• Published 15th Jul 2017
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Kamen Rider: Equestrian Shade - The Dark Brony

An 18 year old boy killed and is reborn in Equestria with the abilities of Kamen Rider Ghost but under the new persona of Kamen Rider Shade.

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Chapter 11

As Alex reached the top of the staircase, he looked at the ruins around him and he saw what looked to be vines that had been supporting the ruined walls were no longer doing so.

The vines seemed to now be both removing and replacing blocks of ruined stone with what almost looked to be freshly cut stone.

At this Alex looked on in confusion, to anyone who hadn’t been alive as long as he had, the events would seem crazy, even ridiculous to most, but for Alex he’d found it had became easier to see everything he would have seen as bizarre one-thousand years ago as normal.

He then walked up to where the broken doors had been previously rotting and laying on the floor to find they had disappeared leaving an open hole where they had once been. It was then Alex walked outside as he saw that the crevice he had originally gone down to reach Harmony had somehow began to fill itself in.

Alex just sighed at this as he thought to himself, “I assume this is Harmony’s doing.”

Before he began to walk towards the edge of the crevasse as he looked into it as he saw that it seemed to be filling in with a ton of soil and rocks, he was unsure where it was coming from.

It was then he looked over from where the crevice had been to see, Luna, Midnight and Celestia walking towards him because where the bridge had been previously filled to create a path over the crevice which Alex walked over towards the oncoming group.

“I feel like we need to ask what’s going on with the Castle,” Luna admitted.

“No… you don’t, it’s Harmony isn’t it?” Celestia added as Alex just nodded to her. “I should have known, she did that to me when I took the Elements of Harmony when I… well you know.”

“You mean when you sent us to the moon?” Alex replied calmly as Celestia just looked to the ground sadly as he added, “which was the only option we believed that we had left at the time.”

“But, I still did it,” Celestia said.

“You did what was best for everyone, not just for you,” Luna interjected as she placed her hand on Celestia’s shoulder. “You had no idea how to help me back then and then you took responsibility for your actions since that point.”

“But I still…” Celestia said before Alex tapped her on the forehead before she looked at him in surprise.

“Celestia, you had one thousand years to let this simmer, to think this over… I remember what I saw when we were sent away, you overcame something… something those phantoms were after from you, because you managed that I assume they never came for you again.”

At Alex’s statement Celestia stopped for a second before she replied by asking them, “Your right, I personally haven’t seen them again since you all was sent to the moon.”

“I see,” Alex replied lost in thought.

“Well I do have a little knowledge of what was going on back then,” Midnight admitted as she looked over Luna’s shoulder.

“What do you know little one?” Celestia asked curiously.

“From what I was told a long time ago, the aim of the Phantoms was to create more of their kind, they did this by causing what they called ‘gates’ to give in to despair. I believe that beyond that it had something to do with something inside these ‘gates’ that make this possible.”

“And what exactly are these gates?”

“I don’t know, they had selected their target prior to getting the Ganma to work with them.”

“So you don’t know how they dictate their targets?”

“No… I’m afraid not,” Midnight replied sadly.

“You are aware I know how to?” A strange yet familiar voice responded from seemingly nowhere. A voice then made Celestia freeze in shock.

“That voice… Where is it coming from?”

“I might know,” Alex replied as he reached towards the band that held Valkyrie, “Just don’t be scared when you see this.”

“Why would I be scared?” Celestia asked.

Alex did not answer as he rotated Valkyrie’s band before he appeared beside Alex as Luna, Celestia and Midnight recoiled in shock.

“I thought you killed him!” Celestia shouted in shock.

“Celestia… You should know I have a thing against killing my enemies when it’s not needed or can be helped.”

“Then why is he still alive!” Celestia replied angrily.

“Lets just say… he sold his soul to the devil,” Alex replied with a smirk.

“What does that mean?”

“I feel like I should explain for my lord,” Valkyrie said as he knelt down on one knee bowing to the group, “On the day we fought one-thousand years ago I fled the castle to assist in completing the goal I had been tasked with, however before I could do anything, I was stopped by my lord and offered a choice. Either be killed in that moment or to serve my lord indefinitely, as you can see it should be clear what I chose.”

Celestia then looked to Alex before she said, “So you spared the one who was part of the attack and forced me to send you all to the moon.”

Alex then sighed before he said, “Valkyrie, could you explain the rest to us please.”

