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In Bridlewood you're not allowed out of your house on Nightmare Night, due to all the bad mojo, but when Izzy's invited to a party at Maretimebay with Sunny, and her other friends she assumes it's just going to be them watching a few films and helping eachother board up the windows to keep the ghosts away. She's wrong, oh so very very wrong!

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Dear reader,
With this story, I here by finish Oneshottober!!! HAZAA!!! Thank you for your interests in my stories over this month, even if this is the first one you read or you've been with me the whole way. Over this month, I've done about 40700 words, one of my stories made the featured list, multiple stories appeared in the popular list, two are now in my top 4 best rated stories, and I've gained 18 followers. For all of these things I am exceedingly grateful for all of the support I've gotten over this month, thank you. You all rock! HAZAA!
Herzlichen Grüßen,
Comrade Bagel Muffin

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This is pretty funny story and it's slightly odd that the pegasi and earth ponies have the same tradition but unicorns do not.


I'm not surprised, unicorns in the new movie are very superstitious. It makes sense that they'd be scared of Nightmare Night.

The story was awesome and a wonderful way to end Oneshot-tober! Congrats Bagel! Also, Praise The Nightmare, goddess of darkness! I would totally go as one of her Shadowbolts or a night guard for Nightmare Night.

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"I'm a vampire. Bleh bleh-bluh."

Apparently this kid started it. XD
Noted. I'll remember that.
The pegasi don't have the candy part, just the scaring and trick part.

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