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Pipp is in a rut unable to make unicorn and earthpony fans and talk to them as readily as she can her pegasi fans. She needs something big something that says see I do care, she finds this in the Skyport being built. But as she's "helping" she stumbles into a part that hasn't been seen in generations.

This story is a parallel/sequel with/to The Deep Bridelwood, Tides of Time, and Hitch, The Angel Bunny and The Mare.

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Hello Pippsqueaks it's me Pricess Pipp, I was thinking it's such a shame that our new friends in Bridlewood and Maretime don't have phones like all of us.

You misspelled princess

So it looks like pipp still trying to get new viewers but unfortunately because due to the technology from both cities do not have cell phones which that kind of confuses me but anyway she wanted to live stream what she's doing but it looks like mysterious Pony helping her and it looks like they found an old painting of The Mane 6 but it looks like it turns out that was like the spirit of Rarity so she got spook and took the book but that was pretty interesting so far keep up the good work

I see Pipp I upvote lol, good read though! must be tough to get fans in hick towns :p

If I had to be nitpicky I'd say some of your sentences run on a too long but I overall enjoyed it!

Another good story and another piece of the puzzle. I look forward to seeing what you do next!

So essentiallyRarity haunts the place

I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Merci Beaucoup
Essentially yes

Or she attached to the most Fabulous of the Mane Five, the one who most follows in her spirit

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