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Twilight has just ascended and become Equestria's newest alicorn. Her friends are in awe, and Twilight herself is in shock.

So when Princess Celestia arrives, she isn't sure of what to say to her mentor. But she is sure of one thing, whether Celestia is prepared for it or not.

Celestia's response is not what Twilight ever expected to hear.

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Comments ( 14 )

Nice Read.
A few typos here and there and one or two grammatical mistakes but I like the way you describe the conversation and portray the characters :D
Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Great work on this.

this was inspired by What Is Destiny against Desire by SpectralFury

Where can I read that story?

It's up under the Popular Stories thing on the main page. Kinda hard to miss.

Most events would happen the same, ponies would still expect leadership out of Twilight just because she's an alicorn. Sunset Shimmer however her plans would be scuttled as it hinges on Twilight's crown, now she won't have it to steal!

Sunset was after the Element of Magic. Which just so happened to be in the crown. Not the crown itself. So she would still go after it. She seemed to know quite a bit before she stole it in the first film.

It's one of those unsolved questions, since this was never planned to be anymore than a one shot story.

Interesting...now I want to see the opposite one, where Celestia just crowns Twilight instead of dabbling in dangerous magics.

There's always a chance that when the girls use the Elements to free Discord, all that Twilight's done could have them make her an alicorn, and absolutely nopony saw it coming. Least of all Celestia.

And at that point, she might not have a choice but to crown Twilight. All I got. I won't be doing that story either way.

I meant Unicorn Twilight.

Now this would have been a much better script. Its nice, its wholesome, and it respects Twilight's personal feelings.

Awesome story love it.

Nice, really nice. I think the characters were spot on, so good work.

However, I personally wouldn't have wanted this to happen in canon unless Twilight would later take her place as a princess, then it would have been perfect in my eyes. I got the feeling it will happen at least.

Without ever taking the Princess title, though, the alicorn transformation really is no more than a power-up for a character that was already one of the strongest in the show, but the rest of the mane 6 didn't get anything.

The rest of the mane 6 deserve better than that.

"What's the worst that can happen?"

Famous last words, Twilight

Makes sense. Twilight never said she wouldn't take the title here either. Just not right now. I feel Celestia has all the things in place for the coronation. But only when Twilight decides to take it.

Unfortunately, ponies are going to look to her for leadership no matter what now. Tends to happen when you're an alicorn, and since Twilight won't be hiding her new look (because I hate the idea that she would do that), she's going to get experience leading tons of ponies.

Whether she's ready for it or not.

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