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Majin Syeekoh

We’ve got dents and we’ve got quirks, but it’s our flaws that make us work.


After a strange awakening, a concerning shower, and a rough scrubbing with a loofah, Twilight Sparkle finds herself with a new palette of colors. And she thinks she knows who’s responsible…

A collab with CosmicAfro! Check out his page!

Coverart provided by the wonderful ArgonMatrix!

So this red and black alicorn fic got accepted into Twilight’s Library on 8/30/2014. Madness, I say.

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Cough cough cough,


What a great take on the usually terrible red-and-black alicorn OCs. And yay for Spike being awesome and supportive of Twilight! Best dragon, by far. Have a like and a favorite, you deserve it.

There should totally be a heartwarming tag, just for this.

Concerning the speed at which this was written, I'm surprised at the result! Fun collab, mate!

Live, Learn, Let go

I see more parodies of black and red alicorn OCs than I do serious black and red alicorn OCs.

Majin Syeekoh

4799080 Indeed it was man.

Indeed it was.

Majin Syeekoh

4799107 NUUU!


Where do you get all these fabulous ideas? And why aren't I following you because of these amazing stories? Let's take care of that.

A part of me wishes I could have the intellect you have to come up with these ideas. Because this was genius, and brilliant!

“And they’re not my colors. Imagine if someone turned you a blue-eyed white dragon.”

I'm pretty sure Equestria would have a field day if that happened. Clone him twice, and then use a polymerisation. Then see how it'd go.

OH!? Gunna make a fly-by comment at me? This is what I think of fly-by comments!


Butt out! D:

Comment posted by Emerald Shield deleted Aug 4th, 2014

Favlike just for tittle. I know dis gunna b good.

Dat Yu-gi-oh reference do

Wow. Featured while still at the top of the new stories box.

Very nice, stick it to all the bad ocs.

That was great. I haven't seen another take on the infamous red and black alicorn concept that was this good, particularly the ending. Nice work.

4799131 I agree. This fic didnt dissapoint. It sincerely expressed all the bs that is wrong with the stereotypes of red and black alicorns from a color standpoint. There are some color combos that are more fitting but this should never stop you from trying new ones. There's always gonna be someone who doesn't like it but that alone should never stop you.

In other words popular preferencies and coolness don't matter AT ALL. Don't judge a book by it's cover.

This feature is worth all of it. ALL of it.

Imagine if someone turned you a blue-eyed white dragon.”

Wrong universe, Twi.:twilightsheepish:

4799217 twilight has red eyes and is black = red eyes black dragon
It's time to duel!

4799217 damnit now I want to watch tthe original yugioh. Curse you nostalgia!

Spike is best dragon. So supportive. :raritydespair:

Well that was fun. But it's okay, now her color scheme fits her Mary-Sueness!:trollestia:
Also pic barely related:

Poor Twiley, I just wanna hug her... :applecry:

4799374 Twilight isn't Mary Sue! She is has problems that she has to overcome and sometimes it causes chaos

Loved it. The Ps's of the letters were hilarious.

On a side note, this makes three stories of yours that I've enjoyed, past time for a follow. :twilightsmile:

“Hmmm…” Twilight said as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully. What alicorn do I know that has experience in changing colors? she thought to herself. It then hit her like a flash of lightning. Princess Luna!

Twilight! You can't just ask an alicorn why they changed colors!

Also, I had to re-read that 5 times just so I could get past it without bursting into laughter.

Majin Syeekoh

4799538 Thank you, but I can't take credit for the letters. That was all CosmicAfro.

Wow, I did get a lot of hate for this!
Yes, but it always turns out right in the end.

4799558 That happens in EVERY show but Twilight still needed to work hard also I hate how No one realizes what Celestia meant by "New magic" was a new type the spell Twilight created was the first ever Friendship spell

It was kinda funny. I guess? :applejackunsure: The lack of emotion and character was very prominent. Though, I'm used to reading things like Harry Potter, Shakespeare and The DaVinci Code so I'm probably being to harsh. :twilightblush: It's probably average writing for someone who's natural inclination is writing, and I would probably do worse. I'm a terrible writer. :ajsleepy: :twilightsheepish: :unsuresweetie:


Yes, but it always turns out right in the end.

Good ending in children's show? Bastards! How DARE they resolve things without anypony getting hurt?


honestly, Twilight, you’re a competent magic user, I’m sure you can change the color scheme on your own if you wanted.

Cry deeply.

Accept your fate gracefully.

Well, so much for that plan. Equestria lacks for enchantments or magically boosted dyes, I suppose.

And that was a silly, silly fic... and that was sorta just it... C'est la vie.

"Imagine if someone turned you a blue-eyed white dragon."
Oh so close... You really should have said Blue eyes white dragon. :trixieshiftleft::twilightangry2:

4799632 *clicks on image* MY EYES!!

4799632 it could be worse. Know why? Because this one is a serious oc.


Comment posted by Midna Diane Pie deleted Aug 4th, 2014


I'll admit that I disliked your comment. That said, could you explain why you consider Twilight to be a Mary Sue? I'm honestly curious.


Because references can never be too blatant, amiright? Subtlety is confusing!

Also, "blue eyes white dragon" is exactly what a normal person would have said and totally wouldn't have sounded stupid in the context of this story.


4799725 *dies due to horribleness*

I think you could have made a bit more antics with this. Nothing really stood out as exceptionally funny...so much wasted potential with this story.

I honestly don't, I just said that in a completely dishonest manner for the sake of reaction. And it worked!:trollestia:

Her coat was a shade of bright crimson.


A Mary Sue finally come to fruition.

Snuggly. We haven't snuggled in a while.

What the heck, man. (Opens arms)

You know, a well educated friend once explained to me why red and black OCs are so hated.
It was something along the lines of that red and black were the colors often used in Greek pottery, and they do look good together when done well.
The problem was that it was done so much it basically became cliche and frowned upon, which carries over to this day.

That, and most red and black characters I've seen don't do it in way that looks good at all. It isn't exactly an easy color scheme to pull off.

Majin Syeekoh

4799943 Huh. Interesting.

Thank you for that fascinating window into history.

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