• Published 24th Sep 2012
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Suddenly, a Filly! - Pomfiance

Twilight woke up and found out she's turned back into a filly.

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Being a Filly is Tough


Hey, you’re finally here! Where are you, you ask? This is your lucid dream state. I’m here to talk to you about something important. It basically boils down to life. Mainly the three stages of life. There’s the “filly,” the “adult,” and the “over the hill.” Now most ponies believe that the “Adult” stage is the most important, because that’s when you’re fully aware of your actions, but I strongly disagree. Being a filly is supposed to be the best time in a pony’s life. Times that you can look back on and sigh about. You don’t have a tiring day to day job, you get to go outside and play with your friends, and you get to help shape one another to become better ponies. Now this is true for every filly, but one. A certain lavender filly with a special talent for magic. Yes you. Now it’s not that you had a bad fillyhood, but you missed a very important time in your life. Spending all your time focused on books and studying can really change who a pony is or who they could have been. That’s why I’m helping you by giving you back that time. By the look on your face you’re wondering how right? I could tell you, but you wouldn’t remember anyway, just like how you won’t remember having this dream either. Who am I? Maybe in time, you’ll figure it out. In fact, I’m sure you will. For now, let’s just say that I’m…

“TWILIGHT! Get up already; it’s almost nine in the morning!”

“Huh? What?” Twilight said blearily as the sun filtered through the window, finding its way directly to her eyes, driving out any chances of getting more sleep. Sorry, not here right now, sleeping. Come back later, she thought, turning over away from the celestial beams. It was about three more seconds until she processed what the sleep shattering noise actually meant and bolted upright.

“What time is it? Spike! Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?” She yelled frantically trying to get out of bed, but just ended up getting tangled in the sheets and falling in a writhing heap on the floor.

“Jeez Twilight, I thought you’d be up already,” said the slightly annoyed #1 assistant as he came up the stairs. “I have breakfast finished downstairs already, and your checklist is waiting to be checked.”

When he noticed the sheet monster flopping around on the ground, his expression turned from annoyed to concerned in an instant. “Twilight, are you alright? You haven’t gotten tangled in the sheets since you were a filly, and that was because you overslept and was almost late for class.”

The monster paused, and then let out a sigh, slumping down slightly. “Yea I’m fine; I’ll be down in a sec, I’m still a bit tired.”

Spike turned around and while walking back downstairs, he called “Take as much time as you need. You’ve been studying so hard, you sound kinda sick. In fact, I’ll bring up the food and your list, so you can get back into bed.”

Twilight sighed and stuck her head outside of her lavender sheets and looked around. Her room was a small clutter of parchment, books, and quills all strewn across the floor, only clearing where Spike made a trail from his bed to the door, and where Twilight had flailed, creating a pony-angel. She giggled at the sight for a moment, then climbed back into bed and hid under the sheets right as Spike came back armed with pancakes and her checklist; a dangerous combination for somepony like Twilight to wield.

Spike paused to look around their room. “Twilight, when’s the last time you cleaned your side of the room? It’s starting to get harder and harder to walk around without tripping over a book, or stepping on a quill. You know how sharp those things are?” complained Spike as he made his way cautiously through the wasteland of the floor, trying not to spill any syrup on the books.

“It’s on my checklist today Spike, Item 3 I believe.” Spike raised an eyebrow at the talking lump in the sheets but she couldn’t see the gesture. “Besides, this is your room too, why do you always wait for me to clean my side of the room to clean yours?”

In truth it was because he always pushed his mess from his side of the room to Twilight’s side because she never noticed and she would clean it up for him, but he wasn’t about to let her know that yet, so he came up with, “B-because it’s so boring doing it alone.”

Slightly under-confident with his own answer, he stopped at Twilight's bedside table to push off some stray quills and parchment. “I’ll just put it on your desk here and let you eat in peace. I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.”

“Thanks Spike, I’ll be Ok for now,” came her muffled reply. Satisfied, he made his careful trek back and quietly closed the door.

Twilight stayed under the covers for a few more minutes, trying to salvage a few more minutes of precious sleep, but all too soon a growling stomach thwarted her efforts.

“Spike sometimes your cooking is too good,” grumbled the hungry unicorn as she sat up out of the covers. Still rubbing her eyes against the bright sunlight, she reached over to the right, trying to access her table and pick up the pancake plate, but came extremely short and fell off the bed once again. “What in the world?” she said aloud.

“Spike! Did you move my desk farther away when you left?” yelled a dizzy, but relatively Ok Twilight.

Footsteps echoed off the walls as Spike began to walk up the stairs. “No I don’t think so, why? And what was that thump sound I heard?” Spike called.

