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Twilight wakes up and finds out that she's changed back into a filly! What kind of trouble will she get into? How will her friends react?

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Normally saying "This is my first fic" is the sign of a terrible fic, but this is good. Keep writing!

interesting concept... keep doing a good job

So, has Twilight had her 'FILL-Y' of a second foalhood? (I know, bad pun :facehoof:)

“Spike sometimes you’re cooking is too good,” grumbled the hungry unicorn as she sat up out of the covers. Still rubbing her eyes against the bright sunlight,

Should be your. Other than that, no serious mistakes- reminds me a bit of My Little Alicorn, but you're taking quite a different track with this one. I like it. :D -watch-

What's this? A first-fic with correct spelling and grammar, AND an interesting story? Blasphemy.

lol, I actually had an idea to do something like this with Rarity, hee hee, this should be good.

Lol, loved it so far. Keep it up. Tracked. :yay:

Only problem: No spaces between paragraphs. It makes it much less pleasant to read. Aside from that, this is pretty decent.

[Insert obligatory MOAR comment here]

I can't wait for the Sudden yet Inevitable Pinkie Hug :pinkiehappy:

Please sir, can I have some more?
Ohh and, what they said 1328182

Well, this is a very good first chapter, a filly Twilight story that looks promising. All I can say is...


Looks a lot better than most "First time" fics I've seen:pinkiehappy:
I like it:rainbowkiss:
I sure am hungwy for moar:twilightsmile:

What you have here is a stroke of genius :yay:!don't stop :twilightblush:

Although it is not obligatory, may I sugest putting a space between paragraph. I find it helps with readability. Your fic is great by the way. Incredibly enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

A space between the paragraphs would do wonders for readability. Aside from that, you've made a very lovely wall of text, and I eagerly await more. :pinkiehappy:


Okay, I can hardly believe this.

First fic ever by some random dude gets featured without any coverart multiple times.
89 likes and not a single dislike????

Okay, I'm DEFINITELY reading this later... :rainbowderp:

Well, great. Now that you said that, there's a single dislike...



Damn my weakness for cute things!

I'm suprised she hasn't tried contacting Celestia yet. I'm sure she'd be able to figure something out

I guess the next chapters will probably explain Twilight's irrational fear about being sent back to Magic Kindergarden (and the threat probably almost becoming true while freaking out thinking that if Celestia hears of her current situation, then it will be done inmediatly), Her trying to rescue Smarty Pants from the clutches of Big Mackintosh, Twilight becoming the Fouth Crusader (with them offering their "help" to make Twilight recover her Cutie Mark with the probablility of getting cutie mark retrival cutie marks!!!), being sent back to school and getting into Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo classes with Cheerilee and so on!



Other then that guy, good story. (I haven't even read it yet. TO THE FIRST CHAPTER!)

Good stuff, keep it up.


Update after reading...


I contracted many heart attacks

Good start and cliffhanger. see the potential here

Anyone else that will hunt he that dislike this? Anyone?

i love it!
Twilight Filly Is So Cute! :heart:

dont stop, i dont care if it is your first fiction, this is good stuff, regardless of how many you've written before.

A fic based on the same ideas as my favorite tumblr!? ask-fillytwilight

Don't mind if I read! :pinkiehappy:

I don't know what's cuter: filly Twilight, or motherly Fluttershy.

Cadence and Shining armour!
It isn't as good as the 1st... ITS BETTER! //dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Twilight_Sparkle_lolface.png

well i am really liking the story so far, to favs to see how this end xD.
btw i hope you dont mind but i found a small error here “Ah just asked that when you’re fat flank interrupted her with yer mouthful of food.”. it should be "your" instead of "you're"

1389671 CAKE OR DEATH! :ajsmug:


I was putting off reading this when I saw it in the Feature Box but...eventually I relented. I'm glad I did. This story...is cute. Very, very cute. And just what the doctor would've ordered had I gone to one after reading so many Sad fic's. I'm definitely keeping a close eye on your story...and tracking you as well! I don't want to miss a single update for this, after all!

To those complaining about spaces between paragraphs...you realize that in most book there are no such breaks right? I mean I know it's the norm on the site and most fanfiction but its rather silly to mention.

Regardless. This looks promising. Gonna read now before my college algebra class. Story Seems like gold.

Finished. Definitely good.

Twilight Sparkle turns back into Twi filly? INSTANT LIKE AND FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Probably worried about getting sent to Magic Kindergarten.


Get sent back? She's a filly now so I suppose it wouldn't be as bad

Filly Twilight is best Twilight :twilightsmile:
Can't wait for the next chapter, cause this one was so awesome/cute.

>“What happened?” She slowly looked herself up and down. She raised a hoof.
>So did the filly Twilight.

Yes. Yes! YES!
Best thing EVER!!!
We need more Filly Twi fics! MOAR!
*checks Fimfic archive*
Correction: We need more Filly Twi fics without the porn in them.

>“Spike I’m still hungwy!” She gasped and tried again. “Hun-gwy.”

Brain: Don´t give up already, heart! We´re not even to the end of the FIRST CHAPTER! You can do it, i know you can! :fluttershbad:
Heart: Gawd, this was so close. I really stopped beating there for a moment... i think we shoulds stop Brain, our blood starts to already caramelize. :applejackconfused:
Brain: No! NEVER! Now continue beating! :flutterrage:
*at the end of the fic*
Brain: Eheheheheh, so adorable, hehehe, sooooooo cute, hehehehe, best thing ever, hehehe~ :pinkiecrazy:
Heart: Great, Brain snapped. Cuteness overload. :ajbemused:

Please for the love of Celestia, Luna and Discord: Give us a new chapter soon! :raritydespair:

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