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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside.


Synthetic meat isn't murder. The murders come later.

Unrelated to my other stories. Set a few weeks after "The Ending of the End," but contains no spoilers.

Thanks for comments from the crew on the Discord, especially Aragón and Damaged.

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This was amazing and super hilarious! I love it!

Is this not a Comedy? (I haven't read it yet, but I see it isn't tagged.)


I wrote it as a comedy but wasn't sure it was hilarious enough to tag...

Tags are mainly there to let the reader know what to expect, and from others' comments this sounds like a comedy. Comedy doesn't specifically mean "funny". It's the opposite of tragedy. It generally means a story with a positive progression and ending, or humorous moments. Anything hijinks-related is comedy territory, or heartwarming, or even just satisfying, in some cases. It can be dark if it's not too brutal, or even mixed with dramatic if the drama lets up from time to time.

A tragic comedy is technically impossible by the old definition, but you could have a "comedy" in the looser sense with Bad End if it isn't too serious about the implications of the ending.



I can only imagine what Sunset's cell carrier thinks about the texts to and from another universe.

"Stop saying 'restricted section.'"

"I was dismissed as Celestia's student because of a restricted section. I have issues with the things."

Rumble's eyes crossed. "Apple Bloom..." he whispered, drooling slightly.

"No, Applejack hates me," Thunderlane said.

"I don't see how that's my problem."

"Not really, Sunburp. I took a lot of drugs when I first hit the mirror world."

"I suspected I was already hallucinating everything; I'd hoped I could cancel it out."

Like the song goes, you can get anything you want at Glimmy-Glam's restaurant (exceptin' Glimmy.) And I can think of no better way to deal with the Flimflams. Even if there doesn't seem to be a lot of meat on them.

Man, I wish I had thought of those lines!

I am equally amused and grossed out
Great job! This is an amazing short fic. Liked that Starburst bit :p

Starlight > Sunset

That ending was hilarious. Very well-paced and some good jokes sprinkled throughout.

Did Flim and Flam meet their maker impeccably shaved?

That's what I was reminded of as I read this.

It's hard to do dark humor correctly with ponies, but this is very well-done (even if Sunset would never allow her steaks to be well-done).

This whole thing is completely ridiculous in the best possible way.


Thanks! Ridiculous was my goal.

I think the tag "Slice of Life" applies in an odd but fitting way here.

I lold. This was a really funny read.

It's actually really similar to an idea I had a while ago for a Stardew Valley fanfic. It would have been called JojaBurger.

Standing under Flam, Sunset honed the blade on a steel. "So, anyway, this is how I ended up disposing of the original Sunset's body."

...I notice the use of the word "original" here, not "human"
Is this the human sunset, having killed pony sunset, faking her way through interactions with the equestrians?

I like “funny stories about ponies eating meat” way more than I maybe should. :trixieshiftright:

You know, that's a take I hadn't heard before.

It took just such a sharp turn at the end. Such a sharp turn... Fun ride though.

Well, that ran out of control quickly. A pity, since there's nothing wrong with the basic idea - but then, you could say the same about the SSCS6000.

If it's tagged [flim and flam], it's going out of control.

This was so friggin' dark. And I loved it. A great example of what dark comedy should be like.

Thanks! It was fun to write.

Wow. I loved it. That was a great read

Not gonna lie; this fanfic made me hungry. (Probably cause I was reading it late at night instead of sleeping.)

Question though: Why didn't they just use the lava to dispose of the bodies instead of serving them as meat?

I assume having a going out of business sale looked slightly less suspicious than simply dropping mic.

Ouf... Talk about "A Slice of Life" story eh?

I'll see myself out :pinkiecrazy:

Not to mention it needs to be done for the sake of irony.

:rainbowlaugh:It's obvious what's going to happen as soon as Flim and Flam come in, but that just makes it even funnier.

Thanks! Appreciated.

Trixe passed in the order to the kitchen. Sunset read out loud, "Two tuna steaks, both seared extra rare, one beef ribeye steak, seared extra rare... and one whole chicken, seared extra rare."


"No, Applejack hates me," Thunderlande said.


I'm glad you mentioned this enough times for me to read it. Funny shit. I figured what Flim and Flam were doing pretty early, but everything after that threw me for a loop. Very well done!

Glad you liked it, and thanks for the sharp eye on the typos!

Sunset punched him in the shoulder with a forehoof. "My baby brother. I call him 'Sunburp.' You two should call him 'Sunburp.'"

Headcanon accepted :yay:

Starlight converted old bones to fresh, non-murdery meat

oh no.

oh no.

it clicked for me right here.

Gabby, Gallus, Silverstream, and yellow female hippogriff

I think you dropped an 'a' here, heh.

Tears rolled down Starlight's nose as she stared at a hanging side of beef. "We've been advertising 'cholesterol-free!' We've—we've been lying to our customers! What if one of them has a heart condition? I feel so violated."

God damn it, Starlight!

Standing under Flam, Sunset honed the blade on a steel. "So, anyway, this is how I ended up disposing of the original Sunset's body."

So many lines crossed here, hah! This has been such a fun, ridiculous ride :twilightsheepish:

Literal Slice of Life. I like it almost as much as I like that short description.

Seriously, I'm starting to think the feature box had 11 spots and this got on it so many times they hacked it off to appease the crowds.

This story is that good. If only it had a psychic to co-write thiis story with you, Sock, so it could be medium, in addition to being rare and well-done.

Look at this sequence and weep tears of pure gold.

Starlight shook her head. "No. I found it in an old book in the restricted section of the Castle of the Two Sister's library."

"Restricted section."

"Yeah, Spike melted the lock off a few years back. This spell hasn't been seen by pony eyes for at least eleven hundred years."

"Restricted section."

"Stop saying 'restricted section.'"


Starlight put her hoof in Sunset's mouth again.

Allez cuisine, my good Sock. And have my likes for such a fantastic FIMFic. Yes I use lines from Iron Chef when I really like fics what about it

Holy crud! THE SPECIAL IS PEOPLE! :pinkiegasp:

Nice dark comedy piece there! Sunburp. a table for moi! :coolphoto:

I... Okay.

Man I was not in the mood for a dark turn, even expected. :rainbowlaugh:

Poor fillies and stallions and Sunset. :unsuresweetie:

OK, that ending line was a bit out there but the rest was great!

'Stallion Oysters' took me a little while to get, but then that last line - fantastic!

This got very disturbing very, very fast :twilightoops:

Heh. And I'm not sorry.

Thanks for reading!

This fic has found its way into my favourites. This was a very fun read.

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