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Twilight Sparkle is aware that the manipulation of matter at the sub-atomic level is a potential source of enormous amounts of free energy. She also knows that this is extremely dangerous, and that these spells are only for the highest level unicorns. She is therefore somewhat concerned to discover that Pinkie Pie has found another way to do this, with a curious contraption in the basement of Sugarcube Corner.

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Lol, Pinkie, the mad scientist. Thankfully she's not an EVIL mad scientist.

I think I've only seen one other story where Pinkie has a degree. Always good for comedy.

I want to see Pinkie's lab, it's probably bigger and better equipped than Twilight's.

Very nice concept to see how their society could come up with Nuclear Reactions, and the associations of Celestia, Princess of the Sun, with Nuclear Fusion. Which is apparently dark magic. Go figure. Heavens help them if Discord teaches them to summon antimatter.

It really is terrifying. Nuclear Fission of uranium converts about one out of 236 nucleons(A proton or neutron for those less physics-knowledged) into pure energy. Converting the entire thing would be nothing short of cataclysmic.

'Rock cake'. Um... yay?:yay::unsuresweetie:

Break glass in case of parasprites needs to be thing on this site. It fits so well! Props to you.

Hmm, aren't Pinkie's sisters Inky and Blinky? Wonder how you abbreviate those from Marble and Limestone.

Huh. So rock cakes are normal pastries with rock infront of them.

Well, if you want to be really technical, Uranium-235 is, atleast as far as uranium goes, stable. It's when you shoot an extra neutron and change it into Uranium-236 that shit gets serious.

'Great and Nuclear Armed Trixie':trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: This too needs to be a thing.

All in all, this is off to a great start! The concept is very original, and you have a really great way of integrating Nuclear Physics with Equestria. I'm very eager to see how far the extent of Pinkie and Twilight's knowledge goes. What are their understandings of quantum phy -

IDEA! Equestria and the surrounding cosmos of it is made of antimatter which reacts to 'magic', a fifth universal force. The antimatter we've made does react very, very strangely to gravity, falling up away from regular matter when you take electromagnetism out of the picture. And if Equestria is far enough outside the observable universe, then they might be isolated enough from out type of matter to prevent annihilation.

They call our matter antimatter and our antimatter matter. EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW!

What was I talking about? Oh yeah! Have a like, this story deserves it.

Have a favorite, you deserve it!

This. Is. Awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Suddenly it makes me want to play Minecraft again with the IndustrialCraft mods, and make nuclear reactors. :pinkiecrazy:


'Rock cake'. Um... yay?
Huh. So rock cakes are normal pastries with rock infront of them.

Rock cakes are a real thing, actually. They're just a small, hard cake with fruit in it; kind of like a scone, but more dense and with a thicker, heavier crust.

Hmm, aren't Pinkie's sisters Inky and Blinky? Wonder how you abbreviate those from Marble and Limestone.

That's a fandom meme that got started before the characters were ever named in any official merchandise. It's a reference to the original Pac-Man arcade game, where the ghosts were named Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde; Pinkie's father, as seen in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, is the same dark-orange shade as the Clyde ghost, so...

However, in the officially-licensed My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza Party! book, their names are given as Cloudy Quartz (mother), Igneous Rock (father), and her two sisters Marble Pie and Limestone Pie. And thus did Hasbro ruin a perfectly good fandom joke. :facehoof:

Rock cakes are a British thing. I was at first hesitant to use them, but GM Berrow does in 'Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza Party' so I figured it was okay. I read somewhere that after one of the Harry Potter books was published, hundreds of American parents had to download the recipe for rock cakes and bake them to please their kids. They taste great.

just stopped by to ask if you could spare a bit of uranium.

If she doesn't, ask some Libyans. I hear they've got plenty.

it might somehow end in Ponyville disappearing under an enormous pink radioactive mushroom cloud?”

Knowing Pinkie, the fallout would be radioactive cupcake sprinkles.

a Great and Nuclear Armed Trixie wasn't a credible security threat.

She sounds like a credible leader of North Korea.

“In the basement?”

“It wouldn't fit in my bedroom.”