Twilight looked from her desk to her bed, and saw a bigger gap than she was used to seeing. “Its fine I just fell, and are you sure you didn’t move it? There seems to be a substantially bigger space between my bed and the desk,” she called back over her shoulder.

By the time she finished analyzing the misplacement of her furniture, Spike had made it to the top of the stairs and opened the door. “No I’m sure that I-I-I-” he stammered. “T-T-Twilight? I-is that you?”

Twilight turned around and gave him a quizzical look. “What are you talking about Spike? Of course it’s me. Shouldn’t you know how I look by now?”

Spike could only stare for a few more seconds before concerned, Twilight asked, “Spike what’s wrong?”

Running purely on autopilot, he walked across the room, picked up a full-body mirror, and walked back to her, only
squeaking out a small “look.”

“Spike when did you get bigger…?” She started only to trail off. Only then did she notice that she didn’t look like she normally did. Well she did look like she should, if she was back in magic kindergarten.

“What happened?” She slowly looked herself up and down. She raised a hoof.

So did the filly Twilight.

I can only think of one good thing to do right now. Faint.


When Twilight finally came back around, she noticed Spike had not only put her back in bed, but also cleaned up most of the floor, leaving it bare and walkable. She also noticed that he was staring at her from his basket on the floor with his knees to his chest, his expression unreadable.

“Spike? What happened?” she squeaked, noticing that her voice was a few pitches higher than it normally was, and the ground was a lot closer than it should have been. “Am I really…?”

All she could make out was a small nod from the otherwise petrified dragon.

“Ok, let’s think rationally about this. First we figure out what we know right?” No reply. She looked down at her bed post and started to think. “First, I’m a filly. I think that means I’m back to around the age of six right? Second… Well… Spike what else do we know?” She looked over to Spike’s basket, but found him staring at her face to face, his eyes scanning her face.

“AHHH,” she squeaked, falling off the other side of the bed for the third time that day.

“Spike! You know better than to sneak up on me,” she scolded, rubbing her now bruising shoulder.

But Spike wasn’t listening. He just stared at her over the bed, as if his gaze would change her back to her original age.

She was about to tell him off and say that staring at ponies was rude, but a small rumbling from her stomach drove the thoughts away.

“Spike I’m still hungwy!” She gasped and tried again. “Hun-gwy.”

The speech impediment seemed to break him out of his stupor, and before Twilight could utter her second “Hungwy” he raced downstairs, came back up with a daisy sandwich, put it on the bed in front of her, and then walked to the other side of the bed.

“Thanks Spike! That was really fast.” She looked up at the sandwich and noticed it was cut into four equal triangles, just like how she would eat it when she was filly. “You even cut it just the way I like it!” Then she thought about it. “Liked it.”

Spike just gave a weak chuckle, breaking from his silence. “Hurry up and eat already Twilight, I thought you were hungwy.”

Twilight looked away and started to mumble something along the lines of “accident,” and “not my fault,” shuffling her front hooves, wearing a small blush on her face, while she tried to use magic to lift the sandwich, only to raise it a few centimeters off the plate before becoming exhausted.

“What’s wrong… with my… magic?” she panted, sitting on her haunches.

Spike came around and looked at the solid lavender mare. Wait a minute… he thought. Solid… Suddenly, he shouted, “Cutie mark!” making Twilight jump a foot into the air with another squeak.

“S-Spike would you quit doing tha- wait what did you say?” Twilight looked down at her flank and there was no break in the sea of lavender. Not one mark to be found. “How is that possible?” She wondered aloud.

“Well you do remember how you got it right?” Spike asked cautiously, as if he was trying not to set off a bomb.

Twilight snapped her head up and replied, “Of course I do! It was when I was accepted into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns! How could I forget that!”

Spike shrugged. "I dunno. How'd you go to sleep fine one day and then, poof! Suddenly, a filly the next?"

"That's what I was trying to figure out before-" she cut off as gave her another warning growl that she translated to, feed me, or I’ll be very, VERY, upset.

“Oops” she said embarrassed. She stood up on her back hooves and tried to pick up the sandwich from the top of the bed with her front hooves, only for them to slip back onto the plate. “Um,” She stepped down and looked over to Spike sheepishly and said, “Could you give me a claw?”

Letting out a slightly stronger chuckle, he picked it up was about to hand it to her but stopped as an idea came to him. A smile lit up his face and he started to wave the slice around saying “Choo choo, make way for the Equestrian Express!”

Rolling her eyes, she gave an impatient, “Hurry up! I’m still hungwy.”


