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Just A Mere Aspirant To Become An OverLord And Fic Writer And A Video Game Creator.

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Are hou gonna update rise of a dragon king? Just woundering

OK Firstl Ouch, what you said hurt...only for a little while.
Second; That Bio was made YEARS ago, and I'll fix it...eventually.
Third; Sorry if I had disappointed your or offended you in anyway. Still I try my best to do what I like, despite my circumstances. But that doesn't mean you can just say that like that...anyway, thanks for the constructive review, and I wish you luck in whatever you do from now on.

Just A Mere Aspirant To Become An OverLord And Fic Writer And A Video Game Creator.

First things first: your Bio is not a title and even if it were to be such, you do not capitalize every word (A, To, An and And should not be capitalized). Furthermore, it is not just "Fic", but the more correct term would be "Fiction". Now then, never--I can't stress this enough--use two And's in a sentence, only use two And's if you become a better writer.

I can commend you for only using "Fic Writer" and not "Good Fiction Writer" because as you are right now, you definitely don't deserve that.

Finishing everything off in a nice little terrible bundle we come to the conclusion: "A Video Game Creator", as a Computer Science student in University I can only say this: Good luck.

Wish all these things combined, there is no point in reading your edge stories... I'm actually being too nice; the moment I saw your name I realized... I realized I wasted to much time on you.

Sorry about that. Family issues and all that...

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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