• Published 24th Sep 2012
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Suddenly, a Filly! - Pomfiance

Twilight woke up and found out she's turned back into a filly.

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A knocking sound brought Twilight back to her senses.

“Hello? Anypony home?”

Twilight slowly cracked her eyes open and looked around. Uh… My head… What was that? The library looked as if nothing had happened to it, if not a little cleaner from the blast of air. She was lying with her belly to the floor, legs splayed in all four directions and her cape draped over her head. Shaking it off, she got to her hooves and looked over to the nearby mirror she placed close by for if she succeeded. Or she would have liked to, if she was a few feet taller.

It didn’t work! She silently fumed as she plopped down on her haunches, pouting childishly. All that studying for a spell that didn’t even work!

The knocking once again resounded throughout the library. “Hello? Twilight? Are you in? It’s us.”

This time, Twilight heard them and straightened up, eyes shrinking to pinpricks. No! Not now! I can’t even make it upstairs in time! She thought as she frantically looked around for a hiding place. She spotted a nearby couch and dove towards it, wedging herself behind it uncomfortably and shifted it a little to let herself curl up.

“Twilight dear, we’re coming in!” came Rarity’s voice as the door swung open. Twilight could hear five sets of hooves walk to the center of the library, right where she had been moments before.

“Well, where is she?” She heard Rainbow Dash ask from her hiding spot.

From the center of the library, they all looked around the room in confusion, sure that their friend would have greeted them by now.

“Well, she must be around here somewhere.” Fluttershy looked around. “I just hope that big flash of light wasn’t bad,” Fluttershy replied, a hint of worry in her voice.

“Maybe she’s playing hide-n-go seek! That flash was just her hiding!” Pinkie Pie shouted with her usual grin. Twilight heard a set of hooves bounce over to a bookshelf on the opposite side of the library.

“Well then ah guess we better get lookin’,” Applejack said as she trotted over to one of the libraries back rooms.

Rainbow Dash’s stomach growled and her face lit up with an idea. “I’ll go look in the kitchen!” she shouted and from, Twilight’s vantage point, saw a blur of cyan and rainbow colors streak towards the room night next to her couch.

Right before Applejack walked into the room, she looked back over to the kitchen and called out, “If Ah go in there and yall’s lookin’ through her fridge, yall’s gonna get smacked in the back of the head!”

Just as she was turning back around, Applejack noticed a bit of Twilight’s “cape” sticking out from behind the couch next to the door. Applejack raised an eyebrow in curiosity. Why would Twilight leave her blanket in a place like that? She wondered as she started to walk towards it.

Right before she checked it out, she took a glance into the kitchen to see just what she expected to see. Rainbow Dash was shifting through Twilight’s fridge. Applejack sighed in frustration. Of all thickheaded… She was about to go in there and give her a nice trophy between the ears and a stern talking to, but stopped dead in her tracks when she bumped into the corner of the couch. This would have been fine, had the couch not made a small, panicked squeak. A squeak? Applejack walked over to the side and looked behind the couch to see a small lavender blob curled up in the corner under Twilight’s blanket with her hooves over her eyes.

“Twilight, is that you?” she asked with confusion, making the blob jumped up and hit its head on the wall with another squeak before looking up at her.

Oh no! “O-oh u-um I-I’m-” Twilight managed to stutter out before being interrupted by a pink blur that seemed to come out of the back of the couch.

“I know who you are!” Pinkie exclaimed as she pulled Twilight into a hug.

“You do?” Applejack questioned. Twilight looked just as confused.

“Duh! You’re a new pony! And you know what that means!” she said bouncing excitedly.

Applejack just looked at her and asked, “If she’s a new pony, wouldn’t she not know what that means?”

Pinkie’s ears drooped a bit while she looked from Applejack to Twilight. When her gaze stopped on Twilight, she asked with big eyes, “DO you know what that means?”

Twilight just shook her head meekly, hoping that Applejack was too distracted to see through her lie.

Pinkie face brightened up with a smile and after putting Twilight down, jumped up and shouted, “It means a party!” When she came back down, she was already a flurry of words. “First, I need to know your name, because if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t know whose name to put on the welcome banner, and if I didn’t know whose name to put on the welcome banner, then nopony would know who to welcome, and if nopony knew who to welcome, then-”

Applejack slid her to the side out of the way, letting her ramble to the side of the couch for the time being and turned back to Twilight, her eyes narrowing in suspicion. “Speakin’ of names, who are you, and what are you doin’ hidin’ behind Twilight’s couch?”

Twilight shifted her hoofs nervously. “W-well I-” she started again before being cut off by a shout from another room.

“Have you found Twilight yet darling?” Twilight heard Rarity ask from across the room. Hearing the commotion from Pinkie Pie and Applejack, her and the rest of the five friends made their way back to the couch.

