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Scootaloo never needed an alarm clock, because her dad always wakes her up on time. Normally every now and then he get distracted by work and she be late. This time when he doesn't call her down it's not because he has his nose stuck in the future best selling book of Equestria it's because he's sick and in bed.

Quibble Has had a hard week and now is bed redden and sick. While he's thankful his daughter's not sick, and is looking after him. He wishes she'd just go to school, and quit worrying.

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Art by HerrEsel

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8141195 You for held is much appreciated and I Thank you, however many of these seem to be stylistic alternatives to my style. I thank you for looking it over and giving me other options some I took others I did not. Thank you again.

She has a Good reason to Skip school. A Good cause. A Good Story

8142001 I see what you're saying but my formatting is book formatting since that is what comes most naturally to me. Where when someone new starts speaking you make a new paragraph, or if a monologue is to long you make a new paragraph, and you have I thank you. Bless you aussi.

8142136 Merci Beaucoup what about it did you like?

8142386 of course i liked it

8142387 What about it did you enjoy?

8142395 i liked that scootaloo refused to leave her father, dispite his threat to ground her. It Shows how deep she cares for him

8142406 Merci, I am glad that you enjoyed it.

Aussi French for also. With exception to said flag in question I agree completely.

8143533 Keine Problem, I'm a southerner myself I'm use to seeing it. Not use to it, but seeing it.

I enjoyed it. Scootaloo has become quite the responsible child, responsible and capable. I like that she's actually applying the stuff she had experienced and tried through the crusaders. I'm still impressed with her responsibility though. Didn't just take it as a day to slack off, actually working one chores and home things while caring for her dad. And the throw away reference to how the town has changed in regards to the everfree helps expand the world a bit.

8155114 I was actually just about to ask you your thoughts just saw you put it in one of you libraries. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Did you catch them those two small words near the end though?

Merci What did you like about it?

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