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After miscasting a spell Twilight's friends begin to feel differently about her. When Luna and Trixie show up in town things really start to get crazy. It seems a new competition has begun on who can win the purple unicorn's heart. Meanwhile Twilight struggles to understand why everypony seems to be falling head over hooves for her. Well not literally everypony, but you know what I mean.

WARNING: This pretty much ignores Season 3 entirely. Well Trixie's part anyways.

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Let me guess. The want-it Need-it Spell is on Twilight.

I think see what you did here, dood.

So let me speak in code: While the Mad Parser was casting her spell on the Freya, the Galaxy Knight came up and spooked the Mother Brain and the spell rebounded off the geo-crystal and hit the Mad Parser, which KOs the Mad Parser and all the demons take her to the Infirmary. The spell might have given her a new Evility based on sight. Unfortunately when the Mad Parser came back to life, she came back with no SP.

Now we have Valkyire that is confused about her thoughts, the Bandit that's super protective of the Mad Parser, the Star Mage that the audience isn't too sure if she's under the Evility's effects or if her feelings are real. The Healer apparently has become kinky and wishes to be sandwiched between the Bandit and the Mad Parser, the Galaxy Knight is in grief for hurting the Mad Parser but now is off to rectify the situation. and the Android is off to save the Mad Parser from the evil clutches of the Star Mage while also trying to figure out why the Mad Parser is causing her belly to do flip-flops.

No word yet on the Bow Master, yet.

(I couldn't remember the colour scheme for the class ranks so I chose Teir 3 or 4 for each except the Galaxy Knight who is Teir 6)

This has Twi-Harem, instant faved.


Maybe, it's hard to tell at this juncture, but my magic 8-ball says 'signs point to yes'


... took me 10 mins to process this information.

Ahem. *cough cough* *puts on the derby voice*:pinkiehappy:
"The first annual Twilight Derby has come to the beginning. In this exciting race, there are many possible outcomes. Currently in the lead is Twixie:trixieshiftleft: by a hair, followed by Twishy Dash:rainbowwild::yay:. Next in the competition is Twijack (Applelight?):ajsmug: with Twiluna:trollestia: *hey that's the wrong picture you dopes in electronics* . In fifth place is Twipie:pinkiecrazy:, trying to make up for her late start. But before we cut to commercial, I can assure that there is at least one more contestant:raritywink: in the heated, once in a life time race that you will not want to miss. So put your flanks in your seat and put out bets as this race is going to be a long one with many clashes and possible crashes. This is Rocfang50 commentating and I will stay here for this entire derby. Now a word by our sponsors.

'Ever feel like your life is missing something? A beloved one? Are you unicorn? Do you not care for consequences? Then try the new Want It, Need It spell:heart:. Results are guaranteed. WARNING: There might be zero to many complications and in any case that your are dissatisfied, we really don't give a b*ck and know that you can't do anything about it. So try Want It, Need It spell:heart: today.'

I would like to thank the sponsors once again and now back to the race. -"
- - - - -
Now in reality. I am loving this fanfiction, obvious by the telecast I just started ( which I plan to continue with updates). I give you 2 fluttershy yays:yay:, five mustaches:moustache:, and 10/10:derpytongue2:. Keep up the awesomely hilarious work.

well that escalated quickly:trixieshiftright::facehoof:

actually, that was pretty easy. sorry, was that bragging?

oh yeah! author person, don't wait to long to post another chapter!

1895841 The Intell stat was never high for me to begin with, dood.

Good job Sherlock homes

Sometimes I have to wonder if all of Luna's servants are nearly deaf...

The story hints at the spell affecting Twilight...

Obviously, the twist ending is, when it imploded, the spell fizzled out, causing it to fail. The feelings are all legitimate.

The most popular side character returns

Twilight barely knows her but that never stopped a good nemesis get together.

Trixie didnt cause the ursa minor accident, true, and Twilight might think she's just misunderstood...Twilight kind of forgot that she humiliated Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash in front of their friends and neighbors, and largely ignored that she's a boastful, lying egomaniac both on- and off-stage.

And of course it all takes place in The classic FiM fanfiction world

Hah! Brilliant! I laughed so much reading this.
One question, though: Where are all your comments? There should be more comments on such an awesome story.

Demoman says...!



Pop! Goes my sanityyy!


For the Fourth time this month

Luna yells so loud I can hear it even when I have my iPad on mute, when I was not wearing the headphones connected to it. In space. Yeah.

when this is done: i'll come back and see if it ended up being a twiluna and then i'll read it... yes, i'm very bias.

1897239 a sober person would throw it...

Bwahaha. I haven't laughed so much at a fanfiction in ... ever, maybe? Brilliant work!

You sir, are a genius. That was an amazing commentary.

