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Eight years have passed since Wallflower Blush was rescued from a life on the streets by Sunset Shimmer. Learning to cope with the traumas that put her there—along with navigating a new relationship—wasn't easy. The life Wallflower lives now isn't perfect, but she's proud of how far she's come. With a loving relationship, a fulfilling job, and good friends, Wallflower is content to enjoy the stability offered by clinging endlessly and desperately to the present.

Then, she finds something Sunset has been keeping secret from her, and everything changes.

Now Wallflower is determined to stop Sunset from making the biggest mistake of her life—asking Wallflower to marry her.

Content Warning: This story contains realistic depictions of abuse, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and PTSD/C-PTSD.

Written together with Gay For Gadot ❤️

Cover art by our lovely and wonderfully talented friend Sandy. You're the best, hon ❤️

Special thanks to The Sleepless Beholder and Posh for editing!

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Trixie visits her credit union to calmly and rationally dispute a charge on her account. Starlight is there too.

Art sources from glimglam.

Loosely based on an idea tossed around between Gay for Gadot and myself. Written in two hours (on my phone lol) for the EFNW Iron Author contest, where it won an honorable mention!

This version has been edited to be more gay than the contest version \o/

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After saving Wallflower from an abusive home, Sunset figures the best way to help with her girlfriend's years of trauma is challenging the restrictions she's lived with all her life, like with saying curse words.

Turns out, Wally's very good at that.


Content Warning: While this story has elements of comedy, it also contains realistic discussions/depictions of abuse and PTSD/C-PTSD.

Collab with Gay Gay Homosexual Gay :heart:

Amazing cover art by our lovely friend Sandy \o/

Edited by I-A-M and Posh (the best and cutest one)


"This was hilarious and stupid and touching."
~Dave Bryant

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This story is a sequel to Hate Me, Hold Me

The only reason Wallflower made it this far is because Sunset was always there when she needed her. How can she possibly win a fight against herself when Sunset's away?

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When a crowd of mouth-breathing alt-right goons interrupts her beach date with Sunset Shimmer, Wallflower Blush calmly and rationally quiets them down. With a baseball bat. With nails stuck through it.

Collab with Gay for Gadot during her gaycation to Scampyville :heart:

Art source: battisipink

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This story is a sequel to Day Zero

Wallflower knows she doesn't deserve all the patience, understanding and compassion Sunset gives her. If only Sunset understood that too.

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When Sunset and Wallflower first started dating, Wallflower asked that they take it slow. A few months later, Sunset really just wants to kiss her already.

Part of the Pride and Positivity Event!

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Bless up for pride, y'all \o/

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Late at night, when Wallflower is all alone with herself, the bad thoughts in the corners of her mind get harder to ignore.

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More than anything, Wallflower wanted to say yes. But she knows she's not good enough for Sunset. Not then, and not now.

Cover art by Rachelle Dyer.

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This story is a sequel to Bad Habits

Eighteen days ago, Wallflower promised Sunset that she would stop hurting herself. She's never regretted anything more.

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