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Rainbow Dash's first sonic rainboom makes headlines across Equestria. Every reporter is out to cover the story from their own angle. Sometimes they get it partly right.

She’s going down in history. Maybe.

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Unfortunately Mr Rainbow Dash was not available for comment.

Poor Dash.

And that garbage crisis seems like a big problem.

Don't be like that, Violet Vine, nobody likes a topper.

Warm and sunny
No scheduled rainbows

Dangit, Dash.

I like the Mareathon story as the origin for the Rainboom legend, that's a nice touch.

Ooo, looks like I need to recant my "Poor Dash" comment on the Cloudsdale Courier chapter and apply it here instead.

And for shame, Celestia, such nepotism.

It's ponies! Soylent Sparkle is ponies! :raritycry:

...Oh, wait, that's Solent. Whew, never mind.

Heh these were pretty good!

I'm certainly enjoying these. I'll keep an eye on 'em.

Newspapers always get the details wrong.

Cloudsdale Courier:

It presents just the facts but gets them wrong:

Rainbow Dash is not a colt.

The Manehattan Times tries to present just the facts but is a bit chatty. It does investigate the historical record though. This is the best researched.

The Daily Mare is just garbage. It does not try to get the facts straight and editorializes. Editorial and news should be separate.

Okay I want more of this....

like the whole return of Nightmare Moon, the Over the Barrel affair, Discord, Sombra, Crystal Empire, Royal Wedding, all that jazz....

Maybe garbage crisises (crisi?) are the reason for strange rainfalls. " Hey, it's snowing recycled office papers again!"

A little too polished for a school paper, IMHO.

Although they forgot the byline on the school play article.

I knew Suri had a history of foul deeds. Can't trust a tax cheat.

Also, where do they think chicks come from, if nopony recognizes a cock?

I'm curious where the other 49,999 zebras live and work. Maybe they dye their coats and manes to fit in. Maybe Suri's tax preparer is really a zebra with sticky hooves.

Maybe the Royal Guard is made up of Zebras. Ooh, Celestia, you're going to get in so much trouble....

Finally, a newspaper that isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Cloudsdale workers are striking because of the lack of cookies during breaks? It's a plot by the Cakes to bring down the weather factory. It all makes sense.

Trust the Canterlot Quack. They've got it all figured out.

I believe everything in this paper.

And dangit, Dash x2.

Poor Dash, again. Looks like her cider addiction started at such a young age, she never stood a chance.

Ahh. A wonderful amount of truth hidden amongst the crazy. If only ponies had listened... Well, probably not, as most of it's bogus. Still... :rainbowlaugh:

My house suffers from rising damp.

Also, still waiting for the reports of garbage rain. And I see the Cakes are heavily involved in the weather negotiations.

I had thought Suri was roughly Rarity's age?

And why am I not surprised to see skepticism for a pegasus achievement in Canterlot? :trixieshiftleft:

It's even frustrating to see this kind of press in fictional newspapers. :ajbemused:

I know there is a Sim City 2000 joke in here somewhere...

It's interesting to watch how Cloudsdale is all set to believe the Rainboom happened, and then two days later it's called a hoax. The evolution of that story is pretty fascinating. Manehattan probably was the best paper, but I can't help but think some of the researchers they talked to may have had some bias. Namely that professor in Canterlot may have had some of Canterlot's unicorn sensibilities creep in. This isn't necessarily intentional of course, but we have all seen what Canterlot is like. Just reading the Daily Mare shows some of that even. It is just interesting that historial research effectively denies the Rainboom as anything but a pegasus story, with no actual backing. Makes me wonder about who wrote the history books.
Granted, hindsight is always 20/20...

