• Published 15th Jul 2017
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Kamen Rider: Equestrian Shade - The Dark Brony

An 18 year old boy killed and is reborn in Equestria with the abilities of Kamen Rider Ghost but under the new persona of Kamen Rider Shade.

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Chapter 10

A few minutes later the group reached the exit to the forest, as they looked out to see swarms of ponies crowding the streets, none of them noticing their presence.

“What's got them so distracted?” Dillon asked with a brow raised.

“Who knows?” Shade replied before he added with a smirk, “want to find out?”


“Think you can see over them all?” Shade asked as they approached the hoard of ponies.

“I see something but those ponies are blocking my view “.

“Well that's to be expected when royalty come to town, including a princess most forgot existed,” Shade pointed out as Dillon just shrugged his shoulders before Shade added, “do you want to get a better look?”

“Sure I doubt we'll see anything from here”.

“Climb on,” Shade suggested.


“Climb onto my back, you may be able to see above the crowd then.”

“Ok,” Dillon replied as he climbed onto Shades back as he saw over the crowd, who had left a open area where the equivalent to a road was which had a small open top carriage that had both Luna and Celestia looking out and smiling at the ponies surrounding them.

“What can you see?” Midnight asked as tried to see over the crowd.

“Uhhhhh I see two ponies with wings and a horn and the one left is taller than the one on the right”.

“So… Celestia and Luna,” Shade added.

“If that's their name then yes.”

“I see,” Shade replied calmly.

“By the way what's so special about those two?”.

“Well they do each move the Sun and Moon on a daily basis,” Shade admitted

“So you're telling me that those two ponies right have the power to change the day and night cycle” Dillon asked with a brow raised.

“Yes, trust me I was surprised as well.”

“That's sounds very implausible but I believe you.”

“You're in a world where magic is real and there are wolves made of wood and you think that's implausible?”

“I have never heard of being able to control the sun and the dang moon but your right from all the weird stuff I've seen in this world this seems normal.”

“I suppose so,” Alex admitted as he chuckled.

“Yeah,” as he chuckled as well.

It was at this point a mare turned their head towards them before gasping as she saw Shade behind her getting each pony to turn to see what had happened only to get a similar reaction from each of them.

“...Welp this uncomfortable,” Dillon responded with uncomfortable look on his face.

“Moreso for me,” Shade admitted before all of the ponies suddenly bowed their heads to him as Celestia and Luna walked towards the group as ponies separated making space for them to walk towards the group.

Luna only smiled to the group before she said calmly “Shade, it’s a pleasure to see you again.”

“You too, how is everything going now you’re back home?” Shade asked with a smile.

“Amazingly,” Luna replied before pulling him close as she added “but better for knowing you're still here.”

The ponies surrounding then just gasped in shock at the sight unfolding in front of them as they heard Celestia chuckle before she said “I see being with my sister on the moon for the last one-thousand years has really brought you two closer,” she then saw Midnight and Dillon on Shades back before she asked gesturing to Dillon, “and who is this one?”

“My name is Dillon. I'll tell you my true name when If I trust you enough,” He responded nervously.

Shade then leaned in as he whispered to Celestia, “He’s like me.”

Celestia just nodded back with a smile before she said “well… considering how you’ve changed I have a feeling, we’ll need to sort a few things out.”

“We will,” Shade replied smiling back before he added, “maybe after this parade will be better. I think some of your ponies are having a breakdown at the fact there are three new Alicorns in front of them.”

Celestia just laughed at this before she said, “you may be right… I can assume you’ll be back in the Everfree again?”

“Most likely. It’s the only place I ever saw as home back then,” Shade admitted.

“Thats sounds about right,” Celestia agreed as she nodded as her and Luna walked back towards the carriage they had been traveling on.

“Hey Alex if I'm Dillon and I look like doesn’t that mean I have the guys whoa!!!”Dillon said as he jumped off Shades back dodging a blast.

“What was that!” multiple ponies shouted before they started running in random directions.

Shade then went next to Dillon quickly grabbing him and placing him against a nearby wall as he said “You may want to finish that sentence.”

