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Show canon only matters if you let it.


This story is a sequel to Twilight Turns Into A Red And Black Alicorn

There comes a time in every alicorn's life when they gain a new set of colors. Nopony can predict when it will happen, but happen it will.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna went through theirs long ago. Now it has happened to Twilight.

Unfortunately, it left her with a new set of colors that she doesn't like. Also, unfortunately, there is no way to undo the change.

Now Twilight must deal with a lifetime of being the only red and black alicorn in Equestria.


New cover art done by https://www.fimfiction.net/user/249246/The+Sleepless+Beholder

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So... is this an official sequel? Like, verified by Majin official? Or is this just a fan-made sequel?

Majin said I could do one. Not sure if they'll count it as an official one or not.

Tropical Kalisa can help beat this cat

Um. No. One, I don't know what that is. And even if I did, no fixing will be done.

Majin Syeekoh

This is neat.

A few copy-editing errors, but the story shines through.

I'll be following this.

Can you point the errors out? I didn't think I made any. And thanks.

Welp. This seems to be a good sequel so far! :)
And no. I’m not actually an “edgy” “Alicorn”.

So this is what turns Twilight edgy: everyone laughing at her constantly...

If I was a lazy as buck writer, and I actually gave a f**k about that, then I would go that way. But since I'm smarter than that, no it won't.

What an... interesting response to our comment...

What do you want me to say? If you want an edgy red and black alicorn, read something else.

Dear Twilight,

Don't feel bad. I like you all the same no matter what. You could have turned hot pink and black and I would have still liked you the same.



Great artists and thieves similar they both know how steal your soul by lupin the thrd

And that is related to the story how? Random dribble is all I'm hearing.

I think, it's a failed attempt to direct the quotation at the author.

"Great artists and thieves are similar: They both know how to steal your soul."

Writers are artists of a kind.

Hehe, now that was unexpected!
Made the scenario much more palatable than canon in any case.

A sane interpretation of Our Town, that's refreshing to see.

Even though that has changed for the better, not all about Starlight has changed. Still overpowered and in need of real friends.

Just now without the fucking with time bullshit from season 5.

Then it needs to be said like that loud and clear. Anything less I'll never understand untill someone explains it.

It's just how I am.

Oh my gosh, is this what I think it is?

Oh it totally is. I loved the first one.

When I heard "good our town", this was not what I expected. Now this town is great and in need of friendship

Well, they won't be blasting anypony with Rainbow Friendship Lazers to be sure. But everypony in the town does need friends. For one reason or another.

The girls are already on better terms with Starlight than they were at this point in the show. But she needs friends as much as the rest of the town.

It's going to be an ongoing thing with Our Town for the rest of the story, even though it won't be a focus of every chapter.

I don't think them being screwed was Hasbro, the point of the episode was to take a detour from the mane six. They made it completely clear they were intentionally being "put on a bus" (for the full 30) with the bugbear

Not sure about twilight repeating starlight's statements word for word, or how we are just told about how life changing it was. You tell us about Applejack getting the most and being the most reluctant but we never see it.

Not the focus of the fic but kinda disappointing.

And they failed miserably to make me care at all about any of the spotlight characters of the episode. The wedding won't be shown, so it's not really a problem for me.

Exactly because it's not the focus of the fic that I don't show more of it. Not yet anyway. May fill in with later chapters though,

So, what, is Twilight rebranding herself as the Princess of Self Improvement? 😉
Wonder who would maneuver the sun and moon while they're all Cutie Mark-less?


9932480 ngl I really want to see this explored more thoroughly, it's an extremely intriguing AU. That said, I actually forgot Twi was supposed to be a literal Ràbaoc in this chapter, so it mightn't be a bad idea to make it a separate fic entirely - in due course, at least.

Since Starlight is still the most over powered unicorn in Equestria here, I'd say she could. Ponies would never know Celestia and Luna weren't doing it.

Very interesting.


Her eyes shown in a way they never had before.


Interacting in a more clearly-defined leadership role with the ponies will help solidify herself in their eyes.

I love the alternate view on Starlight, very good way to spend her life, taking care of others :twilightsmile:

Red is the colour of fire in my eyes. Nice job btw.

I’d assume something edgy enough that it looks like she’d cut herself.

That would be funny. I just don't know of anything that would work, and I'm not an artist enough to try it from scratch.

High girls.

Oh-ho, I didn't realize it was that kind of party!

Celestia: it's nice when problems resolve themselves, right, Twilight?

This was horrible, and you should feel horrible for even thinking it. :facehoof:

Will this be a trilogy, or are stories in this universe over?

The universe doesn't hate her. It just follows certain rules is all.

But she had one more question. "If you're me, then why don't I look like you do? I mean, I'm glad I don't. But still."

Probably the same reason why she doesn't wear glasses but you do? :moustache:

Comment posted by Sweetolebob18 deleted Jun 19th, 2020

Like the new art cover.

I did plan on doing something with all the princesses getting Starlight's cutie mark therapy for a few days. I even alluded to the fact that they planned to do so a few chapters back.

But if I do that story, it won't be anytime soon.

So there is another wold out there?


Mane that the second strangest


Twilight threw her hands up in exasperation. "Oh come on! Now the universe just hates me. I am not a bad girl. I look like a mary-sue in some hack job fanfic written by a sad excuse for a writer!"

I lolled :rainbowlaugh:

I completely support this change in Our Town.

I actually have a future story to write where Starlight "wins" in the episode, and another version of Our Town in my actual principal series and in my is not what we expected series.

Mostly because I fucking hate it.

I half agree, mostly because I love everything besides Starlight in the episode. Although I think she brings a valid point with Twilight’s friendship being so world shattering important.

She might have had a point about Twilight and her friendships, but Starlight's idea would have never worked out for the best in any way if you actually think about it.

Pegasi lose their ability to handle the weather. Look at our world to know how that works out.

Earth ponies can't farm, or anything that could help with food production. Famine would be an understatment. If ponies can't eat grass or anything in nature...

Unicorns can't use magic. Villains would trounce whatever was left of Equestria after the first two.

And Celestia and Luna. Now the entire world is doomed to death. If they can't handle the sun and moon, half the planet would be burned to a crisp, while the other half froze to death.

Starlight wouldn't be able to do it herself if she gave up her cutie mark.

Is it any wonder why Starlight never once ranted and raved about her idea of equality after Season 5? She got the message.

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