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How far would you go to get home?

Inspired by Imploding Colon's Epic.

(only the Chapter titles are in French. The stories entirely English.)

Chapters (61)
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You're not one of those authors, are you? The kind that doesn't respond to comments?

I respond to comments when I can, why?

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like? Also, how many chapters long will this story be?

I can't describe voices sorry, I'm just not that good I hear the voices but can't describe them I just read in that voice. Honestly I have absolutely no idea.

Is... is this what I think it is?

Looking into the chapter I can tell it's not. I thought at first that it was the story of the Guard we met in Austraeoh, or perhaps Gold Petals, though as we all know, Gold Petals is female, and she makes it all the way to Ponyville. Still, the premise was intriguing enough, without the added information that this was inspired by Austraeoh.

It's not based on or off of the Austraeoh saga. It is only inspired by it. It wouldn't be that long of a trip for her maybe ten months if not less.

Ah, very well then. I shall allow it the chance to stand on its own legs.

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