody.

“Already prepared, its to the south behind the castle.”

“Thank you Harmony,” Shade replied before saying to Daybreaker, “We have a suitable place prepared when you're ready.”

“Excellent,” Daybreaker said. “We’re going to need it. And another bit of advice, train together as often as possible.”

“Yeah, that's will be easy being we live in three different cities.”

“Schedule a couple days to come together to train,” Daybreaker said. “My team stays in the castle in the Everfree Forest in my verse.”

“Where do you think we are?” Shade pointed out.
“The Everfree Forest, of course,” Daybreaker said.

“Just checking we were on the same page,” Shade responded before leading the group to the open area Harmony had prepared.

They walked out and saw how big it was and Daybreaker smiled.

“Perfect,” she said.

“Glad you think so. Whats you plan to train these two then?”

“Just watch,” she said.

She and her crew grabbed their devices and held them up.

“Best way to train is to be in suit,” she said.

“I don’t remember this working last time with me,” Shade replied as Blueblood and Rainbow Dash transformed into their rider forms.

“Trust me, it will,” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer said.

“We’ll see,” Shade responded as he transformed as well into his standard Shade form.

On cue, Kamen Rider Arachnus formed a spell circle underneath Kamen Rider Shade and before he could react, he found himself anchored under webs.


“Don’t be surprised,” Kamen Rider Arachnus chuckled.

“You really think that will hold him?” Blueblood asked curiously.

Kamen Rider Shade attempted to break the webs, but he found that for every strand broken, more took its place, “I see breaking one thread at a time will do nothing, but...” it was then flames ignited along all the web at once burning the entire thing as Shade stood up dusting himself off, “all at once is a more viable choice.”

“I know,” Kamen Rider Arachnus said.

“So if any Rider we meet can break multiple threads at once, it would make your first plan useless,” Blueblood pointed out.

“We know, but you have to remember, three are silk spinners,” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer said. “That and we can use surprise tactics.”.

“If they don’t have more riders than we anticipated, we still don’t know exactly who leads them or who fights under their banner,” Kris admitted.

“True, but we can gauge through their fighting,” Kamen Rider Silkmoth said.

“If we can designate just who we’re facing,” Blueblood responded as he placed the Eternal Memory into his knife before everyone but himself and Shade’s suits froze up as they were covered in binary before he slashed Kamen Rider Silkmoth’s body as her transformation fell apart.

“Clever,” Night Knight said.

“Tell me? How can we tell how many enemies there are from how they fight?” Shade asked.

“It’s shown in the style of fight. If he’s laid back, barely doing anything, and say, popping off every eight seconds, we know that he has three back ups. If he’s more tense, one; if he’s grunting and snarling, none and if he seems almost limber, five,” Kamen Rider Recuse Archer said.

“Okay and if none of those signs show?” Shade asked.

“That means he’s got something planned,” came the reply.

“Okay then, anything else you think we need to know?” Shade asked.

“Nothing else just ye….” Night Knight began, but was interrupted by a Royal Guard running up.

“Prince Shade, we have a problem.”

The prince turned to the guard, a brow raised in the “Do Tell” position.

“A changeling approached us then collapsed in front of the castle when we went to help it, it’s body seemed to fall apart before he began to mutate, we have no idea what happened to him but the rest of the guards and trying to handle it.”

“Hmm,” Night Knight said. “You thinking it could be this Kamen Rider Build character?”

“I can’t reject that possibility,” Shade responded.

“We saw something that resembled a blue and red Kamen Rider,” The guard said.

“I doubt they would make an attack so soon after yesterday also,” Shade added holding up the Tank Fullbottle, “that Rider lost most of it’s transformation items yesterday, that form will not be available.”

“It’s got to be the Bugster Virus then,” Coco Crusoe said.

“Whats a Bugster Virus?”

Coco Crusoe spent what felt like an hour explaining the Bugster virus, in reality, it was only eight minutes, only to have it go over the guard’s head.

“Okay I think I understand, but could you go over something for me?” the guard asked.

“What would that be?” Daybreaker asked?

“Everything after the first sentence,” the guard responded.

“When we have time,” Daybreaker said. “I promise.”

“Can we maybe focus on the problem at hand Shade,” started running off looking for the bugster.

Coco agreed and the two made for the front gate, where they saw the Bugster infecting several guards.

The Bugster in question had a black and silver body and head, the only thing not matching it being multiple yellow disks attached to a frame around it’s neck.

It was then Shade looked to it as he said, “so this is a Bugster?”

“Yes” Kris replied, “but none of us has the required equipment to take it down, it was always Ex-Aid who handled them before.”

“So you need a certain rider that uses Gashats correct?” Shade asked.

“Well yes, but we have none?”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Shade added holding out a new eyecon, “I hope this works as I think it will.”

He then activated the eyecon in his hand as the words “Eye! Kaigan! Ganbarizing! GO! Senkou! Koukou! Bāsuto de GO!" before he parka ghost as it changed into a sleek cybernetic jacket that consisted of a dark blue coloration with the white circuit lines running down its side and arms and its mask was mostly blue apart from a silver line running down the centre with what looked to be white lines running over the remainder of the mask.

It was then a white card with an image of Kamen Rider Chronos appeared in his hand which he threw forwards as the rider appeared as the card turned into a large light structure that fell to the ground as a figure that matched that on the card stood in front of the group.

The infected Changeling and guards stood there, growling and hissing, poised, ready to attack.

“Chronos, take him down,” Shade ordered as the Rider charged towards the Bugster beginning to punch at it along with stopping time at intervals.

“What the hell is Chronos?” Kamen Rider Silkmoth asked, coming in to join the fight.

“Would you believe me if I said it’s a very powerful Rider?” Shade asked as Chronos sent the Bugster stumbling back as it tore Gashat from the Bugsters head tossing it to Shade who caught it with a smirk before adding, “Chronos, finish him.”

The rider just seemed to smirk before time paused for the others before restarting as the Bugster began to fall apart retreating into the Changelings body as it’s host collapsed falling unconscious.

“Can he be cured?” Kamen Rider Silkmoth asked.

“I wish we could, without a true rider that can do it, he’s stuck like that,” Kris responded.

“I think that I may have a way,” Shade responded changing to his standard Shade form walking towards the unconscious Changeling.

They watched him walk up and begin the process.

It was then he plunged the Gashat into the Changling as the Bugster reformed around the Changling again however before the Bugster could react Shade quickly activated his finisher as Chains surrounded the Bugster.

“I’ll give you a choice, you can submit to serve me and my people, and protect you host and not kill him, or I can take you out of the picture, those chains are currently gripped to your very being, if you refuse my off, you’ll be dead where you stand,” Shade responded the Bugster shaking in fear.

“I submit to your rules, please don’t kill me,” the bugster responded in fear as a eye shaped symbol appeared on its chest and a second on the palm of hand along with a faint chain marking appeared around its neck.

“Good choice,” Shade responded as the chains retreated and he walked away the Bugster following him.

The other Riders blinked, then chuckled.

“Not bad,” Kamen Rider Arachnus said.

“I aim to please,” Shade started with a bow as he canceled his transformation as they saw Chronos faded away and a card appearing in Shade’s hand again

They chuckled again and were about to head in when they spotted something...A figure standing on the rooftop..

“Oh god not him,” Kris responded sounding scared.

“So, the little brother lives,” the figure responded, “Tell me how has the last two thousand years been for the little brother?”

“You know him” Kamen Rider Arachnus asked Kris.

“I wish I could say I didn’t, he’s the reason we’re the only riders here,” Kris responded.

“Genm I assume,” Shade responded.

“I see, I wasn’t forgotten,” Genm responded as three other Riders appeared next to him as Kris seemed to freeze up, “what's wrong, not happy to your friends again?”

“Wizard?” the group heard two shaky voices say from behind them as they looked to see Celestia and Luna behind them.

“Seems we have some catching up to do and some facts to get straight,” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer said. “Let us retire and speak in private.”

It was then the group looked back up to see that the four Riders hand disappeared before Shade followed the others inside.

“Come, now, who were those four,” Daybreaker asked.

“They were the Riders who came before me,” Shade admitted.

“One was the original Drive, and my older brother,” Kris added, “each of them my friends.”

”I see,” Daybreaker said. “Are they always that arrogant.”

“Well considering three of them were murdered by the one who spoke to us, what do you think?” Shade responded.

“Yeesh,” Coco Crusoe said. “Can we….do anything to save or free them from his control?”

“If we could I’d love to hear it,” Kris replied.

“Hmmm…..There is a roundabout way of freeing them,” Daybreaker said. “But it might be too long.”

“There was one way Simon always said would fix mind control,” Kris responded.

“And that is?” Daybreaker asked.

“We hit them, really, really hard,” Kris responded.

“Good,” Comet Tail said.

“Are you serious Kris?” Shade added.

“I never said he was smart,” Kris pointed out.

The others chuckled softly.

“So. What's the plan? Do you think they’ll reappear when we handle the Cult?” Shade asked.

“They’ll re-appear to assess us,” Daybreaker said.

“You think so? You don’t believe that they work with the Cult?” Kris asked.

“I don’t see them being a part of the Cult,” Daybreaker said.

“So we don’t need to factor them into the numbers we’ll be dealing with,” Blueblood responded.

“No, treat them as something else entirely,” Daybreaker said.

“So when do we head out?” Rainbow asked.

“Right now,” Daybreaker said.

“Okay, let's go Belt,” Rainbow responded putting Kris around her waist again.

“You’re way to eager,” Blueblood muttered.

“Nothing wrong with being eager,” Daybreaker said. “It’s a good sign.”

“It’s not good to be eager to your own death though,” Shade added.

“Have some trust in me,” Daybreaker said, with a knowing wink.

“It’s less you I have little trust in and more miss loose cannon here,” Shade admitted.

“Also, have trust in Dash,” Daybreaker said

Shade then looked to Lunar Rainbow who had been quiet since she arrived as he said to Daybreaker, is something wrong with your daughter, she’s been very quiet since she arrived here, I don’t think she’s spoke even once?”

“No, She’s considering options,” Daybreaker said.

“What options?”

“The options we have open to us right now with these riders,” Daybreaker said.

“Then why doesn’t she tell us her thoughts we’re all ears,” Shade admitted.

“Simple, she wants to make sure there are no holes for them to fall through,” Daybreaker said.

“But we simply do not know enough to be sure of all those factors,” Shade stated.

“She can see things we can’t,” Daybreaker said. “She is an acclaimed accountant after all.”

“How is an accountant matter in doing that?” Blueblood asked.

“She can add up all the flaws and take the number we have and see if our percentage of failure is greater than 50%, but then, she has to factor in outside numbers to see if everything would come out in the positive,” Daybreaker said.

Blueblood didn’t seem to be convinced by that.

“All of you, I trust her and you should too,” Shade responded with a smile to Lunar Rainbow.

“Considering we have a 75% chance of success with a 5% chance of them coming round to us, while we do have a 10% chance of failure with 5% chance of serious injury and a 5% chance of one of us dying,” Lunar Rainbow said, holding up a device that allowed her to transform in Kamen Rider Necrom. “Don’t think I don’t count everything.”

Shade turned to see Rainbow Dash and Blueblood staring, eyes wide and jaws hanging in shock.

“Tell me, who does the 5% chance of one of us dying apply to the most?” Shade asked curiously

“At most Rainbow Dash, but I’m not ruling as a certainty as it is a percentage and not in stone,” Lunar Rainbow said.

“Okay, everyone get ready to head out,” Shade ordered as everyone except him and Lunar Rainbow. “Okay Lunar, what's gone off, you seem too quiet and I assume planning wasn’t the only reason you’ve been so quiet.”

She chuckled, “Your right, I was too quiet. I was assessing you all. I was also making a catalogue of your friends and their connections to the riders as well as figuring everything out and running numbers.”

“You realise you could have just asked me about that.” Shade admitted.

“I know that, but I do my own research,” Lunar smiled softly.

“Lunar, what else is there thats wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said. “Trust me, will you.”

Shade didn’t say anything and simply raised an eyebrow to her.

She smiled and walked out.

“You're not fooling anyone Lunar,” Shade thought to himself as he walked out.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t find that out,” she thought, looking down at her Rider Device, which turned into a familiar blue and red device for a certain Rider.

As they group a walked through a dense crowded forest they stayed close the the side of the mountain as some of the Pegasi including Rainbow flew above the treeline, while the solar guards followed behind, Shade, Celestia, Luna, Blueblood Shining Armour, and Daybreaker.

“The entrance should be just ahead of you near the wall,” Harmony said to Shade as the ordered the group to stop.

“Hm, what’s this about a wall and an entrance?” Daybreaker asked.

“There should be a hidden entrance around here, and it should be accessible via this wall,” Shade admitted.

“Ah, Interesting,” Daybreaker said.

“The issue is just where and how to open it, without blowing it up, we want to be as quiet as possible.”

As he said that, Blueblood leaned against the wall and it slid open.

“I would have never imagined you’d find it,” Shade admitted.

“I’m not that incompetent,” Blueblood responded.

“I wouldn’t say that he’s incompetent, just lucky,” Daybreaker said.

“There's a difference with him?” Shining Armour asked.

Daybreaker chuckled, “There is, it’s called “Lucky Mane”.”

Shade just rolled his eyes before saying, “we’ll need most of you to be ready to help anyone who comes out along with a few Riders to handle anyone hostile who comes out.”

The others nodded as Crystal Beau offered to stay outside and wait along with Rainbow Dash as Shade, Lunar Rainbow, Blueblood, Shining Armour, Daybreaker, Night Knight, Coco Crusoe and Comet Tail entered.

Those who had ways of lighting up the darkness lit it up and the group walked on.

“Anyone got a funny feeling something’s going to pop out?” Lunar Rainbow asked.

“Glad I’m not the only one who thought that,” Shade responded as they began to hear a faint buzzing noise coming down a nearby corridor.

“Get ready, now,” Lunar Rainbow said, grabbing her device.

“Don’t just stop,” Shade requested as they saw a swarm of Locusts travel across a crossroads ahead of them, “what was that? They’re not normal Locusts I’m sure of that.”

They continued on, to see something come up in front of them.

“Who are you?” Lunar Rainbow asked, growling.

They got no response however a a creature that looked like a Deer walked towards them holding two large antlers like they swords.

“Who…..are…..you?!” Lunar Rainbow snarled again.

“Lunar stay back,” Shade replied holding his arm out in front of her.

She subsided and still eyed the figure up, which chuckled.

“So, another Changeling that's a lapdog like all the others,” the figure said with a smirk as Shade placed his hand at his side slowly turning the bracelet holding Chrysalis.

Blueblood then whispered to Shining Armour, “once they distract this thing we’ll go down the left route, both this creature and the Locusts came that way,” to which Shining nodded back in agreement.

Lunar Rainbow was now boiling. No one called her a lapdog and lived to breath.

“Oh is the little dog angry, yes you are, yes you are,” the deer mocked as it continued towards the group,

“Your asking for it, big time,” Lunar hissed.

“Hold,” Shade requested quickly rotating the bracelet before using the pistols they created to knock the deer backwards as it went sprawling to the ground as something seemed to open on it’s waist.

“Good show,” Lunar said.

“That was too easy,” Shade responded as they continued on with both Shining Armour and Blueblood seperating from the group down the path the monster had came from.

“Might have been, but something tells me we have yet begun to fight,” Lunar Rainbow said.

“Just don’t let them get under your skin,” Shade replied seeing how Lunar had acted when the deer had been mocking her.

“I’ll try,” she said.

As the group got further down the hall they failed to hear something closing being followed by a chuckle.

After what seemed to be a few minutes the group reached a large open room that looked to hold a lot of equipment, some looking to be made for experimenting on creatures, some of these having a Changeling Corpses on them, one of them having it’s chest open with it’s organs showing.

“Well… this is grim,” Shade responded.

“Grim hell,” Lunar said.

It was then they heard a faint voice say, “please kill me.”

They looked down to see a weak and barely surviving Changeling colt there. Lunar looked down, in horror, and ready to help.

“Whoever did this will die!” she hissed.

She knelt down and examined him, only to see that he was missing a leg and part of his horn.

The dying Changeling then weekly looked to Lunar before saying, “I never thought I’d see a queen again, not after she left us.”

“Who left you?” Lunar Rainbow asked. “Come on, tell me please.”

It was then the Changling slowly reached a hand out to Lunar a sad smile on it’s face as it said, “our last queen.”

“What was her name?” Lunar Rainbow asked again.

The changeling went quiet it’s arm falling to its side.

“Dammit!” Lunar hissed again.

Just then, they spotted a cage in the back of the room, full of changeling colts and fillies ready for experimenting on.

“Lunar, I don’t think I need to tell you what to do here,” Shade replied.

He watched her break the cage open and the colts and fillies flew out and buzzed happily around her. One question remained.

“Who was your old queen?” she asked them.

None answered all looking to her in confusion.

“You don’t remember your old queen?” she asked.

At last, one spoke, having remembered the old queen’s name however when it tried to speak all that came out was a faint gasp followed by a whimper from the Changeling that tried to speak.

“What’s going on?” Lunar Rainbow asked.

It was then a faint chuckle was heard from behind the group as they looked behind them to see the Changeling that had died standing up with a sadistic grin on it’s face.

“Shade, get these that we saved out of here and call for backup. I’ll distract him as much as possible,” she said.

“What’s the rush, I bet my mistress would love a new plaything,” the previously dead Changeling said with a grin.

“She can wait until the afterlife to get new playthings,” Lunar Rainbow smirked. “This queen’s got a new order. And it’s time to build that new order.”

Shade watched as she gripped her device and with a swift set of movements, transformed into Kamen Rider Build, and stood, ready to do battle.

It was then all the freed Changeling screamed out in terror in before running back into the cell they were in curling up into a fetal position.

“So it seems your mistress used this rider to terrify them,” Kamen Rider Build snarled. “No matter. She’ll be the one screaming. NOONE EVER MESSES WITH THEIR HIVE!”

Shade watched Kamen Rider Build (Lunar Rainbow) turn the undead changeling into a permanently dead and ashy heap. She turned to see the other Kamen Rider Build going for the scared colts and fillies. Jumping in, she sent the other Rider flying close to about six continents back.

“Oh, you are a treat,” a voice said as the Changling that Lunar just killed reformed with a chuckle, “I’m sure you’ll make the perfect test subject like I was.” It was then the Undead Changeling form seemed to shift as it began to look exactly like Lunar’s rider form.

“You see,” came the reply of Lunar, with a chuckle. “I was also an experiment, and you honestly didn’t think to come prepared?”

“It appears the experiment was the success,” the Evil Build replied, “I’ll just take these ones with me and let you have your fun, make sure to come back alive, I want to see what sort of monster you’ll become,” as she dragged a crying Changeling colt away a large metal door sealing behind her as she went.

“GET BACK HERE YOU COWARD!” Kamen Rider Build roared, only to get no reply as they heard more doors closing behind the one in front of them.

“Cheap cowards, the lot,” Kamen Rider Build hissed again.

“So… this is why you were staying so quiet,” Shade responded as he walked up to Lunar saying, “You thought this would be a issue?”

“I knew this would be an issue,” she said. “I need to know their old queen’s name to figure this out.”

“What? You being another Build? I know you're not the one who’s causing chaos here and I still trust you so stop being scared and be honest with us.”

“I know you know, but I’m wanting to stop this,” she said, becoming uptight. “I want to put her into the ground. Us queens have an unwritten rule that you do not ever harm your hive. She crossed the line and must die!”

Shade picked up on the anger and even the disgust. She walked over to the others and after getting them out, she turned to the others.

“Let’s get out of this place. I’ll explain later, but right now, this place isn’t good for them,” she said.

“That’d be the best option,” Night Knight said. “After all, I know Lunar and she won’t sleep until the queen who did this is dead.”

“That's the thing that's worrying me, who is the queen, all of these look malnourished beyond a simple few weeks, something feels wrong here. Almost like this isn’t whoever should have led thems doing”

“Agreed,” Comet Tail said.

“She’s only focused on who should be protecting the Changeling, not what they’re having to do they're in cages sure, but the one that warned me of this, he mentioned another one sacrificed himself for the others, but not there queen?”

“That’s odd,” Daybreaker said.

“Agreed, but I can’t piece together why that's the case,” Shade admitted.

“Let’s go. Maybe we can sort this over coffee,” Daybreaker said.

“Agree… wait are we missing someone?”

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

“That's not good,” Shade responded.

“Shall we look for them?” Daybreaker asked.

“Well considering we have undead monster roaming around that we can’t kill, I don’t fancy there chances… oh crap, the deer’s still alive isn’t it.”

“I don’t think so,” Lunar said.

“Lunar… if the Changeling that came back didn’t die from being disintegrated, what are the chances the other one survived a few bullets to the chest.”

“Slim, as it had the hallmarks of being a first time raise,” she said.

“Still, can we be sure of that?”

“Lemme go and look for them then,” she said. “I know for a fact he’s gone, as I turned his ashes into ashes and scattered them everywhere.”

“No, you focus on getting them out of here, they seem to respond to you better than anyone else,” Shade pointed out.

Lunar nodded and lead the colts and fillies out. The others followed behind, to help protect the younglings from any other harm. As they walked along, Shade felt two things bump into him before he looked down to see two of the Changelings by his legs looking at him curiously.

“Who are you sir?” one asked.

“Most creatures call me Shade,” Shade said calmly looking down to the Changeling.

“Interesting,” the other said.

“Why are you so curious, you wasn’t able to speak before when we found you?”

“We were scared…..” they said

“Not surprising from what you all witnessed, but that's over now,” Shade responded kindly

They nodded and were soon out of the place and on their way home before the group froze up looking back to the group that had helped them.

“We have no home to go to,” they said.

“Shade, would you be opposed to having them come back to the castle?” Lunar asked.

“No I would not, that would be fine,” Shade responded.

“Good,” Lunar said.

“I assume you’ll want to stay out here with them, but I’m heading back in, I need to make sure everyone is out and the Cults operations are eliminted, along with finding Blueblood and Shining Armour.”

“Okay,” Lunar Rainbow said.

“If you know the way back, which I assume you do, take them their and we’ll meet up with you after,” Shade stated.

“I do. Don’t you worry,” she said.

“Okay, good luck,” Shade responded as he turned and made his way back inside the base.

Daybreaker and Crystal Beau followed on, not wanting Shade to be alone and thus die alone.

“Wouldn’t you want to stick with the rest of your team,” Shade responded running down the corridor knocking a few monsters that crossed his path out while looking for Blueblood and Shining Armour.

“They can handle themselves,” Daybreaker said. “Besides, your going to need all the help you can get.”

“Am I really that weak that you don’t think I can handle myself?”

“It’s not that, it’s that we stick together,” Daybreaker said. “One is strong, but many can break a wall.”

“In other words, you think i’m in over my head,” Shade admitted with a sigh as they reached another open room.

“No, we sense the the Evil Build Rider is going to make sure you are going to fall to her hand,” Daybreaker said. “If you have two to have your back, she’ll fall to you.”

Shade then stopped as he asked the group, “why do I feel like we entered a boss room?”

“Because we have,” Daybreaker said.

It was then a group of doors opened along with the corridor behind them slamming shut being a myriad of monsters appeared infront of them including the deer from before along with the recently turned changling that still looked like Build with another Build beside it and Kamen Rider Fuma.

Along with these there were two monsters that looked like Zebras, a monster that looked like a large humanoid bug, a large monster that looked like a beetle, five different Dopant and two armoured figures Shade had never seen before both figures hidden by shadows.

“Ready to fight?” Daybreaker asked, her lips forming into a curled smile.

“Hey, when we get out of this, tell Lunar. I told you so,” Shade responded grabbing his Shade Eyecon and transforming into his standard form.

“I’ll pass it on later,” Daybreaker said. “Right now, bones and monsters to end.”

“Agreed,” Shade responded as the chains on his shoulder unraveled striking the oncoming Undead as the dopants, Changeling Undead and the Riders stayed back.

“They seem to be content,” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer said. “Something tells me they have something…..dammit!”

The chains kept knocking the Undead back as some fell back as Shade asked Recluse Archer, “What's the matter?”

“We’ve played into the enemy’s hands!” she said.

“How so?” Shade asked calmly as the Deer and Locust Undead both fell to the group a faint clicking sound being heard as they saw something open on the Undeads waists.

“They wanted us, the strongest riders out of the way so they could go after their prized experimental toys,” she said.

Shade didn’t respond as he stopped attacking the monsters as they all looked at him in confusion by his action, their attacks ceasing as well.

What’s he thinking?” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer asked herself.

“What are you all doing kill them!” one of the figures in the shadows shouted.

“No,” said the turned Changeling.

Everyone stared. The Evil Riders growled.

“What do you mean no, I told you to kill them,” the same figured ordered again.

“They are friends you sick, twisted and demented things,” the Changeling snarled again

“Shade….Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer asked.

“I am, but I don’t believe it,” Shade responded his right hand against the floor.

“What did you say, you dare defy our orders,” the evil Build replied.

“Yes,” the turned Changeling snarled. “And I called you “Sick, Twisted and Demented”.”

“Don’t be a fool,” Fuma responded sounding nervous.

“I suppose if you don’t do as we say, I’ll have to kill you again, maybe move some other parts of you around and replacing them will make you more Cooperative,” Evil Build responded angrily.
“You couldn’t risk that and even if you could, he’ll be around, ready for you,” The Changeling said ominously. “The shadows tell all.”

“Move now!” Shade shouted as multiple chains shot from the ground knocking the Dopants, riders and all but the sane Undead Changeling backwards and wrapping around there forms.

Kamen Rider Recluse Archer and Kamen Rider Arachnus moved in along with Shade, weapons drawn.

“Are you okay?” Shade asked the Undead Changeling as he kicked a set of Fullbottle near the Evil Build out of her reach before picking them up as they disappeared in red flames.

“Yes,” The Changeling said.

“Good, do you want your freedom?” Shade asked as he saw all riders except Build and the undead almost break free of there bonds

“Please,” he said.”

“You're not taking him anywhere!” Fuma shouted before the chains dug through his suit before he collapsed his rider form falling apart as a chain removed the Gashat from his Driver.

“GRRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” the changeling under the costume roared and attempted to charge them, only the chains to go taught as others forced him to kneel in front of Shade as his eyes went hazy.

“You ready to do your thing?” Kamen Rider Arachnus asked.

It was then one of the figures shouted, “Get away from my slaves! You will not defy this worlds god! You will not refuse Lord Shade!”

“Go fuck yourself,” Shade respond, “you should stop looking for you're god, because he’s right here.” Shade then whispered into the downed Changeling’s ear, “your soul is mine.”

“Yes master Shade,” the Changling who was Fuma replied mindlessly as all the other chains shattered as the Dopants and remaining Undead changed Shade and the others.

“Interesting,” Kamen Rider Arachnus said.

“Knock the other Undead down,” The undead Changeling replied locking eyes with the figure in the shadows before his form changed into that of a yellow and black coloured rider.

“Interesting,” Kamen Rider Arachnus said. “Shade, do you know who that Rider is?”

“I have no idea,” Shade responded.

“Alright. We’ll face this problem once done here,” Kamen Rider Arachnus said.

The new Rider turned, nodded and drew his weapon.

“Shall we finish off some monsters?” he asked.

“I feel insulted, I thought we were at atleast allies now,” the Undead Changeling responded

“I was extending the offer to you and your friends,” The rider said. “You aren’t a monster. You are just what is needed to help finish them off.”

“And just how are you planning on finishing off my Undead warriors, you don’t have whats needed to do so, you think I’d carry the only thing capable of defeating me,” the Rider that the Changeling copied the form of responded.

“Well, let us think of something, on the fly,” the Rider said.

It was then a voice shouted from above, “take down the Beetle first!”

“I’ll handle the Dopants,” a second voice shouted from above as the words, “Eternal! Maximum Drive!” was heard before binary appeared over the forms of all the evil riders and Dopants as four of the five dopants suddenly deformed their Gaia Memories falling to the ground in front of them.

“Talk about time,” The Changeling, in Rider form said. “C’mon! We’ve got a death to hand down!”

“You heard them, focus on the Beetle.”

“We’re called Undead,” the Undead Changeling replied.

“Okay, focus on the Beetle undead,” Shade corrected as he saw something one of the figures was holding glow above him, the object looking almost like the tip and a big of the shaft of a spear.

“Hey! Throw the spear towards me!” Shade ordered getting an idea.

“On it!” the figure responded as he threw the spear towards Shade who caught before it hovered infront of him before he drew an eye shape behind it as as the spear was covered in a harsh white light before a Parka Ghost that was predominantly bronze in colour apart from a red cloak that rests around its neck and right side held by a silver brooch that had Shades dripping eyes symbol on it as it tore through the Zebra Undeads body before flying into Shade’s Driver creating a new Eyecon.

“New eyecon?” asked the undead changeling, turning to see what was going on.

“Oh, I wonder what this one is?” Shade asked replacing his old eyecon with the new one as the words “Kaigan: Julius Caesar! Dictate! Expand! Conquer!” was heard as the Parka Ghost from before attached to his back as a persona that resembled that of a Roman style shield appeared over his face. Along with that both his spear and his Shield formed from his two bands on his arms as he leveled the spear towards the Beetle Undead.

“Your first,” Shade stated both calmly and unnervingly as his form began to shift as three clones appeared each holding the same look and weapons as Shade before they charged there opponents.

The opponents readied themselves for battle, but weren’t ready for what was to come as the cloned Shade’s struck them with their shields knocking each back before running them through with their spears the end sticking through the back of the monsters, one of these being the Beetle Undead as a belt around it’s waist opened that looked to have the symbol for a Ace of Spades on it.

It was then a blank card of some kind struck the Undead in the back before it was surrounded by a green glow before being sucked into the card before it flew back up to the figures above them.

“Think they’re allies?” the undead changeling asked. “Or do you think they’re part of a rival team?

“Oh I’m pretty sure there on our side,” Shade responded as Shining Armour teleported down to them holding a card in one of his hands and having a large rectangular belt in the other.

“Sorry we took so long,” Shining Armour stated.

“I’ll keep moving, I think there's more captives ahead,” Blueblood shouted down from above as he moved on through a door above them.

Shade turned to Shining Armor, a brow raised. He wanted to know what the hell was going on.

“I’ll explain later,” Shining Armour responded as he placed the belt over his waist as he inserted the card he had grabbed and placed it into the front of the belt as what looked to be playing cards quickly wrapped around his waist attaching the belt to him.

He then brought his hand across his body before shouting, “Henshin!” as he pulled lever on the side of the buckle as it flipped over a plaque where he had inserted the Card reaving a large Spade symbol as the words, “Turn Up,” was heard as a large blue rectangular construct that had what looked to be an image of a beetle on it infront of him, which knocked all the monsters ahead of it away as it travelled in front of him.

It was then Shining Armour ran into the construct in front of him before a suit of armour appeared over him. This armour looked like it was themed after a beetle in some ways and was blue and silver with gold accents, and had a large red outline on it’s chest in the shape of the Spade card set.

“Ready?” The mysterious Rider (Shining Armor) asked.

“ Do you think the two of you can handle them?” Shade asked Daybreaker.

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

“Just don’t get yourselves killed, unlike me you are still alive,” Shade stated which got a strange look from Shining armour

“I’ll ask later,” he said. “C’mon!”

Shade took one look before nodding and following him into the blackness of the hallway. The two hurried off, leaving the others to handle the evil riders, in hopes of finding any more who needed to be rescued.

As the two riders traveled down the new hallway Shade asked Shining Armour, “So, need I ask how and how long you’ve been a rider.

“Ever since I split off from you,” Shining Armor replied.

“I need more to go on than that,” Shade responded.

“I’ll tell you more later, right now, we need to find any more in need of help,” Shining Armor said.

It was then Shade stopped Shining before asking him, “no, we have no idea what that belt could do with you, do you even know it’s safe to use?”

“Considering it appeared in front of me,” Shining Armor said.

Shade stared before saying, “I don’t believe that for a second.”

“Why would I lie?” Shining Armor pointed out, “I don’t have a reason to not be honest.”

“Because you want the power to protect everyone, it stung when Blueblood said you were useless in comparison to him.”

“While yes, it did sting, it didn’t take over my mind,” Shining Armor said.

“You ever hear the saying, power corrupts.”

“I know that, but why would I let it corrupt me?” Shining Armor pointed out. “I am a Royal Guard.”

“And that means, much better and stronger people have succumb to power and lost themselves.”

Shining Armor said no more. He was more focused on the job at hand. If he ever wanted a lecture on power, he’d talk to one of the princesses or Daybreaker.

“Shining Armour, do I look like someone who knows nothing of the power you held and those alike it,” Shade responded, “So listen to me, if you want to use those powers tell me, why do you want them and what will you do with them?”

“I want them to allow me to help and assist in protecting those I’ve been sworn to protect as a royal guard,” Shining Armor said.

“You found it on a table and just grabbed it didn’t you,” Shade responded.

“Found it, yes; on a table, no,” Shining Armor said. “I found it while searching around, and as I approached it, it glowed.”

“And you just took it without wondering what it was? And what possessed you to put it on and use it without knowing what it was?”

“I knew it was a Rider Belt and what possessed me to put it on was that it was reacting to me, as if it was saying it was a solution to my problem, and I put it on to see if it would be the solution to my problem,” Shining Armor said.

“And what problem is that exactly?” Shade asked.

“That I can’t save anyone,” he said.

“...did you not just save our asses back there?” Shade pointed out.

“With some help from the suit and belt,” Shining Armor admitted. “I had no idea of what to do until the belt somehow spoke to me, telling me to use it’s powers to help you.”

“Well did you're belt give you a Rider name at the same time,” Shade asked as he rolled his eyes.

“That….no,” Shining Armor said.

“Why did you hesitate?” Shade asked.

“Because I had to think on that,” Shining Armor pointed out. “I could have said “Yes” in which you would have asked for the name, and I couldn’t produce said name for you.”

“Can’t or won’t. I would be angry either-” Shade began to say before a new voice shouted.

“Blade! You stole our master greatest work to date, surrender and you may yet live,” a figure in the shadows responded before the Locust undead from before appeared behind Shade and Shining Armour.

“GET DOWN!” Shining Armor shouted, pushing Shade clear and swinging his sword at the Locust Undead only for it’s body to split into a swarm of Locusts as the blade swung past them harmlessly.

“That went as well as you planned I assume,” Shade responded.

“No,” came the blunt reply.

“You want to handle the guy in the shadows,” Shade responded as he switched into his Billy The Kid form before opening fire on the swarm with his pistols each bullet killing a Locust.

“Yes,” Shining Armor said as he turned to the Shadowy figure before charging at it, swinging a large oversized two-handed sword of some kind at the figure, catching him off guard.

It was then Shining Armour got close to the figure as he saw it was an Undead that looked to resemble a boar however before the Undead could react to Shining Armours movements the sword he had been wielding sliced the undead in half.

Shade faced the Locust Undead, ready for a fight.

“Your friend must be confident in his ability,” the Locust Undead said.

“The guy’s too hotheaded for his own good,” Shade responded as he opened fire once again destroying more of the Locusts Undeads smaller bodies before it reformed.

“You seem confident in your ability, as you do with your companion’s ability,” The Locust Undead said.

“You know, you kinda don’t rate the ability of a novice when your dead yourself, I guess thats something we share, not that it matters,” Shade responded as the Locust Undead tried to have the smaller Locusts devour Shade only for them the fly through his form constantly, “maybe you should try not eating carrion.”

“Funny,” The Locust Undead snarled. “NOW DIE!”

Shade continued walking forwards as the Locust just flew through him harmlessly before Shade pulled the Handle on his driver before the words, “Billy The Kid! Omega Impact!” Was heards as Shade leveled his pistols that he had combined into a rifle against the Undeads head before he said, “Any last words?”

“Die,” The Locust Undead snarled.

“You know, if you want my personal opinion, die is a pretty bad choice of last words,” Shade respond as red spectral chains were pulled towards the rifles barrel, “but to be fair it’s far from the worse decision this cult made today.”

The Locust Undead snarled again.

“Die,” he repeated to Shade.

Shade could only sigh before he fired at the Undead as black chains surrounded the Undead’s form wrapping around its entire body before it fell to its knees infront of Shade as he asked the Undead, “who do you pledge your undying loyalty to?”

“You,” the Locust Undead said.

“What was you protecting ahead? Are there anymore captives here?”

“Yes,” the Locust Undead said.

“What was you protecting?” Shade asked removing his weapon from the Undeads head before a black chain was burned under it’s skin on it’s neck..

“The captives ahead,” The Locust Undead said.

“Anything else and how many captives?”

“Fifteen cells of captives and a figure resembling Kamen Rider Decade has been seen around,” the Locust Undead said.

Shade and Shining Armor looked at each other, confused. It was then, by looking up, Shining Armor got the answer.

“A trick of the light. The grills look like Decade’s helmet,” he said.

Shade looked over to see that Shining Armor was right, it was all an illusionary trick, played by the lighting.

“Is this what you saw?” Shining Armor asked the Locust Undead

“Yes, it is,” The Locust Undead replied.

“Thought so. I doubt this Decade would show his face here,” Shining Armor said. “Unless he was to infuse with someone we don’t know about yet.”

He chuckled and Shade had to agree that the idea was farfetched.

“What did you do with the thing you faced?” Shade asked Shining Armour.

“It’s here,” he said, holding up a card.

“So… here’s your warning, if you try to harm anyone again, without an order from me.You’ll meet the same fate as the other guy, Understand” Shade responded to the Locust Undead.

“I understand,” The Locust Undead said.

“Good, was there anyone else defending this area after you?” Shade asked.

“There are other captives from the Changeling race in the sector where Blueblood is,” the Locust Undead said.

“Anymore captives her after that?” Shade asked.

“Newborn Dragon hatchings and Diamond Dog pups,” the Locust Undead said.

Shades voice suddenly went darker as he said, “Where are they being kept.”

“In the fourth story of the castle,” the Locust Undead said.

“What have you done to them?” Shade asked holding the Undead up by the throat it’s eyes turning into pinpricks from fear alone.

“Locked them in cells and tortured them,” the Locust Undead gasped for breath.

“What kind,” Shade asked darkly as he squeezed down on the Undeads throat.

“Scaring them with shadows and other undead,” came the choked reply.

Shade then released the Undead dropping it to the ground before saying, “take us to those on this floor then you will take us to the others.”

“Yes, sir,” came the strained reply.

“Good, get moving,” Shade replied his voice calming only slightly.

The Locust Undead struggled up to his feet and lead them onwards.

As they followed the still scared Undead as Shining Armour said to Shade, “What’s with your sudden change of tone? You were normal, then all of a sudden, very threatening.”

“Shining Armour, do you what to know what I meant by me not being alive before?” Shade asked.

“Never gave it a second thought,” Shining said.

“Really, you looked at me strange when I said something before.”

“Because it sounded a bit odd at first, then never gave it a second thought,” he replied.

“I assume you can guess the truth about me by now,” Shade responded.

“A portion of it, yes,” Shining Armor said. “Your dead and a ghost.”

“What gave that away?”

“The way the locusts passed through your body,” Shining Armor pointed out.

“That all?” Shade responded, “anything else you think you know?”

“I don’t know,” came the reply.

“Anything else you want to know?”

“Tons, but not right now,” Shining Armor said.

“Shining, you spend 1000 years on the moon with Princess Luna and a young foal alone and watch the little one feel scared with nobody but two grown people to be with and see how she feels. Now imagine how I. As a new Prince, will feel when I hear children are being tortured, experimented on and are suffering with almost no hope of seeing the Sun again or feeling safe again. Remember that I am already dead, a creature who by all rights should no have the chance I have and being unable to help others have a life they can savour. I want to save those people who can’t protect themselves, hearing what they did, is why I went mad.”

“I understand,” Shining Armor said.

“Do you really? Do you even think you can fathom the idea of what I have to deal with, I am the last of my kind, and the only others in history I am aware of were murdered by another Rider, one they trusted.”

“I understand what you’re saying, I understand your drive, but I cannot understand your raw emotions. Trust is a tricky issue,” Shining Armor said simply.

“How could you ever, have you been betrayed or know those you trust could betray you, always feeling like someones gunning for you every second.”

“I’ve been in the academy. Our superiors were always gunning for those who weren’t in their cliques and/or friends of their families. They kept telling me that if I made friends with them, nothing bad would happen, but they kept putting me on the worst details out there and two even tried to have me court martialed and even executed or thrown out for befriending those on the outside,” Shining Armor said. “It may not be the same, but it’s an example.”

“You are aware of what I will soon become correct?” Shade asked, “I will want the names of these corrupted guards and they will be removed from service and severely penalized for what they have been doing.”

“I know. Celestia has the names written down,” Shining Armor said.

“Oh I’ll look forward to that,” Shade admitted with a smirk under his helmet.

“And I’ll look forward into seeing the hell placed upon them. But something concerns me, These captives had to have leaders-Queens, Kings, Princes, Princesses, Dukes or Duchesses, right?”


“Then why would they suddenly sell out their newborns or those they respect?” he asked.

“Why would you think, to save their own sorry asses,” Shade responded, “rich snobs will always tread on anyone below them to get what they want. It’s why I despise nobles.”

“I don’t think we’re there….could it be that they are trying to get rid of those they see as competition?” Shining Armor pondered.

“Seeing newborns as competition? That I doubt.”

“I don’t just mean newborns, but their parents,” Shining Armor. “What if these rulers had the parents killed and the newborns sent here.”

“Why would any sane ruler, do that to infants,” Shade asked his fist clenched.

“They aren’t sane,” Shining Armor pointed out. “They love power and don’t want to give it up. They see anyone as a threat to keeping them in power and the kids are a new generation who’d revolt.”

“Even then, it’s still a ridiculous notion to do that,” Shade responded.

“Not at all,” Shining Armor said. “There have been Kings and Queens through history who’ve done that.”

“I can imagine there would be,” Shade replied with a sigh.

“Yeah,” Shining Armor said.

The two soon reached the first group, dragon hatchlings and saw starved, beaten and tortured dragon hatchlings. Some had black eyes, missing scales or claws or even an eye, while others bodies look heavily mutated some gaining extra limbs and in one case it’s form looking to be mixed with that of a multiple creatures including a pegasus's wings, a unicorns horn and replacing its arms with sword like blades.

“What in the everloving tartarus?” Shining breathed. “Power corrupts alright.”

The second the dragons saw Shining Armour and Shade they seemed to perk up slightly, but those who were heavily mutated sat in dismay, crying as Shade heard the one who’s form had been mutated the most said, “I can’t go anywhere, I’m a freak, nobody will ever care for me.”

“Someone will,” Shining said. “There is always someone out there for you.”

“Not for someone like me!” the hatching screamed as it slashed at Shining Armour unintentionlly striking his armour as it sparked.

“Yes, there is,” he said. “I know for a fact that it’s true.”

“It’s not, I’m nothing but a monster a weapon made to kill!” the hatchling argued.

“Shining, let me talk to him, you help the others Shade responded untransforming as he walked towards the Hatching in his humanoid form.

“Who are you?” the Hatchling demanded.

“I’m a friend,” Alex responded walking towards the Hatching calmly, “I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

“Friend?” The hatchling asked, confusion and pain filling his voice.

“Yes, a friend, I’m like you, I look like something nobody else could ever like, I look like a monster to everyone around me,” Alex responded kneeling down in front of Hatching before wrapping his arms around it as he added, “And I won’t push you away and have you suffer alone.”

The hatchling cried softly into Alex’s chest.

“There, there let it all out,” Shade responded kindly as he rubbed the back of the Hatchings head.

The hatchling did so while Shining Armor set to work freeing all the others. As he did, a question crossed the Captain of the Royal Guard’s mind.

“Shade, question for you,” the Captain asked.

“Fire away.” Alex responded still holding the Hatching close.

“Of these Riders that you know, are there any that need to be watched out for? As in, turn your back and they sell you out,” he asked, cautiously, as if approaching a very dangerous topic.

“Other Riders? The only ones of us I know personally native to in this world are you, me, Blueblood, Rainbow Dash, the changeling that submitted to me. And you saw in that room the others… Apart from Genm and whoever he has under his thumb.”

“Alright, I ask because you seemed a bit tense when Decade was mentioned,” Shining Armor said. “Just a silly curiosity.”

“I’m afraid I know nothing of this Decade but the name,” Alex responded.

“I see,” Shining Armor said.

“Is something on you mind,” Shade asked as the Hatching in his chest was not simply sniffling as he had calmed down slightly.

“Nothing,” The hatchling said.

“You sure, you still sound upset little one.” Shade responded, “You can tell me anything thats bothering you okay.”

“It’s just….how can power corrupt those who were once kind?” the Hatchling asked.

“Thats something even the smartest people in the world can never figure out, I assume its the idea that the more power they get the more they crave, the greedier they get,” Alex suggested.

The Hatchling nodded, understanding.

“Is there something else you want to know?”

“No,” the Hatchling said.

“Are you sure,” Alex asked picking the Hatchling up allowing him to rest his head on his shoulder.

“I’m sure,” he said.

“Okay, if you have anything you want to ask me, just say,” Alex asked before looking to Shining as he said, “is everyone ready to get out of here?”

“Will do,” The Hatchling said.

“Shade, Are you starting to think there’s something more going on here?” Shining Armor asked.

“What was your first hint,” Alex respond.

“Aside from the captives being tortured, it seems too coincidental that all these leaders would let their subjects be taken and tortured,” Shining Armor pointed out.

“Unless they have no idea it happened,” Alex suggested.

“This doesn’t seem like the kind of thing they’d be oblivious to,” Shining Armor pointed out.

“...Unless mind control happens to be a factor in this,” Alex added calmly.

“Possible, yes,” Shining Armor conceded.

“But even in these quantities, its very unnerving.”

“Yes,” Shining Armor said.

A snore interrupted them and they saw the hatchling Alex had been soothing had fallen asleep. “At least he finally calmed down.”

“Agreed,” Shining Armor said.

“Shining… is this form bothering you?” Alex asked nervously.

Shining Armor chuckled softly and replied, “Not at all.”

“Wait… really?” Shade responded in surprise.

“I wouldn’t lie to you,” Shining Armor said. “Your form doesn’t unnerve me, but this whole imprisoning the young does. It’s very much a big question mark alone has me rattled.”

“What unnerves me was the fact the Undead we’re facing are being made from the innocent creatures and used as slaves for what I can assume to be either profit or weapons of war.”

“Same….” Shining Armor said, trying hard to keep his stomach settled.

Alex then looked to Shining before saying, “Shining, you don’t need to answer this question if you don’t want to, but do you have any younger brother or sisters?”

“One and she’s far from us,” he said.

“You think so?” Alex asked, “what's her name, if you don’t me asking.”

“Twilight Sparkle,” he said.

“I will never understand how you're kind don’t have family names to follow eachothers,” Alex admitted as he thought to himself, “so she’s his little sister.”

“Confused? Good,” Shining Armor teased.

“And here I thought a Captain would respect his superiors,” Alex taunted.

“I do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tease you a bit,” Shining Armor replied.

“I know… and Shining, when I’m like this, call me by the real name,” Alex requested.

“Alex, if I assume,” Shining Armor said.

“Should I ask where you learned that’s my real name?” Alex asked nervously.

“Celestia told me,” he said.

“...How many people know,” Alex asked.

“Just Me, Celestia, Luna, your daughter, and your friends from another dimension who are helping us,” Shining Armor said.

“And Cadence,” Alex added.

“Yes,” Shining Armor said.

“Shining, you intend on staying as a rider don’t you,” Alex asked.

“Of course,” Shining Armor said.

“Then you must be aware, if ever anyone attacks you or another Rider, You must agree to protect them. Last time there was a group of Riders that didn’t do this they were murdered and forced to kill eachother,”

“I promise, on my guard’s honor,” Shining Armor said.

“Remember, I expect you to repair that guards honour your guard failed to show, I still stand by my opinion that you were the only capable one in the entire Royal Guard.”

“I will,” Shining Armor replied.

“Good,” Alex responded, before stating, “Do we even know where we’re going?”

“I don’t know,” Shining Armor said.

They then looked to the Locust Undead before it walked in front of them leading the way.

Shining Armor had his horn lit as they walked along. Alex turned to the unicorn, who was stony faced and very much on edge, ready for whatever comes forth.

“Still nervous,” Alex asked one hand still supporting the sleeping Mutated Dragon on his shoulder while holding one of his pistols

“Yes, as we don’t know what we’re going to find,” Shining Armor said.

“If the last few are anything to go by, more children being tortured and tested on I expect,” Alex admitted.

“Yes,” Shining Armor said. “But, My main concern is running into either evil or anti-hero types.”

“You read too many comics,” Alex responded as they reached the next room which the Locust Undead said help the next group of captives.

Peering in through a glass window, they saw Diamond Dog pups, tortured, maimed, abused, starved and mutilated. Some were unconscious and laying on the ground. Coughs, wheezes, weak pleas and even groans of pain filled the air.

“Well, we can assume things can only get better… right?” Alex asked nervously.

“Never assume,” Shining Armor replied stony faced.

It was then three ponies walked into the room as two of them grabbed one of the Diamond dogs dragging it onto a table and tying it down using leather straps, it was then the group saw this Diamond Dog had multiple incisions on it’s chest which as soon as the last pony touched it simply opened up his body. How it had not opened up before that point was anyone’s guess.

“Me thinks they have a death wish,” Shining growled coldly.

It was then they saw the last pony begin to cut into the Diamond dog as it screamed out in pain before going limp as the other pups on the ground began to cry out in fear. It was then the pony seemed to slowly place two objects both Alex and Shining Armour could not see into the pups chest cavity as the previously dead up suddenly began wailing again as they seemed to begin pouring something into the open chest cavity.

“Let’s stop this now,” Shining Armor hissed, grabbing his device, ready to transform.

“Wait, even though I can’t stomach this, if we burst in now before they repair what they’ve done to him, the pup will die… If we wait just till they are done we may yet save his life as well.” Alex suggested.

“Alright,” Shining Armor said. “Though….If I may be frank, I hate sitting around. This isn’t an office, and there aren’t stacks of papers.”

Alex nodded before passing the hatching he had been carrying to Shining Armour as he said, “Let me handle this after they fix him, you look after the kids.”

“Alright,” Shining Armor said.

It was then they heard one of the ponies in the room say, “I hear this one will be sold to some rich pony in Canterlot, some ponies says the pony plans to use these things to murder members of the Royal Guard for some reason.”

“I think this one will be sold for about 10 million bits once he’s done,” the other said.

“He will, and I’ve been told to make this weapons only purpose in life to be to murder Shining Armour, the asshole deserves it if you ask me,” The pony working on the pups body said as he finished pouring the liquid into the still screaming pups chest cavity.

Shining Armor rolled his eyes. Alex noted that and had to chuckle. The two waited, but they couldn’t help but shake an uneasy sense that there was someone unknown watching them.

After a minute Shining saw that the last pony had finished and walked away from the pup which still had it’s chest open to the air as he looked around him only to be unable to find Alex.

“Where’d he wander off too?” Shining asked himself before he saw the two ponies that had began to drag another pup onto a table suddenly grasp their throats as they released the pup as Shining saw blood running down one of their necks.

This was followed by a floating Scalpel being plunged through the remaining guards neck before he was pushed into a wall scalpel first as it went through his neck as he slowly and painfully died.

“That answers that then,” Shining said slowly and under his breath.

