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Five hundred years have past since Celestia and Luna handed the reigns of rulership to Princess Twilight Sparkle. Five centuries of unprecedented peace and prosperity.

So it came as a surprise to the sisters when Princess Twilight requests their presence in Canterlot. But the biggest shock is her second request.

Twilight will be out of Equestria for some time on an important diplomatic mission, and she needs someponies to take over while she's away.

Seeing as how long they had once done so, Celestia and Luna agree to temporarily take back their old titles. It shouldn't be that hard to rule again.


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I would have to imagine it’s really just asking them to sit in in case of emergency. Or at least I’d hope Twilight would have delegated a bit over half a millennium.

Comment posted by Mixmaster226 deleted February 2nd

Take your anti-Season 9 bias someplace else. It's not going to be permanent, and I have never had plans for it to be.

This was a really sweet scene. Seeing Celestia reminisce. I’m sorry to hear about Sunset though.

I'm not sure what you're sorry about? Sunset lived a full life, and died an old mare surrounded by friends and family. In Equestria I might add.

I think you misread Celestia's memories. She was remembering what lead Sunset to go to Canterlot High in the first place.

And thanks.

I misread nothing. I thought it was sweet that Celestia was talking about her, and I’m sorry because I liked her, and death is sad regardless.

Lot of screaming in the near future I would imagine.

Few plot holes... One, Celestia and Luna didn't have each other while uling,, Celestia was alone for a long time. Second, if they have trouble now with raising the sun and moon, hi did Luna do it after her return as Nightmare Moon?

Luna still had her magic when she returned as Nightmare Moon. She and Celestia gave most of the magic that allowed them to move the sun and moon to Twilight when they merged their crowns. Read the whole story before anything else.

And you're ignoring the time the sisters ruled together. Both before Nightmare Moon and after Luna's return. Celestia ruled by herself longer than with her sister, to be true. But to say they never ruled together is flat-out ignoring fact.

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Luna nodded. "It's only for a month. What can go wrong?"

Ahhh, asking for trouble I see.

yay, finally, power twi with gen 5:twilightsmile:

Luna's ears fell. That was something that held true for them all in fact. Only the alicorns knew of the Forbidden Ultima spells. The Invoked Devastation and the Rain of Colorless Fire. Magic so powerful and destructive that any who cast them risked ripping reality apart if they missed just a single piece of the complex spell weave necessary to cast them. And only an alicorn who had cast aside all restraint on their anger stood even a chance of surviving the backlash from casting one.

Luna gave her a look. "Why not? Princess Twilight has the full power and authority to do so. Or have you forgotten what she did to Klugetown?"

warcrime is magic :moustache:

Her frown grew by the second. "Death would be the normal penalty for High Treason. But I have a better idea. So you will see how much you have failed." Igniting her horn, she fired a beam of magic at the trio, who watched in mounting horror as their bodies slowly turned to stone. After a moment, the process was finished, and a new statue trio would soon join the Legion of Doom in the Castle Statue Garden.

look like stoning is more common here, i wonder how many statue in the Garden now
Equestria sure like keeping trophy

Does Luna not need to defend against nightmares for the world or something?

Well that segregation plot kinda came from nowhere

You established that different creatures lived together in chapter one

And it’s weird having ponies reference long dead characters when they don’t know the stories behind the glass Windows

Which was why the plot was doomed from the very beginning. Some ponies are stupid though. So... And Twilight references them a lot. Those close to her are bound to ask about them and get the full story.

If you're hung up on these... I can't help you 😒.

One thing I didn't put though into. Oops 🤭 😮. I don't know. But someone does.

Secundus skyrim

What do you mean "some"? In my experience all the characters in Friendship is Magic are complete idiots. You want a show with mostly smart characters, go watch Black Lagoon. Please respond to this comment.

Even Maud. Look at her choice of boyfriend.

I'll respond if I feel like it.


Luna shook her head. "Nay. I asked Sci Twi before I came here. Nothing is out of the ordinary. No more than usual anyway.

why is she alive but Sunset isnt?????

Azure looked down at her list. "Sunny Starscout. From Maretime Bay. It doesn't say why she came all the way here though. She seemed really excited about something earlier."

ok, i need answers now

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