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When news breaks of a dangerous mutant strand of the apple blight bacterium, which can also infect ponies, Special Agent Sweetie Drops is dispatched to Ponyville to deal with a potentially serious biohazard incident. She quickly isolates Sweet Apple Acres, and contains the danger. But preventing wider fallout will require the cooperation of a young farm filly.

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Great story. Loved the ending.

“And that’s why your sister told the biggest lie that’s ever been told in Ponyville, to save your farm, and stop everypony learning about the mutant apple blight!”
Apple Bloom yawned. “That’s the biggest load of horse apples I ever heard.”
“It’s true,” Scootaloo insisted. “Rainbow Dash told me.”

A cross-kingdom zoonosis is no laughing matter. And you don't want to get on the wrong side of the government incineration squads. They don't get many chances to do their thing, so they're a little trigger happy...

In all seriousness, very amusing short. :twilightsmile:

You wouldn't believe how many zeros were on that check Ms. Drops gave to me, with instructions to do everything I could to stop the story going into circulation.

That was a Twist worthy of Discords Ruler. :twistnerd:

This is pretty great!

This is the right kind of silly

That was amusing until the end and then it was suddenly utterly brilliant :moustache:

def AllTheUpvotesICanMake(upvotes):
for i in range(upvotes):
make user
user.(https://www.fimfiction.net/story/349552/1/sweet-apple-biohazard/bon-bon-versus-the-blight) = upvote
If ServerAlmostBroken == True:
break loop


> "Applejack ran over to her. 'Doctor—are they okay? Tell me they’re doin’ okay—please!'"

Since Miss Special Agent Sweetie Drops is a mare, it should be "Doctrix".

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