• Published 19th May 2019
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Twilight's Life As a Red and Black Alicorn - Mystic Sunrise

Having gone through a phase all alicorns do in time, Twilight must now deal with the annoyances her new outlook brings her.

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A Royal Stand In

Twilight wasn't sure she had heard her mentor right as she rubbed her ears just to be sure. "You want me to do what again?"

Celestia smiled. "I want you to stand in for me while I go on a short trip."

That was what Twilight was afraid she had said. "But why me? I'm woefully underqualified to fill your shoes. Who would even raise the sun? I can't do it."

Celestia nodded. She had planned for this actually. "I would still move the sun when needed. I am not asking you to try that just yet. As for asking you? Why would I not? You are more qualified than you give yourself Twilight. Your handling of Discord's Plundervines showed that."

Twilight blushed at the praise, but she still wasn't convinced this was a good idea. "Why not ask Luna? She knows more about this than I do."

Celestia sighed as she looked out a nearby window. "Unfortunately, Luna is in Horsehoe Bay dealing with a Carcinus problem that has been going on for some time. She has no idea when she could be back."

Twilight frowned. She had heard rumors that something strange was going on in Horseshoe Bay. It was strange though Carcinus were not known to be unfriendly like this. "Should I ask Fluttershy to go and help Luna?"

Celestia thought about it for a moment. "Not for the moment I feel. Luna needs this, not just for Equestria, but for herself. Her recent mess with the Tantabus showed me that. I will give her all the room she needs and only send help if she asks for it."

Twilight tried not to think of the Tantabus mess. She was glad all of Ponyville had been able to help of course, but she still felt bad for Luna and what had lead to it in the first place.

That still left several questions though. While she was glad for Celestia's vote of confidence, Twilight was still unsure of some things. "Where are you going anyway?"

Celestia's smile returned. "An old friend of mine, Dutchess Diamond Waves of Monacolt, has asked me for help. Her city is in trouble, and the students at the Monacolt Magic Academy have failed their exams and seem unable to help her."

Twilight frowned. She knew the name Monacolt of course. While not as large or as powerful as Equestria, the seaside city was known across Equus as one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Something else though stood out to her. "How could an entire academy fail their exams? One or two I could see possibilities. But all of them at the same time?"

Celestia shook her head. "I do not understand it either. And I fear what it could mean. That is why Diamond Wave has asked for my help, and I will not let a friend's plea for help go unaided."

Twilight smiled at that. She could understand the sentiment, even though she did not know the pony in question. "And Cadance has too much going on in the Crystal Empire. Not to mention she's going to be a mom."

Celestia's smile grew as she nodded. The news had gone all around Canterlot and Equestria by now that Princess Cadance was pregnant. Questions were being asked left and right what the baby would be, seeing as this was the first known alicorn pregnancy Equestria had ever known.

Celestia and Luna, of course, predated Equestria, and nopony had ever thought to ask the two that question. Both of them were glad of course. Celestia had never been able to find somepony to settle down with and have a family. It didn't matter that her taste tended more toward mares. It was a very common thing in Equestria.

And Luna had been gone for a thousand years and was still readjusting to the modern world, and therefore had never given much thought of seeking out a partner.

Twilight sat straighter in her chair as she tried to get her mind back on the task at hoof. "I won't let you down Princess Celestia."

Celestia smiled. "I know you won't Twilight. I have all the faith in the world that you will do a fine job."

"When do you plan to leave?" Twilight asked, pulling out a quill and parchment so she could begin to plan how she would make this work. It wouldn't be easy.

Celestia frowned. "Later today. The sooner I can get to Monacolt, the sooner I hope we can have this solved. I hope to be back in a few days. But it could be longer."

Twilight nodded as wrote all of this down. It was a good start.