“Of course my lord,” Valkyrie replied before he said, “What my mission was in more detail to what lady Midnight said was to give birth to a new phantom from one of you, the method of doing this was by forcing the gate, which is a being with a high magical potential, which makes unicorns targets more often that other races.”

“That still doesn’t explain what driving them to despair means and just how exactly it’s done,” Alex added.

“I was about to explain that my lord,” Valkyrie admitted before he said, “We drive a gate to despair to help their inner Phantoms to grow and in turn become Phantoms like myself, for this to happen the targeted creature had to lose all hope, most of the time by ensuring their dreams or memories are tainted or made impossible to attain.”

“So for me you made me believe my sister hates me and nobody cared about me anymore, in an attempt to make me lose hope about ever being happy again.”

“That is correct, we normally use a physical manifestation of this to enforce the idea, it could be something as simple as someone wanting to be a famous magician and embarrassing that person in front of everyone then destroying something they link with that dream in front of them.”

“Is that all there is to it?” Celestia asked.

“Yes, after they give in it is rare, for the target to recover from it without something helping to either stop the Phantom from escaping or the gate clinging onto what hope they still hold to prevent them from falling to despair, and resealing their phantom inside them again,” Valkyrie admitted.

“So your saying i was lucky,” Celestia muttered to herself.

“Not lucky; strong enough to not give in… I have to congratulate you on that by the way.” Valkyrie admitted before he once again bowed to the group before adding, “and with that I will bid you adieu until a time when my assistance is required by my lord again.”

It was then Valkyrie’s body began to shift into a red mist which drifted back into the band on Alex’s wrist as everyone just looked at him before Alex sighed and said, “Yeah, that’s sort of why I told you not to be scared.”

Celesia then sighed before she said, “So that’s why many of my ponies seemingly disappeared without a trace for a long period of time.”

“Celestia… we also learnt more than just this, but I think it may be best to go somewhere safer to talk about it.”

Celestia looked at Alex in confusion before she relented as she ignited her horn before the group teleported away.

As the group reappeared Alex looked around him to see that they were in a large room that held one large throne in the centre of the room that was led towards the door by a long red carpet that led towards a large set of doors at the front of the room. The walls were adorned with bright banners that held the image of the sun that rested between multiple stained glass windows between them.

Celetia then turned towards Alex before she said, “So, what was it you needed to tell me?”

“Sister… it appears Wizard was not the only Kamen Rider that existed back when we knew him,” Luna said calmly.

“Sister we do not understand, what do you mean by him not being the only Rider back then?”

“She means that other Riders beyond Wizard existed before my arrival, from what we learned there was at least five other Riders in total that we know of but only four we are certain defended Equestria.”

“So there was four others back then in hiding for some reason.”

“They were all humans like me,” Alex added.

At this statement Celestia stopped before she looked back to Alex as said, “What? Does that mean all of them were dead?”

“No… none of them were from this world, they were all tricked into being sent here, and from what I learned, it is possible all of them knew each other… and me them.”

“What are you implying?” Celestia asked.

“During the events that unfolded at the castle with the Elements of Harmony, one of them followed me after I left, once I got clear the mare they called Rainbow Dash followed me and started calling me a Roidmude.”

At this Celestia just chuckled before she said, “And I thought calling you a Phantom was bad.”

“You think that’s bad? I had no idea what she called me till a few seconds later when we were attacked by three of them each having some weird ability to create something the mare called Slowdown.”

“So, when we were all unable to move in the castle that was down to this ‘Slowdown’ that these Roidmudes created?” Celestia asked.

“It also appears that one of those Riders I mentioned did in fact manage to pass on his powers in some way, the second who fell.”

“Wasn’t that Drive? I thought the... What did you call it when the video said the second Rider that was attacked died as well?” Luna responded in confusion.

“Well he likely did… but his driver, now that’s a different story.”

“Alex, your not making sense,” Luna responded.

“The second Rider to fall’s Driver wasn’t like the others. It held the life of the Riders younger brother, and it is that brother who has managed to survive all this time to land in the hands… well I guess hooves of one of your ponies.”

“Are you saying one of my ponies has been fighting these Roidmudes?” Celestia asked.

“Yes I am, the pony in question took over the mantle of Kamen Rider Drive, which makes her someone I need to keep an eye on.”

“Was it the mare who followed you who became Drive?” Luna asked.

“Luna, I feel like for the time being it be best I keep the identities of any living Riders a secret between Riders.” Alex replied.