Alright then.” Twilight took a deep breath. “RainbowDashkissedmeandIdon'tknowwhattodoandbythewaysorryIdon'twantthistoruinourfriendshipcanyoupleaseforgiveme?” she said as fast as she could.

So you're telling me that Twilight Sparkle THE Twilight Sparkle who is the crazy prepared, most planning have a list for absolutely everything, smartest and logical pony in town...

Does not realize what's going on?

Ok so you established that Twilight had been working on this love spell for who knows how long and now you're telling me that Twilight Sparkle, who probably read every single book that ever existed on love spells and how they could go wrong, who, no doubt, planned out a solution and a list for every situation if the love spell did go wrong before testing it, was not prepared for a situation where everypony could fall in love with her, the caster of the spell, when testing a love spell?

Casting a love spell+ everypony suddenly falls in love with you = the love spell is causing it!

Why can't she connect these simple dots, especially after doing extensive research of love spells?

Twilight isn't such an idiot! Her character is the opposite of an idiot! Its obvious!:twilightangry2:

I dont know why, but i still think this is going to be clopfic. (Not that I'm complaining)

Hilarious story, keep up the good work.
My guess is that Twilight's lack of social skills is part of the reason why she hasn't pieced it together yet.
Applejack's behaviour was odd to Twilight because she seemed completely unaffected (As far as she knows).
Trixie wasn't anywhere near the spell, and the combination of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's advances has likely rendered her incapable of much rational thought.

dude hillarious I will fav before this dissapears from the suggestion box

Great story Btw:pinkiehappy:

1897338 because plotline. That's why.
Also a bit of overconfident unicorn could help a bit :trollestia:

I mean, how many times haven't twilight done something utterly stupid with her magic :rainbowhuh:
I mean seriously, she's downright crazy sometimes :rainbowlaugh:

I enjoyed reading through this. So far, this has a lot of potential, and it hasn't stepped in overly magnifying everyone's affections to (ridiculously) OOC levels that many other fics that take this route do. I'm really enjoying this, as so far, most of the characters are more-or-less true to themselves, with a few exceptions. (But hey, love does strange things to people, right?)

I cracked up like a thirteen year old in sex ed when I saw the number of likes was sixty nine as of my reading this. Is the internet draining my intelligence or just my maturity?:rainbowhuh::pinkiecrazy:

Not bad... actually, it's very good. I'll keep reading this, as long as you keep writing it, so keep up the good work.

1897568 There's not really anything immature about finding something crude to be funny, it's really all about setting. For example, you don't tell a fart joke at a dinner party, but you also don't drink fifty year old brandy at a frat party. Personally I cracked up when I read your comment, and since this story is more or less about everypony trying to get inside Twilight's pants (or lack thereof) the joke is totally appropriate.


*Reads Description.
>Insta-Faved and liked.

This is good, but there are a few spelling and grammar errors.

"What?!" Spike coughed spraying bits of sapphire across the breakfast table.

Needs a comma.

Shooting a look of disbelief at Twilight he continued "You want to do more...

Needs two commas.

"Exactly Spike" Twilight replied,

Comma. I'm just going to stop pointing out specific instances of this, because it happens a lot, but every time there's dialogue, you need to end the dialogue with some sort of punctuation, usually a comma.

Sugercube Corner


Surgarcube Corner


and then everything blew up.

And needs a capital.

There were still a few issues in this chapter too. You still don't use commas enough, but I'm going to point out all the places they should be.

you've sprained you're horn.

Should be your.

Yeah I guess your right.

Should be you're.

Daring Doo

It's just Daring Do, her last name only has one O.

On a positive note: Yay Twixie!

This story.

It has win written all over it.

Like and fav.


Missing a capital on that n.

Rainbow dash said.

Rainbow Dash thinks leaving her last name thingy uncapitalized is uncool.

The main issue I have with this chapter is that Twilight seems a little too eager to date Trixie. I love them together, but I think it's a little unrealistic for Twilight to easily accept that Trixie has returned, and that she's in love with her. Personally, I think Twilight would either A) take some time to think about it, or B) freak out. It's your story though.

1897161 More people should comment like this, dammit!

Well that is one way to end a chapter.

This.. this is beautiful.

First off, welcome to the Featured box! Cute story, interesting setup - it gets a gold star from me. That being said - I suggest getting someone to proofread, even if you don't get a full-fledged editor. There are punctuation and grammar issues in all three chapters so far. Not enough to take away from the narrative, but it's a bit distracting. PM me if you don't already have someone lined up.

You got an alright idea here, but your grammar just isn't very good. It was rather difficult to understand and read at times. Sorry.

Pinkie wants you to taste-test cupcakes...

Twilight, RUN.

I Sure will read this!
Sorry, I have more stories to catch up with...
But, Very inntresting case you got there and nice ideas.

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