As the latest petitioner left court with a content smile on her face, Twilight let out an exhausted sigh. Who knew Court could be so tedious? She had a new found respect for Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

How they did this day in and day out, she had no idea. Maybe it was just a long experience. It also made her Pinkie Promise herself to not start a court of her own in Ponyville.

At least not in the near future anyway.

Most of the requests from the Canterlot Elite were simple to take care of. Despite what some of them had shown at her birthday party some time back, more were like Fancy Pants than they let on.

Oh sure, there was the occasional really dumb one she had to say no to, but they were few and far between. Even Blueblood wasn't being an insufferable twat for once. A major improvement for him.

Shaking her head, Twilight turned to the pony next to her. "Okay, whose next?"

Raven Inkwell had taken to Twilight being in Celestia's usual seat rather well. Having been around the mare for so many years now, she was used to Twilight's odd quirks. Some of which she seemed to be doing her best to get rid of or tone down.

Pushing the thought aside, she looked down at the list before her. "You know this one actually. A Spike Drake."

Twilight blinked in surprise as the door to the Throne Room opened and in walked her Number One Assistant. "Hey, Twilight."

Twilight smiled. It was nice to see a friendly face. But she was lost. "Spike? Not that I'm not glad to see you, but I thought you were staying with Rarity?"

Spike rolled his eyes. "Yeah well, I can only take so much of Sweetie Belle before I go crazy. Plus you need your #1 Assistant remember?" He said with a smirk.

Twilight chuckled. "Fair point. But does Rarity know where you are?"

Spike nodded. "I told the girls where I was going. Honestly, they were so bored out of their minds with nothing to do, that they're spending the weekend doing fun stuff with Discord."

Twilight and Raven shared a look. "Really?" Raven asked. She didn't know the girls as well as Twilight, but she knew enough about them that this seemed like something they wouldn't do.

Spike rolled his eyes. "Yeah, that's what I thought too." He gave Twilight a look. "You're not mad you're missing out on something with your friends?"

Twilight gave him a rather hurt look. "Spike. As much as I love hanging out with them, we literally don't need to do everything together. So no. I'm not mad they're doing something without me. More power to them in fact."

She rolled her eyes. "Besides, I got stuck with Discord bonding time with Cadance a while back, remember? That was enough for me, thank you very much."

For a moment, Twilight and Spike swore they heard a certain Spirit of Chaos rage and scream in denial as his plans to annoy the horseapples out of a certain red and black alicorn went up in smoke. Neither paid it any attention.

Spike smiled after a moment. "That's more mature of you than I thought Twilight. And here the girls thought you wouldn't be happy about missing out on all of it."

Twilight chuckled. "Maybe I would have been at one time, Spike. But I'm trying to move past all of that. One step at a time if I have too. I can't be a neurotic wreck about things all the time now. No matter how much I might want too on some occasions."

Spike gave her a knowing look. Ever since she and the rest of the girls had come back from Our Town, they all had been different in some ways. Still, as Spike remembered them of course, but even Ponyville could see the changes.

The biggest changes though seemed to be coming from Twilight. Even the youngest filly and colt could see how she handled herself differently now than she used to. More like what a princess was supposed to be, as some would say.

Spike was just glad that she hadn't gone into one of her patented Library Resorting For No Reason episodes in over a month now. He could get used to this as he walked over to Celestia's throne. "So what's it like sitting in the big chair?"

She sighed. "I am so glad I don't have to do this every day. It's tiring after a while. I don't know how Celestia and Luna do it as they do."

Spike gave her a big grin. "So no plans to start your own in Ponyville then?"

Twilight giggled. "Definitely not. At least not any time soon."


Twilight managed to hold her regal pose and serene smile until the caribou ruler and his entourage were out of the room and the Door Guards had close the doors leading into the Throne Room, before sighing with relief and deflating noticeably. "I am so glad that went well."

Spike nodded, not bothering to hide an eye roll. "Who knew they could be so stubborn? They make Applejack look normal."