Luna looked as if she was going to press for answers but was stopped as Celestia placed a hand out infront of her, “For now we agree that it is the best course of action, we have no idea just who could be an ally or another enemy, it is imperative that there identities are kept secret, even from us.”

“Thank you for your understanding on this matter,” Alex replied before adding, “also it appears that mare they were calling Twilight was able to see me when I was supposed to be invisible, she may possess a similar ability to you Luna.”

“So there be something that links the both me and this Twilight?” Luna asked.

“It appears so, but as to what that link may be I could not say,” Alex admitted with a shrug of his shoulders.

“I see, but beyond what you have learned we have also had reports of a strange figure that appeared in Canterlot over the last year, but no one has been able to get a good look at what it is. The only information we’ve got is that the figure looked to be made of three different colours, from what we know one was black but the other colours remained unknown, it’s prevented us from finding just who or what this figure is,” Celestia admitted.

“Nothing else?” Alex asked.

“Well… one witness did say they heard a voice shout something along the lines of ‘Rabbit, Tank, Best match!... But they also said they saw a second figure that looked like a bat that turned into smoke, so I don’t know how legitimate those claims are.”

“You realise that both those claims may not be completely unfound,” Alex pointed out.

“That may be true but…” Celestia began to say before suddenly she suddenly stopped as the group saw a unicorn stallion with a bright gray coat, blue eyes and amber mane looking at the group.

It was then the pony ahead of them looked towards Alex before looking back to Celestia before he said sounding almost angry, “Auntie what are you doing with that weird monster?”

“Well at least it wasn’t a Phantom or Roidmude this time,” Alex muttered to himself.

“It must be some strange kind of Dopant!” The stallion shouted back.

“And there it is,” Alex groaned in annoyance.

“He must be responsible for the crime spree that’s been taking place recently!”

“Oh for god’s sake, I am sick of people referring to me as different monsters or a criminal!” Alex shouted back in anger.

This outburst caused the stallion to recoil slightly before Celestia placed a hand on Alex’s shoulder before she said, “Alex, he didn’t mean what he said, he just doesn’t know when to hold his tongue.”

“Auntie! Why are you speaking to that thing like that?” The stallion asked in confusion.

“Blueblood, he’s not a thing, his name is Alex and he’s a very old friend,” Celestia admitted.

“Old friend?” Blueblood replied with a smirk, “I can’t see how he can be an ‘old’ friend he looks no older than eighteen at most.”

“I suppose I have aged well for an one thousand and eighteen year old man,” Alex responded with a smirk.

This statement caused Blueblood to recoil in shock as he stuttered out, “One thousand and eighteen years old. That must be some kind of joke.”

“He wouldn’t joke about being on the moon with me for the last thousand years,” Luna argued back.

“But how is he still alive?” Blueblood asked.

“The word alive is loose for him, has been dead for some time,” Celestia admitted.

“I don’t understand. What do you mean?” Blueblood replied in confusion.

“Well what I mean is that…” Celestia said but was then cut off as the sound of an explosion could be heard outside as everyone quickly turned towards the windows.

“What the hell was that!” Alex shouted.

“That sounded like it came from the town,” Celesta said sounding worried.

It was then Alex’s eyes widened as he quickly ran towards the door as his hand struck the bracer on his arm before his form switched into that of an Alicorn before he phased through the wall as he heard Blueblood shout, “What in your name Auntie is he?!”

As Shade flew over Canterlot scouring the town for where the source of the explosion had came from he managed to see what looked like smoke from near the edge of the town, which he continued to fly towards more urgently than before.

Once he got above the area of the town that he could now see was burning he saw two ponies backing away from three monsters but beyond that he couldn’t tell just what kind of monsters they were.

It was then he quicklyrapidly dived downwards towards the ponies and monsters as Chrysalis formed as a both pistols in his hands before he landed between the monsters and the ponies before he instantly opened fire on them causing all three monsters to back away from him.

It was then Shade looked up too see the three monsters more clearly. The first was was a large canine like monster that was covered in blue and bronze armour that covered a large portion of its body but leaving it’s arm, shoulders and the heel of it’s right leg open to the air revealing black fur below it.

The second monster was humanoid in shaped but his chest looked like that of hardening lava with a large portion of its body covered by flickering flames red flames that almost surrounded it’s entire body, which explained why a large portion of the city was burning.

The last monster looked almost entirely comprised of white, silver and black metal along its body, apart from one large red glass like eye on its head and unlike the others this one was armed with what looked to be a large metal staff that almost held some resemblance to a croquet stick.