She won't associate Celestia with such dark magic? What about Crystal Empire Pt 1?

I love every bit of this story.

Pinkie is best nuclear engineer.

This makes perfect sense. Why can't this be canon!?:raritydespair:

Anything involving Pinkie Pie and Nuclear Power is immediately awesome. :pinkiecrazy:

pinkie pie has a Phd?!?!?!?! OMGOMGOMGOMG :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy: LOL:yay:

“You run a nuclear reactor?”
“Why else would I need uranium fuel?”
“But where?”
“Sugarcube corner of course. In the basement.”
“In the basement?”
“It wouldn't fit in my bedroom.”
“You run a nuclear reactor in the basement of Sugarcube corner?”

Why am I suddenly thinking of this?

Comment posted by FancyFan deleted Dec 20th, 2013

I'm not convinced that parasprites would be a threat on a rock farm. Well ok they would be, but they would have no reason to go there, there is not going to be much food seeing as how they grow, you know, rocks.

I fully support the idea that Pinkie is a licensed engineer.

Wait... was Applejack storing radioactive heavy metals in her old barn?
Also, uranium is very mildly radioactive and not toxic. You may be confusing it with plutonium, which is highly toxic and incredibly radioactive.

[opens mouth]
[closes mouth again]
...This is crazy and awesome. Favoriting. :D

Parasprites on teh rock farm? well, did Twilight remagic all those that Pinkie left away from eating anything But food?

A PWR is intresting, given Pinkie is a baker, as long as she keeps to oven temperatures and low overpressures. I hate to see Pinkies engineering in a small building including a 6 inch thick pressure vessel. Why Uranium? If Pinkie is being Pinkie, wouldnt she be more working with Thorium, cheap cos noone else is, or even Boron proton reactors, which Twilight would really call impossible because although it convertes Boron to Helium and excess energy, its Not Neutron emmiting Fusion, even though its called Cold Fusion?

Also, theres crystaline constructions for manipulating energy forms, such as direct down conversion of beat frequencies between beta radiation and positrons into optical and microwave frequencies.

Hmm, maybe Pinkie can do research into beat frequency neutron conversion in tritanium crystals.Oh well.

So many lines of research to follow, so many ways Pinkie can drive Twilight crazy again :pinkiecrazy:

Just as long as the family do a better job than Thorpe.

Dr Pie and the nuclear reactor.
This is gonna be good.

Comment posted by holmesiv deleted Dec 20th, 2013


The fact that Pinkie Pie is a certified engineer is more scary than the fact they actually run a nuclear business...

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is a good fic and you should feel good.
Pinkie Pie + nuclear physics= PURE GOLD.

...What is this and who do need to call to give you all my money?

ehhhhhhhhhhh I think someone need to repair the damm hole in the 4 wall. pinkie is taking too much from this side. god save equestria if she for some reason go into the future.

“You run a nuclear reactor?”

“Why else would I need uranium fuel?”

“But where?”

“Sugarcube corner of course. In the basement.”

“In the basement?”

“It wouldn't fit in my bedroom.”

Somehow this exchange just struck me as really funny. :pinkiehappy:

Anyway, good work with this. I wasn't expecting first person POV; Twilight can be hard to write that way. But you did a good job. Keep it up.

Yay! A story in which ponies don't only rely solely on magic for everything. I also like how Twilight, and in small part Celestia, kind of look like tribalists because of this. Twilight for not doing more studies on Earth Pony fields of study and Celestia for not assigning Earth Pony studies to a student she intended to turn into a princess.
"Do you want us to include Earth Pony studies in your student's curriculum, your Majesty?"
Celestia snorts, "What? And waste her time learning how mud ponies wallow in filth? She's going to be a ruler, not a plow horse. Cut all studies related to hicks, focus on the superior race of Unicorns."
Seriously though, you have to try pretty hard Not to know about something as important as nuclear reactors existing and being put to use in your own kingdom. Heck, Twilight was researching the topic at the beginning of this. If she had a more recent addition to a book on the topic of nuclear fission, it should have mentioned this in it. How oblivious is Twilight to the outside world? I doubt this all happened over night, after all.