On the last chapter! :raritydespair:
I forget sometimes people read comments first.....:fluttershbad:

The Canterlot Quack is a pure tabloid. I like it more than the Daily Mare because it does not pretend to be serious while spouting nonsense. That said, occasionally, The Canterlot Quack breaks a true story:

¿Is the story about BatColt, half pony half bat rampaging around the countryside, killing ponies and drinking their blood true? ¡Certainly not! Over 2/3rds of all stories the Canterlot Quack publishes, it just makes up, but when it hears a juicy rumor other newspapers do not touch because they do not publish because they fear being sued for libel, it publishes it. over 2/3rds of the rumors turn out not to be true. The Canterlot Quack protects itself from libel-charges by flatly stating that everypony knows that it is not a serious paper. That less than 1/3rd of the time, the story turns out to be true, it gloats about breaking the story. We all know the story Of Trottingworth:

Trottingworth wanted to be Prime Minister. A rumor circulated that he cheats of his wife. No credible newspaper would publish the story because they could not confirm it. The Canterlot Quack published it figuring that it is probably not true, but a libel-case would not stick because nopony takes it seriously. The rumor turned out to be true. To this day, the Canterlot Quack gloats about breaking the story.

All of the headlines of the Canterlot Quack are wrong, but 1. But ¿which 1? ¡Only time will tell!

This was fun. The real question is, did the story make it into (There are no goof synonyms for time, and I can't think of any funny alternatives.)

Odd for Vinyl to be having red eyes there.

Unless that's the start of a "colored contacts" scandal...

I'm curious what the Cloudsdale sewer is connected to. I'd love to see a system schematic.

Oh, Rarity, you shouldn't chase colts with a tape measure until you buy them dinner or something.

Very clever. Really appreciate the hard work that went into getting all those layouts right!

Gee, I wonder what newspaper this is supposed to be based on. *Thumbs through New York Post...then uses it to line birdfeeder*

Excellent, creative story!


Ah, Daily Mail. Well, Murdoch is as Murdoch does.

Miss Rarity chasing colts with a tapemeasure sounds pervy. Interestingly enough, I figure that Miss Rarity probably has had fewer romantic relations than any of the Mane 6:

Miss Rarity is a CelebrityUnicornStallionSexual. I hope Miss Rarity realizes that these CelebrityUnicornStallions she puts of pedestals have feet of clay. She needs to be realistic. Unfortuately, she prefers form over function. Miss Rarity will be both a better designer and romantically more successful when she learns that form follows function.

It is a silly place, that's why we don't see much of it outside the castle.:trollestia:

And this was before the new professional management under Diamond Tiara...

I'm sure Miss Rarity's intentions are entirely sartorial

That could take a while...

Nice summary of how it works

Ahh man, poor Dash once again.

It's good to hear they solved that garbage problem, though.

A baby bunny? Sounds like a little angel.

I think this may be my favorite paper of them all, the adult papers are all too mean.


I am certain that her intentions are pure; but still however, Miss Rarity would be a better designer and have better luck romantically if she would put function over form:

If case of emergency, her dresses are an hindrance. If 5 of the Mane 6 (Twilight Sparkle was nude) did not have to waste time stripping of their dresses, they might have reached the Elements of Harmony when changelings attacked. A good dress should look good and be action-ready incase of emergency.

Miss Rarity designed a beautiful, but impractical nonmobile mobile stage-wagon for e puppeteer. Miss Rarity could learn a lot from the Great & Powerful Trixie about wagons which unfold into fully functional stages.

Both CelebrityUnicornStallions she desired are all flash and no substance. If she could set aside her preoccupation with appearances, she would she that the best prospective mate in town is the plain unassuming Big MacIntosh. Big MacIntosh has many X the substance than the flashy TrenderHoof and Prince BlueBlood do combined.

Miss Rarity needs to learn that form follows function.

You're doing a good job at one of the harder parts of writing, not writing to your full ability when writing in the voice of a child.


Everypony knows Namby Pamby was the best editor they ever had.

How dare they speak lies of Rainbow Dash? She's too good of a flyer to be a liar!

Big Shot writes and does photos? Very realistic, many reporters do, but it looks like he should have proofread better so he could have at least gotten Rainbow's gender right. As a journalist I look forward to reading these more.

I was going to say it felt rougher like a school paper should. Nice job to the kids getting the breaking news on the front page but still finding room to plug the play.

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