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Sunny and her friends have been working hard to restore the friendship to the land of Equestria, and as they bring this news to its farthest corners she meets somebody that's very interested in her and her work.

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Intresting idea that Argyle know more than he said. I like this story. Spike seems happier That än other G5 stories with him.

"Wait Argyle was your dad? I'm sorry. But yeah I knew him, I thought you were his student not his daughter. I'm sorry for you lose. But yes Argyle was a good friend to me, where do you think he got the Bewitching Bell or Twilight Sparkles Feather. But yes we used to talk for hours." Spike straightened up to his full height. "Any way would you like to come back with me to my cave there's something I'd very much like to give to you." Sunny nodded and was scooped up by the dragon.


Actually that would be an interesting idea if Spike is alive I mean dragons live a very long time not only that also being friends with Sunny's father I kind of figured sooner or later the creatures soon will show up this is pretty nice story keep up the good work

I'm hoping that when the new series starts, they introduce grownup Spike like this

Thank you. I agree I'm sure the other one is a really sad one.

or have them meet him after some sort of quest and he is the one who tells sunny and by extention us about what happend to make the world the way it was and where the alicorns are.
also does anyone else think that sunny having glowing horn and wings means that she might not be an alicorn properly yet but will likely mature and become one in the future

Love the story, I hope that your story line comes true in the new Gen 5 my little pony series.

spike is my favorite character.

I'm really hoping that they use him to oui.

"I'm sorry for your loss" is the phrase you're looking for

Actually you are correct

Thank you both for that.
Thank you both for that.

Seeing Sunny meet an ancient Spike is something I wish to see sometime in the upcoming series. :pinkiesad2:
Though, if G5 really is that far into the future, my next best wish is his descendant. :moustache:
A heartwarming short story indeed, and I also liked how you wrote that Spike and Argyle knew each other.

Oui Spike keeps track of all his friends descendants. XD
Also I'm really glad that you liked it thank you for the comment.


I think I am with BlueStarred Spike in that for enough time to pass to get from where they are at at the end of Friendship is Magic to where they are at at the beginning of A New Generation that even Spike would have to had to die from old age because of the large amount of time.

I mean spike was only about 23 tops at the end of the show and dragons live for 1000s of years. So I think he'd be an old elderly dragon but still with a good two maybe three centuries left in him.

If only Gen 5 would let Spike show up for real
That would be amazing

Given how dragons can live for a LONG time(if not immortal), Spike would probably still be pretty young actually

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