“If I'm Dillon then don’t I have the guys enemies,” Dillon replied.

“...Most likely,” Shade replied nervously, “What are you enemies?”

Mainly in the universe of power rangers Rpm they are mainly the Venjix virus and his generals and the minion robots known as the Grinders”.

“And they are?” a voice asked from beside them as Dillon looked beside them to see Luna next to them.

“They’re the enemies of the Power Rangers their objective is to wipe out humanity and make the world only inhabitable by machines”.

“That's just great,” Luna replied sarcastically, “but just one question… what's a machine?” Luna asked.

“I don’t how to tell what a machine is but humans are able create them to help with a task such as building or being an assistant, Cellphones of which are machines which can help you contact others, and the Venjix Virus was created by Dr.K but became self aware and decided to create robot empire.

“That's just great,” Shade groaned in annoyance before passing Midnight to Luna, “keep an eye on her and get to a safe distance.”

“Alex what do want to do about those guys because I'm up for any suggestions”.

“...Well we have two choice… run away and let them destroy everything… or stand up and fight.”

“I'm gonna go with the fight option”.

“Glad you're not a coward,” Shade replied as he saw Luna and Midnight get to a safe distance.

“Let's see if this will work,” Dillon said as he took out his charger and shouted “RPM get in gear!” as a white light flashed and he was back in the black suit.

“You think you’re ready to fight?” Shade asked as he quickly checked that nobody could see him before he transformed himself.

“Yeah I do, let's do this.”

“Okay then,” Shade replied as they both walked into the street to see a large group of enemies. A group that consisted of Grinders and a Drill bot.

Along with this they looked to be working alongside a large humanoid creature that was covered in what almost looked to be flames along his arms and legs, his chest was covered in silver armour with a set of red indents, eight on his chest and seven on each shoulderpad, also along with its head looked to be on fire the only exception being a bright blue gem in its forehead.

“What in the holy hell is that thing!?” Dillon remarked.

“Don’t ask me? Is that not one of your guys enemies?”

“Doesn’t look familiar and he doesn’t look like a robot the Venjix Virus creates his minions and that guy does not look like one of them.”

“That's just great,” Alex muttered before he saw the creature ahead of them climb onto a motorbike, that was pure black apart from on the front of it that looked similar to that of the monster's head with flames running down the back, “and that's just unfair.”

Suddenly a voice said “heads up Shade, sending you some assistance!” before a red motorbike with black pulsating chains adorning the sides that led to the back that had a pulsating black and red eye shaped symbol along the sides.

Shade then climbed onto it as he said “think you can handle these things if I deal with the big guy?”

“Yeah go for it”.

“Good luck then, I’ll take him down and get back to you as soon as possible,” Shade replied as he saw the monster begin to ride off down an alley before Shade followed suit.

“Let's do this,” Dillon said with smirk as he took out his sword.

As soon as Shade had taken chase after the monster that had been leading the monsters that had attacked them the creature looked over it’s shoulder before it said “Who are you, stop interfering in our attempted to drive the gate to despair.”

“Oh you're one of those bullshit phantoms again,” Shade groaned in annoyance.

“How did you know that?” the monster asked in confusion.

“Let me show you,” Shade replied with a smirk as he removed his old eyecon replacing it with the Wizard Eyecon before the words “Eye! Kaigan! Wizard! Yubiwa no mahō! Saigo no kibō!”

“How! Wizard works for Lord Demigra… why are you trying to stop us!”

“Simple… I’m not him,” Shade replied as tried to slash the monster with his sword as the creature brought it’s own to block which he managed at the two of them pulled away from each other to avoid a wall that had blocked their path between them.

Shade the swerved out of the way still able to see his enemy over the wall before they collided again as their swords connected sending sparks flying between the two as they went.

“You're not bad for a fake, it’s amazing you managed to keep out of Lord Demigra’s reach for this long.”

“Oh I escaped from him a long time ago,” Shade replied as he swung his sword as it cut into the bikes tyre as the monster lost control as his bike crashed and he rolled into the centre of the road.

