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This story is a sequel to Baen of Equestria

(New Cover Art was done by Burst)

Baen has had a good life, a house, a caring marefriend, and Twilight and her friends as well as all others he has made in Equestria have stuck by him, and he is forever grateful for it. So after several months of vacation time, and a few more days of contemplation, Baen pops Coco the question. Though this is a momentous and happy time, an unfortunate twist of fate casts a shadow over the light filled life of the barbarian. A foe of old, sealed away at the conclusion of a great battle named Vida reemerges with the intention to retrieve a possession of hers to unseal 'something' from it's frozen slumber. Upon discovering Spike destroyed it, she spirits the young dragon away. Twilight, with Baen at her side venture forth to save the young dragon.

But the sorceress is merely the calm before the true storm to come. A storm that will creep through Equestria and move to another world to begin it's true sinister purpose. The fate of two worlds now hang in the balance. But the question is, can Baen confront his toughest struggle yet and emerge victorious? Or will he be consumed by his regret and demons of old, and fail?

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 37 )

So it looks like you decided to excise Flash from the story? He's not part of the character tags anymore.

Yeah, is that a problem?

Cause I did say it was a rewrite

I know it's a rewrite and things are going to be different, I just have a soft spot for him since he's one of the more looked down on characters.

Sorry man, he's just not needed in this version.

Comment posted by CrypticMetaphor deleted Sep 14th, 2015

All i can say for Baen is this

I wonder how your going to work the Sunset Shimmer tag into this.

6507426 What does that mean?

I think TFS Goku said it best with: "I'm feeling a while lot of Piccolo, right now..."

Rewrite seems to be going well, do go on. :raritywink:


Yes. Looking forward to whats going to happen next x3.

Good show!

The story is alive!
And it is good!



If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Glad to see that this story is alive. But when are we going to see Sunset Shimmer? She is tagged and on the cover art.

Hm....Baen would be around the girls age with a deepish voice.
Vida would be more calm, seductive sounding when she acts like she normally does. But much louder and angrier and more menacing when she loses her composure.
Freed is more refined sounding but with a hint of menace (You'll meet him later on in the story :3)

Not for a while, this is still the first arc

She going to be disapointed. even a enchanted castle will not stand for more than a few thousand years.

I see you just started the gathering of heroic ponies for the quest ahead:pinkiehappy:

So I assume you like Stardust's design then?

Yeah. But you are followiing the quest thing since Jason and the Argonauts. Gathering of heroic people ( well here ponies) To help with quest.

And now the story needs to an AU tag, as the s7 finale showed that Hollow Shades has been abandoned for generations.

When is this story ever gonna continue? It's been over 1/2 of a year since this chapter's release date.

That’s because I’m tired most of the time and I’m busy with other things at the moment.


It's better to read this in Night Mode.

I wonder how Lion Heart cheated.

We shall see won't we o3o

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