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A Warhammer 40k Crossover. Not a brutalization fic. A Brony's First Warhammer fic. Gore will be as light as possible.

In the nightmare future of the 41st millennium, there is only war. There is no hope in a galaxy filled with terror and fear. When three fillies from the magical, peaceful land of Equestria are suddenly thrust into this living nightmare, they must adapt in order to survive. They will sacrifice everything they know and love in order to keep themselves alive.

War will change them.

And the Marks of War will stay with them forever.

"It is not the Horror of War that troubles me but the Unseen Horrors of Peace."—Imperial Thought of the Day

Chapters (32)
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Comments ( 365 )

“Do Y’all reckon this mirror can go other places?”

Dangit, AJ!

Worst interdimensional trip destination ever.

This is starting off a lot better than most other Warhammer crossovers. Bravo.

I like how you started, but during your hiatus you have forgotten how to paragraph. Might want to look into it.

I'm afraid you'll have to point it out to me...

The begging felt so awkward to write that I could hardly concentrate.

I am very much curious to see where this will go, it looks very good so far. That and the cover art made me think of the Warhammer Fantasy novel "Riders of the Dead".

I still feel a little bit of pity for the Alpha Legion and the other heretics.

also near the start it says being when it should say begin

Im someone who knows nothing about the 40k universe but i can dam well tell that im going to enjoy learning about some of it from this
This is going to be fun

Am I right to assume Twilight hasn't gone through the portal after the CMC?

That's a promising story here.

"light gore" In a 40K story I'd say thats down right heretical.

It's an introduction to 40k. Don't want to scare anyone off too quick.

You need to consolidate your single sentences into paragraphs. You used to just do that single sentence paragraph stuff during fights, but this is nothing but single sentences instead of grouped together in paragraphs. It's rather disjointed to read like that.

Aren't you watching me anyway, sir Commissar? Isn't that what you do?


Alright, I think it's better now.

Another fantastic chapter! Man I like where this is going.
One question though, where did you find that Purple was for sneakiness?
I know Red is fast, Blue is lucky, and I've heard that Black is 'ard, Yellow is power, and White is Deff' but I had never heard anything about purple.
Then again I have never read the Ork 'dex....

It's the color of the Kommandos, and since no one has ever seen a purple ork...

Bloody Greenskins and their colour schemes. This looks very very interesting.I was curious how you would get the Orks to accept Scoots.

Comment posted by Sentinel053 deleted Jul 24th, 2015

Love Orks, they are the perfect mix of comedy and savegery. Scootaloo is not the Warboss's loot, I'm going to enjoy this.

*relaxes after another bout of laughter*

Ah, Orks. Your simple ways, grammar nazi killing speech, and your single minded focus on all that is Waaagh! You are ALWAYS the most entertaining part of a Warhammer story and I absolutely love you for it!

You did good writing here mate! I want to beg for a greater amount of orky goodness for the story, but you've got a plan, I can tell.

REALLY looking forward to it!

The Waaagh aside worked out fine in my opinion, as a concept it needed to be explained.

She's flying, she's flying!

Her right wing erupted in pain as blood shot out of a fresh bullet wound, and she spun, falling to the ground.

Ooo, or not.

But as she glared at the thing with its tiny, beady eye, she felt her anger rise, and unleash a ragged, angry growl, slammed a hoof into the thing’s massive metal jaw.

Well done, Scoots.

Oh this is interesting! The path's have been set. We shall await their next meeting with baited breath I expect.

I like the description of the forest as Sweetie Belle ran through it. You definately got the impression that it was alive and thirsting for blood. Her claustrophobia was another thing I liked about this chapter, how her thoughts turned to panic and then looped endlessly upon themselves until the Eldar found her. A well written piece.

It's going to be a somewhat longer distance letter this time around, Sweetie.

She ran, into the endless forest of Arconar.

Well, she could hardly get more lost.

Hey, apparently mad panicking works.

The Ranger glared at her, leveling his stare at her. “If you came through the Warp, and I assure you, you have, and you came without protection, then you are lucky to be alive and untainted. If your friends did not leave it, then they are doomed to wander it. Eventually they will be found, and then their very souls will be tortured and destroyed.
“If they are lucky, that will be the end of it. If not, then they will be turned, becoming monsters and deamons that will haunt the depths of the Warp, waiting to inflict unending pain and suffering on all life.”

Now there's a worst possible scenario. Let's put a pin in that and hope for better.

