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Working on new stuff always, I'll be back before you know it.


This story is a sequel to A Changeling Queen Under the Griffon's Crown

"It's like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy?[...] A new day will come."—Samwise Gamgee

Alan Williams Goldenhoof has been there and back again. He saved Equestria, saved an Empire, and even walked up to Death's door, shook his hoof, and then went on his merry way. He is loved in Ponyville, famous in Caterlot, and is considered to be a hero.

And now his heroics are about to end. Perhaps permanently.

With a shadow of arcane evil lurking in the back of his mind, and an old foe on a new battlefield, he has met his match. But no matter what they say, he knows the truth. He knows this guy cannot be trusted.

No matter what they say.

Book 3 of the Harmony for All Trilogy

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Edit: And now to get SOME sleep for my 4am shift, because I could not stop myself from reading. *grumble grumble grumble*

The universe conspires to give a really bad sense of timing. In any case, I'm really excited to see what you have planned for us DM! Also a great big Hello to Kilokk and Squiddy and Pinkie!

Yyyesss!!! He's back! (Though at this stage of the Game, should he be named DisHarmCordOny or something?) :rainbowlaugh:

hmm so only 3 character tags this time i hope this will be as interesting as the other two

... Pinkie just quoted The Joker. I'm going to go find a bunker to hide in and update my will.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Hellfire, Dark Fire,
Now Discord it's your turn.
Choose Light or Thy Pyre;
Reform or

Faust have mercy on him.
Faust have mercy on me.
But Discord will be turned to Right or

It's amazing how much formatting goes into one small comment!

I look forward to this. :eeyup:

Frag it DM! I'm fighting jetlag here and lo-and behold I make the mistake of checking fimfiction!
I can last 3k words...

EDIT: Big Mac cross classing cleric/druid for the win!

Barry is best bush.

It appears someone borrowed someones idea on how to deal with Hydras, now if only they were in Griffon territories they could use it to solve any hunger problems for a carnivorous species (barring the meat being poisonous).

I love he comedy in your stories, they're just too good! :rainbowlaugh:


Oh ma gawd...
Is dat... is dat wat I think it is...
Oh... ohhh it iiis... ohh oh man I think I love dis day...
Yeah... yeah...
*proceeds to read*

And my favorite series has entered it's final phase. I'm both happy and sad because of this. Cudos to you good sir, keep it up.

I can't help but think Big Mac being able to talk to plants is going to be very important later on, also I loved the chapter in the last story where he found out he could, I honestly just thought he was having a dream or something, didn't make it any less funny though.

4726797 [youtube=youtube.com/watch?v=RTmyCUnMllg]

Waiiit slow down, I'm still finishing the last book! :raritydespair:

"Go pollinate yourself!

Died laughing! Loving the plants!

And Discord starts eating ponies, because Evil! :fluttershbad:


Okay, Miner. I have ONE complaint. That's all. In the last one, we did not have much story. We had some shipping, some gore, and the tiniest bit of character development, but not much story. Each chapter was like, an hour. At the very least, the last chapters were. Miner, PLEASE don't just do Sombra here. Do... All kinds of shit. Like, seriously. Tirek, for instance. Make him and their kid Alicorns, but not OP, because even if I love it, most people hate it. Don't just stick with one topic, man. Please. I REALLY love your work, but the last was a bit boring. Make this one better, 'kay? Pinkie, stay on his ass. But not literally. Unless you and Soarin' are free roamers, I don't think that is a good idea...

Don't worry about that. As I was planning this one out I went "Wow...a lot's going to happen in this chapter, I may need to break it up..."

4767385 As long as it's not like the last one. It was a (un)neccessary evil.

I would like to suggest, since I'm pretty sure It's going to happen, that when Thunderlane and Rainbow Dash have a child, it be named Storm Breeze. Mainly being a stormy grey/blue sky color mix from the parents, and the mane being striped with the blue and yellow from RD and the pale blue from TL. But it is your story, so do whatever you think best. I love your work. It's one of the only well made, long running, expansive world building, stories I've ever read. You've packed so much into this story, and you've just BEGUN to scratch Season 3. I appreciate what you do for us, the fandom, and do hope you are able to continue doing so for years to come.

