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Any normal person would have stopped bothering by now.


Thematic crossover. Knowledge of source material unnecessary, but welcome.
"Dear Ditzy,

Sorry I haven't written to you in a while. I know you haven't been at peace since you moved out. How's the kid? Is Carol City treating you alright?

Moving there might have been a mistake. I doubt you can get much work there nowadays. But don't worry, I found something perfect for you. There's a nice place over at 45 Starling Avenue, waiting for a delivery. You'll need to wear something discreet. It's in the package I included with this letter.

Hope you have a great time!

Hugs and kisses,
Red Stamp

THE GORE TAG IS HERE FOR A REASON. THIS IS ON PAR WITH THE GAMES. It probably gets old faster, though.

Thematic crossover with the Hotline Miami game series. This story employs soundtrack links in the chapters. They occasionally break.

Things will get messy. Jacket will not have sex with the main protagonist.

Collaboration with Dark Avenger. Special thanks to several other people who aren't really here at Fimfiction.

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I fucking love Hotline: Miami! And now I love this story.

Epic. Keep up the good work

Comment posted by Nobody Important deleted Oct 21st, 2015

This is awesome. I :heart: the music. It's so fitting for one of the chapters in this fic.

Ah, so the Changelings are the Russians, Canterlot was Hawaii, and the star-moon-heart people are 50 Blessings.

Past that any direct comparisons are subtle enough or I'm dumb enough that I don't get them.

As an aside, Ditzy's talks with her "Richard" are way more intense.

Does the pigeon mask have a name?


6675667 Was meant to be named Bubbles, but shit if there's any way to have the masks have names with this mode of storytelling. Ended up pointless, so there's that outtake.

What is this a crossover of?


6926567 As in the description:

Spiritual crossover with the Hotline Miami game series. This story employs soundtrack links in the chapters. Things will get messy. Jacket will not have sex with the main protagonist.

What's a spiritual crossover?


7783494 Basically speaking, it's a crossover where no actual crossing over happens. It's a story with similar main features to the franchise it's crossing over with, but the universes don't conjoin. This is a story where events in Equestrian history have lead to a Hotline Miami-like story unfolding, but the universes are still separate and their connection is mostly aetherial, even though some characters and events and even the structure of the story are all intentionally very similar.

This story does an amazing job of capturing the feeling of the Hotline Miami games. I got a "I won't like the answer" kind of feeling but couldn't stop reading.

How is this story so in-the-dark?
How have only 115 people read this?
This was amazing! Thank you so much for creating this. Keep up this great writing!



Well, I've seen worse reader retention than 690 to 115, considering there's 15 chapters, most of which are long. Aside from that? It's kind of a hiccupy fic that's intentionally hard to follow, not to mention parts of it I wish I executed better, looking back. Not exactly an easy read, especially with how hardline I decided to be about the impersonal, distanced, literally-never-tell-unless-it's-a-book-or-something writing style.

And you just don't get popular with stories like these, not these days, you have to have a couple hundred followers and """horse famous""" friends accrued via SoL crap to have a chance. Had I somehow made this back in 2012 or something, perhaps there could have been a chance, I mean FoE is still a thing, and it's a turd. Though I doubt it.

It's hardly the apex of Hotline's popularity, too - and while this story does reuse a crapton of elements from the games, they are hardly ever 100% intact, and there's a lot of original stuff that can get in the way of someone who came in solely to read a pone hotline fic.

Thanks for leaving a comment, though, it's sometimes really hard to tell if anyone even got into the story at all, and the chapter read counts aren't just random clicks that didn't really go anywhere.

For the record, there's sort of a reason why the story isn't labeled completed yet. Only sort of a reason. Maybe if August goes well, we'll see.

Kinda figured there was a reason that this wasn't labeled completed. Really glad this got an update, there isn't really anything else like this.

Best "static" scene ever.

Once again, great speech for an insane politician.
Possibly, the strongest moment in this story.

Splendid action music choice.

Why did the chapters get so long all of a sudden?


I've lost control of my life. But beyond that, as I'm nearing the very end of this story, there are too many ideas that I haven't been able to really develop on, so now I'm compensating. I've also absolutely lost touch in terms of style, I'm copying myself from years ago and it's not the same, resulting in these huge chapters.

Not optimal for a story like this, as it can (and evidently does) get tedious, but I know I can't leave this story to just rot. So I'm trying to do everything I wanted to do with it... within reasonable borders.

im confused i just started reading part 4 is handsome a hermaphrodite or a mare in a guys body


Handsome's got issues.

She's referred to by both pronouns in the first chapters because most everyone assumes she's male based on her name and the way she looks. What Handsome believed prior to that is up to debate and probably changed with the weather.

Once most everyone is no longer a factor we stick to calling her a 'she', partly for readability, and partly because her story slowly gets straightened out and both us and her begin figuring out what the actual fuck her deal is.

i just rread the last chapter what the fuck just happend she was sweetie bell

This is one of the best fics I've read. Kinda sad it's over, but still glad I ever came across it.


Heh, well, I'm not sad at all. Three years... It's pretty baffling to think of. Not that I was working on this the entire time, of course. But this has turned into much more of a... thing than I ever meant for it to. I'm still cleaning some minor things up, and I apologize for how raw this last release has been (broken links, a missing paragraph, and the final picture was broken), but, it's over now. It coulda been a lot of things, but now it's over.

Still, I'm really happy to know that more than three and a half people actually read this start to finish. And that for someone, this has ultimately been worth it. It's good to get that motivation now and again, after having wasted so much time on something like this. Maybe I'll always be a nobody with my stories, but at least I still get comments now and again. Thanks for that.

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