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When Sunset and Wallflower first started dating, Wallflower asked that they take it slow. A few months later, Sunset really just wants to kiss her already.

Part of the Pride and Positivity Event!

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Bless up for pride, y'all \o/

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This is such a great story!

Posh #4 · June 14th · · 1 ·

“Huh...” Wallflower sat on the bed. “So I would really be your first kiss...?”

Wallflower clearly didn't read Tummy Flutters.

“Hmm...” A thought entered Sunset’s mind, and she smirked. “Want to what?”

“W-what?” Wallflower froze. “Uhm, y’know...”

The twist is that Wallflower doesn't know what kissing is, and is counting on Sunset to walk her through it.

Except Sunset doesn't know, either.

It's "they were both bottoms," but G-rated.

“It’s okay if you don’t know,” Sunset said. “We can brainstorm a bit.”

Wallflower just stared at her. “Brainstorm about kissing?”

“Why not?”

Not for the first time, Wallflower wondered if Sunset would rather be with Twilight right now.

“Or...” Sunset rose from the bed. “Maybe we’re not even on the bed, maybe you push me up against the wall...” She stood flush to the wall behind her, biting her lip and doing her best to make a sound that could be described as indecent.

She shivered as she felt Wallflower’s light giggling against the side of her neck. “Please don’t start calling me that,” Wallflower said.

"We've been over this. If you must give me a pet name, you know that I prefer Wallpurgisnacht."

I almost ruined your life and now we’re dating?

I mean, if the multitude of second-person incel spankporn here on fimfiction dot net has taught me anything, it's that mutually assured destruction is the best foundation for a relationship.

Sunset didn’t let Wallflower finish the thought. In a single motion, she took Wallflower’s head in her hands, pressed herself forward and brought their lips together. Their kiss was warm, gentle and every bit as beautiful as Sunset always knew it would be.

Wallflower.exe has encountered a fatal error.

Sunset wondered if Wallflower could feel her smile widening against her lips as Wallflower lightly pushed her up against the wall with gentle but demanding urgency.

Oh. I guess that is her, after all.


Dreadful. Abysmal. Absolutely disgusting. 8/10, it was okay.

Oh, Scampy. I am dead now. You have killed me. How could you do this to me?

Thank you.

Duck #6 · June 14th · · ·

Oh my gosh this is so gay, thank you. And also so cute! And sensual too, wow.

Also, :spicy:

Never went beyond holding hands...

Excuse me, don't you know how lewd this is?? :rainbowhuh:

The tiny little smile on Wallflower’s face was the most beautiful thing Sunset had ever seen.

Hawwwwwww, I'll bet.

“You’re wonderful...”

You're wonderful.

Cute read. I'm not blushing, you're blushing!

Scampy, this is so lewd, how could youuu

what if we kissed in the comments section of this adorable story :rainbowderp:

Posh #10 · June 14th · · 1 ·

10284876 😳😳😳😳 and you were both girls :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Haha, just kidding...

EDIT: Unless? :ajsmug:

this is the most emojis i've ever used in a comment and it's horribly depressing

o-okay, if... If you're okay with that then yes please very much

This is the fluffiest. I love it. :twilightsmile:

These two are so monumentally cute together.

Awww so lovely! Is this for the Pride and Positivity event?

Sure, I guess! Idk how to add it tho

Done and done! That's a good heckin event right there.

So adorable oh my god

Sunset held her girlfriend a little closer. “You’re so pure, Wally.”

She's the purest of the pure and that's why Sunset fans ship her with Wallflower for that very reason. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for recommending this story on your blog post earlier, I-A-M! :pinkiehappy:


Everything about this is all sparkly and cute.

Wanderer D

Aww. That was adorable.

Scampy, you know I'm an expert on gay.

And let me tell you, this here?

This is the gayest thing I've read since Tummy Flutters.

Have an upvote, you ungrateful... gay.... person. :raritystarry:

The name on this is adorable. Though it does make me sad that Wallflower vanished again after her special (well, she didn't have any lines anyway).

Scampy #24 · June 16th · · 1 ·

It's okay though, cuz we got this face as she watched Sunset in Let It Rain--
--which pretty much confirms SunFlower is canon cuz let's be real y'all, this is an "I'm in love with her" face.

Only in one direction... Anyway, doesn't change the fact that Wallflower deserved better. Like actual lines. Mighta been an issue with getting the VA back, mighta been poor writing. Never been clear on which was the case with Moondancer on the other side of the mirror.

Scampy #26 · June 16th · · 1 ·


Only in one direction

I will actually fight you :v

Only canonically confirmed in one direction. Doesn't mean the other isn't true. ;)

Finally got around to reading this. This was super cute! Also possibly one of the lewdest fics on the site. Just the title is lewd.

Nice bit of fluff.

Quality fluff!

Marin #31 · July 1st · · ·

When their lips reluctantly drifted apart, Sunset opened her eyes—and immediately couldn’t stop herself from giggling at the red-faced, starry-eyed gaze Wallflower was giving her.

:heart: !!!!

Gosh this was so sweet and pure and cozy c:
An affirming Sunset will always be the best thing on this site. You made her such a sweetheart, and Wally's every bit as lovely omg. I love it! Thank you so much for this.

Scampy #32 · July 1st · · 1 ·

I'm so glad you liked it! SunFlower is the purest thing ever. It's also canon, because this face that Wally gives Sunset in Let It Rain just screams "I'm in love with her."

I'm a professional lesbian, y'all. It's my job to recognize these things.

Btw, if you're wanting more, I have angsty SunFlower...

More than anything, Wallflower wanted to say yes. But she knows she's not good enough for Sunset. Not then, and not now.
Scampy · 2.7k words  ·  61  4 · 820 views

...and Cutesy Lesbian Snuggles™ SunFlower (warning: may contain enhanced snuggles)

[Adult story embed hidden]

Oh my god this was just the cutest :twilightsmile: It's a nice, fluffy little tale that I can't believe took me this long to read, whoops!

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