It was then he saw Shade reappear in his rider suit before he looked down sadly to the pup who was breathing weakly, a state Shade remembered far to well as he said, “Little one, how are you holding up?”

“Kill….me…..” he gasped weakly.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t do that, what they done to you, I can’t stop but I can help you live safely without hurting anyone else after the pain stops,” Shade responded sadly, “I won’t do anything unless you agree to it.”

“I agree,” The pup said

“Okay, this will be over soon,” Shade responded as he placed his hand on the pups paw before a small symbol in the Shape of an eye appeared on the bottom before he added, “I’ll stay with you till after the change happens okay?”

“Yes,” the pup said.

“Okay, little one,” Shade responded as the pups form began to shift and grow rapidly before it’s chest healed over and it’s fur began to turn black a metal in the shape of armour grew on it’s body along with a small belt buckle around it’s waist.

Once the changes finished Shade calmly said to the pup, “are you still their little one?”

“I’m fine, master,” The undead said.

“Okay, I’m going to release you, try to stay calm okay?” Shade responded as he undid the Wolf Undeads bonds.

“Yes, master,” The Wolf Undead said.

“Okay, I need to ask do you have any desire to harm anyone?” Shade asked as the Wolf Undead stood up shakily.

“No, I don’t,” The Wolf Undead said.

“You positive of that fact, no names come to mind for you to harm?” Shade asked wanting to be sure.

“I am positive,” the Wolf Undead said again.

“Okay, I want you to help us get everyone free and out of this hellhole, okay?” Shade requested as he stuck thumb up to Shining Armour.

Shining Armor nodded as the Wolf Undead agreed to the arrangement. Alex and the Wolf Undead went to work breaking the locks.

Once all of the Pups were free Shade looked to them all as he said, “think you can all walk out of here?”

“We can try,” one said.

“Are you sure you're able to do so?” Shade asked them, clearly worried for the youngest of the pups who already looked like they could barely stand as it was.

“We’re not so sure after all,” they replied.

Shade then sighed before Harmony linked him to the others as he said, “Daybreaker can you hear me?”

“Yes,” Daybreaker said. “I can and so can Crystal Beau.”

“Are you still holding up okay?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Okay so how's everything going on you're end we may need some assistance on our end.”

“The undead we were fighting just disappeared,” she said.

“I know the Locust Undead followed us, he’s out of the picture now.”

“Interesting,” she said. “Relay your coordinates and we’ll be there.”

“We should be around a few floors above you, Can you teleport yourselves to me using the link between us?”

“Right,” she said.

In a couple minutes, she and Crystal Beau arrived.

“Glad you made it sorry about the three bodies,” Shade stated as three of the youngest pups were curled up in his lap asleep.

Daybreaker chuckled in a motherly way, “It’s fine. It’s good you got them out.”

“I wish I could have said the same for the big guy,” Shade admitted gesturing to the Wolf Undead.

“I know the feeling….listen, don’t be hard on yourself,” she said. “My team’s lost many lives before.”

“If I may,” The Wolf Undead said, drawing all eyes to him. “Mr. Shade, take a step back and breath.”

“Why would you say that?” Shade asked.

“Your getting wound up over something you had no control over,” The Wolf Undead said. “If anything, this might be a blessing in disguise.”

“Why do you say that?” Shade asked.

“Your saying “I wish I could have saved him”,” The Wolf Undead said. “However, there are things out of your control.”

“And how that a blessing in disguise?” Shade asked.

“Because it means you can have more aide in terms of either undead on your side or the possibility they could do what the undead changeling did,” the Wolf Undead pointed out.

“True,” Shade admitted before stating, “I just realised I never asked your name, do you even remember it?”

“No, I don’t. Shade, sir, do you have a name for me,” the Wolf Undead asked.

“What do you think to the name Shinmei?” Shade asked.

“That would be fine,” the Wolf Undead said.

“Okay, we all need to get everyone here out, but I think at least half of the pups are in to bad of a state to walk out of here,” Shade admitted, “Beyond this I think there are one more group of Captives further up.”

“Right you are,” Shinmei said.

“Shining, you and Shinmei escort the others out and if you wouldn’t mind Daybreaker could you send Crystal Beau with them to help, Rainbows also making her way here to help by clearing out any enemies on the floors leading to us.”

“Right away,” Daybreaker said.

“I prefer one person heading in further with me as backup, would you be able to help with this Daybreaker?” Shade requested

“I can,” she said.

“Thank you, it means a lot to hear that,” Shade responded.

Just then, the young Hatchling woke up as Shade quickly picked him back up letting him rest on his shoulder again before he heard him say groggily unaware of what he was saying, “thank you dad,” as he pulled his body up tightly into Shade’s chest.

“Oh, a dad,” Daybreaker teased. “I knew you’d have it in you.”

Shade just rolled his eyes as the Hatchling yawn and stretched his bladed arms up accidently cutting Shades face slightly in the process.

Daybreaker lit her horn and the cuts healed nicely.

“You didn’t have to do that you know,” Shade replied with a smile as the Hatchling woke up completely still resting against Shades shoulder a large smile plastered over his face.

“I saw it as something that needed to be tended to,” she said.

“Still, you shouldn’t worry about it,” Shade added.

It was then the Hatching screamed out in fear as his arms burst into green flames as he started hyperventilating as he said “What in Tatarus, please… help.”

Shade then quickly reached around him holding him tightly as he said, “calm down, I’m here, just breath and concentrate it should help.”

The hatching then then did as Shade asked before the flames subsided revealing the blades had turned into two normal arms, as the Hatchling began to cry as he said, “I’m scared, please let me stay with you dad.”

Daybreaker looked to Shade.

“I can take over the releasing of captives, you get out of here. Take him somewhere safe,” she said.

Shade then looked to the Hatching as he said, “I need you to be brave for me, you remember how I found you, others are hurting just as much, I need to help them too. Can you trust Shining and Shinmei for me and let them look after you, I promise I’ll help everyone then be back to look after you.”

“Yes,” the hatchling said.

“Okay, just behave for Shinmei, he is kinda a big brother for you,” Shade responded with a smile as he wrapped his arms around the Hatchling tightly.

“Yes dad,” the Hatching responded hugging Shade tightly before Shinmei came over and collected the hatchling and carried him out.

Shade then turned to Daybreaker as he said, “the Locust undead will show us the way,” he then looked to the Undead as he added “won’t you?”

“Yes, master,” the Locust Undead said shakily still scared of angering Shade.

“Good, lets get moving,” Shade responded as the group began to make there way to the last room the Locust undead had told Shade about.

As they made there way towards their last destination Daybreaker looked to Shade as she asked him, “Any plans for when we face off against those who started this?”

“Beat them down, if their riders take their gear and drag them out kicking and screaming if I have to. Then lock them in the dungeons under the castle till their trails for there crimes,” Shade admitted.

“Good,” Daybreaker said. “Also, I found something you might be interested in.”

“Any spoilers on what it is?” Shade asked.

“All I can say is that it’s a pony with a belt,” she said.

“Should I be worried by this fact… and don’t you need them in your world, if their one of you're riders?”

“One, no; two, it’s from this world,” she said.

“But all the Riders I’m aware of here are accounted for on one of the three sides? Who am I missing?””

“This pony came forth after you left. I’ll explain later. Promise,” she said.

“Okay I’ll hold you to that,” Shade stated.

“Agreed,” Daybreaker said as they followed the Locust Undead to the last group of captives.

“Daybreaker, the last group was supposed to be Changelings again, I don’t know how many or the state they’ll be in though.”

“We can presume the state from the other two,” she said.

The Locust Undead brought them to a giant wood and metal door.

“Why am I getting another bad feeling about this?” Shade responded.

“I’m also getting that,” she said. “I’m just waiting for a surprise.”

“Here’s to hoping the surprise is not too bad,” Shade admitted.

“I’m hoping the same thing. Right now, another member of my team being behind that door would be welcome,” she said, sounding kind of like she was talking about a sweetheart.

Shade looked at her in confusion before stating, “wouldn’t that mean they either betrayed you or they are being tortured as we speak?”

“That’s two out of a near infinite list of possibilities,” she stated.

“Honestly I hope it’s not either of those options, but the sooner we go in the sooner we find out.”

“True,” she said.

The two watched as the Locust Undead pushed the door open.

Once the group got inside they saw that in the room was not only a massive group of over 100 Changeling in various states of damage, but also 8 different Changeling queens chained down with heavily distended bellies all looking on the verge of giving birth along with 4 large dragonesses each looking in similar states to the Changeling Queens but were lifted 8 feet off the ground with there swollen bodies still touching the ground as they saw each of them constantly laying eggs which were travelling down a conveyor belt to seemingly other parts of the labs.

“Inhumane little….” Daybreaker growled.

“That explains why they had so many creatures to test on,” Shade responded in disgust.

Walking in, the two saw something confusing, two rooms with what appeared to be Rider Belts, as if to create evil versions of all the riders.

“Why does this not surprise me,” Shade sighed.

“Because it’s becoming cliche,” Daybreaker replied.

“Like in your world,” Shade pointed out,

“Yes,” she said. “The enemies think it’ll be our downfall.”

“But having all these don’t matter unless they have someone capable of using the belts systems,” Shade pointed out

“True, but who’s to say that they don’t have teachers?” Daybreaker said.

“Even then they need a compatible person to use it.”

“True,” she said. “Let’s take care of this before we spend the time hypothesising away.”

Shade nodded and the two headed down the hallway seeing many different Rider systems however there seemed to be even with hundreds in place a single space with the outline of a gun and some sort of case left with a dust outline around it.

“You thinking someone has taken one of them?” Daybreaker asked Shade.

“If they took anything, why only one out of hundreds, if you want a army a single rider won’t suffice?” Shade admitted.

“True, but they must have a plan,” Daybreaker said.

“Maybe,” Shade responded as they heard movement behind them as they turned to see three human shaped figures covered in Riotrooper suits, before Shade asked “Any idea who these three are?”

“No, but I can tell you that they are Riotroopers,” she said.

“What are they, some kind of cannon fodder for a villain?” Shade asked.

“In a way, yes,” Daybreaker said. “But they are the usual calling card for some evil Rider on it’s way.”

“Of course they are,” Shade sighed quickly transforming using the Julius Caesar Eyecon as three cloned version of him engaged the Riotroopers.

However, he was taken by a great amount of surprise when they not only fought back, but managed to push him back as well.

“Cannon fodder my ass,” Shade sighed before pulling on his driver before a voice shouted, “Julius Ceaser! Omega Overpower!” before a hoard of clones filled the hallway they were in before charging into the Riotroopers running them through on their spears before they disappeared into what looked like blue lights.

“Something tells me they were diversions,” Daybreaker said. “Diversions from the villains real plans.”

“And if so, just who and what are they planning?”

“I wish I knew,” Daybreaker said. “And that’s what scares me.”

“For now lets just focus on getting everyone out before anything else happens, and take as many of these belts away from them as we can.”

“Right,” Daybreaker said.

As the two started collecting up the belts he then asked “Hey, what happened with those other riders we left you to handle?”

“That I don’t know,” Daybreaker said. “After we fought them off, they vanished into thin air.”

“Then they’re still around and we’ve not even seen Blueblood since we left you.”

“That’s odd. And we now have two missing belts,” Daybreaker said.

“Well, at least we know ones with Blueblood, and we don’t know who has the other apart from it was moved recently.”

“Say, Shade, ever heard of a Royal Guard named Flash Sentry?” Daybreaker said.

“Who the hells Flash Sentry?”

“A Royal Guard in the first battalion,” she said and showed him a picture.

“...Umm, do you want the good news or the bad news about him?”

“What’s the bad news?” she asked.

“He’s not in the guard anymore, to my knowledge, he was one of a few that quit after what transpired two days ago.”

“I see. Well, this is a coincidence,” Daybreaker said. “A belt that fits the bill of a guard style rider goes missing two days after he resigns.”

Shade saw she had a point that it was too much of a coincidence. A guard quits and two days later, a belt goes missing.

“I think that happened because the guard had a reshuffling due to recent events and removing people who did not desire the be in the guard to assist and protect people,” Shade admitted.

“I see,” Daybreaker said. “But let us catalogue this.”

“Catalogue what a gun print left in dust, what is that gonna give us?” Shade stated with a sigh.

“That and catalogue the coincidences,” Daybreaker said. “I have a feeling they’ll come to fruition sooner than expected.”

“Okay, we’ll see,” Shade admitted as he saw another dust print in the shape of what looked to be a small cube shaped dragon with a large rectangular belt with what Shade assumed to be a handle on the side of it.

“Something’s starting to feel funny,” Daybreaker said, glimpsing the print.

“For now we need to gather the rest up and put the away,” Shade responded as a red portal appeared on the ground as multiple red demon like monsters ran through the hall grabbing every reaming belt in the room before one placed a small object in Shades pocket as it left through the portal and it closed.

Daybreaker noticed the item in Shade’s pocket and drew his attention to it before he reached into his pocket to find a two shards of a broken eyecon that was split down the middle.

“What do you think that is?” Daybreaker asked.

“Well it looks like an Eyecon, even if it’s broken in half, so no idea,” Shade admitted.

“Any idea of what kind of eyecon?” Daybreaker asked.

Shade picked up that she might be onto something, even if it seemed a bit daft as he looked at it as he said, “I have no idea.”

“That’s okay. We can figure this out later,” Daybreaker said.

“For now we need to focus on the captives in the other room, which will be a challenge in itself.”

She nodded and the two headed down into the hallway, ready to face whatever comes their way.

As they both returned to the first room and began to free the trapped Dragonesses along with Changeling queens and foals as Shade suddenly felt uneasy as she began to look around himself.

“Something on your mind?” Daybreaker asked.

“I feel like someones watching us, but someone who's not hostile?”

“I feel that as well,” She said. “Let’s….look on the ledge above us.”

“What you thinking this person is above us using the fact most people don’t up to hide from us?” Shade asked.

“I’m thinking it might be some kind of former guard watching us,” she said.

“What would a former guard even care? No many normal people can see me anyway and we still don’t know the reasoning for why those who can do so are able to.”

“I think this guard may have connections to you,” Daybreaker said.

“I don’t see how he could do,” Shade responded sceptically.

“Why would he be here to watch us if he didn’t?” Daybreaker asked.

“Who knows, but if he really intended to help people and prove my opinions of the Solar guard wrong he would be helping instead of hiding.”

“He isn’t hiding,” Daybreaker said, as the figure jumped down and landing gracefully in front of them.

The figure then looked up as they saw he had decided to have his entire form covered by a black full body hooded cloak but what took Shade by surprise was the mask he wore that looked exactly like the mask that appeared when he turned into his standard Shade form.

“Hello there, My Lord,” The figure said. “It is good to see one who is a member of the Shade Theocracy.”

“I have no love for this cult and what they have done to innocents and children, if you are part of this and was expecting praise you were grossly mistaken,” Shade stated his hand reaching for his pistol at his side.

“The real Shade would be proud of this,” the figure said.

“Why the hell would I be proud of seeing innocents being tortured and turned into weapons sold for profit and to be sold to the highest bidder to murder people!” Shade shouted as grabbed his pistol pointing it at the figures head.

“Because we are taking the steps to make the perfect world. The Theocracy of Shade states that we must have perfect beings,” The figure said.

“I don’t know what foolish creature put this in your head, but I am no standing for it, this Cult will be removed from existence and I’m only give you a single warning, if you or any other member try to stop me from freeing others.,” Shade then fired past the figures head once, “it will be the last thing you do.”

The figure chuckled and attempted to stop Shade, only for Shade to smack him one. The figure reeled back, and attempted a punch, only to be smacked again.

It was then Shade quickly grabbed the chains on his arms before they shot forwards wrapping around the figures legs and body cocooning in so only his head was free.

“You know,” The figure admitted. “These chains are just like those of legends from my father, which means you are the real Shade and not that imposter running around.”

Shade stared down at the figure, confused. Why wasn’t he fighting back? Something had to be going on here. “Okay, I’ll give you one chance to explain what the hell's going on and why you and the cult and committing atrocities in my name.”

“The cult is committing crimes, because there is some phony Shade running around, claiming to be the real one and that what he says goes,” The figure said. “His chains are of the cheap variety.”

“Who is the fake?” Shade asked as Daybreaker continued helping the other captives.

“It’s the creature that is Kamen Rider Glaive, under the name Junichi Shade,” the figure said.

“And why are you here?”

“To see if you are the real one,” the figure said.

“Explain,” Shade ordered.

“I’m wanting to make sure your not the fake Shade,” he said. “One reason, if you were the fake, I’d have to fight you and put you out of our misery.”

“Even when you thought I was the fake, it only got you like that, how would you even have managed to kill if I was.”

“I know that,” the figure said.

“I don’t think you do,” Shade responded as he turned away from the figure as the chain covered his face as he dragged the figure behind him.

“Well, Prince, I’ll save the best confession for later,” the figure chuckled softly.

“You can tell me while I work,” Shade ordered and the chains dragged the figure towards him before chaining him to shades back immobile.

“One, why am I not fighting back? Two, why did I call you prince?” the figure asked.

“You can answer both while I work before we take you away for trail.”

“Also, I am I calm around you?” The figure asked again. “Apply some thought.”

“I’ve not time for this,” Shade responded as the chains constricted the figure forcing air out of it lungs, “You either keep answering my questions truthfully or I constrict you till you lose consciousness.”

*I’m asking you the questions,” the figure said. “You should be able to piece it together.”

Shade stopped and thought about the questions. There was something not adding up. This figure seemed to be more calm then scared and even rational. Shade decided to ask one of his own questions. “Why did you seek me out? It would have made more sense for you to attack me while I wasn’t aware you were their.”

“Because I didn’t want to do the cowardly thing,” the figure said.

Then it clicked for Shade, but he needed to be sure, “and why would killing an enemy using the only method that could work without conflict, the best way for you to survive be cowardly, one quick strike a quick, merciful end.”

“Because it would be striking you from behind, a coward’s tactic,” the figure said. “In the guard, we never strike from behind.”

“Sure you just never did your jobs and sat on you're asses failing those you needed to protect,” Shade responded.

“I had the commanding officers to tell me to sit on my sweet backside,” the figure said.

“You're not the first to tell me that,” Shade responded as the chains were removed from the figures face.

“I know, but I am the first to state I hate my captains,” the figure said.

“Nope, Shining Armour beat you to it.”

“He, I respect,” the figure said. “Now if I can, I’d like to aide you in getting them free.”

Shade then released all bit the figures arms keeping them tied to his side as he said, “two more questions, “when and where did you find out about me now being a prince?”

“I’ve known about you for the longest time, Prince Shade, or should I call you Prince Alex,” the figure said. “After all, Princess Luna has stated you as Prince on several occasions.”

However Shade ignored the last bit as he leveled the gun with the figures face, “where, did you hear that other name?”

“I will restate that Princess Luna talked about you at great length,” the figure said.

“But she never revealed that name, she hasn’t had chance to,” Shade stated.

“Who said it had to be when you were around,” The figure said.

“Who else knows that name,” Shade asked glaring at the figure.

“I am the only one,” the figure said.

“Good, let me put it this way, you don’t reveal my real identity and you stay alive.”

“I have no plans to, trust me on that,” the figure said.

“Good, now why did you seek me out,” Shade responded putting his postol away.

“To alert you that I have gathered several rider belts,” the figure said.

“Yeah so, I know a ton were stolen already.”

“My team has them,” the figure said.

“Your team?” Shade responded curiously

“Yes, my team,” the figure said. “Junichi Shade.”

“Of course the faker has them,” Shade stated.

“Yes, I would say “He doesn’t know half of them are fake” but he probably knows,” the figure said.

“Well you can assume if he does know, you are screwed.”

“I don’t want to assume he knows,” the figure said.

“Well let’s talk hypothetically here, If he knows, what will you do now?”

“That, I don’t know,” The figure said.

“Well you better make that choice soon,” Shade stated as the chains disappeared, “but if I see anyone working for the cult again, I assume I don’t need to say what will happen.”

“I know he’s too focused on making a name for himself with this cult,” The figure said.

“Don’t assume he’s only focused on a single aim, it can lead to you're downfall,” Shade stated as he began helping Daybreaker with the captives once again.

“I don’t,” the figure said. “I’ve come to that conclusion.”

“Well, you need to work out your aims now, so I’ll leave you to that.”

“I know,” the figure said.

“You know what?” A familiar, distorted unnerving voice said from behind them as they turned to see both Build and the Rider the Changeling undead had to turned into and two other riders hidden in shadows blocking the way they had entered the room.

“You are a bunch of tricky sorts?” the figure said.

“We could say the same thing about you,” Glaive said.

“And after we allowed you to remain in the Theocracy after all these years, it’s a shame we’ll have to use you like the others, I wonder. What sort of undead you will create for us to sell,” Build added. “Maybe you’ll end up like your traitorous father, and we’ll let you stay as one of our pets just like him.”

“Or we may have to just erase you,” Glaive added.

“It would be such a waste though, besides his father is the best footrest we have, prefect for when I’m watching one of the more lively subjects scream out for mercy, or even better when he lives to give me all the pleasure I want.” Build taunted as what looked to be a mutated pony of some kind walking on its knees towards her before seeming to lick her feet like a mindless animal.

“Waste or not, betrayal is not acceptable,” Glaive said.

“Oh I don’t see why not, I mean his father did sell us out in the dragonlands, but I think my pet would love for his son to join him and my feet,” Build responded as she rubbed the mindless ponies head while smirking sadistically at the figure behind Shade.

Glaive nodded.

“You think I’m scared of you?” the figure hissed, finally removing his mask to reveal his face.

“I could always use someone like you for a free pet, instead of a foot stool,” Glaive said. “I’ve always wanted some kind of pony as a pet.”

“I’m sure he’d be perfect for you,” Build responded both riders completely ignoring the figure who had revealed his face.

Shade looked over as the figure growled.

“I knew I should have killed you when I had the chance!” Flash hissed.

“You, kill either of us,” Build responded before laughing as she added, “you could even hit us nevermind kill us, you're useless why do you think we had you in that pathetic excuse for a guard.”

Flash snarled again and grabbed at something hidden under his wing before he added taunting them “Big words for a tiny fighter.”

“Please, like you could do anything to threaten us,” Build responded.

Flash smirked and showed a Driver.

“Oh wow, you have a driver, amazing,” Build responded, “tell me do you even have what you need to use it or are you holding a useless chunk of metal and plastic?”

“I have something you want and are missing,” Flash smirked.

“And that is?” Build responded.

“Oh, you know, a fullbottle you said went missing two days ago,” Flash smirked.

“Really, and which one are you on about?”

“The Gold Fullbottle,” Flash said.

“The what now?” Build responded, “Keep that useless thing why would I care.”

“Simple. I can turn that into GoldScorpion Build, a much stronger Build rider,” Flash said.

Build just shook their head before saying, “okay then, prove it. Make, our, day.”

He did, chuckling darkly. After he morphed, he stood there, ready to face them only for the form to spark instantly as both Fullbottles were flung away to Builds feet.

“As I thought, you can’t even hold its form for a mere second,” Build responded as she picked up the two fullbottles, “you truly are pathetic, thinking you could use any rider gear, thinking you could be anything to our god.”

“Really,” Flash asked, in a taunting manner. “Who says it failed due to me being incompetent?”

Horror sunk in. He staged the failure.

“Y….You can’t stage something like that!” Glaive stammered.

“Don’t try me,” Flash said.

Glaive tried to grab at Flash, but he dodged and grabbed the driver and fullbottle, and morphed, taking his full form in and struck Glaive hard. Glaive crashed into the ground and came to a hard stop. The sounds of breaking bones filled the air.

“No one messes with my family,” Flash added.

“Family,” Glaive responded before laughing, “who cares about that.” It was then the group heard a loud cracking noise as he stood back up, “As much as I enjoy my newest pets trying to fight back you are just annoying.”

“Annoying? My good villain,” came a sweet voice. “You are but the very definition of annoying.”

“Oh I think there's something more annoying,” Build responded shooting Flash in the legs with the Hawk Gattlinger.

Flash smirked as the bullets passed through his legs, without injuring him.

“Is all you do steal things?” Glaive asked in annoyance.

“Maybe,” Flash replied, innocently.

Glive then looked to the other figures flanking him before saying, “find and bring him to me.” It was then the two figures walked out ahead of Glaive and build the first was Kamen Rider Delta while the other was Kamen Rider Femme. “Find that fool and get him now!”

It was then a chain tore through Femme’s chest as the rider disappeared into blue particles, “I’m not even going to entertain your stupidity,” Shade responded.

Kamen Rider Delta snarled and charged at Shade who quickly sidestepped the him before a loosed chain wrapped around its neck before the chains strung him up from the roof as it went link and disappeared like the other one. “You done?”

Glaive growled again and charged at Shade himself.

“I guess not,” Shade responded quickly switching his eyecon using Mushashii as he used one of the blades to block Glaives own as the other to quickly slice into Glaives chest as he spark erupted from where he was struck as he stumbled backwards away from shade.

“WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?!” Glaive snarled at Shade.

“I have no idea what you mean?” Shade responded resting one of the blades over his shoulder.

Glaive snarled again as the wound started to take its toll on him as Shade saw him leaking green blood onto the ground. “Wait… you're not even human… or a pony are you,” Shade stated before Build opened fire on him causing him to back away from Glaive as the other rider stood in front of Glaive.

“What gave that away?” Glaive asked.

“I’m pretty sure both humans and ponies don’t have green blood,” Shade stated as used his swords to somehow block the bullets Build had fired on him.

“Of course they don’t,” Glaive taunted.

“Then I take it you're not a race native to Equestria,” Shade stated, unable to change forms sure to being shot at constantly.

“Or maybe I’m something more simple,” Glaive said, chuckling madly.

“You're insane!” Shade shouted.

“You figured it out,” Glaive said.

“What even are you,” Shade asked as a bullet got past him sending him flying backwards as Build kept shooting him repeatedly in the back as Shade curled up to protect his Driver and Eyecon.

“A creature of my own design,” Glaive announced.

Build snarled and began shooting at him again and again as Shade gritted his teeth ignoring the pain he had began to feel.

Meanwhile, another Rider who had yet to be seen by Shade, found Flash in a hidden room. The former guard stood up, ready to fight when the Rider approached him, calm and collected.

“Your friend needs help,” the Rider said to Flash.

“You do know of the conundrum I’m in,” Flash said. “I can’t be shown to be allies with the one Glaive is fighting.”

The Rider thought for a moment.

“Could we stage a kidnapping,” the rider asked.

“That could work, allowing for us to lead Shade away, so we can take down these two,” Flash smirked. “Good thinking.”

The Rider disappeared, leaving Flash to his own thoughts.

It was then a large white and blue striped rider with long white claws approached Flash before it grabbed ahold of Flash’s legs as it began dragged him out of his hiding place purposely towards Shade and the others.

As Flash appeared in view of Shade he saw that Shade was being constantly shot now at point blank range in his back his suit still somehow holding as Glaive ran up and kicked him into a nearby wall.

“Soft hearted fool,” Glaive said. “I always knew you were weak willed and foolish. What good are friends to you.”

“Good question what is friends to a 1000 year old dead man,” Shade responded between grunts of pain as he slowly tried to stand again.

“Why don’t you abandon those who are weak to you?”

“Why would I?” Shade questioned back, “like hell i’d ever turn my back on someone who needed help, I’m not a bunch of two-bit cowards who enslaves and tortures innocent people for his own enjoyment,” Shade stated.

Glaive snarled, only to be met with a buck and a roundhouse from Shade, feeling renewed.

“You use a weak power,” Glaive snarled, only to be beat down again.

“Not as weak as yours,” Shade responded before suddenly gasping as he looked down to see a sword stabbed through his chest.

“I knew you’d fall for that,” Glaive smirked.

“So, where is our annoying traitor,” Build asked as he forced the blade in Shades chest downwards forcing Shade to the ground as the blade as impaled into the floor somehow unable to be pulled back out.

“Which traitor do you want?” asked a voice all too sweetly. “After all, you only have twenty to choose from.”

The two wheeled around and Shade looked up to see Kamen Rider Tiger standing there, weapons drawn.

“Why not fight a “Cold Coward” you cold cowards?” he asked sweetly again.

Shade could tell Glaive and Build were seething, and watched with a stony expression, but secretly, he was rooting for Kamen Rider Tiger. As he watched the show, he felt the blade move and come up, being pulled out as he heard shouts for help.

It was then something seemed to snap before Shades suit began to glow in a bright crimson aura as all the blood in the room began to change into liquid as it began to move towards Shades form, travelling up the blade into his suit.

“Are you okay?” a voice asked from behind him.

Shade however ignored the voice as what sounded like flowing water was heard nearby coming from the hallway both Build had Glaive had appeared from.

Glaive and Build turned, responding to the sound as they looked at where they just came from to see something flowing towards them. Its shape was indistingusihable but as it got closer they could make out is was red in colour and was moving in such a way it seemed to be out for revenge and looked to fill the entire passageway.

“What is that?!” Glaive demanded to his colleague.

“How should I know?!” Build shouted back as the sound got closer as they saw it look to be a gigantic wave of blood moving in a large wave that began to fall towards both Riders forms.

Shade felt himself being lifted up off the ground as the blood flooded the room, sweeping Build and Glaive away. Shade looked back to see his rescuer.

“Getting into trouble?” Daybreaker asked.

“No I meant to get impaled by a sword and be shot hundreds of times,” Shade responded sarcastically before adding, “I’d move back if I was you,” as the blood that had entered the room began to pool around his feet in a large circle surrounding him.

Daybreaker did and watched the show from the upper catwalk. The blood circle died down and Shade stood there, his wounds tended to and looking as fit as an athlete..

It was then the blood by his feet began to glow crimson as it suddenly shot upwards spiralling around Shades form as Daybreaker saw two things in his pocket glow brightly as the two Eyecon Shards began to spiral around Shade’s form the blood seeming to move into the bottom of half of the Eyecon.

“Interesting,” Daybreaker muttered as she watched.

Soon, Glaive and Build, regathering their footing, managed to see what was going on and watched what was happening before them with great shock.

It was then Shade held his hand above his head the half of the Eyecon that had been filling with blood combining with the unfilled one as it landed in Shades open hand before a dark, distorted voice that definitely didn’t belong to Shade said, “the two of you have committed crimes beyond the judgement of normal people, and for it, I have judged you both unworthy of my mercy.”

“The Real Shade would deem us worthy of his mercy, you imposter,” Glaive hissed.

Shade then clicked the Eyecon he was holding in as a deep voice shouted out “Stand with Sin!” before black flames ignited on the ground around Shade in the shape of a eye that rose around Shades form as what looked to be blood red eyes appeared from the flames as a black figure charged towards both Build and Glaive as they felt something cut into there skin under their suits blood falling from inside of their own suits moving towards Shade.

“What is this sorcery?!” Build shrieked.

“Kaigan! Damned Shade! Honō o aruite kudasai! Satan no sanran!” it was then Shade walked out the flames the blood around his form hardening over his body before falling away as flames touched his body.

This was followed by a flames shooting ahead of Shades form before a red and black Parka ghost with silver and white flames constantly burning over it’s arms and legs which as it attached to Shade hardened into metal that still seemed to shift in the wind, while chains adorned his arms and legs wrapped around them, along with a single red demonlike wing on his back. It was then a mask appeared over his face which was completely red with white eyes and a sadistic grin showing on it along with two small horns appearing on the top of the mask itself.

“What the hell are you?!” Glaive demanded getting no response.

“I demand to know who you are!” Build barked.

“I am the god you pretend to be coward,” Shade said as he suddenly looked up as blood bolted towards Glaive turning into sharpened spears that ran him through in nine different places all of them sticking out his back, arms and legs.

“This is insanity!” Build screeched.

“Oh this isn’t but you shall know true insanity soon,” Shade responded as blood began to cover Build form going from her feet upwards slowly surrounding the Rider as Build screamed trying to escape before the blood grabbed the riders belt tearing it off of it in the process but covering the rider before they untransformed, the blood filling her lungs inside the cocoon suffocating the Rider until they passed out inside of it as the Cocoon hardened leaving the rider that was Build trapped inside, floating in blood.

“You monster!” Glaive snarled.

“Like you're one to talk,” Shade responded as more blood spears impaled Glaive’s body.

“A monster kills with no feeling!” Glaive hissed.

“Ironically, I only don’t care for you or the one in the cocoon,” Shade responded as chains wrapped around the cocoon dragging it up against a wall as they all saw what looked to be a Unicorn inside in a fetal position.

“You sick bastard,” Glaive hissed.

“Oh please explain, I’m not torturing and murdering children before turning them to monsters and selling them as as weapons of war,” Shade responded as hundreds of blood spears impaled Glaive until only his head was free.

“What we are doing is considered “Free and Practical”. You, stopping us, condemns them to a life of misery,” Glaive snarled. “They deserve freedom!”

“How is what you did to them giving them freedom!” Shade argued as large pool of blood formed below Glaive and his body was placed on the ground forced to look at Shade.

“We were freeing them from Tyranny! Queens are dictators, all of them!”

“And yet you were selling them to Tyrants anyway,” Shade added and multiple spears floated above his face.

Glaive growled, seeing he was now cornered.

“Any last words in regards to your crimes,” a distorted voice asked flames surround both Glaive and Shade..

“Go and rot in Tartarus,” Glaive snarled before he was kicked upwards as the spears were forced through where his eyes would be before being impaled onto a wall somehow still alive but now blind and in constant agony.

“You….filthy….cheap…..bastard!” Glaive snarled, before a round of pain washed over Glaive.

Shade didn’t answer as he walked away from Glaive after tearing the Riders belt off of him. After he did that, he joined Daybreaker on the catwalk and the two headed off, to find Flash and Blueblood as vines appeared taking the caccooned Build away.

“I have a feeling that we may run into Blueblood with a Rider Belt or Eyecon,” Daybreaker said. “Any bets that happens?”

Shade turned to her and chuckled, cracking a wry smile at that joke.

“Well he does have to be somewhere,” Shade responded, “where did that other Rider go with the idiot?”

“Flash isn’t an idiot, that was staged,” Daybreaker said.

Shade stopped and stared at her, a brow raised. He didn’t know that Flash had that side to him.

“C’mon, I have a sneaking suspicion I might have to do, is train your new team of Riders,” Daybreaker said.

The two headed off, spotting what looked to be claw marks in the wall, with a couple lines shaped like an arrow, pointing them in the right direction.

“I get a feeling they’re this way,” Shade responded pointing the way the signs were not pointing.

Daybreaker chuckled and the two went the opposite way, only to end up in the castle’s dining facility.

“Need a compass to direct us the right way?” Daybreaker asked sweetly.

Shade gave her such a dirty look. The two followed the arrows to where Flash and Kamen Rider Tiger were waiting.

“What kept you two?” Kamen Rider Tiger asked. “We’ve something to explain to you.*

Shade didn’t answer his hand resting against the gun at his side glaring to Kamen Rider Tiger

“Diend has made it clear that his intention is to bolster your fleet, as Glaive and Build and backstabbing bastards,” Tiger said, moving to show he was no threat to them.

“Who the hell is Diend?” Shade asked still with his hand against his gun.

“Kamen Rider Diend,” Daybreaker said. “I’m surprised you haven’t heard of him.”

“I’m afraid I have no knowledge on him,” Shade responded.

“He summons Riders to his aide for battle and when not summoned, they go into something called “Rider Cards”,” Daybreaker said. “Something I have to give him credit for. However, that does come with some kind of catch that I’m not aware of.”

“So I assume you fall into this catagory,” Shade stated.

“I do,” Kamen Rider Tiger said. “But he has been thinking about taking the five he’s created, me being one, and letting us choose five to bolster your team.”

“And who are these five?” Shade asked.

“Aside from me, only Diend knows and he won’t tell in public,” Kamen Rider Tiger said.

“So… I assume neither of you have seen our missing Rider?” Shade asked.

“You mean Blueblood?” Kamen Rider Tiger asked.

“Yes I mean him,” Shade responded

“I have seen him,” Kamen Rider Tiger said. “Heading towards the offices of Glaive and Build.”

“Well they both shouldn’t appear, we better find him quickly,” Shade responded as the Eyecon that had formed in the fight broke apart into two parts as he reverted into his Alicorn form again.

“Follow me then,” Kamen Rider Tiger said. “And stay close. There’s a slight chance we may have a fight against a Rider that Diend has a fond hatred of.”

“Can you not give me a clue who it is?” Shade asked quickly reactivating his Shade Eyecon returning to his standard Rider form.

“I have the name-Kamen Rider TheBee,” Kamen Rider Tiger said. “And I can see why. TheBee has a habit of coming in, trashing the place and then leaving, not caring who gets hurt.”

“I see, anything I should know about him?” Shade asked.

“Other then he has a team of antiheroes on his side that are in competition with you, nothing,” Kamen Rider Tiger said.

“Okay, let's just find Blueblood before we have to deal with them then,” Shade responded.

They continued down the hall and soon, found Blueblood in the office, pulling a file out to read it.

“Blueblood what have you found?” Shade asked.

“Plans by Glaive and the others to completely turn everyone to their slaves,” Blueblood said.

“Well we can be sure that he won’t be able to see his plans come into fruition.”

“Good,” Blueblood said.

Shade turned to walk out, when he saw four cards drop down in front of them which he picked up seeing four names and images on; the names reading :

Kamen Rider Hibiki
Kamen Rider Drake
Kamen Rider Kuuga
Kamen Rider Ixa

Shade picked up the cards and eyed them up. He turned, to see Kamen Rider Tiger as a card. Scooping it up, he looked at Flash and Blueblood, then turned to Daybreaker.

“I feel like I need an explanation.”

“I will grant you one over this,” Daybreaker said. “Let’s head back home.”

Shade agreed with that and the group headed out, collecting the others and returning to the castle. The explanations would clear up everything for him.

Chapter 15

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The group returned to the castle and Daybreaker looked over the cards with Shade, who was puzzled as he asked himself. “Kamen Riders Hibiki, Drake, Kuuga and Ixa? I’ve never heard of any of these riders? Who even are they?”

“I know who they are,” she said.

“I swear you know every rider that has existed by now,” Shade responded with a chuckle, “I just don’t see how I can even use them?”

“Here’s the thing, Ixa has the ability to be a healer, as well as a power boost. Hibiki, Drake and Kuuga are close quarters, ranged and weaponized combatants and even able to give power boosts,” she said.

“Okay, still need to figure out how to use them though, I’m pretty sure my belt doesn’t have a card reader in it.”

“Simple, ask around,” Daybreaker said. “The card will react to a pony and thus give them a belt and whatever else is required.”

“You think that's the case?” Shade asked putting the cards in his pocket.

“I know it’s the case,” Daybreaker said.

“Well we’ll see if they react to anyone,” Shade responded as they saw the castle come back into view.

“That’s the idea. Besides, after it happens, we can train them,” Daybreaker said.

“Okay, so quick question.”

“Go ahead,” Daybreaker said.

“Out of every rider you’ve met from this world which has the most potential so far?”

“Kamen Rider Ixa,” Daybreaker said.

“I meant from those who you have physically met that have their Rider equipment,” Shade clarified.

“Flash,” Daybreaker said.

“Didn’t all his transformations blow up in his face?” Shade asked.

“He wanted us to believe that,” Daybreaker pointed out.
“Well when he transforms without his form falling apart I’ll take your word on it,” Shade responded.

“He did, when you were gone to rescue the kids,” Daybreaker said.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Shade responded.

She chuckled.

“What's so funny?” Shade asked.

“Your “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude,” Daybreaker said.

“No offence, but all I saw was him trying to use a belt and it blows up on him, doesn’t inspire confidence,” Shade admitted, “besides I’ve got other things on my mind, something that bothered me about the Changeling that become that Undead.”

“What about it?” Daybreaker asked.

“The fact it even happened, also… who it was before.”

“Who do you think it was?” Daybreaker asked.

“We both have our suspicions I assume,” Shade replied, “I don’t want to consider it was my worlds Lunar.”

“It probably was,” Daybreaker said.

“You really don’t seem phased by that,” Shade responded.

“Many Worlds Interpretation,” she replied.

“Very true,” Shade responded, “So… how do you think Lunars going to react when she finds out the truth about every Changeling we saved and the fates of their queens?”

“She’ll take it in stride,” Daybreaker said.

“Let's hope so,” Shade responded before adding, “there's one last thing that worries me. Just who was Build, we saw a unicorn after she was put in that cocoon.”

“That would be someone I don’t know yet. I can have one of the Riders I brought overrun a cross reference check on her identity,” Daybreaker said.

“If I’m being honest, once we release the culprit from the cocoon we’ll know the truth anyway,” Shade admitted.

“That’s something that while it’s a good idea, I’m not sure you’d like the results,” Daybreaker conceded.

“No offence but the only ponies in this world I hold any feelings for are my Celestia and Luna and Shining Armour all the others aren’t on my radar… well maybe Blueblood at a push.”

“And Midnight, your daughter,” Daybreaker added with a wry chuckle, getting Shade to go bright red.

“Yes and her, but like me, we’re both not physical beings, so she gets a pass on living ponies statement.”

“Fair point, but now, I have a theory on who’s in the cocoon,” Daybreaker said.

“Please tell,” Shade responded as they got closer to the Everfree Castle.

“Celestia’s student,” Daybreaker said, bluntly.

“Why would that be?” Shade asked.

“Simple, the Theocracy got to her at an early age,” Daybreaker said. “I’ve been studying them and they’d stoop that low. Remember, we’re dealing with spineless cowards and fools.”

“I just can’t see it, even Celestia can’t be that stupid as to not know her personal student is working for a group who are torturing her people.”

“Here’s the thing, she wouldn’t know,” Daybreaker said. “There’s a fake in her place.”

“With the number of Changelings they had, I don’t doubt that being a possibility,” Shade responded with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Indeed,” said Daybreaker.

“So, I assume you’ll want to train everyone?” Shade stated, “any idea how we can do that.”

“Simple,” Daybreaker said.

“So no clues?” Shade asked.

“Not just yet,” Daybreaker said. “But trust me, I have a plan.”

“I’ll take your word on that,” Shade responded as they reached the entrance to the new Everfree town, which had some of the Ganma helping to make some new homes in case anyone decided to stay in town instead of moving back to their old homes.

“You’ve got a good idea going,” Daybreaker said with the houses being built. “Now, go up to the meeting room, lay out the cards and go about the town and find those who want to help.”

“Sure I guess,” Shade responded as they walked inside the castle to find, almost everyone they had freed waiting in the main hall before the majority of them even the young children began to bow to Shade as he passed them.

Shade began to feel a bit heated. While he was a prince, he hated being bowed to, as it put him on a pedestal over them and he wanted to be on their level.

It was then the heavily mutated dragon from before ran up to him as both Shade and Daybreaker walked through a large door as it closed behind the three of them as Shade saw the Hatchling wrapping himself around Shade’s back legs just smiling as he climbed onto Shades back and stayed silent and waited for someone to say something.

“That’s cute,” Daybreaker said.

Shade just sighed as he grabbed the Hatchling from his shoulder before he said, “okay, what's the matter?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to stay with you dad,” the Hatchling responded with a gleeful smile.

Daybreaker smiled softly.

“Such a loyal young Draco,” Daybreaker said.

The Hatchling simply looked to Daybreaker in confusion before shrugging and saying, “why would you say that?”

“You are one loyal Draco. Draco being another word for Dragon,” Daybreaker said.

“Ohhh!” The hatchling responded, “That actually should have been obvious.”

“Not everything is and it’s okay,” Daybreaker said softly.

“Okay,” the Hatchling responded before nuzzling its head into Shades shoulder again before he said quietly thinking nobody heard him, “I wish I actually had a name of my own.”

“Why don’t you take the name Draco?” Daybreaker said.

“It sounds way too simple, and too fair, after what happened I’m not just a dragon am I?” the Hatchling responded.

“A simple dragon, no, but a more advanced and highly intellectual dragon,” Daybreaker said.

Shade then stopped for a second before he said, “Daybreaker, have you heard of the name Hiryur before?”

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

“I haven’t, what does it mean?” the Hatchling asked curiously.

“If my memory serves me correctly, it meant ‘A dragon who flies; A versatile and spontaneous individual’ but I can’t be sure if that's correct,” Shade admitted.

“It is,” Daybreaker said.

“Really?” the Hatchling responded before his arms morphed into two curved blades again as he began to shake before Shade rubbed his hand down the back of his neck as he calmed down and the blade returned to normal, “Umm… would you mind calling me that dad?”

“If that's what you want kid, I’m not gonna refuse,” Shade responded with a smile.

“It’s settled then,” Daybreaker said.

“Thanks, dad,” Hiryur responded as he fell asleep in Shades arms.

“Can’t blame the kid for falling asleep after all he’s been through,” Shade responded.

Daybreaker smiled softly and the two walked off to the nursery.

Once the two of them reached the nursery they found almost all the younger kids all lying on beds in various stages of malnutrition and in different states of injuries, in some cases mutations appearing and going while injuring the Ganma who were trying to help them.

Shade then placed Hiryur on one of the free beds before he said, “Is everyone okay here?”

“I wish we could lie and say yes,” a Ganma responded as he had to tie one of the dragon's arms down as they morphed into blades that began to cut the Ganma as they trashed around in fear at their own forms.

“I’ll sort the mess out,” Daybreaker said.

“Please do, I’ll help the best I can,” Shade added as they began to help the terrified children as most calmed down almost instantly at the sight of Shade many of them suddenly hugging him after they saw him with tears in their eyes.

“Seems they took a liking to you,” Daybreaker said.

“Seems so,” Shade responded as one of the children he had calmed down fell asleep before Shade placed them onto the bed under some covers and moved to the next, a lot calming down simply from his presence and falling asleep just as quickly.

“Now we have to figure out this mess,” Daybreaker said.

“What mess is that?” Shade asked as he walked over to her calmly.

“This whole ganma fiasco we have here on our hooves,” She said.

“Oh they're all friendly, they are part of my guard after all,” Shade responded.

“I know,” Daybreaker said.

“Then what fiasco do you mean?” Shade asked as he sat next to a child on the bed next to Daybreaker as the child rested its head against Shade’s leg as he fell to sleep slowly.

“This whole changing them over,” Daybreaker said.

“What do you mean?”

“What’s the ultimate motive?” Daybreaker asked.

“The ultimate motive? The only motive I have in doing that is to stop them from being forced into harming innocents,” Shade responded.

“Their motives,” Daybreaker said. “We have pieces of a motive, but not the full thing.”

“...They have no motive for doing this, they are compelled to do so after I released them from what they were forced to do, and they requested for them to be bound to my will.”

“I know that, but what I’m saying is this-what is their reasoning for doing this? They have to have some kind of plan,” Daybreaker said.

“If we may, we committed crimes and made the royal guard weak so monsters could run riot, Shade came and freed us all and gave us a choice, we all chose to serve him to correct our mistakes and protect innocents being we single-handedly ruined Equestria national defence, we all only wish to serve Shade’s will and fix this world,” the Gamma admitted as they looked to Daybreaker.

“I get that, but I’m saying that we need to get into the Theocracy’s mind to figure out their motives,” Daybreaker said.

“Well they have hundreds of hideouts all around Equestria, they want to control the populous under one mind. They believed it would create a paradise where nobody would ever need to think for themselves, all living under the Shade… well the fake Shade, as a mindless army. Also said something about a group called Shade that existed before the Theocracy but we know nothing of them,” the same Ganma responded.

“True,” Daybreaker said.

“If you don’t mind, could you take this conversation elsewhere, the children are sleeping and after what they’ve been through I think they need this.”

“Of course,” Daybreaker said. “Now, do you have any ideas yet as to who the new riders will be?”

“Sadly not,” Shade responded as they left the nursery, “There are very few people who would be capable of, or willing to become a Rider.”

“Who’d be the candidates?” Daybreaker asked.

“That's the thing, the only creatures living here are the Ganma and those we freed today and nobody else.”

“Why not try towns like Ponyville and Canterlot?” Daybreaker suggested.

“It's a possibility, but I barely know of anyone there, only those in the castle when I returned from the moon with Luna and Midnight.”

“Go and look around then, I’ll handle the castle,” Daybreaker said.

“I can’t just leave you here, besides I don’t even know if the other princesses went back yet, and there's still the matter of who build is and allowing her to be free of her blood cocoon.”

“Try going for the average citizens,” Daybreaker said.

“I’ll make sure to do next time I visit Ponyville or Canterlot,” Shade responded.

“Considering your to head down to Ponyville for some shopping,” Daybreaker said.

“Is there a specific reason why you want me out of the way for now, beyond the search?” Shade asked

“It’s not out of the way, it’s searching for aide, and the only other reason I want you out of the way is to prepare lunch,” Daybreaker scolded in a soft and motherly fashion.

“Fine, Fine, I get the picture,” Shade responded as he teleported away from the castle towards Ponyville.

-1 hour later-

As Shade made his way through the town he had many ponies bowing to him almost seeming instinctual, which he still couldn’t stand but bared nonetheless. Also during this time none of the cards had reacted to anyone around him as he decided to put the cards away for the time being as he simply walked around.

After a while, he reached a large tree seemingly near the centre of town. He saw “Golden Oakes Library” carved on a golden plaque bolted on the door.

Shade stopped for a second before he knocked on the door not expecting anyone to be there.

“Come in,” A voice called before Shade walked into the room to find a small purple dragon.

“Hello there,” the dragon said.

“Hey, um is anyone else here or is it just you? You almost sounded like you were waiting on someone when you told me to come in,” Shade admitted.

“There was someone supposed to join me,” the dragon said.

“Who? And where is this person you're waiting for?” Shade asked curiously.

“Twilight Sparkle. I’m her assistant, Spike,” the dragon said.

“You can just call me Shade, and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Spike.”

“Will do,” Spike said.

“So… do you know where this Twilight has gone?”

“Nope,” Spike said.

“Wait, she didn’t tell you anything at all?”

“Nope,” Spike said again.

“Oh well, if she appears could you please tell her I want to speak to her, have her meet me in the castle in the Everfree,” Shade responded.

“Sure,” Spike said.

“Thanks, kid, maybe I’ll see you around,” Shade responded as began to leave.

Spike turned and gave a startled yelp. Shade turned to see him pale.

“Is something wrong?” Shade asked as he looked back.

Spike showed him a note which he slowly read before kneeling down in front of Spike as he said, “I’m sure we’ll find her okay?” as he wrapped his arms around Spike.

“Thank you,” Spike said.

“You think you’ll be okay here, or do you want to stick with me for a bit?” Shade asked, his arm still wrapped around Spike.

“Please,” Spike said.

“Okay, do you want a lift?” Shade asked gesturing for Spike to get onto his back.

“Sounds good,” Spike said.

“Okay then,” Shade responded as he knelt down for Spike to climb onto his back, “You do have some keys to lock up right?”

“Yes,” Spike said.

“Okay. Let's get locked up and I’ll take you somewhere safe,” Shade responded as they both walked outside.

“Thanks,” Spike said as he locked up Golden Oaks Library before climbing onto Shade’s back.

It was then Shade said calmly to Spike, “Hold on tight, I wouldn’t want you falling off.”

“Alright then,” Spike replied as he did what Shade asked before they both flew back to the Everfree town.

As they arrived, Shade saw that the town was empty. He raised a brow until he spotted something in the castle’s courtyard.

“Why do I feel like this isn’t good,” Shade responded as he landed.

