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BronyCon · 4:01am Aug 5th, 2014

Ay, did I talk to any of you at BronyCon? I was the girl watching a few writing panels in the Derpy snapback and glasses. Day two I was in a meh Nightmare Moon cosplay before lunch-ish, and my hair changed colors (natural brown, to teal and purple, to very faded teal and purple). I probably stole your plushie!

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Dude. Lesser??? No way Jose!

Thanks for faving...one of my lesser attempts at literature...yeah. Thanks :heart::heart:

I really don't believe in follow for follow:ajsleepy:
But I'll totally check out some of your work!

Hello random friend would you like a follow for a follow?

I was about to say "I feel like I know you from somewhere..." then I remembered the massive fuck-off stream of messages that stemmed from your post in a group :rainbowlaugh:

Invisible Writing (Almost):trollestia:

898796 I'm really sorry about that! :fluttercry: I swear I'm working, slowly but surely

895435 meh... I'll wait (or find someone else to take the pressure off)

Everyone who requested art from me:
Sorry! I really shouldn't accepted that many! :facehoof: Anyway, there might be a delay and I am so sorry if there is! :fluttercry:

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