It was then the two ponies he had landed in front of looked forwards towards Shade as the dust settled before gasping as they saw the Alicorn standing in front of them.

“Get out of here!” Shade shouted to the two of them only for both ponies to remain frozen in place causing Shade to shout again, “You two need to get clear now!”

The two ponies then snapped out of there stupper before nodding their heads as they slowly stood up and began to run away only taking a look back for a second time to see Shade open fire on the monsters again before they disappeared around the corner of some burning buildings.

It was then Shade turned back to the three monsters as his weapons disappeared before he said, “So do I need to take names, or do I get to know what your gimmicks are?”

To this two of the monsters just grunted or growled seeming to be unable to form words before the third monster said, “You must think your oh so funny.”

“Oh so you can speak? So maybe you can answer this, which one of you is which? Who’s the ugly one, the stupid one and which of you have the weird powers?”

The last monster just stuttered as it asked Shade, “Are you being serious right now?”

“Not this second no,” Shade replies with a smirk as he reaches for the Shade Eyecon in his pocket.

“You cannot be serious, you came here just to mock us?”

“Mock you, no… you didn’t need my help for that, you handle that one just fine,” Shade admitted, “I’m here to simply put and end to this madness.”

It was then the last monster stopped before breaking into a fit of laughter before he said, “You stop us… you can’t be serious!”

“Oh I’m ‘dead’ serious,” Shade replied as he brought both hands to his side before he summoned his driver, which didn’t go unnoticed by the monsters.

“Wait… what is that!” the monster shouted before adding, “What are you.”

At this Shade smirked before he said, “My name is Kamen Rider Shade, and I’m going to show you the path to the pits of hell,” before he pressed the side of his eyecon before placing it in the driver as the two mute monsters charged towards him before Shade clenched both of his hands into fists as he struck both of the monsters at once sending them flying backward before the Shade Parka Ghost appeared from the Driver sending the monster backwards further towards the third monster before resting behind Shade’s body before he shouted “Henshin!” as he pulled the handle on his driver as the Parka Ghost attached to his back.

As soon as this happened the words “Kaigan: Shade! Let’s Go! Kakugo! Akuma-tekina Shade!” were heard as he pulled the hood of back down before looking towards the monsters who had recoiled back.

“What are you cowards doing there are three of us and only one of him!” The third monster shouted.

With this the monsters turned back towards Shade only to hear a voice shout out, “Kaigan: Wizard! Yubiwa no mahō! Saigo no kibō!” As his form that of the Wizard Damashii as he raised his left hand above his head as the flames burning the town and that of the flames on the second seemed to be absorbed towards him as they died down.

It was then Shade looked towards the shocked monster who was trying to reignite it’s flames as Shade summoned his weapon before firing on the shocked monster before a quickly flourished the end of the Parka ghost before he said, “It’s showtime,” before charging towards the three monsters before spinning his leg around backwards as his foot was engulfed in flames as he struck each monster in the head sending them each backwards as he once again opened fire on the second monster that was still trying to reignite it’s flames.

Shade then smiled as he pulled out the Billy The Kid Eyecon replacing it with the Wizard Eyecon before the phase “Kaigan: Billy the Kid! Hyakupatsu! Hyakuchū! Zukyūn! Bakyūn!” before two pistols appeared in a flash of light before he opened fire on the first and third monster knocking them away from the second.

Shade then smirked under his helmet before he combined both pistols into a rifle as he lowered it towards his Driver before the words “Dai Kaigan! Omega Impact!” were heard as what looked to be bats surrounded the rifle before he pulled the trigger before a yellow beam of light struck the monster ahead on him before what looked to be a red Unicorn stallion was send flying backwards across the street as a small USB stick fell in front of Shade as he picked it up only for it to shatter in his hands.

“What the heck was that thing?” Shade muttered to himself as he looked at the shards in his hands just making out the remains of a letter M that had adorned the stick only moments before.

“That was a Gaia Memory that you so callously destroyed,” A voice responded from before Shade turned around to see a large figure that was adorned in a white suit that hand blue flames going up it’s arms along with a white mask that hand two large yellow eyes that obscured the creatures face and a trident shaped accent with a red gemstone below the centre of the trident. It also wore a large flowing black cape that was held on by a black military vest that supported multiple slots that seemed to be made to hold the USB sticks similar to the one thats remains resided in Shades hand.