He and Spike walked to the courtyard to see tables and games set up.

“Or maybe not?” Shade responded, “where is Daybreaker hiding?”

To get his answer, she appeared in one of the trees, chuckling softly.

“Okay, so what's the game here?” Shade asked turning to Daybreaker.

“I’ve set up a sort of carnival for the citizens to have fun,” Daybreaker said.

“So, that's why you sent me away I assume,” Shade responded calmly.

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

“So where is everyone then?” Shade asked.

“At a community dining table in the center of the courtyard,” Daybreaker said.

“Seriously, how do you get everything, planned and sorted out so quickly?”

“Magic,” Daybreaker said simply.

“Of course,” Shade responded with a roll of his eyes.

“Of course not just magic,” she said. “I talked with some ponies who helped me to set this up. My team’s done the organization,” she said.

“I should have guessed,” Shade responded with a chuckle.

“You honestly think I wouldn’t have some kind of plan?” she asked.

“Well it is you, so honestly I should have thought you did have one,” Shade responded.

Daybreaker chuckled softly and she showed him to the feast.

As the group arrived at the feast they found tables set up with food from everywhere.

“You did a good job with this,” Shade admitted to Daybreaker.

“Thank you. I strive for the best,” Daybreaker admitted.

“I know you do,” Shade replied as he grabbed a gemstone from a nearby table and passed it to Spike.

Spike caught it and munched it down, before leaving to intermingle with the others.

“I take it that’s Spike, Twilight’s assistant,” Daybreaker said.

“It is. Have you not met him before back in your world?”

“I have. I also know Twilight from my world. The Twilight of this world….well….how do I put it to you? She was taken by the Theocracy and brainwashed,” Daybreaker said.

The silence was deafening, to say the least. Shade stared at Daybreaker, trying to organize his thoughts before speaking at last.

“Well, we didn’t see her before, so let's hope she wasn’t turned into an undead and hope she wasn’t in the base and instead was elsewhere?”

“She’s not an undead. She’s still very much alive,” Daybreaker said.

“Well at least that's good news for Spike,” Shade said looking over to him, “I hope I can bring her back to him safely.”

“We can,” Daybreaker said.

“I guess we are lucky that we have a member of the Theocracy we can find out her location from,” Shade responded calmly, “but I’ll deal with Build later on.”

“Right you are,” Daybreaker said. “Come, let us join the festivities.”
“What sort of things have you even got planned?” Shade asked curiously.

“Think of the usual carnival faire,” Daybreaker said.

“I see, What are you intending to do during this, also how is Lunar doing?”

“Let the villagers get to know their new leader. Lunar’s been busy working on other things for the festivities,” Daybreaker said.

“I see, I wonder where she is right now.”

“Try behind you,” Lunar said.

Shade then turned around to see Lunar behind him as he asked, “Lunar, how are you feeling, and how did everyone you brought back do?”

“Their fine and I’m fine,” she replied.

“You sure, you didn’t seem okay before we left,” Shade admitted.

“I was hiding something from you,” she said. “Guilty Conscious and all.”

“Well, at least I can tell you we captured this worlds Build, so that's a bonus a guess.”

“Yes,” Lunar smiled softly.

“Bad news, you have no queen to blame for what we saw happening.”

“That’s fine,” Lunar said.

“Lunar… is their anything that's bothering you still?”

“Well, I need to tell you the truth,” she said. “Promise you won’t freak out.”

“Why would I freak out?” Shade asked as he sat on a nearby seat, “whatever it is it can’t be that bad right?”

“Well, I’m my world’s Build,” Lunar said.

“Yeah, I saw, and why wouldn't that have been a problem?”

“Well, you see, I would have been sure, due to the issues with this world’s Build, you’d hate all Builds,” she said.

“The thing you need to remember is, I know the Build under your suit is the kindest person I have ever met, knowing that I could never hate you.”

“That makes things easier,” Lunar smiled.

“So, are we having another session where you admit everything that's gone wrong and you end up crying into my chest again?” Shade asked with a smile.

“No,” she said. “Considering I’m dating Rumble.”

“Well, I’m happy for you,” Shade responded with a smile.

“Yep, now, would you like to try your hoof at a game of bottle knock?” she asked.

“You really think that's fair for everyone else with riders trying their hands at it?” Shade asked.

“Yes, because it’s based on skill,” she said.

“I guess we can give it shot then,” Shade responded calmly.

They headed over to play.

After a few rounds Shade looked to Lunar as he asked her, “so what is your plan now?”

“What do you want to do?” she asked.

“You're asking the guy who spent the last one-thousand years in the moon and been back only a few days. What he wants to do?”

“You are the prince after all,” she teased.

“Still not been coronated just yet,” Shade replied with a smile, “and to be fair have to love Celestia making my title the Alicorn of War.”

“That’s fine. Your still a prince in my eyes,” Lunar said.

“I really don’t know how to take that fact,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“Take it as a compliment,” she said. “Either that or take it as an insult.”

“Well just remember this, if this Rumble ever mistreats you, tell me and I’ll teach him a lesson in how he should show respect to someone,” Shade responded, “Besides if you ever need me, you know I’ll be there for you.”

“I know,” she said.

“Just don’t expect this Rumble to be able to stand if he mistreats you after I’m done with him,” Shade replied with a smile.

“I know,” she said.

“So, what else is there for us to talk about? I mean very little has changed with me after all, I’ve just been on the moon till a few days ago.”

“Let me see, well, we have the thing on your mind,” Lunar said.

“Well yeah, but whatever the outcome of that is, it’ll likely put me in a foul mood for a while, kinda don’t want to do that till after everything else is out of the way, and I’ve had some time enjoying myself, besides I doubt I’ll the chance again for a while soon.”

“Yeah,” agreed Lunar.

“And to be fair, I was never one for going out and enjoying myself back at University, I kinda focused on my exams, so I never had much fun anyway, just kept my head in the books and hoped for a better future.”

“Ah,” Lunar said.

“So, I’ll follow your lead on how to enjoy myself, you manage to somewhat enjoy yourself and being a Rider, maybe you can rub that off on me somehow.”

“I’ll teach you no problem,” Lunar said.

“In that case where do you want to continue with this?” Shade inquired curiously.

“Dunk tank,” she said.

“Okay then, Lead the way,” Shade responded calmly with a smile.

It was then Lunar lead him over to the dunk tank. It was a giant cartoony green tank with water and a board with a target to one side.

“So, I just throw this ball at the target correct?” Shade asked.

“Yes,” Lunar said.

They looked to the plank and saw Cerulean Skies sitting on the plank.

“And we’re sure that he’s okay with this?” Shade asked as he threw the ball up into the air a few times.

“He’s fine,” Lunar said.

“If you are sure,” Shade responded as he threw the ball over his shoulder as it hit the target dunking Cerulean Skies, “umm… I didn't mean for that to work.”

“It’s fine. I just like you two having fun,” Cerulean Skies smiled.

“Still, how many times have you been dunked up to yet?”

“Twice. Once by you and once by Lunar,” he said.

“I see and how many have tried so far?”

“Hundred tried,” he said.

“Well keep track so we can know how many manage it.” Shade requested with a smirk

Cerulean smiled back.

“That way we can see who smokes you, dear prince?” he asked in a cocksure tone.

“We’ll see.”

Cerulean smirked softly before Shade quickly spun around kicking a ball into the target as Cerulean was dunked again before Shade said, “Let's make that three dunkings.”

“Bet you a dinner and drink you couldn’t outdo the kids,” Cerulean teased.

“By which kids do you mean?” Shade asked, “I’m not that old yet.”

“The kids of the civilians that now reside here,” Cerulean said. “Unless you think I mean your daughter.”

“I’m pretty sure even Midnight could do this,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“Doubt it. She seems to be too timid,” Cerulean teased.

“Then you don’t know her very well,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“The childlike form of Nightmare Moon? Come on, she’s scared of her own shadow,” Cerulean teased again.

“You're just trying to get me to break you aren’t you?”

“Not at all, just getting under your fur,” Cerulean said.

“Lunar, maybe we should go elsewhere before one of us does something we’ll regret.”

She chuckled.

“You should know that when one goes to get under the other’s fur, it leads to comedy,” she said.

“Yes, but I’d rather now leave someone in the hospital,” Shade responded as he began to walk away.

“Talk about a killjoy,” Lunar said.

Shade heard and took offence. He hated being called a killjoy and would prove, by any means necessary, he was fun. “Okay then Lunar, I’ll play your little game, where do you plan on taking this?”

“Simple,” she said. “You and your daughter come down here and a two on one competition. Loser buys the winner dinner.”

“Exactly what kind of competition?” Shade asked.

“First to 50 dunks of Cerulean Skies,” she said.

“How about this me and you have to kick them into the target as well,” Shade suggested.

“Deal,” she said.

Shade turned. A crowd had formed and was cheering for him to win.

“You know I feel sorrier for him.”

“The spirit is to have fun and show your talent,” Lunar said. “Sure he’s gonna get wet, but that’s nothing a simple drying spell can’t sort out.”

“I suppose” Shade responded as he threw three balls into the air before spinning backwards kicking all three at the same time one hitting the target and the other two hitting two other Dunk tanks nearby.

“Three to Shade,” a voice said.

Shade looked up to see his daughter resting on his head.

“Of course you are hiding up there,” Shade responded as he rubbed Midnight’s head.

Midnight smiled and gently nuzzled her dad.

“Midnight, can you please relax. Is something the matter?”

“It’s that I haven’t seen you lately and missed you,” she said.

“I would have thought you would have wanted to see kids that look your own age,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“Not just yet, dad,” she said. “Besides, anyone would think you wanted me to find a beloved and make you a grandfather.”

“You really think I’d push you into that?”

She chuckled and said “Not just yet, he’d strangle anyone she’d call a date.”

“Trust me, my dad was like that,” Lunar said. “Mom eventually had to lock him in the broom closet.”

“I can imagine that,” Shade responded.

Lunar smiled and then looked up at Midnight, who gave a squeak of fear at the sight of the changeling and tucked herself in her dad’s mane.

“Why are you scared Midnight?” Shade asked rubbing the back of her neck.

“Monster!” she squeaked.

“Midnight, nobody here is a monster… and even those who are won’t harm you.”

“She’s never seen me before,” Lunar said. “And in this world, all Changelings are evil creatures, hellbent on the harvesting of love and destruction of ponykind.”
“Is that what you think of them Midnight?”

“It’s the gospel truth!” she whimpered.

“And do you see her doing anything like that now?” Shade asked Midnight calmly.

“No,” Midnight said.

“Okay, and do you think I’d be walking calmly with her if she could harm people?”

“No,” Midnight admitted.

“So, does it seem right for you to be scared of her?”

“No,” she said.

“Okay, now can you get out from under my hair?”

She did and smoothed his mane out.

“Thank you,” Shade replied before adding, “Now I believe it's your turn to take a throw Lunar.”

“Indeed,” she said as she picked up three balls in her magic and threw them at three targets, with only two of them making contact.

It was then Shade looked down to Midnight as she looked at a large group of the balls before she smiled and launched fifteen of the balls towards a target using her magic of which, all fifteen connected with a target on some sort of activity.

Shade then stared at his daughter before looking to Lunar as he said with a smirk, “Yeah, she wouldn’t be able to hit the target would she?”

“I was proven wrong,” Lunar said.

“That you was,” Shade responded as he took a breath before using his magic to throw almost 30 balls into the air before spinning kicking 15 of them as they fell as he gained height and 10 more of them as he was facing the ground kicking them in midair, while the last 5 he stuck with the back of his right hand.

“Ah, seems you win,” Lunar said.

“Oh look the killjoy won,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“Remind me to never tease you again,” Lunar said.

“Already done,” Shade responded

Lunar gave him a dirty look.

“Don’t be like that, I won’t bring it up again,” Shade responded.

“I will!” Midnight responded cheerfully.

Shade gave his daughter a dirty look. Lunar turned her dirty look into a “got you” look.

“Okay then, guess we won’t be dropping it any time soon then,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“I was teasing,” she said.

“Oh I know,” Shade responded.

“Now, I believe some fun is in order,” she said.

“What are you thinking?” Midnight asked as she looked at Lunar perched on Shades head.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe a cotton candy eating challenge,” Lunar said.

“I guess… just one question. What is Cotton candy?” Midnight asked curiously.

Lunar smiled and took them over to see a machine that heated up the sugar and turned it into long strands of pink candy.

Midnight just looked at the cotton candy curiously before looking at Lunar as she asked her, “What is it like?”

“It’s a sweet and addicting treat,” Lunar said.

“So it's a bad idea for her to get addicted to it then,” Shade admitted.

“In a way, yes,” Lunar said.

“I won’t get addicted, I promise,” Midnight said looking down to Shade.

“Okay, I’ll get you one… just remember, cotton candy and that pink ponies hair are not the same thing, even if they look similar,” Shade responded.

“Are we sure about that?” Midnight asked.

“She has a point,” Lunar said.

“Maybe, but I don’t want to try it out,” Shade admitted.

“True,” Lunar said. “I’m guilty of mistaking Twilight’s book smarts for her being a bit of a shut-in.”

“I still do not know about that, barely know this Twilight person,” Shade admitted.

“Twilight is Celestia’s student,” Lunar said.

“That still doesn’t mean I know who she is,” Shade argued.

“Look for a purple unicorn,” Lunar said.

“That really doesn’t narrow that down,” Midnight pointed out gesturing to the fifty purple unicorns around them.

Lunar smiled and transformed into a purple unicorn with a star cutie mark and with a purple with pink and blue highlight mane. Shade took a look at Lunar as the pony she was talking about.

“Oh her,” Shade responded, “I remember she was able to see me when I was invisible and tried to shoot me with magic.”

“Yeah. Be careful, she can be dangerous when pissed. And I know what she’s to become and it scares me,” Lunar said.

“I assume you mean what became of her in your world so who knows it may never happen here.”

“Yes. Trust me, you’ll want to hide when that happens,” Lunar said.

“I’ll just have to take your word on that.”

“If you want, I can spoil what she is to become,” Lunar said.

“No need, I’d rather wait and find out, besides our worlds are not the same so it’s unlikely the same things will happen.”

“True,” Lunar said. “Then again, you might have to face many of the same trials.”

“Maybe I will, but I doubt that I ever could never have the exact same experiences as you,” Shade admitted.

“We’ll see,” she said. “Speaking of which, how goes it with trying out being a father?”

“Well better than being a prince, I’ve had one-thousand years more experience as a father than the other one.”

“True,” Lunar smiled. “Most of us want that place where we can be ourselves. I’m more comfortable as a chef and an inventor. I honestly hate being a royal guard. Armour’s not polished just right, your late by 32 seconds, your weapon’s not tended to…..gah! It’s frustrating.”

“More frustrating than getting attacked by random monsters, and trust me, I’ll learn that later when I have my own guard moaning about that or nobles trying to make me do what they want,” Shade admitted with a chuckle.

“Yes,” Lunar said. “Our commanding officer is a right pain. She’ll write you up just for smiling.”

“I bet she would love me then.”

“Oh trust me, she’d have you on charges of being “falsely married to a princess” and even “Being a ghost”,” Lunar said.

“We both know I can overrule them and the first hasn’t actually occurred yet, and besides, like she could do anything to hold me if she did.”

“True, but she’s petty,” Lunar said. “Had to pull night watch because she couldn’t let go of the fact I was actually working towards being Cadence’s aide, similar to Raven Inkwell.”

“Need I say it?” Shade asked with a sigh.

“No, I know what your thinking,” Lunar said, “Besides, Cadence has taken a liking to me.”

“It’s not surprised being with how often you two already work with each other.” Shade pointed out with a smile.

“Yeah,” Lunar said.

Midnight peeked over at Lunar, who was now standing relaxed. Shade looked up at his daughter. “So, I assume you're feeling better being around her now?”

Midnight just looked down to Lunar as she simply smiled at her and nodded her head with large strands of cotton candy around her mouth.

“That’s good,” Lunar said. “Better yet, shall I surprise her? A treat just for her?”

“Why am I thinking this is a bad idea?”

“Because it’s your dad sense kicking in. It’s not a bad idea,” Lunar said. “I promise.”

Shade and Midnight went with Lunar to a secluded part of the carnival, where she held up Build’s device. Midnight almost squeaked in delight. Having heard stories of a Build who fought alongside her dad, she was now going to see the real deal.

“This is….” Midnight began but stopped, excitement welling up in her.

Lunar nodded.

“Shade, are you okay with me showing her this?” Lunar said. “I know you’ve had dealings with the evil Build.”

“And she’s safely out of trouble for now so its fine,” Shade responded.

Lunar nodded and transformed. Shade looked up at his daughter, who was trying to hide her excitement at seeing Kamen Rider Build.

“So that's how that transformation looks,” Midnight responded looking over Builds suit curiously.

“Yes,” Kamen Rider Build said. “Now, I have a question for you Midnight, would you like to spend some time with my crew? We’re off to lunch.”

Midnight then looked up to Shade before she asked “Can I?”

“Go ahead, she won’t bite,” Shade responded as Midnight jumped off his shoulders and landed next to Lunar.

She knelt down and lifted the filly onto her back. She walked over to where Lunar’s team was having lunch. Daybreaker looked up at Lunar before smiling.

“Nice to see you break from your father,” Daybreaker said. “He seems to be confused as to what to do as a prince.”

Midnight nodded and joined in with the lunch. As she did, she saw Shade and Luna enter and head to a table across the diner, sitting next to Celestia before the three of them walked out of the room.

“That was confusing,” Daybreaker observed.

“I wonder what they are doing?” Midnight asked curiously as she took a bite of an apple.

Back with the trio, Shade turned to Celestia, who was wearing a look of suspicion on her face. “Where exactly are the three of us going?”

“Celestia, I think I know who Build is, and if my assumptions are correct, you will not like it,” Shade admitted.

“What do you mean by that?” Luna asked curiously as they walked into what was the throne room, still being remade by Harmony for Shade’s use.

“It’s better I show you,” Shade responded before adding, “Harmony, could you open the path?”

It was then a large spiral staircase appeared in the wall behind the throne as Shade led the three of them down it.

Once they reached the bottom they found themselves in a small room that held the cocoon Build had been confined in against a wall the image of a Unicorn still visible inside it, but the identity of the figure still unable to be worked out.

“So, this was Kamen Rider Build? I have a feeling I don’t want to ask what formed this seal around the pony inside,” Celestia admitted.

“Possibly for the best,” Shade agreed as he summoned his sword to his side as Harmony closed the path down to them behind them before he said to Celestia and Luna, “Just be ready to act if this Build tries anything. Not that there's a way out.”

Both Celestia and Luna nodded in agreement before Shade walked towards the cocoon holding Build before cutting it open as the figure fell out its body still covered in the blood it had been sealed with.

As the ponies body hit the ground they could see its chest rising and falling slowly the figure still alive as the thick layer of coagulated blood began to fall away from their body slowly revealing their features to the group.

As Shade had guessed from the outline the pony was indeed a Unicorn, but as the blood finished flaking away Celestia looked away from the pony visibly upset by what she had just learned.

Shade then looked back to the figure to find that he could not see that the Unicorn had a purple coat, a purple mane that had pink and blue highlights in it along with a familiar cutie mark in the shape of a large purple star surrounded by 5 smaller white stars. The same pony Lunar had changed into before. Twilight Sparkle.

“Celestia are you okay?” Shade asked.

“How can I be okay with this! My student was the pony that had not only been kidnapping innocents but had also been the one torturing and experimenting on them!” Celestia shouted in anger.

Luna simply looked at Shade hoping for an answer, which he was unsure as to what to say before taking a breath, “Celestia, how long had these rumours about Build been around?”

“Maybe three months… why?” Celestia asked, still clearly angry.

“Well if Build only appeared that long ago, chances are this mare may not have been with the Shade Theocracy for long, did she disappear at any point before Build first appeared?”

“Well there was that family holiday four months ago… which was strange because her brother had no idea there was one, and her father said the whole family was going on it,” Celestia responded before stopping and sighed, “and she was gone for two weeks and one of the guards saw her parents a week into it in Canterlot.”

“Kinda strange for a two week family holiday to have both parents back in a week in and their daughter to not be,” Luna responded.

“I’m getting that,” Celestia responded as she punched a wall in frustration, “how could I have not noticed?”

“Well you had no idea of the Theocracy’s existance, you couldn’t have acted against something you didn’t know existed,” Shade admitted.

“But I should have known. I’m supposed to lead this country, and keep everyone safe, and yet I couldn’t even protect those near me. My own guards, Twilight, who knows who else in Canterlot alone are in danger?”

“Only as many as you let be in that position, you know people like the Theocracy exist now, so you know to stop them, and how they work. Besides you have two more bodies to help you now.”

“I suppose,” Celestia responded still sounding downtrodden.

“Besides,” Luna said. “That Build isn’t like the other one. According to the residents, this Build you saw easily defeated the other Build.”

Celestia then looked to Luna in confusion before asking “What do you mean?”

“This Kamen Rider Build works with a team of other Kamen Riders and is the leader’s daughter and her second in command. She’s something different to what your expecting,” Luna said.

Celestia raised a brow as Shade nodded.

It was then the group heard Twilight groan seemingly regaining consciousness as Celestia seemed to glare at her.

“Celestia, behave. We don’t actually know everything to make a direct call about her involvement,” Shade responded, trying to get Celestia to calm down.

“I know enough from what you said you saw and…”

“If you say rumours I’ll have Harmony force you upstairs. A rumour doesn’t always hold the true basis on the actions that take place,” Shade stated, “So calm down and think straight for once!”

Celestia seemed to stop suddenly calming down slightly even if both Shade and Luna could tell she was nowhere near a good state of mind to handle the situation reasonably.

It was then Luna stood in front of Celestia as Harmony formed some vine around Twilights limbs holding her against the wall placing a bucket of water on the ground nearby the group. “For if Celestia doesn’t calm down or if Twilight doesn’t wake up soon.”

“You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” Shade asked with a smirked.

“No comment,” Harmony replied with a chuckle.

It was then that Twilight began to cough up blood before her eyes slowly opened before instantly going wide in terror.

“Okay, being you're awake I’ll skip straight to the point, You’ve committed many atrocities that I myself have witnessed, I can easily have plenty of witnesses to reveal what you did.”

Twilight chuckled darkly, “You think those witnesses are worth anything? They’re as worthless as you.”

“Honestly, a lot more than you are now. I feel like you can already see but your own teacher is having to be stopped by her sister to prevent her from killing you herself, I very much doubt she will even want to take you back after what you’ve done,” Shade admitted as Luna had to physically hold Celestia back to stop her from acting.

“Like she could. Celestia is weak. A pathetic fool. Her sister, no better,” Twilight jeered again.
“You are just looking to get some sense knocked into you aren’t you,” Shade responded. “Okay, here the simple fact for you. As of right now you have a death sentence on your head and almost nobody who will want to show you mercy, your parents, brother and Spike don’t know what you’ve done but I can assure you the second they find out I wouldn’t expect that to want you back in their lives. Afterall Shining saw what you were doing to children and newborns, and I don’t even want to guess what sick things you did to Spike.”

Twilight merely chuckled.

“You think that will stop me?” She asked as Shade got a idea on how to subtly manipulate her.

“No I very much know you're irredeemable by this point, your too indoctrinated into that cults ideals and their fake god, but maybe you should know, I am over 1000 years old, although I admit for an Alicorn that's young. However all things aside I am very disappointed in someone who from what I have seen should be a loyal follower of mine, after all.” Shade responded moving up to Twilight before whispering, “I am the very being that the cult worships.”

That got her attention. Shade could see it and Luna smirked, then whispered into Shade’s ear, “She’s taken it. String her along. I have a plan.”

“I have to be honest, it's a really foolish thing to do, threaten, anger and make your own god hate their own followers, and you managed to do it all tenfold,” Shade responded glaring at Twilight.

She began to wriggle and try to break free. Shade walked up to her.

“So tell me. How do you think you're god will do to someone who pretty much betrays everything he stands for, threatened him, and murdered potentially millions.”

“He’d be upset,” Twilight said.

“Let me put it this way,” Shade responded punching into to her chest making her cough up more blood this time her own, “I would be furious, understand?”

She nodded, trying to keep herself together. Shade stepped back, still glaring at her.

“Now, I will ask again, what would I do to someone like you, who has angered their god?”

“Reward them?” She asked, timidly.

“Do you need another clue?” Shade asked clenching his fist again walking towards her.

She flinched and tried to back away.

“I want you to answer mortal!” Shade shouted in anger, “or do you want another clue?”.

She was too scared to even look him in the eye.

“Answer me!” Shade ordered standing in front of her staring dagger at her forcing her to look at him.

“He’d punish me….” she whispered.

“Yes, and how would he do so?” Shade asked still glaring at her.

“He’d take my life,” she whispered.

“I didn’t hear that, please speak up.”

“He’d take my life,” she said again.

“Now wouldn’t that be a waste of a life, a life that could be useful.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“So what could I do instead?” Shade asked transforming into his Rider form.

“Why not try something like a memory spell?” Luna asked sweetly. “It would allow for Twilight to be free while having no memory of dealing with them?”

“If we did that, it would have to be on so many people, and I don’t think we can get away with keeping her captive here.”

“What’s to stop us trying it during a cherry blossom festival?” Luna asked. “And we can put her in the dungeons. After all, our dungeons have security measures on them.”

“Even then we can’t exactly risk someone finding her.”

“You do know we can hide her somewhere that has no connections to our worlds,” Luna said.

“And also, what have you done to Spike?” Shade asked standing over Twilight.

“I haven’t seen or touched the dragon,” Twilight said.

“Are you lying to me,” Shade said glaring down at her.

“No,” Twilight said.

“Spike will be safe,” Luna assured him. “I’ll simply take him as my aide.”

“Hmm, I have a better idea that simply discarding her… skills and erasing everything,” Shade responded as the chains around neck began to surround him as the red marking on his helmet began to glow in a crimson light.

“Shade, are you seriously considering turning her into your servant?” Luna asked.

“No… I’m not that horrible, but she has experience creating the equipment for all rider systems, something I think any Rider’s we have could benefit from.”

“Ah,” Luna said.

“Of course, I doubt she would agree to work for me from now on and I assume you have no intention of taking her back Celestia,” Shade admitted.

“We shall see what happens,” Celestia said.

“Although we should ask the mortal if she will serve all of the Riders willingly first,” Shade admitted.

“I’ll do anything to earn the god’s respect,” Twilight said.

“Really,” Shade responded as Harmony released Twilight as she was dropped onto the ground falling on her knees, Shade still towering over her as his chains hovered just in front of her face. “What makes you think you can even get that back from us? You have reduced my respect for almost all of you to cinders.”

“I will do anything,” she said. “I want to make up for my screw up.”

Shade then looked to Celestia and Luna for approval on his next and first action in the protection on Equestria.

“Do it,” Celestia said.

Shade then looked back to Twilight before his chains surrounded her so he was standing directly over before the chain looped around her body lifting her to his eye level as Shade pulled the handle on his Driver. As a voice shouted out “Shade! Omega Capture!” before the chains tightened around Twilight digging under her skin.

She gave a slight whimper of pain as the chains dug in before they burrowed under her skin those around her neck leaving a faint almost tattoo like imprint of a circular chain around her entire neck that was still pulsating in a crimson glow in time with that of Shade’s suit.

It was then Shade placed his hand against Twilights forehead before she stopped struggling and her eyes began to lose their colour turning grey almost being covered in a mist, as Harmony’s astral projection appeared beside Celestia and Luna.

As soon as the Shade was sure Twilights mind had been altered enough he said calmly, “Twilight Sparkle, from this day forth you shall be bound to the will of the 4 beings in front of you, with the primary control under me. You shall directly serve all riders and devote the rest of your life to defending all citizens of Equestria from those who would threaten it’s security. You shall retain all your knowledge and memories from the past, and follow the orders of all four of us without question unless it poses a direct risk to the safety of those you are sworn to protect,” he then looked back to the others to check if he had missed anything or if they wished to add anything else to Twilight’s core commands.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“Shade, I wanted to ask….is there a chance we can revert her back to before the Theocracy got their hooves on her?” Celestia asked.

“I’m sorry, they meddled too far with my old memories, any attempt to fix them would cause the end of my life,” Twilight responded monotonously.

“Dammit,” Luna hissed.

“I’m sorry, I truly am,” Shade responded, “is there anything else you wish for me to do in regards to her psyche and life goals.”

“No,” Celestia said.

“Nothing either of you wants to say to her while she is inclined to take it to heart?”

“What can we say?” Celestia asked.

“Anything you want, and she will listen and take it as a life lesson to heart, after all, in this step if I will the change it can happen.”

“Other than the fact that I love, respect and want the best for her, nothing else,” Celestia said.

“Well, we do want the best for Twilight, despite what has happened to her,” Luna said. “It’s not much, but it’s what we can do to help her overcome this.”

“I’m sure we all can,” Shade responded as the chains around Twilight began to loosen placing her on the ground as a black band appeared on his wrist with a purple copy of Twilights cutie mark engraved into it.

“Interesting,” Celestia said.

Shade then held his arm out before calmly saying, “Twilight, stand and prepare for your new start, we have a lot for you to tell us about the Shade Theocracy’s plans and locations.”

She nodded.

“You are free to speak Twilight,” Shade responded placing his hand down before cancelling his transformation.

“Alright,” she said.

“Is there anything you wish to say to us?”

“Not at the moment,” she said.

“Seriously, just a few minutes ago you were scared out of you're mind having your own god standing in front of you, and now you don’t want to know anything. That seems to bit off for her don’t you think Celestia?” Shade admitted.

“It is,” Celestia said. “Then again, she could be hiding something.”

“Twilight, are you hiding something from us, and we want the truth,” Shade ordered.

“Yes, I am,” she said.

“I want you to tell us the truth Twilight, and we don’t want a single lie,” Shade responded in annoyance.

“I’m hiding the fact that I know the name of the leader,” she said.

“Yeah, it was that Junichi Shade guy, although I feel the last name was faked to make everyone think he was me,” Shade admitted.

“Not just him. There is another leader,” Twilight admitted.

“To be fair, that was obvious. It wouldn’t take a genius to find that out,” Shade admitted, “Now we will be heading back upstairs, you will be coming with us, and will say here to after the festivities end, then return to Ponyville, however, you will be commuting here to work on new equipment for the riders at least 4 times a week. I want you to sort Drive out with some actual weapons first, and being I know that you were watching me using the Drive Eyecon you know what the rider needs making first.”

“Yes, Shade,” she said.

“Now, shall we get moving?” Shade asked everyone as the staircase reappeared behind them as Shade gestured for Celestia and Luna the leave first.

“Good idea,” Luna said, as both her and Celestia walked up the staircase.

Shade then turned back to Twilight before he left and said, “Twilight, from here on out, you are one of the two people from the cult who follow the real Shade. As such, you will be the first Rider that will serve me,” he then placed his hand against the side of her neck as a Shade’s brand appeared on her neck before fading into her skin as he said, “as long as my soul persists, you will unable to die and will serve me and Harmony eternally without question, with this you shall eventually serve as my personal bodyguard and Rider.”

Twilight then fell to one knee and bowed her head to Shade before saying, “as you command my lord,” keeping her head bowed.

Celestia and Luna chuckled softly at this and headed away. Once far enough away, Luna turned to Celestia.

“I think Shade might be biting off a bit more than he can chew. The Theocracy will be coming for Twilight and will stop at nothing to get her back,” Luna said.

“Luna, I know the feeling, but Shade’s got it down to a science. He knows more than he’s letting on,” Celestia said.

After a few more moments Shade began to walk up the stairs with Twilight in tow before they reached the top and the pathway closed behind them, “Twilight go find Spike, tell him you're okay, just don’t tell him what happened to you.”

“Yes, Shade,” Twilight said.

“And go back to normal,” Shade added as she left him, Celestia and Luna alone.

Twilight chuckled as she headed off. Luna and Celestia turned to Shade.

“Let me guess, you’re unhappy with my choice.”

“More concerned with what could happen,” Celestia said and detailed her thinking to Shade.

“I understand you're concerned, but don’t worry I have a plan, and Twilight may be the only one that can fix something very important to the old riders.”

“That’s something comforting at least,” said Celestia.

“But we will still need to find someone who could even use it if she can repair it” Shade admitted.

“Why not scout around? Surely there’ll be ponies willing to help,” Celestia said.

“Celestia, maybe think for a second. Is it really the best idea to give a random person who just because they are willing to use it a Rider system that may be best to keep under wraps.”

“I did think of that, but also, think of it like this-the device can choose who the right pony is, so holding some kind of interview might yield more to our cause,” Celestia pointed out.

“It’s a possibility, we would need to look into, but I won’t just hand it to someone without proper checks. After all, you did not notice Twilight being with the Theocracy and she was you're student Celestia.”

“I know, but we need a start somewhere,” Luna said. “Plus me and Celestia could provide some closely trusted ponies.”

“Didn’t most of your trusted soldiers quit on you, Celestia?” Shade asked.

“Some did, yes, but not all,” she said.

“Don’t you need to keep what competent soldiers you have with you to fix the mess that is the solar guard? And yes, by competent I mean Shining Armour and him alone.”

“He has given me a list of those able to help out,” Celestia said.

“Good, its a start to fixing it, just don’t let it slip again, or I’ll have to sort it myself,” Shade admitted.

“It won’t happen again,” Celestia said.

“I hope it doesn’t Celestia, you're making it my job to manage Equestria national defence, so it’s my job to ensure they don’t” Shade responded.

“True,” she said.

“Okay,” Shade responded before smiling as rubbing his hands together, “So shall we get back to the festivities before they end?”

“Yes,” they said.

“Okay then, you both head back, I’ll join you soon,” Shade responded with a smile as both Celestia and Luna agreed and headed out.

It was then Shade calmly pulled out the Gashat he had taken from the Changeling during the attack as he thought, “some more recruiting couldn’t hurt,” before he walked away in the opposite direction.

Chapter 16

View Online

As Harmony opened up a separate stairway in a room under the castle, Shade who had turned invisible and back into Alex walked down to the bottom as he looked in front of him to see the Changeling that had been working with the Theocracy.

The Changeling was simply resting against a wall with Harmony using her vines to keep him against it with his hands against it, his eyes seeming glassy almost lifeless as if he had no will of his own, which actually made sense after what he had done during the assault on the theocracy.

Once Alex was standing over the Changeling he looked down to it and said, “Do you have a name?”

At first, the Changeling said nothing, even if it seemed to try and move its head to look at Alex but after a few moments he muttered out, “even if I ever had one, they took everything away.”

Alex then knelt down so he was at eye level with the changing before he nodded to Harmony as she released the Changeling and it began to fall forwards as Alex caught him letting the Changeling rest against his chest. “Then we help bring you back better than ever. I heard one Changeling sacrificed itself to give the others time, then helped one escape from the Theocracy where it collapsed in front of us and told us what we needed to find you all. You were the one who sacrificed yourself right?”

“I did, and all it caused was me being a puppet to that man,” the Changeling responded before Shade started to hear the Changeling being to cry into his chest, “I hate it, I hate these memories of what I did to them all, they were my family and I assisted in turning so many of them into monsters and torturing newborns.”

It was then the Changing started opening crying as Alex wrapped his arms around the Changeling as he kept listening to him as he added, “I captured my own queen, I captured the others, I kidnapped the dragonesses and brought them to be used like they were! This is all my fault!”

“Nothing is your fault little one,” Alex responded pulling the Changeling into his chest rubbing the back of its neck, “you were forced to do those things to survive and now you won't need to do so anymore.”

“But I can never face them again, they’ll all hate me for what I’ve done!”

“Then don’t face them as a Changeling, if you still want to stand with them, become someone else,” Alex suggested.

“Someone else? Like who?” the Changeling asked.

“Well, that choice is your own to make. I can’t make that decision for you… well I could after what I did when I captured you but I don’t want too,” Alex admitted, “although, I could make you an offer.”

“What sort of offer?” the Changeling asked curiously not sniffling having stopped crying.

“Well, I will become a prince of Equestria soon, and what I need are loyal guards and along with that my own personal guard. You were a Kamen Rider before, admittedly you were against me but you still was one. I want to offer you the chance to become Kamen Rider Fuma again, but to work to the betterment of Equestria with me.”

“So you want me to be your personal guard?”

“Well, I suppose the better term for you with your skills would be my personal ninja,” Shade admitted, “you clearly have the skills to do so, after all, you did almost defeat me when you attacked me before.”

The Changeling seemed to shuffle slightly before saying, “Sorry.”

“I know you were forced to, don’t worry, I hold no distaste towards you for it.”

“Thank you… umm,”

“When I’m like this Alex. When I parade around as an Alicorn call me Shade.”

“Okay, umm… thank you, Alex,” the Changeling responded now looking up at Alex.

“Anyway, the choice on that offer is yours. I won’t make it for you, but you need to know that s few others that will be working in that regard don’t have the choice you do, they all will be working for me because I ordered them too, you saw the effect my finisher as a rider has correct?”

“I did, you destroy their will and bend them to you're own. It’s what you did to me, yet you chose to let me have it back. For that I am thankful.”

“It’s not a problem,” Alex responded.

“Umm… as for the offer… I would like to accept it… but I don’t know who or what to become to live it?”

“Well, if you want my opinion, to walk with normal ponies around her, I’d recommend one of the three races, as for what you would be doing… maybe a Pegasus would be best, as for the rest… that you're choice. It would be the body you will live in around here, so it’s you're own to create.”

“I know… I think I have it,” the Changeling responded as he shakily stood up backing away from Alex as green flames surrounded his form before it proceeded to reveal the Changling was now a Pegasus with a black coat, with a Silver and Orange two tone mane, along with this is Cutie mark was two crossed swords.

“Umm… what do you think?” The Changeling asked Alex.

“Do you like the look?”

“I think so… but if I’m living like this, I’ll need a name to go by… maybe, Rapid Shadow?”

“I’m not against it,” Alex responded as the Rapid’s legs gave out underneath him as he began to fall to the ground, only for Shade to catch him again, “maybe you should take it slow for a bit okay?”

“I think so… I’m sorry I must look pathetic right now,” Rapid responded in dismay.

“You're talking to a creature from another reality, who died was sent to this world as a ghost with a Rider System, and then got given some equipment to allow him to become an Alicorn. Trust me I couldn’t call anyone pathetic if I tried… unless they were a stuck up noble who think they deserved something because they have money.”

“Okay, I can see that,” Rapid responded, once again trying to stand this time retaining his balance.

“Okay, I’m going to ask. Why can’t you walk and keep falling over?”

“The Theocracy took my legs away and replaced them with cybernetics, now they have no control over me, and the system used to give power to the equipment is destroyed I’m having to force them to work myself, which is not easy to do.”

“I’ll get someone looking into that. In the meantime can you help in any way Harmony?” Alex asked as her projected image appeared beside them.

“Let's see,” Harmony responded, “It appears whoever did it, decided it would be funny to partially sever the muscles from the upper half of the body from the lower half, I could fix some of it to make it easier for him to move again, but all the cybernetics would need someone with a basic understanding on how they work to completely allow him to walk unabated again.”

“But you could reduce the strain so he could walk with some supports correct?”

“Yes, It would be possible for me to do that, and I could have a rudimentary crutch made for him to support his weight until he can do so himself.”

“Well, how long would it take for you to do so?” Alex asked.

“A minute, this is me we’re talking about, depending on how close the person I’m helping to is to the tree the faster I can help them,” Harmony admitted as a white light surrounded Rapid’s form which lasted for a minute before slowly fading as two crutches made of crystal was lowered into Rapid’s hands which he grabbed ahold of and used to support himself.

“So how do you feel?” Alex asked as Rapid slowly used to crutches to move around the room.

“I’ll get used to it,” Rapid responded with a smile as he slowly walked over to Alex, “but if I may, I’d like to head out of this dungeon and see the sunlight, if you would allow it my king.”


“I’m sorry, in the hive the person who led us was our queen, but as you are not of that sex, I believe the other fit you, and with you're permission I would like to call you by that title my king.” Rapid respond with an attempted bow.

“Well if that's what you wish I shall allow it,” Alex responded with a smile as he transformed back into his Alicorn form again as he helped move Rapid back above ground.

As Shade and Rapid got above ground Rapid covered his eyes from the sunlight bearing down on him as they adjusted to the change before he looked around him to see everyone enjoying themselves at the Faire.

“This is more than I expected,” Rapid responded a massive grin on his face.

“I forgot, your kind feed off love don’t you, guess we’re lucky there are a lot of thankful people here right now, also a lot of creatures that share that and are living in the surrounding buildings, you’re probably feeling bloated this second.”

At this Rapid simply nodded his head seemingly lost in the feelings he was surrounded by as Shade said, “Come on, we better find somewhere to relax, for now. You look like you need it.”

All Rapid could do was nod his head in agreement as Shade walked towards an unoccupied bench before he sat down with Rapid shaking sitting next to him placing his crutches beside him and calmly sitting next to Shade looking at the Game Driver that appeared in his lap.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine once you everything is fixed up and you’ll be back to normal, and helping people like a real Rider should do,” Shade admitted with a smile.

“I can only hope,” Rapid responded shakily his eyes still focused on his Driver.

“Relax and take your mind off things as you recover, there is no point using it while you can barely walk,” Shade admitted.

“Okay my king, I understand,” Rapid agreed with a smile.

“Just be careful with calling me your king, not everyone will be happy to see anyone calling me that.”

“Okay, I get it sorry Shade,” Rapid responded rubbing the back of his head.

Shade could only smile at this as he placed a hand on Rapids shoulder saying nothing else to him.

It was then he noticed another form slowly making its way towards him before he looked over his shoulder to see one of the dragonness’s that the Theocracy had been continuously breeding shakily walking towards them.

She had almost completely blue scales of various colours running down her form along with red eyes however as Shade looked at her he found that the membrane that should have been on her wings had been completely removed from her wings with large portions of them being covered in serious burns making it impossible to repair the wings in normal circumstances.

Once the Dragoness got next to Shade she shakily looked to as she stuttered out, clearly still scared, “C… can I sit with you.”

“Go ahead miss, I don’t mind you doing so.”

She sat down. Shade could see she was nervous and even scared.

“Miss is something wrong if so you are free to talk to me about it. I can see you’ve been through a lot of horrible things recently so if you need to say anything, you are more than welcome to talk with me about them,” Shade stated calmly to the shaken Dragoness.

She nodded before looking to Shade her voice shaky seeming still unable to say what was on her mind as she began violently shaking in fear.

“M….Mr….Shade….I...I was hoping…..to sort out the mess,” she said.

“Miss, calm down, take a breath and relax first,” Shade respond slowly placing an arm over her shoulder, “if you need someone’s shoulder to cry on and admit all your fears I shall sit here all day if needed for you to get everything out calmly till you are content again.”

“I...I’ll try….” she whimpered out.

Shade could easily read the fear of opening up in her voice and eyes. “Miss, your scared from what they did to you, and my name isn’t making it any better is it? My name is the same as the criminals who had caused you untold horrors and things I could never even hope to understand. For what they did to you I am truly sorry and want to do all in my power to ensure you never have to suffer like that again.” Shade then wrapped his arm around her pulling her closer to his side as he added, “now, please say what you need to, I’ll remain here like this for as long as you need.”

She nodded and tried to hold emotions back. Dragonesses and even potential leaders are not supposed to show any emotion.

“Miss, emotions are not a sign of weakness in any race. Those unable to feel even the most basic, even leaders are not capable of seeing what those around them, even those they must lead feel if you fear I’ll think less of you for crying over what happened you are mistaken. In fact, if you were not willing to cry at what happened, I’d fear more for your sanity than anything else. Bottling up all the feeling you are having will never help you recover, it will only tear you up inside more, so if you need to cry over what happened, do so, I will not think any less of you or your kind I promise you that.” Shade admitted as he allowed the dragoness to rest her head into his side as he rubbed the back of her neck.

She nodded and opened up. Shade held her and let her release all the pain and suffering. As he did, he began to think the Theocracy was into dirtier tricks then he first thought. Taking a look at her, he saw that she seemed to be more mentally damaged, that she had endured rather than the physical damage as the Dragoness began openly crying into his chest as Shade continued rubbing the back of her neck.

After a couple of minutes, the Dragoness stopped crying as her face was tight up against Shade’s chest as he asked her, “okay miss, are you feeling any better now?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Okay, now your completely calm, what did you want to talk to me about?”

The Dragoness then slowly looked up to Shade her eyes red as she said, “I wanted to thank you, for saving me and the others, but then you started talking to me and…” She then stopped and began to blush.

“You have a crush on him?” Rapid asked.

The Dragoness did not answer as she pulled herself closer to Shades chest just smiling as her head fell onto Shades legs before she muttered, “maybe i have.”

Shade only smiled at the dragoness as he rubbed the back of her neck and asked, “Miss, do you have a name?”

“Ember, sir,” she said.

“Well Ember, are you content and happy now?”

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“Why do you keep calling me that? No offence but I’m not wanting to force you to do anything Ember, I just want you to feel safe again after what you endured.”

“It’s something I was raised to do,” she said. “Treat all royals as persons of importance.”

“Is that something you were taught back with your kind, or by them?” Shade asked.

“By the Theocracy, sir,” she said.

Shade sighed at this before pulling her back into his chest and he said, “why are you following the ideals they tortured you into believing?”

“I can’t explain it,” she said.

“Do you think the feelings you are having for being in close proximity to me is being forced by something they did to you?” Shade asked.

“I don’t know,” she said.

“Do you want them to feel like that?” Shade asked, “If you do, then I won’t force you away, and I’ll find a way to help you stay close to me if it’s what you indeed desire yourself.”

“I don’t know,” she said shakily.

Shade could see she was conflicted inside. He sat back and relaxed and let his mind wander as he felt Ember begin to fall to sleep in his lap “Get some rest, maybe it will help you feel better.”

She did and as she drifted off, the last thing she muttered to herself being, “yes master,” before she fell asleep in Shades lap. Shade gave a small chuckle, then gave a sigh of relief. That was one ordeal done, but not the master issue at hand.

Shade looked around the room and then sat back, taking a breath and regaining his thoughts. As he did, something crossed his mind and he reached for a notepad. He heard a sound and looked up. Emerging from the shadows was one of Celestia's remaining guards walked towards the table Shade was sat at before he saluted Shade before standing at attention.

“Prince Shade, Princess Celestia has asked I come down to lend you my services,” he said.

“I have a feeling I’ll regret this, but what exactly has she requested you led me your services for?”

“She didn’t specify. She just said you are looking for a loyal pony to assist you with your endeavours to protect the world,” the guard said.

Shade could only sigh at this before he said, “please relay this message back to her for me, till a time when your own guard is to a safe and capable standard, retain all your own guards that are still capable for service and those who are not to be retrained to be at a capable standard.”

“I can attest that Shining Armor has that under control. He’s training new guards and Celestia had a better need for me down here,” the guard said. “Besides, You are going to need an aide.”

“Not that I doubt your capabilities, but what makes you think you are suitable for the role?” Shade asked as he heard Ember begin snoring in his lap.

“I do not believe that I am fully qualified for this role,” the guard said. “But I believe I have some advice and some experience that might come in handy.”

“I see and do you have a name for me to call you by?”

“I am Steel Vanguard and a Sergeant,” the guard said.

“Well, Sergeant Vanguard. For now, I will keep you in mind if the time comes, as of this time I do not need an aide, as I do not truly have any need for one.”

“Ah, Celestia has reassigned me to you, so we’re kind of stuck right now,” Steel Vanguard said.

Shade was about to protest, but changed his mind and moved forward, picking up the cards only to find none of them reacting in the slightest as he sighed in annoyance before he placed them back into his pocket.

“Anything, Prince?” Vanguard asked.

“For now, it’s up to you, I am not giving any real commands out yet, besides I’m not a prince yet, I’m still just Shade. I've not exactly been officially named as part of the Royal family yet after all,” Shade admitted, “but if I was to give an order to you, it would be to enjoy yourself and relax for a while.”

“Sounds good,” Steel Vanguard said.

“Well, what do you intend to do with yourself for now?” Shade asked Steel Vanguard.

“That depends on what’s available,” he said. “Normally, I don’t mind just lounging about, reading.”

“Then if you have a book to read, you might as well sit here with us and if you have anything you want to ask me, you can. I can’t exactly move with the sleeping Dragoness in my lap,” Shade suggested as Ember continued snoring in his lap as he rubbed the back of her neck.

“I do have one question,” Steel Vanguard said.

“Ask away, I’m all ears,” Shade responded.

“Do you know the deal with this superhero that appeared and has the colts and fillies all excited?” Steel Vanguard asked.

“Superhero? If I’m not mistaken, in times when children are scared or deal with something as traumatic as they did, they’ll see anyone who saved them or was there for them when they needed them as just that,” Shade responded, before looking at Ember as he said, “I suppose to her that would be me after all.” Shade then looked back to Steel Vanguard before he added, “you’d need to be more specific if there was some kind of hero you're referring too.”

“We’re talking some kind of armoured figure, draped in chains and the helmet had large eyepieces,” Steel Vanguard said.

“You realise that sounds rather improbable, what sort of person would walk around in that, and besides if the figure is draped in chains would he not sound like some sort of criminal or torturer? For all, we know it could be someone from the Theocracy who took part in their suffering and they are excited about the prospect of never seeing him again.”

“That’s what they're saying. I wanted to bring up the issue with you in case you knew anything,” he said.

“No offence, but what would the children having someone they view as a hero be an issue that needed to be pursued?”

“It would, but they mentioned others who have similar costumes,” Steel Vanguard said. “Something doesn’t feel right here.”

“I really hope you're not referring to Gamma that are around us, that would be rather insensitive of you to say if you were to be deployed here,” Shade responded.

“I’m not referring to these Gamma you speak of,” Steel Vanguard said. “I’m referring to the one fighting against them.”

“Do you think they are a threat to everyone’s safety?” Shade asked.

“I don’t think they are a legitimate threat yet, but as a guard, my curiosity is piqued and I like to keep tabs on those doing my job,” Steel Vanguard said.

“If I was, to be frank with you, If the guard hadn’t fallen into a state of stagnation, they may have not been needed or have surfaced if this is any more than a rumour made by the scared children,” Shade pointed out.

“I don’t know whether to be pissed at that statement or take it in stride,” Steel Vanguard said.

“Be whatever you wish from that,” Shade responded.

“No point in getting irritated,” came the reply. “It wouldn’t serve any purpose.”

“Is there a further reason you're looking into these Superheroes, do you feel like you know them or something?”

“Simple, I want to see just what they’re capable of. I don’t like mysterious figures coming onto my turf,” Steel Vanguard said.

“And tell me, why would that be an issue for you, as of yet this is not you're turf and besides you felt like they were around us as we speak and yet no actions have been made to cause any trouble.”

“To be blunt, Equestria is my land. All of it, and I have a deep disposition to having some foreign heroes doing my job,”

“And you have some proof to the claims they are foreigners?”

He sighed.

“Look, I’m just not used to having some kind of outsider force take over and do my job,” Steel said.

“I’d say doing your job was the simplest thing they’d do,” Shade responded.

“Alright,” he said. “I’m sorry for exploding. It’s just I get defensive of someone stealing my role.”

“And I’m sorry for tormenting you, kind of hard not too after being on the moon for so long,” Shade admitted.

“It’s okay,” Steel Vanguard said.