Silently Twilight sighed in relief for the distraction, hoping it would give her time to come up with an explanation.

Applejack looked over her shoulder and called out, “Ah found somepony,” turning her attention back to Twilight.

“Whu wiz dat?” Rainbow said through a mouthful of salad when she got a good look at Twilight, who was trying her hardest to make herself smaller under her cape from all the attention.

Applejack shook her head and retorted with a glare, “Ah just asked that when your fat flank interrupted her with yer mouthful of food.”

Rainbow was about to argue, when Fluttershy went in between the two and shot a worried look at the cowering filly, misreading why she was nervous. “Girls, you’re scaring her.” She looked back at her and smiled, spreading her wings, making them all step back from the couch, including Pinkie, who was now talking about Gummy’s favorite punch.

“It’s Ok, you can come out of there now,” Fluttershy said soothingly lowering her wings.

Twilight looked up nervously, and Fluttershy gave her an encouraging smile. Slowly, she walked out and sat so they all could see her. The others came closer and gave her their full attention.

“Now, would you please tell us who you are?” Fluttershy started with a smile, but then added, “If that’s alright with you of course.”

Throughout the whole scene, Twilight had been thinking of several possible scenarios that she could go through, each more childish than the last. Wait, she thought. Childish… She suddenly came up with a nearly foolproof plan.

“W-well my name is Twilight Twinkle,” she stuttered out, trying not to sound as nervous as she looked. “I-I’m Twilight’s little sister.”

Pinkie Pie, finally coming back to real world to hear that bit, burst out, “I didn’t know that Twilight had a little sister!” and started to bounce in place excitedly.

Rainbow Dash looked a bit skeptical. “When did she get a little sister? How many more siblings is she hiding from us?” She said, after finally polishing off the last of the salad she took.

“Well darling, the dear must live in Canterlot. Would you talk about a brother or sister often if you nearly never saw them?” Rarity said, flipping her mane. “I, for one wouldn’t mention Sweetie Belle, because it would just make me miss her more.” She added sighing a bit dramatically.

“I guess that makes sense,” Fluttershy added, rubbing her hoof against her cheek in thought.

Applejack didn't look quite as convinced. “Ah don’t know, she could've at least mentioned yer name once or twice,” she said looking to Rainbow for backup.

Right as Rainbow opened her mouth; Spike finally came back from his errand, holding a box marked with “stepladder” in both arms, blocking his view of the library.

“Hey Twi’, I got that ladder you wanted! Where do you want me to put it anyway?” he called, walking right in, not seeing the other five ponies in the room.

Pinkie Pie bounced over to him and shouted, “Hi Spike!” Making him jump up and yelp in surprise, throw the box in the air, resulting in him getting squashed when it came back down.

Before he could even twitch, Pinkie pushed the box off of him, “Twilight isn’t here silly, but her sister is! Why didn’t you ever tell us she had a sister? And by the way, that’s a stepladder. There’s a difference.” She said with a giggle.

Spike looked up at her with a confused expression. “Sister? Twilight doesn’t have a sister. She has a-” He looked around to see the other four ponies surrounding Twilight, and realized what he let slip. “Whoops,” he said covering his mouth, giving a nervous smile.

“Oh. Um, I’ll just be going now,” he said quickly, jumping up and running out the door before any of them could stop him.

When the door closed, all the ponies turned back to nervously sweating Twilight.

“So Twilight Twinkle what do you have to say for yourself?” Applejack said eyeing the filly sternly.

Twilight looked around at her friends, taking in their shocked, and in Applejacks case, angry, expressions, and then lowered her head. “I’m sowy.” She murmured.

Applejack, being hardened from Apple Bloom’s puppy dog eyes, shook her head and said, “that don’t excuse you from lying Twi’. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

With every word said, Twilight sunk lower and lowers to the ground until she was lying on her belly, feeling guiltier and guiltier with each word.

“Yea, egghead! What did you think we were going to do when we found out? Yell?” Rainbow Dash yelled, hovering beside her.

“It’s like you didn’t trust us,” Applejack continued scolding, standing on her other side.

“I-I just I-I-” was all she could choke out before her feelings overwhelmed her and burst into tears.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash immediately stopped and looked at each other with wide eyes before looking back at the crying filly.

Before they could even utter a single syllable, Fluttershy came in between the two and Twilight, and pushed them back roughly.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves!” Fluttershy scolded the two while Pinkie Pie jumped back to pull Twilight into a huge hug with Rarity, trying to calm her down.

“But ‘Shy, she was-” Applejack tried to say before being cut off.

“Just because she looks like a filly, does not mean that she should be treated like one. She's still our friend!” Fluttershy ended with a not so intimidating hoof stomp.