“And you are?” Shade asked as he dropped the shards in his hand to the ground before returning his rifle back into two pistols

“Kamen Rider… Eternal,” the now confirmed rider responded.

“I see,” Shade replied as he fired on the two remaining monsters as they stumbled back once again. “And you are here for what exactly?”

“I am trying to locate a certain set of those Gaia Memories, luckily it appears the one you just destroyed was not part of the set I require,” Eternal replied.

“And you assume one of those monsters hold this ‘Memory’ you want?”

“You mean the Dopants I assume, and yes I believe that the Metal Dopant hold the Gaia Memory I require.”

“Okay then, if you intend of stopping them from harming anyone I’ll help you, how can we stop them?”

“You can do what you did before again, the memories I need should be more resilient than the one you destroyed and should not end up like the other memory,” Eternal responded as the Rider stood next to Shade.

“So simply land a finisher on the target likenormal,” Shade replied.

“Correct, that should eject the Memory from the Dopant for me to collect,” Eternal replied before he charged towards the monster he had referred to as the Metal Dopened seeming to try and strike it with what looked to be a small combat knife.

“Is this guy serious?” Shade muttered to himself as he removed the Billy the Kid Eyecon from his driver and replaced it with the Musashi Eyecon before the words “Kaigan: Musashi! Kettō! Zubatto! Chō Kengō!” was heard from the driver before a red Parka Ghost appeared and attached itself to Shade’s back.

It was then black flames began to flicker down Shade’s arms before two of his swords began to emerge from the flames, before he quickly grabbed the two swords as he charged towards the Dopant ahead of him striking it with both blades as the flames dispersed causing the Dopant to stumble backwards.

Shade then quickly brought both the blades out to the side of his body before the Dopant began to charge towards him, its teeth bared as it prepared to attempt to slash it’s right claw on its arms into Shade’s shoulder blades.

However just before it could get a change to strike him, Shade brought his swords up to the claw that was about to strike him as the sound of something shattering was heard as the Dopant once again recoiled back before looking at his claw to see that they had all but disappeared being left with only stubs where they had once been.

“You know, you made plenty of mistakes today, but facing me was your worst,” Shade said his voice sounding almost angry as he placed his swords in front of his driver before he said with his voice distorting further, “When you get to hell, tell them Kamen Rider Shade sent you.”

The Dopants eyes then widened as flames erupted from the ground around Shade as he charged towards the Dopant which slowly began to rise it’s remaining claw to block the oncoming strike. However upon Shade’s blade and the Dopants claws colliding another shattering sound was heard as the shattered remains of the Dopants claws fell to the ground.

The Dopant then slowly began to turn backwards as it looked like it was about to try and retreat however before he could do so one of Shades blades was placed against the Dopants throat with the other against its back as it froze.

“I’ll give you one chance and one only, surrender what turned you into this and I’ll let you go,” Shade ordered as the sword against the Dopants back dug in slightly just barely piercing the skin, but just enough to draw blood.

As soon as the Dopant felt the blade draw blood a small black USB Port appeared on the Dopants shoulder before a red USB similar to that which had shattered before appeared attached to the port before the Dopant reached for it before removing it from his body before it changed into a normal blue earth pony as Shade removed his blades from the ponies body before it dropped the Gaia Memory it was hold and curled up into a ball shaking in fear.

Upon this happening Shade reached down picking up the Gaia Memory that the pony had surrendered before looking over it as he saw that it had a stylized letter ‘B’ on it that made it look that the jaws of a animal along with the word ‘Beast’ repeated in white lettering along the background, while the casing’s design that surrounded it almost looked like it resembled a ribcage.

It was then Shade looked over to where Eternal was to find the Rider was faring… badly. He was up against a wall getting kicked in the side, or being stuck with it’s weapon repeatedly before it picked Eternal up before throwing the rider across the street before the rider rolled to a stop on the ground in front of Shade and groaned in pain.

“That didn’t look like it went well,” Shade mocked.

“Shut it, I was just giving it a chance,” Eternal responded in pain.

“It looks that way,” Shade retorted before walking in front of Eternal before adding, “You just relax and let someone with a bit of experience show you how it’s done.”

“You really are annoying,” Eternal groaned as he tried to stand back up only to fall onto his face still groaning in pain.

Shade just smirked under his mask as he ignored the injured Rider as he somehow placed the Gaia Memory he took into a strange pocket inside the Musashi Parka Ghost before he pulled out the Chronos Eyecon from the same pocket.