“So… was that all that was on you're mind?”

“Yes,” he said. “It’s become annoying and even depressing to go to work as a guard.”

“Why would you say that?” Shade asked curiously, “Is there even anything I can do about that?”

“Unless you're somehow magically tied to these heroes, no,” Steel Vanguard said. “I’m just admitting how I’m starting to feel.”

“No offence, but I wouldn’t hold my chances of that being completely inaccurate to far away,” Shade admitted.

“Fair point,” Steel Vanguard said.

“Well we never know what will…” Shade then stopped as he suddenly saw multiple holes appear in the sky above him followed by what looked to be train lines appearing from them moving through the sky. “What the hell?”

“I don’t know,” Steel Vanguard said.

It was then what looked to be multiple trains appeared from the portals, one looking like a white and red bullet train while the others were all completely black in colour and maintained a look seemed to match that of a steam train.

It was then they saw the black trains begin to ram into the side of the white train as multiple carriages began to break apart from it falling into a separate portal as they disappeared while the rest of the train began to rapidly descend towards the ground before crashing into the Everfree Forest as a loud explosion was heard behind the castle along with large plumes of smoke raising soon after.

“I get a feeling that isn’t a good sign,” Shade responded carefully moving Ember off his lap so her head was resting on the bench before he turned to Steel Vanguard as he said, “Steel, first command from me, keep everyone calm and make sure to get a medical team heading towards the crash zone in case anyone was injured.”

“On it,” Steel said and hurried out as Shade rushed over towards the pillar of smoke was coming from.

On the way, he was joined by Lunar Rainbow and Daybreaker.

“I’m guessing you saw the flying trains, got any idea where they were from?”

“I know where they’re from,” Daybreaker said.

“Okay, any idea why they are here?” Shade asked as they got closer to where the smoke was coming from as it filled the forest around them.

“This means that the Shadow Line has come and is in league with the villains,” Daybreaker said. “Which means that we’re going to need the ToQgers to come and help.”

“Do you know a way to get them here?” Shade asked as they got closer to the crash site as multiple black trains travelled over their heads approaching the same crash site they were moving towards.

“My Husband,” Daybreaker said.

“Yes, I know you were referring to him, I meant how is he even going to get here?” Shade asked, “in your case my token to bring you here, or something to link you to this reality.”

“He’s the head of the ToQger team and has a train to bring his team over,” she said.

“And you think it can travel between our realities?” Shade asked.

“Considering it’s travelled all over the world and to other realities many times,” Daybreaker said.

“Well considering I didn’t know it had, I’ll take your word for it.”

Daybreaker nodded and made the call. Once done, she turned to him.

“They’ll be here in five minutes,” she said.

“Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as we are expecting,” Shade responded as they got closer to the crash site as three more black trains moved above them, seemingly circling the crash site. “Or maybe I’ll be wrong who knows.”

“Wait and see,” Daybreaker said as they reached the site.

Steel Vanguard arrived with doctors and nurses. As he approached, he saw something coming out and chasing off the black trains. Walking up, he looked over at Shade.

“Steel is everyone ready if they’re needed?” Shade asked.

“Yes,” Steel Vanguard replied.

“Good stay out of sight until you're needed, understand,” Shade ordered as he turned towards the crash as two of the trains stopped on the ground encompassing the crashed train.

“Yes,” Steel Vanguard said.

As he got close, the first train’s door opened and out stepped Gemn.

“Well, this is just great,” Shade muttered to himself.

“It seems years have been kind to you after hiding on the moon for so long, but I think it best you just turn and leave, I’ve been told to ignore you for now and there's no point in you facing me. After all, you could never beat me before, so why would that start now,” Genm said to Shade with a smirk.

“You know, only one asshole has that voice, isn’t that right Danny,” Shade responded as they began circling each other.

“This isn’t the best of situations,” Lunar muttered.

“You're right, I mean three against one is hardly fair, and besides. I see no need to bother with you,” Genm responded as he clicked his finger as Fourze, Drive and Wizard stepped infront of him. “You lot deal with these, I have some more important people to deal with. Zeronos… come with me.”

“Of course,” another voice responded from the other train as both simply walked behind the stopped trains out of sight of the others.

“Dammit, Steel, pull everyone back now!” Shade ordered pulling out his Eyecon.

He did so, dodging the swipes and grabs made at them. Shade turned to Daybreaker, who nodded.

“Time to take them down,” she said.

“Honestly, wish we had one more person here, but we’ll manage,” Shade responded as he activated his Shade Eyecon transforming into Kamen Rider Shade quickly using his chains to grab Drive, Fourze and Wizard’s legs as throw into the side of the trains in the process scattering their equipment and opening portals below them sealing them away from the Riders grasp..

“Dirty play,” Wizard said.

“All’s fair in love and war,” Shade responded quickly bringing his chains forwards pinning all three to the train carriages side before dragging them along the surfaces as sparks constantly appeared from their suits before they were thrown into the air.

From the shades of the trees, Steel Vanguard watched the last two transform right before his eyes and hurry over to help Kamen Rider Shade with the battle.

“Steel, I told you to get everyone else out of here!” Shade shouted in annoyance.

He got no response, as Steel Vanguard had moved the medical aides back even further. He wanted to keep them nearby for after the battle.

Shade could only sigh as he looked to the three riders now forced to the floor held in place by his chains as he said, “I can’t believe you three have changed so much I may only know who one of you are, but this still is not a thing I want to do to any of you.”

“Do it if you dare,” Fourze said.

Shade then looked away for a second before his chains shot forwards piecing through Fourze’s belt breaking it in half as the belt dropped to the floor in two pieces as Fourze’s transformation fell apart revealing a man with black hair, and green eyes who’s body was covered in bleeding cuts and scars.

“You think you’ve won?” the figure snarled as he tried to grab at Kamen Rider Shade, only to have him stopped by Kamen Rider Build (Lunar Rainbow).

“There is no victory here,” Shade responded holding both Wizard and Drive high in the air before saying, “Finish them.”

Kamen Rider Build agreed and performed the action, as the other one watched. Kamen Rider Shade watched as their transformations fell apart and he lobbed them at the other one and stood over the trio of costumeless riders.

“Even I can’t stand to watch you three fall as far as you have. Especially you Simon, what would you're brother think of you now,” Shade responded in dismay.

“You think….wait….my brother?” Simon asked. “Where is he?”

“Of what, you don’t know? You were using him when you were turned into this were you not?” Shade responded before adding, “keep them restrained and we’ll take them back with us after we sort this mess out.”

‘Yeah…..which means…..he’s dead?” Simon asked.

It was then a small portal opened up below Wizard and Fourze as they were dragged inside while Drive now known to be Simon was held in place by one of Shade’s chains that were still wrapped around his leg before the portal closed leaving Simon alone with the others escaping through it.

“You win. You have me,” Simon snarled. “Now, tell me where my brother is.”

“You’ll find out later, right now I have old Danny Bastard to deal with,” Shade responded throwing Simon to Lunar before adding, “don’t let him escape okay, I need to talk to him later.”

“Promise. If need be, I can have mom detain him,” Lunar said.

“Just don’t let him get away,” Shade repeated.

Lunar agreed and after detaining Simon, Shade turned his attention to Danny as he used his chains to fling himself towards the crashed train to see both Genm and the other Rider trying to break a door down to get inside.

It was then Shade used the ends of the chains to grip into the wreckage behind Genm and quickly propel himself towards him kicking him in the side of the head knocking him into the side of the wrecked train before kicking him into a large section of another carriage that had fallen over.

“So, you won’t stop pursuing me, eh?” Danny asked.

“No offence, but you murdered the others and turned them into slaves, you really think I’m going to let you get away with doing that to anyone else?” Shade responded as he used this chains to throw the unaware Zeronos into Genm before throwing the two of them deep into the Everfree. “I may not be taking you out, but if people are trapped inside the train, they take priority over revenge.”

It was then Shade quickly tore the door open as black smoke poured out the carriage, as Shade saw flames inside the carriage itself. It was then he quickly grabbed the Wizard Eyecon before walking into the burning carriage absorbing the flames as he went quickly finding two children and a woman trapped under rubble which he quickly removed before helping them get out the carriage.

As he got them out, Kamen Rider Arachnus headed over to help.

“Anything else I can do?” she asked.

“Get these three to the medical staff, they were under rubble in smoke that was on them, they may be suffering from oxygen deprivation, I’m going back in to look for anyone else,” Shade responded as he ran back inside looking for anyone else who was in trouble.

“Right,” she said. “Want me to send more aide your way?”

However, she got no reply as he was already inside scouring the carriage for other survivors.

It was then Shade walked to the front of the train towards the train itself and opened the door to find two bodies on the floor, both seemingly unconscious with three demon looking creatures infront of them. One was red, the other blue and the last purple, and all three of them seemed to be trying to protect the unconscious bodies.

“You there! Stay Back!” One of the demon creatures shouted at Shade.

“My, you are a loud one? Is all you do shout?” Shade asked as he walked towards them.

“No,” the other said. “We don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“I really doubt that I’m here to get those two out, the rate this smoke is filling the room they’ll be unable to breathe soon,” Shade admitted.

“Alright,” they said.

As he moved to lift them out, some of the metal collapsed, blocking them in.

Shade the quickly turned around to see a bike connected to the centre of the room as he quickly jumped onto it summoning his pistols before firing on the cracked glass window on the front of the train as cracks covered the entirety of it before he rammed into the glass shattering it as the bike crashed into the ground as Shade rolled from it a few metres away from the wreckage, in turn cancelling his transformation allowing the demons to carry the two people out the room through the hole he had made.

As that happened, a figure stood over him and helped Shade up.

It was then Shade looked up to see A black suit with white trim, and belts in the shape of train tracks heading to a circle that had the number 0 in the middle. The helmet had bars around it, like a cowcatcher. The boots were white with silver rings.

“Shade, I assume you have a need for a second body,” the figure said.

“What took you so long,” Shade responded as he looked up to the figure, “thought you would never show up.”

“Sorry, but I had to fight off more Shadow Line Riders and Sentai Rangers with my team,” the figure said. “Now, I believe we have a problem to deal with.”

“Do you mean the mass amount of people trying to kill us, or the unconscious people in the carriages?” Shade asked as the three Demon’s carried the two unconscious bodies out the broken window.

“The people in the coaches. Come on,” the figure said.

Shade, after being helped up, followed him in. The two began moving large pieces of metal clear of wreckage in an attempt to find anyone else who was trapped and assisting in the rescue. Shade came out to see Steel Vanguard coming up to assist if needed.

“Steel, there is no-one else inside, it appears it was just those four,” Shade stated,

“Ah well, that’s fine. However, I’m going to have a few hundred questions regarding your… costume change,” he said.

“I expected you would,” Shade responded.

“I don’t want to be rude, but I’m curious. What was that you became?” Steel asked.

“I believe you called it, one of the foreigners that are taking your job,” Shade responded

“That was before I knew the situation,” Steel Vanguard said. “Now, mind filling me in? Or do I have to painfully drag the answer out of you?”

“Do you really think you can?” Shade asked.

Steel Vanguard gave him a dirty look before tackling him and holding Shade in a painful position.

“Really?” Shade responded as Steel’s hands passed through his body before Shade stood up phasing through Steel’s body.

“Look, just tell me,” Steel Vanguard said irritated.

“It’s very complicated to explain,” Shade responded, “but at a minimum, I can say right now is this, I am what's called a Kamen Rider.”

“Ah, that is interesting,” Steel Vanguard said.

“Really how so?” Shade asked, seemingly thinking about something else beyond his conversation with Steel, as he hand was placed to his side against his pistols with his eyes directed towards the forest.

“It’s something… Shade, get back, I see something not right in those woods,” Steel Vanguard said.

“Yeah, I know, it’s the asshole I threw out of the way,” Shade responded as his chains began to raise around his form.

“Shade, leave him to me,” Steel Vanguard said.

“No offence, but I think you’re punching above your weight.”

“I’m a guard. That’s my job,” Steel Vanguard said.

“Yes, but if you do become my aide, do you not need to be alive to do that?” Shade asked, before bringing his fingers to his mouth before whistling as a creature that had the body of a lizard and the head of a chicken walked into the forest where Shade had been watching before they heard three screams as the figures seemed to run away.

“True,” Steel Vanguard said.

“Also helps to have eyes and ears everywhere in the forest,” Shade added as he pointed his pistols into the forest behind the group before firing three rounds before a Danny's voice shouted out in pain, “Oh come on seriously how!”

“So… where should the next one go? An arrow to the knee or a bullet to the face?” Shade asked.

“Bullet to the face, if I may say,” Steel Vanguard said.

Shade could only chuckle as he levelled his gun into the forest again before he heard a voice say, “there opening a portal, I think they’ve decided the fight is not worth the cost anymore, only one seems to be staying nearby.”

It was then Shade fired one bullet, missing its target and instead of hitting the targets head tore through its leg as it fell into the portal as it closed behind it before being followed by one of the trains behind them suddenly began to move before disappearing into a portal that closed instantly behind it.

“Seems we took care of one of the problems,” Yami No 0gou said. “But the Shadow Line will strike again.”

“Sadly, I feel like I should have expected that,” Shade responded with a sigh.

“It’s easy to oversee something like this,” Yami No 0gou said. “Hence why the team has two Sentai or Power Ranger teams to aide them in my world.*

“That only leaves the small task of finding a group with that specific skill set for the eventuality,” Shade pointed out.

“That can be easier than you think. We have both Choujin Sentai Jetman and Ressha Sentai ToQger to handle the problems we have,” Yami No 0gou said.

“Yeah, but you're world seem to have no issue with different teams appearing from the woodwork, I mean a new one must appear every week.”

“Every week? No. The teams appear and fight either alongside each other or against each other to figure out who will win,” Yami No 0gou said.

“Oh right, that's just for the monsters isn’t it?” Shade responded with a smirk.

“Not really just for the monsters,” Yami No 0gou said. “These teams are teams who don’t see eye to eye with us and want the glory for themselves. It’s rare to get them to work with us.”

“And yet that doesn’t surprise me or give a solution for this world,” Shade added.

“I’d suggest finding a team who’s willing to work with you,” Yami No 0gou said. “Think of a group of friends who you’ve hung out with and see if they’d be interested. Maybe start with the guards or something of that nature.”

“Yet you forget one important piece of information in this endeavour,” Shade pointed out.

“A piece that is known. I am here to assist, yes,” Yami No 0gou said.

“Even if you could assist me in that regard, it would be almost impossible to repay you for your help, but beyond that, finding the equipment they would need isn’t something I can do easily.”

“Repayment isn’t necessary. As for supplies, I have two sets of morphers that come with all the necessary supplies,” Yami No 0gou replied. “All you would have to do is supply them a base and all the necessities, like food and training.”

The two stood up and started to head back when they were knocked back by something striking the ground in front of them. The two looked up at a much bigger and much more menacing Shadow Line train circling overhead.

“Seems they want us to not find out anything,” Yami No 0gou said. “However, I think we can change the tides of fate.”

Shade nodded, grabbed his device and prepared to transform.

“Not sure how much help I will be, I don’t think I can damage that thing,” Shade admitted.

“Don’t doubt your ability,” Yami No 0gou said.

Shade agreed, transformed and the two began slashing, firing and stabbing at the train, unsurprisingly doing nothing to it, “Yeah, that was never going to work as it is,” Shade admitted.

“That is true, but we can alter the plans to take this train down,” Yami No 0gou said.

“And do you have one?” Shade asked.

“I do have an idea of how to do this, but I will need my team,” Yami No 0gou said.

“And pray I ask where they are?” Shade asked.

“Just waiting for my orders to come in,” he said to Shade.

“And how long will that take for those orders to come in?”

“I can send the orders right away and they can be here in about three minutes,” came the reply.

“Then we just need to hold it off for that long,” Shade responded.

“Yes,” came the reply.

“Well I suppose you have a way planned for us to hold it off?” Shade asked curiously.

“I do. Come on,” Yami No 0gou said.

“I guess I’ll follow your lead then.”

The two headed off to a small cave behind the train. Climbing up, the two spotted something that gave them pause for concern. Mechanical parts that moved.

“Umm, you going to explain this?” Shade asked curiously.

“This is a modification that they did to turn it into a robot,” Yami No 0gou said.

“But how will that help us?”

“It’s something we can use to sabotage them,” he said. “It won’t do much, but it should be enough.”

Shade nodded before saying, “and how would we sabotage it?”

“Attack the joints. They are the weak point,” Yami No 0gou said.

“Why did you not just instruct me to do that before?” Shade asked.

“Because I didn’t know what they had until I saw it,” Yami No 0gou said.

“Okay, shall we go and sort this then?” Shade asked.

“Yes,” Yami No 0gou said.

Shade simply nodded back before turning and running out of the cave holding out another Eyecon in his hand.

Yami No 0gou charged after him and drawing his sword, jammed it in a joint as Shade transformed using the Houdini Eyecon flying into the air using it chains to bind the legs together causing it to fall to the ground.

It was then Shade paused getting an idea before he quickly lifted himself into the air before dropping into the train’s cab to find a Black suit Ranger with the number 1 in the circle badge on his chest. The figure looked up.

“So, the imposter shows himself,” The figure said.

Shade then made himself visible before looking around him and saying, “Sorry, were you talking to me?”

“Of course. Who else would be the imposter the Theocracy said I was to have my team hunt down?” the figure said.

Shade then began to laugh at the Ranger’s comment before looking back to him as he said, “I’m sorry, it’s just I can’t believe you think I’m the imposter here.”

The Ranger snarled and attempted to pull his weapon out, but Shade quickly grabbed the Ranger arm before punching down into his shoulder as it went limp against the Ranger’s side with a loud cracking sound.

“You dirty bastard!” the Ranger snarled, using his other arm to reach for the weapon, only for Shade to repeat the process on the other arm as well before kicking into his legs knocking him to the ground, “you know, that was a pretty stupid thing to try.”

“Stupid? Pah,” The ranger said, catching Shade unaware and sending him into the tender coal door.

“Pretty much, after all, neither of your arms work,” Shade responded standing up as chains grabbed ahold of the Ranger appearing from the ground holding his arm against his side and his legs together, “and you can’t even move a muscle.”

The Ranger growled as the train buckled and Shade fell out, to be caught by Yami No 0gou. He watched as a more colourful blue train came out to chase it off. As he turned to Yami No 0gou, the two felt something shake the ground.

“Why do I think this isn’t good?” Shade responded as the chains in the train he had been inside begun to form around him again, relinking him to the train’s cab. “Just give me a minute, think you can handle things for a moment?”

“I can,” The Black Ranger said. “If things get out of hand, send a red chain down and I’ll send reinforcements.”

“It shouldn’t be,” Shade responded as he used the chains around him to propel him back inside the train cab as he looked back to the Ranger inside to see the Ranger still chained to the cab, but trying to break free as he asked, “having a good time down there?”

“Yes, I am. I like being chained up like this,” came the sarcastic reply.

“In that case, you can stay like that,” Shade responded as the chains removed the Rangers weapons and held him against the back wall, he then walked over to the restrained Ranger before saying. “After all, I’ll be taking good care of you from now on, and I’ve got a lot to ask you about later,” as he tapped him on his shoulder.

“Good luck,” was all that was said on the captive’s end.

“Oh, you bet I’ve got good luck, and I think I’ll be keeping this thing,” Shade responded as flames enveloped his hands as he placed his hand against the train's controls as the train began to be engulfed in flames as in the interior of the cab began to match Shade’s style as a large red eye appeared on the back wall.

“Now this I like, what do you think to the remodelling?” Shade asked the Ranger as he chuckled while multiple Eyecon shaped holes formed in the centre of the cockpit.

“Interesting, and not really,” the Shadow Line Ranger said. “The train will no longer respond to anyone, even though you took control, it will never respond to you or any of your pathetic allies.”

“ see shall we?” Shade responded as his Eyecons floated into the holes in the controls before a voice said, “Weapon identified, Accessing Shade link,” before a second voice said from the console itself, “New operator accepted, welcome Kamen Rider Shade.”

“I’m sorry what was that about not getting in?” Shade asked before the console said, “Activating Shade Gattai!” as the train began to reform.

“You dirty bastard,” the Shadow Line Ranger snarled.

“Sorry couldn’t hear you over the interface, please speak up,” Shade mocked smirking under his helmet as he pressed in the Musashi Eyecon before the console said, “Musashi Eyecon accepted, Shade Musashi Gattai activating.”

While Shade did this outside the train now was mostly black in colour but red marking was forming along it while it stood on two legs while two long swords formed in its hands, as it swung downwards slicing one of the two circling trains in half as it exploded midair.

“You dick,” was all Shade heard.

“You wound me,” Shade responded

“Enough. Such a move by such an enemy would wound only the enemy,” Yami No 0gou said, climbing into the cab.

“Well good to see you, what do you think?”

“It is a nice acquisition,” Yami No 0gou said. “This will do a Sentai Team well, should you decide to go for it.”

“For now we have one more Train to handle,” Shade responded calmly.

“Ah, Let us handle it now,” Yami No 0gou said.

“Okay, I’ll act as Support in case I’m needed,” Shade responded pressing in the Billy the Kid Eyecon as the console said, “Shade, Billy The Kid Gattai activating!” as the swords disappeared being replaced by two pistols as what looked to be a cowboy hat appeared on the Gattai’s head.

“Good,” Yami No 0gou said.

“So, you got your own train to catch or are you staying here and observing?” Shade asked as a second seat formed next to Shade.

“I have my own train, but I want to see you in action in one of these trains,” Yami No 0gou said.

“Did you not just say, you were handling this?” Shade responded with a smirk as he looked at the Shadow Line Ranger behind them.

“I did,” Yami No 0gou said, playing along with Shade.

“Okay, then what do you need me to do then? I could shoot the other one down if you want,” Shade suggested.

“It’s your call,” came the reply. “I’m along to see how you do. Please, cause all the destruction to the enemy to your heart’s content.”

“More than happy to,” Shade responded as the Gattai pointed it’s pistols towards the remaining train before beginning to open fire on it instantly shooting its front cab as it began to fall to the ground crashing into the forest below, “I think that is good, Harmony can collect the wreckage I’m sure we can do something with the salvage.”

“Oh we can,” Yami No 0gou said. “The Rainbow Line has a habit of restoring and building new trains.”

“Then we’ll send the remains to you at a later date,” Shade responded before saying to the Shadow Line Ranger behind them, “what do you think little guy?”

“Other than you are a dick for stealing this, I take it I have no choice in whether I go free or not and you're going to offer me an Alliance or I become a servant.”

“Honestly, I was going to let my friend here handle you after I learn all I needed, I’m sure he’ll enjoy learning everything you know.”

“Shit,” was all the two heard.

“Hey, why did we not take his equipment yet? I’m sure we could find a use for it?” Shade pointed out.

“Because you’ve repurposed it. Once you took control, it’s now yours to use,” Yami No 0gou said.

“I meant his transformation equipment, I’m keeping the Shade Gattai no doubt about it,” Shade clarified.

“Ah,” Yami No 0gou said.

“You might as well take it for now and we’ll decide what to do after,” Shade responded.

“Good idea,” Yami No 0gou said.

Shade watched as Yami No 0gou headed over and pulled the morpher off the Ranger’s wrist. Once done and the Shadow Line Ranger transformed back into a member of the enemy team, the two looked at the device.

“So… Need I ask how it works?” Shade asked curiously.

“That’s going to come later. Right now, we have a matter to tend to,” came the reply.

“And that is?” Shade asked.

“Our matter comes in the form of the problem you posed,” Yami No 0gou said. “How would a sentai team fair in your organization.”

“As of yet I do not know, but the problem still remains on the missing members for a team and any morphers that I need not existing yet.”

“I’m willing to bet that something will come to us and we can work from there,” Yami No 0gou said.

“That is normally the case with these sort of things,” Shade responded with a smile, “but for now we need to get this thing home and check if everyone is okay.”

“I’ve gotten a report that everyone’s fine and that this Steel Vanguard has found something in the woods. Some kind of device that he wants us to inspect,” Yami No 0gou said.

“We’ll get onto that at some point,” Shade responded as the Shade Gattai reverted back to a normal train as Shade took the group back towards the castle.

As they arrived, Shade saw 7 brightly coloured trains sitting outside the castle on tracks that weren’t there before.

“I take it those are your team's trains?” Shade asked as the train stopped in front of the other trains.

“Yes,” Yami No 0gou corrected.

“I hope they won’t mistake this for a Shadowline train,” Shade admitted.

“They won’t. I told them what happened,” Yami No 0gou said.

Shade then looked to the Shadowline Ranger behind him as he said, “looks like you're ‘gift’ to me won’t be destroyed, I bet that's good for you to hear,” as he walked over to the restrained Ranger before picking him up and throwing the Ranger over his shoulder facing backwards.

“Shut up,” was all the captive said.

“Don’t be like that. After all, I’m sure you’ll love being around here soon enough.”

“That’s a laugh and a half,” the captive replied.

“Hey don’t talk like that, if you do behave I might be keeping you around to maintain the train after all,” Shade responded tapping the captive on the shoulder.

He got no reply.

“Say something, it’s like I’m telling you that I am taking you're free will away,” Shade responded jabbing his thumb into the captives broken shoulder.

The captive yowled in pain.

“Oops, sorry forgot about that,” Shade responded apologetically, “you okay back there?”

“Piss off.”

“It might be a good idea to speak to me with a bit of respect, after all, I could make sure your bones heal incorrectly and leave you dependent on others for the rest of your life,” Shade responded knowing he would never do something like that to anyone.

“Sorry,” was all he heard.

“Okay, now. What's making you act like this?” Shade asked as he cancelled his transformation reverting to his Alicorn from.

“The Shadow Line was hired by the Theocracy, and your a sworn enemy and I was sworn to never talk if I was captured and the detaining weapons you used came off as a dick move,” the captive said.

“You do realise the Theocracy is following a liar right? The god they think they are following is a fake pretending to be me to get them to do what he wants?”

That didn’t deter him from following his orders.

“Besides, being you messed up the theocracy and you're old employer will not take someone back who failed them, they’re more likely to try and have you removed from the equation, and honestly I don’t wish that on anyone.”

It’d take the captive a lot more than that to convince him. Shade turned to his ally, who chuckled.

“Lock him in a cell and let him think about it alone,” Yami No 0gou said. “Some solitary confinement should do the trick.”

“No offence to you, but I’m not going to mentally torture someone and leave them scared out their mind when they are meaning nobody any harm,” Shade responded before looking back to the ranger, “look I want to help you, so can you at least give me a name so I know who I’m trying to help?” as he healed the Rangers shoulders so they wouldn’t cause him anymore pain anymore. “That any better?”

The Ranger stayed silent.

“Come on, seriously at this rate I am going to be forced to lock you in a cold dark cell alone with nothing to do for a while, give me something to make your situation better?” Shade requested.

Still, the Ranger stayed silent.

“Can’t say I didn’t warn you, hope you are not scared of the dark… or tight spaces,” Shade responded with a sigh as what looked to be casket appeared on the ground beside them, as the ranger still stayed quiet as Shade lowered him into the casket as a wooden board covered the top and suddenly sealed shut trapping the Ranger inside with not even an inch to move.

It was then both Shade and Sombra saw they could see inside the casket while the Ranger couldn’t see out as they saw that he was laying there still staying silent.

“Man he’s determined to say nothing,” Shade responded in annoyance, “I really didn’t want to harm the kid.”

It was then Shade thought, “man harmony you have a horrific sense of humour.

I’m not that bad!” Harmony argued back.

“Yes you are, and you know it,” Shade argued back before lisening to Sombra again.

“We can maybe try something like offering him a team,” Yami No 0gou said

“Why do I get the feeling he’ll never want to work with me?” Shade asked.listening

“Don’t worry, I have a plan,” Yami No 0gou said.

“What is your idea?” Shade asked as he picked up the casket resting it against his shoulder as he walked.

“Leave him alone with his thoughts. I know that his type like to be around people and make friends and with him being alone, he’ll be willing to listen to us and do what we have planned for him,” Yami No 0gou said.

“And if that doesn’t work and he remains hostile towards us?” Shade asked.

“Then we’d have no other option then to strip him down and you turn him into your puppet as it were,” Yami No 0gou

“Well that's a brilliant way of putting that,” Shade responded rolling his eyes.

“I was trying to be tactful,” Yami No 0gou said.

“Oh I know,” Shade responded with a smile.

The two chuckled and watched. Time seemed to drag on before they heard the captive ranger claim he’ll do anything Shade asked of him.

“That was only two hours, impressive,” Yami No 0gou said.

At first Shade did nothing as he looked inside the casket seeing that he was still seemingly calm before he said, “let's give him ten more minutes.”

“Agreed,” Yami No 0gou said.

They waited for five minutes before they suddenly heard the Ranger shout out in terror from inside the casket “Lemme out! You can’t bury me alive!”

“Should we unlock the box?” ToQ1ger asked.

Shade looked inside the box again to see to figure banging his hands against the top of it as Shade said, “I’d say just a couple minutes more, just to be safe.”

They waited and as they did, ToQ2ger made a suggestion that he offered him a position as a leader of a team. Shade turned to ToQ2ger and chuckled, thinking the idea was a good starting point, just maybe with him not being the one leading a team.

“I may consider it,” Shade responded as he looked inside to see the Ranger curled into a ball almost in tears as Shade looked to them and opened the casket before slowly picking the Ranger up before saying calmly, “don’t worry, you are safe now, nobody going to hurt you.”

The ranger jumped up, making it easier for Shade to lift him out.

“You are one twisted Rider,” The Ranger said trembling in fear, with tears forming in his eyes.

“I tried to get you to avoid that,” Shade responded rubbing the Rangers back, “but you kept mouthing off at me and not letting me help you.”

“I was ordered to make it hard on you,” he said.

“And they threw you under the bus and left you for dead, I was wanting to help and you chose not to let me, even if you were ordered to do something, they abandoned you to suffer and you chose to continue following liars and criminals.”

“And they said they’d back me up,” he growled.

“And did they do anything of the sort?” Shade asked.

“No,” he said. “Not even my own team backed me up.”

“What does that tell you about them all?” Shade asked.

“They’re backstabbing bastards,” he said.

“So, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to trust them again and go back to being betrayed.”

“Screw that. I’d rather start up a team. Pick me some rangers, preferably of different types and lemme at it,” he said.

“Tell me. Why should I even trust you with that?”

“I know what I’m doing and plus, it’d be a leash as it were for you to keep tabs on me,” The Ranger said.

“Oh, I know that. I more meant why should I let you lead a team?”

“Other than the fact I’ve lead a team before, also it would give you a reprieve from having to manage two teams at once and knowing all the paperwork marrying bureaucrats who demand the forms every day….yeah,” The Ranger said.

Shade paused for a second, then roared with laughter. He hadn’t heard something that funny in ages.

“Okay, three things one, I very much doubt many bureaucrats will argue with an Alicorn with has been given the title ‘Alicorn of war.’ Second I have no other Rangers to put you in a team with and lastly do you think I even have a team to lead?”

“True and I’m thinking that they may come,” came the reply. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

“That we will umm… You never did give me a name, being you didn’t want to say anything to me before,” Shade admitted as he put the Ranger down carefully.

“I’ll give it to you later. Right now, we should get things ready,” the ranger said.

“You seem optimistic,” Shade responded.

“I can be optimistic when given the opportunity,” he said.

“I’ll wait to see one that, also I’ll get a home sorted for you in the town, I trust you have no objections?”

“I don’t have any objections,” he said.

“Okay, then. There is currently a Faire going off, so if you wish you can enjoy that till it ends,” Shade replied calmly.

“Of course,” The ranger said and headed out.

As he headed out, ToQ3ger turned to Shade.

“There is a chance he could be a good leader,” she said to Shade.

“I don’t doubt that fact, but I just don’t trust him with that responsibility just yet,” Shade admitted.

“I know, but maybe, give him a dummy team or better yet, let him lead us,” ToQ4ger said.

“That position is not mine to give. After all none of you are really from here,” Shade admitted looking to Sombra.

“It’s fine by me. If you're willing to watch and judge him,” Sombra said.

“You realise that once you all head home for that to work he’d head back with you, and I do need to stay here and get this place sorted, kinda isn’t advantageous for me to run off while everything is being sorted here.”

“We don’t have to head home just yet. We still have a week here,” he said. “That should be ample time to study him.”

“You’re really good at making everything sound like an experiment you know that?”

“I know and that’s because it is an experiment,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah I know,” Shade responded rolling his eyes.

“You don’t like experiments, do you?” Sombra asked.

The two stretched and Shade walked with Sombra back to where the Ranger was sitting by the fountain. As the two made to leave, the two heard something crash through the castle’s roof.

It was then Shade turned back around as he saw the dust settle and found a human body on the ground. The figure was wearing what looked to be a white training suit that had a black belt tied around their waist with golden Kanji around his waist, beyond this also wore a pair of red fingerless gloves and looked to have a red headband around his forehead.

“Umm, did someone find a token and activate it?” Shade asked looking at everyone in the room.

“That I doubt,” Sombra responded.

“Well, if that's who I think it is, it makes no sense for him to be here naturally,” Shade responded in confusion.

“That’s true, but could it be someone who’s dressed up as him and ended up here. Like you have ended up here?” Sombra asked.

“Even then, why did he end up here?”

“That could be answered with one of two options: “The same force that brought you here brought him” or “He was brought here by this world’s needs of aid to help the Ranger you're giving a chance”,” Sombra said.

“I honestly hope it’s not the first or I’ll be sorry for the guy,” Shade responded

“I doubt it’s the first option, as he doesn’t come across as a ghost,” Sombra said.

“Well who knows if I’m the only case of this, and I just got unlucky with being dead,” Shade responded with a sigh as he walked over to the figure checking his pulse finding that it was strong, signifying he was alive.

“That's a good thing at least,” Shade responded before adding “Harmony, could you take him to be kept an eye on for the time being with the others?”

“Why would I not, right now the poor thing looks like he needs it more than anything else,” she said.

It was then that a manticore walked up next to them as Harmony formed some Vines to help place the unconscious man onto it’s back before walking out carrying the figure to the temporary hospital where the other unconscious humans were.

It was then Shade looked to where the figure had crashed to see what looked to be a small golden coin that had what looked to be an engraving of two wings embedded into both faces of the coin, and he looked over it before placing it into his pocket to hand back to the figure once he awoke.

“Know who he is?” Sombra asked.

“As in who he looks like or who he is personally?” Shade asked.

“I’d say who he looks like. I doubt you’d know him personally,” Sombra said.

“If I remember correctly, I believe he’s an experienced martial artist, but I can’t remember if he had any other skills beyond that.”

“I see,” Sombra said. “However, I’m starting to have a funny feeling that you're going to have some more unexpected guests,” Sombra said.

“You make it sound as if I don’t expect too have that happen sooner or later?” Shade admitted.

“It’s not that, it’s that I’m starting to think that it’s going to happen soon,” Sombra said.

“Oh that I have no doubt,” Shade responded as he began to walk out, “right now I have something to discuss with you and your wife.”

“Right,” Sombra said.

“I would say it would be best to find her first. This is something I think you both need time to think it over for, and beyond that, we need to finish sorting something on our end,” Shade responded.
“Alright. I’m thinking she’ll be back at the castle,” Sombra said.

“Okay, see if you can find her, then meet me back here.”

Sombra nodded and headed off. Shade looked around, seeing if he could spot anyone else before he said, “Harmony, are we almost ready?”

“Almost, all we need is their help to test if it will work,” Harmony responded to Shade calmly as he waited for Sombra and Daybreaker to return.

Around 20 minutes later the two returned to where Shade was waiting.

“So, what is this thing you need us for?” Daybreaker asked.

“Less need more to make a proposition for you, but with what I know of what I’m intending to say, I thought it best to say it to the both of you at once, instead of repeat the same thing twice, Also it may be better if we go somewhere else so my friend can form and explain it as well,” Shade admitted as a stairway appeared on the ground in front of them.

They nodded and followed Shade down the stairs to the room.

Once they reached the bottom of the staircase they found themselves in a room that surrounded the Tree of Harmony, the room was surrounded with multiple crystal shaped arches that seemed to stop with no paths onwards that looked to engraved with runes, with only one arch having a path following it into what looked to lead to an open room.

It was then the group looked up to the tree’s branches to see Harmony’s manifestation sitting on a branch which looked to be sprouting a new set of branches on it with a new faints gem forming in the colour black, the gemstones shape seemingly having not taken form yet.

“Harmony, I presume,” Daybreaker said with a curt and polite nod.

“Whatever gave it away? Was it the big tree I’m sitting on or can Shade here not keep a secret very well?” Harmony asked.

“It’s that something that we heard people say,” Daybreaker said.

Harmony looked at them confused until it clicked. “You took a pot shot, didn’t you?”

Daybreaker chuckled and told her to not worry. “Sometimes, people and ponies get it on the first shot.”

“Even if it only from loose clues, I mean seriously you are sitting on the ‘Tree of Harmony’ in a place very few people from this world know off. They didn’t really have many people to guess from,” Shade pointed out.

“I suppose you are right,” Harmony responded with a sigh. “I suppose you both want to know why we asked you down here.”

“That would be a start,” Sombra said.

“Okay, I think it would be best if I start,” Shade responded. “I think I personally need to thank you both for everything you did for me, from my visit one-thousand years ago to you're world and all of your help today. I honestly feel like I’ve done almost nothing to help you in return and the fact of how difficult it is for me to reach you in an emergency if you needed me.”

“It’s fine. We’re a resource for you and honestly, you’ve got a team or two to raise,” Sombra said.

Shade then sighed before he said, “Why do you see yourselves as a resource to this world. I don’t want that to be how you are viewed between worlds, nor is that how I see you or your help.”

“It’s not how we’re viewed, it’s the truth. But also, we are friends to you, so don’t worry about it,” Daybreaker said.

“You realise if you were not guests, I would slap you for even suggesting that being the truth,” Harmony responded. “You and everyone you send here, are more than a resource for us, your very presence here made it so we could help everyone that was in trouble earlier.

“I know. “Resource” is a term we choose as it does symbolise a part of our relation,” Sombra said.

“Well then, stop referring to yourselves like that, you lot are more than that too him,” Harmony admitted pointing to Shade.

“True,” they chuckled.

“Let's just get back to why we asked you down here,” Shade responded as he shook his head.

“That would be for the best,” Harmony responded, “luckily one of the gates is almost functional, all we need is their help.”

“Alright,” Sombra said.

“Okay, In simple terms for what I want to offer, is an essence to tie our worlds together into a linked system, Harmony’s found a way we could possibly link our two realities to a single time frame without the direct use of my token, and it would allow us to enter each other's worlds whenever we want without issues.”

“That would work out to both benefits,” Sombra said.

“In what ways do you think it will benefit you?” Harmony asked curiously.

“Simple, it’d allow for something called Cross Training and even a backup team or singular Ranger/Rider if needed,” Sombra said.

“To be fair in the case of the Rider’s I think that's needed,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“There’s that and also, it’ll allow us to have new terrains to test ourselves on,” Sombra added.

“I feel like most terrains I could offer would be the same as your own,” Shade admitted.

“Not really,” Daybreaker said. “Remember, a lot of makeups are different.”

“True, and I do modify the Everfree’s terrain whenever I wish,” Harmony added.

“That does present a challenge,” Daybreaker said.

“That's an understatement Harmony, you filled in the crevice that surrounded the castle in a few hours easily enough.”

“Well, you’d hardly be able to build a house on a massive hole in the ground,” Harmony responded.

“True,” they replied.

“There was something I was wondering though, is it even possible for a team based around different ‘rangers’ work? I mean would they even be able to form anything together?” Harmony asked.

“The Super Sentai or Power Rangers can form a giant robot with theirs. Generally, Super Sentai has their own teams, but we have done deals were each team gives up a ranger to form a new team that can work together. Generally, each Ranger brings that Sentai Team’s fighting style to the new team,” Sombra said. “Example. ToQ1ger and ShiroNinger have been together on a team and have shown other members their fighting styles.”

“I see, so you are saying it’s possible for it to work,” Harmony responded calmly.

“Yes. Also, It is a benefit to having a secondary team, in case one or more problems arise,” Sombra said. “Also, it’ll spread the load.”

“I think she more was referring to the fact idea of finding a group of capable people who could work together, and also the prospect of a permanent team of which a mix of Riders and Rangers would work under one banner,” Shade clarified.

“That can be tricky,” Sombra said. “Unless we have some kind of lead or possible person/persons/pony/ponies to help.”

“Well, there was that figure one-thousand years ago who saved my ass… but he’s likely long gone,” Shade admitted

“Have his name?” Sombra asked.

“Nope, all I saw was his suit before he said he’d handle it and to go after the monster that was trying to assist Nightmare Moon,” Shade admitted.

“Do you remember what the suit looked like?” Daybreaker asked.

“Umm… I remember an orange scorpion motif… and he had a scorpion tail… and that's all I remember, I'm afraid,” Shade admitted.

“That is interesting,” Sombra said. “I’d ask more questions, but I’m afraid I’d get no straight answers.”

“You know just as much as me sadly,” Shade responded with a shrug of his shoulders.

“That’s fine,” Sombra said.

“For now, I think we should sort why I asked three of you down here before he goes off track again,” Harmony interrupted, “Do you want to tether our worlds to each other or not?”

“Yes, let us tend to that matter right now,” Sombra said.

“Are you both sure you want this, I’d rather be sure considering if some villain from you're world got access to the way we’ll link our worlds, it could cause chaos here. Which I am sure you could both have guessed,” Harmony responded.

“While that is a concern, we have an idea. Ever heard of a hidden access point?” Daybreaker asked.

“Trust me, we’ll be fine this end, I can seal off all paths to me whenever I wish I just create an endless labyrinth to keep anyone away from our end of the portal, it’s just wherever you set your link we need to worry about… once we create something to act as a tether, admittedly we’ll use his Token as ours which is simple enough,” Harmony admitted.

“That is true,” Sombra said.

“But the question is what will you use as youe tethers? And do you reside in the same location where you live?

“We reside in our Castle and we have an unused room that we can use as a portal room,” Daybreaker said.

“I see, that makes that easier, so particular object you’ll be using?”

“There’s a mirror in there, so we can use that,” Daybreaker said.

“She means an object, the mirror would be the access point between the worlds, she needs an object that would act as a physical link between them.”

“As for objects, there are old books, if that works,” Sombra said.

“It very well could, do you have one on you for us to use for this purpose?” Harmony asked.

“I do,” Sombra said.

“I guess that’s good, you wouldn’t mind getting them out so we can sort this?” Harmony asked as two podiums appeared infront of her.

Sombra produced the book and placed it on one of the podiums while Shade created a new copy of his Token and placed it on the other. The two then backed up and let Harmony do her work as both objects began to glow in a white light as they both lifted from the podiums slowly turning in the air.

After a few moments the light subsided as a faint prismatic glow moved over both objects as they were lowered back onto the podiums as Harmony said, “they should both be linked now, I would tell one of you to take the book back and place it where you’ll put it while we do the same to test if it worked.”

Sombra agreed and headed back to his castle for the test. Once in position, Shade pulled the token out for the test as harmony moved to podium in front of one of the arches before she placed the linked token onto as faded golden light moved towards the arch from the podium lighting up the runes on the arch.

After a few moments, each of the runes began to glow in a similar golden colour to the runes light as a golden portal formed inside the arch which shimmered and rippled like water before harmony said, “looks like the portal’s working on our end.”

“Works on my end,” Sombra’s voice said as it came through the portal before five seconds later, he stepped through the archway.

“And you can walk through it easily enough as well,” Harmony responded, “and you didn’t come out this side covered in soot… or maybe you did who knows.”

“Funny,” Sombra said. “Then again, I see why Shade has you around.”

“And pray tell why is that?” Harmony asked.

“He needs to have his mood lightened,” Sombra said as Shade shot him a semi-dirty look, knowing that it was partially true.

“Well even if that was a reason, I am keeping the creatures of the Everfree in check for him along with keeping everyone he brings here safe… or should I bring a cockatrice here? I’m sure this place could use a Sombra shaped statue in the gardens” Harmony responded glaring at Sombra.

Sombra chuckled and Harmony saw he was giving her a hard time. To see someone who was normally very stoic, calculating and planning be teasing loosened up the atmosphere.

“So… before I do end up throwing you back through the portal, I want to ask you something, do either of you have any words of wisdom for Shade on making an effective team for either Rangers, Riders or even a mix of them?”

“I’d suggest having him looking at the teams and from there, let him assess each ranger in that team and after he’s done that, whichever speaks to him in terms of versatility and reliability is the one he should go for,” Sombra said.

“Well, that barely means a thing right now, he only has that one that attacked, and I for one do not trust him.”

“Here’s something, I can show him how to do it,” Sombra said. “Plus, it’ll be a diving board for him.”

Harmony thought about it and turned to Shade, who seemed to be thinking the proposition over, before he simply sighed before stating, “I think I can handle that don’t worry.”.

“Alright,” Sombra said.

Harmony turned and asked, “Shade, should we have him at least start us?”

“No offence Harmony, but at this moment he can’t really help much… apart from explaining how that transformation thing the Ranger had works?”

Sombra chuckled and after Shade gave him space, he brought his morpher up and shouted “Yami No 0gou!” and the two watched the transformation taking form before their very eyes, even giving Shade a bit of a surprise.

“Umm, where did that tiny, I assume toy train come from?” Shade asked.

“And why was there a large white circle encompassing the entire castle?” Harmony added.

“All part of the transformation,” Sombra said. “Now stay behind the white line, in other words, stay in here, otherwise you will be hit by the train.”

“...Why do I feel sorry for anyone who’s inside the line but not next to you?” Shade responded nervously.

“You don’t need to be,” Sombra said. “You just need to listen to the monsters being crushed.”

“And that really makes it sound dangerous was any bystanders that weren’t aware of it,” Harmony added.

Sombra chuckled, “Don’t worry about that, the innocent civilians know of us and know what to look out for. Pursuing monsters aren’t as up to date on that.”

“And you think that went for those here, who have never seen you?” Harmony responded, “luckily nobody got injured and it passed through the Ganma safely but still.”

“As our worlds linked,” Sombra said. “It allowed for those who are allies to be spared. The ToQger’s trains will never harm an ally.”

“And the day they do harm someone?”

“The day they harm someone is the day an enemy attempts to storm the castle.*

Shade and Harmony looked to each other before Harmony said, “That really doesn’t inspire confidence, in that not being a rare case of something happening.”

Sombra could only chuckle at this before he said, “Leave us to not worry about that for the moment.”

“I guess so,” Harmony responded seeming unsure about what Sombra had said.

Sombra finished his transformation into Yami No 0gou and bowed.

“So that's it?” Harmony asked.

“Yes,” Yami No 0gou said.

“I honestly expected more,” Harmony added sounding disappointed.

He chuckled, then said, “It’s alright.”

It was then Harmony stopped and paused before she said, “Shade… I think one of the people from the train has regained consciousness, maybe you should see that that sooner rather than later.”

“That would be a good idea,” Yami No 0gou said.

“I suppose that would be for the best… you three think you can sort things out between you while I check on them?” Shade asked curiously.

“We can,” Yami said.

“Okay, hopefully, I’ll catch up with you both in a bit,” Shade responded with a smile as he began to walk back up the stairs.

They nodded and turned to tend to matters of importance. Shade made it upstairs and into the castle’s medical ward.

Chapter 17

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As Shade made his way towards the medical ward, he was greeted by many civilians simply waving to him as he passed with him simply smiling back.

This lasted for a few minutes as he reached a room with two Gamma waiting outside as they said, “I’d recommend being ready to defend yourself… he’s, not exactly calm.”

“I didn’t expect them to be,” Shade responded as they nervously opened the door and Shade walked inside the room to find what looked to be three weapons scattered around the room these being a sword, axe and a bow with what looked to be a child in the centre of the room curled up in a ball crying.

Once the door had shut behind him Shade looked to the boy to see that he had messy blond hair and what looked to be red markings all over his body while it seemed that all of the child's clothing had seemingly been burnt away when he was in the train wreck while he seemed to have silver chains with golden arrow-tipped ends surrounding his body.

It was the Shade slowly made his way towards the child before he stopped as the child said, “what do you want, and why are you here?”

“I heard you woke up, I came to see if you were okay.”

“Well you know now so leave, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Kid… do you know where you are and what happened to you?” Shade asked.

“No,” the kid said, looked up slightly towards Shade revealing that he had red eyes.

“You and four others were in a bizarre train wreck, you were under some rubble with two others, they seem to have taken in more carbon-monoxide that you did,” Shade responded.

“And, so why would you care?” the boy asked looking to Shade as a faint golden glow appeared behind the boy in the air.

“I care because I was in a situation similar to yours a long time ago,” Shade responded as he reverted back into Alex and added, “and I know what it’s like to lose everything you once had.”

It was then the boy began to glare at Alex before multiple golden gateways appeared behind him as the boy shouted,, “are you with them! What are you going to do to me!”

“Them?” Alex responded in confusion, “Who do you mean by them?”

“I mean that creepy Demon guy and the hooded figure that I saw burn someone's house down.”

“Creepy Demon guy?” Alex asked before suddenly remembering a single face before he said, “please don’t tell me, white skin, red eyeliner, a stupid looking crown, ridiculous looking red hair and an obnoxious voice?”

“That’s it,” the kid said.

“Of course it is him, honestly hoped I’d never have to hear of him again after what he did to me.”

“What did he do?” the boy asked nervously.

“Oh not much. He just orchestrated my murder, tried to turn me into a puppet to do what he wanted, and then make me a slave, do you want me to keep going I have more” Alex responded seeming to count on his fingers.

“Umm… no need,” the boy said the portals behind him seemingly fading away.

“Now,” Alex responded kneeling down infront of the child as he began shaking in fear before Alex placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “are you okay, we were worried about you when we found you earlier.”

“I… I,” the child stuttered out before beginning to openly cry before Shade wrapped his arms around him.

“You're scared, don’t know what happened to you and feel alone right?” Alex responded allowing the boy to cry as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Yes,” the boy responded shakily.

“Well, I can help with one of those things right now,” Alex responded, “Fear will fade over time, we can work out what happened to you once you are in a mindset where we can, but in terms of feeling alone. Well, I can help stay with you so you won’t be.”

The child simply stays quiet, still sobbing but slowly calming down as Alex slowly picked him up as the child's head rested against his shoulder, “now are you feeling any better?”

The child said nothing but nodded slowly pulling his head into Alex’s shoulder as he muttered out “thank you.”

“It’s not a problem, but can you do something for me?”

“What is it?” the kid asked.

“Actually tell me what your name is, I don’t really want to go around calling you kid constantly,” Alex admitted with a smile.

“I’m Gil,” the kid said.

“Well Gil, call me Alex when I’m human, and when I’m what I walked in as, call me Shade,” Alex requested as he sat down on a nearby bed.

“Sounds good, Shade,” Gil said seeming to begin fall asleep in Alex’s arms as three golden lights surrounded the three weapons around the room as they disappeared.

“Well Gil, I’m guessing you're tired again,” Shade stated as he placed Gil under the covers of the bed he was sat on as he added, “when you wake back up I should be around, and if I’m not I’ll be back soon after okay?”

“Thank you,” Gil said and fell asleep.

“No worries, have a nice sleep,” Alex responded as he stood back up before reverting back into his Alicorn form and walking out the room closing the door behind him.

