This story is a sequel to Temporary Rulers

Several months have passed since the Siege of Canterlot, and things have begun to mostly return to normal. Twilight's reborn friends are settling in well, and the cleanup is going rather smoothly.

So of course something has to happen to upend it all. When she receives a message out of the blue, Twilight is shocked to see who it is from.

Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder and one of the two near-mythical Dragon Aspects, herself, wants to meet her and Pearl. But why, and why does she seem so interested in Pearl herself?

Chapters (3)
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Huh interesting take. Followed and looking forward to more.

Go fuck yourself spambot. But then you're too stupid to even know what that means.

Seems pretty good. So, far a good start very interesting.

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