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Mystic Sunrise

Why am I still in this fandom?


Flurry Heart has reached that stage in her life where she is looking for a purpose, something other than ruling or going through something so lame as a Goth phase to try and find her way in life.

Her father may have just given her just that it seems. Cadance has some concerns though.

Written as a response to a prompt in the Goth Flurry Heart Contest but is not an entry.

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So this is gonna either be awesome or really bad. Remember this is the same mare who only a few hours old due to her unattuned magical surge/wail shattered the crystal heart. She's older in this story so had time to grow.

Flurry nodded as she produced a train ticket. "I've already packed my bags. My train leaves this afternoon. Aunty Twilight already knows I'm coming." She smirked. "She just doesn't know why I'm coming."

expect a very frazzled mane looking bookicorn to teleport into the throne room come evening Shining.

N4rwh41 #4 · March 22nd · · 1 ·

"Is this about how Cozy Glow tried to use you?" Shining asked, still upset even months after that little experiment had ended in failure.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO not the best Flurry ship ;_;

Flurry growled. "I thought I could help her, that there was something, anything, good in her. That all Cozy needed was someone to give her a chance. I was wrong. There is nothing inside her heart but an empty shell where her soul should be."

I mean, yeah. Even in the best ship fics between the pair Cozy is still an evil manipulative bitch. Flurry just points her in the right direction and gives her motivation to harm the bad sorts of people :3

Maybe a day would come when she could step down from the throne and give it to someone who truly earned it, or perhaps alicorn princesses would become a thing of the past someday in the future and they could all retire to Silver Shoals and watch Equestria and the world walk into a new future without them.

Cadance could dream at least.

Best Princess do be dreaming big.

HYPE! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much hype. I LOVE Flurry's character potential, and we really don't have enough fics of her doing her own thing. I'm still hoping she shows up in G5 at somepoint so we can see more of her character. Looking forward to this! :D



NOOOOOOOOOOOO not the best Flurry ship ;_;

You're welcome. But as you said, even in other stories with these two, Cozy is still an evil manipulative bitch. Same here. That Flurry even let Cozy live is something of a miracle to be honest.


Interesting story. Added to read list. :twilightsmile:

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