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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety. I also make mods for RimWorld and addons for World of Warcraft; more details can be found on my userpage.


Big Macintosh told Applejack that I lost the grass seeds I was supposed to be planting. But how on Equestria did I lose them in the first place?

Only I know how... and I think it's about time I came clean.


Told in first person from Caramel's point of view.

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You must be a fan of RavensDagger. Correct?

Well, on the one hoof, he tried to do his best.

On the other, he was outsmarted by a bunny.

I found the premise of this story interesting. "Caramel lost the seed." Thinking about it, that statement in "Winter Wrap Up" demanded an explanation. And this was as good as any.

(Although, I'd feel more empathy with Caramel if he had been less resentful of Twilight and more open to Big Macintosh about what happened.)

That was random. Have a thumbs up.

This story was pretty boring with no payoff at the end.

*Giggle* :derpytongue2: nicely written and a funny concept I always wounded how he lost the grass seeds *Giggle*

Not a hater at all actually I just didn't find the story very interesting and kinda pointless. I guess this story is just not for me. I actually did thumbs it up though because I thought it was very well-written and I think I'll check out the authors other works to see if he can put the good writing into something that I find more interesting.

Wow Angel what the heck. Fluttershy has to practically beg you to eat and then you go and harass some random pony for grass seeds?

You've initiated and emotional response from me with this story, a very rare thing indeed. That rabbit should be 'accidentally' shipped off to zebra land or something.

1341131 And accusing comment just got deleted! Thanks for straightening that out.

I liked it! I wondered how how lost the seeds

also seriously Angel...wtf?


Never heard of him/her/them/it.


Well, you saw the looks on their faces when she caused that avalanche. They were not impressed.


And what, may I ask, was pointless about it? I appreciate the thumbs up though.


Yeah, Angel's a badass.

Meh. A good, rather quirky story behind the missing seeds. I approve. :rainbowwild:

That Angel Bunny always making trouble for other ponies behind Fluttershy's back! :twilightangry2:

1342453 Really? I thought you did because all his stories start with "Of".

:fluttercry: Poor angel bunny would never do anything like this

Lol j/k that was a funny explanation of what really happened with those grass seeds

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