He then quickly switched the the two Eyecons before the phase “Kaigan! Chronos!” was heard before being followed by 12 clock chimes along with the words “Time in the palm of your hands!” were heard after the last chime.

Shade then turned towards the Metal Dopant before he simply started to walk towards it not saying a word which seemed to anger the Dopant as it charged towards Shade preparing to swing it’s staff towards him, however just before it got close enough Shade quickly pressed the button on his wrist as time froze.

He then slowly walked towards the Metal Dopant before taking it’s weapon from it’s grasp as the words, “Weapon identified, Accessing Shade link,” was heard before almost seconds later black and red flames began to move over the staff changing it from the colour silver to black with both ends having red tips on them. It was then the voice returned as the phrase “Shade enhancements accepted, new fighting style uploaded for analysis,” was heard as the weapon disappeared into a flaming portal.

Shade then slowly walked behind the Metal Dopant before resummoning his pistols as he combined them into the form of a rifle. He then placed it in front of his driver before the words “Chronos! Omega Impact!” was heard as restarted time and looked to his hand and slowly turned around to see Shade as what looked to be green flames were forming around the rifle.

The Metal Dopant then quickly tried to charge Shade but suddenly found itself moving extremely slowly as a large clock appeared on the ground below it with a set of flames running from the clock to Shade’s feet.

The Dopant then looked to Shade fear clear on its face as it shouted “No! Don’t you dare fire that!”

Shade just smirked as he said, “When you get to hell… Tell them Shade sent you!” then he pulled the rifle’s trigger as the hand on the clock faced Shade before the flames that made up the outline of the clock rose into walls surrounding the two of them and a green and black light struck the Dopant in the chest as the flames blocked Shade’s view to the Dopant as it began screaming in agony.

It was then Shade began to walk down the corridor of flames the walls almost seeming to merge into Shade’s hands surrounding then in a green pulsating glow before he reached where the flames had sealed the Dopant off from him as they fell to see the Dopant on its knees it’s one eye flickering between the colours red, black and green rapidly the red appearing less and less as Shade got closer.

As soon as Shade stood over the Dopant a weak cry was heard before it said almost quietly, “Please stop, I surrender… just stop.” At this Shade reached his hands down towards the Metal Dopant as it weakly looked up to him as it asked weakly, “W...What are you?” It was then it saw the flames on my hands before it muttered out weekly, “Please… no more,” but couldn’t finish it’s sentence before Shade’s hands touched the side of its head as it once again screamed out in pain.

This lasted for a few seconds before the Dopants voice went hoarse as it stopped screaming as it’s eye no longer went red, now only flickering between white and green. It was then the green lights on Shade’s arms began to shift as what looked to be chains formed from his hands and began to wrap around the Dopant’s body.

Once the chains had encapsulated the entirety of the Dopants body the light coming from Shade’s hands faded before he looked down to the now subdued Dopant before he stated, “Here’s how this will work, you answer my questions, and if you lie or fail to answer them the chains will begin to dig into your body deeper and deeper, each time you fail to answer my questions. If you fail to answer my questions enough times the chains will merge with your body and you will lose any freedom you have. Permanently. If you understand what I have told you say so.”

The Dopant then weakly looked up to Shade as he replied by saying, “I understand.”

“Good, First question. Who are you without the Gaia Memory?”

“Why would you need to know that, I have a right not to answer tha… Gah!” The Dopant began to say before the chains began to dig into his body.

“I told you, if you fail to answer my questions that that would happen,” Shade responded.

“My real names is Silver Hardstaff!” The Dopant screamed in pain, before the chain loosened slightly as he began to whimper. Upon hearing his name Shade chuckled under his mask, “It’s not that funny!”

Once Shade regained his composure he then continued by saying, “Good, next question. Why did you attack everyone here.”

“...I don’t want to answer that,” Silver responded before he grimaced in pain, “Okay, I was given no choice in the matter!”

“Who ordered you to attack everyone.”

“I don’t know, all contact I had was at dead drop locations, I was always delivered a message in the mail with the locations of them only hours before the drops occurred.”

“...Your lying,” Shade stated before the chains began to dig in more to Silvers body.

“I’m not! Only the latest request wasn’t done like this! The letter they sent had the information it was from a new client!” Silver shouted out in pain as the chains loosened slightly having dug in deeper than the previous time.

“What was you ordered to do?”

“I was ordered…” Silver began to say before hesitating before he felt the chains shift again, “ I was ordered to assassinate a few targets, buy I was ordered to use those things we used, I was delivered one and it seems the other two were as well, however I refused to use the one I was given.”

