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Zipp and Izzy are relaxing in the Bramble Wood when Zipp notices a lot of balls and toys just outside of town. When she asks, Izzy explains the Bramble Wood get's weird the deeper you go, Zipp's day just got much more interesting.

Sort of a Sequel of Tides of Time but still it's own thing.

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Interesting premise. The writing style and character interactions are almost canonically correct as far as the show and movie depict. But it needs a proof read and big tidy up. Grammar and spelling mistakes abound. If you're not sure yourself I'd suggest using grammarly. It's free and easy to use and saved me so much time when I wrote my story. Keep going!

This is pretty interesting so far and it looks like the tree of Harmony is choosing the main five one at a time the thing is who's going to be the sixth but anyway this is pretty good so far keep up the good work

Merci beaucoup and yeah, sorry grammar's always given me trouble glad you liked the premise and characters though.

OK, I have now read Tides of time and this one, and I like the universe you are creating. Your writing style is also interesting and keeps the reader mostly engaged. You have potential. But may I suggest you work with an editor? There are several groups here on FiMFiction where people offer their services in that regard:


That would certainly have the potential to improve your work a lot.



Thank you, and I agree most of my things do need an editor; however, due to the nature of Oneshottober I'm not able to wait for an editor to go through my stuff. And thank you for look at my stories, I'm not sure do you think and editor would help since I've already posted it?

Sure. I mean, I have not seen an editor so far that would not work on stories that are already posted. All you should provide them with is your story like in a google doc where they can actually edit it or make suggestions using the commentary function. In fact, I will look for one myself cause I need one of my own long finished works to be looked over ^^"

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