It was then he felt like something was pulling against him as a small portal opened by his feet as he smiled before Harmony said, “looks like you're being Displaced, there is a time Dilation of around 1 hour to one month in your favour.”

“Thanks Harmony, I’ll see you when I get back,” Shade responded as he body formed into his Eyecon and he floated it the small portal as it closed behind him.

She nodded and watched him leave.

-Meanwhile in another universe-

Silence reigned between Agito and Daring as they walked through the desert. The only real sound was sand being disturbed either by them or the breeze that was rolling through. Their lack of speech was not born out of any form of discomfort between the two, but rather exhaustion. They knew they’d have plenty to talk about once they set up camp for the night.

Daring reached a hand up, touching the spot where Camazotz had stabbed her. She shuddered recalling just how easily her life had slipped away.

“Hey,” Agito suddenly said, causing his daughter to snap to attention. “I just want to say, I’m sorry.” He looked down, struggling to think of what else he wanted to say. “I… I got so wrapped up in my own bullshit that I didn’t use my powers even for the person that means the most to me.” He kept his gaze averted from Daring, unable to bring himself to look at her. “I don't expect you to forgive me.”

Adjusting her hat, a frown crossed Daring's lips. She knew this talk was coming sooner or later. She just really would've preferred the later option. “Dad, just stop okay? You’ve been around for a thousand years, that kind of thing takes a toll. I’m not going to hold it against you and buck anyone who says otherwise.” She socked his arm. “Promise me you’re going to start seeing a therapist when we get back.”

“Ugh, great a pony head doctor,” Agito groaned, his feet suddenly dragging. “I imagine hug therapy is something they’re gonna prescribe. I’m only agreeing to this because it’s you.”

Daring smiled, patting his back. “Hey, at least they won’t try to put a hole in your head to get the ‘demons’ out, or anything weirdly sexual.”

Agito let out a dry chuckle, shaking his head. “Yeah, small miracles I guess.” Gathering himself, he managed to look at the pegasus. “We’re heading to the nearest port, I think I still remember how to get back to Fianloz.”

“Maybe we should head to Ponyville first?” Daring suggested, looking up at him. “I doubt getting Kuuga back is as easy as knocking on his tomb. I bet the purifying effects of the elements will be a big help.”

Sighing, he nodded his head. “Right, we’ll stop by and drag them along. There isn’t a thing on this planet that’s going to keep me from getting my brother back.”

“You say that, but we’re dealing with people that aren’t from this planet,” Daring pointed out. “You really shouldn’t tempt fa-” she trailed off, her gaze settling downward at the sand. “See what you did?” she asks, kicking the object with her hoof.

Rolling his eyes, Agito picked up the small object. He recognized it as an Eyecon, though not one that he was familiar with. “It’s an eyecon, the thing Ghost uses to transform. Ghost being what Camazotz was a monster version of.” The casing of the little trinket was crimson, the image inside the eye itself being black with two red portions that had dripping lines come down.

To those who hold this Eyecon, I am Alex Shade, If you require the assistance of Kamen Rider Shade, click the side of my Eyecon and call out my name, be it for a conversation or to protect your world from your enemies and I will heed your call.”

“Well, this is interesting,” Agito noted, turning the Eyecon over in his hand. “This thing will summon somebody. Let’s give it a try.” Using his thumb, he pressed the button on the side. “Shade!”

After a few moments of standing where they were nothing seemed to happen, no new figure appearing near them.

“That was underwhelming,” Daring said, eyeing the trinket critically. “Come on, we’re burning daylight. Pocket that thing and let’s get our asses to Ponyville.”

“Figures.” Putting the Eyecon in his pocket, he started to walk again. “I got nothing but bad luck.” With a grunt, he stretched his arms above his head and tilted his head back. He blinked for a moment, stopping dead in his tracks.

In the sky above them was a red symbol shaped like an eye. The pupil of it looked like a stylized sun with a helmet at the center which from the central point had a small object seemingly forming in front of it which slowly drifted towards the ground before an Eyecon that looked almost identical to the one they had found floating in the air in front of them.

“Should we touch that thing?” Daring questioned, dumbfounded by the odd turn of events.

Agito conjured up a sword, poking the Eyecon with the tip. “You in there or what?”

Seconds the later the Eyecon seemingly faded before a human-shaped figure appeared in front of them. The figure wore some black tracksuit bottoms, along with a red t-shirt that was worn below an open black and red coloured trimmed hooded jacket. It was then the figure took a step back before saying, “It's a bit rude to poke someone, you know that?”

“How the hell was I supposed to know that you were the Eyecon?” Agito shot back. “Anyway, you must be Shade, right? I'm Agito.”

The figure didn’t respond for a second before saying to himself, “Agito… where have I heard that name before?” He then shook his head before adding, “right sorry, yes that is me, and I apologise for not appearing instantly, I don’t spend a lot of time as an Eyecon or leave my own world very often.”

“I feel ya,” Agito replied. “I haven't left this world in a thousand years.”

The figure held his hand up before stating, “now that feeling I can attest to,” he then chuckled before adding, “anyway, I suppose I should ask why you called me here, I take it from the lack of threats around us it’s more a social call than anything else.”

“That sounds about right.” Agito cancelled the sword, looking the figure over. “You got a name, kid?”

“Considering you heard my message I assume you know it, but my name is Shade, Alex Shade.”

“Sorry, the crazy eye in the sky must've made me forget,” Agito said with a chuckle. “Sorry we didn't summon you somewhere nicer, we're on our way to Ponyville.”

“You mean that small town on the outskirts of the Everfree correct?” Alex asked curiously.

“That'd be the one,” Daring answered, taking a drink from her canteen. “Gotta get some friends of mine for a trip. Not all that exciting really.”

“Any time you can spend with friends and family is precious and is not something to easily pass off as boring or a waste. You need to remember that no matter how trivial a matter may seem the memories you make with those people may become all you have of them in the end,” Alex stated with a solemn look in his eyes.

Daring narrowed her eyes. “I literally just had a rider ghost monster cut my heart out, don’t talk to me about spending time with family.”

Alex did not respond to her comment as he instead looked off into the distance before eventually saying, “most people after an ordeal like that, would take a long look at their own path they are walking down and rethink the way they are living, and know to cherish those closest to them even more than before.”

Daring sighed, rubbing her temple with a finger. “Listen, you seem nice and everything, but what just happened to me had nothing to do with how I was living my life. Granted, that part is surprising to me too. Death traps in ancient ruins are sorta my bread and butter.”

Alex only sighed before saying, “take it from a man who already knows the fear of death and has embraced it and lived through it. Facing the fact of what you experience in your life is something we all must do. What I meant was to not let what happened change how you want to live.”

“I literally died and was brought back to life by the lingering souls of the world,” Daring informed, shaking her head. “It wasn’t going to in the first place.”

Shade then looked to Agito before saying, “I take it she doesn’t understand what I have said about myself, does she?”

“I take it you’re like Ghost in another way, huh?” Agito guessed, looking the younger man over. “You died, right?”

“Yes, to become a Displaced, I was murdered, to begin with, only kinda sucks the guy who killed me tried to Displace me after the fact,” Alex admitted a hint of sadness in his voice, “but I guess after a thousand years those memories fade and you only choose to keep the memories of those you once held dear in your heart, for better or worse it’s the best I can do.”

Agito chuckled, tapping his head. “I remember it all. Curse of being Agito I guess.” Moving to the front of the group, he gazed out at the desert around them. “But trust me, best not dwell on it.”

“That's something we can both agree on,” Alex agreed calmly listening to the world around him focusing on any sounds that he could hear.

“Lucky for us, there’s a few other Riders in this world. They’ll be a few people to keep us company through the years,” Daring chirped, settling into the middle of the group. “Which means you gotta apologize to the kid, Dad. You’re not gonna be rid of him for a long time.”

“I get a feeling it’s better I don’t ask,” Alex responded with a chuckle as he seemed to rummage through his pocket before pulling out what looked to be a few cards of some kind before sighing and putting them away.

“You sigh a lot,” Agito pointed out, ignoring Daring’s comment. “Brighten up, will ya?”

Alex simply smirked before saying, “to be fair, talking about death isn’t something to be cheerful about is it?”

“Depends on the context, now doesn’t it?” Putting his hands in his pockets, Agito moved with purpose. “Cultural differences and all that.”

“I suppose that's true,” Alex agreed before looking ahead and saying, “So I take it that you’ve got a long walk ahead of you?”

“A long walk to civilization, followed by a long airship ride to Equestria,” Daring elaborated. “Ancient temples are never so convenient as to have an express line to them.”

“Where would the fun be in it, if those places were easy to get to? Everyone would be doing it and leave nothing for you to do for your own adventures.”

“You make a good point,” Daring said with a chuckle. “Though I tend to go after artifacts with mystic powers. So there's more than one reason why it's a good thing these places are out of reach.”

“Knowing what I can assume a lot of different Riders equipment became here, I can understand the godsend that came from them being scattered and hidden away,” Alex agreed.

Daring shook her head. “The only one I can think of that was hidden in a place like this was the wizard belt that Clover the Clever made. Trixie’s family made the Ixa belt, Maud made the double driver, Spike’s grandpa made the OOO driver.”

“I honestly wish those names made sense to me, the only one I recognise is Spike,” Alex admitted with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Probably for the best you don’t know who Trixie is,” Daring admitted, putting her hands behind her head. “She’s pretty annoying.”

“I never want to meet anyone more annoying than most of the Nobles,” Alex responded, “I never even thought it was a possibility that someone like that could exist.”

“Best not to think too much about it, not unless you wanna go crazy from some Cthulhu nonsense.” Agito paused, holding a hand up. “I think we’re about to have company.”

“Let me guess. They are not friends of yours I assume?” Shade asked.

“My precog ability isn’t made to tell me about friends,” Agito answered, summoning his belt. “Would make some things easier though,” he added with a grumble. “Not that I have a lot of friends...”

“And you said I was the depressing one,” Alex admitted with a smile.

Agito ignored the snide remark, keeping his eyes on the sand dune in the distance. What crested the hill was a young human girl, though not a human like any of them had ever seen. Her skin and hair were dead on for Twilight Sparkle’s colors; even her eyes matched the mare’s. “You lost, kid?” he asked, tensing up. “Need some help getting home?”

The human Twilight frowned, hesitating for a moment before speaking. “You have something I need, Daring Do. If you come with me, I’ll return you unharmed.”

“Oh wow, that’s such a tempting offer,” Daring replied, her voice filled with sarcasm. “But I think I’m going to have to turn that down.”

The girl pushed her glasses up, her body tensing. “I’m afraid I can’t take no for an answer. We’ll just have to use force, it seems.”

Alex then walked in front of Agito and Daring with his right hand resting on a small bracer on his wrist before he said, “look I’d rather not have to harm you or any of the people with you, but if you continue on the path you are walking down, I can promise you that you’ll end up as something you don’t want to be. You can still turn back and walk away without any repercussions, do the smart thing here. Don’t throw all your lives away for nothing.”

“Nothing!?” Twilight snapped, narrowing her eyes. “You don’t know a damn thing about me! I’m getting what I came for! Shadowbolts, capture Ms. Do!”

Alex could only shake his head in disappointment as he said, “I wish you hadn’t forced my hand,” before striking the button on his bracer as a cloud of dust formed around Alex, obscuring him from view.

“Pfft! Stupid tricks like that ain’t gonna help you!” Sour Sweet wrapped her arms around Alex’s waist, suplexing him into the sand. “We’re the Shadowbolts for a reason.”

Alex then simply pushed himself upwards from the ground as he said, “you know… That's more annoying than anything else.” He then turned to Sour Sweet as the dust cleared and they saw the figure that had been speaking to them was now an Alicorn with a black coat and a bright red mane, “and honestly. It just pissed me off.”

“Ooh, an alicorn, how scary.” Sour Sweet stepped forward, slugging Alex in the jaw. “Just a unicorn with wings.”

“Oh, I won’t deny that… but here’s another question. What can a ghost do?” Alex asked as he plunged his fist into her chest coming out the other end leaving his fist solid but his arm still incorperal before using his other hand to strike Sour repeatedly.

Sour Sweet twisted herself through his arm, slamming her head into his. “Ghosts are just dead people in denial!” Slamming a fist into Alex’s face, she sent a surge of energy into him. “But please, try that intangible shit with me again.” Turning her body, she threw him off with surprising ease.

“Good job, Sour!” Lemon Zest cheered, going to punch the recovering Alex. Before her fist could connect, a hand stopped her.

“Ganging up on someone is bad form,” Agito scolded, his armor on once more. “Mind if I make this a fair fight?” Twisting her hand back, he brought his leg up and kicked her in the stomach. “Daring, you know anything about pony colored humans?”

“These guys crashed Princess Cadance's wedding,” Daring answered, starting her transformation. “The kid mentioned their weapons are from Ex-Aid I think.”

“Why don’t you just save us all the trouble and come along like a good pony?” Sunny Flare inquired, roundhouse kicking Daring in the side. “You did just die after all, do you really need the extra stress?”

Daring grinned, the attack not bothering her as her armor materialized. “Are you kidding? Kicking the asses of lackeys like you is how I deal with stress.” She grabbed Sunny's leg and tossed her into Lemon.

“Okay, I think I better ask for all our sakes. How much collateral are you allowing and how badly am I allowed to hurt them?” Shade asked standing up holding an eyecon in his hand as his driver materialised around his waist.

“I’m rather uncomfortable with murdering teenagers,” Agito responded, countering a swing from Sugarcoat. “Even if they are a murderous cheer squad.”

Alex then smiled as he said, “good, I have one rule I fight by. I don’t kill,” Alex responded as he activated his Eyecon and transformed using his Shade Eyecon.

Sour Sweet summoned her bow, firing a few arrows at Shade. “Aw look at you, a homemade rider! Too bad you’re an edgy eyesore!”

Shade didn’t respond to her as the chains that had formed around his shoulders moved in front of him blocking each of the arrows Sour Sweet had fired at him.

Sour Sweet growled, pulling her bow taut and holding it for a few moments. Energy gathered, an odd sound coming from the bow. “Block this!” she boomed, letting loose a large blast of energy.

“My pleasure,” Shade responded as the chains quickly formed into multiple walls in front of him seemingly from the sand by his feet.

“You know, your situational awareness is really lacking.” Indigo Zap reached her arm around Shade’s neck, pounding her fist into his back. “Because it really sucks.” With a heave, she lifted Shade up, tossing him over her shoulder.

“Oh you have no idea,” Shade responded with a slight chuckle, “I’d watch where you step, we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to a lady such as yourself would we?” It was the Shade’s chains wrapped around Indigo Zap’s legs as he threw her towards Sour Sweet.

Indigo twisted in the air, landing besides her fellow Shadowbolt. “Oooh, maybe you won’t be such a waste after all~?” A green shimmer brought large white hammer into existence. “Whaddya say, Sunny? How long ya think he’ll last?”

Sunny extended her hand, a sword with a flame design on the blade appearing in a shimmer of green. “Maybe five minutes.”

“I think that's a good guess on how quick this will be over,” Shade responded his hand on the floor and the chains on his arms unravelled creating another wall around him.

Lemon and Sugarcoat leveled their guns at the wall, firing away in an attempt to pierce it. The others kept their distance, not willing to risk seeing how the chains would react to melee attacks.

“Any time now you two,” Shade said calmly to Daring and Agito as his chains disappeared into the sand below him unknown to the attacking Shadowbolts.

Agito jumped up, kicking a distracted Indigo Zap. The teenager cried out, stumbling backward and nearly dropping the hammer in her hand. She tried to counter with a strike from her hammer, only for Agito to catch her wrist and use his free arm to elbow her in the solurplexus.

It was then multiple chains appeared from below the Shadowbolts quickly wrapping around their legs before hoisting them into the air and throwing both Lemon and Sugarcoat into each other as Shade added “both of you take your pick, the choice is yours.”

Sour fired another volley of arrows at Shade, catching him in the leg. “Get off your high horse.”

“How about no?” Shade responded as chains formed around Sour quickly striking her repeatedly specifically targeting her weapon.

Sour growled, splitting her bow and arrow into two hand sickles. With a deft display, she bent upwards and struck at the chains holding her legs. They sliced through them like butter; Sour moving into a deadly flurry of metal. Closing the distance between them, she slashed and cut Shade, moving far quicker than any human should.

Shade quickly jumped back as he said with a calm tone, “so, you're not as slow as the others, must be what you are good at I assume,” as he held out a second Eyecon replacing it with the first as the Chains threw all the restrained Shadowbolts into the air as they dissolved in black light, as a Shade transformed using the Drive eyecon.

Lemon and Sugar twisted in the air, firing shots at Alex. The Shadowbolts tucked into rolls, getting back on their feet in seconds. Sunny charged Agito, matching his sword blow for blow with her own.

Shade quickly looked towards both Daring and Agito before shouting, “both of you, this may be strange but keep fighting while it’s in effect!” as he quickly turned one of the bands on his arms before time around him slowed to a crawl as he quickly charged towards Lemon and Sugars using his own sword to disarm them.

Sugar brought her hand up, catching Shade’s arm and tossing him away. “Nice trick, already seen it.”

“Life why do you hate me so much?” Shade asked himself as he got ready to grab yet another eyecon from his side.

Sugar raised her gun, firing at the hand heading for the eyecon as Shade quickly span away from the attack allowing himself to face away from her and switch the eyecon again this time replacing it with a bronze and red Eyecon. “Okay, you really are a pain in my ass,” Shade stated as he turned back around as a new Damashii appeared this one being predominantly bronze in colour apart from a red cloak that rests around the Damashii neck and right side held by a silver brooch holding Shades symbol along with this it had no hood and it’s persona was what looked to be a front of a square shield that in the centre looked almost like a dice with five spots showing with two lines running from each corner of the dice.

Sugar watched the scene carefully, examining Alex's new form. “Hmm, a dice motif, so probability powers, correct?”

“Maybe you should find out yourself,” Shade responded as a shield and spear formed in his hand as he pointed it towards her as four identical clones appeared next to him as all five quickly charged towards her their shields facing forwards each moving at the same time.

Adjusting her glasses on her face, Sugar leapt into the air before the clones could converge on her only to see multiple arrows being fired towards her from the distance. She let them hit, the projectives doing nothing more than bouncing off her skin.

“Arrows, so not probability,” Sugar noted, examining the arrows on the ground.

“Or who knows. I may just be unlucky,” Alex added as three of his clones began converging on Sugar with their spears thrust towards her.

Sugar twisted, the spears grazing her skin with a slight metallic sound. “I doubt you’re lucky.” She shot him again, ignoring the clones completely.

“Okay… now this is just ridiculous, if this was an online game, I’d be calling you a hacker,” Shade responded in annoyance reaching into his pocket again resting his hand against another Eyecon and activating it in his pocket as the sound of a ticking clock was heard as a faint image appeared behind him.

“A clock motif for a rider?” Agito questioned, looking over from his fight with Indigo. “That’s just dumb.”

Alex simply ignored the comment as he quickly switch the Eyecons over as a voice shouted, “Time in the palm of your hands!” as a new parka ghost attached to Shade, this one consisting of a long black coat that reach the floor that had green lines running down the entirety of it, while the chest piece almost look like that of a computer games controller, beyond this he also had what looked to be a strange red controller appear on his right arm.

“Hey! That looks based off of the boss’s work!” Lemon called out, tapping one of the buttons on her magnum and switching it to rifle mode. “No one copies her on our watch!”

“You think you have a say in it?” Alex responded before he suddenly appeared behind Lemon facing away from her a burned symbol of a clock appearing on the ground around him, “because i’m tired of this game.”

Before Lemon could question what happened, she cried out in pain, clutching her stomach.

Shade then walked to the side of Lemon before looking down to her as he said, “I won’t lie, you are competent fighter, but I can’t let you harm anyone else.” He then knelt down as picked up the gun that was resting just out of Lemon’s reach before he added, “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to take this with me.”

Sugarcoat leveled her gun at him, a firm look in her eyes. “We can’t let you do that. Making Lemon a new Gashacon Magnum would be inconvenient to Midnight’s schedule.”

“Well i’m sorry to hear of that,” Shade responded placing something into the gun he had just stolen from Lemon, “but i’m afraid I can not comply with that request,” as he quickly span around and fired at Sugarcoat three times with the Gashacon Magnum.

Sugarcoat moved to block the shots, only for one to slip past her guard and send her flying into Sour Sweet.

Alex then looked to Sour Sweet and Sugarcoat before saying as his hand was rested against his driver, “I’ll give you five seconds to run away and take your friend with you before I knock you all out and take your weapons from you too.”

Midnight sighed, producing a purple belt buckle that resembled a game console from her lab coat. “I wanted more testing but it appears I made a prudent choice.” Placing the belt around her waist, she retrieved an odd device from her pocket and pressed the button on it.

Dangerous Zombie!” A grid-like pattern of pixels swept across the ground and a Dangerous Zombie logo appeared behind Midnight.

“Henshin,” Midnight said, pushing the device into her belt.

Buggle up!” Her belt called out, a screen displaying a skeleton being shocked appearing in front of her. “Danger, danger! Death the crisis! Dangerous Zombie!

A white fist broke through the screen before it fell away and a new figure appeared. Midnight’s new armor was white and made to resemble a skeleton in some ways. On the breast, there was a red portion with a gauge that was cracked and empty. The helmet had a mouthpiece that resembled a breathing mask, a large eye portion where one was red and the other blue. The top of the helmet was styled to look like spiky hair, one small part white and the rest black. Midnight moved erratically, looking like a glitching video game character before she stood up straight.

“Keep the others busy,” Midnight ordered, making a beeline for Daring.

Daring brought out her weapon, slashing it across Midnight’s chest before she could reach her. “I gotta ask, why the hay do you want to take me in so badly?”

“You have the power of life and death, I need it,” Midnight replied, staggering back. “I don’t care what it takes, you will come with me!”

Daring held her serrated club up in front of her, a cold chill surrounding it. “No thanks, don’t feel like letting Dai-Shocker get their hands on me.” Stabbing the tip of her weapon into the sand, a line of icy spikes raced towards Midnight.

Midnight rolled out of the way, glaring at the mare. “Think what you want, this has nothing to do with Dai-Shocker.”

“Oh, so a personal visit,” Daring scoffed, repeating her attack. “Well, that makes things better.”

“Stop being so damn selfish!” Midnight hissed, snapping off the tip of an ice spike and tossing it back. “Others need that power far more than you do!”

“Oh please enlighten us. Who needs it more than the those of us who do have it,” Shade asked as he begin to fire towards Midnight with the Gashapon Magnum.

Midnight stumbled, the shots striking her armor. “I don’t need to explain myself to idiots like you.”

Agito pushed Indigo away, crouching down with one hand in front of him. “You're right, you don't have to explain a thing. Just leave us alone.” A golden symbol appeared beneath him and a second part of horns unfolded on his helmet. The symbol lingered for a moment before it was absorbed in his feet. He leapt up, moving to kick Midnight's chest.

Shade then quickly turned as well placing his hand against the bugvisor on his arm and waited for Agito to get closer to Midnight.

Midnight made no move to block, letting Agito crash into her chest as Shade decided something was off and quickly moved to the back of Midnight.

The attack struck, Midnight flying back into Shade. He was forced to catch her or else be knocked over and he couldn't help but notice her body glitch slightly.

“Get off me!” she seethed, elbowing him in the face as he didn’t react simply grabbing her wrist and forcing it behind her back.

“I’ll ask a simple question. What is wrong with you?” Shade asked.

“I'm just a scientist that needs to finish my work,” she answered cryptically, slamming the back of her helmet into Shade's.

Shade didn’t react to her as he said, “you know what I meant. Why was your body almost distorting when I caught you?”

“My research works wonders,” Midnight replied, repeating her action. “You can knock me down all you want, but I'll always get back up.”

“You make that sound like it’s something impressive,” Shade stated before striking her in back with his elbow before kicking her into the centre between him, Daring and Agito.

“Guess one kick wasn’t enough,” Agito grumbled, his horns splitting once more. “But what about three?” He crouched down once more, Daring taking a similar stance.

“I guess we can only find out one way,” Shade responded quickly placing his hand on the Bugvisor on his arm again.

Midnight looked between the three, pressing the two buttons on her Bugvisor. “Fine, I suppose I can test how effective this form is today.”

Colorful light surrounded Midnight, all of it sparking around her. “Dangerous Zombie Critical Finish!” Her belt called out, Midnight jumping up to meet Agito’s kick head on.

“I think you need to stay put,” Shade responded with a smirk and the same chains he had used at the start of the fight appeared from the sand below then grabbing Midnight from the air, and slamming her back into the ground before jumping into the air dropping toward Midnight at the same time as Agito.

Daring followed up, her foot rocketing into Midnight’s chest while she was still bouncing off the ground. A sound like a device powering down was heard, and Midnight’s armor dissipated in a shimmer of pixels.

Midnight hit the ground hard, rolling along the sand. The remaining Shadowbolts gathered around her, brandishing their weapons.

“Have you not learned your lesson yet?” Shade asked turning towards them, grinning under helmet pointing the Gashapon Magnum at them placing a Gashat into it.

“Grab the boss and let’s book it!” Indigo snapped, looking between the other Shadowbolts. Sunny and Sugar rushed forward, shouldering the dazed woman and helping her to her feet.

“But what abou-” Lemon started, only to be stopped by a look from Sour.

“Not now, Lemon, we can get what we came for when there aren’t as many pests running around.” A grey shimmer appeared in the air and the Shadowbolts all retreated behind it before they and it vanished from sight.

Shade then took a breath after he was sure they had gone before lowering the Gashapon Magnum he had taken, removing the Gashat he had inserted into it before looking to Daring and Agito before he asked them calmly, “you two okay?”

Daring and Agito cancelled their transformations, taking stock of themselves. “Yeah, everything’s good on our end,” Agito finally answered. “What about you?”

Shade only smiled before cancelling his own transformation to reveal that he was still in his Alicorn form before adding, “I’m as good as I can be,” as he looked at the Gashapon Magnum in his hand as a black and red Holster appeared at his side and he placed the weapon inside, it's colouring changing to match Shade’s colour scheme as black flames slowly covered the weapon.

“There’s this thing called paint ya know,” Agito teased, watching the weapon change to red and black. “Though, I guess that is more effective.”

“And more cost effective, besides do you want to try disassembling something like this to repaint it and making sure it still functions?” Shade asked with a smile.

“Fair enough,” Agito relented with a shrug. “And thanks for helping us there. That would’ve been way more annoying with just the two of us.”

“I’m pretty sure you could have handled it without me, I’m not really a great help against any more than a single opponent,” Shade admitted with a shrug, “and I need to ask. Just who were those people?”

“They were part of Dai-Shocker,” Daring answered, adjusting her hat on her head. “The one that became a Rider was new, but the other five crashed Princess Cadance’s wedding.”

“I know of that Rider, I have my own version of her in my world who uses the same set-up, I was warned not to never kill him,” Shade admitted as something in his pocket began to visibly glow in a faint silver glow.

“Yeah, you had a similar device on your arm as she had for a belt,” Daring pointed out, pointing at Shade.

“That's a long story,” Shade responded, “let's just say an annoying cult in my world has been making hundreds of belts and equipment to use with it, and I keep the one I had on my arm with me, never worked out how it worked until I saw her use it,” Shade admitted before he muttered to himself, “I wonder if that Gashat I have would work with it?”

“Why not test it?” Agito suggested. “You’re already a ghost, not like it’ll kill ya.”

“Maybe we should wait till we’re not in a desert,” Shade pointed out, “I may not worry about keeping an eye on my hydration, but I’m pretty sure you two need to.”

“Yeah, and how long does pushing a button and slapping on a belt take?” Daring countered. “We’ve got plenty of water so might as well see if that thing works for you. By the way, you got something glowing in your pocket.”

“I do?” Shade responded looking down to see the light as he reached into his pocket pulling out the same cards as before finding three cards that were glowing in the pack as he pulled them out to see that they showed three names on them these being, Snipe, Agito and Genm with an image on each with him recognising the image on two of them.

“Glowing cards, that’s something,” Agito said, sounding nonplussed. “Yup, totally worthy of conversation those things are.”

“You really are such a ray of sunshine, you know that,” Shade responded rolling his eyes, “from what I know of the original few cards I got of these, they belonged to someone called Diend… no idea who that is though.”

“He’s a treasure thief and the secondary rider in Decade’s series,” Agito answered, taking the card that had his name on it. “No idea why I’d show up on one of his cards though.”

“Decade… I know I’ve heard that name somewhere,” Shade admitted to himself as he looked to pull out a notepad before he sighed. “That's where I heard it, he was the 10th Heisei rider correct?”

“That’s why he was called Decade,” Agito pointed out.

“Yeah, that much should have been obvious to me,” Shade admitted as the Bugvisor from before appeared in his free hand.

“Alright, test time,” Agito said, summoning his own belt. “If it looks like something goes wrong, I’ll help you take that thing off.”

“Okay,” Shade responded looking over the belt before he said to himself, “So how does this one work?”

“It looked like she pressed the button on the little device and then slotted it into the top of the belt,” Agito explained.

“Okay, so she placed the belt against her waist,” Shade stated as he placed the bugvisor against his own waist as a strangely disconnected belt appeared behind it which looked to have a free space which the Bugvisors looked to attach to. Shade then took a breath before attaching the Bugvisor to the belt as a dark, distorted voice called out Gachoon.

He then held up the Kamen Rider Chronicles Gashat in his left hand before he pressed the small green button on the top of it as a similar distorted voice called out Kamen Rider Chronicle as he released the Gashat feeling it trying to pull away from his grip as it floated around the belt itself in a clockwise directed before inserting itself into the Bugvisor as the same voice called out Gachān as Shade took one more breath before calmly saying, “Henshin” as he pressed a button on the top as the screen glowing in a bright green light that suddenly distorted into a darker red glow.

Buggle Up! Ten wo Tsukame Rider! Kizame Chronicle! Ima koso Toki wa Kiwamareri! as this was said a red backdrop rose above Shade’s head as a blackened set of Roman numerals ranging from 1 to 12 appeared infront of him before the screen above dropped over his form.

As soon as the transformation finished Shade looked over himself to see he was covered in a black suit that almost matched the Chronus Eyecon he had used before, however instead of the markings on the belt being green, they were instead red in colour.

“Okay, this feels very weird,” Shade responded.

“It seems to work, so there’s that,” Daring said, looking over the suit. “Not sure about the giant cartoon eyes though. Kinda lessens the impressiveness.”

“Need I point out that other Rider had a very similar look to hers,” Shade pointed out.

“Yeah, seemed like she was a kid with a weird aesthetic taste,” Daring admitted. “Just didn’t say anything seeing as I was trying not to get kidnapped.”

“Fair enough,” Shade responded with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Well, now that we’ve tested that out, we should get going again. And Shade, mind handing those cards over? Unless you’ve got something that can read ‘em, they’re pretty useless to you.”

“Don’t worry, I can use them,” Shade responded as he added, “I have in the past anyway.”

“Alright, good job getting my card then,” Agito said, starting to walk again. “Now to hit the very dusty trail.”

Shade stopped for a second quickly cancelling the transformation before he said calmly, “you said you were planning on going to Ponyville correct?”

“Yup, that’s where I currently live,” Daring said.

“If you wish I could offer you both a shortcut if and get you back sooner. If you want it that is?” Shade offered as he placed all the cards back into his pocket.

“Are you kidding? Not having to spend time in this desert sounds good to me,” Agito assured him. “What’s this shortcut?”

Shade gestured to his horn before saying, “do I need to spell it out for you?”

“Oh yeah, alicorn,” Agito said, chuckling. “Alright, teleport away Shadow the Hedgecorn.”

“Very funny,” Shade responded before his horn began to glow in a crimson hugh before the three of them were surrounded in a bright white light before Shade teleported them to Ponyville.

The light faded from around the trio, leaving Agito and Daring with the usual disorientation of long distance teleportation. He had always hated it when Starswirl had done it and now was no exception. Glancing around at his surroundings always helped him regain his faculties.

The humble buildings of Ponyville greeted him again, the ponies milling about not seeming to notice their arrival. That was fine by Agito, he didn't want to make a scene this time.

Shade then quickly looked around before he quickly pressed the button on his bracer returning back to his human form once again before he asked Agito and Daring, “So where are you both going to go now?”

“Golden Oaks Library,” Daring answered in an instant. “That's where Twilight lives. From there, we can get the other elements and my dad can apologize to the kid.”

“I’m betting it’s best I don’t ask what you have to apologize to him for?” Alex responded with a smile.

“I punched him in the nose,” Agito answered simply, letting his daughter lead him towards the treehouse.

“And, I’m guessing the guy probably had it coming for you to react that way.”

Agito grunted, his hands in his pockets. “He put pictures of himself in the paper in my brother's rider form,” he explained. “Dumb kid did it to get my attention. I just gave him what he wanted.”

“And that was a punch to the face?” Alex responded in confusion, “I take it he must like getting beaten up.”

Daring shrugged, steering them down the street. “Hitting him in the face just sort of happens. I've already done it twice. Poor kid just must have kicked puppies in a past life or something.”

“Or broken a few hundred mirrors,” Alex suggested.

“If he had ever been to Hawaii, I'd think he pissed off Pele,” Agito offered. “She's well known for holding long grudges.”

“I once heard that Hawaii was a beautiful place to visit, sadly never got to see it myself before I ended up here,” Alex admitted with a sigh before shrugging his shoulders.

“I can assure you, it was,” Agito told the other man, a smile hidden by his mask. “I was born and raised there before I wound up here. Still wanna take Daring someday.”

“Well if you ever get the chance too, I'd like to join you and get to see the place at least once in my afterlife.”

“Will do,” Agito assured with a nod. “Hell, I'll even toss in surfing lessons for free. You haven't known thrills until you've conquered a hawaiian swell.”

“A.K!” Spike called out, standing at a street corner. “Thank Faust you guys are back!” Rushing over, he pointed towards the distance. “The Apple Family got attacked a few days ago; almost spilled out onto Ponyville!”

“What?!” Daring said, her disguise nearly falling off her. “Was it Dai-Shocker?”

“We think they're related, but it was some guy named Drakkon,” the drake explained, gesturing with his claws. “He had these tanks and lasers and one of his guys grew into a giant! Wyatt said that Drakkon guy was an evil Tommy Oliver but I don't know who that is.”

“Of course you have to deal with a crazy version of one of the most beloved Power Rangers,” Alex responded with a shake of his head.

“Oh, uh, hi,” Spike said, finally noticing Alex. “Nice to meet you, I'm Spike.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name’s Alex,” Alex responded as he held his hand out to Spike.

Spike took the hand and gave it a shake. “I guess that means you're a displaced like Wyatt and Agito, right? We could have used the extra help a few days ago.”

“And I can safely say they needed it earlier today, and I can’t be in two places at once.”

Spike nodded, turning his attention back to Daring. “So, did you find out everything you needed to?”

Daring adjusted her disguise, an uncomfortable look crossing her features. “I'll tell you about my trip once everybody's at the library. The three of us were heading there now.”

“Okay, I'll start getting the girls,” the drake promised, jogging off.

With that, the group made their way down the streets without interruption. Before long, they were at the front door of Golden Oaks. Daring let herself in, tossing her hat and glasses to the side.

“Hey! We're here!” Daring called out, putting a hand to the side of her muzzle.

A few moments later, Twilight appeared in the doorframe. “Hi Daring.” She shot the pegasus an annoyed look before her slitted gaze fell on Alex. “Oh, hello there.”

“Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Alex responded as he looked over Twilight questionably giving off an uneasy aura to him.

Twilight ignored the look, seeming to not even notice. “Well, come on in.” She stepped back from the doorway, turning on her hoof. “I can get us drinks if you want.”

“Thank you for the offer, but i’ll be fine.”

Twilight nodded, making her way to the kitchen. “Wyatt! Come upstairs; Daring's back!”

There were rapid footsteps before a nearby before a nearby door opened and Wyatt stepped out. “Hey Daring,” he greeted, waving at the mare.

Daring returned the gesture and said, “Good to see you again, kid.” She waved a hand over to Alex. “This is Alex, he's the reason my dad and I got back so soon.”

“It wasn’t really anything to special, I just felt like it was a waste of time to keep you both trekking through a desert when I could get you back here much quicker,” Alex responded as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Yeah because teleporting across continents isn't a big deal,” Wyatt joked, extending his hand. “I'm Wyatt, a pleasure.”

“The pleasure’s all mine,” Alex respond as he shook his hand.

“Heh, not many people have said that to me here.” Wyatt took his hand back. “So, uh, Agito. You staying for a while or what? Luna and Celestia are coming into town for bit and I know they'd love to see you.”

Agito grunted reaching up to remove his mask. “It's been a long time since I've seen either of them. You got a straight razor kid? I need a shave.”

“Yeah, I’ve got a razor in the bathroom cabinet.” Wyatt pointed down the hall where the bathroom was. “Second shelf behind the mirror. And make sure you clean up your soap scum.”

Agito slapped Alex on the back, moving away from the group. “Cya around, kid. Try not to die again.” Moving down the hall, he glanced back. “Eh, if you're lucky!” he called back to Wyatt, already out of sight

“If only I could get that lucky, I’ll die from boredom first listening to all of the nobles!” Alex shouted back with a smirk.

Daring cleared her throat. “Alex, show Wyatt those cards you got. Maybe he can tell you more about them.” Grabbing her disguise off the floor, she redonned it. “I'm going back to my hotel room. I need a shower and a change of clothes.” She slipped out of the building without another word.

“Do I not get a say in this?” Alex responded shaking his head as Daring left before she could respond, “I take that as a no.”

“What's this about cards?” Wyatt asked, glancing back at Alex.

“Well I suppose it would be easier to show you, than try to explain,” Alex responded as he reached into his pocket and pulled out three of the Cards in his pocket revealing the Drake, Genm and Drive Rider Cards to him, “cards like these ones keep appearing after I encounter another Rider.”

“Oh yeah, I recognize those,” Wyatt said with a grin. He held a hand out, summoning his card case. He opened it up and displayed his own cards. “Ta-da! See, they match.”

“Hmm… This may be a weird question but does the name Diend mean anything to you?” Alex asked.

“Secondary rider to Decade,” Wyatt responded. “His driver was a back up for Decade before he stole it from Dai-Shocker, then used it to further his career as a thief. Though his cards were of secondary and movie exclusive riders while Decade's were of primary riders.” Looking through his cards, he paused. “...Who the hell is 'Arisen’ or Shade?”

“Hell if I know for Arisen,” Alex responded, “but as for Shade, you're looking at him.”

“Huh, I'll have to figure out that Arisen thing later,” Wyatt said, putting the cards away.

“Anyway, Is there anything you want to ask me about?”

“Hmm, I guess it'd be interesting to hear what your Equestria's like,” Wyatt offered, watching Twilight walk into the room with a tray of iced tea. He took one and sipped slowly. “Got anything cool going on back home?”

“Promise you won’t react badly… and won’t reveal this to anyone outside this room?” Alex asked nervously his hand against his bracer..

“I've seen a lot and I'm good with secrets,” Wyatt assured, putting an arm around Twilight after she had set her tray down.

“Okay then,” Alex responded as he stood up taking a step back before he pressed the button on his bracer again reverting back to his Alicorn form before he said, “Well there's this for one.”

Wyatt did a spit take, examining the newly revealed alicorn. “Okay, that's a first. None of the other displaced I've run into got turned into alicorns.”

“Well, that's a long story, that doesn’t relate to my Displacement,” Shade admitted, “I got tricked by a certain Changeling Queen, my projected body taken by her and the residents of the world I was in somehow made me a fake body to use which they decided to be an Alicorn for my form, the bracer on my arms allows me to control the two forms otherwise I keep swapping between them randomly.”

“Would that queen's name be Chrysalis?” Wyatt questioned, holding back a chuckle from the last detail.

“Pretty much,” Shade responded shaking his head, “but it kinda backfired on her and lets just say, she’s not as free as she used to be.”

“Our Chrysalis is an ally to Equestria,” Twilight chimed in, sipping her own drink. “She even helped save my brother during his wedding.”

“In the world I was in when this happened she was anything but that, from what I was told her only desire was to conquer that Equestria and wasn’t beyond taking the body of other beings to live long enough to do so.”

Twilight scrunched her muzzle up and stuck her tongue out. “I'm glad our version doesn't seem anything like that.”

“And I’m glad you're nothing like my worlds version of you,” Shade muttered under his breath.

“Hmm?” Twilight questioned, her ear flicking on her head. “What was that about your me? Is it the eyes? I have a sliver of draconic essence in me makes my eyes like this.”-”

“No it’s not that, lets just say… you are not as kind of a person in my world as you are here.”

Twilight frowned, looking like she wanted to say something before shaking her head. “I guess it's inevitable that there's an evil version of me out there.”

“I think it’s better we leave that train of thought there before you ask something you don’t want to hear the answer to,” Shade responded.

Shrugging her shoulders, Twilight stared into her glass. “I've already met an evil version of my brother, can't be worse than that.”

“You would be surprised,” Shade responded.

“Maybe,” Twilight relented, picking up her own drink. “Is there anything more pleasant you'd be willing to tell us about?”

“Well, I suppose there no harm in telling you that where the Castle in the Everfree stands is now a city where both monsters and ponies coexist with each other. That includes Gamma, Phantoms & a few ponies who use Gaia Memories,” Shade admitted calmly as he reverted back into his human form.

“That's very interesting,” Wyatt said, nodding at Alex. “We've just made our monsters blow up.”

“Kinda hard to do when you're finishers can’t kill the target,” Alex admitted, “All mine ever does is completely destroy any will they have to fight and make them more susceptible to do what they are told.”

Twilight’s eyes lit up and she teleported in a clipboard. “That's amazing! Is it possible for me to study your powers?!”

Wyatt chuckled and patted her shoulder. “You don't have to bother him, Twi. I have his card now.”

“Besides, unless you had someone in mind for me to test it on, I can’t see its that easy to show you… It kinda would need to be done through Trial by fire. If you know what I mean by that,” Alex admitted.

Twilight nodded, settling down. “Good point.”

“Monster taming would’ve come in handy during that Meowgi thing,” Wyatt said, grimacing. “Would've saved me getting that vault door pancake treatment.”

“You won’t let that go, will you?” Twilight asked with a light smirk.

“He beat me with a vault door!” Wyatt argued, throwing his hands up. “A. Vault. Door!”

“What would you have even done with him? Kept him as a pet or something along those lines?” Alex asked curiously.

“Oh hell no,” Wyatt said with a shudder. “There's no way I'd keep that nine-headed cat as a pet. I bet the G-project would've found some use for him.”

“They have their hands full with... other things...” Twilight frowned. “No one ever said science wasn’t... messy.”

“Are you suggesting we should've kept him?” Wyatt asked, quirking a brow. “You weren't there to hear his puns.”

“Well my powers would have allowed you to stop him from coming up with them again,” Alex admitted as he sat down in a chair.

“That’d make him less annoying at the very least,” Wyatt admitted reluctantly.

“I bet the guard would’ve found a place for him,” Twilight offered.

“Considering from what you’ve said about him, I’d imagine that he would have been strong enough to be relatively useful to them,” Alex admitted.

“I reiterate once again, a giant, steel vault door,” Wyatt began, motioning with his arms. “He picked it up, and smacked me down into the floor with it.”

”Well considering how much that would have weighed, I'm pretty sure he could have been a great help in completing any repairs or construction that would need doing around Equestria.”

“He needed to die,” Wyatt pressed, crossing his arms. “I’m not going to change my mind on the issue.”

”Well it's not like that even matters now, but you need to remember with my powers you won't kill them, but reform them,” Alex admitted.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Wyatt said with a nod. “Though, I wonder if it’d work on humans too,” he muttered, rubbing his chin.

“Umm, I can’t comment for humans… but I do know it can effect ponies,” Shade admitted shamefully.

“What do you mean it works on ponies?” Twilight questioned, trying and failing to hide her disturbance. “That’s highly unethical and illegal.”

“Considering this pony it was used on was kidnapping children, infants and woman from everywhere and using them for sadistic experiments to create her own monsters to sell as weapons of war, I don’t think allowing her to stay as she was would have been the best course of action,” Alex admitted, “and it's ethical to use on monsters if they are attacking people but not on ponies doing the same thing? I’ll have to remember that one.”

“It’s not ethical to use it on anyone.” Rising to her hooves, Twilight stormed out of the room. Heading to the basement, she slammed the door behind her.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that fact,” Alex responded shamefully as he shook his head.

“I'll go talk to her,” Wyatt said, moving towards the basement. “You just sit tight until Agito's done shaving.”

“Yeah no problem on that part, I’m just sorry I caused this mess.”

Wyatt waved him off and disappeared down the stairs. His and Twilight's muffled voices came from the doorway moments later. A couple minutes later and Wyatt stepped back upstairs with a still irked Twilight in tow. Wyatt motioned a hand to Alex, indicating for him to open things.

“Look, I’m sorry about what I said, I know it’s unethical, but it’s one of the only things I can do, if my finisher does hit and walk it always leave some sort of scar on the target and I can’t prevent that from taking place,” Alex admitted.

Twilight closed her eyes and took a breath. “You don't have to explain. I wasn't there so I can't say you could've done things differently. All I can do is hope you made the best out of a terrible situation.”

“As good as I could from it, that much I can promise you.”

“Then that's all I have to say about this,” Twilight replied, managing to crack a weak smile. “We can let the topic die.”

Agito emerged from the hallway, rubbing his face beneath his mask. “Ah, that's way better. I was starting to get tangles. I miss anything?”

“Alex was just telling us about his powers,” Wyatt said, leaving it vague. “Isn't that right?” he asked, looking at the other man.

“Yeah, considering he had a card based it me, I thought it best he had a basic idea of what it could do,” Alex admitted.

“Fair enough,” Agito said, nodding. “You ready to go home, Shade?”

“I suppose it may be for the best, I’ve seen enough chaos for today,” Alex admitted as another copy of this token dropped into his hand before he looked to Wyatt and said, “Just in case you ever need me,” as he passed the Eyecon over to him.

Wyatt nodded, leaning over and telling Agito how to get the other Rider home. “Alex, our contract is complete,” the masked man stated.

“Okay, and thank you for tolerating me,” Alex responded with a bow as a small eye shaped portal appeared behind him as the centre of it opened up revealing a crimson and black pulsating glow inside it.

“See you later,” Wyatt said with a wave. “Call me if you need an extra set of hands.”

“Or me if you need someone stopping in their tracks and reforming,” Alex added with a smirk before his body shifted back into his Eyecon as it floated into the eye. It shut, the object fading from existence in front of the group.

As Alex returned to his Equestria he found himself standing in the centre of the throne room as he looked around himself to find that nobody was around him as he sighed in relief before quickly reverting back into his Alicorn form again as he muttered to himself, "well... being able to walk around freely as a human was fun while it lasted."

It was then he looked to his side as he was about to walk out of the throne room to see what needed doing around the town before he noticed a silver glow in the pockets he kept the Rider Cards in as he reached inside pulling out all the cards he had on him and began checking through them until he reached the glowing card which he turned over to see that it read Kamen Rider Decade on the front along with an image of a Rider what had a pink face with multiple vertical black lines running down it.

It was then that he took a breath before he heard Wyatt's voice say "I am the passing through Kamen Rider. If you ever need a helping hand, just hold this card up, and call for Decade."

As soon as he heard this and chuckled as he thought to himself, "so, this is his token, I wonder if it would work to create an Eyecon?" before the card began to glow in a silver light before it hovered infront of him slowly rotating on the spot before Shade quickly summoned his Ghost Driver around his waist and drew an eye-shaped symbol behind the card before a new Damashii appeared from the card moving forwards before turning to face him.

The new Damashii was mostly pink in colour but had a black cross with a white outline going across its chest from its right shoulder, it was then the Damashii quickly flew into his Driver before a pink Eyecon appeared infront of this Driver in Shade's hand.

It was then Shade placed the Eyecon into one of his pockets before reaching for Wyatt's token that was still rotating infront of him before he placed it back with the other Rider cards and put them in a separate pocket to where he had placed the Decade Eyecon.

As soon as he had finished he looked forward to seeing a small hand reaching around the door at the end of the room before seconds later Shade saw Gil poke his head around the door before he saw Shade and looked to the ground in embarrassment before stepping into the room and closing the door behind him.

"I'm sorry, I... umm," Gill said shakily as he began to walk towards Shade.

"Is something wrong Gil? You don't look okay."

"It's not that... I... I couldn't get much sleep, I kept having nightmares with those scary men in them with one of them..." Gil began to say shakily before beginning to openly cry out in fear of what Shade assumed to be memories from before the crash.

"It's okay, come here," Shade replied with a kind tone as he knelt down to Gil's height before Gil quickly grabbed hold of him pulling himself close to Shade's chest as he continued to cry as he began to shake violently as Shade slowly rubbed the back of his head.

After a few moments, Gil began to calm down before Shade slowly picked him up before walking over to his throne and sitting down on it as Gil sat in his lap before saying, "If you want to try and get some more sleep your welcome to try, and if you start to have another nightmare, remember I'm right here."

"Okay, I'll try," Gil responded timidly as he seemed to shuffle uncomfortably as he tried to find a way to rest against Shade's chest.

As he was doing this Shade looked down as in that moment he remembered that all of Gil's clothes that been burned or removed during the crash he had been in as he said, "After you wake up, I'll take you somewhere to get you some proper clothes to wear. I can't have you walking around naked constantly, I can't imagine your comfortable right now because of that."

As soon as Shade pointed this fact out Gil seemed to begin to blush slightly in embarrassment before he said, "I... thank you... I think I'd like that. I hopeI'm not being to much trouble for you."

"Don't worry about it just get some sleep," Shade responded with a smile before Gil looked back up to him with a shaky smile of his own as he slowly pulled himself into a tight ball trying to hide as much of his naked body as he could.

It was then that Shade pulled his cape over Gil which hid him from the view of anyone who could wander into the room, and as soon as it was over his body Gil seemed to grab ahold of it and pull a section of it tightly around him almost like a blanket before he shakily whispered, "Thank you."

"Don't worry about it just get some sleep," Shade replied again as he heard Gil yawn before he closed his eyes and drifted in a calm sleep.

"Shade, shall I send a message to the seamstress in town for you and tell her you're coming along later, she does have those clothes that you ordered for yourself," Harmony both asked and pointed out.

Shade simply stopped for a while before he said, "I think that may be for the best, just drop her a note that I'll be dropping in and mention that I'll need to get someone measured and some clothes made for them."

Harmony didn't respond for a moment before after twenty seconds she said, "done, I'll make sure to remind you after the child wakes up."

As soon as Harmony finished Shade just nodded to her in agreement before he rested his head against the back of the throne as sat calmly waiting for some to either appear to talk with him or Gil to wake back up, whichever came first.

Chapter 18

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Four days after Shade had returned from his displacement in Wyatt and Agito’s world. He was somehow tired and had just wanted to relax; which was a luxury he seemed to have very little of since he had returned to his own reality.

During the week the town had grown substantially as more houses had been built with a small portion of races from around Equestria have travelled to the town for many reasons.

Most of the new arrivals for members of the three pony races, but amongst those numbers were monsters who had willingly turned themselves into Shade and allowed themselves to be marked as a sign of goodwill, under the understanding that many ponies did not trust them due to the harm many other monsters that had appeared before had given them.