Raven nodded, having seen this before. "King Dain is a very proud and stubborn buck. His father was even worse if possible. But I believe this was the first time I have seen him smile."

Twilight looked at her in surprise. "Really?"

Raven nodded. "Oh yes. The king and Princess Celestia have often butted heads over many things. She has never been a fan of the system his kingdom runs on."

That was something Twilight could understand. Cervin was a kingdom where males were dominant in every way, while the females were lucky to rise high in leadership positions.

It wasn't impossible of course, and the kingdom was well on its way to changing that, but it would be a long time before it became obvious. King Dain was as much for tradition as many of his kin. But he had also been the one to push for many changes.

His queen, whose name Twilight had forgotten to ask for, now stood on the same level as her husband when it came to the reigns of power. She was the one who ruled Cervin in Dain's absence at the moment.

Of course, that did not mean he had taken to Twilight in Princess Celestia's chair easily. While he had some respect for the young princess, based on her past deeds, he had also demanded that she prove herself before he gives her his full support.

Twilight had to hold back a shiver when she had heard that, fearing the worst, for she had heard of the caribou's way of determining one another's worth. Luckily, it had only been a battle of wits.

Something Twilight was proud of herself if she was being honest. The contest had lasted for over an hour, King Dain throwing questions at her, seeking to trip her up, or back her into a corner with potential scenarios.

But Twilight was the personal student of Princess Celestia. She had grown up with many of these running through her mind all the time. While she was better at handling it now, they were still there.

And so Twilight had been able to counter the king's questions with those of her own, some of which had left Dain lost for several minutes before he continued. In the end, he had bowed to Twilight, admitting he had no more to throw at her, and that she had his full support.

That had left Twilight on Cloud 9 if she was being honest. She had never thought the day would come when something like that would happen to her. It was humbling, and it only made her more determined to make her mentor proud of her.

She sighed as she looked again at Spike. "Okay. Whose next Spike?"

Spike looked at his list of appointments. "Um. That was it actually. King Dain was the last appointment scheduled for today. Fancy Pants did have something to discuss, but he rescheduled for tomorrow for some reason."

Twilight was concerned. He was one of the few Canterlot Elite she knew by more than a name. "Is he alright?"

Raven nodded, looking at her own list. "Yes. He said something had come up at home that he couldn't miss today and sends his apologies. His was something that could wait another day it seems."

Twilight nodded, hoping everything was okay for the stallion. While Rarity may have known him better, Twilight still liked him, from the few times they had interacted. She did, however, notice, again, a letter Spike had with him. He'd had it since this morning. "Spike, mind telling us what's in that letter you have?"

Spike blinked as he looked at it. He had forgotten about actually. But as he picked it up, he smiled. "It's from the girls in Ponyville. They're wondering what's taking you so long, and wish you'd come home already."

Twilight giggled. "I bet. But I can't leave until Princess Celestia comes back."

Spike chuckled as well. "Yeah, I know. Oh, and apparently, you have a visitor at the Friendship Castle. They don't say who she is, but she's staying with Fluttershy it seems."

That left Twilight confused, as she and Raven shared a look. Who could that be? Before either could ask, Spike clutched his stomach a moment, before belching out a scroll.

That left Twilight smiling. Only one pony she knew could send letters via Dragon Fire magic. "Is it from Princess Celestia?" She asked as Spike read it to himself.

The drake nodded. "Yeah. She says that whatever was going on in Monacolt has been resolved and she's on her way back now. She should be back in Canterlot tomorrow if she's lucky."

That left Twilight smiling even more. And it gave her an idea as well. "Spike. I need you to send a letter to Pinkie Pie. We have a party to plan."

Author's Note:

Time for a mini arc of the story. It won't be a super long one. Maybe a few chapters at most. No more than five if I can help it. There will be more to come.

I will not show what Celestia was talking about. Go read Princess Celestia and the Summer of Royal Waves for that full story. It does a better job anyway.