“What are you!” the monster shouted in anger.

Shade then climbed off of his bike before walking towards the monster who had managed to stand and regain his footing as he switched back to using his Shade Eyecon as he said calmly, “my name is Kamen Rider Shade and I’m going to show you directly to the pits of hell.”

“Pits of hell… really? My name is literally Hellhound, that's not much of threat,” the monster now identified as Hellhound replied.

“Well let's try that theory out,” Shade replied with a smirk as he drew his sword and charged towards Hellhound as the two blades once again collided sparks flying between the two of them.

“You're not as bad as I would have predicted,” Hellhound admitted “not good, but not as bad as I anticipated.”

“Well then, I’ll make you rethink those expectations,” Shade replied as he managed to bring his sword across Hellhounds chest sending him sprawling back. “Valkyrie! Scutum!” Shade shouted as two of his bands illuminated as his shield and spear appeared in his hands.

It was at this point Hellhound attempted to strike him with his sword which was blocked by Shade’s shield before his spear was thrust into Hellhounds chest sending him backwards as he grasped his chest in pain as blood was seen trickling from the newly inflicted wound.

“You're done,” Shade replied staring down at Hellhound.

“No… this can’t be happening,” Hellhound muttered in fear as he attempted to stand and escape only for two bodies to grab ahold of his arms and drag him to his feet, forcing him to look at Shade.

Shade didn’t say anything, it didn’t need to be said. The two figures had seen this done before and knew what to do next for Shade.

“What are you doing!” Hellhound shouted out in a mix of fear and pain.

Once again Shade didn’t answer as he pulled the handle on his Driver before a voice shouted out “Shade! Omega Capture!” This caused Hellhounds eyes to go wide as he began to try and escape from the two figures holding him in place as four flames approached him before he was thrown into the oncoming attack as flames surround his arms and legs before igniting and covering his body.

Seconds later there was howls of pain as Hellhound screamed out in agony, “Stop! Please I surrender! Just please stop! I’ll do anything, I’ll be yours to control! Just please stop!”

The attack continued for a few more seconds before the flames faded around Hellhounds body before he fell forwards as multiple chains supported his weight as he looked towards Shade, his voice weak as he said in a monotonous voice “Standing by, Please input new directive.”

“Hellhound your soul will now forever to tired my will, you shall no longer have any desire to serve anyone but me. You will work to better the people of this land and those I desire to look after, any deviation from this path will lead to you facing your worst fears, you will also be no longer able to hide of lie to me. Do you accept these new directives?”

Hellhound look towards Shade mindlessly before he said “Yes Lord Shade, your slave accept my new life under your control, please you me as you see fit,” it was at this point a blank silver band appeared on Shade’s arm as, Scutum, Valkyrie and Hellhound returned to their individual bands.

Shade then climbed back onto his bike before he thought I hope Dillon managed to deal with his enemies? as he made his way back towards where the fight had begun.

-Meanwhile with Dillon-

“Bring it on!” Dillon shouted to the Grinders and the Drill bot as they rushed to his direction as he smirked.

The first Grinder that attacked him jumped up and slammed its foot to the ground as Dillon grabbed it by its other leg slamming it on the floor multiple times before launching the Grinder in the air and cutting it in half with his sword when it landed.

Dillon then rushed towards the rest as he kicked one straight in the face kicking off its head as it launched into a tree gears and bolts Fall out as if felt to the ground.

The Grinders then went at him in all directions as he jumped into the air as the area slowed down for him as he said in his head, “maybe if charge energy into my sword and shoot it the Grinders and that Drill Bot will shut down” as time sped up again Electricity crackled around Dillon's sword as he then shot it to the ground.

He then took out his gun shooting as he shouted “Emp Wave!!” As the blast spread to them as their bodies started going crazy before they stopped moving and shut down their circuits fried.”

“Whoa that was fun.”

As he grabbed his sword from the ground a large shadow appeared behind him as he looked behind him as he saw a machine that looked like a golem looked at him before slamming it's arm in his stomach making Dillon spit up some blood as it launched him into one of the buildings.

