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I write slice of life stories of my characters to amuse myself. https://thecyanidefairy.deviantart.com


PSA: Don't comment if you're just going to nitpick · 4:16am June 18th

Hey people,

I don't normally blog but I really feel this has gotta be said as a lot of comments seem to fall into this trap.

Your headcanon does not apply to other people.

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Oi, its that sober catbird from Equestria Amino

Oh, my work is far from smoothly constructed, but thank you for the kind words! So long as you enjoy the stories, then I'm more than happy to provide! :pinkiesmile::heart:

I love all your work! Reading your smoothly constructed sentences is like sinking my brain into a hot bubble bath. You're a real treasure! I hope you always have a passion for writing.

I hope you enjoy the story! :pinkiehappy:

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