After finishing her lunch, Twilight decided to go downstairs and see if books could solve her problems like they always did. Good old books, she thought looking over the library. She noticed that, even with her late start today, the library was still spotless, and the books were all in order. I’ll thank Spike later. Walking toward the first shelf, she browsed the books before coming to the conclusion that she had no idea of what she was looking for.

“Spike! We didn’t finish making a list of what we know!” she yelled, wondering where Spike had gone after taking her leftover food back to the kitchen.

“Well I have the paper and quill right here if you want to start on it,” came Spike voice, much closer than Twilight expected, making her jump, nearly knocking down some of the books from the shelf.

“Spike, this better not become a habit,” she said gritting her teeth as she turned to face him.

Spike couldn’t contain his laughter when he saw her expression. She had her cheeks puffed out and had her eyebrows knotted in childish anger with a cute frown on her face.

“Twilight, I know you’re trying to be angry with me right now, but that is the cutest angry expression I’ve ever seen, and Rarity’s pretty cute let me tell ya,” he said in between fits of small giggles.

“Come on Spike this is serious!” She said still frowning. “I’ve already gone over the first one. Do you remember it?” He nodded, and started writing. “Good. Now the second thing we know is that I don’t have a cutie mark.” She paused to let him finish writing before continuing. “Third, I have weakened magic which is probably due to my age. Fourth, I seem to have some old embarrassing speech impediments that I thought I overcame a long time ago. I think that covers the basics right?” Another nod from behind the parchment. “Good. Now we just have to look for these conditions and cross-reference them to see if there was a problem like this somewhere else. I would find out if the cause was because of magic, but I’m kinda limited on power right now. So for now, we search by hoof.”

She looked around the library again noticing the sheer size of it in her now very small body. Her tiny shoulders slumped slightly and she gave a small sigh. “This might take a while.”


Over the next week, Twilight tried her hardest to help to Spike without magic. First, she tried to re shelve the books she used to look for a cure back to their spot, but she couldn’t reach past the second shelf, and she had to hurry upstairs whenever somepony came to check out, or turn in a book, so she couldn’t use a ladder. Then, she tried to dust the library, but the feather duster only made her sneeze, and when she sneezed, she was propelled a few feet backwards, sometimes knocking down some books that Spike would always have to clean up for her. In the end, she settled for making just her bed every day, reading the select books Spike had gotten for her, staying out of the kitchen, and making the daily checklist, and she was very proud of it. Nothing could stop her! She was invincible! ...Except when the quill she was using ran out of ink, and the inkwell was too high up, or if she ran out of paper and Spike wasn’t around to help her get more. Other than that, she felt like she could take on the world of literature! She would usually stand on a stool and overlook her beautiful paper kingdom with her blanket tied around her neck like a cape flowing in the wind. At least she used to do this before Spike noticed once and asked her why she was just standing on top of the stool instead of reading the books he got for her. She felt so embarrassed by her actual intent that she wouldn’t tell him, so he just assumed she couldn’t get down and she didn’t want to bother him for help. So now, she would only do it at times that she was sure he wasn’t around.

The hardest part wasn’t her height issues, or the magic issues. It was the avoiding her friends. She never really knew how much they visited until she was trying to not to see them.

But they sure do visit more than I would have expected, she thought one day as she heard another one of Spikes generic responses of why she couldn’t see them today. At first it would be a sparse visit or two but they became increasingly frequent as the days went by. This time around, it was the 4th visit today, and they were only becoming more and more frequent, and although Spike couldn’t notice it, Twilight detected hints of worry in their later responses that she was sure wasn’t there the first time they asked, and she wanted to reassure them.

That can come later, after I fix things, she thought as Spike left on his errand. Twilight had to wait until Spike was gone before trying her new spell that she made, mostly because it wasn’t the safest spell for a filly her age. Or a filly that was her age. So she had sent Spike on an errand that would most likely last for an hour, which gave Twilight plenty of time to try it out.

“This is it,” she said aloud to no one in particular as she walked to the center of the library. She sparked up her horn and squeezed her eyes shut, trying to get as much energy as possible into the spell. “Come on, come on,” she muttered as her horn grew brighter and brighter. Suddenly, a bright flash of light that could be seen throughout all of Ponyville shone brightly for a few seconds before flickering out. The only one that didn't seem to notice the extremely bright light was a small purple and green dragon that had just saw his crush Rarity, and had made a dash towards a nearby fountain to check his reflection. When he looked back up however, his crush was gone, and when he looked around, she was nowhere in sight. Aww man, he thought as he slowly trudged his way to the market for his errand.


Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity all rushed to the library as fast as they could, which was where they had all seen the bright flash of light. When they finally all met at the front door, they all nodded to each other and made an unspoken agreement to find out what was really going on. With that Applejack lifted a hoof to knock on the door.