As Dillon got out of the hole that he made as he took off his mask which was cracked as he lunged towards the mechanical golem as he jumped in the air attempting to stab it in it's arm before he got slammed down to ground as it stepped on his arm breaking it as it made a sickening crack as he screamed in pain, “ahhhhhhh!!”.

The golem then picked Dillon up by his sides as he began to crush his body making Dillon scream in more pain.

As Dillon he felt his bones crack as blood started coming out of his mouth.

As he was being crushed his pupils turned red again as he stopped screaming as he freed his unbroken arm and slammed it into the golem's hand breaking it off as he was freed from it's grip.

The golem then went to hit Dillon again before Dillon grabbed its arm and ripped it off before hitting the golem with its own arm knocking it on it's back as he continued to slam it to pieces as gears and oil went everywhere as it then stopped moving.

Dillon then held his head in pain as his eyes went to normal before collapsing to ground his vision going blurry as he went unconscious.

-A few Minutes later-

Shade returned to where the fight had originally began he looked around to find Dillon beaten and unconscious with a small puddle of blood on the ground near him.

As there were multiple buildings destroyed as. Shade noticed that most of them were collapsed and or had a giant hole in them.

He then saw all that were destroyed by Dillon as he saw huge a mechanical golem that was broken beyond repair.

“What the hell happened!” Shade shouted as he ran up to Dillons body quickly untransforming as he cast a healing spell using his magic as his wounds started to heal over, however some of the deeper injuries had left barely visible scars on his chest.

Shade then carefully picked him up in his wings and onto his back using them to keep him held safely before he began to run back to his bike as it suddenly disappeared in flames.

“That's just great, guess i’m running,” Shade sighed before he began to run back to the only place he knew would willingly look after him. The Wolves Den.

As Shade ran through the forest Dillon began to regain his consciousness as he cracked open his left eye seeing Shade as he asked weakly, “A-alex what h-happened?”

Shade only just caught his voice but was unable to make out what he said as he wrapped his wings closer around Dillon as he said “just rest for now, you’ll be home with your mother soon.”

Dillon eyes fluttered close as his vision started going blurry again as he started to shiver said, “cold... so cold.”

Shade heard this as he wrapped his wing around him tightly like a blanket leaving only his head sticking out wrapping the warmth from Shade’s body around him, before he asked Dillon, “is that better little one?”

Dillon stopped shivering as he began to breathe normally as his vision started to go dark his consciousness slipping.

“You remind me of my dad a bit,” Dillon muttered to himself as he lost consciousness.

Shade could only chuckle at this before he used the top of his wing to rub the back of Dillon’s neck wrapping it around the back to provide a bit more protection from the weather around them.

Once they reached the Wolve’s den, Shade slowly entered expecting the worst reactions from the Omega when she saw Dillon.

When the Omega saw Dillon she nudged him as he didn’t wake up as she whimpered a bit.

“He’ll be okay,” Shade assured her, “he’s just sleeping there was an attack in the town, we interfered and prevented any loss of life, but I have no idea what happened to him, one of the creatures that attacked went after others and we separated to keep people safe.”

As Shade said this Dillon had a pained look on his face as he clutched his chest still asleep his breathing becoming wavered.

Shade just placed Dillon in front of him as he sat down his horn igniting once again as Dillon was covered in a crimson glow healing more of his injuries once again as he placed his wings over Dillon’s body in the same fashion as before.

Dillon rolled to his side as his breathing went back to normal as Shade heard Dillon slowly while still asleep, “The…..mechanical…...golem”.

“That golem, must be what he was fighting,” Shade admitted.

Shade then heard quiet snores from Dillon as he smiled as he slowly allows Dillon to pull his wings around him.

As the Omega looked at this she tilted her head in confusion.

“Is something wrong?” Shade asked as he looked at the Omega.

She then started to move her paws on the stone as she made letters spelled”you seem to be more fatherly to him than the last time you were here”.

“Well, it is partly my fault this happened to him, if I hadn’t took him to the town he wouldn’t have got hurt.”

She then wrote “but you saved him that's all that matters.”

