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"He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future conquers the past."

This group is all about Equestria's future. You need not restrict yourself to a grimdark future setting. There can be futures where everything is sunshine and rainbows. At least until a meteor decides to crash your visions of an infinite utopia and turn the entire world into a burning wasteland.

V (case in point)

Jokes aside, let lay down some basic rules.

1. All threads should be related to the discussion of Equestria's future (or the world where Equestria's in). You can start world-building threads if you wish to share your ideas of a future world or if you're looking for suggestions. If you want to go off-topic, there will be dedicated threads for that.

2. Do not start a thread advertising your fic. I'll handle it for you as there will be a dedicated thread for showcasing fics. All you need to do is PM me the link to your fic and I'll put it in the thread. This is to prevent a cluttered forum.

3. Do not make a thread with a topic that has been covered before. Check the forums first before posting.

4. Do not start flame wars. You're entitled to your own opinions but do not be a jackass about the opinions of others. I want to see civilized disagreements and discourse instead of "Rainbow Dash iz best pony. Ur faget if u hate her".

5. Keep swearing to a minimum. I'm sure we're not born with a sailor's mouth where you have to put a swear word in every sentence.

6. Fics with some adult themes are fine but don't be overly descriptive and be sure to mark your fic with an M to indicate that there are adult themes in it. As for blood and gore, again, don't be overly descriptive.

7. Respect others and have fun.

These are the "7 Golden Rules" of this group. They're not absolute and may change in the future.

The future is uncertain. Build it in any way you see fit and give life to your imagined future. You can mix different genres together like cyberpunk + fantasy, steampunk + horror, or maybe even post-apocalyptic + supernatural. Let your imagination flow. It can be ponies trying to survive the ice age, an alien invasion, or a hostile demonic takeover which results in an asteroid turning Equestria into a wasteland. Build your world, share it, improve it, write it.

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Hi everyone!

I've just found this group and I think it matches well the new universe I'm creating feature in the story I've just posted on this group :rainbowkiss:


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