Many of the ponies had opened up small businesses in the town, though many were small-scale including tailors, greengrocers and a small group of three monsters and two earth ponies had opened a blacksmith from where they had been sending custom pieces of armour for Shades own Royal guard.

The Greengrocers currently had little in terms of stock but what they did have was imported from a nearby farm that was just outside of the Everfree that from what Shade had heard was called Sweet Apple Acres, which ironically mainly exported apple based products to the town.

Beyond the growth, of the town almost nothing else had occurred, everyone who had been injured in the crash beyond Gil was still unconscious, all of them still alive, but seemingly in self-induced comas, and no other attacks from any source had occurred.

Only a few minor problems had occurred since Shade had returned the most trivial was some nobles travelling into the town constantly attempting to have Shade put every single monster to death or locked away for the rest of their lives, for which Shade had them tossed out of the town and had messages sent to Celestia and Luna as he had heard back the nobles who had came with those orders having their titles revoked and in a few cases of where they had re-entered the town and attacked the citizens paying very hefty fines and in one case being sentenced to a 10 year in prison for attempted murder of a pony who had protected one of the civilians in the town.

Shade wasn’t too happy with this and had been in contact with Celestia who had made a suggested for the fate of the pony who had committed the crime and as such had organised for them to be sent to Shade as Harmony had suggested a punishment from criminals with over 5 years prison sentences or death sentences were to be sent to him and placed into an underground mine Harmony had told him about to mine for resources under the Everfree.

All in all, everything had begun to fall into place, if a lot faster than Shade had expected them too.

As Shade was thinking about what had transpired he had decided being that the town was still growing it was easier to travel around the town helping settle many minor disputes along with helping people build their homes when needed, he had even assisted in welcoming people into the town when a family of Unicorns had entered a few minutes before.

It was during this time that he had become aware that Gil was constantly trailing him almost as if he was a lost puppy looking for its owner, which was an idea Shade wasn’t fond of linking him too, even with that being the case Shade constantly took a look back towards him making sure he was safe.

Since Gil had recovered he had been to one of the tailors who had opened stores in the town and had got an assortment of simple clothes, one of which he was currently wearing was a simple white t-shirt and black trousers along with what looked to be some white and gold trainers.

It was then they felt the area around them began to tremble as Harmony shouted to Shade, “Shade, whatever this is I can’t locate, but it seems to be messing with the natural magical leylines I have around the Everfree. It may be affecting some ponies with high magical potential.”

“Do you have anything beyond that for us? Anything in relation to how it may affect them?” Shade asked.

“To my knowledge, the only case we have seen currently is from that of a Unicorn, she had an extremely overclocked magical surge, which fried her entire nervous system, she is still in a coma and even if she wakes will be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life,” Harmony explained.

“Well, is that the only case of this? If so we can’t form a conclusion on whatever caused the quake to be the same cause as that of the unicorn you mentioned?”

“Well… the quake did seem to have an epicentre in the lower right right side of town, it may be worth investigating.”

Shade nodded and headed down to find out about the quake.

After a minute Shade came across what looked to be a large male earth pony that had a red coat and orange mane along with a cutie mark that looked like a cross-section of a green apple.

“Who are you?” the pony asked as another tremor occurred seemingly from the feet of the stallion.

“My names, Shade. You could call me the leader of this town,” Shade stated calmly before adding, “are you okay, I can’t believe you cause these tremors normally?”

“I don’t normally cause these,” the pony chuckled.

“I bet that’s the case, listen I’m going to try and help you, but I need you to stay calm okay?”

The pony chuckled and waited, staying as calm as anything. Shade got close and saw the pony looked semi-familiar still not knowing who he was but recognising his features from the crowd during the attack in Ponyville just over a week before.

It was then Shade placed a hand on the stallions head before closing his eyes before mentally saying to Harmony, “Any clue what going off with him?”

“It appears the magic inside him is going haywire, after all, every creature has it in capacity, and his seems exponentially higher than others,” Harmony stated.

It was then Valkyrie’s voice added, “He’s very clearly a Gate, I’d have someone keep an eye on him in case a rogue Phantom comes for him, same goes for anyone who suffers from whatever causes this to happen. It’s almost a clear sight of the fact.”

“I’ll make sure to have a few Gamma keep an eye on anyone who suffers from this,” Shade added.

After a few moments, Harmony responded by saying to Shade, “well it looks like I’ve somehow managed to lower the output of his magic… but I could sense a strange presence affecting the natural magic that's flowing through him, and it seems to be coming from at least 7 other sources.”

“Any idea where these sources are?” Shade asked.

“One source seems to be just outside the Everfree while four others are in the forest and at least two more are in the town… though there’s a third in town that’s seemingly moving but not affecting anyone if anything it’s draining the damage from him, I’m trying to locate that source but I can’t find it.”

Shade then looked behind him before saying, “I think I know what that source is… leave it be the others pose a danger to life, locate them first, this 8th signal seems like it won’t be an issue.”

“If your sure, I’ll locate one to try and see if it reduces the effects, but the stallion infront of you should be safe for now, I’ll get a few Gamma to make sure he gets home safely.”

“Okay, thanks Harmony, when you have a location of whatever is causing this please relay it to me,” Shade requested before looking to the stallion before taking his hand away and saying, “hopefully you should stop causing so many tremors, but I’m going to have a few of the guards stay with you in case it starts again, don’t worry you won’t know they are there so just keep doing what you were okay.”

The stallion just nodded to Shade before he made his way towards the Greengrocers that had opened pulling a cart of apples behind him, as Shade smiled and walked back towards the castle looking into a nearby alley to see Gil hiding behind the corner.

At this Shade only smiled before suddenly stopping looking down the alley are he said mentally to Harmony, “Harmony, could you scan the area nearby please?”

“I can why… what the heck is that?!” Harmony asked in shock

“You feel it too? Does it feel like a large font of pure energy forcing itself outwards trying to seep into the world around it? And it’s seemingly coming from nearby.”

“I can confirm that it seems to be around the corner of that alley where the epicentre of the magic outflow is,” Harmony stated.

“Okay, I understand. I’ll investigate it now in case I can do anything about it,” Shade responded as he made his way down the alley before hearing Gil quickly run down the alley before a sudden flash of golden light was seen around the colour.

“Umm… Shade, I don’t mean to worry you, but where is the other presence that was with you moments ago?” Harmony asked.

“I’m still trying to find that out, I pretty sure I saw someone down here before that flash of light,” Shade admitted as he surrounded the corner to find nothing but an empty alleyway ahead of him.

It was then that Shade took three steps forwards before closing his eyes still being unable to feel the pressure he had before, it was then he reached into his jacket and pulled out the Wizard Eyecon.

“If magic is causing this, a Rider with a closer attunement to magic may help,” Shade stated before transforming using the Wizard Eyecon, before suddenly being struck by the full force of whatever force had been creating the magical outflow, the epicentre being directly at his feet.

“Harmony, I need you to scan the magic under my feet, I think it’s what caused the ponies magic to go haywire earlier, use it to try and locate any similar signals around the Everfree.”

“You’ve got it… I assume you're investigating into this further?” Harmony asked.

“This is in the centre of town, and we have no idea how large the effect of this is.” Shade admitted before adding, “If I can dispel this before it causes any more harm, it’ll be the best outcome.”

“Just be careful, you have no idea what's on the other side if you do activate it, if there is another side… or even what it will do?” Harmony admitted.

“Harmony, you said it before there was another presence her before I walked down the alley, I saw a flash of light from here, then nobody, I’m pretty sure something happened,” Shade responded as a red magic circle appeared around his feet, in a similar style to that of when you used his finisher, “So if this did affect them, I need to make sure their safe.”

All Harmony could do was sigh before the magic circle around Shade feet flickered and he disappeared before she could say anything else.

As Shade reappeared on the other side of whatever the magic circle had done he looked around himself to find that he was surrounded by the same alley he had been in only moments before, however, something seemed off about it.

It was then he took a better look at the area around him to find that the walls all had large gashes torn through almost like some kind bladed weapon had somehow cut into them, beyond this fact he could hear a very familiar sound around the next corner of the alleyway. A sound he heard almost every time he used his Shade Eyecon. The sound of rattling chains.

It was then Shade slowly made his way towards where the sound was coming from as he looked around the corner to find Gil running away from looked to the chains he heard before as he realised that at the end of the chain was connected to what looked to be a long dagger that could be better described as a nail.

It was then the chained dagger tore into Gil's shoulder as he screamed out in pain as he pulled the dagger out of his arm blood falling to ground from his wound as he cowered against a wall in both pain and unadulterated fear.

It was then Shade traced the path of the chain backwards as he saw what looked like almost human in nature. The human had long purple hair that reached towards the ground, a tattered black dress that had its shoulders completely ripped away and covering her face was a large red mask that had what looked to be one single large eye on the centre of it.

“Why did I have to be right?” Shade asked himself as he levelled his weapon towards the human attacking Gil and fired three times, all three bullets hitting the human and it jumped backwards seemingly mostly unaffected by the bullets.

It was then Gil shakily turned his head to see Shade, as he weakly stuttered out, “Shade…”

Shade only nodded to Gil holding out his Shade Eyecon quickly changing forms before quickly using his own chains to fling himself next to Gil and the use the same chains to form a barrier between both them and the strange human.

It was then Shade placed a small toy car that looked almost like an ambulance into Gil’s hand before saying, “get yourself out of sight, that little car will sort you out, but no promises in it being painless.”

Gil simply nodded shakily before saying, “thanks,” as he shakily attempted to stand but couldn’t muster the energy to do so.

Shade then sighed before quickly picking Gil up and quickly running into a nearby alley before thinking, “Thank god that human’s not the sharpest tool in the shed,” before he slowly placed Gil on the ground before adding, “after you feel better don’t come out until I get you, okay?”

Gil only nodded back in agreement before running back out the alley quickly looking at the chains he used to create the barrier to see sparks bouncing off them as it seemed the human was trying to get past them, as for how they hadn’t Shade could not understand, was this human, not alive and simply a mindless puppet of some kind, or something more than that.

Shade then took a single breath before allowing his chains to quickly charge towards his opponent, swinging at its leg in an attempt to grab and throw it away from him to give himself some room to act against his attacker.

In response to Shades attack, the human jumped backwards dodging out of the way of the initial attack only for Shade’s chains to wrap around his opponent's legs before throwing and dragging them through the walls before proceeding to throw them into the air.

It was then that Shade thought, “I’ll handle this before that thing hits the ground,” however before he could act he saw what looked to be a red magic circle appearing in front of the figure which faded into existence.

After a few moments, the circle burst out in a crimson glow as Shade looked to where the human had been moments ago to find that it still retained the same look as before but now was sitting on a large white pegasus who’s size was comparable to Celestia’s, and looked to be mounted by the human, who looked to be using the dagger to control it having two digging into each side of the pegasus’s neck.

“I’m really glad no other ponies outside can see this, they would be disgusted,” Shade stated as he realised the pegasus was clearly being forced to do as the human wanted, before both the Pegasus and it’s rider suddenly flew towards him at a pace Shade could barely keep up with the only signal being a beam of white light that quickly passed through his body.

It was then Shade quickly flicked the band on his arm that held the two roidmudes activating the slowdown effect knowing it would barely effect Gil thanks to the Shift car he gave him, as he saw that the rider was clearly slower than before now moving only slightly faster than Shade running speed.

It was then Shade quickly turned to wait for his attacker to charge back towards him as he untangled his chains around his shoulders as a red aura surrounding them as the floated around his form the red markings on his armour glowing red, as he brought his arms up in front of him, with on hand grasping the chain.

After a few seconds of waiting the rider began to charge towards Shade once again, as Shade continued waiting as they got closer before his chains darted forwards grabbing ahold of the pegasus’s wings quickly holding them against its side as it began to plummet towards the ground.

As the pegasus continued to fall the human on its back began attempting to force it to do as it wants as Shade heard the pegasus screaming out in pain as the daggers were jabbed into its neck a bit more.

As soon as Shade saw this he quickly had the chains envelop the rider on it’s back cocooning it in chains as it lost grip of fell of its back in the process releasing the pressure on the pegasus’s neck as it crashed into the ground by Shade’s feet in a cloud of dust.

Once the dust had settled Shade looked down to find the pegasus on its side looking up to him in fear, it was then Shade knelt down in front of it and placed his hand out as the pegasus recoiled clenching its eyes shut before stopping and slowly opening them to find that Shade hadn’t harmed it.

It was then that the pegasus looked up to him in confusion to find him checking over the wounds that the rider had caused, along with checking no other injuries had occurred during the crash. After a few moments, Shade simply nodded his head before standing up and saying, “you're fine, there are no notable injuries from the fall and the wounds against your neck aren’t a danger to your health.”

The pegasus only looked at Shade as it said shakily, “why?”

“So you can speak, unlike that other human… I think she has a thing for BDSM,” Shade stated.

“Why are you not harming me?” the pegasus asked again.

“Because I don’t harm the innocent, I saw she was harming you and forcing you to do what she wanted through pain and fear, so I released you… I don’t know where you can go, but you're free to find out,” Shade admitted as he released the Pegasus’s wings.

The Pegasus, however, didn’t go anywhere as it simply stood back up before as lowered its head to Shade, who looked back in confusion for placing his hand outwards as the pegasus rested it’s head on the palm of his hand.

“Are you trying to tell me something?” Shade asked in confusion.

“I choose you,” the Pegasus simply responded as a white spark flickers between the Pegasus and Shade, which is followed by the Pegasus’s hairs turning from white to black as Shade felt something burning into his own back, a feeling he chose to ignore it for the time being in favour of checking on the two puncture wounds on the Pegasus’s neck to find they had completely healed.

“Now I think we need to finish something,” Shade added as he turned to look to the human who was still cocooned in his chains, as he saw they could still be moved before he lifted them up constructing them tightly as multiple loud snapping sounds was heard as the chains slowly moved over the body getting tighter and tighter.

It was then the Pegasus lowered itself beside him gesturing for Shade to climb on simply saying, “You think you are the only want wanting payback?”

“Of course not,” Shade responded climbing on to the pegasus’s back, “I’ll just try to not fall off.”

“You’ll be fine,” the pegasus responded as he flew into the air as the chains cocooning the human began to lift from the ground as four separate chains attached themselves to the falls walls surrounding then bearing the broken body of their attacker to the world with just a set of chains covering the figures entire face from the neck up.

Once both the Pegasus and Shade were above the chained figure they both looked down before Shade asked the Pegasus, “you ready to end this?”

“For longer than you could know,” the pegasus replied calmly.

At this Shade nodded his head before reaching to his driver pulling the handle as the driver shouted out, “Shade! Omega Charge!” as a black light surrounded them both as they bolted forward, looking like a single continual black lightning bolt that tore through the other human’s body destroying the unprotected body.

As soon as they stopped Shade looked back to find the head of the human still suspended in the chains as he released them as the head began to fall only to suddenly dissolve away leaving a small shimmering light on the ground in the heads place.

After both the Pegasus and Shade landed next to where the light had appeared Shade climbed off walking towards the light to find what looked to be a small card that looked to have a man riding a chariot on it with the word ‘Rider’ written below it.

“That strangely makes a lot of sense in context with you,” Shade responded looking at the pegasus as he placed the card in his pocket, “we better get out of here, so I have one question for you. Do you wish to stay and fight alongside me, this is your choice to make.”

“I said I choose you, and I’m sticking to that. Besides since the day I was created I was bound to that things will, I doubt I could live by myself.”

“Okay then, well then I’m glad to have you with me… just try to get on with everyone okay.”

“What makes you think I wouldn’t?” the pegasus asked.

“Considering the fact, you aren’t alone it may seem a bit bizarre,” Shade stated reverting back to Wizards form unsure if he could leave the same way he had entered otherwise.

It was then that the mark on Shade’s back began to flare up before the Pegasus said, “Why do I get a feeling that the mark on your back is my way out?”

“Because it likely is, don’t worry you won’t be sealed away again I promise. We’ll get out then you can live freely however you want.”

“I’ll hold you too that, if you are like Medusa I’ll kill you myself,” the Pegasus responded.

Shade stopped momentarily at that before think to himself, “Medusa… isn’t that the Gorgon from Greek myth?”

“No it’s one of the Greater Phantoms,” Valkyrie stated.

“I’ll vouch for that,” Hellhound agreed.

I’ll take your words on that,” Shade responded rolling his eyes under his helmet before saying to the Pegasus, “you ready?”

“I guess,” the Pegasus responded nervously.

“You’ll be fine, I promise,” Shade responded as the pegasus turned into a black light that moved towards Shade’s back.

Once Pegasus that completely disappeared Shade quickly made his way back towards Gil who he found still shaking gripping the Shift Car he had been given tightly.

It was then Shade knelt down infront of him before saying, “Gil, it’s okay, that thing is gone now.”

It was then without as word Gil suddenly grabbed onto Shade tightly wrapping his arms around his chest and bringing his head close to Shade’s chest before openly crying.

Shade then slowly placed his arm under Gil before picking him up and allowing him to move his head to cry into Shade’s neck while he used his other arm to allow keep him from falling backwards, as he said with a calming tone, “let's get you out of here, it’s probably not a good idea to be here any longer than we have to be.”

Gil did not respond to him as he continued gripping Shade’s neck now burying his head against Shade’s shoulder still sobbing.

Shade simply smiled under his helmet before slowly rubbing Gil’s back as he walked back to where he had first entered the strange place he had arrived in before standing in the same spot as he had entered as the same magic circle as before appeared on the floor around him before raising around the two of them before they seemed to return to what looked to be the same location as before, but without the large gashes through the wall.

As soon as Shade was sure they were safe he cancelled his transformation before turning his head to Gil who stopped crying and was now falling asleep in Shade’s arms, tears still staining his face.

It was then Shade heard Harmony quickly say back, “Shade, you better be okay, you idiot.”

“Charming Harmony, charming,” Shade responded rolling his eyes before adding, “I’m fine, whatever caused the problem here was handled, and I have a direct magical source which should help us locate the other sources, when I get back I’ll hand you it, also it seems that Gil got dragged in their, and he’s pretty shaken up from the experience.”

“I see, we’ll need to work out how he got in and make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else. If you hadn’t arrived when you did, who knows what could have happened to him.”

“I don’t want to think about it, but it wouldn’t have been good, that's for sure,” Shade agreed with a smile as he made his way back towards the Castle to both check on the situation of the other injured people from the train crash and scared civilians from the attack on the Shade Theocracy’s hideout.

Chapter 19

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One week after Shade had encountered the strange figure that had been causing the magic overcharges he had begun to take some much needed time to relax by simply sitting in the throne room Harmony had designed on the day he had returned to Equestria.

Beyond this he currently had both Hiryur who had gained a limited amount of control with his powers and had used then to give himself more human-like features and Gil, who had seemingly grown attached to Shade with both of them currently asleep in his lap their heads around each of his shoulders with Shade using a cloak he had been given as a blanket to cover them in case anyone did come in to the throne room.

None of the other unconscious people had regained consciousness yet, although Harmony had assured him that all of their conditions were stable and sure that they should come out of their coma’s within the coming days.

That had been two days ago and now Shade was getting worried for them, but the one he had been worried for the most was the second child who had been in the first carriage. The child had serious burns on half of his face which had left it badly scared.

The woman who had been with Gil and the other child seemed to somehow get off lightly in comparison to the burnt child with what looked to be old badly repaired broken bones and multiple old swollen bruises covering her body both of which could not have been caused during the crash from how old the injuries were.

The two people who had been in the actual train itself were still unconscious and seeming in a worse state than the others, and along with that the three monsters that had been with them not leaving the two’s side, of which the Shade wished he could purchase a gag for the red one… for obvious reasons.

Lastly, there was the man that had crashed through the roof who strangely beyond a few bruises had got out unscathed from his fall, as for how he had no other injuries and why he was still unconscious Shade had no idea, from all of them it would seem he should have been the first to regain consciousness.

As he sat there lost in thought the door ahead of him slowly opened as he looked ahead of him to find a Unicorn Stallion that had a bright blue coat along with a two-tone black and silver mane and tail, he also had a red tophat as his cutie mark.

As soon as he realised who the stallion was Shade groaned in annoyance before he said, “are we really going through this again? It’s the third time this week.”

“Prince Shade, you must know these monsters cannot be trusted, they are a plague on the land and should be exterminated immediately,” the stallion said to Shade.

“Tell me, do you remember how this conversation went yesterday? I faintly remember my guards throwing you out with me telling you to stop questioning my stance on this as I will not budge on it.”

“Yes but they…”

Shade quickly cut him off, “no buts, those that are living here that you call monsters have to my recollection willing turned themselves in and confessed to every crime they committed till they arrived here, and since I let them live here, many have not only become upstanding members of society but have quite frankly done more for the citizens here than any noble has.”

“Like what! Sat around and assisted in murders of those who actually matter!” The stallion shouted.

“For one, they don’t come asking for the extinction of a race on a daily basis because they dislike them, and do not live under the pretence that a single race is superior to all others,” Shade responded.

“You clearly do not understand just how important I am,” the Stallion scoffed glaring at Shade, “my family have always been respected by the princesses a stance you should show as well.”

Shade didn’t respond as he simply looked at the stallion before he said calmly, “tell me, what was my warning to you last night when I had you thrown out?”

“If I came back there would be dire consequences, so what?”

Shade simply looked to two of his guards standing near the stallion before he said, “Let me put it this way, the only reason you are not in prison this second and avoided it last night is that your father came to me after you left pleading for forgiveness on your behalf. He made a request that instead of stripping you of your title and all that to have my guards follow you while you were in town.”

“I don’t see why that matters…” the stallion said with a grin.

“Oh it matters greatly, you see they reported something to me this morning. You really think you can get away with attempted murder, assault, breaking and entering along with burglary do you?”

The stallion went quiet sweat dripping from his head as the two guards pushed him to the floor.

“You see, I was well aware of your crimes and unlike Celestia, I can’t be bribed by sending me a cake to avoid prosecution. We have multiple eyewitness reports collected from your actions three days ago and with the report from my guards where you broke into a family home last night for supporting a group of those you call monsters and assaulted them for their beliefs.”

As Shade simply continued rolling off multiple crimes that the stallion had committed since he had arrived in the town, the stallion became gradually more scared before Shade added one last thing, “oh, and there was the ledger that the Theocracy had… you were supplying them with what they needed to fund their operations and kidnapping infants for their experiments.”

“Dammit!” the stallion shouted quickly grabbing a knife from his side before quickly turning it around bringing it towards his own chest, only for a Gamma to appear beside him striking the stallions wrist and knocking the blade away along with breaking the bones in his hand as the guards forced him to the floor and one of the placing their knee into the centre of the stallions back.

“I take it you know a lot more than I was led to believe, you realise that with all the crimes you have committed, and the fact you committed treason. Your chances of freedom are slim, and your father has been notified of your actions last night and all the evidence we have accumulated.”

“Wait you can’t tell him!”

“I can’t tell him what?” Shade asked with a smirk.

“You can’t tell him of what I’ve done! I’ll lose everything!”

“Well, I won’t promise he won’t find out, but if you answer all the questions we ask you, and if you behave, we may be more… lenient with you’re punishment.”

“How lenient are you considering?” the stallion asked shakily.

“Well instead of being locked away from the world for the rest of your life till the day you die, you may only be in a prison for the next 30 years of your life,” Shade responded.

“That really doesn’t inspire confidence,” the stallion responded.

“Considering that without you’re cooperation you’d be working in the mines under the Everfree, with a magic inhibitor on for the rest of your life, I think that is generous of me considering the list of crimes you’re being found guilty of.”

The stallion simply remained silent not saying a word to Shade for a minute before saying, “fine… I’ll tell you everything I know.”

“Oh I know you will, but later.” Shade responded with a smile as the Gamma holding the stallion down lifted him to his feet, “however, with I’m afraid we can’t release you till your trail so you’re going to be detained here till I have a talk with you.”

The stallion simply looked to the ground before calmly saying, “I understand,” before the Gamma took him away taking him to the dungeons below the castle.

As soon as Shade as along he took a breath before saying, “I hate to think just how many people were assisting the Theocracy in committing their crimes, but if I can find the locations of their bases, I can prevent them for harming anyone else.”

“You still have a positive outlook on things as it is. But I know you wanted to beat that noble to a pulp for what you know of what he did,” Harmony admitted.

“Yeah, but I won’t do it. Any loss of life that can be avoided is something I want to ensure can happen.”

“It’s a naive goal,” Harmony pointed out.

“I know.”

“Then why bother with something so Naive?”

“Because even naive goal like that is something to aim for rather than wandering aimlessly nowhere for the next one thousand years as I did for the last thousand.”

Harmony seemed to chuckle at Shade’s remark before saying, “You think I’d let you wander aimlessly for that long?”

“No, I don’t doubt for a second you’d let me do that, but considering from what we’ve seen, that my powers can’t kill an opponent, my best bet is to make this town thrive with those that have been redeemed or want to try and be.”

“And there is the noble sort of goal I chose to support you for having.”

“Well, it’s not like I wish harm on anyone… apart from Danny he can suffer for all I care,” Shade admitted.

“You really have a poor opinion of the guy.”

“Oh trust me, the guy deserves it for everything thing he did even before becoming a rider.”

“Why do I doubt that’s the case,” Harmony muttered to herself before pausing for a second and saying, “Alex… It seems that woman and the other child are waking up from their comas., it may be best they see a friendly face when they wake up instead of that of a Gamma or something else.”

“I think you may be right… but I don’t think I’m in a position to move anywhere right now,” Shade admitted gesturing to Gil and Hiryur who were asleep in his lap.

“Well then maybe you should wake them up? I’m pretty sure the woman would like to see the other child she was with, she’ll likely be scared out of her mind if one of the kids she was protecting is missing when she comes around completely,” Harmony pointed out.

Shade could only sigh to himself before he reached down to both of the children before he calmly said, “Gil, Hiryur, you both need to wake up now.”

“Just five more minutes,” Gil groaned in annoyance whilst Hiryur seemed to calmly stretch his arms upwards as he accidentally hit Shade below his chin, before he quickly pulled them back and looked up to Shade apologetically.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine,” Shade responded with a kind smile as Hiryur climbed off his lap and stood up infront of him quickly stretching his whole body upwards before turning back to Shade a gleeful smile on his face.

It was then Shade repositioned Gil so his head was resting against Shades shoulder as he stood up before Hiryur walked up to his said and reached up gripping Shade’s free hand. “So… why did you wake me up?”

“I’ve been told the people that were with Gil are waking up, we thought it may be best if Gil was nearby when she awoke so the poor girl doesn’t have a heart attack when he’s not with her,” Shade admitted as he began to walk towards the infirmary where the others were resting.

As the group got closer to the infirmary Gil began to slowly sir from his sleep as he slowly opened his eyes with a yawn before slowly looking around as he asked, “where are we?”

“Well we’re heading towards where we first met, some of the others have just woke up and I wanted to make sure they were okay. Also, we thought considering you were being held close by one of them when we found you I don’t imagine her to be happy by the fact that you are missing.”

“I suppose so,” Gil responded as he stretched his arms out behind Shade’s head before he said, “I bet Lexi would start lashing out if one of us got kidnapped.”

“Lexi?” Shade asked, “Is that the name of the woman who was with you?”

“No, her name is Alexis. We did call her Alex for a bit but she asked us not too. She said that when her big brother came and saved us, it would make it harder to know who we were talking too.”

At this, Alex didn’t respond as he walked onwards lost in thought as he thought to himself, “I hope everything he just said is a coincidence, I’d feel terrible if it is her and I didn’t even notice who she was.”

It was then Hiryur asked me, “is something a matter dad?”

“Not at all, don’t worry,” Shade responded looking down to Hiryur with a kind smile.

“If our sure,” Hiryur responded looking up with a nervous smile, as he continued to hold Shade’s hand tightly as they walked.

After a couple of minutes, the group reached the door to the infirmary that had two Gamma commandos on the ground infront of it holding eachother up before they saw Shade infront of them and said, “we are sorry, the woman went into a frenzy when master Gil was missing, she seems to think that we’d harmed him and started to attack us, we quickly phased back through the walls when she somehow formed a large metal staff from her own body, we thought it best we wait for someone to come and help.”

“I understand,” Shade responded with a nod of his head before he continued to say, “I’ll head in, close the doors behind me and don’t open then until I tell you otherwise.”

Both Gamma then looked to eachother before nodding as they assisted eachother so they can stand up using their free hands to try and salute Shade before he slowly placed Gil onto the ground next to his as Gil grasped Shade’s free hand tightly as the Gamma opened the doors and the group walked inside.

Upon entering the room they looked around to see a young woman who looked no older than 18 years old. She had long black hair that was tied into a spiky ponytail that had a single section of it hanging over the right side of her face, along with that she had what seemed to be completely black coloured eyes that point slightly inwards, which seemed to resemble a cat.

Behind her was the young boy who had burns on his face, his clothing was ruined to a similar state of what Gil’s had been when he had first woke up, he was seeming to hold onto the woman’s legs tightly seemingly to hide behind her.

Once Shade, Gil and Hiryur was inside the room the Gamma closed the door behind them before Shade took a step forward towards the woman with both Gil and Hiryur staying close behind him.

“Where is he!” the woman shouted in anger, “what have you done with Gil!”

“Miss, I think there has been a misunderstanding. Gil’s fine he woke up a while back, infact I imagine your scaring him right now,” Shade admitted calmly looking around the room to see many crude metal pipes strewn around the room.

However, as Shade looked back he saw that the woman clearly had either not heard him or had chosen to ignore him as a purple light formed on her skin before what looked to be two metal poles seemed to form from her own skin, as she winced seemingly in pain.

The woman then grabbed both poles seeming to pull them from her own arms grabbing them both in her hands before the child behind them seemed to back away from her as he said, “Please stop.” to which the woman seemed to not hear him.

“I think you two should back up slightly,” Shade said to both Hiryur and Gil as both moved back from him sightly as the woman swung both poles downwards towards Shade’s body.

It was then that Shade brought both of his hands up catching the poles in each of them before quickly turning his body sideways, pulling his right arms that held one of the poles firm forcing the woman towards him and in turn making her lose her grip on the staff as she forwards towards the ground, only for Shade to catch her before she did.

“Miss, please be careful, I can’t imagine your feeling okay after how long you have been unconscious,” Shade stated looking at her clearly worried for her health.

The woman seemed to once again ignore him as she quickly tried to punch him with her now free hand as Shade simply stood where he was and let her as she continually shouted, “Where is Gil, where is he!” over and over again.

At this Shade simply sighed before reaching for the bracer on his arm before pressing it reverting back into his human form before grabbing ahold of the woman’s arm as he said, “it’s okay, you can stop now.” The woman then seemed to recoil slightly before Alex continued as he added, “It’s alright. Alexis.”

It was then the woman now known as Alexis seemed to stop almost asif she was frozen as tears began to fall down her face as she looked at Alex’s face before grabbing ahold him opening crying into his chest, as she shouted, “Alex, it can’t be!”

Alex then simply smiled before kneeling down infront front of her rubbing the tears from her eyes, “It’s been a long time, sorry I took so long.”

Alexis then quickly grabbed him again tears still streaming from her eyes, but with a massive smile on her face as Alex rubbed the back of her head, “Alexis, I’m happy to see you again.”

It was then they heard a timid voice say to them, “Lexi? Who is this?”

“Aiden, this is my big brother,” Alex responded to the boy that had been hiding behind her when he entered the room.

“You mean?” the boy now known as Aiden asked with a bewildered look on his face.

“Yes, this is the man I always thought would free us, but never did,” Alexis explained sounding upset by him not coming to save her.

It was then that both Gil and Hiryur slowly approached the group before Gil said, “dad, is something a matter with Lexi?”

“Dad? Alex I think you need to explain a lot to me, no way you are old enough to be a father… you aren’t are you?” Alex responded suddenly changing her entire demeanour.

“Umm… it’s been a lot longer for me than it has for you,” Alex admitted rubbing the back of his head.

“How much longer?”

“About one thousand years longer,” Alex admitted.

“Wait, what, how? I have so many questions on how that’s possible. How are you now at least one thousand and twenty-five years old?”

“That’s hard to explain,” Alex responded before he retreated into his Eyecon as it floated ahead of the woman’s face.

“That explains it very clearly,” Alexis responded sadly, “so you’re not alive anymore, and I take it you must have made a wish on the Eyecons to live this long.”

“Okay, I take it that was a gimmick from Kamen Rider and how do you know that?”

“I may have seen a lot of different Kamen Rider series after your death,” the woman admitted rubbing the back of her head, as Alex reformed back into his human form again.

“How comes almost everyone knows more about what i’m based off than me. Even my little sister.”

“To be fair, you hardly had the chance to learn about it and a lot more series have came out since you died,” Alexis pointed out.

“I’ve guessed that much,” Alex responded with a sigh as he sat down on one of the unoccupied beds as Hiryur climbed onto the bed next to him and rested his head in Alex’s lap.

“So,” Alexis began to ask, “mind explaining why you looked like a horse when you walked in the room?”

“Now that one is a very long story,” Alex responded.

“Well, I’ve got a lot of time to sit and listen, and besides after sitting in a cell being tortured for years, I want to know what took you so long to find me,” Alexis responded as Aiden sat next to her and Gil sat beside Alex.

“I guess it shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t think I have any royal duties to attend to for the rest of the day,” Alex responded before he began to recount everything that had happened since he was Displaced.

After half an hour Alex had recounted his entire story to Alexis she simply sat thier looking at him in confusion.

“So… let me get this straight, you are now some kind of royal for a world of colourful ponies, and the town outside is host to a wide variety of monsters from the entire Kamen Rider series, and beyond that your royal title is the ‘Alicorn of War,’” Alexis clarified as she shook his head. “I think you need to try and slow down a bit, because that sounds like a complete lie.”

“Lexi, it’s not a lie,” Gil said, “I’ve followed him around a lot and everything he said is true.”

“Even if that is the case, it doesn’t make it sound any less unlikely,” Alexis argued.

“Look, it really doesn’t matter if you think it’s true or not. It’s the reality of the situation and sadly unless you have a way home, this may as well be your reality’s too.”

Alexis and Aiden then looked to eachother before Alexis said, “Alex, you realise from everything you said, that makes me a princess right?”

“Well I do remember you dressing up as Cinderella when you was younger, so I’m pretty sure you won’t mind,” Alex responded with a smirk.

“Alex… I told you never to bring that up,” Alexis responded with an upset look in her eyes.

“Did you, I don’t remember agreeing to that,” Alex responded with a smirk as he stood up, “for now I think it may be best that you both relax while I get someone to take you to get washed up and then take you both to get some new clothes.”

Alexis just shook her head before she said, “I suppose you’re right, we do need to get ourselves sorted… just make sure you don’t disappear on me again.”

“I’ll do my best,” Alex responded.

“We’ll look after them both for you,” both Gil and Hiryur responded both with a grin on their faces.

“Okay, just behave and I’ll see you all later,” Alex responded as he walked towards the door phasing through it before making his way towards the dungeons to check on the two prisoners that were currently imprisoned their.

Chapter 20

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As Alex made his way below the castle into the cells, he heard Harmony talking to him as he went towards the cells. “I have sent for both Rainbow Dash and that belt of hers.”

“Harmony, the belt as you aptly put it does have a name,” Alex responded calmly.

“Maybe it does, but I don’t think that belt has much it can do for us.” Harmony stated.

“Maybe not, but if you think about it he can’t do much without some to support him, and the same goes for everyone. Some people may need more help to others to do things but with the right people backing them up, they can do anything.” Alex stated with a smile. “Heck, I have you backing me up and it got me this far.”

“You are one of a kind, you know that. I can see why old Celly and little Luna are so fond of you.” Harmony responded, her voice seeming to chuckle as they spoke.

After a few moments, Alex switched back into his Alicorn form as he reached the cell containing the noble he had spoken to earlier that day who was sitting on a crudely crafted bed made of stone.

“Can we please talk about getting me some better accommodation?” The Noble asked uncomfortable with his situation, “if nothing else something more comfortable than this stone floor. It’s undignified for a stallion such as myself.”

“Of course, we’ll get you a nice hot cup of coffee while we’re at it,” Shade responded sarcastically.

“Can I please crush him between the walls,” Harmony requested in annoyance.

“No Harmony you can’t… but you can make a point,” Shade mentally responded causing Harmony to chuckle.

“That would be great!” the noble responded gleefully most likely expecting to get a room in the castle above and hopefully a comfortable bed to sleep on.

After a few moments the cell he was in began to shake before the walls closed in on him rapidly only leaving a millimetre of space beside him before the wall behind him closed in leaving him pushed up against the bars of his cell, “I trust these accommodations are better arrangements for you?” Shade responded with a glare.

“Please… I’m sorry,” the noble responded in terror as he visibly began to shake as Shade saw a small puddle begin to appear on the floor below the noble.

“Pathetic,” Harmony muttered to herself before lowering the ceiling to rest against his head, “this fool deserves to be treated much worse than this,” before she forced the noble onto the ground his face in the puddle he had created.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me,” the noble responded, tears running down his face, as he began sobbing like an infant “I’ll tell you everything I know of the Cult, every base they have, every experiment they’ve done and any of their contacts I have information on. Just please forgive me.”

Harmony then began to chuckle before she said, “Oh, I really enjoyed that,” before reverting the room to how it was before she shrunk the room.

It was then that the Noble curled up into a ball still shaking clearly unaware to the room having reverted to normal as he said, “I’ll behave, I’ll keep my promise, just say when and I’ll follow all of your order from now on, just stop.”

Shade then walked up to the bars of the cell the noble was in before he placed a hand on his head before saying, “get up, clean yourself up and then get your head on straight.”

“Prince Shade?” the Noble responded in confusion.

“The information you know may end up saving the lives of thousands of people if you can get it all to us before the Cult can sort everything out and make what you know useless,” Shade stated as Harmony created a stone desk and chain in the Nobels cell that had multiple sheets of paper on it along with some ink and a quill to write with, “If you want to atone for your sins, then get everything you know written down.”

The Noble then slowly got to his feet before he said, “Yes sir!” before running to the desk sitting down on the chair as he began to write on the paper before saying “I shall atone for my sins, then I shall devote my entire existence to serving you.”

“What the hell, an hour ago he was arguing against what I thought. Now he devoted his existence to me. How does that work?” Shade asked himself before he noticed a small flickering eye shaped symbol on the back of the noble’s neck that was seemingly beginning to burn out leaving the symbol branded into his skin. “I didn’t use a finisher on him so my powers shouldn’t have affected him.”

“It may be down to the fact that your Alicorn Magic is slowly growing in strength. I would think that your magic may have taken a form linked to commanding others and with your power to force your will onto others, I would assume the magic was used without using your horn when he submitted to you and swore to follow your orders.” Harmony responded, “Or it could have been done from when you placed your hand on him.”

“Do you think my Rider Powers are improving to a point I could access them without transforming?” Shade asked.

“I think it’s less that and more that you had that magic from the second you arrived in this world and as you started to use it more it grew in strength until it has become an effect on your own magic. An archetype, no other pony has at their disposal, in simple terms a skill that only you possess. The sisters’ magic is powerful but only to the point of moving the celestial bodies in all other situations, their magic is not as strong as it seems. It’s about on par to your average Unicorn’s, whenever they used it to beat anyone they had the elements and used my power to help them win.”

“So you’re saying the Princesses aren’t as strong as everyone thinks?”

“I know it, Celestia, Luna and Cadence, all three of them could never use their magic to a point it could be used to protect people, sure they give an illusion that they are strong but in actual fact in a fight they are no stronger than the average pony, the only thing they have going for them is the fact they have the powers of all three races.”

“So they each have one magic type they excel at.”

“It seems you are grasping that yes. When one of the races ascends to and becomes an Alicorn they gain magic from the other races as well as their own, and as they become older their own magic they can use allows them to use their own specialised magic to greater effect. When you gained your Alicorn form you had only your corruption magic and it was barely usable and after one-thousand years your magic reached the point that it was finally at a usable state for you, and it should only get stronger the longer you live… well; are around I guess for you,” Harmony explained.

“So what now can I use my magic on them to tell me what they know?”

“Yes. Right now contact with someone makes them do what you wish, and from what I just saw if that person makes an oath to you prior to contact they seem to be bound by that from that point, almost like what happened to that Phantom of the day you were sent to the moon. Maybe when you grow even stronger that magic of yours would be able to force it on someone a distance away from you, or even affect multiple targets at once.”

“So what do you think in the future I could become the Alicorn of Interrogation?” Shade asked curiously.

“I think Celly’s jab at Alicorn of War is closer, I mean you could eventually turn an entire enemy army into your own without bloodshed. Magic like yours could one day bring true unity to the world.”

“Well here’s to a target to aim for in the next thousand years,” Shade responded.

“Now that I can get behind,” Harmony stated before pausing and saying, “it appears miss Dash and the belt have just reached the town… and from how they are acting I think they are shocked… I’ll create them a path here or I can get you to them.”

“Create a path to them, I’ll explain it then we’ll deal with Simon,” Shade responded as a long stairway appeared in front of him that was dimly lit as Shade quickly turned Hellhounds band on his wrist before placing his hand against the shadows as he quickly forced his way upwards through the darkness to the surface.

As Shade reached the top of the stairs he appeared into the light right in front of the perimeter walls of the city spotting Rainbow Dash looking around in shock before he approached her.

“This place is amazing, I’ve never seen so many monsters in one place that aren’t harming anyone. Some are even helping ponies with their daily lives,” Rainbow stated in shock.

“I know just standing here I can see every race of pony, Phantoms, Gamma… hell, even a single Roidmude who’s helping in that restaurant over there, I can’t believe somewhere this peaceful while being full of monsters exists,” Chris responded in awe.

“I guess I’ll take it as a compliment to all our work here then,” Shade responded from behind them, making Rainbow jump in surprise as she quickly turned around to see Shade as she grabbed a Shift Car from her side seemingly on instinct.

“Rainbow this is not the time to fight. Besides, nobody here right now is hostile so let’s not anger everyone here by attacking their leader.” Kris suggested as Rainbow placed the Shift Car back to her side.

“Thank you.” Shade responded, “Now I’m sorry for calling you both here but I have captured someone I think you may want to see Kris.”

“What do you mean?” Kris asked curiously.

“It may be easier to believe if you see it yourself,” Shade responded, “follow me.”

“Why would I follow you?” Rainbow asked, “I don’t know anything about you!”

“Okay, let’s start with this Rainbow. My name is Shade, I am soon to be publically made a prince of Equestria by the princess’s and have already been told what I will be doing for Equestria.”

“And that is?” Rainbow asked.

“Essentially the national defence of Equestria from attacks both inside and outside of Equestria, in other words, I’ll be handling the task of protecting everyone from danger, and currently I need the help of Kris to try and get someone to assist in that regard.”

“And you think the belt can help?”

“I know he can.”

“Rainbow, I want you to trust him and help,” Kris requested.

“What! Why should we do that!” Rainbow argued.

“Remember last time we saw him and what I told you. I trust him so at the very least you can hear him out.”

“Fine, I guess it can’t cause too much trouble to listen to him,” Rainbow responded begrudgingly as he added, “So where do we need to go?”

“Follow me, it’s just down this tunnel,” Shade responded as they all made their way down the stairway Shade had used to come up to the surface.

Once the group reached the bottom of the stairs Shade looked back to Rainbow as he calmly said, “be aware you are walking through the castle dungeons right now, admittedly we don’t have many captives right now, only two really… well three if you count the accessory.”

“Accessory?” Kris responded.

“As I said before, it’s easier to show you than try and explain.”

“If you say so,” Kris responded with a sigh as the group continued to walk, “so, how have you been since we last saw each other?”

“I’ve been okay, oh and Alexis woke up yesterday.”

Kris didn’t respond for a second, “Wait… did you Alexis?”

“Yes, she’s here as well, and arrived on a train with two kids, two men and a few loud demons,” Shade responded.

“Loud demons?” Rainbow responded, “That sounds a little farfetched.”

“Let me guess, red skin, looks like he has armour on, ugly face and won’t ever stop shouting,” Kris responded

“Pretty much,” Shade agreed with a smirk.

“Momotaros? How is that loudmouth still around?” Kris asked asif he was alone.

“I assume it’s the red one your referring to,” Shade responded.

-Meanwhile in the hospital-

“Did someone just insult me?” The red demon now known as Momotaros responded as he looked around angrily as he knocked a bed over, and began shouting as he ran around the room hitting anything in sight.

“It is,” Kris responded.

“I’ll need you to explain a lot later,” Shade responded as he shook his head.

“You always did,” Kris responded, the face on the belt looking to almost smirk as he did.

“So… you mind explaining something to me?” Rainbow asked.

“Depends on the question,” Shade responded.

“The first time we met, you said a few things about yourself, but you left a lot of things up in the air, and I didn’t get a chance to ask you about it last time. I want to know one thing about you.”

“And that is?”

“Why do you fight?”

“That’s all? I fight because if I don’t others suffer, and unlike everyone else, I don’t have a life to put on the line, I don’t need to worry about dying and can take more risks than anyone else.”

“Those are?”

“The risk I took to capture one of the criminals who helped murder the other riders one-thousand years ago.”

“Wait… you didn’t capture Wizard did you?” Kris asked.

“No… not him. That one ended up escaping.”

“Then who?” Kris asked as Shade stopped walking.

“Him,” Shade responded, pointing into the cell next to him.

The group then stopped as turned to look into the cell Shade had pointed to find Simon chained to a wall his head looking towards the ground with a black and yellow belt similar in design to Kris on a table on the other side of the room as Kris seemed to freeze up for a second, “How did you!”

“What are you on about?” Rainbow asked.

“How did you capture my brother!”

“When they were escaping I managed to wrap a chain around his leg and drag him away from the portal leaving him on this side, while the others escaped,” Shade responded.

“Wait, they? Who do you mean?” Rainbow asked.

“Wizard, Fourze, Genm… I think they said Zeronos and him,” Shade responded.

“But… that can’t be right… all of them serving him,” Kris responded, his voice sounding downtrodden.

“Hey cheer up. I was able to get one of them back, so I can get the others as well,” Shade responded with a smile.

“I am right here and I have a name,” Simon responded from the cell as he looked up to Shade

“Yes I know you do Simon… but right now, I think someone’s trying to understand what he can hear,” Shade responded.

“And who is that?” Simon asked.

“Simon… you are an idiot,” Kris responded before Rainbow stood in clear view of Simon with Kris facing him.

“That’s… not who I was expecting,” Simon responded looking down again trying to avoid looking at Kris.

“I can still see you even if you don’t want to see me,” Kris responded, his face almost looking like a glare.

“Not if I close my eyes,” Simon responded.

“Was he always this stupid?” Rainbow asked.

“Yes,” both Shade and Kris responded in unison.

“Okay then,” Rainbow responded with a shrug of her shoulders.

Shade then walked into the cell reverting into his human form before he said, “considering nobody else who knew you before has a body to do this. I’ll have to sort it.” He then stood in front of Simon who was trying to avoid eye contact with Shade.

After a few seconds Alex suddenly slapped him with the palm of his hand along Simon’s face before saying, “Simon. Wake the fuck up you moron, and sort yourself out!”

A faint chuckle was then heard before Simon said, “did Kris tell you that one?”

“Nope, that would be the asshole called your father, before I was killed,” Alex responded.

Simon then paused before looking up again, his eyes focusing on Alex before wincing in pain, “Okay… maybe I both needed and deserved that one.”

“Sure you don’t need another to balance the red handprint out?” Alex responded.

“Ha, ha… Fuck you too Alex,” Simon responded before looking directly at him, “so you gonna explain this whole mess and how your here or do I get fifty questions?”

“Okay… I think I need an explanation,” Rainbow Dash responded.

“Our dad was an abusive asshole, and all around a disgraceful human being,” Kris responded, “but he did find that a hard enough slap to Simon’s face normally got his head back on straight.”

“And Shade knew that how?”

“He was the oldest of our group back when we were all together, admittedly we were his little brother’s friends but he normally got saddled with keeping us all in line… maybe why we were all so useless when we got here, nobody would keep the others in line.”

“So what? Shade was like your leader?”

“More like a big brother to us all… he always was there for us when we needed him back then… then after he left for university we expected him to come back again like always and keep our group together and guide us.”

“But that never happened… he died on his way home on his birthday. We had all planned to meet up with him again for old times sake, and yet the last time we saw him was as he died in hospital.” Simon started looking at both Kris and Rainbow. “We all began to grow apart after that until one of us suggested we all meet back up at a convention for the fun of it, one last group meeting before we gave up and went our own ways.”

“And yet that dramatically backfired on us all… sure we went our separate ways, and it led to us all kicking the bucket alone with nobody by our sides,” Kris stated.

“Okay… enough of being depressed,” Alex responded, “nobody wants to hear the story of how you all screwed up.”

“That’s uncalled for Alex!” Kris shouted.


“Umm…. I’m not going to comment,” Simon added, looking away from the group.

“Exactly,” Alex responded, “I’m the only one here who can sound and act edgy.”

“Sure,” Kris responded, “Alex, the edgehog returns again.”

“And there it is,” Simon responds with a chuckle.

“Seriously… you’re both back to normal just like that?” Alex asked.

“What do you expect? He got his big brother back… and I got the one I see as my big brother back again as well,” Simon responded, “say… you wouldn’t mind letting me back down, would you?”

“Simon… do I need to slap some more sense into you?” Alex asked.

“No… why?”

“From what I know, you murdered the others and tried to kidnap everyone in the train that crashed.”

“You mean the Den-liner?”

“The Den what now?”

“The train of time, the Den-Liner,” Simon said.

“That doesn’t ring a bell.” Alex responded.

Simon simply groaned in annoyance before he said, “it’s the train that those Imagin were on, it has the ability to travel through time.”

“Imagin?” Alex asked.

“Are you really that clueless?” Simon asked.

“Unlike you, I don’t have prior knowledge of Kamen Riders to fall back on,” Alex responded rolling his eyes.

“How have you not died yet?” Simon asked.

“...You saw my belt, you know the answer to that.”

“Maybe I need more sense beat into me,” Simon responded.

Alex then pinched the bridge of his nose before saying, “I really don’t need to become a damn father to another lost child, especially a man-child.”

“Oh come on! It can’t end up that badly with the old gang calling you dad, instead of being an older brother.” Simon responded.

“Simon,” Kris responded before saying.


“I don’t think he can currently try and look after another child.”

“Of course he can, he only needs to look after me-” Simon responded

“And three others,” Alex interjected.

“Oh he would have four…” Simon began to say before looking at Alex, “Wait what.”

“I have three adopted children of my own,” Alex responded.

“So… what your saying is… I could become the fourth, and be a big brother to the other 3?” Simon responded hopefully.

“You’re really persistent now aren’t you?” Alex responded.

“I’ve been alone with a group of mind-controlled friends who won’t speak for years unless spoken to and an angry, forceful belt I couldn’t get rid of controlling me. I think I can get away with trying to get someone I like to try and correct by behaviour, by my own choice don’t you?”

Alex just groaned in annoyance before saying, “Fine, but only on a trial basis.”

“It’s a start Dad,” Simon said with a smirk.

“I’m going to regret this,” Alex responded with a shake of his head before Harmony suddenly released the chains around Simon’s wrists as he fell to the ground below him.

“Oh you’ll regret keeping me like this! I will end you all!” a voice shouted from behind the group.

