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Lightning Dust, Wind Rider...how many dreams have been crushed because of her? Soarin, however, sees differently.

Set right after Rarity Investigates.

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As Rarity would tell you... FABULOUS, DAHLING!!

Did I miss something? I'm seeing more than one of this type, there a movie or an episode I missed?

6445153 There was a new episode called Rarity Investigates. :twilightsmile:

6445158 Fifteenth? Already? Well I am glad they decided NOT to be lazy about this Season, they had talks of ending it at fourteen episodes.

I thought you everything I knew, Soarin.

Small Typo, should be taught not thought

:rainbowkiss: I love it!

*cough cough* That's all I have to say about that :twilightsheepish:

I've watched this episode a total of 13 times

In my view the episode gets an 8/10 my only negative was the Wonderbolts not standing up for Rainbow Dash. Great story.


FEAR MEH!! :eeyup:

This was great beb! I squealed when Soar stood up for Dashie
Like he should have in the actual episode

This episode was probably my favourite one to date. Still debating it.

This was really awesome. And tense. I never noticed that part about Wind Rider and Lighting Dust both having their careers ruined by Dash... Though they were both a bit condescending.

6445479 frankly I was dissapointed that it was Windrider. Lightning made much more sense. Heck I'm starting to question why Rainbow should even be one. THey have shown on record to not pay attention to recklessness. Abandon teams members, and accuse without any proof.

for real now, every season so far had an soarindash moment, i wonder when it gonna be canon. Really tough, she even blushed and he gave those bedroom eyes at her, you cant hide that from us hasbro, you cant

Either they are teasing us or something else. If canon I can see all the other Dash and some other pony besides Soarin going down in flames.

Honestly, this episode was the best showing for the wonderbolts to date as they actually made some honorable decisions and didn't get their flanks kicked. This is an interesting take on Rainbow. Rainbow, despite her brash personality, is not a vindictive pony, she wants her dreams, but she doesn't want others to suffer for her to get them. Not sure if the show will ever address the reality of competition, but this could have been an interesting scene itself in the show, talking about living with the consequences your decisions cause for others. Doing the right thing has consequences after all. Cool little story.

6445574 actully there might be a reason they accused her without proof it was impiled this wasn't the first time wind rider did this to keep his record. Imagine how many other ponies he did this to, so maybe the wonderbolts are used to rookies cheating to get a chance at the spotlight

6445909 which still doesn't make them look good in the end. how many careers were ruined on that?


Yep. Newest episode. Gave SoarinDash a very nice push and more material to work with.

6445919 true but on the plus side they might have to look into that now so maybe it can be changed

6445950 you can hope but if real world the Wonderbolts rep has been severly damaged by this.

6445956 but to be fair they kind of had other problems at the time what with their leader going missing and the show being that day, plus soarin was nice enough to give her a chance

6445966 But if Windrider has done this to others imagine the scandal. Just look at the catholic shurch. they have a HUGE scandal invovling their preists and they made it worse by hiding it. Reputation can be destroyed by the littlest of things. and right now the Wonderbolts do not have a good track record.

6445990 well to be fair all we have seen are the bad thing about them we have no idea what they do off screen

6446016 point however it doesn't speak well of them.

6446020 maybe it was one of their bad days eh no ones perfect

This was really nice. Well done.

Great story, Hasbro should add that as a last scene or something :raritystarry:

Generally not a fan of "SoarinDash", but I thought it was a pretty good read. Gave it a thumbs up. Hoof bump! :yay:


oh btw, i saw this again on popular stories :p

An excellent tale.

Awesome, a Soring Dash fic! This definitely makes me feel more easy about how he treated her in the episode. I never thought about Rainbow feeling regret for the ponies who wronged her, but it' s a great idea.

Rainbow smirked. “Is that why you gave me an extension?”

“C’mon, Soarin, you know the protocol. I should've been hauled off for questioning right then and there.”

That's pretty much what I thought too.

I still don't think Lightning Dust's career is over. Yeah, she screwed up bad. Yeah, she got set back a ways. But she's young, she wasn't even a reserve yet, and she has plenty of time to learn from her mistakes. Wind Rider, yeah, he's got that Pete Rose disgrace going on, but an early career black mark isn't necessarily a game-ender.

Love it. 10/10

A very nice piece ya got here. :3

of the half dozen or so that popped up after the episode addressing this issues this one is the only one thats really good and accurate!
a lot of people are going off on how the bolts treated her when she was accused......... but they are not putting it into perspective...... spitfire...their CAPTAIN was sent away via a fake letter..... then a veteran wonderbolt whom they've all known a long time and trust a lot suggest it could be Dash and while there was no hard evidence to say it was her, there were a lot of things that would suggest it was.
Soarin took command like he should and followed protocol as he should.
was it harsh? yes it was. would of been nice to get a bit of dialog about giving Dash the benefit of the doubt considering who she is and whats shes done for them? yes it would of.
BUT Soarin still gave her a chance to clear her name.
and in all honesty....i really liked serious Soarin! hes the first real competent stallion in the series. and its something us fans figured he was capable of. cuz theres no way he could be second in command if he always acted like a goof.
and i'm willing to bet my bits that that's a huge sexual turn on for Dash! a hunk stallion that know how to take charge and get shit done........who then chows down on some pie when the dust settles.