Good:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: But you should have used the fandom names for the pie family.

I'm sure that splitting the atoms within a rock would cause a nuclear explosion. Probably.

Why am I learning about science in a fanfic? I LOVE IT :pinkiehappy:

...I wanna see Pinkie's cute little nuclear reactor...

...I want to see the cute nuclear reactor.

...wow that sentence sounds weird.

All of the Infernal Machines/Contraptionology! references!


The irony of course is that potentially Celeestia uses that particular dark magic every day by allowing to sun to continue since it runs on nuclear fusion.

I love that Pinkie says her little reactor is cute. That is so Pinkie and while this is not the first story to have Pinkie with a PHD I still love it.

Reminds me of what happened to my highschool chemistry teacher once. Long story short, he had a run-in with the FBI.:rainbowlaugh:
If anyone wants the whole story I'd be happy to post it, I just don't want to waste space.


“And she said she wanted to make a nuclear chain reaction!”
“She's just being Pinkie Pie,” he said calmly.


Pinkie Pie the nuclear girl scout. At least she doesn't have to resort to lantern mantles and smoke detectors.

Oh and Pinkie, if you don't need your reactor to make plutonium for bombs, consider thorium. I wish we would here on earth! It'd solve a lot of our energy issues.

Oh hey, sorry *embarrassed*. Um, I don't need this soapbox anymore! :)

Seriously, this is hilarious and I totally approve. Faved!

Thorium, better than uranium in all the mentions of nuclear fission. Just saying.:twilightblush:

Yay! Another pony+science story! (There are clearly not enough of these.)

Oh Twilight, don't you know what's really inside the Sun? :trollestia:

Good Lord, Trixie with nuclear arms. That's...awesome and horrifying. :rainbowderp:

Keep up the good work!

3654815 Well here it is.
Doctor Lewis had a curriculum that spans biology, chemistry, and basic physics. Going over the four fundamental forces and how they are utilized is included in such. He had worked at this school for twenty seven years.

Obviously, during that time he would have many students. But one student in particular was the cause of a bit of strife. After his graduation, this student had a bonfire where they burned all of their notes. Of course, as the universe has a sense of humor, a few loose papers fluttered off, with the teacher's name printed on them.

Of these papers, were diagrams of the first nuclear weapons, how they worked, what parts were responsible for which actions, that sort of thing. So one of these diagrams was found and, given the seriousness of what nuclear warheads actually are, eventually brought the attention of national securities. This had taken place about two years after the September 11 attacks, so you can kind of see where they had reason.

Later that school year, Dr. Lewis was called down to the school entrance, where he was confronted on the grounds that he was "teaching children how to make nuclear bombs". Of course, technically he was, but he managed to explain that he also points out how dangerous, difficult, and illegal attempting such things actually are.

Needless to say, everything got sorted out, and it now makes a pretty great story. Seriously, that guy was probably one of the best teachers ever. How many guys have Bill Nye episodes under scheduled teaching? I'm glad I had him his last year before retirement, because he was just so awesome.

Pinkie Pie as an M.I.T. graduate with a Doctorate in Nuclear Physics?
... I'm surprised Twilight hasn't had a heart attack yet...
... Faust save us... :rainbowderp:

I had a teacher who lived in Canada and taught in the States who wanted to bring some rocks and the like over to show to the class. Some of these were radioactive... Guess what happened when he tried to cross the border.

They let him go once they gave them some maple syrup and ham-bacon.

I am totally okay with Pinkie being a secret genius. With all the mechanical wizardry she seems able to build, and complicated concepts she seems to randomly be able to explain, I get the distinct impression that Pinkie Pie is a picture of what a mad scientist would be if he was hopped up on sugar and bursting with love for the world.

Wow... I didn't think anyone would actually guess that right... Good thing I didn't stake anything on this.

Somehow I can actually see this. o_0'

I don't stake anything on anything unless the odds are at least seventy percent in my favor, unless it involves steak, than I'm willing to go down to about forty percent.

3654171 Meh things should be fine so long as the U.S.A doesn't discover the the world of mlpfim has discovered the secrets behind nuclear fusion.

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