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This story is a sequel to Ciderfest 2023 Mane Story Friday Night - "Immersion"

Caramel and Barley realize that they've made a terrible mistake. They seek to right their wrongs, and when things are most dire, an ally appears to give them guidance.

Edited by Sonicsuns and Nyronus. Cover art by Alsey

Written for the Ponyville Ciderfest Storytelling Adventure. Check out the group for all the stories written for the event here!

In 2023, one of the con mascots, Fizzy Glitch, discovered the magical Book of All Stories and accidentally trapped everyone inside. Anything written on its pages becomes true. Three factions formed, trying to control as many pages as possible before the book closed and the spell ended, each shaping Equestria to their liking. The Heroes wished to keep Equestria the way it was, Chaos sought to reshape into something more, and the Villains wished to rewrite the past and assert dominance upon everyone. Guests throughout the con were given choices, which gave pages to each faction. These pages decided the outcome of each chapter and ultimately, the story of the con itself. The con itself is over now, so we're unveiling the full story with all its possibilities.

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