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Three days have passed since Twilight's coronation, and things have finally settled down in Canterlot. The first official meeting of the Council of Friendship has also concluded, so today is Twilight's first day as the sole supreme authority in Equestria. Her first order of business? Mandatory reading for every citizen in the nation. The legislation is about as popular as one would expect.

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You should write random things in the middle of the night more often. This was perfect in every way. And the ending just made it better.

I totally didn't see it coming. Which makes it even better. Who knew it was all Twilight's first O&O session?

Hey thanks! I'll be sure to keep a dream journal or something!

She forgot the most important set-up: immunity to the plot itself.

O&O is unbalanced in many ways, but sadly plot immunity is not an included perk. Find homebrew perks at O&Ohomebrewwiki.com!

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Rare is the campaign where a character tries for world domination in the very first session...or at least it’s rare that it has even a percent of a chance at victory.

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Shining wanted Twilight to get a taste of high level play to whet(wet?) her appetite. He clearly wasn't prepared for her governmental designs.

Piece of advice, having gotten comments like this and 10688605. Ignore them. Even if the user isn't a bot account, and the links are genuine.

The user only ever spams these kinds of comments. Assuming they're even still on the site.

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