“I have honestly expecting you to try and kill me for getting him hurt.”

She then went next to Dillon and rubbed her head against his in a loving manner as she then wrote, “he’s safe that's all that matters to me.”

Alex just sighed before he said, “I wish I could understand you.”

She then wrote “for you to understand me I would have to make you part of the pack”.

“Yeah… that won’t be physically possible sadly,” Shade admitted.

She nodded as she sat next to Dillon as the pup from before layed next to him.

Shade just smiled at them before his head suddenly began to throb as he reached towards his head and winced in pain.

As this happened the Omega had a worried look on her face as she wrote “are you alright?!”.

“I don’t know,” Shade groaned in pain.

“What's wrong?” the Omega asked worried as Shade’s eyes widening as he asked “did you just talk?”

“Yes I thought you couldn't hear me”.

“...I couldn’t, but my head then began to hurt… then, I heard you talking.”

“Maybe you inherited it from Dillon.”

“How would that have worked?”

“Maybe through the amount of contact you had with him when you brought him back here.”

“I don’t think so,” Shade replied.

The group was then caught off guard as a strange voice said “Alex Shade, for your deeds in protecting both the ponies and creatures of this land, I wish to speak with you personally, as an act of goodwill I have shared with you a fraction of my powers to allow you to speak with all creatures that surround you. Once you are free you can find me under the ruins in the crevasse. I look forwards to seeing you soon.”

As soon as the voice finished talking the sound faded as quickly as it had began.

Alex then shook his head before he said “Okay… that was weird.”

“What happened?”.

“I heard a weird voice, it said it gave me a fraction of its powers it allow me to talk to any creature I encounter. It also said it wanted to meet me face to face.”

“Are you going to?” She asked curiously.

“Well firstly, I’m staying here till he wakes up, then I’ll find out what that voice wanted.”

The Omega just nodded as she laid down placing her head on Dillon's leg.

After 3 hours Dillon wakes up as he said, “uhhhhh how long was I out” as he sat up flinching pain as he clutched his chest as he accidentally nudged Shade as he attempted to stand up only for Shade to use his wings to force him to sit still as he calmly requested “Don’t push yourself your body is still recovering from your fight.”

“I barely remember anything. The only thing I remember is the fight with that golem in small pieces.”

“What else do you remember from that fight?” Shade asked.

“I remember being slammed into a building and my arm being stepped on by that thing as well as being crushed by it's hands I felt my ribs breaking the pain it was too much… after that everything was just a blur.”

“Do you remember anything else?”

“No I don’t.”

Shade could only smile at this before he said “So you don’t remember how you got back here?”

“I guess not I think heard your voice a bit when I was out but it sounded muffled so no.”

“I see,” Shade replied with a smirk before he added “I think your mother wants to talk to you.”

Dillon then looked to his leg as he saw the Omega a happy look on her face as she went towards him and started licking him while saying “I was so worried about you Dillon!” as he chuckled a bit he held his chest again as he said, “it hurts to love”.

“I’m glad you two are happy,” Shade replied with a genuine smile.

“She does kinda remind of my mom from my old home a bit her personality does match up.”

“I see,” Alex replied as he added “but she really was worried for you like a mother would be.”

“I guess I'm starting to grow on her.”

“I suppose so,” Shade chuckled as he said to the Omega, “You look after him you hear.”

She then nodded at him as she said “I will.”

“Good,” Shade replied with a smile before opening his wings to allow Dillon to move before he added, “make sure not to push yourself too hard, I have things I need to sort out.”

“Alright I’ll make sure not to,” Dillon replied before he stopped as he replied in a flabbergasted tone, “Wait a minute. Did… did you… did you just talk to her?”

“Yeah, we've been talking for the last few hours. Is it that surprising?”

“How long was I out?”

“About 2 or 3 hours,” the Omega replied.

“Uhhhhh that thing really must have gave me a beating.”

“Hell if I knew,” Shade replied with a shrug of his shoulders as he stood up.

“Alex....thanks for helping out here.”

