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It is Dazed Visions' Tenth birthday and all he wanted is for daddy to come back from his tour on the front line. It was the perfect day. A day he will never forget. The day the Zebra's gave him his birthday present. Balefire.

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The sequel to Home Sweet Home Which in itself was a sequel to Make Love Not War Atom learns that life isn't always a joke, as she goes to face off with her past and her future. Atom Return's to Manechester after nearly ten years of being gone. She faces a multitude of trials. The most difficult is reconciling who she was with who she is.
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with help from

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This story is a sequel to Quete

How far would you go to get home. Would you travel to the ends of the earth?

Inspired by Imploding Colon's Epic.

(only the Chapter titles are in French. The story is entirely in English.)

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There will be no clop.

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Atom Smasher is staying in the deserts of San Palomino at least until winter when the desert is a bit cooler. Until then she's stuck, and now she's getting bored. She's started working at Isotope City as a guard. On one such day after work, she spends the rest of the day with Caliber at a bar. There may be more consequences to her little day of fun than she thought.
This isn't a Clop fic though there will be foreplay in Chapter 2 as well as implied sex.
Spoilers to Make Love Not War. Of course.
Caliber, Atom Smasher, Winchester and the setting were all created by hahatimeforponies and Fallout Equestria the original story was done by Kkat.
Fallout is owned by Bethesda.
MLP belongs to Hasbro please support this content creators
Written with permission and edited by hahatimeforponies and Fallout Equestria

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After the world ended ponies still needed a way to get from one place to another and Taxi work, Taxi work never changes. Tax-I only has his wagon and his cheap sunglasses. His funds are low, so when he's hired by a crazy filly he goes ahead and takes the job.

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It's the first snow day of the year and love is in the air for Summer Storm and his fiancee Apple Butter, as the two of them try and stay warm.

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It isn't easy raising a foal especially when neither Spitfire or Soarin are able to get adequate time off. Still it does make the time off that the do get all the more important. This is one such day. Spitfire has managed to barter herself 24 hours of leave to spend with her little filly. Just a simple Slice of Life.

Hazaa Captain Mommy is made popular on 02/05/2018*

*Mature mode must be cut off.:pinkiehappy:

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Scootaloo and Quibble go to one of Rainbow Dash's shows. Which goes wrong. Causing Quibble to question the legitimacy on his relationship stance with Rainbow Dash, and decide what it's time to commit one way or another in their relationship.

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Half Hazard and Circuit Breaker read an old news paper about Nightmare Night, and think it would be a fun game to play, in New Applelossa. Again there is not any sex in this story it is only highly implied, and alluded to in content.
A Two Bit, Half Hazard and Circuit Breaker Story.

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100 Caps

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Daring Do and Jua hunt down a crazed zebra witchdoctor, who plans on covering the world in a blanket of ice and snow. The Two travel far from the zebra Homelands to the Frozen North in order to secure the Mask of the Windigo before Mtu Mwovu can get his hooves on it.

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