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The Dark Brony

Hello all! I am and Englishman who had now began to write and has just stepped out the proverbial broney closet.


My names Alex, Alex Shade. On the day of my eighteenth birthday, I was killed in what most believe to be a hit and run accident and offered a chance to live once again, at the cost of my current life.

Now I live a new, if not annoying life as a for most of the time unseen protector of the ponies of Equestria as a being almost nobody can see, with even less having knowledge of my deeds.

I alone face a strange, unseen race of creatures called Ganma using the souls of heroes which are contained in a strange object called Eyecons which they too wish to attain at any cost... be that the lives of those around them.

I am the unseen hero, I am Kamen Rider Shade.

Kamen Rider Ghost / MLP Crossover
Displaced story

The cover art was designed by RamenDriver on Deviant Art, give his artwork a look because he is an amazing artist.

Chapters (20)

Where to start on what happened, maybe the best place would be the beginning of our crazy new lives.

Our names are Ross Garbett and Gale Winters, we have been sent from our world to what looks to the school from the Equestria Girls series… but why does everyone look normal and why are they not named like in the show?

For now we need to find out what this world's obsession is with football or soccer depending on how you know it, and maybe aim to be a team that will be recognised in this world.

This is a Inazuma 11/mlp crossover and a Displaced Story

The characters of Gale Winters & Patricia Void are owned by The_Emerald_Nightingale.

Chapters (1)

Hello, my name is Corrin. Well, it was Liam but that was before getting abducted from my own reality and thrown into a different one altogether.

Well, maybe I should explain how this actually happened to me and how my life was turned upside down in a matter of seconds.

This is the story of how I came to aid one of the strongest forces this new reality had ever seen.

This story Is a Collab between me and Lord Nopony.

A Fire Emblem Fates/MLP Displaced story

Chapters (11)

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t trust a shady man who hands you a strange letter, but being sent to another reality to fight the Krawl from Spectrobes is not one of those things.

Now fighting to for not only their survival but that of The Lucena System, Jack and Jen along with the power of the Spectrobes must fight to defend everyone from destruction but also to find what was thought to be lost years before.

A Spectrobes/MLP Crossover

This is a collaboration with Solphestus please look at some more of his amazing work as this story could not be done without him.

Arc 1 - Chapters 1 to 6

Chapters (15)

This story is a sequel to A Gamer In Equestria

This story is a soft reboot of A Gamer in Equestria which I have rehashed into a prequel to this story.

After the death of Craig in his last reality and being forced to reset the world back to before he arrived he relives his life once again, but nothing is really as it seems.

Everything seems the same, almost like nothing had changed, even his powers remain even if they are locked away from reach.

Once again setting himself back on the path to find who he should be, his world will be turned back around, but as he tries dark shadows surround him from beyond the Void. Just who is watching him and what are their motives in his life.

One thing is for sure, the story may always repeat the same cycle, but this time, Craig's life will change, but is it for the better or the worst?

All rights go to the respective owners.

Chapters (25)

Sometimes good things happen to bad people and others bad things happen to good people. That could be getting trapped in a computer game where one mistake could mean the end of your life altogether or going to a convention and getting dragged into a new world both will eventually end the same way. A lost boy and his mother looking for a way to find the people they care about, or even looking for the person you lost.

Our names are Daniel but now under the visage of Kirito whilst my mom, Helen is now Asuna and we will find the family we lost.

This story is based in the same universe as A Gamer in Equestria.

An SAO - MLP Displaced

All of the characters belong to their respective owners Kirito and Asuna to Reki Kawahara and A-1 Pictures and MLP to Hasbro.
I do not own The cover Picture that belongs to TobeyD on Deviant Art

Chapters (18)

With the mundane amount of space in the world around earth, a man named Craig is ripped from his reality and thrown into a new. As he ascends to the soil of equestria he is magically gifted by an unknown source to create or replicate anything from his worlds entertainment system on a whim. Grasping the reality that is now his home, he lives and follows his new found friends into endless adventures.

Chapters (26)
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