“So… You wouldn’t happen to own a signal ax would you?” Kris asked Alex.

“Do you?” Alex responded.


“Then why would I?”

“Point taken… I guess the vault with that gear in wasn’t opened yet,” Simon responded.

“Put me on you fool so we can kill everyone as we were ordered too!” the voice shouted as Alex looked down to see a belt that looked almost exactly like Kris except where Kris was silver with a golden stripe, this belt was black with a golden stripe in the same place with the face on the front being yellow instead of red.

“Do we not have something to crush it into millions of tiny pieces instead then?” Simon asked.

“I don’t know… maybe throw that thing into a volcano?” Kris suggested.

“What’s the issue, it’s just a loud obnoxious belt?” Alex argued.

“A loud obnoxious belt, with the personality of Banno,” Simon responded.


“Simon… he knows nothing about Drive as a series,” Kris responded.

“Okay… big villain of the series,” Simon responded.

“Oh… Got ya,” Alex responded,

“So… throw him up into the air with the door gun and shoot him?” Simon responded

“You all really hate this guy don’t you?” Rainbow Dash responded.

“I don’t think you need an answer to that,” Kris responded.

“Okay… So how about this,” Alex responded, placing his hand over the front of the belt a familiar flame beginning to descend down his arm.

“Hey, I’m sure we can talk about this,” the belt responded it’s faces looking almost nervous as the flames crept closer to it.

“Oh, we can… After I finish sorting you out,” Alex responded.

“I’d prefer before,” the belt responded as the flames touched the belt, “Maybe right now!”

“As I said,” Alex began to say before the flames touched the belt, as the voice in the belt screamed the face starting to glitch, “after I’m done.”

“Stop! Stop it right now! I’ll kill you all! I swear I will if you don’t stop this second!” the belt shouted through what seemed to be pain before the light on the face faded as the screen turned from a black background to red while the screen stayed blank and the gold on the belt turned red as well.

“I think that will handle it,” Alex responded, tossing the belt to Simon as a black eye shaped symbol appeared on the face which suddenly opened turning into black marks resembling a face.

“What did you do?”

“...Think of it as reprogramming a computer,” Alex responded.

“What do you desire of me lord Shade,” a distorted calmer version of the voice responded from the belt.

“Give Simon full control of the belt and follow his orders, your only purpose is to protect the innocent,” Alex responded.

“That will never work,” Kris responded.

“Of course lord Shade,” the belt responded.

“How? Just… just how!” Kris shouted.

“I believe the term, ‘fuck you that’s how’ would work,” the belt responded.

“Did you choose to add that into him?” Kris asked.

“No… I don’t think I did?” Alex responded.

“You do realise I was like you before Demigra right?” the belt responded.

“Wait… you’re not the real Banno?” Kris asked.

“No… I’m a Displaced, like you. Demigra just messed with my mind making me act like Banno. Whatever he did, seems to have fixed me… apart from me calling him Lord Shade,” the belt responded.

“Yeah… sorry bout that one,” Alex responded with a wince, “So, do you have a name to call you by?”

“Or do we call you belt 2?” Rainbow added.

“Are we sure she’s not a reincarnation of Shinnosuke?” the second belt asked.

“I’m pretty sure,” Kris responded with a groan.

“Can you please give us an answer so we don’t call you Belt 2,” Alex responded with a shake of his head.

“Well… I barely remember my old name… what was it, Dio… not that was in the last anime I watched… what was it… it’s on the tip of my tongue… was it Brandon… I think that was my name.”

“Brandon?” Kris responded.

“No, that doesn’t sound right… maybe a new name would be better if I can’t be sure who I was,” the belt responded.

“Why not just shorten Brandon, and take the n off?” Simon said, “it’s close enough to what you thought your name was, but also near to the monster you became.”

“Two things, one screw you for the last bit and second, Brando… did you do that to take Dio’s last name because it fits?” the belt asked before saying with a sigh, “but I can’t deny it’s not a bad one. I suppose being called Brando isn’t bad… even if it sounds like a bad nickname.”

“It sounds like something Pinkie would come up with,” Rainbow Dash added as he shook her head.

“It’s better than Belt 2,” Brando responded, seemingly glaring at Rainbow Dash.

“It’s not that bad of a name,” Rainbow Dash argued.

“It’s not good either,” Alex responded.

“I suppose we should get moving, no need to stay down here if we don’t need to,” Alex responded before grimacing as he felt a burning sensation in his arm as he looked to find a small band burn into the skin on his arm this one however looked to have a completely red version of the Drive symbol on it.

“I knew something would appear on me like normal, but it never burned like this, normally they’re on metal bands, not my skin,” Alex thought to himself before the pain subsided as he looked at his arm to find the symbol faintly scared into his arm. “And that one’s weird.”

He then slowly lifted his arm to find a faint line connected to the mark to Simon & Brando to him, but with nothing else seeming to come from it as Alex just decided to ignore it for now looking back to the group before saying, “If everyone is good, then we might as well head back above ground.”

“I think I could agree with that dad,” Simon responded, smirking as he did.

“You are going to keep doing that ain’t you?” Alex responded.

“Yep,” Simon simply responded.

“Great… that’s just great,” Alex muttered to himself before the group began to walk out the cell towards the stairs before a sudden rumbling noise was heard.

“What in Faust’s name was that!” Rainbow shouted in surprise as he jumped into the air.

“No idea,” Alex responded.

“It’s an attack on the town… by a magic bearing rider… not Wizard though, also some sort of magic golem that’s a rider, you could hijack that one.” Harmony responded to Alex as the rest of the group ran back up the stairs while Alex quickly reverted back to his Alicorn form as activating Hellhounds band again to quickly reach the top of the stairs.

As Shade reached the top of the stairs he saw smoke plumeing from the lower parts of the town as he quickly leaped into the air quickly flying towards the smoke as he saw flames beginning to spread through the lower part of the town and he quickly began to drop towards the ground using the Wizard Eyecon to transform before landing creating runes around him pulling the flames into them.

I swear this would have become like The Great Fire of London, in this world if I didn’t stop it… so where’s the baker who started the mess?” Shade thought to himself as he looked around seeing many of the town citizens running into burning houses pulling out the injured with others using magic or abilities to heal wounds as soon as the flames weakened in any home.

It was then Shade looked forwards before he saw a figure standing in the distance ahead of him. The figure had what looked to be a long flowing black cloak with what looked to be golden marking adorning it the figure also looked to wear what almost looked to the serotical wizards hat, and on a second look the whole design of what the figure wore seemed to fit that.

The figure was also holding what looked to be an axe of some kind, the handle to the weapon was completely black while the axe-head was silver and had a large black gemstone in the centre of it. However the bit that alarmed him the most was the belt around the figure waist, it held many similarities to the one Wizard had been wearing but instead of the golden outline on the hand on the belt this one looked to be red.

“Okay… so another Wizard?” Shade muttered to himself, before he suddenly saw the figure seem to place something on it’s hand before placing it against the belt as what looked to be a golden set of runes appeared in front of him, “Why do I get a feeling this isn’t good?”

It didn’t take less than a second before Shade got an answer as he heard a voice shouting; “Explosion! Now!” before the figure forced its hand forwards before a rune appeared in front of Shade’s faces before he was suddenly knocked backwards from the force that was pushed out of the rune, before he crashed into the brick wall as his transformation cancelled.

“You know… I really, really hate people like you,” Shade responded as he rose to his feet again seemingly ignoring the fact that he was no longer transformed, as looked forward his tone almost distorting even though he was no longer transformed as Simon, Kris, and Rainbow Dash appeared just behind him.

“How did this happen? I swear it wasn’t on fire when we arrived,” Rainbow Dash said as she looked around.

“I would say, blame the Sorcerer,” Simon responded as he made his way over to Shade, “I guess you’ll want the back-up?”

“I imagine there is more help on its way,” Shade responded as Rainbow joined on the other side of him.

“Well… I guess we’ll just have to stand in until they arrive,” Rainbow Dash added as she looked towards the rider ahead of them.

Simon then looked over to her before calmly saying, “Hey, new me.”


“Try not to hold us old pro’s up.”

“Whatever you say,” Rainbow Dash responded as both she and Simon reached for their type speed shift cars before they looked at each other as they both transformed at the same time their stances almost mirroring each other.

Shade then paused as he threw his hand downwards as a flaming portal appeared by his hand before the Damned Shade Eyecon appeared in his hand as he held it out in front of him activating it as a burning eye began to suddenly begin to fill with blood from a portal next to it as Simon and Rainbow stepped beside the eye and began their own transformations, before a few seconds later all three of them transformed at the same time looking towards the rider ahead of them.

“You know what… I think mercy is off the table,” Shade responded as the last parts of his transformation finished forming as he held his hand out to the side before blood rose beside him before bursting outwards as what almost looked to be a guitar of some kind appeared in his hand, it held many similarities to the one he had found on the moon when he first found the moonbase but the symbol had changed into that of his Shade Eyecon’s persona.

He then turned to look at Simon as he saw that unlike Dash and himself, Simon hadn’t transformed as they saw the Type speed Shift car seem to fade from existence in the drive bracer, as pixels slowly faded around the bracer.

Simon then looked down to Brando before saying, “Do you know how that one happened?”

“I have no idea… that was the spare right?” Brando asked as he looked to both Shade and Rainbow sounding slightly embarrassed about what had happened.

“I suppose it may have been Demigra’s fault, maybe set the shift car to disappear if I was ever captured and tried to use it?”

“So… it’s not Decades fault?” Kris asked.

“No it’s not Decades fault.” Simon added before he paused his hand shaking before he reached into his jacket before slowly pulling out a black and yellow shift car that had blue markings on the front of it.

He then slowly looked at everyone before he said, “Don’t ask… just don’t.”

Simon then quickly repeated the same motion as he had before this time with the new Shift car before he reappeared in a suit that held some similarities to that of Drive’s, but where drive’s suit was red, this one was most black with jagged blue lines running over it, while the shoulderpads looked almost like they were made by a computer, while running diagonally over his chest was a large black and yellow tyre. He was also wearing black boots with shin guards that had a few lines of blue at the knee part of it.

“So… you have another form you can use?” Shade asked as he looked at Simon.

“Lets deal with this first,” Simon responded, looking towards the Kamen Rider ahead of them before they saw multiple Ghouls form between them that were being flanked by three Phantoms.

“Gladly,” Shade responded as he stepped forwards gripping the guitar shaped weapon in his right hand along what would be the neck of it, before his other hand ran along the strings before the bits of his armour that flaked off during his transformation rose from the ground suddenly turning into multiple blade that hovered around him.

Simon then looked towards Rainbow Dash before he held both his hands out as two weapons flew towards him, the first being a steering sword which he tossed to Rainbow Dash while the second was a blue and black sword that had a handguard that covered curved around where he would grip the handle.

Both Simon and Rainbow then dropped into a lower stance before they both suddenly pushed off their back legs before charging into the horde of Ghouls at the side as Shade charged into the main group used the blades that had formed to cut them as they seemed to travel in an arc following the direction of each swing of his weapon, as the blades struck the Ghouls in the rows behind the ones he hit with his blades.

Within seconds multiple Ghouls that had narrowly avoided Shades first attack quickly turned ready to attack him as they swung their staff towards Shade, who quickly stepped backwards causing the staff to strike each other in the middle where he had been standing moments before. It was then without hesitation he quickly swung his weapon in a wide arc as he decapitated each of the ghouls as each turned back into the shards they formed from.

This continued for a minute as explosions rang out throughout the town as the group cut down each of the ghouls until they ended up facing the three phantoms along with the Kamen Rider behind them, who seemed to be just observing the fight, now seeming less interested in the destruction he had caused, and more interested in the individuals who had appeared to stop him.

The group then looked at the three Phantoms ahead of them to find that the first looked to be a large cat with multiple spines sticking out it’s form. The second and third however were to Shade’s surprise two familiar faces, the second being that of Valkyrie and the last was that of Minotauros.

“I’m pretty sure that one not me,” Valkyrie responded in Shade’s head from the band on his arm.

“I know. It’s likely the cult somehow mutated someone into a Phantom, like they seem to be doing with most of the people they capture.” Shade responded as his eyes flickered between the four enemies ahead of him, and focusing on the Rider behind them, “Why did he not attack again since he knocked me out of my transformation before?”

“Maybe they are limited on how often they can use that skill,” Chrysalis suggested.

“Or maybe he’s just watching?” Valkyrie suggested as Shade began to ignore them as he refocused on the group ahead of him.

“Dash, Simon… think you can handle Valkyrie?” Shade asked as he looked at them.

“Isn’t the larger question if you can handle the other three?” Simon asked.

“Three against one… then it’s a fair fight,” Shade responded almost cockily.

“You really are a lot different now,” Simon muttered to himself before walking to the side as he and Rainbow Dash kept an eye on the Valkyrie as the three of them seemed to walk away from the group.

“Okay… why would he just walk away from the group?” Shade asked in confusion.

“Maybe they’re just that stupid?” Chrysalis suggested.

“Says the Changeling who tried to take a ghost’s body,” Shade responded, only to receive a growl of annoyance from Chrysalis which caused most of the others to chuckle at her.

As this was happening Shade was looking onwards at both minotaurus and the new Phantom before bringing his own weapon out to the side of him as he saw that along where the neck of the guitar was were three eyecon shaped indents inside it that looked deep enough for an eyecon to be placed inside.

He then quickly threw his free arm upwards as three eyecons appeared in front of him before he quickly grabbed all three eyecons placing them inside the weapon as the words “Wizard! Drive! Shade!” were shouted out from seemingly nowhere before Shade saw the Phantoms had almost seemed to slow down to a crawl.

While this was happening Shade turned his head towards Rainbow Dash and Simon to find that they both were moving at normal speed striking Valkyrie who looked to be under the same effect as the others as part of his armour became dented and in some cases broken apart.

Shade then turned his attention back towards his opponents as multiple burning red runes appeared around the phantoms before Shades chains suddenly burst out from inside of them coiling around the phantoms limbs and restaining the slowed forms as their faces seemed to slowly shift to look shocked.

Shade then held up his weapon before pulling the handle of his driver with his free hand and quickly pressing down the Wizard and Shade eyecons, before his belt shouted out, “Wizard! Shade! Omega Drive!” before he fell into a portal and reappeared above the two phantoms while both of them had been lifted off the ground into the air both in front of each other below Shade.

It was then that Shade began to fall towards both Phantoms his leg out sideways as he fell while the blades of blood seemed to reform around his legs angled below him like an arrow aimed directly downwards towards the Phantoms.

After a couple of seconds he reached the chest of Minotauros before piercing directly through the Phantoms chest following directly through him, leaving a large hole in the monster’s chest. Following the same process with the second Phantom as the blades of blood dispersed and encircled both Phantoms wounds and filling them as large red eye shaped markings remained where the holes had been while the chains that had held them burrowed under both Phantoms skins.

He then landed on the ground as his weapon reformed beside him standing upright in the ground. He reached back across and picked it back up before looking back towards where the Rider had been to find that he had seemingly disappeared into thin air with the only remnants of him being a faint wisp of fading black mist.

Shade then took a deep breath before turning his head to look towards Rainbow Dash and Simon as he looked to find that they had somehow managed to cut off the wings on Valkyrie’s back as both seemed to be jumping off two faint moving object moving around Valkyries which they used to attack the Phantom multiple times until after a couple of seconds the Phantoms body disappeared in a large explosion as both Riders landed landing in the opposite direction to where Valkyrie had once stood.

“That was way easier than I thought it would be, I doubt I would have even needed your help,” Rainbow Dash remarked with a smirk as she looked at Simon.

“Oh trust me… I could have taken you down in 10 seconds falt,” Simon responded, smirking as he turned to look at Rainbow Dash.

“Keep dreaming,” Rainbow Dash responded with a smirk.

Are we sure they aren’t one in the same?” Harmony asked Shade couriously.

I’m pretty sure they aren’t,” Shade responded with a smile.

Shade paused as he saw what looked to be a faint black, red, purple and green mist drift over to where Valkyrie had been defeated. It fell on the spot where the Phantom had fallen; seconds later, the ground began to violently shake as both Rainbow Dash and Simon quickly moved away to stand at Shade’s side.

After a couple of seconds the shaking stopped, then a large beam of dark light in similar colour as the mist shot up into the sky. Before long; a loud feral shout was heard as a large version of Valkyrie stood in front of them towering over them higher than 100m tall.

“Okay… seriously are their fucking power rangers in this world now!” Simon shouted in annoyance.

“Yes there are… theirs a displaced person who lives in the woods with the Timberwolves who’s one.”

“Fucking fantastic,” Simon shouted in anger, “and I bet we have nothing like a megazord or whatever the hell they are called in the Japanese version!”

“Harmony!” Shade shouted out.

“It’s on its way,” Harmony responded.

Only seconds later the ground next to them burst open before tracks began to appear front inside the tunnel before Shade’s train came out of it stopping just alongside Shade as the door opened as he ran inside before shouting, “are you two getting on!”

They both looked at each other before jumping on after Shade as they followed him into the front of the train before they looked inside to find a few large seats that were resting against the walls with around 10 in all spread around with large computers like consoles and controls in front of them.

Shade however didn’t stop to look at the room they were in as he immediately jumped into the seat at the front of the room before he shouted, “Get in a seat and buckle up!”

“Yes sir!” Rainbow Dash shouted.

“Sure Dad,” Simon added with a smirk as they both sat on a seat that was on either side of Shade.

It was then that the console in front of him shifted as multiple eyes shaped indents appeared in front of him before all of his eyecons moved to rest in each of the holes as a similar process happened with the consoles in front of Simon and Rainbow Dash with theirs having spaces for shift cars instead of Eyecons.

“Are you both ready?” Shade asked as he looked at Rainbow Dash and Simon.

“What is this even going to do?” all four of them asked at once.

“Just watch,” Shade responded as he pressed a button on the console in front of him before pressing the Shade eyecon in before a voice calmly said “Shade Eyecon Activate! Shade Gattai activating!” before the whole train began to shift and reform.

“What the hell is this thing!” Simon shouted in shock.

“I don’t know!” Rainbow added.

“You asked if we had a megazord… well here it is!” Shade responded with a smile as the train reformed itself into a human shape like form robot that was adorned with Shade’s chains which was in a similar style to that of the Shade Damashii.

“Okay… why do you have a megazord…. Or what did it call it, a gattai?” Simon asked.

“You think any of us know?” Kris responded before pausing as he said, “Rainbow, put the Type Speed Shift car into the console in front of you.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Just do it!” Kris ordered before Rainbow Dash placed the shift car into the console before a red drive Symbol appeared above the console they were sitting at.

Simon took note of what Rainbow had done as he repeated the same process with his own Shift car as a silver Drive symbol appeared above his console.

“Okay… that’s not something I expected.” Shade admitted.

It was then that the voice from the console was heard as it said, “New operators found! Deploying new armaments!”

It was then that two large red portals appeared outside of their robot before two large versions of their Shift cars appeared from them as both cars raced towards the large version of Valkyrie on what looked to be levitating roads ramming past the monster. Both cars turned back around before the roads ended near each leg of their mech before the large shift cars seemed to deform before rising up along the legs of the robot before reforming and replacing them.

A voice shouted out inside the robot, “New armaments applied! Transferring control to Shade!”

“Were those our shift cars?” Simon asked.

“I think so?” Shade responded in confusion as he stood up as his Damned Shade form dripped off of him as it reverted back to the form of his standard Shade Eyecon.

“Well… how in gods name do we use this thing?” Simon asked as he looked to Shade.

“Like this,” Shade responded as the red markings over his suit began to glow as the mech began to react, “Follow my lead.”

Both Simon and Rainbow hesitantly agreed before standing up while the markers above their consoles began to glow and both red and blue lights flickered into the main console.

It was then that Valkyrie began to fly off the ground in an attempt to get above them only for the chains on the mech to lash out and grab ahold of its wings, suddenly crushing them as the monster began to fall towards the edge of the everfree.

“Do you have a plan to stop it hitting the ground?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I’m assuming we hit it, very… very hard,” Simon responded.

“I really don’t think that’s the answer,” Kris responded.

“To be fair, it always worked for everything else,” Brando argued.

“Everyone focus okay.” Shade responded before he placed his hand against the Drive eyecon before pressing it into the console in front of him, before after a few seconds what looked to be multiple large coloured tires seemed to fly towards Valkyrie knocking it further away from the town.

“Okay… do we seriously have the Tritoron here?” Simon asked.

“The what now?” Shade asked in confusion.

Simon paused before he said, “Right… you never watched much of the series did you… it must have really sucked when you were first Displaced.”

“Let’s talk more about this later,” Shade responded as he quickly pressed in the Billy The Kid Eyecon as the head of the mech reformed again this time into that of a cowboy hat while a large black and red rifle appeared from a flaming portal beside them, as the words “Shade, Billy The Kid Gattai activating!” was heard around the group.

Both Rainbow and Simon looked at Shade as he seemed to ignore them for the moment as his hand was placed against the handle on his belt before pulling it outwards as the mech slowly lifted the rifle into the air towards the falling Valkyrie before what looked like chains and lines of blood began to glow on the rifle before a second later a beam of crimson light was shot out of the barrel towards Valkyrie.

As soon as the light struck the monsters body before it began to almost hover in the air before what looked like chains wrapped around them monsters arms, legs and neck before pulling its entire body together immobilising it before the chains began to retract pulling Valkyrie towards the chestpiece of the mech as the monster seemed to shrink as it moved towards it.

Once Valkyrie was close to the chest it seemed to open up revealing what looked to be a small cage with hanging chains holding what looked to be a skeletal corpse.

It was then that Valkyrie began to struggle again as he was pulled inside the cage as the chest closed before a scream was heard which was suddenly silenced.

It was then that the rifle was slowly lowered before it dissipated into flickering black flames that drifted away in the wind.

“What in god’s name was that!” Simon shouted as he looked at Shade.

“I don’t actually know. It’s the first time I’ve used this thing on a living target.” Shade admitted before the mech began to reform into the train it was previously before nor sporting three new carriages two of them bearing the Drive symbol with the other having no markings on it.

After a couple of seconds a distorted voice said, “you are now free to roam the carriages, we will be returning to the Everfree Haven soon. Please enjoy your trip.”

Shade then looked at the others before saying, “well… shall we?” Only to get everyone nodding back to him as they all cancelled their transformations and walked into the next carriage of the train.

Meanwhile on the outskirts of the Everfree Haven a small group was lying in wait.

The group consisted of multiple monsters and ponies who were each holding Gaia Memories along with two separate Kamen Riders leading them.

The first Rider looked to have a suit that was split down the centre with one half being black with purple markings on the chest while on the other side the colour was green with yellow marking with both sides seeming to mirror each other.

The second rider looked to be wearing a silver suit that seemed to have a large black rectangular watch strap shaped design with green markings on the outline and where the holes would be running down the centre of the chestpiece. The shin guards on the suit looked to feature a similar colour scheme and the helmet looked to have two handles of a clock on the headpiece with Katakana written into the mask.

“So let me get this straight. You just want to get revenge on the rider leading this place?” the second rider asked.

“Yes, thanks to him our leader is unable to walk, uses any limbs and is blind and dependent one us to move him around,” the first rider responded angrily.

“Well… maybe we can both have some fun with this,” the second rider responded, “I mean he just had to deal with that lot so they should be worn out by now.”

“So, what did he do to you to get your attention?” the first rider asked.

“Not much… I just want his powers.”

“You want his power? How does that work?”

“Kinda like this,” a new voice responded before the second Rider gasped in shock before falling forwards as his armour fell apart and he fell to the ground unconscious.

The remaining rider suddenly turned towards the new figure to find a figure covered in a long black cloak that covered its entire body obscuring all their features from view.

“What in tartarus did you do!” the remaining rider shouted as he paused before he saw the new figure holding a watch shaped object in his hand that looked to be held outwards from where the other rider had collapsed.

“You asked how I was going to take his powers?” the new figure asked before pulling out a black and green belt shaped object from below his cloak.

It was then that he held the object beside his head before placing it beside his head and lowering it to his waist before a voice shouted out “Beyondriver!” before he held out the watch shaped object from before holding it out and pressing the button on top before the word “Woz!” was shouted before it was placed against a large catch on the belt before the same voice shouted “Action!” as he pressed the button again and the face of the belt opened up.

As soon as he did this some techno style music began to play as what looked to be a holographic version of the face of an apple watch appeared behind him as zagged lines of light surrounded him.

The music seemed to chime on for a few seconds before he calmly said “Hensin” and pushed the handle holding the watch towards the belt before a voice shouted out “Touei! Future Time! Sugoi! Jidai! Mirai! Kamen Rider Woz! Woz!” as the green lights surrounded the figure.

Once the lights faded the group around them looked to retreat back slightly with some of them dropping their Gaia Memories and running away as fast as they could as they saw the figure was now covered in the same armour as the Rider from before.

“You know, I need to thank him for allowing me to have his power. I’m sure it’ll be more useful for me than it is for him,” the new figure responded.

“Who in Tartarus are you!” the first rider once again shouted.

The new figure paused for a second before he said, “what did my father say the person who used these powers was called.” he then clapped his hand before saying, “Oh right that’s the one. You can call me Kamen Rider Woz.”

“Woz?” the other ponies holding the Gaia memories asked.

“Yes that sounds right,” the new rider now known as Woz responded before saying, “oh I almost forgot. Before he held out a strange book that had green marking on the front before he opened it and wrote something inside as he said, “the ponies wielding the Gaia memories began to attack each other,” before closing the book.

After a matter of seconds the ponies suddenly turned to each other before activating their own Gaia Memories and started to attack each other as they scattered into the Everfree seemingly following what the new figure had said.

“What did you just do!” the First rider shouted.

“Just got rid of the distractions, it’ll be less annoying with just you to deal with,” Woz responded calmly, before holding his hand out as green lettering appeared in the air of him before what looked to be a green and black spear appeared in front of him which he grabbed hold of as a voice shouted, “Zikan Despear!”

“I’d tell you to start running,” Woz responded before saying, “but that option is already out of your hands,” as he suddenly thrust his weapon towards the remaining Rider striking his armour before moving forwards swinging wildly each swing hitting its target.

“How in tartarus are you doing that!” The rider shouted as he swung his first towards Woz but just seemed to throw his fist beside him as Woz didn’t move an inch. The rider looked at Woz in confusion as he said to himself “wait… what?”

“Maybe you aren’t as good at this as you said. I told you we should have used the Fang Memory for this,” another voice said from the rider as the light on the other half of the mask lit up..

“And if we used Fang we would have just been mindlessly attacking everyone, including our allies!” the original voice shouted only to pause as Woz struck the rider in the head with his spear.

“Fang eh.. What was the rider my uncle said that used that memory…” Woz responded, “Oh right, Double… or was it W?”

“Shut it!” the rider shouted as he swung his fist yet again as he just hit air, “how the hell am I only hitting air and you’re not moving!”

“I would say it’s not in your future to hit me,” Woz responded before holding his book out again before writing something in it before closing it, “but maybe I should just put you out of action before anything can happen.”

“Like you could do that,” the rider responded before swinging and missing again.

“Shall we see?” Woz asked before quickly stabbing the rider in the chest four consecutive times as sparks flew from his suit and he collapsed onto one knee, “you know, I’m getting a strange feeling of da-ja-vu? Are you?”

The other rider then paused as Woz wrote something in his book again before pulling out a blank watch, “Cancel the transformation now!” one of the two voices shouted.

“What why?”

“No time!” the voice shouted again as one of the riders hands began to reach towards the belt around his waist as he began to push one of the memories inside it upwards.

“Wait stop you’ll!” The other voice began to say before the watch reached the riders armour making contact as the first voice screamed out in pain as the side of the belt that was being pushed upwards made contact with the other half as the remainder of the suit faded while green lights were absorbed into the watch as it changed colour.

Woz then looked at the new watch as he said, “that went as easy as I expected it to,” before throwing the watch into the air and catching it as he continued to say, “I’d better clear the Dopant out.”

He then paused looking to the two unconscious figures before placing a hand on the floor before saying, “Hey Harmony. I got two criminals for you to take in. Put them in the smallest, most cramped cell you have.” before he walked off into the forest searching for the dopants as he wrote something else in his book as he left.

“Wait? How did he even know I existed?” Harmony asked as her avatar stood over the two unconscious bodies, “Who even was that?”

Chapter 21

View Online

As the group returned to the castle the train slowly stopped back underground near to the tree of Harmony as the group began to disembark from the train.

“So… mind explaining how you have a Megazord!” Simon shouted.

Alex sighed at this before saying, “when this Denliner thing crashed it was followed by Genm, you and the others along with multiple other trains. I hijacked it, and my powers changed it to suit my needs, and now I use it when needed.”

“So… you’re saying that I was part of the group, that gave you a huge robot?” Simon responded


“That is awesome!” Rainbow shouted.

“I suppose it is,” Alex responded looking at the train.

Simon’s eyes then landed on the wrecked Den-Liner that was set up across from them before he said, “So.. did we do that?” as he pointed at the wrecked train.

“Yes… that was the wreck we found crashed into the everfree with the demons-” Alex began to say before being cut off by Simon.


“Okay, those Imagin, two people who are still unconscious, and three passengers inside it.” Alex corrected.

“Wait… two inside. Please say they weren’t in the cockpit,” Simon said, almost sounding scared.

“Yeah with the three De- Imagins.”


“Simon whats-” Alex began to say before being cut off.

“No, no, no… we have not almost killed them as well have we,” Simon responded, sounding scared his eyes wide as he began breathing quickly.

“Simon, you need to calm down,” Kris shouted to Simon who hadn’t heard him.

“Am I really going to have to do the same things as his terrible father?” Alex thought to himself before walking towards Simon and slapped him before he said, “Simon, they are not dead, just unconscious, I’ve got someone keeping an eye on them for when they wake up.”

“That’s… That’s good,” Simon responded seeming to calm down before he added, “right, they’re not dead, I can still apologise for what I did.”He then looked to Alex before saying, “they’ll forgive me… right?”

“Well… if you're all like you were before this… then yes,” Alex responded.

“We should be… at least we were,” Simon responded, having now calmed down. “Right, I’ll just get myself sorted, where do you need me, dad?”

“Right now. To find your brothers,” Alex admitted.

“Really…” Simon responded before suddenly seeming timid, “do you think they’ll like me?”

“Well, if you don’t react poorly to them, I don’t see why they shouldn’t.”

“Why would I react poorly?”

“It’s easier to show you then to explain,” Kris admitted sadly.

“What does that mean?”

“Just follow me,” Alex responded turning into his Alicorn form before moving on.

As the group travelled through the castle, Shade listened to Simon and Kris talking about what they had done when they had first arrived and Kris telling Simon what had occurred in the world after he had died.

Beyond that Simon also tried to explain as much about each of the different Kamen Riders he knew in an attempt to bring him up to speed on them.

“He’s a weird one,” Harmony muttered to Shade in his head.

“Trust me… this is tame for him. I think he’s more enjoying the fact that he can see me again,” Shade responded.

“Well I suppose, and having a version of Drive active here often is good I guess,” Harmony responded, “but anyway. While you were gone a few things happened.”

“Is it anything bad?” Shade asked curiously.

“Well… when you were coming back there was an altercation just outside the town, two riders and a massive group of ponies with those Gaia memory things were going to invade but someone appeared, somehow took the powers of one of the riders and used some strange book to handle them.”

“So someone strange appeared, is it an issue?”

“No… but,” Harmony began to say but paused, “he knew I was around and not just a myth. He called me out to move them to some cells… he asked them to be as cramped as uncomfortable as possible.”


“I did. The cells only just accommodate their bodies, they are pushed down into a small gap with the ceiling against their backs and two holes near their faces big enough to fit two dog bowls in which I keep out of their reach for most of the day and a small hole behind them for their… needs. They were both stripped of their clothes and chained to the spot so they can’t move. with stones holding the needed parts in place for if they need to ‘relieve’ themselves,” Harmony stated.

“You are a horrible creature Harmony.”

“I try. Besides they did want you dead… and one of them was from the cult. And the other wanted your rider powers,” Harmony explained.

“Okay…. Can you make the cult ones worse… lace his food with laxatives and have him drink salt water?” Shade asked.

“And you said I was the horrible one,” Harmony responded with a chuckle.

“Any rider in that cult deserves it,” Shade responded.

“Also… I think you need to check on the boy with the Timberwolves again, it's been a while and maybe it would be beneficial to try and get him to team up with us?” Harmony suggested.

“I’ll try to go out and see him and the pack later, that may be for the best.”

“No… now,” Harmony suggested.

“Fine… but after I’ve checked that the town is safe and that everyone is okay down there.”

“Okay then,” Harmony responded before saying, “but you do have a lot of people that need to talk with you. Maybe hold off with your plans till after you sort them.”

“Great… just great,” Shade thought to himself before saying, “Simon, I’m sorry but somethings come up. I’ll have to have some more time with you later, I'm afraid.”

“I guess that comes with being a prince,” Simon responded.

“I’m sorry, I really am,” Shade responded before he saw Rapid Shadows walking towards them.

Rapid then stopped upon seeing him before bowing to Shade before he said, “It is a pleasure to see you, my king.”

“Rapid… you do realise what you said. Right?” Shade asked.

“Yes, my king. Anyway, do you require anything of me?”

“Actually yes. Would you be able to show them around the castle for me please?”

“Of course. If you would all follow me I can show you around the place.”

Simon and Rainbow Dash then looked at Rapid Shadows before they left with him as Simon looked back to Shade and said, “I’ll see you later dad!” as he left.

As soon as he was alone he summoned Chrysalis to his side before he said, “Could you pass a message to anyone in line for me?”

“Of course King Shade, it would be my pleasure.”

“Okay. Please tell anyone waiting that We apologise for the wait and tell anyone that is asking about repairs to their homes, that they will be starting on the repairs soon, but if they can help the repair efforts by clearing the rubble away, so the new homes can be built it will help. Also, tell them that once an area is clear I will make sure that their homes are rebuilt as good as new for them all.”

“Of course my King,” Chrysalis responded with a bow as she walked towards the main hall before Shade teleported to the throne room and waited.

As Shade sat in the throne room hundreds of citizens from the town came in, most of the time to ask for help with basic tasks or if they could use what happened as a reason to improve their homes, which in most cases he allowed.

He even got a few nobles to try to order the same as always, for him to get rid and kill all monsters in the town, to which he had them thrown out, with the exclusion of one who had ordered him 50 times by this point and tried to attack him with a knife and had been disarmed by Valkyrie and Hellhound before he was sent to the cells under the castle.

Almost an hour after he had started he dealt with almost all of the civilians waiting outside before Valkyrie walked beside him and said, “It appears you have one more group to see.”

“When can this suffering end,” Shade muttered to himself before taking a calming breath before saying, “Send them in.” as he looked down and began to write a few notes down on a piece of parchment in front of him as he waited for the next group to enter.

The new group then walked into the room before a voice calmly said "Been a while hasn't it?"

Shade, however, didn’t look up, the voice almost sounding like one of the nobles he had dealt with the day before as he said, “Okay, what's the problem this time? Are you here to argue against my stance on the monsters living here again? If so you know where the door is so leave, I don’t have time to kick you out myself again today.”

He then heard a chuckle from whoever had entered the room as they said, "well if you look up from that paper you would know I'm not here for a complaint I just want to visit a friend."

“Then what are you here-” Shade began to say before looking up before, saw Dillon standing next to a both unfamiliar yet faintly recognisable figure as he said, “Oh… Dillon. I wasn’t expecting a visit from you,” as he nodded to some of the guards by the door as they left the room and stood outside the door.

“What can I do for you… and who’s the other half-wolf… I assume he was only recently bitten considering he only has the ears,” he admitted and stood up walking towards the duo.

The other person perked up to him being acknowledged, "Oh you can call me Ziggy" the boy responded as he leaned against Dillon.

"He's my friend and the green ranger in my group,” Dillon explained before asking, “also what the hell happened? Me and him felt some tremors and a shockwave near the cave."

“We dealt with an attack by a group of monsters earlier, and after we defeated them a green and black mist surrounded where we took one of them down. After that, it grew massive and it needed dealing with,” Shade responded.

"So that's why there was a Zord in the distance from the cave," Dillon replied, placing his hand on his chin before smiling "well then I'm just glad you were able to take care of it," to which Ziggy nodded in agreement.

“Well, it wasn’t that much of an issue,” Shade replied with a smile, “So… anything you need to talk about?”

"What's happened these past two weeks haven't really left the cave that much and when I do it's usually to visit my friend Fluttershy I'm sorta out of the loop here."

“In simple terms… a lot,” Shade responded.

"Uhm Dillon, where's the other human you were talking about? Because this guy definitely does not look human, no offence by the way," Ziggy remarks, getting a small chuckle from Dillon.

"Well you are looking at him I forgot to tell you he can change between human form and that," Dillon replies motioning towards the Alicorn.

“Well, it's more than just me being a human that lives here now,” Shade responded before pressing a button on a bracer on his wrist before reverting to the familiar human form that Dillon remembered.

Dillon just nodded as Ziggy stared blankly before he said, "I retract my statement then." A comment that somehow made Dillon laugh as Ziggy looked back to him, "hey don't laugh!".

"Okay okay, I'm sorry but seriously for the past two weeks what happened if it's long we have the time to listen especially since it seems that I've missed a lot of stuff."

At this Alex could only smile before saying, “well do you want anything before we start, something to eat or drink maybe?”

"Me and Ziggy could go for some food," Dillon said, noticing Ziggy's ears twitch at the word ‘food’.”'

“Well, what do you two want? If we have it I could offer to get you it.”

"Do you guys have any pizza or fries?" Ziggy asked as he drooled "I could go for some pizza" Dillon remarked.

“That would depend on what you want on it… I can try but I make no promises.”

"I'm good with just a cheese pizza," Dillon replies, Ziggy nodding in agreement.

“Then we’ll see what we can do,” Alex responded before saying, “now. I apologize for the late introduction for your friend… or is it your brother now all things considered?” He then held his hand out to Ziggy before saying, “If you want my human name, call me Alex. But in any other situation, you can call me Shade.”

"Nice to finally meet you, Alex," Ziggy replies, taking Alex hand in a handshake.

"To be honest we haven't really acknowledged the wolf thing so we probably are brothers now," Dillon added scratching the back of his head with a chuckle.

“Maybe something you should have thought about,” Alex admitted with a smile before adding, “before we start with me telling you what happened. Anything you want to see while you're here?”

Dillon held his chin in thought before looking towards Alex, “think you show us around this place?".

“Well, I can do… I assume you want to meet the others,” Alex admitted.

"Well you're not wrong," Dillon replied Ziggy poking out from behind him asking "also what was with that train that was flying through the air earlier?".

“...The train is kinda my ‘Zord’ if that's what you call it,” Alex responded.

"Huh, that explains a lot actually. Thank you" Ziggy replies.

"So about meeting the others can we?" Dillon asked looking at Alex.

“If I can find them. I had someone showing four other guests around so we may meet up with them if we’re lucky.”

Dillon nodded looking towards Ziggy" You have any more questions Zig's?"

Ziggy however just shook his head before saying "not really my questions have been answered."

“Okay then,” Alex responded, reverting back to his Alicorn form as he walked towards the door as it opened as he led Ziggy and Dillon outside.

"Well can we see that Zord of yours first?" Ziggy asks curiosity lacing his voice as he looks toward Alex.

“I suppose we can. But while we travel you’ll need to refer to me as Shade… I’m kinda known as that by most of the citizens both around her and in town.”

"You got it," Ziggy and Dillon say with thumbs up fanged smiles on their faces.

It was then that a long staircase appeared from the wall beside them as Shade began to walk down them before looking back to the duo and gesturing for them to follow him.

The two boys walk towards and follow behind him as they walk with him.

As the group reached the bottom of the stairs they reached a large open room with many corridors leading towards a single room, with a bright light flickering from the end of the hall.

They then made their way deeper into the caves before coming out into a large open room with two trains one on each side. The first looked to be almost destroyed with large dents on the carriages and the front being crumpled inwards with a smashed window, while the second was what looked to be a black steam train with red marking running down the side of it, each carriage sporting a different logo on the side of it.

“Well, this is basically where we’re keeping the trains right now,” Shade responded calmly, “what do you think?”

"Impressive" Dillon replied before looking towards the beaten up train "Damn that looks like it was beaten to high hell it looks cool though" Ziggy added examining the trains closely.

“Well… the damaged one did crash into the Everfree, and was on fire when I found it… with passengers inside the carriages,” Shade admitted.

"Yeesh" Dillon responds "good thing you took care of it," he says with a smile on his face.

“I am as well… Considering one of those trapped inside was my little sister from before I became… this,” Shade admitted.

Dillon patted Shades shoulder "well at least you saved her so that's one thing to be grateful for" Ziggy nodding in agreement giving a thumbs up.

“That is true. Right now she is most likely helping look after some of the younger children,” Shade admitted, “anyway, anything you want to ask about while we are here?”

"No. I don't think so," Dillon replies "wait nevermind I do, how did your sister get here?".

“She was on the train. She said she was kidnapped and tortured by someone before escaping during a mass breakout, they were using that train as a getaway vehicle, but when they were attacked most of the carriages were discarded and teleported to safety and she was in one of the carriages that were left behind when it crashed.” Shade responded calmly.

Dillon nodded in response putting his hands behind his head before going into his pocket taking out a photo muttering to himself" At least there in this"before putting it back in his pocket Ziggy noticing Dillon's demeanour getting back from Somber to happy again.

“Something wrong?” Shade responded as he looked at Dillon.

"It's nothing just thinking about my family"Dillon replies with a smile still on his face.

“Isn’t your brother next to you?” Shade responded with a smile as he looked at the black and red train.

Dillon's eyes widened for a second before chuckling, glancing at Ziggy who smiled at him warmly "I guess he is".

“Say, I didn’t ask but how did you two meet. I swear you weren't together when we last met?”

Shades question gets a nervous chuckle from Dillon who had Ziggy smugly looking at him " ugh I met him back in ponyville two weeks ago and I almost killed him before getting stopped by a…... Kamen rider I think?".

“Really. Who was the rider who you met?”

"I think she called herself Drive, don't know if she was a Kamen rider though".

“Well, Drive is a Kamen Rider… it’s just which one you mean.”

"I don't really know, she did seem to know my friend Fluttershy and also had a talking belt".

“Once again. Both Drive's have a talking belt,” Shade admitted.

"I don't know what to tell you then because she didn't stick around that long" Dillon Responded

“I see… yep, that fits that Drive to a tee,” Shade admitted with a chuckle, “you must have met the normal Drive. We have a second one who recently moved into the town.”

Dillon chuckled in response.

"She definitely seemed impatient" Ziggy added "didn't even get the chance to get my witty one-liners in" this getting a laugh from Dillon.

“I’m pretty sure the mare under the mask would have beat you to it,” Shade responded with a shake of his head before smiling, “I really need to look at those new carriages that appeared after that fight.”

"Can we see the inside of them?" Ziggy asks, interested.

“If you want. Theirs, not a lot to the main ones though,” Shade admitted.

Ziggy responded with a nod as Dillon walked towards the front of the trains wanting to look at the exteriors more.

“Dillon, do you want to go inside or are you fine out here?”

Dillon thought to himself for a second before nodding saying "I'll go inside I'm kinda curious" Then walking next to Ziggy.

Shade then opened the door as he walked inside gesturing for us both to follow him inside as both boys then followed behind Shade following him through the door.

Once they got inside the first carriage they saw that it had a black interior with red seats and tables rubbing against the sides of it, “as I said. A normal train carriage, nothing special.”

"Better looking than any train carriage I've been in" Dillon added.

“How many have you been in?” Shade asked curiously.

"Two but that was before I landed here in Equestria". Dillon replied.

“Ah… I take it the trains weren’t very nice where you came from,” Shade responded with a smile.

"Not really I mean they weren't terrible but they weren't great either" Dillon responds with a dismissive shrug.

“I see. Well anyway, the main train is at the front, the next three are the same as this, and after are the ones I've not actually seen yet.”

"Okay then let's continue," Ziggy adds getting a nod from Dillon Ziggy then asking "Alex how long have you been here in Equestria?".

" Much longer than you and me Ziggy," Dillon replies.

“Well… a bit over 1000 years… if you count my time on the moon as on Equestria,” Shade responded.

"Oh," Ziggy said, then smiling at Dillon just standing next to him with a blank look on his face "Okay let's get this going Alex Ziggy seems a bit anxious to see more".

“Not like there's much to see,” Shade responded.

"To be honest I've only been in Equestria for a couple of months," Ziggy said as the two resumed, following Shade further into the Carriages the duo looked at interior intently.

“As I said it’s more of the same for the most part. Need to refit one into a dining car at some point,” Alex admitted.

Dillon looks back toward Shade, "Then let's get this show on the road".

“The group then walked through the remaining few passenger carriages before reaching the door to the next as he said, “heads up. I know nothing about the last three.”

"You got it" Dillon replies him and Ziggy nodding.

As the group ventured into the first of the unknown carriages they looked to their sides to find a strange sight in front of them. A red and white sports car, with a stylised ‘R’ on the front of it but seemingly no number plates.

"Out of anything I did not expect to see a car" Dillon remarks, a brow raised.

"Me neither" Ziggy replies, his brow also raised.

“To be fair… I half expected it, I mean this and one other did appear and turn into the legs of the Zord, strange that it has a new cart to keep with the train though,” Shade responded seemingly talking to himself.

"It's a nice set of wheels," Dillon remarks Ziggy nodding in agreement.

“Also… shouldn’t one of you expect to see a motorbike and the other a police car?” Shade asked.

"I guess?" Dillon replies, shrugging dismissively.

“What do you mean you guess… I swear two are going to have your own giant monsters to fight, I'm pretty sure you should get those things somehow.”

"We would but I don't know how Me and Ziggy have more or less just been training together so we don't get destroyed in battle other than that it hasn't really crossed my mind until now," he said putting his hands in his pockets.

Shade then paused before asking the duo, “how much have you improved if at all?”

"Our reaction times have gotten better and we're more aware of our surroundings more so we won't be that vulnerable from behind, I can actually control my strength better now" Dillon replies.

"And I'm much faster than I was before, " Ziggy adds in.

“Well… I can’t remark for you, considering I've never seen you in action,” Shade admitted as he looked at Ziggy.

Ziggy just smiles nervously "Y-yeah I guess so".

“Maybe it would be worth spending some time training you both when you're not busy that is?” Shade offered.

"We would be up for that we're not that busy at all and we don't really leave the cave that much other than to spar with each other or when I visit Fluttershy" Dillon responds.

“Then it may be best to train with some other people, it can’t help training with just each other all the time.”

"It definitely would be better to train with others plus we would improve more so I'm down for that" Dillon replies.

“Okay, I’ll make sure to see what you can do later,” Shade responded before walking towards the next cart.

Ziggy and Dillon follow behind Shade, Ziggy then looking towards Dillon with a smile on his face pointing his fist out towards him Dillon looking at it for a second before smiling and bumping it with his own the two making an explosion sound before looking forward again.

Once the group reached the next carriage they found that it looked identical to the last one once again having another car inside, this one was also a sports car, but was black with blue jagged lines covering it.

"Another car, cool," Ziggy remarks.

“I did tell you I had no idea what was in the last three… we got two cars… in a world with no proper roads, or way to fuel them,” Shade responded with a shake of his head.

"I find it funny that there are two vehicles for transportation and you can't use either of them," Dillon says with a chuckle, his arm at his side.

“Yeah, yeah. Way to point that…” Shade began to say before stopping, “on that note… how is the train still able to run, I have no fuel for this either?”

Dillon stays silent for a moment before responding "I-i don't know".

“I suppose I need to look into that too. My list is just getting longer and longer,” Shade admitted calmly with a shrug of his shoulders, “well. We just have one left.”

"Ok" Dillon and Ziggy reply.

As the group entered the last carriage the scene they found was very different, along the wall was what looked to be large tubes built into the walls each looking empty, there was also a computer by the side of each with all but one switched off. The one being on looking to have a heartbeat monitor being shown on that seemed to be reacting to something, a faint beeping being heard.

'Well this is….interesting" Dillon says with a bewildered expression.

“What even is in this room?” Shade asked in confusion as he walked around the room.

"It's a bit unnerving, to be honest," Ziggy remarks, a hesitant look on his face.

Shade then paused next to the tube with a working computer next to it before he said, “Can you two head back to the first carriage. I’ll catch you up in a minute.”

"Y-yeah.. sure see ya in a minute, "Dillon says as he and Ziggy head back to the first carriage.

As soon as Dillon and Ziggy had left the room he looked into the active tube as he saw the familiar figure of Valkyrie inside it.

“Harmony, just gotta check… Which Valkyrie is this?”

“That would be the one then turned giant,” Harmony responded.

“Is Twilight around at the moment?” Alex asked as he looked into the tube, “we might want to learn why a giant monster formed from this one.”

“I too am curious about it my Lord,” a voice responded before across the carriage as Alex turned to see Twilight standing near a second door before she walked towards him before dropping to her knee, with her head bowed.

“What can do for you Lord Shade,” Twilight responded before dropping onto both knees and bowing at his feet, almost looking to worship in once more, “your very wishes are my deepest desires to achieve for you.”

“You done?”

“Yes,” She responded before standing up and saying, “So… what do you need me for here… this looks like some crazy sort of lab… almost like the old ones the cult used.”

“I’m not experimenting on kids Twilight,” Alex responded.

“I know… but where do we stand on those being turned, or having been turned into monsters already? Are they free game?”


“I mean. If they are already twisted and turned into weapons by the cult why not just reformat them. I could easily with the right equipment to create something to act as a beacon to them and reprogram them to follow your orders remotely.” She then looked at the Phantom in the tube before saying, “Oh… I think I can do something with that… but maybe you could use his form or…”

“Twilight, what are you thinking?” Alex asked.

“You transform into the form you use around us using that thing on your arm… what if we modify it to keep the DNA of different monsters and species you meet in it, you could use it to blend in with others better or capture a monster of the cult quietly and change into it before infiltrating their bases and capturing their riders to use as we see fit!”


“We could use it to even transfer characteristics to others. I mean you could give a pony who loses their wing, horn or legs new ones…. Or repair the bodies of the dragons who had their wings crippled or fix those changling queens bodies to no longer keep laying constantly, or fix their bodies to bear young again!” Twilight shouted excitedly, “Please we have to try this!”

Alex paused for a second considering his options before saying, “do you know what you're doing?”

“Yes! I’ve been looking into the thing on your arm and that group from the other world left notes on maintaining it! Please!” Twilight shouted excitedly.

“How long would it take?”

“Five minutes at most, and that's to completely update and fix it!” Twilight responded.

Alex then placed his arm on the table before asking, “do you need it taking off or can you do this while I wear it?”

“Oh, It needs taking off,” Twilight responded.

Alex then began to remove the bracer before grabbing her and saying, “Know if you do anything with it beyond what we agreed I will make the rest of your life as painful as possible and I will draw it out.”

“I understand my lord, I do not want to anger my god after all,” she responded as he let her go and she dropped to the floor shaking before kneeling by his feet and saying, “If I ever betray you, I will turn myself into nothing less than a mindless animal and be your plaything for the rest of time.”


“I swear it, my lord. I am yours and yours alone.” Twilight stated as she began to kiss his shoes.

