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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle and the Master Thief

Retirement has not been kind to Celestia. Pushed by boredom, she disguises herself as an average pony, and she heads west. Unfortunately, she's picked up a traveling companion that was not a part of the plan. Now, heading out into the jungles of the Equestrian frontier, Celestia and Marble Venture find themselves forced to survive while darker forces work in the shadows.

Meanwhile, Luna attempts to be social.

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Austraeoh? More like AusGAYeoh

eyes emoji

Luna trying out O&O...

This can only end in amazing chaos and doubled fun.

Another great chapter, love it.

While the actual findings presented by A. K. Yearling are total fiction, including finding the long-lost descendants of lost civilizations, the traps she has written about are completely and totally factual, actual, and deadly.

Considering where they're going, there had to be a Daring reference somewhere, how many of her tales are from tis region??? :twilightsmile:

....YES!!! Loved the master thief story so this was a VARY happy find!

Not going to lie. To read D&D rule book would take about that long to get through...but I one setting?

Let's just hope whatever made that storm doesn't ambush them in he jungle.
Great Chapter :twilightsmile:

Great story, I honestly can't wait for the next chapter. Both storylines are interesting, and I love that Luna is playing Ogres & Oubliettes.

Forgetting the crazy one winged cult mare are we?

Hey, now. She's not crazy.

Per se.

Feeds employee who think's they will be slighted there pay to some badger thing? Yes crazy cult mare...in that order

Ahhh, right. I completely forgot she existed. :twilightsheepish:
Guess we know what's in the jungle after all.

Will this story be longer than the previous one?

It'll be novel length. 100k-120k.

So, Caramel and Luna, huh?

...I ship it.

I’m loving everything in this story. I left it to languish in ‘read later’ far too long.

That idiot was going to get them both killed. Sitting here in the middle of nowhere for who knows how long so he could make some sketches instead of actually moving.

Actually, the question is "What do you plan on doing if I walk out of here?" If he answers "You would leave me here to die?" then the response would be ", NO, you would, as you decided to stay when I leave."

As good as this is, the primary effect it’s having on me is making me want to play D&D. I need to find an online game or some such.

Aww, binge over. Ran out of ‘next’ buttons

Don’t taunt the universe. It’s bigger than you and has a sick sense of humor.

Luna must be a fast reader

Sunny sighed. “You know how I was talking about the universe listening earlier?”

Marble just sighed.

And the Universe spoke, and the words that formed out of the stars said: "Screw you and your entire House."

And as it was written, so it shall be.

Another great chapter. Liking the extra mystery of that dagger.

And the adventure begins. Ah I'm looking forward to reading more. Gotta catch up!

Awesome story! Added to my read list. :twilightsmile:

we got fun and games!

“Do you like potatoes?” Sunny asked.

Marble blinked. “Yes? Who doesn’t?”

Horses don't. It's poisonous to them

Well, good things these are magical ponies that eat tomatoes (as seen in Twilight's sandwich).

I've got to admit, I know it's the B plot. But I love Luna playing DnD. Maybe because I love the game myself and also really like Luna as a character. But it's just brilliant. I hope the iinevitible moment when one of them breaks and let's the press know doesn't hit too hard.

I feel like Lunas solution might be to hire them herself. After all she could use a chef. Etc. And it would fix the surface problem of giving them a better employer,whilst also fill in up an otherwise empty house. It would also seriously hurt the group and the power dynamics are all over the place. Especially if I really do smell romance. But Luna strikes me as just naive enough to try it. Afterall she's the Goddess of the Moon. Hyperbolically speaking. Shes always going to have wierd power imbalances with people she meets.

It's nice to see Luna just having fun, having hobbies and having a gang of friends. Part of me doesn't want to see the inevitable drama and just let her have nice things.

You'll have to point out where I made the mistake, as I was under the impression that I used these correctly.

I’m loving this story.

Am a bit surprised of Ms Smiles brutality. Not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t that. Makes you wonder how much is an act and how much is the her she hasn’t shown the world in ages.

Anywhom, keep it up and I’ll keep reading.

Read the master thief story and just found this one. I'm glad to see you're doing an indirect sequel.

It’s sad to see this story go under the radar so much. It’s so good.

I...I know you're being sympathetic. I appreciate the sentiment, I do.

But don't remind me :fluttercry:.

This looks like a fun sequel.

I look forward to future shipping opportunities between Celestia and this Marble dude, not to mention Luna getting way too into D&D.

Oh, my mistake last chapter, Celestia starts way too into D&D.

His breath caught in his throat as he stared at it, and an image of selling it for enough money to start his own coffee shop jumped into his head. He shook the thought away and turned to see a golden statuette of a stallion knight long passed. It had to be worth thousands of bits.

Bad thoughts, dude.

“Which deity did you want to follow?”

“Well, who else?” Luna answered, motioning to herself.

“A bold choice,” Rolling said with a smirk. “Being your own god.”

It's an unusual opportunity at the very least.

Concerning development there at the end with this Lady Dusk character.

Marble is so going to do something stupid to stop what he sees as Sunny doing something stupid.

“That, that was a little edgy, if you don’t mind me saying so,” Sundance said.

A bit, yes.

Wow, not even wandering through the jungle yet and already in quite a bit of danger. Though I suppose that part is likely coming next, with more danger as well.

Fuck Thistle

All my homies hate Thistle

To think it's only been 3 weeks since my last post and 15 chapters later not bad

Marble blinked. Did...did she not know? Did she somehow not understand. “You...you know that storm wasn’t natural, right?”

“What?” Sunny asked, sitting up in her hammock.

“That storm had no warning. The pressure was high all day. There shouldn’t have been any storm at all. The wind was coming toward us, which meant that there had to be enough of a pressure change that pegasi would typically be the cause.”

Interesting. Someone is up to something.

“You do,” Ivory Sunlight added. “In fact, you’re an amazing roleplayer. Are you sure this is your first time playing?”

It's Luna's first time pretending to be a barbarian, yes.

Another great chapter.
Took me way too long to notice that dusk vs. sunny bit.

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