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After a few failed attempts to deal with the Light Bringer, the goddess decides that instead of killing Pip maybe throwing her into the far future to deal with later would be easier. She over shoots the date though by just a tincy wincy bit.

An Art trade I did with Jamin P. Rose

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the non-canonical future knowing the canonical future

Is their perhaps going to be a sequel to this?

Also like the artwork

There might be doing one shotober again so maybe.
also here's a link to the art.

Yes. This is now canon.

Awesome Sauce! Glad to see this posted!

I know sorry it took so long, thanks for being patient with me.

Pip Pipp Hooray!

Got it.
And thanks for the link

Tell my family I saw the future, for at least an hour

It's accurate, right down to Littlepip getting dumped on at the end.

As someone who is not into FoE, may I ask some context to help me understand the beginning and the ending of this story?

Lil Lip is a semi recovered addict to the highly addictive mental 'stimulant' mentioned pills

Thank you I thought that was a fun touch.

She overshoots the date by a dimension or two.

Some part of me still wonders if the animators/writers have read Fallout Equestria and made Pipp smaller just as a way to reference that story. Because if they did, this is just even more amazing

Sadly, I'm pretty sure writers are not supposed to read fanfics about the series their working on. Something about how if a fanfic predicts something that later happens in the show (which has happened A LOT on this site before), it might lead to a situation where the show runners are accused of plagiarism.

But alas, we could dream.

Fair enough, though you're right. We can dream :derpytongue2:

And also a Princess of the closest thing to "getting shot" the TV-Y rating would allow. :twilightsheepish:

This seemed like WAY TOO BRIEF an encounter. May as well write it off as a dream.

if anyone can create a full fanfic of this story please do one where littlepip ends up in the g5 universe

A fan fic of a fanfic that is a fanfic of a famous fanfic...That's some serious Inception you got going on there. XD

I really like your story, I hope someone can follow it

Barely. More like opening the window briefly to talk to the neighbor a few minutes.

This was hilarious. Mind if I do one that goes the other way? It wouldn’t be hilarious. :fluttercry:

Your profile pic of Izzy eating the book angrily is great and yeah go for it sounds funny.

Just a tiny wondering, since fanonically the great war happens under twilight and her friends, surely FoE happens between gen 4 and gen 5?

I love the story, and found it rather humourous, I was just wondering :0

You are correct. There are a few really good fan theories about it too.

I'm pretty sure "trip" in this context is referring to doing drugs.

Well that's Interesting and funny and here are my headcannons
1) The Pie Sisters found out about this error and decided to change it immediately before any damage has been done

2) Somehow the Red Alicorn knows how to do the spell that Twilight learns from the scroll from that episode where Twilight was trying to prevent a terrible future waiting to happen and Pip travels to the G5 era for a limited time

3) This was Discord's doing

An interesting story I hope it will have a sequel where LittlePip ends up staying in the G5 universe

Grammar and dialogue need a bit of work, just the occasional typo and dialogue is a bit... off. It's nearing the run-on sentence territory(in a few bits does run through run-on sentences), but for the most part is fine, just perhaps needs a generous sprinkle of commas and some sentence splitting, but other than that this a fairly alright story.

Merci Beaucoup! Thanks for the critique. :D

Comment posted by FriendshipIsStillMagic deleted November 17th

This needs to be a full fletched story



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