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I like guns, Resident evil, Story of the blanks, Them's Fightin' Herds and Ruby is the best damn mare in all of Equestria. I mostly write HiE fanfiction, so come and take a peak!


Equestria is hosting the International Rodeo Games with Appleloosa as the hosting city. Many species from all over the world travel to the small town, some even as far as Foenum. All of it for the chance to win money, ribbons, and fame. While Applejack originally joins for the benefit of the Apple Family, her priorities quickly change.

A handsome, human cowboy named Clyde is introduced to her by Braeburn. The two get along well, and Applejack quickly is smitten by the upstanding, honest man. She plans on winning his affections with the hopes of taking him back as her husband. There's just one problem...

A cow named Arizona, Champion of the Prairie and one of the saviors of the Foenum, takes a strong liking to the same cowboy. She hopes to make her Ma and Pa proud taking back not just fame and money, but a husband to boot!

The two quickly catch onto each other's plans and try to undermine each other. Things quicky spiral out of control, and with neither backing down. They agree to a solution; a one-on-one fight, with the winner taking the man. Only question remains: Who will win? The Mare or the Heifer? And does the man get a say at all?!

T for fighting, possible swearing, non-consensual romantic pushiness, and mentions of interspecies love and pregnancy. No rape or clop will be shown, a simple girl vs girl fight over a guy.

Cover Art by LongTaleAnimation

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I gotta go with team Arizona gotta stay loyal to family I have there

Arizona is nice, I've grown to like her. But damn, Applejack has a family too you know? She's got that juicy apple booty.

Yeah but I have seen so many human romance fics about them falling in love with ponies mostly the elements. There not bad but there are so many other species in equestria then ponies

Well, I'm trying to break the mold, as you can see. I hope I make the story compelling enough that you and many others will enjoy it. I'm writing chapter two now.

nicely done! well, AJ, got me into the fandom, so I am on her side

indeed and looking forward to it

Those tags and age rating are making me a little spooked.

There isn't going to clop or rape if that's what you're worried about. Sex tag covers the fact it's insinuated Braeburn and Strongheart are getting it on.

Non-con is just a cover for the characters being pushy about getting the guy without his say so.

Swearing tag covers swearing if it happens. I might take it down since I've managed to avoid it.

I'm pushing the story while doing my best to avoid making it a M rating.

I hope this eases your worries. You can always PM me.

Hey, so long as this isn't a herd, I'm game.

I never do herd stories. I'm a monogamous kind of guy. Even if I was, a herd would make the fight pointless. It's also not feasible since Arizona and Applejack live so far apart. Hope you like it, working on the third chapter now.

I paid my old artist to do it. She's pretty good and generally flexible in what she draws. Her name is LongTaleAnimation. Let me know if you want to get in touch with her.

Please I do want to get in contact with her. Plus does she have a deviant art account?

I wonder if this story will end the way most romantic-rivalry stories end... :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:

Aaahhh. So you managed to bring this up after all. Yeah, I'm okay with it being T rated. I'm flexible.:ajsmug:

What do you like so far?

Heads up, she isn't cheap. The more elaborate, the more it will cost. She gave me the go ahead to give you her info. Check PMs.

What's the way they usually do end?

I'm glad, I assure you it isn't going to be super clean or PC.

Well, kinda everything, though apprechiated trouble shoes here

He'll pop back up later, if I can write him in appropriately. I plan on throwing subplots here and there if I can.

Same. Kept getting disappointed as of late.

Hopefully you won't be with my story!



Given the comedy element, my money is on that when this is getting to the climax, we find out that Mr.Ford here either 'bats for the other team' or has someone he is already attached to that is neither pony or cow, like a griffin or another human, or something.

I kinda want this to end in a tie, not gonna lie. That, or Clyde secretly already having someone special in his life. Maybe in an AU ending. I can't imagine the reaction those two would have to that! But if I had to choose one over the other, than I would want Arizona to win.

I sincerely hope that doesn't happen, it's so cliche

There is no "surprise gay cowboy" and Clyde is single and open to other species of the lady variety. Someone is going to win, I just haven't decided who.
Someone is going to win and Clyde is single. He just hasn't picked up that both of them fancy him. I might make alternative, non-canon endings if the demand is there. But someone will win Clyde either way. And Arizona is cool, but Applejack's juicy booty though....
Don't worry, that isn't going to happen.


There is no "surprise gay cowboy" and Clyde is single and open to other species of the lady variety. Someone is going to win, I just haven't decided who.

Nah, I wasn't saying he was gay, I was just saying that he could already be in a secret relationship. Not because he wants to keep it secret, but because his partner does. But, like I said, all of that is just a 'What if?' in a joking manner. I didn't really mean any of it. It was just a funny thought I wanted to share.

Ah, gotcha. I just wanted to let people know the cliche of neither or gay guy ain't happening.

Oh, great...

But nice work and typical parent instict

Arizona nodded as "his" head was lowered in shame, but a fire stirred in her chest. 

Her head?

Methinks the man worked with Earth cattle in his past...

So Applejack for you eh?
They don't share, and I don't write herds.

Grammarly made a mistake and I failed to catch it. Fixed the mistake.
It's strange how he's experienced, isn't it? :ajsmug:

Kinda. Was a video that came up when the show was just a few months old

Love is full of peaks and valleys, and BOTH happened mighty fast here.

I'm rooting for Applejack just out of sheer familiarity.

I would find it funny if it turned out he's actually married.

Feels like Arizona is kinda in the lead with him. She's a lot more invested in him now. Hopefully Applejack can do something to even the odds. Keep it a fair competition for his affection. *cough team Applejack cough*

I hope not, a lot of romance stories use this trope, its getting uninteresting for me

Eeyup! It's ratcheting it up.
Get your mountain climbing supplies ready. It's more of the same up ahead before you get to Mount Everest.
He's single, and straight, and open to dating cows and ponies. Humans are rare and scattered across the world. He understands they're not animals and that they don't look the same as animals on Earth. Trust me, someone is gonna win Clyde.
Oh, it's only just begun. Applejack will have her Clyde moment soon. Trust me, this competition is fierce and its gonna be a fair one, as fair as love battles can be. So have no fear.
Oh that's not happening. I'm breaking the mold. AJ or AZ are gonna win the man. One is walking away a winner.

Not gonna lie, handling it by lassoing both got me laughing

Boy, did I see that coming. When the dust kicks up, no telling how it'll settle back down (and that is my best shot at understating what happened without spoilers). Here's hoping the ladies don't drag more contacts into this; I'm not sure the girls of either franchise can keep these two civil.

That was a spur of the moment writing decision. I love it.
Civil is already out the door, the nasty insults should have told you that. The lines are drawn and the knives are out and innocent by standers are still too close. Oh, and it's not over yet.

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