“No need to thank me,” Shade replied with a wave as he began to walk out the cave before he added, “Oh… and remember not just who you were, but who you are now.”

At this Shade left the cave before Dillon could answer as he made his way back towards the ruins.

As soon as Alex reached the crevice that was beside the ruins he looked into them as he ralised the mist that had been surrounding it before had cleared which made it so he was able see what looked to be a staircase running down the side of it.

“How did I not see that before… in fact why was the mist here before?” Alex muttered to himself as he began to make his way down the steps into the crevice.

As he reached the bottom he looked around as he saw what seemed to be a single tunnel leading below the ruins of the Everfree Castle, it was then Alex just sighed before he said, “I really hope this isn’t a trap,” before he made his way into the tunnel.

A few minutes passed as he walked through the seemingly never ending darkness before Hellhounds voice said “Master, you are aware of the fact I could get us to the end of this darkness right now?”

“Really?” Alex replied curiously, “I guess I better let you give it a try.”

It was then Alex pressed the black band on his arm before what looked to be a black Gauntlet with red marking along the top of it that led over each of his knuckles that each seeming to be flickering between black and red appeared on his right hand.

Hellhound’s voice then whispered back to him, “place you hand against the shadows to move through them, it’s easier if you have a solid surface to make contact with.”

It was then Alex followed his instructions and as soon as his hand made contact with the wall his body seemed to merge together into the shadows as he soon began moving through the shadows that almost three times the speed he had been before, which led to Alex reaching the end of tunnel a minute later.

As soon as he exited the tunnel he returned to normal the moment the light around him made contact with his body before he stood up and the gauntlet disappeared.

He then looked around him to see that he was in a room that almost seemed to be of crystals that almost seemed to be giving off the light that had illuminated the room, the room itself was almost completely empty bare apart from a large tree that looked to be crafted from crystals much like the rest of the room, but while the wall were creating the light the tree seemed to be reflecting it.

It was then Alex walked towards the tree before he said to himself, “is this where that voice wanted me to meet it?” Only for him to seemingly get no response from anyone around him.

“I’m sure that voice told me to go under the ruins? So where is whoever directed me here?” Alex muttered to himself as he reached his hand towards the tree. It was then he felt his head pulse once again just like it had back in the cave before it faded as quickly as the first had.

“Okay… what is going on?” Alex asked in annoyance.

“You know, most of the former heroes that arrived before you did not take my offer and come, many just took the first of my gifts and left… and almost all the rest failed to accept that they could simply not resist the tide that would soon engulf them as they were swept aside. But you. You are different, for you have already stood against the impending waves and remained standing throughout.”

“Who are you?” Alex asked as he looked around him for answers only to get none.

“All will be explained if you continue to listen,” the voice replied before continuing, “you have already witnessed that this world we live in is more than what the others perceived, each choosing to cut down their enemies which only led to them facing their own demise alone. Even those that came with friends were slain by one whom they all believe they could trust.”

“You mean the riders before me?”

“The riders you believe that I refer to are not all gone, two yet survive freely each choosing to flee from the fights in this world and finding sanctum in others, but since they lost, many other heroes have come and fell to the same force which only grew stronger. You have faced only a few of their numbers and instead of choosing to cut them down, you showed most of them mercy and made their strengths your own.”

“To be fair, in each case I have no idea how I do it?” Alex admitted still unable to locate where the voice was coming from.

“Even with that being the case, you have never used your abilities for your own personal gain, only ever to defend others or yourself from harm. As such I offer you a choice, you can return to the world like the others who took my first blessing and decide to take on your enemies by yourself, you will no longer get any assistance from me though.”

“And if I take the other offer?” Alex asked.

“If you take my other offer, I will assist you in defending and protecting you and your allies, I will ensure your survival for you and those you wish to protect when they enter the confines of the Everfree, in turn I request that you protect this place and myself from harm.”

“Can I ask who I’d be protecting? Kind of hard to protect someone when you have no idea who they are.”

The voice just chuckled back as it said, “I believe you are right.”

It was then the three in front of him began to glow in a prismic light before a familiar rainbow like beam of light shot out from the top of the tree landing behind him as Alex turned to see what looked to be an Alicorn behind him.