It was then asif on que a blue Gaia Memory fell onto the ground beside Silver which Shade quickly noticed and picked up to find that the Memory had the word ‘Lighting’ written into the background and a stylized letter ‘L’ made to look in the shape of a lightning bolt, along with this the casing that looked the same as the other memory he had obtained.

Shade then looked back to Silver before he asked him, “So this was the Memory you received, if so where did you acquire the one you’re using?”

“Well… I found it a years ago when it fell from the sky,” Silver replied as the chains began to tighten up again. “Okay I stole it!” he added after casing the chains to loosen again.

“Who did you steal the Gaia Memory your using from?”

“A year ago I was sent to assassinate a group of business ponies that were said to supply strange items to the black market that operates around Canterlot, I found them easily enough but when I did… I saw them all turn into different monsters that began to fight each other some using highly advanced weapons. I knew I couldn’t defeat them and tried to run, but found a case with a strange belt buckle of some kind in along with some of those Gaia Memories you mentioned.”

“A buckle?”

“Yes… like the thing that other Rider wore.”

“Wait… you mean a driver? They were trying to create their own Riders?”

“I don’t know what they were after, or how they made it, but upon escaping I took one of those Memories from the case, but before I could do much else, somebody attacked me and took the case and driver. When I regained my senses they were gone along with the case.”

“So what was the driver you stole like?”

“Exactly like that other Rider’s,” Silver admitted.

“I’ll have to inquire into that later,” Shade muttered to himself in thought. He then looked back to Silver before he said, “okay just three questions left. First, what is your current occupation?”

“I’m sorry… why would you want to know that?” Silver asked as he winced expecting the chains to shift, but to his surprise nothing happened.

“Oh and unless you do something extremely stupid or lie, the chains won’t move on the last few questions. As to why I’m asking this one your answers will depend on the next question I ask you.”

“Okay, I don’t have one, I lost my previous job recently.”

“May I ask why?”

“It’s… a bit of a sore subject for me,” Silver admitted.

“Then I won’t ask anymore about it.” Shade responded calmly. He then sighed before he said, “This next question does not need to be answered, but if you do it will pay into your favour on the next.”

Silver looked to Shade curiously before he said, “What are you going to ask?”

“What family do you have left?”

“Why would you need to know that! If you intend to harm them Celestia help me!” Silver shouted in anger.

“And just like that you told me all I need on that, and no I have no intention of harming them, I’m not the pony who tried to murder someone.” Shade pointed out as Silver went quiet.

“You make a valid point,” Silver muttered to himself, “Okay what is the next question?”

“Less a question, and more a proposition for you,” Shade admitted before adding, “you aware of what I am under the suit.”

“A strange new Alicorn, that nopony will believe exists,” Silver admitted.

“Yes, you are correct on that. As for my proposition, I need to eventually assemble my own guard, so here’s my offer, I hire you are part of the guard upon its formation, you hand over the memory that you are using, and you can leave without being charged for the damages you have caused.”

“And if I don’t?”

“You’ll likely be charged with attempted ponyslaughter and sent to prison for as long as we can give for it,” Shade responded as Silver froze at the mere thought. “But for now I just need to know that you are considering the offer and you can go, but if you try to avoid paying for your crime, I will hunt you down and ensure I carry out a fitting punishment for what you’ve done. I hope you understand that and take my warning seriously.”

Silver then looked up to Shade before he nervously said, “I understand, when I have made my decision how will I be able to contact you with my answer?”

“You can go to the castle and have the guards, tell Princess Celestia that you wish to speak with Shade. She’ll know what it means,” Shade responded as the chains surrounding Silver began to fade.

Once the chains had disappeared Silver weakly stood up before slowly removing the Gaia Memory from inside his body as he passed it over to Shade revealing that he was Earth Pony with a Silver Coat and a light blue mane and tail, along with this his Cutie Mark which looked like a Red and Black shield that rested behind a silver and black tipped Bo Staff that was resting diagonally against the front of the shield.

It was then a gap opened up in the flames that had been acting as a wall before Silver slowly staggered towards the gap before passing through the gap. Failing to realise the small circular chain marking that had burrowed itself just below the skin on the back of his neck.

Once Silver had disappeared from view Shade looks at the Gaia Memory Silver had handed him as he saw that the Memory in his hand was silver in colour and had a stylized letter M that looked like it was made if multiple steel plates with rivets in the corners.

