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Space Jazz

god gives her hardest battles to her silliest of girlies


Sunset Shimmer and Wallflower Blush go camping.

✿ Originally published on June 30th, 2020 on a now defunct alt named Marin.

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Glad to see this is back up!

I love magical realism and I love your writing, so seeing this back on the site where it ought to be is a treat. I hope that you write more with these two eventually, your prose is perfect for them.

Posh #3 · March 18th · · ·

big wally big wally :)

The truth behind mountain formation geologists don’t want you to know

Oh, I just got told this was reuploaded. Time to read, like, and favorite once again! :pinkiehappy:

This is unexpectedly beautiful. Like I was expecting just silly funny short fic. But this was poetic :)

Greetings. Your reading has been completed and can be found below. I hope you enjoy.

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