She had a white white coat that had both black and turquoise marking around her neck, and sides while her legs were mostly back with a large white band running down the sides, the mare also had long flowing turquoise hair in the same shade as the marking on her body and was holding a long black and green Dual Bladed Naginana which she had resting against her back.

“And you are?” Alex asked.

“I’ve been known as many names throughout time by different races, most know me as Harmony, others a long time ago called me Eternity and many others were lost to time.”

“So, which name do you even use now?”

“Considering those mares though my gems were called the Elements of Harmony, I don’t feel like i have a need to change my name just yet. I’ve not been completely lost to history at the moment,” Harmony admitted with a shrug of her shoulders.

“I can see why so many people before me rejected your offer,” Alex sighed before adding, “but it’s pretty obvious where their choices got them, and you seem to be one of the few creatures who are aware of who or what we’re facing.”

“Well being that the only other creature that's been around long enough to know of all the heroes who have fallen is Celestia and she fails to see the urgency in forming a strong force to protect her own people, someone else needs to do it. And besides, you already know of a few potential allies that could help defend this world in time,” Harmony admitted.

“Wait… She seriously did nothing in one thousand years to prepare to defend everyone?”

“Well, she did try to train the guard, but they just seemed to lose any hope soon after starting their training, some thought it was a curse to join up, and others who tried to work hard just disappeared.”

“You leaving something out,” Alex pointed out.

“Well, what happened is obvious, they were all killed or disposed of my a monster, although it always seemed the captains never were harmed, or quit they only ever left when they died of old age,” Harmony admitted in thought.

“So you think a Gamma has been switching between hosts as they die to continue keeping the guard weak to at a later date try and get rid of anyone who could prevent them and their allies from succeeding in their missions?”

Harmony just looked at Alex curiously before she said, “that is yet to be seen, but if Equestria is to ever be free, those guards will need to sorted out before something happens to the royal family once again.”

“You think I’ll just roll over and die?” Alex said with a smirk.

“You are not part of the royal family, at least not yet. You may be able to look like an alicorn, but the strengths that come from them are barely noticeable for you. Your barely have any control over magic, you can barely fly and even though you possess strength slightly stronger than that of the average Unicorn or Pegasus, it is nowhere near the level of an Earth Pony nevermind an Alicorn.”

“Well i’m sorry that my Alicorn body is false.”

“That's not what I meant. I mean that your power as an Alicorn is nowhere as formidable as others would think and it is something I can assist you in. I can heighten your natural abilities to a level that is equal to each singular race.”

“It seems more like i’m getting everything from this deal and yet you get nothing.” Alex pointed out.

“That is not so, a seemingly formidable adversary can give the appearance of a formidable defense. Why do you think Celestia keeps her guards even though it’s obvious they are useless, the large number makes the military seem formidable to an impending force.”

“I see the logic in that, but not the point, it would make more sense for two guard who is capable to be the last line of defence for her than multiple guards who are almost useless.”

“Well then you need to ensure that any of those you take on as your guard are formidable, especially your guard.”

At this Alex just smile as he said, “I already know a suitable candidate for that.”

Harmony could only smile at this as she walked over to Alex placing a hand on his arm before she said, “I know you’ll be able to find those who are trustworthy and suitable, and as long as you stand by me, know I will always be here to watch you back.”

As Harmony finished what she was saying the bracer on Alex’s arm seemed to glow momentarily before fading as Harmony added, “just don’t misuse the powers I have bestowed upon you and you may yet learn more in the future.”

Alex could only sigh before he said, “You really are a strange mare Harmony.”

“Oh I know, but where is the fun in being normal, besides when you live as long as we have you always need to way to let loose and have fun. Now get moving I need to focus to start on making our home more… suitable for our needs,” Harmony said as a large staircase appeared in the wall that looked to lead upwards.

“Don’t worry Harmony, I have no plans on turning away from you,” Alex replied as he walked towards the stairway that had appeared as he failed to notice a silver light float towards him resting against his back before seamlessly fading into his body.