I finally watched all of Gurren Lagann.

Hahaha, now there's a crazy series.

Wow now we get space marine AppleBloom may she surve the imperium with honor

Clears throat "FOR THE EMPEROR "

Apple bloom becomes a marine or at least something close to it.
Scootaloo will probably get orkiefied and learn the joy of dakka and moshing.
And Sweetie belle will probably get some psychic training from the Eldar.

Partial use of heresy is use of heresy! In the name of the Emprah! You shall be cleansed!!!


I have been given orders by the Inquisition to not smote you where you stand so they may pass judgement themselves.

Don't be found wanting as I have a set of extra large power boots with your ass's name on them...

The Blood Ravens have been walking that line for a long time.

6332480 I love all the theories about their origin. My personal favourite would be their descendancy from the remnants of the Thousand Sons. Another very nice chapter, also cleanly introducing the proper darkness of the 40K realm.

6332847 I was going to comment that too! The real Blood Ravens died out millennia ago and the offshoot Thousand Sons took over. Would explain why they need to steal reclaim every relic in sight. :P

6332862 Haha yes true. God-damned kleptomaniacs:derpytongue2:

Have you not listened to the storys brother?!
All those priceless relics, from the hammer that the traitor primarch Perturabo wielded during the siege of Terra to a sacred suit of armor forged for the holy adeptus custodes, have been GIFTS to our glorious chapter!
May the Emperor protect!


mfw I did made a blog post about this. The TL;DR of it is that it's probably been blown out a little out of proportion. I mean, it's gotten so bad that 1d4chan doesn't even admit they're joking anymore.

The sad part is that what i said is actually true, the amount of stuff from other chapters and even traitor legions you can get in the campaign of DoW2 and Chaos rising is ridiculous. And all of it is either labeled as a gift or the way how the chapter got a hold of it is rather vague.

I'm really enjoying this story and the choices for who fits where is perfect. {Though I would have been more partial to the Salamanders or Space Wolves finding Apple Bloom since they are known to be quite nice and open with the people of the Imperium and such.} Keep up the great work.

Also, you captured the orks beautifully. I can't wait to see more of those lugs. :rainbowlaugh:

As well, I think it's a brilliant idea to tie Celestia with the Emperor. She might actually be an avatar, or she and Luna might in fact be the lost two primarchs.

The Salamanders were originally a candidate, but the Ravens won out simply because they're curious enough.

6334274 True. They are known for their knowledge and, well....

They are the master thieves. :rainbowlaugh: {I know it's a stereotype, but I just find it a fun one.}

Still, Salamanders are really underused, though you're doing an excellent job with the characters so far and I can't wait for more. It's also nice you didn't make the Eldar jerks off the bat. While they are quite that in many ways, I think it'd be refreshing to have some nice ones.

If only people would write with this level of detail for the Tau.

Why would anyone want to torture themselves writing about Tau?

I kid (mostly), but I'm going to avoid the Tau. It's one of those "if you can't say anything nice" things.

6334540 Why are people so negative about them? It's a bit ridiculous they get so much hate.

Not even Farsight? The tau who fights orcs hand to hand and wins? Who has a giant mech, carrying a warp sword and formed his own empire because he got tired of the Ethereals sending his troops to their deaths? He's one of the best characters of the universe.

Dark and a bit scary, I like how you describe her fear but this begs the question of what whill happen next? Will she hate the Blood Ravens for what they have done? Or will she eventually realise that they saved her life by doing this?

No, even though he is awesome.

6335484 Well, at least you don't hate him. :pinkiesmile: Can't wait to see more {Orks that is.}

MOAR! Also, when I saw this I thought that the Eldar Symbol was the Slaanesh symbol.

Welp, so far so good! Now, I wonder how everypony back home would react to Apple Blooms new form, weapons, and strength? She could probably knock down half the orchard with one kick! And as for Scootaloo, well..... I don't even know where to start with her. I have no idea what will come from her.
Sweetie Belle will become like those filthy lying Eldar. (Still better than being a Scum sucking Tau)

And Apple Bloom will become something Honourable, an Astartes.

And Scootaloo should eventually talk loike an Ork. Why? Because it's funny.

Also, due to the Ork Probability Ability, if they fink dat lil' Scoots is goin' ta be useful, den I's xpecting dat she will be useful

I wish I could see that with my own eyes. An Astartes recruit kicked clean across the room. . . Curious as to how she intends to use her weapons though.

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