It was then he placed the Metal Memory in his pocket like he had the others before the burning walls began to disperse and Shade restarted time as he saw Eternal slowly begin to stand up as he looked at Shade, before slowly walking towards him on shaky legs.

Once he reached Shade he looked at Shades hand then looking to the ground before he asked Shade, “What happened to the Gaia Memory the Dopant was using?”

“There wasn’t one, and if there was I failed to see it break or where it went,” Shade lied.

“And where is the criminal who became that Dopant?”

“Once again, when I defeated it, nothing remained, no Gaia Memory, no body left behind. No trace of this Dopant,” Shade lied once again.

“I see,” Eternal responded, looking away from Shade into the sky before looking back as he said, “Thank you for saving me bef…” but he then stopped as he found Shade had already disappeared from his view, as he muttered to himself, “Unbelievable.”

However in reality he was still standing in front of him but had turned intangible as he canceled his transformation reverting back into his Alicorn form and slowly flying back towards the castle as Eternal began to walk in the same direction below him.

However unknown to the two Riders a figure whose form was obscured by a red and blue cloak was standing and watching from between a smoldering alleyway as the figure muttered to itself, “The others will not like this.”


In a large, dark, open room a group of ponies sat around a large table looking towards a multiple screens set in front of them, as they watched the fight take place.

Once it finished the group looked back towards each other before one figure obscured by shadows hiding his features completely said, “these other Kamen Riders are becoming a problem.”

“That is obvious, it’s obvious the one who calls himself Eternal is the once who stole our equipment a year ago, it’s a problem we can not excuse or let progress any further,” a second feminine voice added.

“Then there is those other three riders who are causing us problems, and that new one seemed to be a even bigger threat to our plans than the others, he seem to possess powers that are beyond anything we have witnessed to date,” a third calmer voice respond

“Well what would you have us do about them, it is clear that we can not allow them to grow in power,” the first voice responded.

“Well, I am in the process of creating a few new systems that could assist you in taking these riders out of the picture, sadly only one of them is functioning in any capacity and even then the system is currently limited in its capabilities,” a fourth voice responded as the figure pushed some glasses up slightly a light somehow glinted off them.

“We don’t need more problems we need solutions to deal with them,” the second voice responded.

“Luckily even with those three failing I got plenty of useful data to help me enhance the effectivity of the system, even if it appears one of our little guinea pigs didn’t use what they were supplied with, the others have ensured that I can create at least one stable upgrade for our own purposes.”

“Well why haven’t you brought this up before now? We could have handled those pests before they became such a nuisance.”

“Well as I said the system is complete, but I have been unable to find some suitable… applicants, that can handle it, many of those who have used it are for better terms failed experiments now.”

“So this system is still useless to us,” the first voice responded.

“Currently, but if I can get a bit more data I am sure I can prefect this system while not turning our test subjects into vegetables.”

“We will make sure to find some more suitable subjects for you to collect data from,” the first voice responded.

At this the fourth figure just nodded his head in agreement before the first voice said, “Just focus on getting this new system completed as soon as possible, we cannot allow these Riders to gain ground on us.”

“Of course,” the three other figures said as the three of them suddenly fades from existence before another figure walked into the room.

“How much of a threat is this new Rider?” The first Rider asked the new figure

“A minor nuisance at best, nothing I can’t handle,” the new figure admitted.

“You said that that about the other one in Canterlot and if my memory serves me right, you almost lost to that Rider.”

“That pony could barely be called a Rider, they caught me off guard that’s all.”

“You keep telling yourself that, might make you feel better,” the first figure mocked.

“One off these days your actions will lead you to ruin,” the new figure responded.

“Maybe, but while I lead us, I will never see that happen,” the first figure responded before fading from reality like the other three before him.

At this the last figure look forwards before he said, “Your days are numbered you old fool, and they shall end sooner rather than later,” with that the figure began to laugh before two colours began to shine over his face as all that was seen was two sets of diagonal coloured bars that were visible as to lights shone where his eyes should be, those colours being a red and blue lights, the red looking like a rabbit’s ear and the blue like some sort of aerial.

Author's Note:

So with that Alex has learned that there are more living riders and found multiple Gaia Memories to learn about as well.

We also learned about a new group of enemies that are currently active. What is the System they are working on and just who was the figure watching them fight?

I would like to say sorry for the wait on this chapter, I was having issues with writer's block for a while and it left me struggling to complete this chapter.

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