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Inspired by Campfire Tales.

When Sunny and her friends wake up to find the Crystal Brighthouse buried in drifts of an unexpected snow, they gather around the fireplace and tell tales of their Wishday, Wishentine, or Wishiehoof traditions. Be prepared for lots of holiday fluff and an insane desire for coca.

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This was really adorable, even if it did end rather abruptly.

Can't wait for the next chapter :)

I, personally, would like a future episode dedicated to how Hearth's Warming Eve developed into Wishday, Wishentine, and Wishiehoof, but maybe that's just me. Or are you guys curious, too?

I mean... the point of Hearth's Warming Eve was to celebrate unity among ponykind.

With the three tribes separated for centuries, there was no point on keep that thing alive, so each tribe just made their own holiday. I don't think there's a lot to explain.

I know, but I want to see how the holiday changed throughout the years, and how each tribe came up with their own holiday. I think it would be interesting.

“Izzy, NO!” Sunny cried as Izzy opened the doors again. A wave of snow started to tumble down on them, and Sunny pushed Izzy out of the way. Her cutie mark began to glow as Sunny grew wings and a golden horn, and she created a golden force field that pushed the snow out the door where it wouldn’t get them. Zipp slammed the doors shut and landed beside Sunny as she changed back into an earth pony.

i like the detail of sunny's cutie mark magic activating her alicorn hologram nonsense

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