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Hello every¨pony¨

I call you all to gather here in the first Fan Club dedicated to Chancellor Neighsay!

Let's show him some friendship and love!

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I like how you think. XD

But seriously Neighsay became one of my most favorite characters after he redeemed himself

Can't there be more sex or fetish stories of Neighsay?

There's gotta to be more stories added here.

Let me guess. The ones that have already been written, eh?

Then there is a number of stories already made just for you.

In that case... Princess Celestia should relief that bozo of duty when she gets the chance.


I hope not, i like the idea of multiple ponies having multiple opinions, so i hope he don't get the Starlight treatment.

I for one find it very unfair that he tried to shut down the school of friendship.
Let's hope Neighsay comes to his senses someday.

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  • Viewing 1 - 10 of 10