“Twilight. Get up now!” Alex shouted in annoyance,

“Sorry Master!” Twilight responded as she stood up.

“Wait… what did you call me.”

“Master… wait why did I say that?” Twilight asked before saying, “anyway, do you mind if I get started on the upgrade?”

“Sure,” Alex responded, taking off the bracer and placing it on the table before Twilight began working on it.

Okay Harmony, explain.” Alex requested.

Must be an aftereffect of something you said when you corrected her. She must view her situation with you as a Master and slave sort of thing. Which it kinda is considering she’s not able to die without your say so now.” Harmony stated. “And if her actions earlier are any indication, she may always see herself as a slave to someone. Might as well be the one she views as a god.”

“That doesn’t make it better.”

“Maybe not… but it is the truth. To her you are everything now, pleasing you and catering for your desires is what she deems as the most important thing on the planet. You most likely rank above her family and friends in most cases… Well if she had friends that is.”

“Okay.” Alex responded, “So… do you think this will work?”

“Yes. She’d not try to trick you now. She cares deeply for you… almost close to love towards you. In her mind, she wants to belong to you… in every possible way.” Harmony stated, “and I mean every way.”

“The big one won’t happen,” Alex stated.

“Maybe not… but I could make it possible for your other body.”

“You mean my Alicorn self right.”

“Of course. And considering Stallions aren’t plentiful in this world, why not amass a few loving wives to carry on your bloodline. I mean little Luna would likely jump at the chance, and she already wants you. I can sense it.”

“Luna I’ll consider… her no.”

“Fine,” Harmony responded, “just think about it, she’ll always be with you, just give her try one day.”

“Done!” Twilight shouted, “you should be able to procure a new species form after extracting part of their DNA! If this works you would be able to walk anywhere without being seen.”

Alex then placed the bracer back on his arm before Twilight added, “I also took the liberty of adding my DNA into it for the Unicorn form. It should retain your colour pallet as an alicorn so you don’t look like me, but only time will tell.”

“Well, I'll test it later,” Alex responded before looking at the Phantom, “what about him?”

“I’ll extract a bit of DNA from him, and see what I can learn. You go look after those kids. I saw them with that Simon guy,” Twilight responded before seeming to go to the screen by the tube and working near it, “And… could I get a lab set up here for when we go out to new places?”

“Sure. Just be aware that this is a moving weapon and giant mech,” Alex responded turning back into his Alicorn form as he left the carriage to reach the others.

As Shade walked into the first carriage before he saw Simon in the room with Dillon leaning against a wall on the far side of the carriage and said, “Okay… what did you do now Simon?”

"So that's your name” Dillon commented.

“What inappropriate thing did that idiot say now?” Shade asked with a shake of his head.

“I didn’t say anything!” Simon responded.

“Simon. This is you were talking about!” Shade shouted as Simon lowered his head. “So Dillon what did he say?”

Dillon looks at him with a frown, “he said along the lines that I and Ziggy were American knockoffs” he said before looking away in a huff.

Alex shook his head before pausing, “Wait… I think I know what that Idiot meant, considering that all of the Power Rangers series are a localisation of the Japanese versions.”

“I get that, still could have said it in a less hurtful manner though” Dillon replies sticking his hands into pockets.

“He could have, but he’s an idiot who has spent the last how many years following someone else's orders mindlessly. He doesn’t really… think.”

Dillon snerked, trying to hold in a laugh his arms at his sides.

“Dillon definitely doesn’t look mad anymore at least” Ziggy comments chuckling at Dillon’s behaviour.

“Dad! I wasn’t that bad!” Simon shouted.

“Really? I’m sure I remember you speaking like a robot and saying,’Yes Lord Genm.’”

Dillon laughs out loud falling on his back “oh my...oh my god” his laughter reverberating through the carriage.

“And there he goes,” Ziggy says as he looks towards Dillon.

“Dad! Stop it!” Simon shouted his face red.

Dillon stands up wiping a tear from his eye “oh..oh my god that’s so funny” his laughing turning back to chuckling.

“It's not funny!” Simon shouted in anger.

“Oh, it is. We were so mindless it was almost sad,” a new voice responded.

Dillon perks up looking in the direction of the new voice “hello who are you?”.

“Just a ‘friendly’ belt,” the voice responded.

“Well, friendly now,” Simon muttered.

“Oh ok then,” Dillon says as he puts his hands behind his head “at least you're not mindless anymore”.

“Yeah,” Ziggy adds, his fangs showing in his smile.

“Simon or the Belt?” Shade asked.

“Both” Dillon and Ziggy say in unison.

“There is a grey area for the belt,” Simon responded.

“That's slightly concerning,” Ziggy replies in a nervous tone as Dillon just chuckled nervously.

“Well… I was threatening to murder everyone before he ‘reprogramed’ me,” the belt stated.

“Never in my life have I thought I would ever be unnerved by a belt….. Well guess there's a first for everything,” Dillon replies with a chuckle.

“Just wait till you meet a Kivat, you’ll likely get unnerved by that,” Simon admitted.

“The hell’s a Kivat?”Dillon replies, his brow raised.

“And I’ll leave you to think on that,” Simon responded.

“It’s a demon in the shape of a bat that some variant of rider uses to transform, by being bitten by it,” the belt responded.

“Oh… I regret asking that question,” Dillon responded as he shuddered.

“I don’t think I want to see one,” Ziggy adds, fear in his voice.

“Why not? I’m sure you’d be fine,” the belt responded.

“As long as a Fangire doesn’t bite you,” Simon added.

“Ok hold up what’s a Fangire and what happens if it bites me?” Dillon asks concern lacing his voice.

“Think Stained Glass… You get turned into that then shatter,” the belt admitted.

"I'm gonna shut up now," Dillon says before walking away and crouching in the corner.

“Are you both really that stupid?” Shade asked, looking at both Simon and the belt, before he walked towards Dillon and knelt down in front of him, “you okay?”

Dillon just stayed silent before turning his toward Shade fear in his eyes as he imagined what Simon and the belt told him before he started to shake.

Shade then wrapped his wing around Dillon before pulling him closer and wrapping his arms around Dillon's body slowly rubbing his neck, “it’s okay, I’m right here and nobodies going to hurt you.”

Dillon shuddered as he began to calm down tears threatening to go down his face as his breathing slowed down as he wrapped his arms around Shade.

"T-thank you," Dillon whimpered.

“It’s not a problem,” Shade responded as he picked Dillon up and sat on a nearby seat holding the scared child to his chest as he rubbed the back of his neck, “take a long as you need, and cry if you need to.”

"I've never seen him like this, what you guys said must have really scared him," Ziggy comments looking at Dillon with a worried look on his face before looking towards Simon and the belt.

“Well, would you be scared of death?” Simon responded.

"Of course I am, it's just I've never seen him like this before" Ziggy replies. "He has told me that he was on the brink of death before but I didn't think it affected him that much" Ziggy continues a sad look on his face.

“Well… Maybe he feels more open about his feelings around my dad. He seems to have that effect on people.” Simon suggested, “who knows he may see him as a father figure in his life.”

Dillon nuzzles into Shade his breathing back to normal before looking up as his hair covers his eyes before saying "I-I'm feeling better now".

Shade then used his hand to push Dillon’s hair out of his eyes, looking at Dillon with a kind smile, “you sure, we can sit here for as long as you need.”

Dillon just looks at Shade for a couple of seconds before nodding quietly "Y-yeah I'm sure".

“Okay then,” Shade responded before leaning in and whispering, “is there anything you want to say before we get moving?”

Dillon just shakes his head in response, staying silent with a shy look on his face.

“Okay then,” Shade responded, removing his arms from around Dillon before looking towards Ziggy, “you okay over their kid? If you want to sit down and rest for a bit you are free to do so.”

Ziggy flinches before straightening up before saying "N-no I'm fine".

Shade only looked at him before saying, “Okay, I can see something on your mind. Come here and talk about it. Get it off your chest,” tapping the chair gesturing for Ziggy to sit beside him.

"O-okay then," Ziggy responded walking towards the chair and sitting next to Shade.

“Right, What's the problem?” Shade asked with a kind smile on his face.

Ziggy just smiles before going silent for a couple of seconds.

"It's just I never really expected to see you act fatherly towards Dillon. It's kind of first for me to actually see that" Ziggy says a sombre look on his face before continuing to say. "The way he reacted... it just hurt me to see him like that. But when you held him like that it made me happy that he had someone else that cared for him like this".

“And let me guess, you want to be able to be held like that?” Ziggy just stayed silent, before looking away in embarrassment. “I take that as a yes,” before he used his wing to carefully move Dillon to sit on one side of his before wrapping his wings around the two boys while rubbing the back of Ziggy’s neck, “better?”

Ziggy faintly nods snuggling into Shades Wing, "T-thank you" Ziggy says muffled by Shades wing.

“Your welcome,” Shade responded as he rubbed the back of Ziggy’s neck while pulling both closer to him with his wings, “If either of you wants to ask me anything you can. I’ll be here for you both whenever you need me.”

Dillon and Ziggy give a muffled ok staying snuggled into Shades wings.

Dillon starts to look up towards Shade "Shade d-do you mind if you treat us a-as" he tries to say too embarrassed to get the words out with Ziggy also having trouble getting the words out as well his embarrassed demeanour returning.

Shade then looked to Simon before saying, “could you wait for us outside?”

“Of course,” Simon responded before walking off the train.

“Is there something on your mind? Whatever it is there is nothing for either of you to be embarrassed about, so speak your minds.”

"D-do you mind if you treat us like your own kids," Dillon and Ziggy say in unison.

Shade paused before he asked them, “just need to check I heard you right. Are you asking if I would become an adopted father for the two of you?”

Dillon and Ziggy nod in affirmation "Y-yeah" the both continuing to talk in unison.

Shade just smiled at the two of them before kissing each of them on the foreheads, “I hope that answers your question.” Dillon and Ziggy look at him in shock for a couple of seconds before giving Shade big toothy smiles before hugging him. “And I take that as a yes it does,” Shade added with a chuckle.

Dillon and Ziggy nod, the duo's happiness evident from Dillon's wagging tail and both their fanged grins.

"Yeah," Dillon says with happy tears, with Ziggy still smiling, the two too happy to say anything else.

Dillon and Ziggy continue to hug Shade for a couple more seconds before letting go, as Shade starts wiping the tears from Dillon's eyes using his wing before smiling at the duo, “you both ready to get moving, I think you need to meet the rest of your brothers, and your aunt now.”

"Yeah, I'm ready d-dad" Dillon replies, "Yeah dad" Ziggy adds with a smiling.

“Okay then,” Shade responded before the group stood up to leave the train.

"Hey Dad, c-can I hold your hand?” Dillon asks with Ziggy then asking "And can I get a piggyback ride?" Ziggy showing an embarrassed look after saying the last bit of his question.

Shade could only chuckle at them before he held his hand out to Dillon before saying, “yes, and after we get off the train I’ll let you up.”

Dillon gets hold of Shades hand and smiles as the three walk off of the train.

As the group got off the train Shade knelt down before Ziggy climbed on top of Shade's shoulders.

“I’m not going to ask…” Simon began to say, “okay… what the hell happened in there?”

“I thought you weren't going to ask,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“I wasn’t but this is just strange, why are you giving one a piggyback and having the other hold your hand like he’s your son?” Simon asked.

Dillon perks up at this saying, "because we kind of are his sons now" a small smile on his face.

“Wait… what?” Simon asked in confusion.

"You heard him, he's our dad now too," Ziggy comments with a smile.

Simon then looked to Shade before saying, “I need an explanation.”

“I will as we walk to the surface,” Shade responded.

“Fine,” Simon responded before pausing, “Wait… doesn’t this make them my little brothers?”

"I guess it does" Dillon responds, him and Ziggy giving Simon a smile.

“Okay, I think we all need to talk,” Simon responded.

“Agreed, but maybe outside with somewhere to sit down,” Shade requested.

“Fine, if everyone else is okay with that,” Simon responded looking at Ziggy and Dillon.

Dillon and Ziggy think for a couple of seconds before nodding in agreement before a stairway appeared beside them and they made their way upstairs.

Dillon closed his eyes happily, as they walked up showing his toothy grin, his tail wagging in excitement.

Chapter 22

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As the group made their way aboveground Simon spent the entire walk talking about the different Kamen Riders and the Monsters that they faced.

Dillon and Ziggy showed interest in the subject listening intently to what Simon was saying.

"Those monsters sound cool and terrifying," Ziggy commented, his ears twitching.

"Agreed also how many Kamen Riders are there?" Dillon asks, a smile still on his face.

“Depends if you mean that it was designed or in this world,” Simon asked.

"In this world exactly" Dillon responds.

“I don’t know. You’ll need to ask the one who’s been here the longest,” Simon responded pointing to Shade.

"Do you know how many Kamen Riders are in Equestria dad?" Ziggy asks, he and Dillon looking towards Shade.

“That I know is still here. There is me, Simon, a Build, Fuma, another version of Drive, Eternal and Blade, that are allied with us.” Shade admitted counting them on his fingers.

Dillon and Ziggy deadpanned for a couple of seconds before shaking their heads the duo then saying in unison "Whoa".

“And how many are against us you know of?” Simon asked.

“Well… I know of a few that are attacking us. There is a Wizard, Fourze, Genm, Zeronos, working with one group. A cult, which I think are mostly dealt with but I know a TheBee and a Diend were mentioned to exist with that group. And there's someone else who attacked the town before who I don’t know about.”

“Oh that’s Sorcerer,” Simon responded, “Movie villain from Wizards series.”

"Well, that's definitely a lot to take in," Dillon comments with Ziggy nodding in agreement.

“How so?” Simon asked looking down to Dillon.

"Because of the number of people you go against it's kinda scary to be honest with you" Dillon replies with a chuckle.

“Well, there are a lot more that could exist out there,” Simon responded.

"You're definitely right there, I'm just glad I know you guys," Dillon responds with a smile on his face once more.

"Definitely" Ziggy comments.

The group then saw what looked to be a picnic table in the shadow of the castle, before the group reached it as Shade lowered himself to allow Ziggy to climb off his back before he climbed off of Shade's back and walked next Shade smiling as Shade sat at the table and gesturing for the group to sit down, which Simon did sitting across from him, as Dillon sat next to Shade crossing his legs with Ziggy deciding to sit next to Dillon, putting his arms on the table.

"So dad, what are we gonna talk about," Dillon asked Shade as he and Ziggy looked towards him.

“Anything you want. I just thought it would be better being outside than underground,” Shade admitted.

"I don't know what to ask," Dillon replies.

“Who are these two Alex?” a feminine voice asked from behind the group.

Dillon and Ziggy look behind them to the direction of the voice, their ears twitching in different directions.

As the duo looked behind them they saw a young woman looking at them. She had long black hair that rested by her shoulders along with white eyes and was wearing a red skin tight outfit that showed a lot of her skin. Her legs, arms and chest were visible with her breasts sticking out slightly from the sides of her clothes barely covering her figure.

Dillon and Ziggy immediately tense up as their helmets appear on their heads again Dillon thinking to himself, "oh no it happened again".

"H-hello I'm Dillon and that's Ziggy," Dillon said as Ziggy gave her a small wave.

"Hello," Ziggy said quietly.

“Oh Alex, these two are adorable,” the woman responded walking towards the group before rubbing Dillon’s neck, “are they Displaced like us?”

“Yes they are Alexis,” Shade responded before looking to Dillon and Ziggy before he said, “Also, I would like you both to meet my little sister.”

Dillon's helmet disappeared his wolf ears call coming into to view "I-it's nice to meet you"

Ziggy Helmet disappeared as well as he stood up and did a small bow "a pleasure to meet you" his wolf ear moving in tandem with his bow.

"Hey, Dad is she our aunt?" Dillon asks Shade curiously.

Alexis then looked to Dillon before she said, “Wait… what did you just call him?”

"Uhm I called him dad," Dillon responded hesitantly.

Alexis then looked to Shade before suddenly smiling as she quickly picked Dillon up before saying, “looks like I have another Nephew to spoil,” as she began to pinch Dillon’s checks.

Dillon looks toward her before his blush shows again as he tries covering his face with his hair.

Ziggy just chuckled at Dillon's expense who couldn't keep his composure still trying to cover his face with his hair.

“Alexis, stop messing with him,” Shade requested with a smile.

“Fine,” She responded, putting Dillon down before walking towards Ziggy, “besides. I can’t leave the other one out can I?” as she quickly picked him up just like she had with Dillon.

Ziggy lets out a small noise "meep" as he was swooped in her grip before he suddenly felt her beginning to rub him behind his ears.

Ziggy's leg began to twitch a bit as he melted in her grip a dopey smile on his face.

Alexis simply continued rubbing his ears before she sat down next to Shade smirking as she looked at the group, “So, what's happened for the rest of you?”

Dillon didn't say anything, only looking at Ziggy with a smug look, Ziggy not acknowledging it due to Alexis still rubbing the back of his ears.

“We got shown around the place and met some of the others,” Simon responded, “also. It's good to see you again Lexi.”

“Remind me that I need to repay you for assaulting me when you were with that asshole,” Alexis responded glaring at Simon, “What do you want, black eyes, or missing limbs?”

“Umm… Sorry,” Simon responded nervously.

“Accepted, but I still want payback,” Alexis responded, still glaring at Simon.

Dillon just muttered to himself "yeesh". His ears angled down, before he felt Shade wrap a wing around him, as Dillon flinched before looking up at Shade and smiling cuddling up to his wing.

“You’re always kind to the strangest people Alex,” Alexis responded, smirking as she looked at Ziggy who was just sitting there with the dopey smile on his face, his leg still twitching.

“You done tormenting the poor boy yet?”

“Nope… maybe five more minutes,” Alexis responded as he began scratching his ear faster.

Ziggy's leg began twitching faster before he started to nod off in her arms, his ears twitching faster from Alexis's scratching.

Dillon just giggles in response to what she was doing before he felt her other hand on his ear as he thought "uh oh" before feeling her scratch the back of his ears.

It was then that it suddenly stopped as he saw Shade’s magic wrapped around Alexis’s arm, “Alexis. That's enough.”


“I said enough!” His voice rising, getting her to recoil back, his voice much louder than normal.

“Sorry,” She responded before pulling her hand away from Dillon.

“Jez Al, you are not trying to contend with Luna for the Royal Canterlot Voice are you?” Simon responded.

“No… wait did I just?”

“You did,” Simon responded.

"Uh, dad what was that?" Dillon asks, curiosity lacing his face.

“That would be essentially a Royal commanding authority. Luna used to end up doing it often,” Shade admitted.

“You’re not trying to start a competition with me are you?” a new voice asked from behind the group.

Dillon looks over Shades wind to see who the voice belongs to only to get another small body wrapping their arms around his neck, “hows the little puppy doing,” a cheerful, childlike voice responded.

Dillon blanked out for a couple of seconds before saying "wait. What?" His ears raised as he tilted his head to the side, to spot the young foal he had met the day he met Shade.

“Midnight, I’m surprised you're here,” Shade responded, “you too Luna.”

“It’s a pleasure to see you again,” Luna responded, wrapping her arms around Shade, “and you too. It appears you’ve already met both mine and Shade’s adopted daughter.”

"Y-yeah" Dillon replies, his left ear lowered while his right stays up. "It's good to see you".

“Do you want to tell them?” Shade asked while looking at Dillon.

"Can you tell them?" Dillon replies hesitantly.

“Is something wrong?” Luna asked.

“No. Lets just say, we have a few more adopted children,” Shade responded.

“How many?” Luna asked.

“5 so far,” Shade responded.

“5! Who are they!”

“Hello,” Simon responded waving at her.

Dillon just gave a small wave in response letting out a nervous chuckle as Ziggy just babbles incoherently as his ears were still getting scratched.

“So those are three of them?” Luna asks.


“So… does that make you my brother?” the child wrapped around Dillon’s neck asked.

He gives her a silent nod before smiling at her, his fangs showing "yeah I guess it does,” which got him being hugged tightly by Midnight.

Dillon glanced at Shade, giving him a small smile as Midnight hugged him.

"Nice to meet you sister," Dillon says patting Midnight’s head, getting a smile from her as she hugged him even tighter.

Dillon looks towards Midnight as he points to Ziggy who's still in his own world from the ear scratching "He's your brother too".

“...and who’s the person scratching his ear?” Midnight asked as she tried to reach towards Dillon's ear to scratch it like Alexis was.

Dillon leans his head back struggling to keep her away as she gets closer to his ear before she gets to it, making him get the same dopey grin as Ziggy's and making him stamp his foot on the bench.

“You are both terrible,” Shade responded, only to get grins from Midnight and Alexis.

“Maybe we are,” Midnight responded before releasing Dillon and jumping onto Shades' head.

"Oh thank you" Dillon sighed as he touched the top of his head.

“Well, I think I know how to have fun with you,” Midnight responded mischievously.

Dillon chuckled nervously covering his ears.

“Relax, I’ll only do it when you're not expecting it… or are asleep,” Midnight responded.

"That's even worse!" Dillon muttered to himself.

Midnight however didn’t respond as she sat on Shades shoulders smiling as she did.

Dillon just looks at her for a few seconds before looking away letting out a low chuckle before laying his head on the table.

“I feel like we’re missing some people,” Alexis responded, “Has anyone seen, Hiryur or Gil anywhere?”

"Dad who is she talking about?" Dillon asks Shade.

“That would be your other two brothers,” Shade responded.

"Do you know where they are?" Dillon asks curiously.

“No. I haven’t seen them today,” Shade responded.

“Well… A strange Dragon… pony thing was looking for you when we were shown around,” Simon resounded.

“That's Hiryur, so he’ll be around here somewhere,” Shade responded.

Dillon just snuggled against Shades' wings again, a comfortable smile on his face, his ears flicking in different directions every few seconds.

"So comfy…" Dillon says in Shades wing before asking "So who's Gil exactly, I know he's my brother but who is he as a person?".

“He’s a younger Displaced. He’s quite protective around new people.” Shade admitted,

“And he was on the same train as me,” Alexis responded.

Dillon just nodded in response before snuggling deeper into Shade's wings.

“So… where could he have gone?” Alexis asked.

“Knowing him, he’s been watching this happen… and annoyed that he couldn’t help when that attack began,” Alexis responded before she stopped scratching Ziggy’s ear as she reached towards her bare skin before what looked to be a large rolled-up tube was pulled from her skin.

She then unrolled it, setting it on the floor revealing it to be a large woollen blanket before she said, “If anyone wants to sit down, you can use that mat instead of standing when all the seats here are taken.”

Shade then stood up before saying, “I’ll let the guests use the table, I'll take the mat,” as he scooped Dillon up in his wing and lay down on the mat with Dillon then resting up against his side.

“Then I'll join you,” Luna responded, lying down next to before rubbing her head against Shade’s neck affectionately.

“Hey, don’t forget me!” Midnight shouted, climbing onto Shade’s chest curling up into a ball as she did.

Dillon’s tail began to wag as he started to nod off, his breathing slowing down.

“Dillon, you’ll want to stay awake. Besides. I bet that you're getting hungry,” Shade responded.

Dillon stretches with a yawn his tail lengthening out in tandem with him stretching as Shade hears a growl coming from Dillon's stomach.

Dillon pauses for a second looking towards Shade with a bashful smile as he says "I guess I am hungry."

Shade just smirked at this before he said, “I think you’ll get a surprise soon.”

Dillon gives Shade an excited smile, his tail wagging in excitement "A surprise?".

“He really is adorable,” Luna responded picking Dillon up in her magic before placing him between her and Shade, rubbing the back of his neck, “is he somewhat tied to the pack of Timberwolves you were close to 1000 years ago?”

“I don’t actually know,” Shade responded.

They then hear a small bark to their right as Dillon looked in the direction it came from seeing the pups Hato and the Omega coming towards them Hato jumping on Dillon's lap.

"So this where you've been Dillon" The Omega comments sitting across from them.

"Sorry, mom. Me and Ziggy forgot to tell you we were checking a situation," Dillon replies.

"Yeah we were worried," Hato said, making Dillon sigh as he pats his head.

"I'm sorry that we worried you," Dillon replies, his smile returning.

The Omega then looks toward Shade as she says "It's nice to see you Shade".

“Same here,” Shade responded, “sorry for not visiting you more often. I’ve been quite busy.”

“Wait… you can understand her?” Luna asked.

“Yes. Blame the tree,” Shade responded.

“Of course it’s the tree,” Luna responded with a shake of her head.

"What's this about a tree?" Dillon questions confused.

“Don’t worry about it,” Shade responded with a dismissive wave.

"Ok then," Dillon replies, diverting his attention back to Hato patting his head some more.

The Omega laughed as she looked to Shade again "Dillon definitely has taken a liking to you".

“I can imagine,” Shade responded before saying, “also, both your sons have something to tell you.”

Dillon looks toward the Omega before chuckling "Me and Ziggy are Shade's sons now".

The Omega stays silent for a second before laughing walking up to Dillon and nuzzling against him "well congrats for now getting a dad".

Ziggy then regains his senses before hopping out of Alexis's arms looking around erratically before seeing the Omega "Oh hey Mom" Ziggy says as he walks toward the Omega.

"Hello Ziggy," She says as she nuzzles him as well as he then sits next to Shade.

"How did you find us anyway?" Dillon asked curious, as Hato perked up.

"We followed your scent," Hato commented.

"Huh that's useful," Dillon responds chuckling before looking towards the Omega "Still sorry worrying you mom".

"Yeah sorry about that," Ziggy says scratching the back of his head.

"It's fine just let us know about these things okay," The Omega said as she just shook her head .

"Ok mom," Dillon and Ziggy say in unison as they nodded to her.

“I think I need an explanation for those two,” Luna asked looking at Dillon and Ziggy.

"She was just worried about it so she started looking for us," Dillon responds looking at Luna.

"And she told us to let her know so so she doesn't get worried about us," Ziggy comments

“I more meant explain why you’re calling a Timberwolf mom,” Luna clarified.

"She adopted me into the pack and then Ziggy and then became our mom somewhat," Dillon replies.

Luna just looked at him with a confused look on her face, “What?”

"She had us call her mom and it ended up sticking," Dillon said deadpanning.

“Okay,” Luna responded, almost sounding like she did not believe what she had heard.

Dillon notices this as he said with a smile and a shrug, "I don't know what to tell you."

“Fine,” Luna responded with a sigh as she rested her head against Shade again, closing her eyes as she did.

“Say, Dad!” Simon shouted over, “you never said, but what Displaced have you met since you arrived here?”

"Yeah, I'm interested in knowing that as well" Dillon comments looking towards Shade.

"Me too," Ziggy added in.

“Well, there were a few i’ve met.” Shade responded with a chuckle, “but it is quite ironic on who i’ve actually met with though.”

"Like who?" Dillon asks, crossing his legs.

“Well, first we had a Kamen Rider Fourze Displaced called Jack we met on the moon. Then there was another rider going by the name Kamen Rider Cyber,” Shade responded.

“I’m starting to see a pattern here,” Simon responded with a smirk.

"A good majority of them have been Kamen Riders haven't they?" Dillon asks.

“Well, do we count you and Ziggy?” Shade asked before saying, “do you even have a token?”

"Token?" Dillon and Ziggy say in unison tilting their heads in confusion.

“It’s something Displaced use to contact each other or ask for help,” Shade responded.

"Nope don't have one when I came here I woke up with the stuff I had before coming to Equestria my backpack and somehow had my phone too" Dillon replies.

"Don't have one either" Ziggy comments.

“Well, I’ll explain the rest of that later,” Shade responded before saying, “and then there was one other Displaced I met.”

“Let me guess! Let me guess,” Midnight shouted her hand in the air.

“Yes, Midnight?”

“Was it another Rider?”

Dillon lets out a small chuckle at her question as Ziggy just laughs.

Dillon and Ziggy just hear the pups giggling as they pay attention to the conversation.

“Yes, it was another Kamen Rider. This one was called Wyatt and he was Displaced as Kamen Rider Decade,” Shade responded.

“So… you met a version of the Destroyer of Worlds?” the belt around Simon’s waist asked.

“And you can back ali-” Simon began to say pausing, “Half-Alive.”

"Wait you were barely alive!?" Dillon shouted concerned, looking towards Shade.

“I’m always bearly alive.”

“He isn’t technically alive after all,” Simon admitted.

Dillon just stayed silent before replying "you have a point there".

Ziggy laughs at Dillon’s response saying "your response is priceless" making Dillon grit his teeth in response before smirking.

"Oh really so I guess you wouldn't call this priceless" Dillon responds putting down Hato before tackling Ziggy Holding him in a Headlock "Noogie noogie noogie," Dillon says with grit teeth as he buries his knuckles into Ziggy's scalp.

“Or you could have just scratched him behind the ears,” Alexis said before chuckling as she looked at the duo.

"Get off of me, "Ziggy shouts struggling to get out of Dillon’s grip. "Say uncle" Dillon replies unrelentingly.

"Never!" Ziggy shouts trying to wiggle out of Dillon’s grip, his eyes widening as he sees Dillon 's hand reach over to one of his ears.

"Say, uncle," Dillon said with an evil smirk "I-i refuse," Ziggy says with grit teeth before getting the dopey look on his face again Dillon scratching behind his ears.

Dillon sighed as he continued "You've brought this on yourself Zig's" he said chuckling.

“Should we help him?” Shade asked the Omega as he looked at her, as he used his free hand to rub His back.

"No he'll be fine he'll break out of Dillon's grip at some point" the Omega replies looking towards Dillon and Ziggy in amusement.

Dillon's hand falters on scratching Ziggy's hand for a second as Ziggy breaks out of Dillon's headlock "haha freedom!" He shouts as he tackles Dillon the two rolling around on the ground.

“Luna. Should we?” Shade asked with a smirk.

“We shall,” Luna responded before both Alicorns ignited their horns as both Dillon and Ziggy felt something against their ears before a slow scratching was felt.

Dillon started thumping his foot on the ground while Ziggy twitched in place as the dopey look appeared on both their faces, the two sprawling on the floor twitching from the scratching the two babbling nonsensically, as everyone looked at them in amusement as this happens to the duo.

“We’ll leave them alone when you tell us to stop,” Shade stated to the Omega.

The Omega just nods in response as she looks back to Dillon and Ziggy, giggling at their predicament.

Hato lets out a bark as he looks toward Dillon and Ziggy in amusement hopping around.

"They're so adorable like this" The Omega comments laying across from them.

“We all thought the same,” Shade responded.

Dillon then shot up as he frantically looked around before flopping back to the ground with the look again.

The Omega then laughed as she said "Okay. Okay, you two can stop now.”

“You sure. We can keep this up for a bit longer,” Shade responded as he looked at Dillon, who’s ear he was scratching.

The Omega thought for a second before saying, "maybe a bit longer" her response getting a groan from Dillon and Ziggy.


“Fifty percent faster?”

“You got it.”

“It would be my pleasure,” she responded before both Alicorns started scratching the duo’s ears faster than before.

Dillon and Ziggy start twitching faster than before, their legs and tails moving without reason and unable to stop themselves as their babbling becomes more prominent.

As this happened a poof of smoke appeared around them and when it dissipated in Dillon and Ziggys place where two Timberwolves slightly larger than Hato.

“Umm… did one of your pack do that?” Shade asked as he looked at the Omega, as she just shook her head in response.

"Uhm what just happened?" One of the two Timberwolves said.

"Ziggy?" Said The Timberwolf with the long black hair.

"Dillon?" said the timberwolf with the brown curly hair as they both look at each other before screaming.

"What happened to us!?" Dillon screamed.

“We have no idea,” Shade responded.

"I think I might have an idea" The Omega comments.

Dillon and Ziggy look towards the Omega "What happened to us?" Dillon asked.

"Well, there are some effects of bringing someone of a different species into the pack" The Omega replies.

"Some of the effects you two already experienced like enhanced reflexes and strength and gaining features like the ears and tail, as well as most likely giving you the ability to become a Timberwolf," The Omega explains to the duo

"So that's why this happened" Dillon says looking himself over before looking towards "but I'm more interested in turning back because I like having hands".

"Agreed," Ziggy commented.

The Omega thinks for a few seconds before replying, "well maybe you should focus on turning back to your human form".

The duo just nod hesitantly before closing their eyes a faint glow coming from them as a puff of smoke appeared over them and as it dissipated it showed Dillon and Ziggy back to normal.

Dillon and Ziggy look each other over before cheering, "yes!"

Ziggy however just hugged himself as he muttered to himself, "Oh sweet relief".

Dillon just sighed as he flopped backwards, Ziggy doing the same" At least that's over with" he says pointing his hand up before it flopped back to ground.

Silence follows as everyone hears growls coming from both Ziggy and Dillon's stomachs.

"Hungry" Dillon and Ziggy groan out in unison as they lay on the ground.

“Say, what do Timberwolves even eat?” Shade asked as he looked at the Omega again.

"We eat meat but can also eat berries" The Omega replies.

“Any preference, and how many pack members need feeding?” Shade asked.

"No preference and three of the pack members need feeding because the other ones ate back at the cave"

“I assume this excludes Ziggy and Dillon,” Shade checked.

The Omega nodded in confirmation "Yes they left right before it was time to eat".

“Okay then,” Shade responded before he seemed to go quiet, “well we should have some food being delivered to us all soon.”

"Food" Dillon and Ziggy groaned out laying themselves near Shade and Luna, before after five minutes of waiting a group of monsters walked towards the group, all of the monsters walked on two legs, while the group looked to be made of a large wolf, a creature that looked to be a locust and some black bug-like creatures each carrying large plates of food towards the group.

With the group were two young children, the first looked mostly human, but as the duo looked closer they found that the figure had cream scales covering him along with a horn and wings on his back, and was wearing a simple green top with some jeans.

The second was also a young boy who had blond hair and red eyes, he was wearing brown cargo shorts, and an open white jacket which allowed everyone to see the red tattoos that were on his chest, also around his waist was what looked to be gold and blue plates of armour.

Dillon looks up before standing up his arms hanging down before he and Ziggy give them a sluggish wave.

“Should I ask?” the young boy asked, “what's the deal with these two?”

“Yeah, who are they dad?” the other child asked looking at Dillon and Ziggy.

"I'm Dillon" Dillon replies as Ziggy stands up next to him "And I'm Ziggy" Ziggy says with the same sluggish posture as Dillon.

“So… I take it they are like us?” the young boy asked.

"Yep," Dillon responded, stretching as his posture went back to normal.

"It's nice to meet you," Dillon and Ziggy say in unison.

“Umm… same,” the younger child asked nervously as he hid behind the older child.

Dillon notices this and says "I take it that your Gil" said looking towards the younger boy behind the older one.

“Try the other way round,” the older kid responded, “I’m Gil, the kid behind me is Hiryur, both his sons,” the boy now known as Gil responded pointing to Shade.

"Well it's nice to meet my other two brothers" Dillon said with a fanged grin.

Gil then looked towards Shade before saying, “really, another two. Do you not know how to say no to children?”

“Yes, I do. I just don’t say no when I have known at least one of them since I got back from the moon,” Shade responded.

"If it wasn't for him I would probably be dead," Dillon says with a smile a sombre look in his eyes.

“That seems to be standard for most of those he meets,” Hiryur responded from behind Gil.

"Yeah I guess you're right there even though I don't remember much of that night before fighting that… golem," Dillon said before clutching his head in pain for a second before shaking his head shrugging it off.

“You know, if you're worried that you’ll get beaten up by one of these golem things, I could train you a bit,” Simon responded calmly, “but maybe you want to get your pizza eaten before it goes cold.” he added with a smirk.

"Y-yeah" Dillon replied, grabbing a slice of pizza and biting into it thinking to himself" What happened during that fight" an image of the golem crushing him in its hands flashed through his mind, his claws instinctively coming out of his fingers.

He gasps before clutching his chest, his heartbeat going fast as more images flash through his mind, putting his finger in his mouth and chewing on his nail subconsciously biting so hard that he started to draw blood.

Ziggy notices this and says "Dillon you okay?" putting a hand on Dillon's shoulder making him flinch as he glances towards Ziggy with a manic look on his face.

"Dillon?" Ziggy says with a worried expression as he turns to Shade "Dad I think something's wrong with Dillon".

Dillon breathes in and out his heartbeat going back to normal "N-no I'm fine" he said taking another bite of his pizza.

Shade didn’t respond as he looked at Dillon with a raised eyebrow.

As Dillon chewed on his slice everything started to get muffled as he heard the cracking seeing glimpses of his own blood as his fangs started getting bigger as he held his head in pain again.

Shade then walked over to Dillon before he placed his forehead against Dillon's before he said, “If anything dangerous happens shake me,” before both him and Dillon went quiet their eyes shut.

Dillon opens his eyes looking to his surroundings, his eyes widening as he backs away in fear.

He saw multiple versions of him on the floor dead, their bodies mangled in different ways, blood all over the ground as he began to hyperventilate his fear evident from his eyes as his hands shook from fear.

He saw a nearby window looking towards his visage normal before he blinked lurching backwards as he saw himself in his ranger form his visor cracked to see his left eye.

"W-what," he says as a shadow looks over him as he's grabbed by a large metal hand lifting him up in the air as he looked at the assailant, the golem, his face pales as he then tries to free himself attempts failing as he then felt the golem fighting its grip on him.

"No no no" Dillon repeats, still trying to free himself, his throat starting to go hoarse.

It was then that multiple gunshots rang out as the Golem stumbled backwards dropping him in the process as sparks flickered from its head as more bullets stuck it pushing it away from Dillon.

Dillon crawled away backing himself against the wall of one of the buildings, his breathing going at a mile a minute, tears threatening to drop down his face as he threw off his helmet looking toward the direction where the bullets came from.

He saw a figure holding a pistol, bullets hanging below his shoulders, red lines were on his outfit and red eyes under the brown hood looked like they were dripping blood, the rest of the outfit was black and had silver kneecaps on his legs.

Dillon began to hyperventilate again holding his chest as he struggled to stand back falling back on his butt up his legs refusing to cooperate with him as he then held his legs to his chest tears going down his face as he closed his eyes.

He let out small sobs as he shook, refusing to look in front of him to avoid seeing the bodies as a shadow looming in front of him again as he peeked up seeing the figure in front of him.

“Stop crying kid,” the figure in front of him responded, the distorted voice sounding familiar to him, “Is this how you want your family to see you?”

Dillon stayed silent as he shook his head "No no I don't" he replied fear still present in his voice.

“Then stand up, dry those eyes and fight your fears. Don’t be held back by the past, look to what's to come,” the figure responded, firing bullets towards where the bodies had been the golem getting pushed further away with each shot.

Dillon nodded standing up looking towards the figure and dries his tears looking towards the golem as he grabbed his helmet putting it on as the crack disappeared taking out his blaster and sword.

He slowly walked towards it, the bodies fading away as the landscape slowly transformed into a sunny warm town as a determined look adorned Dillon's face, as he raised his blast shooting the golem as it went back further "I'll always be afraid" Dillon says shooting the golem again.
"No matter what I face, there will always be fear" he says pulling the trigger again shooting the golem again. "But" Dillon says, stopping in front of the golem as it fell on his knees. "I can't let my fears hold me back because if I do I won't be able to protect the people I love," Dillon says taking aim at the Golem. "So there, what happened will always be a part of me but by doing this by facing my fears head-on," Dillon says gripping his blaster tighter "and I'll be stronger for it.”

Dillon then pulled the trigger, the blast obliterating the golem as it disappeared and the area went to normal as Dillon looked to the sky, his helmet disappearing as he basked in the sunlight, his blaster and sword disappearing from his hands, a small smile forming on his face.

"This feeling," he pauses before continuing, "It's so liberating." he added before chuckling and sitting himself down as he closed his eyes, with the sun on his face. He kept them closed for a few more seconds as he dissipated from the landscape as everything else does the same, the strange armoured figure hovering above being the last to disappear.

Dillon's eyes opened as he saw Shade in front of him as he glanced at the others, all of them giving him worried looks.

"W-what happened?" Dillon asks.

"You were acting strange but you said you were fine but you were acting the same way again but you weren't responding to anything we were saying" Ziggy responds.

"O-oh well I'm sorry for worrying you all" Dillon replies before looking back towards Shade.

"Hey dad," Dillon says, getting Shades' attention as he looks towards Dillon.

“Are you feeling better now?” Shade asked with a smile on his face as he shook his head.

"Yeah I'm feeling better" Dillon says, giving a small smile.

“That's good,” Shade responded before lying down on the ground looking upwards.

Dillon smiles as he and Ziggy sit themselves on the ground next to Shade with their legs crossed.

Ziggy hands Dillon another slice of pizza as the two continue to eat.

The two continued to eat as Dillon finished his pizza yawning as he stretched, his tail becoming bigger and more fluffed up before laying down next to Shade.

“I swear you spend so much time sleeping,” Shade muttered as he looked at Dillon.

"I'm not sleeping just resting my eyes" Dillon muttered.

“Sure you're not,” Shade responded with a roll of his eyes.

Dillon just let out a small chuckle before sitting back up Ziggy moved behind Dillon as they sat against each other's backs.

The Omega stood up as she walked towards Shade "Shade can I talk to you in private?".

“Sure,” Shade responded before looking at the others, “I’ll be back in a few,” as he got nods from the group as he stood up and followed the Omega. Once they got a small distance away from the group he looked to the Omega before asking, “What did you want to talk to me about?”

"I wanted to ask if you would become the leader of the pack" The Omega asks, sitting in front of Shade waiting for his answer.

“Can I ask why?” Shade asked with a raised eyebrow and a look of curiosity on his face,

"The pups as well as Dillon and Ziggy have taken a huge liking to you and since you adopted both those two boys I think it would be a good idea for you to be the leader".

“But why do you want to pass the torch to someone not even part of your race?” Shade asked before pausing, “actually what happened to your previous Alpha?”

"He and the other wolves went hunting one day and they never came back, I went look to look for them afterwards but I never found them" The Omega says her ears angled down in sadness.

“How many did you lose?” Shade asked with a kind smile as he knelt down in front of the Omega.

"Most of the wolves that we’re able to hunt went with the alpha and counting him we lost 7" The Omega replies.

“How many members of the pack do you have many left who can hunt?”

"Yes I have two that can hunt but they've been younger than the others that left so I usually kept them in the cave with the other pups".

Shade knelt where he was for a second tapping his chin before saying, “What other packs are there near you? And what sort of threat are they to the pack we have left.”

"Most of the other packs don't mess with us but we aren't friends with them but due to the pack consisting of only me and the pups we… wait did you say we?".

Shade just nods his head before saying, “so… what can we do to boost the packs numbers?”

The Omega just gapes at this before her tail wagged in happiness "Th-thank you I didn't expect you to say yes".

“Well, if I’m looking after those two. I might as well keep an eye out for all at the same time. Besides I can imagine if something happened to any of your pack it would devastate at least Dillon,” Shade admitted, reaching down to rub Omega's head.

"I… thank you Shade" The Omega replies her emotions bled through her voice as she nuzzles into Shade's hand.

“It’s not a problem,” Shade responded, before a spark leapt into the bracer on his arm as he recoiled back in shock, crimson lights flickering from it before Shade said, “Don’t say it’s broken. I’ll kill her myself if she damages this thing.”

"What's wrong?" The Omega asked.

“It’s nothing,” Shade responded as the lights stopped flickering before a small screen appeared on top of the bracer, looking to show an image of an Alicorn on it, “What the hell?”

"Is that normal?".

“No… no, it’s not,” Shade responded flicking his finger along the screen before the image seemed to change between three other images, a human design, and Unicorn shaped one and the last that caused him to look at the Omega. A Timberwolf. “Okay… that's weird.”

"This is very confusing what just happened" She asks.

“I don’t actually know,” Shade responded, tapping the image of a timberwolf once as his form began to shift before being surrounded in a crimson glow as the Omega looked in interest before covering her eyes with her paws.

One the glow subsided the Omega uncovered her eyes to find a Timberwolf over twice her size towering over her. The wolf had completely black bark covering it with its tail being blood red with two glowing red eyes staring down at her.

She jumps back, fear in her eyes as she growled baring her teeth towards the wolf.

The wolf in front of her looked at her in confusion before it said, “is something on my face?” in a very familiar voice.

She tilts her in confusion "Shade?".

“Yes?” the wolf responded back in confusion. “What's wrong?”

"It's just I didn't recognize you for a second, you look really intimidating as a Timberwolf."

“Huh? What do you mean as a Timberwolf?” Shade asked, looking at her confusion clear on his face.

The Omega stared at him in silence for a few seconds before saying "Do you not see how you look right now?".

“No… Why? Don’t I look the same as before?” Shade asked.

"No. No, you don't, you have the appearance of a Timberwolf," The Omega replies.

“Do I?” Shade responded, still looking at her in confusion.

She walks towards him looking him over, walking around him looking at his features intently "You look so intimidating and strong" she says before walking in front of him her head under his chin.

“Wait… why are you only just under my chin… I… my god am I really just a really big Timberwolf now?”

The Omega nods "yes, yes you are" as she looks up at him before looking away.

"Your so tall" The Omega comments closely looking at Shades height.

“Is this not common for Timberwolves? Do you not get this tall normally?”

"It's fairly rare to be honest and when it came to the wolves that hunted for the pack there were only three that came up to that height".

“Okay… so it’s a rare trait, but not unheard of,” Shade muttered to himself.

"Yeah it is I actually think Hato the pup that Dillon's attached to might come to that height since his paws are much bigger than his siblings".

“Well, we should maybe keep an eye on that pup then,” Shade responded, “Okay, how could we go about absorbing other packs into our own? Is there a way to force other packs to deform and join under another?”

"Yes there is but usually it's by force but there have been circumstances where two packs join together willingly for the sake of survival" The Omega replies.

“Do you know any other smaller packs in the position to unite into one larger one, maybe under us to increase our numbers? I mean if it is just us and the pups, we’re in a bad position as it is.”

"Well, there's a pack west from the cave me and pups occupy. They've helped us from time to time and are friendly towards us and their numbers are twice ours" The Omega responds.

“Would you be willing to accept them if they joined up under us?” Shade asked.

"Yes, I would" The Omega replies with a nod.

“Then we’ll need to sort something for that,” Shade responded before saying, “Umm… how will you explain the new relationship between me and the rest of the pack?”

"I'll just tell them that you will be the new alpha of the pack, they won't really question much".

“You sure?” Shade asked with doubt clear in his voice.

"Yes I'm sure they will, they accepted Dillon and Ziggy nigh immediately when they first met them" The Omega replies.

Shade then paused before he said, “I never asked, but do you have a real name other than the Omega… or Mum to the pups or Dillon and Ziggy?”

"You can call me…" The Omega pauses before saying "Ryka you can call me Ryka".

“Well. it’s a pleasure to formally meet you Ryka,” Shade responded as he used his chin to rub the back of her neck, “A pleasure to meet my little Omega,” as Ryka stammers in response before going quiet leaning into him. “Say, does the pack currently have a way of an Alpha marking his packmates as his own,” Shade asked, as he smiled down at Ryka.

"Yes when it came down to it he marked his packmates either by emblems like marks next to their ears or by covering them with a scent only recognisable to the pack".

“When you say an emblem, how would we go about marking you with it, and what could we use?” Shade asked.

"The way he did was with berries as a dye for fur and he would use specifically shaped rocks to press the specific emblem into the fur itself".

“I think I have a more personal way, if you are willing to do it, I can mark you with my own symbol,” Shade stated as a familiar but small red mark in the shape of an eye appeared behind his ear.

Ryka looks down in thought before looking back towards Shade "I'll do it".

“Are you sure?” Shade asked, “If you have a single doubt, you can still say no.”

Ryka shakes her head before saying "No I'm sure".

“Okay,” Shade responded before he placed a paw next to Ryka’s ear, as a red light hovered below his paw before resting next to her ear. Shade then removed his paw before he saw faint red eyes shaped mark next to her ear, “and you're now officially marked as my Omega,” Shade responded as he rubbed his head against her side.

Ryka does the same, her tail wagging as she rubs her side against him.

“Shall we get back to the rest of our pack?” Shade responded as he looked at Ryka.

Ryka nods "Yes we shall," she says walking back with Shade.

As the duo got back to the group they looked on to find Dillon and Ziggy playing rock paper scissors Hiyus sitting with the pups and the others watching in amusement.

Ziggy jumps up fist-pumping in the air before looking towards Dillon smugly "Ha I'm up one" Ziggy says.

Dillon scoffs saying "and as you've said before where did you count?, we're even!" Dillon says as the two butt heads.

"Wanna run that by me again?" Ziggy growls Dillon doing the same "Oh try me you twat!" Dillon says as Ziggy tackles the two rolling on the ground as the pups laugh at what the duo are doing.

“Should you break this up and tell them the news?” Shade asked.

"Give them a minute to get it out of their systems; they always do this" Ryka replies.

“Okay then,” Shade responded as he waited beside Ryka for things to calm down.

Dillon kicks Ziggy off launching him a few feet away "Ha!"Dillon laughs as Ziggy runs up to him kicking Dillon blocking it before the two start pushing against each other teeth bared as they growled.

Ziggy then grabbed Dillon's wrist as he flipped him on his back. Dillon then tripped Ziggy using making him fall to the floor. This continued on for a couple of seconds before the two were on their backs again panting in exhaustion.

"Are you two done now?" Ryka asks

"Yeah we're done," Dillon says as he and Ziggy continue to pant in exhaustion.

Dillon looked up to see a black Timberwolf next to Ryka as his eyes widened as he flipped backwards landing his feet on the table, his teeth bared as he growled.

“Did we place a bet on their reactions?” Shade asked as he looked at Ryka.

"Yep, it was who would react like that Dillon or Ziggy" Ryka answered looking in amusement.

Dillon's eyes go sharp, his growling starting to get more feral before lunging towards Shade.

“Hey… I owe you a free meal,” Shade responded before leaping backwards as Dillon landed where Shade had been before he felt a weight on his back, as Shade sat on his back pinning him to the floor.

Dillon growled flailing out his arms before he calmed down his eyes going back to normal "ugh what the hell?".

“You doing okay under me pup?” Shade asked as he looked down at Dillon, smirking.

"What are you- did you just call me a pup? Also, get off of me!" Dillon shouts.

“Yeah. No,” Shade responded before saying, “Ryka, if you would be so kind.”

"Ryka?" Dillon says confused as Ryka walks in front of him "mom?".

"Yes Dillon I'm Ryka and he's the leader of the pack now," she says as she points towards Shade as he then rubs up against him.

"What?" Dillon says in a confused tone before trying to get out from under the wolf failing still stuck in place.

"Can you get off me please?" Dillon asks.

“Will you behave like a good pup if I do?” Shade responded.

Dillon breathes in through his nose, his eye twitching in annoyance as he says in grit teeth "Yes I will behave now will you kindly get off me!"

Ryka giggled at his response as she said "I've haven't seen someone frustrate him this much other than Ziggy".

“Well, I do need to make sure all of our pack behaves,” Shade responded, getting off Dillon’s back before patting him on his head with his paw.

Dillon gets up and jumps away, a look of annoyance still on his face "You think you're funny don't you".

“Oh very,” Shade responded with a grin.

"Your evil," Ryka says with a giggle.

“I don’t think that's my name, my little Omega,” Shade responded, placing a free paw over her back with a smile on his face.

Ziggy stands up walking next to Dillon the two sharing a look of confusion and awkwardness.

Ryka responds "Well okay then Shade my Alpha."