Applejack folded her ears and looked down, trying to look as sorry as she could for Fluttershy. Meanwhile Rainbow Dash was slowly inching away from the two, trying to avoid being yelled at altogether. Before she could make it any farther however a blue force stopped her in her tracks.

“Rainbow, shouldn’t you also know better? You of all ponies should understand why one would make up silly stories to cover up something you don’t want known.” Rarity said knowingly, moving her back towards Applejack.

Fluttershy looked at both of them for a moment, before deciding what she could do.

“Applejack and Rainbow Dash, apologize this instant!” She said sternly.

The two looked at each other and sighed. Neither one of them had ever liked this part, nor was it easier now.

“Ah’m sorry Twilight. I shouldn’t have gone off on ya like that.” Applejack said, saying the truth in every word. Rainbow on the other hand was being a bit difficult.

“Uh… yea! What she said!” She said, hoping this could pass of. Apologizing is so not cool, She thought with a roll of her eyes, before looking up at Fluttershy glare and freezing. Sighing, she reluctantly looked down and said, “Sorry Twilight. I guess I wasn’t thinking.” She looked to Fluttershy for approval and sighed, this time in relief, when Fluttershy nodded.

“Good,” Fluttershy said, satisfied. She looked over at Twilight, who was still sniffling a bit. “It’s Ok,” she said soothingly before starting to sing a lullaby to calm her down.

Hush now, quiet now
It's time to lay your sleepy head
Hush now, quiet now
It's time to go to bed.

While Fluttershy was singing, Twilight sniffling finally quieted down and her eyes drooped lower and lower, until she was snoring quietly, fast asleep.

Pinkie Pie looked at her with big eyes, “She looks sooooo cute!” She whispered, putting her hoofs to the side of her face.

“Yes,” Rarity agreed then turned to the others. “And now that we have that settled, what are we going to do about Twilight?” Rarity asked quietly, now holding the sleeping Twilight in her arms.

“Well I’m guessing that Spike has his claws full with her. He is a baby dragon after all.” Pinkie Pie said looking back from Twilight.

“Ah agree, he’s too young to be caring for a filly.” Applejack nodded, thinking about how hard taking care of Apple Bloom was.

“We could all take turns caring for her, if that’s ok with you girls.” Fluttershy added going back to her shy demeanor.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Rainbow Dash bust out, before being shushed harshly. She continued quietly, “I don’t know how to take care of a kid,” she said looking between them.

“Sugarcube, we weren’t askin’ you,” Applejack whispered to her with a small smile on her face and a roll of her eyes. “We were talkin’ to the better half of the ponies here.”

“Oh, Ok. Good.” Rainbow said, so relieved she didn’t have to take care of Twilight that she missed the insult.

Rarity rolled her eyes at the two and turned to Fluttershy. “That’s a wonderful idea darling.” Turning to Pinkie Pie she asked, “Will you able to do it along with babysitting the Cake’s children?”

Pinkie Pie thought about it for as long as she thought about other things. So really, she immediately nodded her head with a “Yup!” accidently shouting too loud, waking up Twilight.

They all looked at her as she slowly sat up in Rarity’s arms and gave a little yawn, stretching out her hooves with a squeak. She looked around with drowsy eyes and noticed all her friends were looking at her, frozen in place.

“What’s going on?” She asked sleepily, rubbing her eye with a hoof.

“Oh, um, sorry we woke you. We were just about to come up with a way for us all to take care of you. We were just about to come up with the schedule.” Fluttershy said, breaking out of her trance.

Twilight’s eyes widened as she shook her head vigorously. “Nonononono, it’s completely fine you guys! Me and Spike have it all under controwl.”

Rainbow snickered. “Yea, all under controwl. Got it.”

Twilight glared at her, before looking at Fluttershy with puppy dog eyes. “Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash is being a big meanie!”

“Rainbow, stop being mean to Twilight,” Fluttershy scolded at her before looking back at Twilight. “Twilight we all already agreed to help out, and we won’t take no for an answer, right girls?” she said firmly receiving a chorus of “right.”

Twilight sighed in defeat, but suddenly perked up. “You said something about schedule right?” They all nodded. Smiling wider, she said, “Ok girls, I’ll let you do this on one condition. I get to make the schedule!”

Rainbow Dash snorted at the familiarity. “Such an egghead.” She muttered under her breath.

Twilight looked at her and stuck out her tongue, before looking back at the others with a grin.

“Of course darling.” Rarity said with a smile. “We’ll start tomorrow!” She paused, looking around. “But first, we need to find Spike.”

Author's Note:

Sorry this kinda took so long, i had lots of school projects and a piano cover to do lately. Hopefully it's as good as the last chapter!

Also, I added the Alternate Universe tag because this happened before the wedding, and somepony's going to appear in one of the later chapters.