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I really like ponies. Also Discord, a whole bunch. ;P


This story is a sequel to Dealing in Harmony

When writing they say, 'kill your darlings'. Well here are some of the darlings that had to make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of my stories during the writing of A Pony's Sympathy, Deja Discord, and Dealing in Harmony.

All scenes are checked before uploading, but for the most part are left unaltered. Spoiler warning for all three stories.

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This story is a sequel to Deja Discord

With all that Twilight and Discord have gone through in their efforts to secure a place for him in both Equestria and pony society, with all the strides Discord has taken to appreciate them and realize true friendship, [as seen in A Pony's Sympathy and Deja Discord] there are still a few more obstacles to overcome.

With their home and their still-budding relationship at stake, Twilight might be required to take on the Spirit of Chaos - in all that that entails - to fully ensure that his place remains with the friends he has made, and with her.

The final story in the Sympathy Series. [Written between Nov. 2013 and March 2018]

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Once upon a time in a town called Coeur De Cheval, there lived a colt named Knead who learned that he could touch dead things and bring them back to life, but only for one minute. Any longer, and something else has to die. Young Knead grew into the Pie-maker Pony, and along with griffon private investigator Featherson Cod, continued to wake the dead in the name of justice.

Their travels brought them to a small town known as Ponyville, where lived one Pinkamena Diane Pie, who was also a baker, but had no idea waking the dead was even possible. When murder comes to her sleepy town however – as well as a mysterious pony and griffon – she takes it upon herself to do some investigating of her own.

[Pushing Daisies crossover]

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This story is a sequel to A Pony's Sympathy

Following Discord's last escape from stone [as seen in A Pony's Sympathy], Twilight Sparkle sought to understand his role in the keeping of Balance in Equestria

Her want to understand sparked an alliance of sorts, a kind of understanding between them. Although having one pony in his corner has done little to convince the rest.

His lack of empathy and understanding of a pony's sensibility has been tolerated by Celestia.

But while both the princesses and the bearers of the Elements of Harmony struggle with even more dire problems, Discord is forced into a lesson of his own, and it could not have come at a more inopportune time.

Continuing the story of A Pony's Sympathy, the fledgling friendship between the Spirit of Chaos and the Element of Magic may determine the fate of the ponies, and the way both sides of harmony regard one another.

[Written/published between Nov. 2012 and Nov. 2013, based loosely on Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 3x13 'Deja Q']

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Twilight discovers Discord in-hiding - which is strange enough - but the discussion they have causes her to consider the particulars of true harmony, and whether or not a being such as he should be allowed to live freely to retain his part in it.

[Written/published between Sept. 2011 and Oct. 2012]

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Written before S2 finale as a way for me to put Shining Armor into my head-canon.
A slightly-random oneshot with some sibling familial love.

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