“Well, yeah...but, you see, I know how a fire spell works, and I know how my fire shout feels. The idea is, if I can make the connection between those two, I can recreate it for the other shouts.”

That's a good plan, there's a lot of neat effects in shouts that would be convenient in a form a little more subtle than just shouting all the time. Especially if the shouts Alan has come with a cooldown that could possibly be circumvented.

Hmn, so Blueblood is going on a walkabout? Hopefully he'll find redemption and not a terrible fate in a dark hole somewhere.

Man... you definitely have a knack for making disgusting characters likable to various degrees. Already this story has an interesting beginning. Can't wait to see more.

Here and There - A Pony's Tale
By Cardinal North.

I'd buy it and yes I think he'd use a pseudonym.
No one would buy the book otherwise.

I like this bluebal-..I mean blueblood

All of the drinks at the same time, or one by one?

I wonder if you could make a small story ark into Gilda, beaten, bloody, bruised, and broken, showing up in Ponyville, asking for help? Always have enjoyed the stories where she redeems herself.

I also have the answer for why she did it: Instincts! Predators, ESPECIALLY Apex Predators, protect their things. In Gilda's mind, RD was her's, and the ponies had taken her away. To Gilda, RD was just as much of a griffon as she was.

Nah, no Gilda. She's just going to stay in the background's background.

4829028 Aww... But that ark has SO much potential!! Can't you AT LEAST talk to Pinkie, and see what she would want to do in next chapter's conversation?

It has potential, I will admit, however, it's something I don't want to write, and if I don't want to write it, then it's going to be bad, and I'd ruin the potential it had, you see?

Just calm down and enjoy the ride. It's going to be intense as it is.

4829043 Alright... Well, could you at least give me a hint that isn't D-man to who you are going to conform?


And I think that covers it.

4829263 ...Of course. DAMMIT PINKIE! All I wanted was a HINT, Jeebus Cupcakes! (And yes, you may take that. Just give me credit in the AU.)

Oh. My. Fucking. Pizza-god!
You just made me like this trilogy even more.
I will enjoy the absolute fucking shit out of this!

Pinkie Pie, on Red Bull, coffee and Kool-aid... I think I need a deeper bunker. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Hm...this could be a large number of things...leftovers from Alan slapping Discord around with his bitch-stick [Judgement] perhaps? That or perhaps some other Sombra~esque/NMM~esque entity sapping Discords power...those would be my first two stereotypical guesses...ah well, time will tell.

Oh dear... There's something about Weddings in Equestria.


Why doesn't this series have a TVTropes page yet?

Don't know. I've wondered that myself actually.

Discord got Curb-stomped by Sombra, due to Alan's "Harmonic Smiting" weakening him so much.

Given that Discord's eye color has changed, and the last time we saw Discord he was literally fighting with himself and complaining that it was the sword that did this to him, I would guess that Discord has been forcibly separated from Chaos, and that possibly there's another version of himself running around, or that his personality is divided.

4880104 I can get behind that theory. A Discord/God of Chaos running around without any of the moral trappings such as no mass fatalities when causing chaos.

Great chapter. Can't wait to see what will happen with Discord. Just a few small things I noticed.

Cheese Sandwich, if you asked. would have taken one look at the sight, said his work here was done.

Shouldn't that be a comma?

the Pie sisters had even had a bit of a reunion tour, producing an electric guitar, bass, and drum set from seemingly nowhere and rocking as though there was no tomorrow.

I do think there is a had too much right there.

Whoaly fuck that ending! O-O

Well this was a very pleasant and not stressful chap--OH GOD DAMMIT DISCORD! :twilightangry2:

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