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This story is a sequel to New Friends Between Realities

Centuries have passed since Twilight Sparkle took the throne of Equestria, and the world has entered a new golden era for all creatures.

But Equestria itself has changed as well. Several independent and fully autonomous city-states now exist within its borders, countries in their own right but still tied to Equestria as a whole.

Today, Princess Twilight is visiting one such city-state for the very first time.

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Twilight nodded. "In a way. It is hard to explain. I met him not long after my coronation, and while calling us best friends is a stretch, I like to think we have gotten along quite well ever since. Leave the forest alone, and the guardian does not care much about what ponies do otherwise."


Im comfused.

Did the whole Opaline threat, magic disappearing and ponies dividing never happen?

Nope. All G5 characters but Opaline are still around though.

What? It's world building. Even though it won't be explained further.

I like where this story is going and am curious to see this progress.

Oh. So this is a story where pony kind was never seperated? Interesting idea for an AU. It would have been interesting to see how Twilight reacts to that but it would still be fun to see her interact with the G5 cast.

this is in reference to one of my OC characters. well, his adult full nine tail spirit form at least.

As shown in the MLp G4 Comics the Kingdom of Everfree is run by the Deer, they are militantly protective of it and have a level of control over how it grows. So the Guardian of the Everfree aka The Heart of the Forest is the king of the deer, and while not openly hostile towards Equestria isn't really an Ally of Equestria. How canon was understood to work in G4 was any official material was cannon unless specifically contradicted by the show itself. So there are several other kingdoms that where introduced in the comics and novels.
Guessing we've going to see Maretime Bay as founded by Earth Pony saliors and Bridlewood by Unicorn Hippies? Might we even see some of the G5 ponies haveing opinions or misconceptions about the Legendary Elements of Harmony? Sunny of course will remain a huge Twilght Fan girl, but what about Zipps feelings about the Legendary Rainbow Dash? What does Pipp think of the OG Fashionista Supreme Rarity? Does Izzy idolize Pinkie Pie makeing her a outcast (separatist unicorns would shun someone who idolized an Earth Pony). Will Hitch ask Twilight for parenting tips on baby dragons? How far did the prejudices go in these monotribe colonies?

Thanks :twilightsmile:.

Yep, Maretime Bay and Bridalwood are also around. Won't see them of course. All of the G5 characters, minus Opaline, are also here.

Nothing from the comics is canon to this story. So forget everything you think of the Everfree. 11465349 can explain it much better. No comment on the rest.

Likewise, even though I have not seen any G5, this story has my interest.

Also, is there a Downvote Bandit on the loose? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

I believe the character she’s talking about is from the IDW comics.

Comment posted by MatTheBook deleted Jan 1st, 2023

So Opaline never existed, Twilight didn't have to seal magic away because of that so ponykind never divided.
Which means that the mane 5; first Izzy and Sunny, would never meet up and go on a mission to restore magic and friendship to Equestria.
They wouldn't be the new generation of the Guardians of Harmony.

Also means, No Opaline; no Misty. Also Sparky wouldn't be born or found.

ITS JUST LIKE THE ALTERNATE TIMELINES. Where one thing changes the entire future

Downvote bot or a user who has made it their mission to run me off the site, and I have an idea of who it is. But I won't name names because it gives them legitimacy.
Or you could stop assuming anything and see where the story goes.
Nope. Comics are not a thing here. See 11465349's coment.

So magic didn’t disappear. Ok.

The comics are not cannon in mine or Mystic's stories. In this case the heart of the Everfree forest is ruled by MY character A kitsune named Kohaku "Forestsong" Everfree. a fully formed nine tail kitsune. who at this point has become not only it's guardian but also, it's living embodiment.

This story looks intriguing!! I’m quite excited to see what happens next. That being said, I find it really difficult to believe that Twilight would still be ruling Equestria, let alone paying a visit to Zephyr Heights. Think about what G5 has presented us with. The pony tribes WERE divided and the Mane 6 and their adventures were believed to be nothing more than legends or bedtime stories. There is no way that Twilight would let any of that happen during her reign, which is why I believe G5 takes place long after Twilight stopped ruling the land. Judging by how the ponies address her here, it’s clear she’s still sovereign and that’s kind of a head-scratcher, especially since everything that’s happened in G5 so far is considered 100% canon to your story according to your words. There’s no way Twilight wouldn’t’ve gotten involved in Sprout’s war crimes in the movie or that magical catastrophe in the special unless there’s some kind of a treaty in place saying that she can’t. I think Twilight still being ruler is the Achilles heel here.

Other than that, this is a really intriguing setup and I look forward to seeing what happens next. The dialogue is on point, the descriptions are great, and everypony is in character. Can’t wait to see more. :twilightsmile:

... Are you ignoring the AU tag? I never said everything that's happened in G5 is canon here. Most of the characters and locations are canon, but not everything that's happened.

I see the AU tag, I just mistook your words to say everything is canon. My mistake.

Alright, right away this seems a bit different from the other G4/G5 crossovers I've seen. Definitely got my attention.

Hmm. Have to say, this AU one-shot doesn't look half-bad at all. Definitely appreciated the dialogues and that the three tribes are obviously still unified in this AU. About the only sad part is that Twilight has probably outlived all of her friends EXCEPT MAYBE Spike (as dragons have extremely long lifespans), who is mostly likely either busy with his essentially second-in-command duties or taking one of those "hundred year naps" and, at any rate, would be much too big to fit in most buildings by now anyway. Also appreciate that Opaline didn't get a chance to mess things up in this universe.

I could certainly see Sunny and Izzy being grad students at the Friendship School (which is probably still up and running, being operated by the descendants of Starlight and most of Twi's other old friends). I could also see Sparky being one of Spike's descendants as well. But those are just wild guesses and more likely to be wrong than right.

Anyway, intriguing work on the one-shot.

Who said this was a one-shot?

Yikes every comment is littered with dislikes, either way this story certainly piqued my interest! Excited to see more of it


Someone really has a problem to downvote every comment.
Or its those frickin trollers

Troll users who think they're actually important.

Thanks 😁.

Can't wait for the next chapter.

Several independent and fully autonomous city-states now exist within its borders

This is personally how I imagine G5 Equestria functioning as well; in structure, this makes it closer to a body such as the European Union or the early United States. There's even evidence within the show to support this:

Pipp Petals: Avant-garde, way before we were born, and the picture shows up everywhere! Even on our Pegasi money!

-Portrait of a Princess

This firmly suggests each of the three pony races has their own currency, whereas G4 Equestria had a single currency-the bit.

Good story. Enjoyed it much. :twilightsmile:

More like Twilight doesn't see any point in trying to bring them back into Equestria proper since they were all founded in lands that nopony claimed and were basically free real estate. And none of them are stupid enough to attack Equestria. So...

Zephyr Heights is the only one that has an actual government. Maretime Bay and Bridalwood just... somehow function without one, even though they all have a currency of their own.

Every currency is good in every spot and Equestria as a whole. Getting four different forms of currency to work together, was as close as Twilight has ever come to another Lesson Zero meltdown. It was that aggravating.

:twilightangry2:. Outdated as it is now, I hate these kinds of comments.

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