Yeah, they trust her--- so much that they turned on her and accused her in the blink of an eye without even a crumb of evidence. And then demanded she prove she DIDN'T do the crime, or get banned for life.

Yeah, "veteran wonderbolt," BFD. She's just a rookie-- a rookie who's had their back even when they didn't deserve it, who's even saved a couple of their LIVES, and oh yeah, national hero 5 times over. But all that just PALES in comparison to the word of an old fart who used to fly real pretty.

Guess they had to take a break from backstabbing each other like they did in Rainbow falls to Soarin. Or trying to con RD into leaving her own team to crash and burn and join theirs, all for an edge they didn't even need. Or bumble-buggering their way through another failed rescue mission.

And they think she's absolutely fantastic-- when they can get something out of her for themselves. Otherwise they kick her to the curb. Even though she's a better flier than any three of them, blew away every record in their training camp, and literally shattered the sound barrier for the first time in Equestrian history. Enjoy your perpetual reserve status, kid...

No, I don't like the Wonderbolts. Can you guess why?

I really like RD : )

Who is Wind Rider, and how did you make this story before Rarity Investigates came out?

6455163 You may want to watch the episode first, and I wrote this story after it aired, not before :twilightsmile:

The thing is... Reservist or not, Rainbow is a Wonderbolt. It is very clear from what Soarin' said and how Spitfire reacted that there is one line you don't cross: You don't screw your own. They forgot that, as we saw in Rainbow Falls and Wind Rider became a symbol of that too. Maybe he was the one who let the 'whatever it takes' mindset into the unit or maybe he was just a symptom of a greater malaise.

Rainbow has started to turn things around by her example.

As for this story, well it's clear that, in the end, for Wind Rider it was all about him and about what he considered to be his 'due'. Somehow he thought that his long service gave him the right to stomp all over lower-ranking ponies. That's dirty and I get the impression that a long-overdue clean-up is underway in the Wonderbolts.

I doubt it but it might be beneficial for Wind Rider to realise that his fall was entirely due to the fact that his ego caused him to ignore the ethic of teamwork and brotherhood that the Wonderbolts are supposed to be about.

I would probably have added a final line to the confrontation with Soarin': "Rider...? Don't forget that you're not a Wonderbolt anymore. That isn't something we took away from you; it's something that you threw away for an entry in Equestrian Book of Records."

Excellent work, my dear. I love how you've described every detail in this story :). This should have been the real ending <3 .

Btw, I am an artist on Deviantart. Is there any chance I could make a comic out of this? I'll even give you credit (if you allow me to). This story is something I've been craving to draw and make it a comic

6555018 Oh my gosh, really? That would be wonderful! :pinkiehappy:

Eeep! Thank you. I'll get on it :)

Well, having read the entire story, I can definitely say that this was a decent fic. Rainbow Dash and Wind Rider were in-character as they could be, considering the episode this story's based off from. I can't comment on Soarin's personality, though, because I don't think I've seen enough of him.

Since the story aspect's fine, I'm going to concentrate on the technical details of the story, because I spotted quite a few mistakes in there. You don't mind if I add a few suggestions, do you?

“...Nothing I can do.”

Try giving this a paragraph of its own, as it places emphasis on the fact that she cannot undo what she has done and

Once she was dry, with the exception of her dripping mane, she collected the towel and goggles with one forearm before staring down at the Wonderbolt uniform. She knew it would easily become hers one day. Hers, and not theirs, never theirs.

“...Nothing I can do.”

Like that.

Now that everything’s returned, maybe Rares could hang out before I

I'd recommend adding a "-" or a "..." at the end of that sentence to show how her inner thoughts by Wind Rider's surprise appearance.

Only the best of the best are lucky enough to be chosen to be apart of it.”

It's "a part of it." The Hall of Fame showed members that were considered worthy enough to be a part of The Empire, yes?

“Please. I'm asking you....as a friend. Leave.

You forgotten to add another quotation mark at the end of that sentence.

Being the fastest mare in Ponyville, maybe even the entirety of Equestria, doesn’t come without it’s drawbacks.

Change the "it's" to "its". I'm assuming you know the difference between the two.

And that part's done. I personally don't support the ship itself, but the conversations were handled well and the characters were in-character, as I've said earlier. This is the beginning of a romantic ship, and it is decently executed.

Oh, and one more thing before I sign off:



7194491 Thanks for the tip, fixed the errors I couldn't catch myself! :twilightblush: Also, I'm quite fond of Hetero Dashie :moustache:

Never gonna get tired of SoarinDash. :rainbowkiss:

SOOOO CUUEETTEE:rainbowkiss:

*Reads* :rainbowderp:
*Sits back* :ajbemused:
*Places hands on face* :ajsleepy:
*Chuckles* :ajsmug:
*Checks pulse for Shipping-Induced Heart Attack* :applejackunsure:
*Leans forward* :twilightsmile:
*Lets out loudest D'aww ever* :heart::heart::rainbowkiss::heart::heart:

"fine, for your testosterone"

*ded potato*

This was really cute, I loved it.:raritystarry:

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